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My man, I beseech you — since you're an authority of history knowledge in my eyes — if it's possible, can you help me finding that one legendary story about some chinese ubergeneral (was it Guan Yu?) who fooled his opponent by sitting out in front of the city drinking tea and making his opponent withdraw because the latter thought that ubergeneral was preparing some kind of ambush. Thank you in advance.

You are thinking of Zhuge Liang! See, this one is one of my favorites, because there’s two layers to this.

Let’s start with the first layer: It is indeed as you said! The basic story is that this one Chinese general (Zhuge Liang) had to defend against another Chinese general (Sima Yi), and Zhuge was super duper fucked with cheese on top because he had like a handful of dudes, a lot of expectations placed on him, and nothing else. Basically, it was a doOMED case of “well someone’s gotta cover our retreat ‘cause no way we can escape if these dudes decide to pursue”. With no man power, no fortifications (they had a shit ass little “city” that might as well be a glorified outpost/town), and no chance in hell, Liang decided to take on a bit of a Gambit: He had what little men he had dress up as civilians and ordered them to sweep the front door, which he left COMPLETELY OPEN, spread like the legs of a dame of the night, ready to be filled with cruel invaders, and he sat out there, in his tiny little Zhuge Liang chair, drinking his Zhuge Liang tea, waving “hello!” and greeting the enemy messengers with every courtesy. “Please, tell your commander to come have some tea, if he pleases!”. The enemy messenger relayed this to his commander, and Sima Yi couldn’t help but see “HUGE FUCKING TRAP” and decided to withdraw that day because there was no way he was going to walk into a trap as obvious as that one.

That’s layer one: Chinese general tricks Chinese general.

It is awesome, but it is the less awesome of the two layers.

Here’s layer two:

It was Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi. Zhuge Liang was a genius strategist who worked for Shu, while Sima Yi was an equally genius strategist who worked for Wei. These two were the TOPPEST MINDS in Chinese warfare of their era, there was no match for them except each other (and Pang Tong, but that’s another story), and their numerous showdowns are both legendary on a cultural level and on a military level. Now, think about it: Zhuge Liang made the MOST OBVIOUS AMBUSH BLUFF in history. There’s no way that wasn’t a bluff. If it had been any strategist except Sima Yi, it wouldn’t have worked, because they would’ve said “it’s much too obvious lol” and would’ve attacked. The genius of this strategy is not the strategy itself, it is that it was done against Sima Yi. Sima Yi had had many dances with Zhuge Liang before, and Sima Yi knew he was attacking Liang. The moment Liang heard that it was Yi that was coming, however, he immediately put this hilariously bold gambit into place. Why? Because he knew Yi’s intelligence agents were superb and thus assumed Yi knew it was him, Liang, who was in charge of the defense. 

See, Zhuge Liang was famous his strategies and all, but among all of these, he was famous for one particular modus operandi more than any: Ambushes. Zhuge Liang was really, really good at mounting ambushes that killed the ever loving fuck outta everyone caught in them. The dude was RUTHLESS, and he had a terrifying second skill in his portfolio: Meteorology. He had an almost inhuman ability to discern the weather. If Liang said the winds would blow east tomorrow, mother fucker, the winds WOULD blow east tomorrow. If Liang said it was going to rain the next day, you brought an UMBRELLA.

So Sima Yi had VERY GOOD REASONS TO BE AFRAID OF THIS: The battlefield was invariably be the town/outpost they were defending, which means urban warfare (as urban as it got back then), and urban warfare means two things:

  1. Lots of buildings, which make great hiding places for his terrifying ambushes
  2. Lots of buildings, which make great BURNING PLACES for his terrifying fire attacks: Knowing the weather means you know where the wind will blow and if it will rain or not, and thus it means you know, with certainty, if you can carry out a fire attack and from where should you carry it. Did I mention Zhuge Liang’s fire-based strategies were feared throughout the land?

Sima Yi took a look at ALL of this, and at one additional thing: It was Zhuge Liang doing this ridiculous gambit. What if he knew I knew? What if he knew I knew he knew? etc… Basically, if it was Zhuge Liang doing this ridiculously dumb and obvious gambit, then there was no way something BEYOND CHEEKY was going on in the backstage, so Sima Yi said “haha no fuck no bye let’s go home” and did not take his chances against this.

If it had been ANYONE but Zhuge Liang doing this to ANYONE but Sima Yi, it would’ve been the story of how an attacking army obliterated a poorly defended outpost and it would’ve been easily forgotten in history. It was because it was Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi that this story went the way it did.

That’s the real beauty behind this. Zhuge Liang legitimately had like a handful of dudes and had no way of winning had Sima Yi attacked.

It’s basically the historical equivalent of this gif. This gif was Sima Yi.

Why I Have To Meet Jack

You guys may well think I’m silly for writing this post, but I’m going to anyway. I have thoughts and I need to get them out. I’m a firm believer in writing down your emotions rather than bottling them up. 

Anyway. If you’re tired of my complaining about not meeting Jack, then I won’t blame you for scrolling away from this right away. Feel free, or you can carry on reading. But not only am I saying the obstacles that are in my way, I’m also writing exactly why meeting Jack matters so much to me. I’ve broken it down so hopefully it’s easier for you guys to read.

I know I’ve posted about this a billion times before, but I feel the need to do it again. I kind of stop thinking about it, and then something reminds me again. I see gifs from PAX, I read about people meeting him. I’m happy for everyone who does, but I’m reminded that it hasn’t happened to me and maybe never will. I feel selfish for thinking this, but I can’t help it.

Just wait, it will happen, I hear you say. But that’s easier said than done, for a number of reasons. If it was just as simple as being too young to go on my own or whatever, then yes, it would only be a matter of time. But it’s not.

First of all, I can’t afford to go to conventions (particularly so if they are in another country, and I’m yet to find one in the UK that Jack goes to). I currently don’t earn, and even when I do it won’t be much - musicians often don’t earn much at first, and I’m not making anything from YouTube “yet” (I hope I will but it may never take off for all I know. I can’t rely on it).

Then there’s my current mental state. Going to a convention would be difficult thanks to my wonderful social anxiety. Just the thought of the crowds, the people around me while travelling… And I imagine that travelling, and the convention itself, would take a lot of energy - possibly too much for my depression to handle. Maybe I could push through it to meet Jack, but I don’t know; would it be worth risking putting myself under too much pressure?

And that’s not all. Oh yes, there’s more. Getting to another country is difficult for me for another reason. I can’t do it by myself. Yes, I’m 21 years old and I don’t know how to go through an airport by myself. I feel stupid. Not just because I’ve never learnt how, but also I struggle with things like that. I always have. I’m particularly brilliant at getting lost. My anxiety loves it, not.

And there’s more. Since I’ve started watching Jack, I’ve been at university/college so I haven’t had the time to go away to conventions. Once I leave here in a couple of months time (*panics*), I will be focusing a lot on YouTube, and probably having to find a job (yawn). And until I find one and have money, I can’t go even if I have the time.

