i really don't want to go to gymnastics


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So, I would like your opinion on something. I'm not going to get into details but I'm really interested in dance and gymnastics, and I'm a size 12, which is considered plus size. I've always been self-conscience, but at the same time I really want to take classes, though I'm worried how some people will look at me. What should I do, because honestly, I just don't know?

Fuck beauty standards. I’m a size 16 (sometimes 18 depending on where I buy jeans). I’ve totally given up with caring about people’s stupid standards. I’m not stick thin and I probably never will be. I’m happy this way and you should be happy too. You’re fucking gorgeous no matter if you’re a size 2, 12 or 22; your body is beautiful.

All bodies are different. We have fat in different places; we have different heights; someone who’s six foot might weigh the same as someone who’s five foot yet their body shapes will look totally different. Humans weren’t designed to look the same. We were made to look different and we should celebrate that. 

You take up those dancing and gymnastics classes and you do it fabulously. Wear whatever you have to - tight clothes or not - either way you will kill the game and you will look damn good.

No matter what size you are; you are fucking perfect, okay? You don’t have to like everything about yourself but believe me, see if you just accept your flaws; you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. You’re beautiful, okay? Believe me. And in the wise words of Shia; just do it. xxxxxxxx

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Is it wrong of me that I don't want to analyze if this twitter spat is a stunt (I absolutely have grown to hate that word unless it's spoken in the context of gymnastics)? I just want to sip my morning coffee and watch the event unfold. Clearly there is a lot of churn going on in the "Zaughty" world and right now, I feel as if I am hanging back and checking out the show. I will write my review of the show when it's all over. lol

Dude you and I are one. That is exactly my feeling on this. I am not really invested one way or another atm. 

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hey, i'm 18 years old and i started ballet about two years ago, I have never done ballet before in my life and i dont do any gymnastiques, I just wanted to try it and now i really love it but i feel like i'm not bendy enough and my muscles arent as stretched compared to everyone else. But i really love it, I just don't think its going anywhere, what do you recommend?

Hi! I’m so glad you’re enjoying something new, that’s great just in & of itself. It’s pretty unlikely that a newcomer would be a flexible as someone who has practiced ballet or gymnastics for the better part of their lifetime. Give yourself some credit; you’ve just started! Stretching is meant to be gradual & gentle. It will take time, as do most things that are worth doing. Keep up with it if it brings you joy, it doesn’t have to “go anywhere!” Take classes, be kind to yourself, & love the journey. If you’re feeling stagnant, you could try adding in some yoga &/or Pilates classes as well. Luck!