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You maybe know me, I often ask you about stuff. You clearly know, that I love your art, because of you I love Spy x Sniper but after you posted an answer with Heavy and Medic, I love your art and blog even more! *\(^-^)/*

Oh, but of course x) Thank you so much, this really means a lot to me! And I’m glad to hear you enjoy my drawings even more now ≧◡≦ ♥

  • Interviewer: Why is your name Markiplier?
  • What Mark says: it's Mark and multiplier, it's my name and that word... that's just it really...
  • What Mark means: haha jokes on you multiplier means I'm gonna make a dark version of myself who wants to possess me and hurt everyone a crazy reporter with a pink mustache who's trigger happy a robot with a primary objective to answer everything but secondary objective to destroy mankind a man who writes and hosts everything that can happens a doctor who tells everything bad and the worst kind a game show host who has a killing rule an obsessed guy to their crush and kills everyone who-

My arm is getting bigger, or something?

Divide - as heard by me, Tumblr user live-laugh-ed.
  • Eraser: Coke will fuk u up. Don't do the drugs kidz.
  • Castle on the Hill: nostalgia is real. Growing up suckz, let's go watch a sunset dudes.
  • Dive: haha dive... more like dive right into that p*ssy. No really let's have the sex.
  • Shape of You: *gyrates hips into another dimension*
  • Perfect: darling just kiss (kill) me slow. no but really why am I single, where is my "dancing in the dark, barefoot on the grass"?
  • Galway Girl: I've got a huge Doritos & wine boner 4 u.
  • Happier: Man pain x 1000000
  • New Man: Ur new bf is a bleached a**hole
  • Heart Don't Break Around Here: (except mine) Why am I single? part 2.
  • What Do I Know?: Love is good, I think, maybe. who knows? I might be full of sh*t? But I'm sticking with it.
  • How Would You Feel(Paean): um this is getting repetitive but Why am I single? part 3. "How would you feel?" Dead, I feel dead inside.
  • Supermarket Flowers: *whispers softly* pls don't.
  • Barcelona: aye papi, mucho caliente daddy.
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: *loses shoes* *loses keys* *throws up in cab* is this song about me?
  • Nancy Mulligan: Irish people doing Irish things and falling in Irish love.
  • Save Myself: save my soul from this pain.
The Handmaid’s Tale: marketing, then and now

Comparing the Hulu adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale to the 1990 version is… weird, because the old one seems to have been made with a “haha, this could never happen; let’s play it like a fun adventure thriller and sell it as sexy as possible!” kind of attitude. I mean, the trailer has this bouncy narration that starts with “once upon a time…” and turns the dystopian element into more of a soap opera.

And just take a look at the promotional art:

(…I don’t think that was the message of the book, guys. Sure, Offred was longing for human touch, or pretty much any kind of human connection, but I think that the book was more about women being reduced to wombs with legs, not state-owned prostitutes… It was about the desperation of needing to give birth or face punishment. Everything about this dystopia was hyper-de-sexualized.)

Oh, and my favorite:

“A psychosexual movie shocker.” With what looks like half the cover of a cheesy romance novel, minus some buff shirtless guy.

(I also think it’s kind of funny that they say “once upon a time in the near future” sex became used for control and domination, as if rape and prostitution haven’t existed for centuries… but okay…)

I’ll admit I haven’t seen this version (or the Hulu one, for that matter), but I do appreciate that they cast a properly old and creepy man in the part of the Commander, and a properly aged woman for his Wife. The Hulu casting is a little youthful, if you ask me; the book characters felt very weathered, and I think it mentioned that they were supposed to be quite a bit older than Offred. Her “affair” with the Commander is supposed to feel very weird and unsettling, partially because he’s this old man who wants someone to play Scrabble with and dress up in sequins.

Anyway, then we had what I call the “holy shit these dystopias are too real” phase, culminating with the new Hulu adaptation of this particular dystopia, which is waaaay too relevant to today’s issues.