This may well sound like I’m making excuses, but honestly… I’m really not. I wouldn’t. This is something I need to do in my lifetime, it’s a dream of mine. Jack is my hero. I have no reason to make any excuses. These are all genuine barriers to one of my life goals. Obstacles that feel insurmountable. And it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to think that I may never meet the person who began to turn my life around. It breaks my heart to think that I may never get to thank him in person for what he’s done. It breaks my heart to think that I may never be able to hug him. He feels like a long distance friend - or even family, if I can say that. Jack means the world to me. More than he’ll ever know - but if I meet him, I can get closer to expressing it than I can from here.

I have thoughts about what I would do if I did meet Jack. I already know that I will make a folder or something of stuff I’ve made for him (fanart, poems, etc) and I’ll give it to him. And, of course, I’ll give him the biggest hugs he’s ever had. I’ll do my best to let him know what he means to me. I’ll tell him about how he’s inspired me and that my YouTube channel is beginning to grow thanks to him giving me the courage to make more videos. I was anxious to go on camera, but he made me brave, and now I love it immensely and want to do it for as long as possible.

Jack is not just a YouTuber to me. He’s been a counsellor when I’ve needed advice and someone to care. Jack has been a friend when I’ve felt alone, believing in me even when I didn’t anymore. He’s been a beautiful green light in the pitch black void of depression and anxiety, the hope I needed when mine was all gone. 

He’s been like an annoying older brother who makes stupid jokes to make you laugh - which means even more to me as one of my older brothers, who made me laugh a lot, is no longer with us. He’s been someone to watch playing games now that I can’t watch my brother play them anymore.

He’s been a lullaby when I couldn’t sleep, cradling me with kindness and wrapping me up in smiles and laughter. He’s been a soothing voice amongst the painful noise of life. He’s held my hand when I’ve been hurting, wiping away the tears from my eyes. He’s started to heal the cracks in my heart and mind. When I was starting to lose sight of anything good in life, having less and less reasons to smile, he showed me that things weren’t so bad after all. He taught me to genuinely smile again.

And Jack is the reason why I found this wonderful community, and have made amazing friends who have made me feel cared about. You guys have made me feel less lonely despite the isolation of social anxiety and depression. Without Jack, I probably wouldn’t know any of you exist.

Jack is my hero.

I need to meet him some day.

I have to.

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I'm asking this out of curiosity, how can you just let go of a ship like captain swan? you were a hardcore captain swan shipper and you were part of their journey from the very beginning and now you barely care about them if at all. it's just I don't know i thought you were staying till the end & would even have a hard time saying goodbye to them after the show ends. sorry if this came off as rude I'm totally just curious just cuz you were so invested for years now you don't care anymore

Well, honestly, I have discussed this subject before, and tried to be straight about it, and I’m sure you didn’t mean to be rude and are genuinely curious. Still, though, it’s a bit discouraging?

I’m still here. I’m still active on tumblr, I still reblog CS gifs fairly regularly, and I know what’s going on in the show, and I’m looking forward to the wedding. I’ve made several long posts on my process of stepping back from the show and why that happened. It’s certainly not that I just “let go” overnight. It’s been going on for almost a year, and it has not in the least been easy for me. CS got me back into fandom after a long time away. I don’t need to prove my bona fides as a shipper to anyone; I’ve shipped them since 2012, been on tumblr for them and an incredibly active and prolific fandom member since 2013, written multiple novel-length fics and countless drabbles for them (and am still working on TDH, which is my second-longest project EVER behind The North Remembers), answered thousands of questions, written just as many specs and metas and spoiler and roundup posts, went to my first ever con (way out of my comfort zone!) to meet Colin, and still have many dear friends who have changed my life. I don’t ever regret any of the time I did spend on them. I have loved them for a long time and I still care. I just am engaging with it differently, and I have had to do that for several reasons.

As noted, I was super invested during season 5. SUPER. It got to the place where I was thinking about it almost every waking moment, even as I was trying to adjust to a new city and country and degree study and the ups and downs that came with that. My mood was totally dictated by spoilers or theories or how people were reacting to them or how I was going to have to hold things together during an angsty time with all the people I had to comfort/talk through the pain of the Dark Ones/Underworld arc. It took a lot out of me, to be honest. I couldn’t even enjoy the show quite the same way because I was so dependent on it all working out and the effect this had on my ability to deal with things. I’ve always been honest about my years and years of anxiety and depression and what I’ve had to do with that, and the show was something for me to focus on and to try to get me out of my head (again, during an otherwise stressful year). Honestly, that level of addiction/dependence isn’t healthy for anything, especially what is, at the end of the day, just a TV show. The s5 finale burned me the hell out after all that pain with pretty much nothing to show for it, and I struggled over the summer with the thought that I was finally having to withdraw from it in bits and pieces. I watched 6x01, but… nope. That pretty much put the lid on it that I wasn’t prepared to go back at the same level again, and probably wouldn’t be.

As noted, and as anyone who has read my fics can attest, I have no problem with angst. I love angst, even long-term and complex angst. I love serious and dark and morally challenging stories, they are some of my favorites. But as I have also said, I do have a problem when that angst results, to my view, in no measurable story progress and the endless repetition of long-played-out character arcs. I just watched CS struggle to be together for all of season 5. I don’t want to watch more of Emma Has Walls or Killian Keeps Secrets Because He’s Guilty or Oh Look, They’re Separated and Will Die. It’s just… not interesting to me. So I still love them as a ship, but I’ve almost completely disengaged from wanting or expecting canon to provide any kind of satisfying or well-thought-through fulfillment for them. I’ve written tons and tons of fics (and novels). I write all the time. I analyze things for a living. I am an English tutor and a history teacher. I’m a storyteller. I have spent a long time with these characters and coming up with and thinking through what I want to see for them. That doesn’t mean I’m Better ™ than the writers, but it also means that any effort I put in feels like way more than they are, and that’s not a fun or stimulating way to engage with a fandom.

I don’t do hate-watching, and I certainly am not about to rain on the parade of people who do still love it as much as ever (which as I have said many times, I am happy for them). So it’s just better to focus on things that I DO actively enjoy and which I find rewarding and engaging. This year has been incredibly tough for me since about last November and the Orange Nazi’s election (and before that, really). I don’t need to put my limited and valuable free time into things that are just going to drain me or make me annoyed more than I already am. Fandom, once again and though it sometimes can be anything but, is supposed to be fun. And I am trying to space out my interests and have several different places to turn to for inspiration, rather than putting all my eggs in one basket. As noted, it’s just not healthy, and I have to take care with that.

As also noted, I was truly happy about the CS engagement and I will watch their wedding and probably reblog a lot of gifs from it. But I can look at said gifs and enjoy their cute moments and feel as if I’m getting what I need to, rather than having to slog through all of season 6. And honestly, if OUAT is losing people like me – a super, SUPER dedicated fan with years of investment and high-level commitment and fandom participation and creation – it doesn’t take too much guesswork to see that it’s probably losing regular viewers like crazy as well, and that’s why the ratings have taken a nosedive. I know I’m not alone, because I know a lot of fellow fandom people who just can’t muster up the same level of investment, and we’ve all paid our dues. We don’t have to “prove” anything or get caught in the inevitable “Who’s a Real/Better Fan” drama that just makes the whole cycle even more draining. We’re just engaging how we choose to, over a fictional narrative that has meant a ton to us, but has also changed, and we have as well.

