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PLL 6X02 Songs of Innocence: First Impressions & Thoughts + What’s Up with Aria’s Dress? + Something Big going on with Hanna + Loving this Ali! + Oh Andrew I Feel for You + Many More Things Wrong with Aria + Does Kenneth Really Know about Charles?

hey guys , so tonights ep was absolutely my fave! imm just list a couple things that stuck out to me and basically my first impressions:p

1. Lorenzo…. i couldn’t believe he was on PLL if anyone is familiar with the tv show Single Ladies, then you’ll know him from that show, interestingly he played  a gay character on that show, now its looking like him and ali are building some kind of budding friendship..maybe relationship? so far loving his character, finally someone who doesn’t know ali (please mar dont turn this guy shady), i think this is very good for ali, to see her in a different way with someone she doesn’t know, and show us this side of ali that we haven’t seen.

2. I’m definitely getting those toby shady vibes again dammit! its this look he gives that he would always give back in season 1 when he was hella shady, and it seems like the creep factor just keeps popping up with toby. I still cant trust this guy. We all saw that intense exchange with him and ali, i know toby might still have some grudges against ali , but i honestly think theres more between these 2 that we dont know about. I really don’t believe toby showed up THAT NIGHT just to thank ali for freeing him from jenna. Toby and that night still don’t add up to me.

3. SOMETHING IS GOING ON WITH HANNA, out of all the girls it really seems like hanna may have been tortured the most ,as to why? i have no clue but something big is going on with hanna, and i always had this sense about hanna knowing way too much, i think she knows alot of things that she keeps to herself, A might know about this.

4. Now we see the girls dealing/using their coping mechanisms in their own way, but this was interesting to me, and i think it was meant to show us some vulnerabilities with the girls, and maybe some new sides we haven’t seen before.

5. I DONT THINK ARIA WAS TAKING HER MEDS I found it a little brow raising when aria talked about the meds the docs gave her, and place emphasis on the meds in particular for being  “anxious” why those meds? its interesting they gave her these, makes me wonder if this is a staple pill she has been prescribed before. LIKE DAUGHTER LIKE FATHER? not only do we know byron is impulsive and anxious but now we can confirm aria is the same. We’ve seen this anxious behavior before in past seasons. In tonights ep, she was anxious all over the place, she lied right in front of us. (yeah like she hasn’t before, but this time was different,we saw how impulsively easy it is for aria to lie on a dime, & how it comes naturally to her, we know shes been doing this since she was little girl lieing to her parents (as mike said) constantly , and being good at it, it almost makes me want to place jessica as her mother, someone who has no problem making their children lie, seems like aria had the same treatment hmm)

6. HAS ARIA NOT LEARNED BY NOW ok this really bugged me about aria, and jsut makes her more suspicious as to why she wants to force the belief to herself and to everyone that andrew is A that he is the one. She was the only one so certain about this , while everyone else was a bit skeptical, because they should all know by now that A sets up people to be A. It’s like aria is overly doing it , while everyone else is pretty calm and not really wanting to point the finger at andrew completely. 

7. STOP MEN? ok what was up with aria’s dress? now we know her clothing can be described as sending messages to us, and alot of the time they can reflect on her mood, she wears stuff to match her mood etc. I read STOP MEN on the dress, i think thats what it said, so what could that mean? Again, its strange behavior from aria , does she have something against men in general in her life? does it start with byron? we know byron has expressed not protecting aria in the past and we know the unhealthy relationship they have with keeping secrets. its not the first time she has 100% been settled on who A is and quickly wants to place blame on people without evidence. Thats anxious impulsive behavior that can be dangerous, also we’ve seen unstable behavior when she grabbed maggies box, trashed ezras place, blowing a rape whistle at ali, instantly believing ali attacked her and that she’s A etc. Let’s not forget , aria had an actual patient file. I really think theres alot going on with aria mentally, the way she handles situations, copes, reacts, hmm something is off.

8. When aria has a flashback, she seems very in control of her feelings compared to the other girls, not much expression on her face. Shes handling this alot easier than the rest of the girls, she jetted to the police station to blame andrew, aria seems to be trying to control things. I really dont believe her excuses as to why she impulsively went down to the station & told that lie, she talks about parts of her brain doing this and that, just like she talked about her face doing this and that and not agreeing with her etc. This all seems strange about aria,she sure can control things but can she control herself? is her mental state not ok?

9. SO DOES KENNETH REALLY KNOW ABOUT CHARLES DILAURENTIS? now what if he doesn’t know? we know jessica was keeping secrets from him about the the yellow dresses , making ali believe the lies, jessica was constantly lieing to kennneth, he probably doesnt even know about half the things jessica was doing behind his back. can anyone explain the 2 yellow dresses and the 2 campbell farm boys? Lets not forget, spencer came to the conclusion, came to the name CHARLES, spencer can still be wrong here, and marlene has no choice but to support spencers findings to us viewers. This door could still open to being something else imo.

10. i felt so bad for andrew! i was pissed toby tried to beat him up, like i understand maybe he really thinks andrew IS THE GUY, but even toby should know by now how A works, does any of these people not get how A works by now? -_-

11. i also felt bad for emily, i felt bad for everyone except aria, yeah sorry but nothing she did made me feel any remorse, i was too distracted by her trying to blame andrew and wondering what that dress was about, honestly, everyone had genuine pain and troubles you can see it , but i didn’t get that with aria…again -_-

12. Last thought on aria, I think i can officially say i dont trust SPARIA i do not trust aria around spencer, i do not like that aria called spencer over and bam spencer has access to those pills, i never been a fan of team sparia, it doesn’t seem like a good match, i feel spencer is weak and less smart around aria, i really feel aria treats spencer like a puppet, and influences spencers decisions, that end up going nowhere, dead ends etc. maybe its just me. I wouldnt be surprised if aria picked spencer to be tortured IF that what the ”sorry” was about -_-

13. Imagine how crazy it is for the girls to be tortured that? to have to choose. Knowing who they choose says alot, and this was probably the plan to get them to separated once its revealed who they chose. It may or may not go that way, but it seems like thats where were headed.

ok thats all i got for my first impressions and thoughts, i was happy to see the mothers again tonight! hope you guys enjoyed the ep! :p

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