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Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1IruF0j

by AlphaSara

13 going on 30 goes STEREK!

Magic dust did the thing, we all know the thing and now we have 13 year old Stiles trapped in his adult body.
All the while wondering:‘WHERE MY DEREK AT?“

Words: 2765, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1IruF0j

This is a completely unreasonable pet peeve to have but it makes me so nauseous when I see people who have clearly never been dirt poor a day in their life make headcanons about characters being dirt poor.
Like? The Dakotas were scraping to get by but their parents could afford to take them on family trips? And buy them matching outfits? And own a car? And waste fuel driving South around just to help her get to sleep? Lmao okay.
Idk there’s something about the idea of some middle-class white person daydreaming about their white faves struggling with some sort of romanticized version of fantasy poverty to tickle their fee-fees that makes me unjustifiably disgusted.


Okay, so my mum and I have recently ran into quite a bit of financial trouble, and due to illness/injuries, it doesn’t seem like it will be getting better anytime soon. I’ve decided to sell what I can of my Exo merch, and I would be extremely grateful if you could help reblog this. Please note, prices are in AUD, and payment will be through PayPal.

EXO Miracles in December (Chinese Version w/ Xiumin photocard) - $20

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(I am willing to sell both Die Jungs for a combined price of $50)

Please keep in mind that I may have to add $10-$15 dollars to the price due to shipping from Australia if overseas (though this will most likely stand only for the photobooks). If you’re interested and have any questions, please feel free to send me an ask. Thank you!



The Pet Goldfish: Chapter 5

okay, well, its probably about time i guess.

Chpt 1 Chpt 2 Chpt 3 Chpt 4

and if i fucked up the taglist, i lost track of who wanted only in TPG and who only wanted in apocryphal story and im really sorry. also, i know that s3 was really hard and people might not be into reading fics right now, especially for something so depressing like this and thats okay. Could you just let me know if you dont want to be tagged?

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TW: abusive relationship, mentions of self harm, depressive thoughts 

There were once fields near the old church of St. Mary’s. Huge, green fields that could have stretched all across the world, or at least to a childhood Rae, they seemed as if they could. The boredom of being stuffed in a house was never for Rae, she needed the fresh air and the ability to run and run and run. She would drag her old friend Chloe with her to play amongst the long grass in that field and the two kids would chase after each other for hours almost every day during the summer holidays - only collapsing in a heap to the ground around tea time, when the beckoning call of food was too much for either of them to ignore.

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rose quartz and baby steven requested by et-pearle

I was originally going to have Rose holding Steven but i drew something cool on accident and thought Steven would probably like it on Rose’s head

also rose’s hands are facing the wrong direction but dont even worry about that okay

(im kinda stealing this idea bc it sounds fun oops) but reblog this to get a doodle of yourself! i need some more drawing practice, i really don’t know how many ppl will reblog this but i will do as much as i can :) dont forget to put your face tag in the tags 

It was only supposed to be a practice but then one thing led to another.

Have Lindir drawn with mechanical pencil on an exercise book. I could never draw the other eye right T.T

I dont have a drawing tablet or a scanner. turned out okay i guess  ( ・⊝・∞)

anonymous asked:

hi tim!! i just wanna ask what happened in the fandom for the past few days (or weeks??) i havent been that active on tumblr so i just wanted to know. you dont have to answer if its really bad.

((i will use this ask to put my thoughts out there because otherwise, i generally try to keep this blog on topic, so if anyone wants to talk more in depth about it have to come off another and we’ll chat privately))

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..omg..im sorry..i took too long..runs away…💦💦💦

thank you for all the nice comments T_T///they make me really happy /hugs all of you

I dont know if i should tag the ones that are not anon..bc they were sent a while ago..i bet they forgot they sent them already LOL ;;;

Who else feels really uncomfortable about people on twitter using #growingup_ as a base for anything like I’ve seen “growingupshy” or “growingupwithglasses” but like…. wasn’t the entire starting point of the tag itself for black people to talk about how #growingupblack was like?? I mean I’m not black but the entire thing seems appropriative of the movement?

anonymous asked:

hi! my life has been getting kindve bland and i keep getting sad and i dont really know what to do about it. im all chubby and my hair is wierd and i just feel gross tbh. do you have any tips on how i could change things up for the better?

being chubby is not a bad thing it just means there is more of you to love look at Rose Quartz she’s chubby and she’s amazing. Chub is not a bad thing. 

Hair grows and changes and it is probably just u thinking its weird. You aren’t gross at all. You can look at some different hair tutorials on braiding your hair up if its longer to make you feel cute, and if its short you cn try making soe flower crown with vines in your yard.

Also, if you can? maybe try smoothies to drink/make in the morning.?I made one this morning because that is what a lot of people told me to do yesterday and I feel kind of a lot better I think. 

Here is the smoothie I made this morning:

-1 ½ cup strawberries (i used frozen strawberries so the smoothie would be cold)

-½ tsp sugar
-1/3 cup cottage cheese
-½ cup milk
-1 tsp Chia seeds 

and I added 1 leaf of Kale but u don’t have to do that. And I also put in a spoonful of hemp protein powder because I need more protein and stuff. 

Here is another smoothie that I am going to try tomorrow and its called, *pause for dramatic effect* “sunrise smoothie” pfft

-1 cup frozen berries + 1 frozen banana(cut the banana up b4 u freeze it so its easier to blend
-1 peeled orange 
-4-6 oz of greek yogurt OR 4-6 oz of cottage cheese either work
-2 or 3 spoonfuls of hemp protein powder 

given though these require you to have a blender and frozen fruties and cottage cheese and hemp powder which is expensive(but lasts a long time but a bottle of the stuff cost 13 bucks on amazon prime versus about 16 in kroger, so its not really cheap which is sucky 

and do things to focus on loving yourself outside of this, look in the mirror and say look at my beautiful curves and my beautiful chub I am beautiful and fabulous , even if you don’t believe it tell yourself you are beautiful in the morning or whatever you need to do, becuz u are beautiful 

and try having dance parties in your bedroom while you’re in ur pjs (for me just a tshirt and soft pants) and turn ur music up and dance like Christina Yang or Callie Torres from greys anatomy ahh 

i am sending you a very big hug too, i hope u feel better soon.