So yeah. I still care. I am still a fan. But I think it’s important to remember, as always, that fandom is a FICTIONAL space, and that the people who engage in it are real, with all the hangups and changes of interest and needs and triggers and emotional reasons that go along with that, and we only interact with each other on a very limited basis through tumblr, which is obviously not face to face and where we curate the content we want to post/focus/present. It’s not objective, and it’s fun and amazing and collaborative, but it can also provide a somewhat limited perspective of who people are, what they’re doing, and why they decide to move on from something. So yeah, that’s where I am.


Eye Of The Beholder

For the anon that requested: could you write jealous / possessive Bellamy where he admires her from afar all the time in the camp until he thinks she is probably falling for someone else so he gets really possessive?

You saw him every day, silently admiring his style and personality anytime he graced you with his presence. He encapsulated all of the things that heroes and leaders were made of – iron will, courage, and intellect – all wrapped up in a one of a kind package. On top of brains, he had good looks. He was intimidatingly handsome from his glowing olive skin to his deep chocolate eyes, not to mention his perfectly sculpted abs that one could practically cut diamonds on. He was a post-apocalyptic rock star, girls swooned over him and guys wanted to be him. Bellamy Blake was just the kind of guy that would never pay any romantic attention to a girl like you.

He was the apple of your eye and you were probably less than a blip on his radar. Sure, he knew you existed, but there was no way that he had ever taken a discerning look at you to recognize who you truly were. Between him constantly running things around camp and the countless other girls that were probably throwing themselves into his bed, there was certainly no time for him to notice little old you blending into the background.

There was the rare occasion that Bellamy actually spoke to you, but the conversations were always the bare minimum and they always ended awkwardly and abruptly. There were the long pauses, the vague topics, and the tongue-twisting sentences. If he wasn’t so damn cute, the small talk he made would almost be painful. After watching him give so many motivational speeches, you’d never seen the man stutter so much in his life. It was sort of odd, but also quite endearing to see someone who was so talkative be lost for words. He was probably just too distracted with other things to have a meaningful discussion with you.

Then there was the fact that he seemed to mostly approach you when you were in the company of other guys. He would always make some kind of offhanded comment to antagonize them if they weren’t already wetting themselves over the size and strength of his biceps. Guys seemed to flee from your vicinity in sheer terror whenever Bellamy was around. All except for one, anyway, and that was Finn. He seemed to know something that the others didn’t.

You were on dinner duty with Finn, roasting today’s catch over the fire pit, when he nudged you.

“He’s looking at you again,” Finn said with raised eyebrows. He nodded his head towards Bellamy’s direction.

You looked over your shoulder to find Bellamy minding his post on the wall.  

“Me?” you huffed. “Yeah, right. Good one, Finn.”

According to Finn, Bellamy hadn’t been able to peel his eyeballs away from you since you landed on the ground, but so far his claims were without evidence. Anytime you tried to catch Bellamy in the alleged act, you were never fast enough. This made Finn’s assertion seem more like an outlandish lie than the truth.

“I’ll prove it,” Finn said, moving you into prime position to catch your target. He stood in front of you, blocking Bellamy’s immediate line of vision toward you. “Now he’s gonna have to move if he wants to see you.”

You peered just over Finn’s left shoulder to see Bellamy bobbing his head up and down, trying to get a better view of something in your direction. This still wasn’t enough to convince you that he was looking at you. That was until Finn stepped out of the way, leaving you in Bellamy’s direct line of vision. By the intensity of his gaze, you couldn’t tell if he was admiring you or if you had done something to annoy him.

Your body tensed up and you scratched your head self-consciously as you broke eye contact with him. “I’m under the impression he doesn’t like me very much,” you sighed.  

“It’s me he doesn’t like,” Finn said, giving you a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “Trust me on this one.”

No sooner than Finn had laid his hand upon your shoulder, Bellamy came marching over with his two friends: arrogant attitude and snide grin.

“Finn,” he said lifting Finn’s hand from your shoulder and placing it back by the young man’s side. “Don’t you already have two girlfriends to worry about? Hope you’re not trying for a third.”

“We’re just friends,” Finn replied.

A forced smile spread across Bellamy’s face as he gave Finn three heavy handed pats on the back. Finn jolted forward under the weight of Bellamy’s hand. “Maybe friends should keep their hands to themselves.”  

“Well maybe you should do something about it,” Finn grumbled.

The two guys looked at each other uncomfortably, silently communicating through a series of facial expressions. You looked on perplexed as you tried to decipher their quiet cues of nods, clenched jaws and raised eyebrows, but it was a language you failed to understand.

“Well, I’m gonna go because I think there’s something Bellamy needs to say,” Finn said giving Bellamy’s shoulder a firm squeeze. “I’ll catch you later, Y/N.”

Finn walked away, leaving you alone with Bellamy.

“So…dinner…” Bellamy said, uneasily rocking back and forth on his toes. “Good…good job with that.”

“Something bothering you?” you asked.

“No. Why?”

“Hmm…I don’t know,” you shrugged. “But maybe because you were just being super rude.”

“What’s rude is Finn hanging all over you like a creep when he knows I like-” Bellamy stopped abruptly and his eyes grew large in size.

“When he knows what?” you asked impatiently. You crossed your arms and tapped your foot as you waited for his response.

He licked his lips and shifted his weight nervously in the dirt before grabbing your arm and pulling you aside to where prying eyes couldn’t see.

You pulled away from his grasp. “Why are you acting so weird?”

“It’s because I can’t stand seeing other guys around you,” Bellamy blurted, throwing his hands into the air. He let out a deep breath and composed himself before meeting your stunned gaze.

Bellamy hated seeing the other male campers interacting with you so closely because he wanted to be in their position. He always interfered when you were with another guy because he didn’t want them making a move on you before he had a chance. The truth was he longed to be the only love in your life.

“From the moment I laid eyes on you…I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he continued. “I’m crazy about you.”  

You never thought that Bellamy saw you in the way that you saw him, but he did. He noticed how when you smiled your eyes seemed to smile too, how you cracked your knuckles when you were nervous, and even how you subconsciously twirled your hair around your finger when you were deep in thought. As he was hiding his observant glances behind the cascading trees and masking them behind the faces of other campers, he was absorbing all of those tiny details that made you unique.

Underneath that tough and audacious demeanor, he was actually struggling to confess his feelings for you. All of the awkward talks were attempts at getting closer to the point of confession, but he always failed in the end. Staring at your stunning beauty made the words get lost on his tongue and sucked the air from his lungs. You thought it wasn’t possible, but you always left him breathless and flustered, like a baby learning to take their first steps.

Vulnerability was a new feeling for Bellamy and he wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it. So he camouflaged his adoration for you behind passive aggressive and jealous behavior when he really wanted to pour out his affection for you in close quarters without having to hide it from afar.

From the first moment he saw you, you snatched his still-beating heart right from his chest.

“All you ever had to do was say it,” you said draping your hand around his neck. You moved in slowly, giving him a long and gentle kiss on the lips. As soon as you pulled away he pulled you back in, wrapping his arms snugly around your waist, and kissed you a second time.

You pulled away from him, taking a deep breath and patting him on the chest. “It’s been fun, but I have to meet with my other boyfriend in about five minutes,” you teased.

“Do I have to fight to keep you?” he asked, grabbing your hand and interlacing his fingers with yours. “Cause I will.” Even now he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“All I ever wanted was you, Bellamy,” you cooed softly as you stroked his hair.  

