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today my fiancé’s mother said out loud that she doesn’t like me and she doesn’t want us to be together.

she also walked into my house with a lit cigarette in her hand and had the audacity to get angry at me for saying “please do not smoke in my home.” but this obviously is not that important in comparison- though my oldest cat and my rabbit do have allergies.

so uh. dragon therapy, i guess? show me some gen ones (permanents or ones for sale)? show me your favorite dragon in your lair? show me your progens? show me your dragons with art? show me your dragons with matching familiars?

please just show me anything really….


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  • First K-Pop song you ever heard: Sorry Sorry - Super Junior :)
  • First group(s) you ever liked: BTS, monsta x and got7 tbh
  • First ever bias(es): t a e h y u n g
  • Songs you know all the words to: i dont really know but i guess what is love - exo and i need u - bts
  • Fave girl groups: Mamamoo, Twice, Gfriend, AOA, Red Velvet, SNSD, EXID, F(x), 4minute
  • Fave boy groups: Bts, got7, monsta x, knk, exo, nct, seventeen, ikon, winner, block b, big bang, day6, vixx, 24k
  • Fave dancer: Hobi, Ten and Momo i guess but idk
  • For how long have you been a K-Pop fan: February this year rip i am still a baby

I tag: @sugaxmin @jiminhow @mywonho @teenage-sihlouettes @jeondiary @jjeonpng @augstdboy @taenette @marsugamallow @aegyongi (you guys dont have to do it tho)

Hope for the Hopeless [DW!AU 3/5(ish)]

For @ripplestitchskein and the two other people who enjoyed it, another part of the DW!AU, this time with bonus ‘aliens made us do it’ (or at least the beginnings of aliens made us do it, this started getting out of hand so there’s no actual doing it here that comes next). I feel like I should warn for the presence of vague alien sex magic roofies, ok? Watch out.

Find the rest of this cluster fuck on ao3:

Part One: A Fixed Point

Part Two: Another Story

She knows a lot about humans. She knows a lot about a lot of things. But she’d never bothered to find out much about their social constructs - the habits, and details, and tiny, terribly important pieces of lives lived so excruciatingly briefly - until now. Until him.

Now she’s floating, her culturally appropriate and hideously impractical white dress bobbing on the surface of the closest thing to Earth’s oceans she could find (and she spent forever looking, each new coordinate more displeasing than the last), letting her eyes roam over his stupidly handsome face, wondering why the pinker his cheeks get the more she wants to bite them, and whether she should tell him to keep the tie on.

He tells her their story - his version anyway - where he stumbled across her on a cold winter’s night, and she smiles and lets him tell it, but he was just a man to her then. Funny, and pretty, and prepared to run, just the way she likes them, but that was all he was. A distraction. A companion.

For her, it came later. That moment where it stopped being him and her, and became something greater and deeper, something that made them different, that whispered of ‘us’ and ‘forever’.

It should never have come at all.

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In 2005, a $1,000,000 reward was announced “to encourage the public to assist in the safe capture of a Bigfoot, Yeti, Lake Monster, Sea Serpent, or other cryptozoological specimen”. However, a few days after it was announced, the reward was retracted out of fear for safety of these creatures. 

Thankfully, they realized just how dangerous for these animals it could be to offer a cash reward for their capture.

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Elllo wonderful artist (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ how long have you been drawing :O also do you have any advice to give noob artists like me :3 I love how live like your art it and one day I wanna this good ;o; thanks! (* >ω<)

Hello and thank you!! What a lovely comment gaah! 💜

(sorry, super long answer up ahead)

okay so, I dont really know how long ive been drawing actually, i dont think i ever stopped as a kid? You know some stop drawing because they find other interests, but everyone probably drew as a kid. I got a lot of encouragement as a kid and basically just kept going. HOWEVER i didn’t really start practicing until i was like 14,15 maybe (that’s 6-7 years ago yes i’m old don’t look at me)? That was when i got that “you know what imma get REAL good at this” kind of drive and started looking up tutorials on youtube and followed those. My favorites today are the artists Sycra and Proko on youtube but there are LOADS more. I also try to study real life, watch a lot of speed paints, imagine how something would look if i drew it, observe with the intent of wanting to recreate of what you just observed. 

