i really don't know what this is supposed to be

  • parents: why don't you smile?
  • parents: why aren't you excited?
  • parents: why are you freaking out?
  • parents: why do you sleep so much?
  • parents: why haven't you done what you're supposed to do?
  • parents: why don't you talk anymore?
  • parents: why are you always so lost?
  • parents: meds? it's something you'll grow out of! we don't even know if meds will work! you realize they won't cure anything right? you don't need meds!

As usual, I am spending five times as long doing research for what’s supposed to be a drabble than I am actually writing it.

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“I grab both sides of her face and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”

My baby shot me down

I was five and he was six

We rode on horses made of sticks

Seasons came and changed the time

Now he wears black

And I wear white

He’s gone, I don’t know why

He would always laugh and say:

“Remember when we used to play?”

Bang bang, he shot me down

Bang bang, I hit the ground

Bang bang, that awful sound

Bang bang…

My baby shot me down

You think you can tell me what to do???

Please do I literally cannot function without clear instructions

Back from my vacation weekend and adding another design to that Dany/Jon switcharoo AU I like to relax on. Rhaenys Targaryen, Daughter of Rhaegar!

So since I basically like to come up witn AU’s to amuse myself, they usually have less baby killing, so yes, Rhaenys is alive! I wasn’t sure what her role would be at the beginning, but after I wanted to run with the idea that Jon gets to Westeros rather sooner than later (unlike Dany) someone had to end up with Dany’s Essos storyline cause I don’t want to leave my faves Greyworm and Missaned without their storylines. So then I really liked the idea of Rhaenys taking that place, and I really liked the poignancy of Rhaenys being the descendant of two Essosi peoples, of conquerors and conquered, bringing back freedom her Valyrian ancestors negated, in the name of her own enslaved and displaced Rhyonar ancestors.

Although her brother Aegon is alive, he is kinda absent from her plans for reasons. Once she learns of her uncle Jacaerys “Jon” plans to get himself a khalassar, she decides he might be the right ally for her own plan. infiltrating Khal Drogo’s followers, she closely studies his uncle to see if she is right. Of the remaining Targaryen, it is her who takes her father’s weakness for prophecy, so she struggles between what she is supposed to do or what she wants to do. Only trusting on her adoptive father, Jon Connington, Rhaenys has yet to reveal her existence to her Martell family, distrusting Doran’s own plans. Yet she knows she can’t remain lurking on the shadows plotting forever, and sooner or later she will have to make her presence known. And she really hopes “Jon” is the right choices. And perhaps it will mean she doesn’t have to choose between prophecy and fee will.

I did wanted to give her design a silhouette resembling of Daenery’s iconic blue outfit, but with a design and colors that were more of a blend of her Martell and Targaryen heritage. While she looks all Martell, she does have a white streak in her hair, which does make her stand out in a crowd, thing she knows how to play to her advantage. She has a deep red scar under her left collarbone from the stab Ser Amory Lorch managed to inflict on her before Jon Connington saved her.

Also, Balerion the cat is still alive and well under his care.


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

One Call Away (Alex/Lucy)

Alex can’t figure out why all things keep pointing back to Lucy Lane.

(A look into a few phone calls shared between Alex and Lucy.)


Alex turns over the burner phone in her hands.

She just purchased it at the drug store across the street.  It was the cheapest phone they had, and she only bought the smallest plan of a single five-minute phone call.

J’onn doesn’t even know she’s here, sitting on this park bench, trying to build up the courage to make a stupid phone call.

They’re supposed to be on the run, in hiding, and most importantly, trying to find Cadmus and her dad. But she can’t keep going knowing that Kara doesn’t know if she’s safe.

But Alex doesn’t punch in Kara’s number.  It’s not Kara’s phone that rings on the other end of the line, and it’s not Kara that picks up.

“Hello?”  Lucy’s voice comes through the line, muffled and cautious.

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Pairing: Kagehina (loosely)
Show: Haikyuu!!

At the bottom of the garden, there is a hole. It sits in a wall shrouded by foliage, by long, creeping vines and sharp, spiked leaves, and through the hole—the ceiling is low, remember to crouch—there is a lane.

