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It's really frustrating having people insist Keith is Asian just to promote the shitty side of br0ganes and to give the bs submissive uke trope in ships. I love the idea of Keith being Asian but you can't insist he is when he's part alien (though I'd assume heavily watered down genetics because no way in hell would human dna be that dominant so we dont know his mum's side) and his dad looks pretty damn white (at least Shiro has a vague attempt at monolids) and no further proof to suggest he is

The main reason people think he’s Asian is bc of the fact he was Asian in past canon his ethnicity in this canon hasn’t actually been put forward all we know is his dad is Texan literally people can HC him as Asian if they want to but they shouldn’t shit on people who HC his ethnicity differently bc it’s literally not canon in this canon so people should be able to interpret his ethnicity however they choose to

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Can you believe that liam killed ziam again today. Damn asdghjjjgkl

petty’s not really a good look here i dont think tbh, not the coolest way to be

though I was high key shocked at some of the stuff he said. god what i wouldn’t give for a truly candid interview with these guys… like locked in a room no recording devices no way to prove what was said.. just so I could know aksjjkaffh

Under the fricking Dome

I literally could not watch Joe and Melanie’s kiss because I knew it was going to happen.

Everyone is like “Norrie is SO mean to Melanie!” But she has every right to be mean to Melanie because she is stealing Joe from her. AND MELANIE FUCKING KNOWS IT!

Joe’s profession of love made my heart hurt. Like the tone of his voice is so broken and sad and GENUINE. (I love how when Joe realizes he needs to talk to Norrie is when Julia and Barbie kiss.)

But Norrie doesn’t go for bullshit and even though Joe seems legitimately sorry for kissing Melanie she still doesn’t go back to him.

I have mixed feelings about this because I’m like “YOU GO NORRIE! YOU DONT NEED NO MAN”

But then another part of me is like “JUST MAKE UP AND KISS THE DAMN BOY LIKE

This show really needs to stop giving me feelings. And why aren’t there any Jorrie fanfics like wtf write them even if they’re shitty.

sometimes i go from “oh both brendon and ryan were the sun and the moon it just depended brendon was ryans sun blah blah” to “bRENDON FUCKING URIE IS THE DAMN SUN RYAN FUCKING ROSS IS THE DAMN MOON YOU CANNOT TELL ME OTHERWISE”


I promise to never use this account to rant ever again, but this needs to be said.

In case you missed it, someone tweeted these photos to Bryana and she retweeted them.

THIS IS NOT OKAY. I don’t give a flying fuck if you don’t like this girl. Hate her with every fiber of your being if you must, even though you probably don’t have a solid reason.

But do not, I repeat DO NOT say shit like this.

You would rather see Ashton depressed than with someone who clearly makes him happy? Really? If you honestly think that it’s better for someone (let alone someone you supposedly care about) to be depressed than dating someone that you don’t like AND DONT EVEN KNOW, you need Jesus and a damn good shrink.

If you have ever personally met her and she was a royal bitch to you and called you fat or what the fuck ever, okay have your grievances. But don’t act like you know this girl and that she’s the devil because you mostly know nothing about her.

It doesn’t matter what she’s done in the past, so don’t say she deserves it. No one deserves to be bullied.


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Talk to me about liam

ngl when i first saw this in my notifications i legit stared at it for a good five minutes because WHERE DO I EVEN START FUCK

liam liam liam it’s so funny you know, I’m gonna give you a little bg on how I became the liam girl I am today. When I first joined the fandom back in early 2013 I like many others was all about the harry crazy i was also a larrie but that’s another story for another day god i wanna say liam was maybe my #3??? #4 even god i did not pay any attention to him really. and then one day i just had a dream about it, it wasn’t anything crazy we were just walking around my old neighborhood and i think he grabbed my hand and then i woke up like “………………..ok lemme give this boy a little more attention” and then i was hooked a fucking goner i never saw it coming how much this dumb boy would mean to me

theres so many things i can talk about first let’s talk about his talent. liam is the best singer in that band. whether it was ot4 or ot5 point plank period liam owned that shit and he’s gonna continue putting the other three to shame and im not even biased anyone with ears will tell you the same. his voice, god i don’t even think i have the right words to describe it. it’s so beautiful from a listener’s stand point but also you gotta think about from a professional standpoint liam is ALWAYS ON POINT. A L W A Y S !!! i don’t think i’ve literally never ever heard him sound bad while singing and i think that’s just something that’s so rare??? he also has one of those voices that what you hear on the cd is exactly what you hear live so consistent and so beautiful i think someone literally described his live voice as “crystal clear CD quality” LIKE FUCK MAN C R Y S T A L C L E A R and the way he can literally fill in for any of the other boys and when he harmonizes with them so naturally and the fucking shit he does when he adds his own free style too it (REMEMBER THAT SHIT WHEN THEY SANG STOCKHOLM SYNDROME FOR THE FIRST TIME FUUUUUUUUUUCK) but there’s literally like a million other examples that i could bring up and he has pure talent man and it’s one of the reasons it breaks my heart when he doesn’t get the damn recognition he deserves because HE FUCKING KILLS IT ALWAYS

