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Ever since my surgery in April all I’v really had a hankering for is cauliflower and broccoli. I could eat that shit every single day and not get tired of it, which is weird cuz before I didn’t care  one way or the other. Since surgery I also think most meats are unappealing, and anything sweet.

IDK if that’s possible after having surgery or anything, but my tastes are a lot different since then.


kylo looking at hux lovingly is Good but Hux looking at kylo lovingly makes me want to fucking explode into a billion happy pieces 

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I find it interesting how I hear a lot of sweet and comforting things about Oranhamme but he's looked kinda pissed off and maybe a little crazy

I discussed it a little more in this post but both are correct.

Oranhamme normally is a very neutral and relaxed kind of fellow. However he hates leaving his comfort zone. Now, thankfully, he has a very wide comfort zone so there isn’t a lot that gets under his skin. But when things start dragging mud into his cozy lil lifestyle then he starts to become more prickly. 

It takes a lot to get Oranhamme mad but when he reaches the boiling point his temper can reach lethal levels. However, Oranhamme generally follows the phrase ‘dont poke the bear’ so someone would have to be trying to make him that mad, in which case I feel they completely deserve whatever is coming to them. Oranhamme feels the same, if you went through all that trouble just to make him mad he is going to enjoy dealing out the consequence. 

just thought id let everyone on here know that im officially™️ disabled with ptsd. it took a lot but i was finally able to bring myself to see another* counselor and its extremely validating that she told me this after so many years of wondering but not being sure enough to speak about it. now it feels like things are actually coming together for once. i might be completely broke right now but in the future ill be able to learn how to drive from someone i trust and isnt emotionally abusive and attend vocational rehab to help prepare me for the work field. ive wanted to be independent for so long and now im closer to it than ive ever been. i never thought id have a future. i couldnt imagine it. but now it feels within my grasp. im not “cured” ill never be but i can see now a future where im doing so much more than just surviving the day. ill be living.