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Gillian Anderson behind the scenes of “The Truth.” I have little idea what is happening, but it’s kind of great?



Presenting one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever spent three hours on: 

Fordese. Exactly as seen in Journal 3, but as a font. You too can confuse your work partner, twin brother, and dream demon arch-nemesis by simply typing on the keyboard as normal, no pen needed!

I must thank @picnokinesis and the fics they wrote in code for putting the random inspiration in my mind to do this, ahahah. XD 

The font includes all coded letters from A-Z, both in uppercase and lowercase. (They’re both the same, though- I just figured it wouldn’t hurt to double up.) It has a full set of numbers, and the most common punctuation. Some of the letters are annoyingly close to each other, but it couldn’t easily be helped. 

But hey, if anyone actually uses this and makes a post, please feel free to tag me in it so I can see! And if anyone tries this out and there’s any major issues with it, let me know and I can try to fix it! :D

You can find the font right here!

get this - a Thai show about gay love refuses to cast gay men in the roles of gay men (I know, unbelievable)

they (the organizer of the show) released a statement saying that they were searching only for straight actors because they felt they would fit the roles (of gay men) better

not only did they basically admit that they’re not creating their series for anyone but straight fangirls by saying something like that (because they can still ship themselves with the straight actors even if they somewhat or completely believe in their OTPs), they’ve also used a really popular, openly gay rising actor, Newyear Kitiwhut (part of an internet-famous Thai gay couple) to draw attention, only to drop him in the final stages of auditions (he brought in a lot of fans and supporters to the show by auditioning)

it also shows that they don’t really care about the content they are creating and the story they are telling, just the popularity of it (even if the organizer of the show is gay himself, he still only wanted straight men to play the roles)

you can read the full translation of the statement here + the opinion of the person who translated

the show is called 2Moons The Series


From AToTS storyboard. (I don’t know whether this has been posted or not)

I am ruined

Keep Me Running

pairing: Steve Trevor/Diana Prince
wc: 2955


Within two weeks of settling into his new condo, Steve’s got a nice little routine going.

He gets home around eight or nine P.M., grabs a quick bite to eat, gets some more work done while he’s waiting for the food to go down, and then at around eleven, he laces up his shoes and heads to the gym, towel draped over one shoulder. He hits the machines, gets a nice sweat going, heads back to his condo for a quick shower and falls into bed, his limbs steeped in the pleasant ache of hard athletic use.

As far as routines go, he’s really happy with this one. There’s never anyone else around by the time he shows up for his workout. He gets free access to all the machines, without having to worry about skirting politely around someone else for fear of someone attempting to start some neighbourly conversation.

That little gym is the one place he feels like he can finally tune out all the chaos of life, and get a quiet minute to himself.  

And then one day, the routine gets shaken up.

He doesn’t even notice her till she’s on the treadmill next to his, legs already pumping in long, sure strides and a finger on the speed adjustment buttons.

His head whips back and forth in a sharp double take, feet almost tripping over one another in an awkward one-two step, struggling to maintain their pounding rhythm on the machine.

She glances sideways, her eyes flicking to him. It’s completely cursory; they’re back on the speed readout within a split second. All the while, her treadmill continues to speed up, the low whine faintly audible even through his earphones.

Once he’s regained control of his rhythm, he chances a proper, subtle look at her out of the corner of his eye.

She’s… she’s gorgeous.

She’s tall — can’t be more than a couple inches off from his own height. Under her fitted tank and compression leggings, her tanned skin is warm, glowing golden even under the stark white fluorescent lights. She’s got her dark hair pulled back from her face, twined into a tight braid that sits securely on the back of her head, the few inches of the braid that extends out from her nape whipping between her shoulder blades as she runs.  

God. The way she runs. Her limbs power forward at an unrelenting rhythm, her posture perfect and ramrod straight, her almond-shaped eyes set on some invisible point straight ahead.

He’s seen Olympic gold medallists with less purpose.

[read the rest on ao3]


still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!


okay i know some people may not care but i just really want to explain my spotify playlists here and share them okay yes cool they’re pretty self-explanatory but just let me live okay

ABSOLUTE LOVES: Okay so this is basically just all of my favourite songs (it’s a big playlist because I have a lot of favourite songs) but it all kind of varies between styles and tempos and all that jazz. This is the most likely playlist to be changed because I’m constantly finding new music. 

SLEEPY SLEEP: This playlist is probably my favourite because it’s helped me so so much, it’s a collection of soothing and slow songs, and it’s obviously really good for getting to sleep, but also for calming down and just relaxing. 

STUDY PLAYLIST: This playlist mostly consists of soft and nice but not distracting songs, but not slow ones to make you sleepy, just not necessarily something that would get you up and dancing instead of well, studying. 

SHOWER PLAYLIST: This is kind of just filled with fun and upbeat songs that you’d want to sing in the shower, and even when you’re out of the shower and getting ready, I guess just songs to get you excited for wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing. I’d hope that you wouldn’t listen to all the songs during one shower though… (haha wow sarah you’re funny).