“Now that you have me, what do you plan on doing with me?” he asked with a smirk.

“I can show you better than I can tell you.”

Bellamy picked you up, effortlessly cradling you in his arms, and carried you back to his tent where you planned to spend longer than seven minutes in heaven with your new beau.

inlovewithkook  asked:

dear naya are you ready for another long post of jikook lol anw~ i wanna hear your take on all of yesterday's jikook shenanigans, from the way jiminnie seems to ignore kook practically flirting on him onstage; to the selca that i don't know why it seems so much Tension going on beneath it bcs what's with their expressionless faces tho & lastly how kook practically crashed on jinmin's vlive srsly i smell kook's possessiveness miles away, i see you satellite-jeon i see you but moreover i think (1)

kook is more all over jimis these past few days, omg it seems something happened between them two, something important. something significant to their relationship’s progress ;~; thinking about jikook could seriously make me frustrated /sighs/ anw~ good day ^-^ 

Vinda, hon, I am always ready for long jikook posts. I hope you’re doing well!!

Alright, so I think it was @jiminpoppins who had said that Japan seems to hold a special place in Jungkook and Jimin’s heart and I agree with that sentiment whole heartedly. Jungkook was so fucking affectionate and touchy-feely with Jimin yesterday and I think Jimin somewhat distancing himself from him on stage was his way of saying “Babe, I love you to the moon and back but holy shit if you keep this up you’re going to get us in trouble.” I mean Jungkook literally said “Fuck it.”, the boy was not playing the subtly game in the slightest. Look at this shit. It’s incredible, it truly is. 

When Jungkook crashed the V-live, I think a part of it was possessiveness but a big part of the reason for it was just that he wanted to spend time with Jimin. (I thought it was interesting how Jungkook, in the beginning, was more than willing to just lay in bed and watch them.) During that entire V-live, Jungkook had his usual heart eyes anytime he was gazing at Jimin, and Jimin kept staring at Jungkook through the camera, even going as far as sneaking glances by repeatedly switching the damn camera pov.  And although Jimin tried to teasingly act like he was annoyed with Jungkook being there, his smiles gave away just how happy he was about it. 

Honestly, there is something about Japan that turns both Jungkook and Jimin into sappy romantics. Last year we had some truly iconic moments between those two as well. Who could forget Jimin purposely getting Jungkook flustered by getting all up in his face? 

or the hug that wasn’t really a hug so much as it was them hovering in each other’s personal space. Remember the time Jungkook serenaded Jimin when they were singing For You and Jimin literally melted and could not stop continuously smiling while they were performing the song?? (This moment by the way is one of my all time favorite moments. My heart fucking expanded when I had first seen it.) When they did a V-live before a concert last year, they had a couple of really sweet moments during that too.

I think Japan is significant for them and although we don’t exactly know why I think it’s clear that whatever did occur is something that they both carry fondly in their hearts. 

*Bonus* Enjoy this gif of Jimin and Jungkook lovingly looking at each other while Jin awkwardly looks on.   

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Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request. I hope you’ll like it.

Lori sends you to collect Shane’s laundry from his tent. When suddenly Shane tries to force himself upon you, pressing his lips against yours, Daryl comes to your rescue.

word count: 1203

tw: rape

I’m not sure if this needs a trigger warning, but it does include Shane forcing himself upon the reader implying that it might lead to rape if it weren’t for Daryl to step in.

“Hey sweetheart”, I heard a voice from behind calling me. Lori was sitting on an old tree stump doing laundry.
„Hi Lori“, I waved back at her.
“Can you come here for a second? I gotta ask you a favor”, Lori gestured me to come closer and I did as I was told.
“Sure, what is it?”, I asked standing only a few inches away from her.
“Shane asked me to do his laundry too since he’s really busy teaching everyone how to shoot, but he hadn’t brought it over yet. Could you go and ask him for me?”, she explained raising her hands to demonstrate how busy she was herself.
“I don’t have anything else to do anyway, so yeah, I’ll ask him”, I replied with a smile. I didn’t really like Shane but I didn’t see why I shouldn’t walk over to his tent quickly and get his laundry. I walked past a lot of tents before Shane’s even came in sight. It stood even further away than the last time I had to visit him.
“Where are you heading towards?”, Dale asked peaking down from his van.
“Shane’s”, I replied”, but I didn’t remember it being so far away. When did he move out to…you know…the furthest spot he could find?!”
“Since he feels rejected and patronized by everyone.”
“His paranoia is really getting out of hands lately. Someone should talk to him.”
“Sure..sure…”, Dale said looking down. “Well, I gotta… go back to watch now.” Dale turned around and left me.

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Perfect [Drabble]

Title: Perfect
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader
Word Count: 652
Warning(s): None
A/N: I’m not saying a continuation is possible- but that’s almost exactly what I want to say. I’d honestly like to get a better idea of where this would stand in with the shows. I imagine Series 1, likely early. Maybe even before. I don’t know, but to give you an idea.

Sherlock is far from perfect- that, I know for sure, but no one can be perfect. And despite this, I can’t stop myself from just taking a glance at him and instantly having that exact adjective flash through my mind.


From the light blues and greens of his eyes to the way his dark hair curls, the little tilt of his mouth when he smiles and even how he always has the collar of his coat turned up. All of it, him, every little aspect of him, even when he’s a bothersome twat or his own arrogant self. I find a way to fall in love with it all.

I don’t exactly know how, or why, but I found a way to fall in love with Sherlock Holmes.

Not to simply like, or to lust. No, full, wholehearted, genuine love…

And I hate myself for it.

I sigh, rub my arm and look away. I’m not an actress, but I know how to keep a secret, I know just enough to throw him off. Make him think I don’t love him, that I’m merely a friend and that I’m content with that.

I try to stay aware of myself when he’s around, to not stare at him too long or move closer when he’s so near. Hiding, masking all my little quirks as something else. I’ve been doing good, for the few months. But Heaven knows how long it’ll last because Sherlock has his reputation for a reason.

There are times, though, when I can relax. Like this, right here, when his mind is so devoted to one of his cases that he’s almost oblivious to everything that lacks relation. This is when I can watch him, smile at him, feel the heat rush to my cheeks and adore him. His devotion, and the face he makes when he’s putting together the puzzle pieces, concentrating.

But he’s almost finished, I can tell, so I hold my wrist and calm my breathing, close my eyes and try to shake the thoughts from my mind for another time, preferably when I’m alone.

“Did you get all that, (Y/N)?” Sherlock asks and turns swiftly, facing me and I regain my professional composure just in time.

I smile, “We’ve already proven I can keep up with you. Really, have more confidence me, hm?”

He walks up to me, his lip twitching into one of those smirks of his, and I stand my ground, refusing to let myself give it away, give it all away. Not now, after all this time.

Probably not ever.

“On the contrary, I believe the confidence I have in you is adequate. It’s simply convenient for me knowing I won’t have to repeat myself later on.”

“Of course. Now, if we’re truly finished here, I’ll be leaving for my flat. I mean, if it’s convenient for you,” my smile becomes my own smirk plastered across my face as I spin around and hail a cab.

It isn’t until the location of the scene is out of view that I let out the breath I had been holding. It’s been getting harder and harder to hide it, and I can’t get over the growing anxiety in my stomach; he’s going to figure it out someday soon.

