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so i’ve hit a new follower milestone (4k) and decided to do one of those 5 sentence fic things. I appreciate everyone who follows me, and ofc, the p0rn blogs for inflating my follower count. yall are baes.

Da Rules:

+ must be following jadles

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+ send me pairing + prompt (through my askbox only, and NOT on anon!) and I will write a min. 5 sentence fanfic based on it.

a few things to note about the fics:

1. fics will only be written for fandoms im actually in and about relationships i already blog about (see my navi for all da fandoms). u can send brotps too if u want

2. the vaguer the prompt the better, and i reserve the right to alter the original prompt however i see fit. (if you want to send a prompt but don’t know what, there are some fun ones in my plot bunnies tag)

3. they might take a while lol im busy and may go slow

4. I don’t know how many of these I will do. It really depends on how many I get but I’ll let yall know when i’m Over It™

and that’s it. blacklist #jades 4k if u dont care about this/dont want to see it. but the ultimate point of this post is, thanks for following me. <3

Imagine Dean trying teach you how to shoot straight but you get distracted.

- Requested by @percywinchester27.

You winced as you missed the target. Again.

“Crap,” you muttered under your breath, your teeth clenching when you hear movement behind you.

Dean had been watching you for the past half hour, not saying a single word as you missed every single shot. Every. Single. Shot. He was silent and still for that half hour.

That is, until you felt his warmth right up against your back, his hands coming to rest on your waist. You felt your face flush pink.

“You’re doing it all wrong,” he murmured against your ear. “You have to hold the gun like this…” He slid his hands up your sides and over your arms, his breath hot and sweet against your cheek as he caresses your arms, stopping right over your hands.

“D-Dean,” you began but the green eyed Winchester shushed you by bumping his knees to the back of your thighs.

“Now, grip it like you mean it, Sweetheart,” he drawled into your ear. “Keep your eye on the target. Do not move. Don’t even breathe…”

He let go of your hands and slid his own back down to grip your waist, this time squeezing just a tad.

You swallowed hard. It was then that you noticed your hands trembling and you closed your eyes, defeat settling inside you.

“I can’t do this,” you huffed, lowering the gun to your side. “I-I’m not good with handguns.”

“That’s why I’m teaching you, Sweetheart.”

You bit the inside of your cheek at the nickname he had given you. “Dean,” you began as you twisted in his arms to look at him. Wrong move. You swallowed hard.

His emerald green eyes stared down at you, dark and mischievous, and…holy hell. Was that…lust? His lips parted slightly, tongue darting out to slowly swipe a wet line across his bottom lip as his eyes flitted down to your mouth.

“You’re distracting me,” you managed to breathe out, watching as his face inched closer and closer to yours.

“Am I?” He murmured.

You nodded mutely, your heart beating hard and fast inside your chest. For the longest time, you’ve crushed on the green eyed Winchester. You found yourself wanting more than just friendship. Fantasized about having his hands all over your body, his lips kissing every inch of your heated skin, his thick arms holding you up as he pinned you to the wall.

But of course, this was more than a crush. You were in love with Dean Freakin’ Winchester.

Dean’s warm breath on your lips numbed your senses and your eyes fluttered shut.

“Good,” he breathed before closing the distance and pressing his lips against yours, almost hungrily, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you closer.

Your breath hitched when he walked you backwards a bit until your butt hit the table and he easily hoisted you on top.

Oh god.

“Been wanting to do this for so damn long,” he muttered against your lips as his hands slid underneath your shirt, his hips prying your knees apart to settle himself in between your legs.

You grinned and pulled back a bit. “Really?”

He matched your grin. “Really. Now shut up and let me kiss you.”

You let out a breathless laugh and allowed yourself to be engulfed in all that was Dean.

Everything was perfect in the world in that moment.

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i found out that firealpaca had animation tools now and i decided to draw isabel instead of doing hw and finishing old art because priorities

i dont actually know how to animate i just did stuff until it looked relatively ok lmao;; even now it looks kind of off but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i tried lol


Why are you trembling in front of me like a scared little mouse? ( )


Why did this moment happen and why did i decide to gif it