What’s extremely important to remember is that you are ALWAYS improving, even though it might feel like you’re completely stuck, and that everyone learn at different paces, and have different approaches. Some are very analytical, some are more intuitive, some have trouble imagining objects in their head, some are great at it, etc. So depending on your strengths and weaknesses you’ll find your approach and style, but its important to give it time and effort. So what really makes you good is practice, practice, practice!

there are some more practical tips though that i find useful and can summarize:

  • Never expect to get something right the first time. If you mess up, take a step back and think “what did i do wrong?” and then redraw it 
  • you learn quicker if you redraw the entire drawing instead of erasing and then redrawing on the same drawing 
  • Study at your own pace, and own your experience level. Don’t overwhelm yourself with exercises that are too hard for you. 
  • don’t let yourself down when you don’t get something right. You will someday.
  • look at speedpaints! Also other tutorials, but speedpaints are very good! 
  • ALWAYS. SKETCH FIRST. JUST ALWAYS DO IT . never EVER go right in to details because you are making it wayyyyyy too hard for yourself. Or at least do it whenever you make something slightly more complex than a stick figure. Depends on what you want to draw of course. 
  • 8/10 times, your drawings are gonna come out weird. I see it as if you need to get those “bad drawings” out of your system in order for your “good drawings” to come out too!
  • art blocks are real and they SUCK, but they’ll be over soon. Draw your most absolute favorite thing ever and that’ll might help. 
  • ask other artists how they do a specific thing that you find aesthetically pleasing. They’ll most likely be flattered!
  • DONT copy other peoples art or styles completely all the time, you wont learn very effectively that way (it’s okay sometimes if you feel like you cant seem to get it on your own, just credit the artist and ask for permission if you intend on posting it online)
  • see other artists as inspiration, not as rivals.
  • its fine to only draw things you like!! You only wanna draw dragons? Draw only dragons! Its your art and you decide!!! You dont need to know how to draw everything. 
  • People usually give me credit for making lively and expressive drawings, to get it that way i always try to imagine the flow in the drawing. Flow is what you get when you 1) practice a lot and 2) sketch using very fast, flowy, long lines. Let the hand dance on the paper and move your entire arm! There are tons of tutorials on this, sycra in particular talks about a lot, and its key for making a simple drawing stand out as something more complex. 
  • try to always apply perspective to your drawings. They look 105 times more professional that way. Im guilty of not doing this ehehehhe. Im working on it.

That’s what i could come up with right now. Thanks again, I’m really flattered and happy to see that you admire my drawings! I hope this helped in some way, and good luck!! 💛💛💛✨


Wow you guys, I just…
Thank you! 😳
I really want to thank you all and make you all your own art, but my resources are limited. But I want to tell you all thank you so much! This means so much to me that all of you are following me!
I can’t wait to make more art with you all!

OUAT Legacy

I was really distracted today by the idea of a show about all the children of Once Upon a Time when they’re grown up.  So I decided to work out who the characters would be. 

Our cast:

Henry Mills (age: ~45)

The oldest of the group, Henry has by far the most experience. His hunger for adventure was largely met in his youth when he shared in the adventures of his parents and grandparents. He has embraced his role as the author and spends his time traveling between lands observing and recording stories. And occasionally, directing his friends and family members to people and places that need their help. His most common traveling companion is Grace whom he has been in a relationship with for some time. He stays close to Roland and Mairin, and to a lesser extent Neal and Oliver, keeping an eye on all of them. Violet remains one of his closest friends. Though he still considers himself Henry Mills, he likes to honor his complicated family by going by different surnames in different lands: Swan, Jones, sometimes Nolan, and when he’s with Roland, Locksley. 

Relationships: Boyfriend of Grace. Nephew of Neal and Oliver. Mairin’s half brother. Violet’s ex (good terms). Robin’s cousin. Considers Roland a brother. Step Nephew of Liam. 

Grace the Hatter (age: ~45)

Jefferson’s daughter. Some time during her twenties, Grace came into possession of a magical hat like the one her father had and has become a realm-hopping hatter like her parents (to her father’s alarm). While her father used the hat to try and make his fortune, Grace is full of sweet selflessness. Many of the different realms were left fractured by the multiple dark curses and the actions of Hyde. Entire lands are now deserted (in particular the Enchanted forest) and many have been forced apart. While travel between the realms has opened up considerably most people don’t have the ability or the inclination to make the trip. Grace has made it her mission to help heal the damage done by the curses. She spends her time exploring different realms, and when she can she brings lost items or new keepsakes to the scattered peoples. She mostly travels alone, but is sometimes joined by Henry, or, more rarely, Violet or Robin. Her home remains in Storybrooke, near her father. 

Relationships: Dating Henry. Friends with Violet and Robin. 