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  1. you carry stars in your pockets like you have stretched the universe tight around your soul. when i fall, they spill out of your pockets as you try to help me up and i spend years in my head trying to make constellations until my eyes hurt. when i close them, you are still there.
  2. your touch is as soft as the feathers on my back; i sit on the bathroom counter and daydream even though it’s night. you tape the gaps in my wings, and i try to ignore the way your fingers burn. 
  3. you kiss me like you have forever and a day and i only have a few hours. i am a dripping candle and you the sun, so bright i can hardly bear to look at you, but you kiss me again and i forget every warning my father told me.  
  4. there is no happily ever after; there is only you, with fire in your veins and hands dusted with the ashes of what is left of me.

I’ve only ever met one chill/calm Taurus and that’s probably because she has a Cancer Moon, she’s actually one of my good friends
Taureans are supposed to be mellow, according to astrology, but I have never known it to be true and that’s something I still haven’t come to accept
Like I know I shouldn’t go against what’s astrologically correct but……. Taureans are really argumentative and somewhat combative from my experience, it’s so weird to consider them any other way

The Larents, part 5. Bedtime Stories.

more larents

Right, so the thing is, while I did believe in tjlc and johnlock, I was always of the the mind, that if it wasn’t real and we never got a confirmation of their romantic relationship, then Sherlock was pretty much just the worst thing ever. Like, to the point of being offensive. If there was never going to be a canon queer relationship between john and sherlock, then why were there so many gay jokes, season 1&2? Why did they purposefully make characters queer, like Harry Watson and Irene Adler? (And don’t tell me that was for representation, that is not representation) What was the point of queer coding, not only Sherlock Holmes, but also every single villain that ever was, particularly Moriarty? I would say that this makes the writers of Sherlock some of the worst perpetrators of queerbaiting in any tv show I’ve ever seen, and let’s be clear, I’ve sat through 12 seasons of supernatural. I know lots of people have said it was either going to be gay or trash, and that’s absolutely true. By the end of season 3 and the abominable bride, it was either going to be gay or outright disrespectful. They really missed an opportunity. It could have been television history. They could have changed the way people interpret characters and view queer relationships. In choosing not to do this, the creators of Sherlock have done themselves and their audience a disservice.


CL and Dara’s Letter to Blackjacks

How am I supposed to move on and be happy knowing 2NE1 could’ve had a comeback, yet it ended all of a sudden like this?

Enough with the ‘I saw this coming’ bullshit. Even the girls themselves never thought this would happen.

YG, man, you really screwed up.

Please don’t tell me I’m beautiful… at least not in the same sentence as “I love you”. I know it’s supposed to instill me with confidence, but the truth is – nothing terrifies me more than the thought of somebody who’s only attracted to looks. Because looks fade; people age; and there will always be somebody who’s better looking and younger than me out there and as soon as I know that’s what your love hinges on – I know it won’t last.
So don’t tell me I’m attractive or beautiful… tell me I’m a beautiful person and that you’re attracted to my sense of humor. Don’t text me about how hot you think I am, look into my eyes and tell me of my warmth. Tell me I have a sexy mind that arouses your intellect. Tell me one thing about who I really am that you actually love… something that will last… Because I need to know that you can see the depth of my soul and are not just fascinated by the shallow reflection on the surface. Tell me something real… something that shows me not only that you see me – but that you love me for who I am…
Hold the Line

…It’s been 83 years and this isn’t any of the things I was supposed to be working on and it wound up being like 4k fuckin WHOOPS. Enjoy this Highly Predictable Scenario.


“Hanzo, get up…! You have to get up! Oh shit, oh shit shit shit…”

Crouched behind cover, you desperately shook the man, calling his name. Your eye squinted against the blood trickling into it – or was it from? Prepositions were irrelevant, you decided, but the sting of the blood hardly mattered weighed against the prone form of the archer beside you. He was whole, wholly – hopefully – uninjured (Oh god, please, don’t let him be hurt), but definitely unconscious.

You knew going in that the mission would be a hellstorm, but you never in all horrific possibilities expected Hanzo to flee his sniper’s perch – overwhelmed , probably. Talon wasn’t stupid (entirely), they knew who their threats were and it made sense to go after Hanzo, especially after he’d launched his Dragons into their numbers twice already. Still, to see him fleeing

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