And already I begin to ask myself the questions that I go through almost every day.

Why Sherlock? Why him?

What’s so special about him?

I close my eyes.


Everyone else can have hope. They can hope that, just maybe, the other person will love them back. But I don’t have that luxury.

Because of all the people, I had to fall in love with the self-proclaimed sociopath Sherlock.

And Sherlock Holmes does not love.

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Master List

Out of the Park

Part Five
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1885
Warnings: None? 


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anonymous asked:

Hi, love ur blog! Btw, I'm gonna ask a really stupid question (so plz don't get mad) Did it ever came across your mind that SM is playing mind games with us? (involving chanbaek) Like for example, as anon-dream said before, we, firelights believe in chanbaek because of the secret and stolen glances etc. But, do you think that everything was/is a set up? I mean, I love chanbaek as much as any firelights out there, but this problem had been worrying me for a while. Plz tell me what you think ily


No no no that question is not at all at all stupid. I will say I have thought about it, actually i’m forced to have thoughts like that, being an analyzer I have to see every little perspective even the fact that they might be set up. 

And it’s very very likely that they might have been set up, like you know SM decides that these two are visually compatable as well as two adorable fellows which would make a good otp, and well they would be right. 

But I genuinely do not think that these two’s relationship is not at all set up, their glances and touches? Nope nope. 

A lot of their touches and stares are in places where they shouldn’t be the center of attention, like award shows,  oh and airports, can’t forget that, and they do it sneaky too, why would they do a set up moment in a place where there are so much more people to focus on. Of course they do stare and stuff at concerts too, but…

Look at how far away they are, lol. Plus the only actual ahem touches they do it either randomly grabbing each others hands and hi fiving, and I’m pretty sure something as small as that is not set up, anyone can do that especially friends (but for some reason it’s only a thing between them two wheehehehehehehe)

And yes they make a lotta eye contact during interviews too

I just realized that Chanyeol makes the same face looking at baekhyun, yass. But his face, UGH I love it! I seriously don’t think the script was like [say this random line] *look at baekhyun at the word “the”* and it’s not like again something small like this would need the effort to be planned. 

And I want to clarify that protective Chanyeol is not at all for fan service.

LOOK AT THIS MAN! CHANNEL DID IT SO INSTINCTIVELY THAT YOU ARE JUST LIKE 0-0 like he has this internal radar going like “wheeowheeo Baekhyun is in a life threatening position help him” and I though they practiced it so much it just happened, no Chanyeol genuinely wanted to protect Baekhyun, and whether SM tells them to anyway, I got a feeling that Chanyeol would do it anyway.

*cough* not fan service *cough* cuz big words *cough* were covering it *cough* plus Chan’s reaction *cough* is something to think about *cough* 

Like dude he swatted I forgot who but the person’s foot away which was like barely even near him but he decided to let Baekhyun softly stroke his shin.


And I’m just going to add this but Jealous Chanbaek is also not planned. 

Like buh, how can you fake an expression like that, that is pure jealousy. PURE I tell ya, and to make things more clear for those people who do think CB is pure fan service look at where they are usually placed when they get that jealous face, the less obvious places, like at airports, sitting during at award shows or one of them is at the very back, except for one gif where Chanyeol was talking. 

And if it was set up, why would Sehun make such a face when he sees them interact. Do you think SM told him to? Well then did he tell D.O, Xiumin, and Kai to act the same way? All four of them? 

If anything I would believe if Kai set these two up!

Kai caused this thing which made my heart die!

And look at what happened when Kai was not there to help them.

Kai and Sehun are the masterminds, not SM. SM made baekyeon (my opinion only plz I’m not at all bashing baekyeon MY OPINION) get together, but here Chanbaek is still going strong, do you think SM would still want to set these two up into the cutest otp they are now after baekyeon? Naw.

Of course I’m not saying these two are a fan service free ship. Oh no. 

Remember this? Oh yeah this was definitely meant to be fan service, but the way Chanyeol reacted even shows you it was not set up, Chanyeol was genuinely shocked, then he laughed it off after. Oh you~

*whispers to the CB non believers* oh and such perfect synchronization is very hard to set up so perfectly.

Shows that they actually are close.

But all in all, I do think that Chanbaek is a genuine ship, I feel all their moments are set up free all on their own because they carefree they don’t need someone else telling them how to act, their stares I feel are genuine their touches are for them not for the fans.


I loved this one

Because being in a tinted car is totally set up.

The manager apparently even told the fans not to follow them! If this moment was set up I’m sure the manager was would not say a word.

But yeah, I from the bottom of my heart don’t think they are set up, even if I am forced to have to look through that perspective.

Don’t worry sir anon! This was not at all a stupid question, no question is stupid especially when it’s to purge your curiosity, so don’t be afraid to ask again!

This blog loves you too~

anonymous asked:

I've been stalking your blog for the past 3 hours already, it's actually amazing. I love your writing! I don't usually request things, so I'm sorry if this is weird, but can you make a gif reaction to being friends with BTS and changing in front of them because you thought that they were gay

Ahh~ This was really fun to write c: I tried not to say that they weren’t gay, because for all we know they could be, but we do know that they at least like to flirt with girls because they know most of their fans are female, so I kind of went about it like that?? Anyways, I hope you like it!

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin didn’t know what to think at first, but memories of him feeding his dongsaengs in front of you made him realize why you may have thought that he was gay. He hadn’t ever denied it - he didn’t think he needed to - and he’d never flirted with a female due to the fact that the only females he interacted with were the ones that did his hair and makeup, and he thought that that would be unprofessional. So, with a quick apology for not making his sexuality clear to you, he left to let you change in peace.

Originally posted by jinful

Yoongi didn’t care that you thought he was gay. He couldn’t ever recall doing anything that would make you think that, but he did know that his band mates could act a little too comfortably with each other. Still, no matter why you thought he was gay, it didn’t bother him, nor did you changing in front of him. He told you you could keep changing if you wanted to, but he would understand if you wanted to change in private; he wasn’t going to watch you change, gay or not, but you only had to ask him to leave once if you weren’t comfortable.

Hoseok immediately understood why you thought he was gay; he was often seen cuddling the other members, and he could see why you would have come to that conclusion. He was just surprised that you trusted him enough to change in front of him. There wasn’t much he could really say about it, though, so after apologizing for making you think he was gay and assuring you that he hadn’t been checking you out while you were undressing, Hoseok would give you your privacy to allow you to change comfortably.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Namjoon, rather than assuring you that he wasn’t gay or asking how you could think he was when all he seemed to do was flirt with women - even if it was jokingly most of the time - would find it funny that you’d started changing in front of him. But, instead of just laughing and leaving, Namjoon would cheekily state that he could be gay if it meant you’d make a habit of changing in front of him. Immediately after saying that, though, he would leave, not wanting to make the situation too awkward since you weren’t fully dressed.

Jimin would find it absolutely hilarious that you thought he was gay, especially since you’d been so convinced that he was gay that you’d started changing in front of him. He hadn’t thought he gave off that vibe, but he could understand why you’d thought that. He’d leave so that you could change alone, laughing on his way out, only to remember much later that he hadn’t actually told you that he wasn’t strictly gay; he was definitely interested in females, and yet he would quickly amend that statement by assuring you that he hadn’t seen anything while you were changing, embarrassing himself further.