See? This is how you depict the feeling of objectification. Not with a topless woman bathed in flattering lighting – by objectifying a woman yourself, you’re not sending a message so much as continuing the trend. Especially when you sell your film as some kind of sexy romance. “Branded, sold, controlled: she belongs to The State” doesn’t quite cut it; this very simple, very clear message does. Offred is no longer human, she doesn’t have a face; she is just an object. Objectified.

(This also has some fantastic layering because it recalls the messages that you might find scrawled across the bathroom mirror meant to demean other girls; part of Gilead’s system involves pitting women against each other: Wives against Handmaids, Handmaids against Aunts, even Handmaids against each other out of jealousy and in the Red Center with their slut-shaming. To stay in power, the men at the top make sure that the women below them are too occupied with resenting each other that they forget to look up at who the real enemy is.)

*holy FUCK*

Now THAT is how you market a dystopia. This story is not some scandalous fantasy set in the near-but-distant future; it’s a warning, of what might be lurking just around the corner. The Handmaid’s Tale is an incredibly frightening book to read today, because of the things that are being allowed to happen in our society. It shows what happens when we let sexism flourish, when ecological and political crises make us paranoid enough about national security that we let the people in power take away our rights. It is a fucking nightmare.

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Hi!! I really love your work! <3 and the way you draw and see Cry is so cool! If you don't mind me asking why is it you see him with dark skin and brown hair? :0 I think he looks great in your style :DD Im just curious haha, Thanks!!

 Ok short answer: I draw cry with dark skin and brown hair cause I feel like it idk lmao

Long answer: I mean we all don’t know what cry looks like, we’ve got some hints here and there but I took that as an opportunity to have fun with my cry design. I thought every cry kinda looked the same, so I just changed it up a bit. (I also like practice on drawing darker toned characters ) I’m also starting to put cry in different clothes too, just to give him more character. 

But yeah, I just like drawing darker tone cry, so I’m happy you like my way of drawing him lol Some people get mad at me for drawing him like this, but it’s also nice to hear people actually like my designs. Thank you for all the compliments too, here’s a doodle of cry for ya lol

The Nordics as my teachers
  • I don't know why I just wanted to do this.
  • Denmark: English teacher. Very positive and will act out scenes in the book by cheering "WOOOO!!"
  • Norway: Fashion teacher. Very picky and will ignore you if you don't do good in class, but nice.
  • Iceland: Science teacher. Relaxed and brings pets to class for the hell of it.
  • Finland: Math teacher. Befriends everyone and let's you eat all the time even if it's his food.
  • Sweden: French teacher. Looks intimidating but actually very nice and tells stories all the time

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I didn't know you had a tattoo! May I ask what it is? I can't really tell in the photo. Also, you don't need makeup, you're too beautiful without it. Pull off that Alicia-Keys-no-makeup

aH thank you! That’s very kind of you!

This was taken right after it got done so that’s why my arm are so red haha

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I really can't understand why Izuku and Ochako don't get more fanart together. It's a cute pairing, and clearly the one Horikoshi intends to be canon.

I know how you feel since I wonder that a lot too, but it can’t really be helped… I have a theory that the rest of the izuocha shippers are in another dimension and we just happened to be in the one where there’s only a handful- or maybe we haven’t leveled up yet to unlock the rest of the fandom– I’m just kidding haha, but it really does feel like it. Um, as for the canon part I’m not so sure! Even though there are quite a few hints for it, that doesn’t mean it will actually become endgame, but who knows? Only time will tell!

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sorry ask this but how old are you? is okay if you don't want answer, I'm only asking because I'm brazilian army and everybody is so young, between 12-15, and I feel very old even if I only have 20's haha but in tumblr I found some fans with the same age as me so rn I'm really happy, thats why I want know your age bc I don't feel alone to fangirling anymore haha

Girl I am 22 wtf. I could be the mom of this entire fam haha. I am always fangirling with people younger than me and it’s cool!