Violet Morgan (age: ~45)

Violet and Henry dated for several years, but eventually broke up. They remain close friends, particularly since they grew up without many others their age around. Violet is less adventurous than the others, preferring to stay in Storybrooke most of the time. When she does travel its for the sake of her friendships with Henry, Grace and Robin than for the adventure itself. She has a special bond with Belle, who became a sort of mother figure to her after finally leaving Rumple for good. 

Relationships: Henry’s ex. Good friends with Grace and Robin. 

Roland Hood (age: ~35)

The leader of the Merry Men. He grew up to be much like his father, but a little more serious, a little more cynical. He hasn’t returned to Storybrooke since his father’s funeral, but has had many of the Storybrooke residents visit him. Henry makes sure to visit him frequently. He’s fond of Regina, remembering her as a mother-figure and his father’s great love, but has a hard time maintaining a relationship with her due to her closeness with Zelena, whom he has never really forgiven. He tries to be close with his sister, but they didn’t meet until she was nearly grown and the strangeness of their family relationship puts a strain on the relationship. Roland doesn’t harbor any ill-will towards her (if anything he feels more protective because of the situation) but simply doesn’t feel like he knows her and gets the sense she doesn’t want to be known. 

Relationships: Considers himself Henry’s brother. Robin’s half-brother. Good friends with Neal. 

Prince Neal Nolan (age ~30)

Prince Neal is the son of Snow White and Prince Charming. Strong, blond and handsome, and so nice that you wish you could hate him for it. He’s close with his family (including Emma, Henry and Mairin) and ceaselessly supportive of his friends (notably Roland and Oliver). His father taught him to sword fight, his mother taught him politics and his sister taught him police work. He admires Emma more than anyone. For some time he’s had a romantic interest in Robin but is a little worried that they’re related (and a little frightened by her). Some people resent him for seeming too perfect, but don’t realize that he’s plagued by insecurities, feeling that he’s never done anything of note and never will live up to the legacy of his parents or his sister. Even looking at his niece and nephew he feels doubts about his ability to measure up. And he’s never been able to shake the association in his own mind between these perceptions of himself and the fact that he never developed magic like his sister. He’s a remarkably good liar (a “super power” of his own) thought few people realize it; He’s the only one who can consistently fool Emma. 

Relationships: Henry and Mairin’s uncle. Good friends with Roland and Oliver. Emma’s brother. 

Robin Hood II (age ~30)

The daughter of Robin Hood and Zelena. She had a happy childhood raised by her loving mother and aunt. For years she was close to her mother. When she was in her late teens she learned the story of what happened between her mother and her father, and the additional stories of her mother’s years as the Wicked Witch, culminating in her romance with Hades which (in Robin’s eyes) lead to her father’s death. She grew up with her father as her hero, a notion supported by all around her. Learning her mother’s crimes against him left her horrified. She ran away from home at 19, going to live in Sherwood with her brother, Roland and the Merry Men. There she began to model herself after her father, learning archery and tracking, becoming a thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. She spent a few years learning from Roland and the Merry Men, before setting out on her own. While she travels alone (except when she needs to cross realms and is helped by Grace) she quickly grows lonely and makes sure to cross paths with others frequently. She hasn’t spoken to her mother since leaving home. ultimately, she can’t reconcile the Wicked Witch with the woman who raised her. She is torn between a desire to mend the relationship and constantly deepening revulsion towards the crimes of her mother. She has magic but refuses to learn how to use it because she associates it with the crimes of her extended family: the Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch. 

Relationships: Roland’s half-sister. Henry’s cousin.

Oliver Gold/Oliver French (age~30)

The son of Belle and Rumplestiltskin. Quiet, pensive. Incredibly smart, both in terms of books/learning/research and cunning/wit/strategy. He has high ideals passed to him from his mother, but isn’t very empathetic and tends to become somewhat utilitarian in his ethics- he attempts to quantify what is right by calculating what will be best for the ‘greater good’ and it can make him lean toward the ruthless side. He and Neal balance each other well, since Neal sometimes tries to help everyone to the extent that he can’t see the bigger picture. Oliver may not be empathetic but he understands people very well, and its usually very clear to him how to get someone to do what he wants. Partnered with Neal’s ability to lie, the two often become surprisingly manipulative and controlling, more so than anyone realizes (even them). Oliver recognizes in himself a willingness to cross lines morally for things he really wants and he dislikes that quality. Oliver’s greatest fear is that he will become like his father. He also sometimes feels it is inevitable. He distances himself from the Charming-mills-swan family (except for Neal). 