Taehyung wanted to know exactly why you thought he was gay. Had he told you he was gay? Was it just the way he was so touchy-feely with the other members? How long had you thought he was gay? But, more than that, why hadn’t you asked him? He’d probably be more concerned with the fact that you’d changed in front of him without actually asking him if he was gay. Doing that in front of someone else could have gotten you into a lot of trouble, and he wanted to be sure that you didn’t do it again with someone he deemed untrustworthy.

Jungkook knew why you thought he was gay, but that didn’t make him any more willing to let you keep on thinking it. No matter what his sexuality was, he needed to give off the image of a macho, cocky lady-killer. Sure, he’d probably embarrassed himself in front of countless women, but his winks could make girls weak in the knees, and his abs could make them faint. So, from that day on, he acted as macho as he could, both around you and in front of the camera, making sure everyone knew he could make any girl swoon.


season two » You don’t feel like my sister. When you were talking about David maybe being your father, something - I don’t know what - happened where I was hoping that we weren't… that we’re not related. And I had this weird moment where I thought I had feelings for you, okay? And I know it’s sick and it’s wrong but it was just a moment. And I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again but it doesn’t help when you’re just around me all the time. Do you understand?

anonymous asked:

1) I love your metas. Even when I don't agree with everything you say, I can still appreciate them, because they're well thought out. I also think that's why you get more hate from other fandoms, because they'd like you to write for their own fandom, lol. Would you mind explaining what makes Bonkai work for you in terms of Bonnie's characterization compared to other ships, like her with Enzo, Damon or Jeremy? There are a lot of people who criticize those of us who aren't settling for Enzo and

“ I love your metas. Even when I don’t agree with everything you say, I can still appreciate them, because they’re well thought out. I also think that’s why you get more hate from other fandoms, because they’d like you to write for their own fandom, lol. Would you mind explaining what makes Bonkai work for you in terms of Bonnie’s characterization compared to other ships, like her with Enzo, Damon or Jeremy? There are a lot of people who criticize those of us who aren’t settling for Enzo and there’s this attitude that “real” Bonnie fans have to accept and like her with Enzo (or anyone the writers throw at us) bc they have her saying that she loves him and I find it hard to verbalize/explain why that’s not something I agree with. Shipping a character “with happiness” has just never worked for me. To me a pro-Bonnie ship isn’t even necessarily a ship that makes her happy in that traditional sense. But saying that leads to accusations that you’re not a “real” fan because you don’t want her with the guy who the writers say makes her happy. I just felt like Bonkai had something that I didn’t see in other Bonnie-ships, that there was a certain kind of chemistry there that was different and that, while definitely problematic, their dynamic felt more equal because they were not supposed to be friends and every time either of them hurt the other, it was not within the disturbing context of them being best friends or something that was swept under the rug. final part (I hope you got the other three parts): in short, could you write something about that (bonkai vs. BD, BE and BJ in terms of being pro-Bonnie) with gifs? I like it when you do that with your Stelena metas. :D”

Hi, anon, thank you for your ask! I completely understand what you mean about not shipping a character with happiness and accepting what the show presents simply because the writers say that that makes the character happy. I think you and I have the same idea of what a pro-character ship means, which isn’t necessarily a half-assed ship meant to make Bonnie happy but a ship that brings out complexity and growth and development in Bonnie, which in my opinion isn’t something that Bonenzo, Bamon or Beremy really does or did. 

OK so we can start with the issues with Bonenzo. And I’ve said all of this before in various posts so this will be repetitive for some but anyway. The major issue is the context of their relationship. Enzo is completely in love with Lily:


And Bonnie is there helping him through all of it for absolutely no provided reason considering that she and Enzo never spent any time together before season 7, but she’s there either berating Enzo or helping him with his cause:

And Enzo spends this time mocking Bonnie’s mocking by telling her she doesn’t know what it feels like to be fought over. And Enzo is just so far gone with Lily that the only way there could ever be an opportunity for him to even view Bonnie as something more than a pesky sidekick is that she has to die:

And just in case we don’t get it, it has to be reiterated that Enzo’s love for her was unrequited:

So Enzo has to be absolutely alone in the world, they have to be in a cabin for three years, secluded from society, for any type of romantic relationship to form. 

And in relationship, Enzo may say the words, like “The only thing I can’t do is leave you” but he’s very muted and doesn’t really do much whereas Bonnie is doing the most, like the onus is on her to show how happy she is with him instead of on him to show how he makes her happy:

But with Bonkai, the relationship is inherently about Bonnie and not in a way that seems like the writers are trying to placate fans, not in a way that makes Bonnie “earn” the right for a few monosyllabic declarations of loyalty, Kai’s storyline actually leads him there, he wasn’t preoccupied with anyone else [on the show] before her and he has conviction i

Obviously, Bonkai’s dynamic is problematic but the reason why that’s OK is because they’re antagonists, Bonnie put herself in Kai’s way and Kai retaliated in return and what was really interesting about that dynamic too is because even this was inherently about Bonnie, Bonnie was fighting Kai for herself not so she can sacrifice herself for her friends.

With Bamon, as I said earlier, it’s terribly interesting to me that the moment Bonnie doesn’t do something his way, he treats her like a villain and gets physically violent:

The moment she doesn’t do something that he wants, he manipulates her because his needs are greater:

People love to bring up how Kai gave Bonnie PTSD but Damon is the one who triggered it by knowingly bringing the person she hates to her so he can get his way.

Damon also constantly uses Bonnie as his emotional punching bag when he’s angry and she’s visibly upset by what he says and just takes it:

[While Kai is actually encouraging]:

It’s true that Damon comes through for Bonnie when she’s literally on her deathbed and it’s also true that Damon wants to protect Bonnie from physical harm but it seems that that’s only true when it’s other people and when it doesn’t hinder his own plans.

Furthermore, no one has yet been able to tell me what it is that Damon does for Bonnie on a day-to-day basis when her life isn’t on the verge of ending; what about this friendship is reciprocal, how is her constantly making allowances for Damon’s bad behaviour any better than Elena, how does that help her grow, what does Damon actually know about Bonnie besides the fact that she’s strong and loyal?

It can be countered that Kai doesn’t really do anything for Bonnie either but a) we didn’t have many Bonkai scenes to begin with whereas Bamon had entire seasons b) there was potential for character development in Bonkai. That dynamic could’ve been an access point to Bonnie’s darker urges, which is what I explore in my fanfictions. For instance, no one talks about the fact that Bonnie has never killed before but she was somehow capable of killing Kai.

Bonnie actually took vengeance upon Kai for herself not on the behalf of other people while Kai was completely torn apart by the feelings he had toward Bonnie. Basically, they both became different people because of each other:

and putting those two transitions in play with one another — Kai becoming obsessed with Bonnie because his emotions are overpowering his killer instinct and Bonnie coming into contact with that through the lens of becoming a colder, darker person who’s moral centre has now kind of been skewed would’ve been very interesting. And I think this is what you mean by a pro-ship not necessarily meaning happiness but meaning adding layers to a character, making them more dimensional because Bonkai had that potential since Bonnie is an individual in that relationship and not a sidekick.

