i really don't take that many selfies

If Marinette and Adrien had "Sander Sides"
  • (For Marinette)
  • Morality: "I think everyone should be treated equally! Except fUCKING CHLOE THAT LITTLE BITC—"
  • Creativity: "Uh-uh, that shirt with THOSE shoes??"
  • Logic: "The proper way to talk to Adrien is to simply be able to control your emotions around him and speak clearly so-"
  • Mari: *fucks something up*
  • Logic: *breathe in* bOI
  • (For Adrien)
  • Depression: "Ladybug sees you as just a partner and will never love you back just like your father who uses you as a trophy, you're not actually talented in anything you're just forced to learn piano and mandarin when really those are simple things anyone can do..."
  • Adrien: ...
  • Depression: "Btw your mom is gone."
  • Adrien: *sobs*
  • Logic: "If we use the information gathered from the many episodes of various T.V shows, movies and animes, we should be able to flirt with 100% chance of success."
  • *Ladybug rejects him*
  • Logic: "I don't need sleep, I neED ANSWERS."
  • Creativity: *sits in the corner waiting for his time to shine*
  • *In the meantime takes selfies*

kvonsvt  asked:

hi hello um i see that requests are open and idk if u do things like "dating ___" but i was wondering if you could do a bulletpoint scenario on what dating hoshi would be like?? if not then just a super fluffy hoshi scenario i don't care i'm just super soft for soonyoung ok it happens sometimes

Dating Hoshi Would Include

• soft forehead kisses
• dance👏🏻parties👏🏻
• sending you memes he finds of himself online
• “Do they really call me daddy???”
• movie nights (mostly Disney) and cuddles
• screaming “OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT DOG I WANT IT” every time you leave the house
• spontaneous adventures to get food at 1am
• teaching you the choreography to all of the new seventeen songs- even if you can’t dance to save your LIFE
• Shopping👏🏻together👏🏻
• double chin selfies
• so many Snapchat filters
• Failing to take cute pics together
• Playing Mario Kart together and failing miserably at it (rainbow road is the death of me)
• So many inside jokes that you can’t keep track of them all
• Matching t-shirts? Matching t-shirts.
• Calling you before bed to let you know that he loves you
• random texts at 3 am
• facetiming when he misses you
• Singing LOUD in the car together
• High school musical? I THINK YES
• Stealing all of his clothes even though they’re way too big
• Speaking of way too big he’s tall so he would have to get everything from the top shelf for you
• Being stuck with dk and seungkwan to the point where you’re basically dating them too bC THEY’RE ALWAYS SHOWING UP AT YOUR HOUSE
• loving you with all of his heart because he’s a ball of sunshine

Ahhh I live for soonyoung fluff. I’m so soft for soonyoung it hurts

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2 things i wantwd to say. first A BIG FUCK YOU TO THAT GUY REPOSTING YOUR ART. YOU TAKE FUCKING TIME AND EFFORT TO DO IT SO THEY SHOULD REALLY PISS OFF. 2nd of all can you put your main account in your description or smth because idk whats the name of it and i want to follow you there too. i love your art really bad and am extremely pissed at that guy trying to steal it. peace

thank u anon! 💛 I agree; what a horrible rude human. my personal account is 0-3, n is v lame and old and has a lot of selfies so don’t judge me pls 


Lock screen/home screen/last song/selfie tag?? 

idk what this is called?? but I’ve been tagged in so many over the last couple months, its about time I did it :”)))

tagged by: @dowoonbiasedtbh thank you so muchhh <333333 and so many more I don’t even remember who else tagged me I’m so sorry :’(((((

-Lock screen

-Home screen

-Last song you listened to

-Last selfie (i don’t really take selfies, but this is drunk selfie w/ my friends last friday and i look like a drunken mess but yeah anywayyyyyy :P)

and then tag 5 people to do the tag (or however many tbh)

I tag: @wonpilimiri, @its-youngk, @wonpillows, @noa-noa-noa & @jaetime

Ur problematic fave: ME
-Couldn’t be bothered to spell out ‘your’
-Tired almost always
-V irritable
-Hums harmonies all the time literally never stops it’s such a problem
-Always worried
-Always forgets to take off eyeliner
-Cute but really rarely
-Reblogs too many of her own selfies
-Can’t brush hair when it’s dry 
-Basically an 80 year old woman with the knitting skills of a 2 year old cat


I was tagged by @smashtaehyung @sugakins @taehyungx2 @taeggukh (3x times lmao my sister is a freak) @hobitastic @jisoox @j1minnie @hani–hani @modtae @hobuing @junghkook @aegyongi @sehunsets @hopseoks @jungkooz @wonhobe @ayoygd @taeyongsmain @taebaeul @taemyhearteu @bangtanmakesmehappy @namjoone @marsugamallow sO MANY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WOW 💖🌸🌺💐🌷💘 (i dont really take a lot of selfies thats why it takes me like a month to post one lmao)

I tag: @timelesstaehyung @kittaee @myjeon @kimtahyung @kimtaetaeisbae @hobiuty @vkuuk @fluffyjiimin @teenage-sihlouettes @ilykimtae @bubblyjin @taenette @tae-eyebrows @tae-biscuit @junggongju @seokjin-lester @minsyubis @mintypabo @jiminhow 🤔🤔🤔 and everyone who wants to do this 💖🌸🌺💐🌷 (you guys obviously dont have to do it)


okay okay, i’ve been tagged by three beautiful people (@stanleykubricks, @blixabargelds, and @lipstickonhomelessboys) to do that “selfies of 2015″ thing! i don’t actually save most of the selfies i take, so most of these are from the last 6 months but it’s whatever. also the one of me and dane is decidedly the best pic of the year despite not being a selfie :)

i tag: @aisu10, @isaacoscar (even if you’ll never do it), @coolnicegurl, @ginsys@frostisass, and anyone else who wants an excuse to post selfies!! 

honestly though scrolling through the homestuck tag and seeing everyone with their own selfies is making me really happy. You go fandom you take those pictures of furry sprites and keep looking awesome I don’t think anyone’s been this hyped about an upd8 in ages.

anonymous asked:

Hi viria! I've been watching your blog for a REALLY long time now and I love your art :) I don't mean to insult you, but your drawings are looking more... rushed? like, sometimes the lines don't match and the coloring seems kind of stuck on? ahh, I'm not making too much sense. Don't take my words too heavily, I'm not an artist or anything :P Just something I've noticed in your recent drawings

hm, I’m not sure how many of my ‘recent ones’ you mean as rushed, but the last two were indeed like that haha:D 

If you mean the finished ones that were before those (like selfies and stuff) then I am not quite sure what you mean, so it’s probably the matter of preference…I did change the colouring a bit lately, so maybe that’s why they look rushed to you. Though in this case, they aren’t.

Still I’m not quite sure what exactly you mean, so..