Relationships: Henry’s uncle. Good friends with Neal. 

Princess Mairin Jones (age~28)

Hook and Emma’s daughter. Dark wavy hair, piercing blue eyes. She was taught to sail at an early age and is nearly as accomplished as her father. She trained both with a gun and with a sword and is highly skilled with both. She is passionate, highly loyal to the people she cares about but driven by whims in the general course of her life (thus she has established a great breadth of skills and interests, but has done little with them). She inherited magic from her mother but is not nearly as powerful, nor as skilled. However, circumstances surrounding her parents lives and her birth created in her a separate source of magic, one she cannot consciously control but is instead tied to her emotions. It does not respond to spells, potions or curses and may be powerful enough to transcend the laws of magic, though Mairin has no real way of testing it’s limits. It bears an exceptionally strong connection to the sea and behaves most closely in accordance with her will when she is close to the sea. Mairin left Storybrooke for college in Boston after graduating high school. She graduated with a degree in criminal justice but has yet to actually use it. While in college she dated a boy named Kaleb and became good friends with a girl named Candace. She eventually told both of them about magic, Storybrooke and her family history. She broke up with Kaleb soon after graduating college but remained friends with him, mostly through correspondence. Mairin is headstrong, extremely confident, and perhaps a bit conceited due to the high regard the entire town has for her. She is also impetuous and quick-tempered. Growing up with stories of her parents’ adventures left her with a wanderlust and hunger for adventure. Rather than settling into a career or a job in Storybrooke she wanders between realms and lives mostly in the Enchanted Forest. She is often directed by Henry to people who need help. She is close to her brother and looks up to him immensely. Mairin travels with a variety of people but tends to spend a lot of time with the Scarlet twins, after meeting them in her mid-twenties. She and Tod have grown increasingly close. 

Relationships: Henry’s half-sister. Liam’s niece. Neal’s niece. Budding romance with Tod. Longstanding friendship with Devin. Best-friend of Candace. 

Prince Tod Scarlet (age~28)

The son of Will Scarlet and Anastasia Tremaine. Raised as princes in Wonderland, Tod and his brother inherited their mother’s authoritative nature as well as their father’s irascible nature. He also inherited his mother’s magic and was trained in the skill- of those listed here, he and his brother have the most skill. Tod suspects that his magic is amplified when used in concert with his twin’s, but Kenrik denies it. As a teenager, he and his brother made a point of exploring the far reaches of Wonderland. As they grew older, they befriended the daughter of the White Rabbit, who became their traveling companion and digs portals for them so that they can travel between realms. Tod is the older twin but never felt an inclination to rule (though he rarely admits as much) and so allowed Kenrik to take his place as heir to the throne of Wonderland. When first meeting either twin, you would never guess that they were royalty; they don’t dress the part and behave more like vagabonds, but when pressed they can quickly become quite princely and commanding. The only rivalry that exists between the brothers is a playful one.  Like his brother he is both a prince and thief, but always felt a little bit more like a thief- which is why he fell in love with Mairin, the princess who leaned a little bit more toward being a pirate. He doesn’t feel entirely comfortable Henry, but has established a firm friendship with Neal and Devin. He has been friends with Asha since childhood and views her entirely as a sister.  (Will got to name one twin, Ana the other. Will named Tod, Ana named Kenrik)

Relationships: Kenrik’s twin. Romance with Mairin. Asha’s brother-in-law

Prince Kenrik Scarlet (age ~28)

Will and Anastasia’s other son, Tod’s twin brother, the crown prince of Wonderland. Like Tod, he has Anastasia’s pride, self-confidence and composure, and Will’s irreverent sense of humor, and tendency to be something of a scoundrel. He is both a prince and a thief but leans a bit more towards the prince side. He is the more responsible of the two twins (though you wouldn’t know either of them had that side upon first meeting them). He has been friends with Asha since childhood and married her when he was 21. When Tod, Kenrik and Asha began traveling to other lands with the Rabbit, they met with Mairin and her extended family and became good friends. Kenrik has a sort of connection to Oliver, and Oliver brings out the calmer, more thoughtful side of Kenrik, in much the same way Asha does. 

Relationships: Tod’s twin. Married to Asha. 