As for Beremy. I think season 2 Beremy was good because Jeremy was the one person looking out for Bonnie, going “what about Bonnie?”, he risked his life for Bonnie, those two fought over her martyr tendencies and he was selfish for her on behalf of her and I think it worked at the time because it was the second season and the characters were still growing, still new and Bonnie hadn’t quite become the sacrificial lamb yet it was more like “I have all this power and I can take on all these people” and Jeremy being there like, you’re human, relax and I also thought we were going to go somewhere with the fact that the witches said she was abusing her power. However, season 3 rolled around and it’s made clear in no uncertain terms that it was always Anna for Jeremy and he cheats on her and he only cares about her when it’s too late much like Damon. Obviously Bamon chemistry allows for moments that I find well-done and Beremy has moments I actually find really intense and Bonenzo’s near-death scene in 7x22 was probably my favourite scene of the episode but I think all of those ships do a great disservice to Bonnie whereas the potential of Bonkai would’ve provided her with so much development.

Hope this is what you were asking for ;)

AN: Apparently, it is very hard to find good Peter gifs *huff*. Anywho, I’m very excited to start this one, it’s been ages since I have written Peter! Thank you anon for requesting, I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxxoxo :3

Pairing: Peter (X-Men) X Reader

Prompt: could you do a Peter Maximoff (X-Men) x reader where reader is a kleptomaniac as well and they are on either side of a shelf (not knowing the other one is there) and both grab for the same box of twinkies

((Kleptomaniac- Kleptomania is the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items and is done for reasons other than personal use or financial gain. (Definition found on Google). Just for those who didn’t know!))

Warning: Stealing and some swearing.


“A Classy Love Story”

You could practically taste them already.

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Find the Light - Part 4

Words: 3662
Dean x Reader
Warnings: mildly graphic descriptions, angst/grief, language
Summary: Sam and Dean rush to get to Y/N, who has been taken, in accordance with their plan to kill the remaining Djinn.
A/N:This is part of a series! Read the other parts first! (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3) Ya’ll might want to maybe have a tissue handy for this part… *whistles nonchalantly* *walks casually away* *runs*

Your name: submit What is this?

You moved your head hesitantly, cringing against the intensity of the pain that was spreading it’s hot fingers out from the base of your skull. You tried to reach around with a hand to touch the back of your head and were met by the cruel sensation of rough rope restraining you again; your arms were pulled taught above your head. Now your eyes snapped wide open and you squinted up at your hands. The ropes weren’t yet cutting into you but the feeling was all too familiar.

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I wanna make this a small series but I want to know what y'all think first. So please let me know if I should keep going.

Btw, Happy Mothers Day!

Please Don’t

“I really fucked up this time, Sammy. I really did.” Dean whispered.


“Hey, baby. Where are you going?” I asked as Dean grabbed his jacket and keys. “Out.” He said quickly. “It’s 2 in the morning. Where the hell do you need to be this late in the night?” I was getting furious. Where the hell did he need to be? “Y/N, I’m just going out. I’ll be back later. Bye.” Just like that he was gone. Without an explanation, a kiss goodbye, or an ‘I love you’. Just like that he was gone.

Few weeks ago Dean had started to act funny. He was…distant. He changed. We changed. He would no longer kiss my lips in the early morning to wake me up. He would no longer sneak up behind me and kiss my cheek as he pulled me into his warm embrace. He would no longer hold me tight and whisper into my ear that everything was going to be okay. He would no longer wipe my tears when everything felt as though the world beneath me was crumbling. He would no longer do any of it. Nothing.

And the worse part of it all? He knew you knew that everything you guys shared, would no longer exist.

“Hey, y/n?” Sammy’s voices brought you back to reality. “You okay?” You didn’t even realize you were still in the library where you had last seen Dean. “Hey.” You turned to see Sam standing next to you with his hand on your shoulder.
You couldn’t hold it in anymore. You just couldn’t. “It hurts so bad, Sam.” You cried into his plaid shirt.
At first he was shocked but he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in tight. “Everything’s gonna be alright, y/n. Whatever it is. Dean and I will make it better. I promise.” He rubbed circle patterns on your back to erasure you that what he was saying was true. Little did he know that the cause of your pain was Dean, himself.
You were laying in your bed with Sam sitting on the edge of it. Patiently waiting for you to calm down and talk to him.
“He hates me, Sam.” You finally said with a raspy voice. But you still hadn’t made eye contact with him. “Dean?” You nodded holding back tears. “Why would you say that?” He asked. “Oh come on, Sam. Don’t you see it?” You were yelling now. Sitting up, looking directly into his eyes and releasing whatever tears you had left.
“Don’t you get it? He doesn’t look at me the same way. He doesn’t kiss me anymore. He doesn’t wake up next to me anymore. He doesn’t touch me anymore. He-” you couldn’t breathe. “He doesn’t l-love me anymore.” You cried out. Covering you face with your hands.
Sam couldn’t and didn’t say anything else. He knew that Dean was pushing you away. But he didn’t know what he was doing to her. To see the girl he saw as a sister falling apart in front of him and not being able to do anything. It killed him.
He watched you sleep and slowly leaned down and kissed your forehead. Getting up slowly and walked out of your room and closed the door behind him.

That’s when he heard Dean walk in. But he wasn’t alone.

“Stay quiet, baby.” He whispered to the annoying high pitched giggling chick he was holding.

“Dean?” Dean looked up to see Sam standing in the middle of the library. “Hey ya, Sammy.” Was he seriously drunk? Sam thought.
“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Sam asked him. “You need to leave.” “Wait, what? Dean, do something!” The girl yelped to Dean. But Dean couldn’t hear her. “Dean!” Both Sam and the girl yelled for his attention. But no answer.

Sam turned to see Dean staring at you crying. You couldn’t speak. Or move. You just watched the sight in front of you.

“Y/N.” Dean breathed out.

“Dean?” You whispered.


(Part two??)

Mr. Don't Look So Scared (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request: @trafalgarlauHello Hello 😄 may I request #2. “I wished you leave already!” “Fine!” with Peter maximoff x reader please? (Peter pushing the reader away, if it’s not too much to ask of course) Love your blog!! 💛💛 (From this prompt list)
Word Count: 1195 Words
Warning: angst, general sadness, swearing. 
A/N: Ahh yes another song based imagine, because I love them and will never stop. Enjoy the pain. (Based off Sour Candy by Carly Rae Jepsen)
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @stovehairington, @cl-itry, @fandompirde

Originally posted by ipaper-planes

((gif not mine, credit to owner))

                Most people worry when their partner is coming home late they’re cheating, but not you. You had to worry if Peter was going to get himself killed looking for the infamous Erik Lensherr. It was only a few years back when Peter had discovered the identity of his true father, and this obsession with finding Erik had started. Peter spent years hating himself, trying to find a reasonable answer to why Erik would leave, what did I do, what did I do, what did I do?! Peter thought that every problem in his family was because he made Erik leave. The idea damaged Peter, and scared him when he met you. Someone who didn’t think it was Peter’s fault, and someone who showed Peter love. But your love could never end years of self-hate, or the fact Peter had met Erik.

“I met him, I talk to him, helped him and I-I didn’t know!” Peter snapped at you, pacing his room. This had been a common argument lately.