next god let’s talk about hit heart, that beautiful amazing heart of his that breaks my own damn heart and makes me want to cry. god liam probably has the biggest heart in the whole wide world its like i’m sure if you cut him open you wouldn’t even see other organs his heart consumed them along the way. liam is literally always going out of his way to make the fans happy even when it gets to be too much for him god i’m thinking about that scene from TIU when he was like “it really gets to me whenever i see a sad face because they couldn’t get a picture” or something along those lines HE JUST WANTS EVERYONE HAPPY EVEN IF IT MEANS GIVING LITERALLY ALMOST EVERYTHING HE HAS IN HIM. god you guys remember that time the security guards set up a meet with fans with harry and liam asked security to ask the fans if they wanted to meet him too. BITCH DIDN’t JUST GO OUT HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY WANTED TO SEE HIM AS WELL LIKE FOR SOME REASON THEY MIGHT SAY NO can you hear the sound of my heart literally BREAKING?? he does so much to help others too with all the charity work he does even outside of 1D, like things he does on his own to help and projects he feels passionate about. god i was going through his twitter earlier to check on to remind myself that a tweet was actually real, and he’s literally so active on social media. always wanting to reach out and get the fans included and make them feel like they’re actually a part of something because he actually loves us like that saying “liam is all of our boyfriends” TOO DAMN TRUE

speaking of his tweets he’s JUST SO SILLY! i love him and his stupid ass he’s so endearingly stupid that i just don’t know if i want to kiss his face or shake my head at him. i love his sense of humor and how goody he can be like remember that instagram thing where he blurred out his crotch and pretended he lost his shorts (also remember them thighs????? UGH) god what an idiot i just love him so much. and you remember when he and sophia were on the boat and he gave her a wedgie like WHAT A CHILD a cute dumb teddy bear child and then his tweet after “my baby has the cutest little hiney hooo” FUCK. AND DON;T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE WHOLE “OH NO NIALL!” thing that’s just he’s TOO MUCH FOR ME

going back to his big heart thing god he loves so deeply you can tell, and that love goes out to his boys especially each and every one of them. he loves his boys SO MUCH always so protective of them like who do you turn to when something happens? LIAM! who do you trust fall into? LIAM! who protects you from random pillows to the face? LIAM! he’s that band’s rock and honestly they would not survive without him and he probably would make sure they never have to. he’ll always shoulder all their problems and pain and take it upon himself just so that they’ll be okay. you remember in 2013 when they were on txf us and an interviewer asked who would they trade places with and i don’t remember liam’s exact words but it was something like “i’d trade places with harry because he’s got a lot riding on him and i’d like to just take that on a bit for him” not even close to the exact words im sure BUT YOU GET THE GIST! LIAM LOVES HIS BOYS!!!!!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!! boy is fine as fuck homie shit there isn’t a lot that i wouldn’t let that boy do to me. actually there’s nothing because i’m literally so whipped for him. i love his face i love his hair i love his cute little eye squint when he smiles so wide or laughs so loud i love his cute little tummy i love his long ass fingers his huge ass feet as well i love his weird abs love his little but i love literally ever inch of him and i hate how much i do honestly.when i see new pictures of him its like a clenching in my chest because everyday im just like FUCK HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL I KINDA WANNA DIE he looks so good whether he’s wearing those holey sweatpants or he’s decked out in a suit on the red carpet i love every version of liam. i love his nose especially like never ever in my life have i wanted to kiss a nose more than i’ve wanted to kiss liam’s nose its crazy but he just does things to me he’s just so good looking. he looks so warm always and like he smells so nice and i bet hugging him would feel like what i imagine hugging snuggles the bear would feel like because i’m pretty sure they’re the same person. i want to hug him so bad :(( to just feel those strong arms wrapped around me making me feel so safe and like everything is right in the world even though it’s not, like i just really need that rn you know he’s the type of hugger to just give you so much love into it and make you feel like damn bitch how am i ever gonna hug anyone else after this shit

when i say i love liam, i think i genuinely mean it. now dont get that confused with me saying im like in love with him or something because i’m not delusional i know that i don’t even really know him, but i know that in my heart i do have love for this boy because he honestly means the world to me and i just want that cute little smile to never leave his face because his happiness also means the world to me and that’s what loving someone is about to me, their happiness coming before your own (ahem to the bitter bitches in this fandom) and just wanting the best for them and not really caring about getting anything in return because them happy is all the reward you need

so yeah in conclusion liam is p cool

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hey akui-san! :) i really love your blog, and you are sooo awesome! ♥ I hope that the photoshop requests dont get annoying, but could you colour kanatos hair red and green eyes, and laito and ayato purple hair and purple eyes? xD