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hey there :) sorry to bother you, i'm asking you this because i saw one of your posts on the jikook tag and i don't know a lot of jikook blogs (and that's why i'm here actually haha), could you recommend me some blogs to follow? ty xx

Hello, dear Anonie! :) You’re not bothering me at all! I don’t know if I’m in a position to recommend anyone, I love every JiKook oriented tumblr! ♥ But here are some of the amazing people I follow over here:

@jikook-love @jikoooktrash @gongjumin @jikookdetails @gayjikookadi @wingstyles

These also make amazing gifs and just… I fall in love with every gifset :D

@caughtinjimin @harunyany :3

Then here’s @tacity who is 1. really awesome 2. can make nice analyses/answer JiKook oriented asks with grace 

And I totally love @bananacookies1 @heyhosam and @inarsics and their fanfics! 11/10 would recommend :) (**also heyhosam’s posts are gold, I could just auto-reblog most of them :D Right kind of things for my heart.)

And a real ace in casually stating some facts + explaining things that non-Korean speakers missed is satellite-jeon :)

(And if you like JiKook crack and wannabe analyses and ranting about them, well, you can always follow me :D *shameless promotion* *ok, actually, I feel the shame* *just saying*)

PS: I’m sorry if this is really random for some of you to see to be tagged here, I just wanted to share your amazing blogs with the Anon and the world! I hope you don’t mind… *I feel kinda stalkerish and weird :D*
PPS: I probably forgot a lot. Soon as I’ll remember someone, I will update this!

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  • yuya: i don't know i mean i really like being around yuzu a lot, she makes me feel safe and comfortable and calm and i can talk about anything with her no worries and she always seems to know just what to say and i also really like helping her and making her feel safe and comfortable and i just want to be around her always and make sure nothing bad ever happens to her ever and i like it when she smiles, especially when she does because of me, and i also really admire her i mean she works so hard and she's also really supportive so i wanna be there for her too and support her always but i also like just seeing her you know? like... she's really nice to look at like her hair looks really nice and soft honestly she looks really nice all the time like sometimes i stare at her for a bit and lose track of time haha she's my best friend and i can't imagine living without her lol but i mean i don't know

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I think page 5 of the new update has to be one of my new favorite pages in the whole comic so far, and I don't know why, lol. It's just super intense, and the expression change is awesome. Speaking of expressions, you absolutely nail Blue's. I love it so much ugh. This whole update was a rollercoaster, because first Fatal was pissed, then it looked like he would let Blue go and everyone would calm down and then HA NOPE PSYCH

Thank you so much!! I really like this page too! And I’m glad that you think the expressions are effective, because I very much enjoy drawing those too haha ^^

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Ok so here's a random question for you - I'm rewatching season 9, and I get to the end of "The Purge". Now I'm a Dean!girl and I love him, but I'm still so mad at him about the whole fallout from Gadreel. I don't feel like he ever really understood where Sam was coming from. Why do you think he just never got it? I know you're a Sam!girl and I love your meta/analysis so I was just wondering if you had any thoughts :-)

Oh gosh, this issue has in the past proven to be a bit of a minefield so let me try and pick my way across it with some caution. I’ll put it under a cut so those members of fandom who get war flashbacks at the very mention of S9 can scroll on by, haha. 

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I was wondering if I could have a playlist please? My names Octavian!

ooh that’s such a cool name! :D

O - One For The Road (Arctic Monkeys)
C - Control (Broken Bells)
T - Taro (Alt-J)
A - Archie, Marry Me (Alvvays)
V - Vampyre of Time and Memory (QOTSA)
I - I Believe (RM probs my fav song from his mixtape)
A - Accelerate (Dutch Uncles)
N - No Plan (Everything Everything)


  • Jon: so Arya.. do you like Gendry?
  • Arya: What?! EW! Of course not!! That is so gross! what are you talking about I don't like him at all why are you accusing me of that?! me?? liking gendry?? I definitely don't look at the play of his muscles while his smithing. of course not haha. And when he told me he was gonna sleep with that girl Bella I DEFINITELY didn't think of that for months. why would I? I also don't think he's strong or that time when he called me a nice oak tree? I forgot about that you know. Really insignificant. Didn't even bother me at all ha ha..
  • Jon: ..okay
  • Bran: uhm
  • Sansa: ..i don't even know what to say Arya
  • Robb: well..
  • Gendry: RIght