i really don't know why i put myself through this

  • Job Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?
  • Me: I keep reading Tokyo Ghoul :Re and convincing myself that everything's going to be alright even though I know in my heart of hearts that Ishida takes some kind of twisted pleasure in making his fans and characters suffer. I don't even enjoy reading it any more, it's honestly gotten to the point where I only keep up with it to make sure that my favourites are doing okay, and they never are. I really don't know why I do this to myself, it's like I'm some kind of emotional masochist. It's like an addiction. I mean, people keep coming up with theories about how Haise/Kaneki is going to get his memories back and how Tsukiyama is going to make a comeback and I'm one of those people, and yet now and then I realise that this probably won't happen in any positive kind of way but week after week I put myself through the same torture, the same heartbreak.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think that Haylor was fake/publicity stunt? I really don't have an opinion about it, don't know whether larry is real and so. To be honest, haven't put myself in it. It's just that the songs Taylor has written about Harry (?) and what Harry has written do not add up to the whole Haylorwasfake to me

Hi! There are so many reasons why I don’t believe Haylor was real, starting with how hearbroken Louis looked during that period:

and how he seemed to come back to life when Harry and Taylor “broke up”:

Should we talk about the joy that shined through Harry’s face everytime he was papped with Taylor?

And don’t let me start thinking about the passionate kiss they exchaged at new year’s eve:

Also, would you like to know what Louis’ opinion was on Haylor?

So it could sound  presumptuous of me but I don’t believe Haylor was real, mainly because I have eyes that send images and information to my brain (yeah, sometimes it works). ;)

And last but not least, yeah, Taylor wrote about her relationship with Harry like 9338831 girls write “Mrs Styles” on their diaries every day, like Jane Austen wrote about Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship or like George Orwell  talked about “a future universe” set in 1984 while he was living in 1948 : by using their imagination. 

BONUS: guess who got a matching tattoo with their mortal enemy and fellow band member while he was in a “loved up” relationship with the famous Taylor Swift? But I’m not saying anything, of course…