“Peter I know, but you can’t change it.” You spoke, trying to calm your erratic boyfriend.

“Do you think he knew then?” Peter asked, but it was more for himself.

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hanbabi  asked:

hey could you to a scenario where you've recently become best friends with junhoe and have a crush on hanbin. you are trying to find out whether he likes you or not but junhoe secretly likes you if you know what i'm trying to say. i don't mind how the ending is but alot of angst and fluff. thankyou :)

Originally posted by ikonsic

*not my gif. credit to the owner*

a/n: I tried to make it have a lot of fluff and angst. I really hope that you like and that it’s what you wanted! I’m sorry for any mistakes. 


“Okay could you stop!” Junhoe half yelled at you from across the lunch table. You’re eyes widened because of your shock, in the few months you have know Junhoe he had never once yelled at you. “What’s your problem?” You ask him. “Oh I’m sorry ____, but it’s really annoying hearing about the giant crush you have on Hanbin. It’s all you talk about these days, I’m sick of it! You know I don’t even know what you see in him.” He said.

“I see in him what all the other girls see in him! He’s popular, he’s super sweet, he smart, and on top of all that he’s super hot.” By that point both you and Junhoe had gotten mad. He was mad that you continuously talked about Hanbin and you were mad that he had gotten mad at you so quickly. There was a long silence between the two of you and you knew that either you or him would get up to leave anytime soon. When Junhoe rolled his eyes and gathered his lunch you knew he’d be the one to leave first. He walked away without saying a word, his back was to you as he left.

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twsunnyday  asked:

Hey!! I saw a gif post recently of the scene where Scott bites Nogitsune!Stiles and Kira stabs him, and I realized that Kira's katana wasn't covered in blood or anything else. I don't know if this was already talked about or not, but I was just wondering if it meant anything. Thanks in advance!!

I just watched that entire scene just a few days ago and you’re right, there’s no blood or anything.

And i think it goes together with the fact that his body just crumbled and broke into dust instead of collapsing like a normal body would. There’s something to it, i’m sure. 

The question then becomes - did it turn to dust because it had been dead for a really long time and without the fly there was nothing holding it together any more? Or because it wasn’t a “real” body in the first place? Or is the reason simply because Scott bit him and “changed the body”? That didn’t happen with Satomi - she wasn’t an alpha at the time either and simply held Rhys steady using her claws to his back - much in the same way that Peter and Derek did to Jackson actually come to think of it… 

As soon as he was stabbed the fly that was animating him escaped and that was when the body turned to dust. Compare it to what happened to Rhys and it’s a whole other story. His bandaged body was also animated by the fly and when it was driven out his body also fell to the floor, but it didn’t crumble. In fact Noshiko hid it in the wall and Stiles and Malia found it decades later where it looked like it had been decomposing in a normal kind of way.

I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s something strange going on with Stiles and perhaps there’s been more of him throughout time. Lots more. Like Orphan Black more.

I’ve been seeing him next to cyclones all  through my season 2 rewatch. Cyclones in itself is interesting and there might be a connection there but what if it’s a double meaning. Or a meaning plus a clever play on words? cyCLONE.

This image from the 2006 yearbook has been haunting me for ages

Let’s zoom in on number 24 right under that cyclone. And with the lacrosse ball right under it, it looks like an exclamation point. and the word “cyclone” has been cut so it basically says “clone”. 

Home of the Beacon Hills Clones… what if it literally is just that?

That looks an awfully lot like Stiles. but this is the 2006 yearbook. In the episode 2x08 where this is shown the year is 2011 and Stiles is a sophomore and 16 years old. If that is Stiles he might have been at school at the same time as Derek. The fire was six years ago that is true, but what if the stiles in this photo is a sophomore or older then he would have been in high school at the time of the fire. Is this why he remembers it so readily when they first meet Derek? And also why he recognizes him? And could this also explain the comment about “he’s just a few years older than us”. Is it residual memories of a previous clone-body? I know that the pilot script had Derek described as 19 years old, so this is probably way off base, but it amuses me and gives me all kinds of fun fic ideas that i will never turn into anything other than a rough draft. </ramble>

calicokat-teenwolf​ actually touched upon clones in a post the other day as well, so i know i’m not the only one playing with thoughts on this (and that is strangely comforting because sometimes i do think i’m taking things to far. but at least i’m not alone in my madness :))

Callie also mentioned that Lydia added Stiles to that list of Eichen House patients that died by Brunski’s hand ten years ago, which i think is a very good point that could support this.

Then there’s the strange occurrence of Stiles creating a second body that just materialized from the floors at Scott’s house. Is this the work of Stiles? Whenever he “dies” or his body is destroyed beyond repair he somehow just creates a new one. 

And look at nogi!stiles in the background. He’s the one animated and controlled by the fly, and he was also the one to spew out all the bandages, so it’s easy to assume it’s something he wanted to happen. But he looks surprised and scared. 

Stiles’ body has at that point been cut open with a knife and ridden hard by that fly, and the wound is not healing according to Deaton so clearly dead or in the process of dying. Is that what Stiles does when he’s about do die? He clones himself?

It sounds far-fetched i know. Not really sure i believe it myself, but it’s a fun theory to explore. 

And while i’m at it - could this be why he never seems to get hurt? I mean aside from that time when Gerard gave him a beating and he crashed the car in 3x12 we’ve never seen him with any cuts of bruises. Even when his face is slammed into steering wheels, he’s hit by car parts, he tumbles down stairs or is knocked over by berserkers. If he’s a clone or not really in a normal kind of body, that might be why he doesn’t get hurt the way you expect a perfectly normal human to be. 

And he has a strange knowledge of drowning and what it feels like, ref his conversation with Morell. We have Lydia hearing the echo of a mom drowning her baby at the Glen Capri. Stiles was standing right next to her at the time. 

I’m going to quit now before i dig myself too deep into something i can’t get out of. But to answer your question, yes it’s highly suspicious that the host body just crumbled like that and there wasn’t any blood on the sword. Also the sword didn’t shatter this time. That might also be a clue?  

Or I’m just seeing non-existent patterns. Not ruling that one out either :) 

Try Hard (Jungkook drabble)

15. How do you know I’m not big?
39.   Praying is not the only thing I can do on my knees, you know?

Word count: 1506 (oh boy… this definitely turned out longer than expected)

Genre: Angst (I don’t even know where did all this angst feels come from)

A/N: This one is for the incredible @jungkookayy, who requested this a million years ago, but I really hope it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for the request, and take care xoxo.

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— C'mon, Kookie, let’s get out of here— you said grabbing his wrist and trying to drag him out of that stupid pub without succeeding. The dude was pure muscle and no matter how strong you were there was no way you could actually drag him anywhere.|

Why had he gone there on the first place? He didn’t even like drinking. But of course his friends knew that and they didn’t give a fuck. They’d been trying to get him drunk for weeks, all because they thought Jeon Jungkook drunk must be “the funniest thing ever” and as he was finally old enough to legally drink, why not?

They were all jerks. You liked them, but they could really be a bunch of jerks when they wanted to. Maybe that was something that came along with the fact of being a man, but you guessed you would never know. Well, all of them except for Taehyung, that boy was an angel himself. He was the one who called you to pick Kookie up, who was so messed up he couldn’t even stand up from his own chair. 

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