RAINY DAY PLAYLIST: Okay this song works for both literal rainy days and emotional rainy days, since it’s really just a bunch of songs to snuggle up in blankets and cry to. Kind of lame, I know. But it’s nice to just let out emotion and feel all dramatic and sad every now and then.

PICK ME UP PLAYLIST: This is kind of the opposite to the rainy day playlist, as it is full of songs to just dance and muck about to. Whether you need it as a mood-lifter, something to wake up and get energised with or something else, it’s sure to be a jam (just a warning, there are quite a few beyonce songs on there so if you don’t like beyonce, unfollow me on all social media right now) 

COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST???: Okay so this was an experiment to see if I could join our creative forces together and find somewhere that everyone can share their favourite songs but it kind of flopped so please help and add songs you like so we can work together. 


TITLE: I Think I Loaf You 
PAIRING: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen (with some side Alana Beck/Zoe Murphy)
SUMMARY: Connor tags along to his sister’s wedding cake tasting and happens upon the most awkward, adorable baker in existence.
NOTES: I just really love The Great British Baking Show, and this is what happened. Also, a pretty soft Connor/a little ooc, but he’s also gone through some positive change, so yay? Sorry about the title. You can also read this on Ao3 here.

Connor wasn’t at all sure how he got roped into this shit, but there he was, being dragged along by his sister for a wedding cake tasting. He knew that if this was six years ago she could have held a gun to his head and he still wouldn’t have agreed to come along, but, well, they’d come a long way. Such a long way that he was apparently willing to suffer through all this pre-wedding decision making, and that she actually asked him to in the first place.

Whatever. At least he’d get to eat.

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Holy shiz!?!? I’m only a hundred away from my next k?? (2k) Jesus asdfghjkl I wasn’t ready

i mean nothing to you & i don’t know why

Jeff called his mom about every two weeks. She always wanted to hear how things were doing – things with hockey, with Christopher and Bethany’s kids, with Kent. She always asked about Kent, and in the last year or so, Jeff had gotten the feeling that she was asking for reasons other than the fact that the family liked him.

“I saw the news,” she said, as soon as she picked up. “Is everything okay?”

She meant Kent. “Yeah,” said Jeff. “Things are fine. I mean, mostly. We’re all a little on edge because it’s kind of a big deal, you know.” He shrugged, even though he knew she couldn’t see. Kent’s coming out was stressful, and Jeff had tried to make him feel better, but he hadn’t really recovered until he’d finally returned his boyfriend’s calls.

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I got some asks about my process so here are some shots i took of my last drawing. My sketches are an ugly mess haha sometimes i skip the line part depending on style, I start shading each part separately in different layers so i can adjust colors/values/play with gradients, textures and curves during the process and when i’m happy with the overall look I merge it and start painting over the whole thing, this may not be a good example but i hope someone finds it useful  

oh hey, just a quick FYI about this here blog

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I’m genuinely surprised at the lack of Internet based AUs on this site so I came up with some

  • ‘so you’re the asshole that took my username’ AU
  • 'your URL is really similar to my friend’s and I accidentally messaged you’ AU
  • 'whoops that was supposed to be on anon’ AU
  • 'my self-esteem is shit right now and I noticed you just went through my entire face tag, tell me I’m pretty’ AU
  • 'you were like my first follower, why are you still here’ AU
  • 'I just recognized you from across the store and I don’t know what to do, my training didn’t prepare me for this’ AU
  • 'I think half of my anons are from the same person and I’m trying to track you down’ AU
  • 'we both ship the same obscure pairing, let’s get married right now but first let’s share headcanons’ AU
  • 'I was looking at my new followers and I think you were my crush that moved away in fourth grade’ AU

hey, before you send messages about personal problems to any bloggers on here that you aren’t friends with/ don’t have them tell you to send problems in, please take a second and consider that having an open askbox isn’t the chance for you to spill your problems. bloggers on here have a lot of issues of their own, and honestly find it pretty hard to deal with a stranger venting to them. if you really need help, and you don’t have anyone to go to, try to contact a professional service first, or someone you know is open to solving problems. 

i know a lot of people on here are dealing with a lot of shit, and these asks are usually not meant to harm, but it can really run down on the stranger you just tasked with your issue (who you are not paying or friendly with). this probably sounds rude but take it from a nd person who deals with a lot of issues, please don’t vent to bloggers on here just because you may feel close to the person because of what they blog, there are a lot of contacts you can go to before guilt tripping/ dropping things on a stranger.

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hey lovely I really love matthew's face but since we're in blue's story i feel like we don't know much about him xcept beautiful basketball boy w dreamy eyes. could you maybe do like a get to know me tag for him?? or maybe the 5 things that make me happy? mathematics is a lovely lad but whats he all about {also tell mayo and aardvark i love them thx lots of love mkay} xx

omg beautiful basketball boy w dreamy eyes….mathematics………..i love it… here is a lil abt our boy matty!!!!:

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