Princess Asha (age~28)

The daughter of Cyrus and Alice. She was raised on the stories of magical lands and the twin boys that would appear in the garden to play with her. She has extensive knowledge of all kinds of magic and many different realms, knowledge passed to her from her father and his years as a genie. Her knowledge surpasses that of even Henry and Oliver (perhaps even Oliver’s parents as well). She is sweet and utterly kind, much like her parents. She is quiet and even-tempered and mostly lets the twins speak on her behalf. Her interest is more in travel than adventure, but traveling with the twins (and Mairin) suits her. She is an invaluable resource when facing problems in far off realms. She gives the impression of being so sweet and sensible that few suspect that she is the source of many of the ideas which get Kenrik and Tod into trouble. She has pretty much everyone wrapped around her finger. She and Kenrik began their relationship in their late teen years and married in their early twenties. One day she will rule Wonderland alongside Kenrik, but she still frequently returns home to visit her parents and she feels a deep sense of connection to Agrabah, her father’s homeland. She often visits her uncles there. 

Relationships: Married to Kenrik. Tod’s sister-in-law. 

Devin Booth (age~ 28)

The son of August Booth and Lily Page. Like his mother and grandmother he can transform into a dragon while in lands with magic. He very firmly maintains that he inherited no puppet traits from his father. Since both his parents were raised in the Land Without Magic outside of Storybrooke, they moved around a lot while Devin was young (especially after Geppetto’s death) sometimes living in Storybrooke, but often settling in the outside world. Devin has lived for short periods of time in London, Thailand, California, Paris and various other places, though they always made frequent returns to Storybrooke (largely for the benefit of Maleficent). Both his parents were good friends of Mairin’s mother, so he and Mairin became good friends and always kept in contact. Devin attended the same college as Mairin, at the same time and obtained a degree in creative writing and journalism. Through Mairin he met Candace. Soon after Mairin told Candace about magic, she and Devin began to date and were married a few years later. Devin and Candace settled in Maine just south of Storybrooke (so that her parents could visit without having to learn about magic) but they spend much of their time in Storybrooke and sometimes venture into the Enchanted Forest, occasionally being coerced into adventures with Mairin. Devin is somewhat pretentious and has carefully cultivated a ‘brooding artist’ persona. He is cynical and a pessimist, but a romantic at heart. 

Relationships: Close friend of Mairin. Married to Candace. 

Liam Jones II (age ???)

Killian Jones’ half brother. Orphaned at a young age, much of his upbringing is shrouded in mystery. After many years he has reappeared, having recently learned about the existence and crimes of his half-brothers. A cunning, dangerous man. He bears many similarities to Captain Hook- an iron resolve, a fierce temper, unremitting loyalty both to people and ideals. However, his plans he keeps hidden, along with deep-seated grudges. He values his secrets and tells little of himself to anyone. When his mask cracks, the man underneath is unpredictable and hard to understand. No one is sure of his intentions, or whether he has darker intentions waiting to be put into action. 

Relationships: Mairin’s uncle. 

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hi! i'm going to start an art blog soon.. I really look up to you.. do you have any tips on how to run one? sorry if this is pushy, but I just wanted to know!!

1: make a unique tag for your art

some examples:

hurugus burgus

dingle flrong



2: dont hate on yourself if you dont like how something came out!! that’s just how growing up works. your gonna hate something you draw. i hate everything i do for example but i shit out content from my ass daily

3: LEARN THAT POSTING EVEN LITTLE DOODLES ARE OK!! i post most of my doodles in doodle dumps frequently

Our Growing Family

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29H3l5V

by levisnoggleberry_012

Stiles and Derek enjoy their domestic life as they deal with sudden additions to the pack.

Words: 2262, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29H3l5V

Trying to create sprites on DreamSelfy of Carolina. Still wish the Dream Avatar TekTek website was still up >;(.

Look at this! Aaaaa I love how this turned out!!!! I’m not really sure how to structure posts well, but if you also like how this turned out, you can vote for it on the We Love Fine’s Homestuck Fan Forge (holy shit thats a long name)!

If you want to vote for it as some wall art you can do that here!
If you want to vote for it as a bag you can do that here!

And yes I did put it in two places cause I couldn’t make up my mind.

She Feels Brand New (And Just Like Home)

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2amkt0Q

by wvrlyearp

“It’s hard sometimes for Nicole to realize that this is all real. It’s hard to remember that she’s really married to Waverly Earp, that Wynonna really broke the curse, that she really gets to wake up each morning to the love of her life safe and sound…”
Wayhaught baby related fic for an exchange with a buddy!! It’s pure fluff!!

Words: 1962, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2amkt0Q

it’s 2:40am and i’m in a really bad fuckin mindset and I’ve only been listening to rasputin and kiss me thru the phone for the past hour and a half.