(*´∀`*) Heyya~! Why thankies!! ₍₍ ◝(・ω・)◟ ⁾⁾ Nah nah, I don’t mind the photoshop stuff. I love doing these actually lol.

*cricket sounds* And this will give me nightmares… (゚ー゚;


I’m gonna go on a little rant here about my own experience in high school.

I spent my first two years of high school trying to fit in. It never worked. First off, I’m not a follower. I’m a leader. I do my own thing and dont really care what other people think about it. I didnt realize that until my junior year.

That’s probably something that stuck with me after I was bullied in middle school. Back then, my dad told me that because i’m a leader and not a follower those girls in middle school thought it was totally okay to bully me into not having friends or letting me feel accepted. I’m still dealing with the psychological residuals from that last one. How’s that for a mentally scarring private Christan school experience? Lol.

Fitting in has never been something I liked doing. I always wanted to be myself. I always do my own thing. And through that i’ve gained friendships that I value so much and I can never say how thankful I am for their friendship.. which is another thing I’ve always struggled with because of how I am.. i’ve learned to overcome that though. Not every friend i make will be important later. I have to let go of those who don’t make me happy, who stress me out, etc. And those who stick around after seeing who I am are those friends I want to keep forever.

You can’t let others break you down. And even if you think you can’t rise above it, you can. And know that because you can and are fully able to, others have taken advantage of the fact that you are not confident enough in yourself to rise above it.

Don’t try to be something you’re not. Just be you. It may not happen right away so don’t worry about how quickly that happens.

High school is not the end all be all of the world. High school is a four year span of puberty and hormones and figuring out which college you want to go to while trying not to lose your mind. After you graduate nothing in high school means a damn thing.
College is a fresh start, and from what I’ve learned and seen, no one truely gives a shit about what youre wearing, who you hang out with, or what idiotic thing you want to do.

So don’t worry about fitting in with the crowd. It really doesnt matter. Find something you like, though, and make friends through that.

I know Mark kinda shut himself down on his little rant there, but he’s definitely onto something. Take care of yourself and dont worry about what other people think. Their opinion doesnt matter. The only one that does, is your own. Validation is only valuable if its from the right people.

“Take the path that the weak ones demonize” is the title thing of my blog. It should make more sense now.

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I feel horrible. I'm 19 and pretty flat chested. I wear an A and have to shop in the little girls section for bras 😞 I thought it would be fun to go into Victoria's Secret for the first time ever last weekend. Well, besides the looks I got from workers while looking through the bras, I couldn't find a single A-cup ANYWHERE. A blow to my self esteem. I thought VS was supposed to be for all sizes? I really wanted to find cute/sexy lingerie, but I guess I'm stuck with the tweens section forever.

damn :( lil boobs are so great though!! look im gonna write you a list ok

  • you can sleep on your front no problemo
  • you dont even have to wear a bra ok thats extremely useful
  • nipple piercings look hella
  • excellent for hickies
  • you can go running without the dangers of giving yourself a black eye
  • they are so cute dont hate your boobs they love you

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yeah gems are literally nonbinary......i hate it when ppl call them girls. i thought i had more of a point 2 message u this but yeah

mm i mean, canonically the gems arent even nonbinary. they dont have a socially constructed concept of gender identity (or the gender binary), they dont have parents so also lack a concept of needing to multiply and reproduce with their peers. what rose did was really REALLY wild for gems. like tbh i dont even see calling the gems “she” or “girls” as misgendering, bc there is no gender identity in the first place, and no “correct” gendering, and the characters seem to not give a damn either way. (though its important to the fans, and that is awesome and i love all trans/nb SU headcanons to pieces.)

that doesnt mean it isnt possible for a gem to relate to the human expression of gender while in the human world, speaking their language. i don’t get what the deal is with people trying to police gemsona genders lol i keep getting worried asks about whether someone’s male identified gemsona will be rejected. (the answer is no, of course not, we’re here to have fun!!! idc what gender your gemsona is or if it has one at all.)