i really don't hate christmas


happy holidays, mysme fandom!

it upsets me that a lot of fans are completely nitpicking every word that some of these hgs say just so they have a reason to hate them.

exhibit a: when fans twisted christmas’s comment about “shoving my cast up your a**” to be about dom when she was clearly jokingly directing that towards paul, since he carelessly caused her to slip and fall not long beforehand.

some of these people really aren’t as bad of people as we try to make them out to be.


Finished this just in time. It was pretty rushed and I really don’t like it please no one look at Hiccup’s face it’s crap

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

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It's so interesting that you like snakes and spiders. I don't meet many ladies who aren't afraid of that stuff, let alone actively into it.

every time a variant of this appears in my inbox I get indigestion

Can we talk about this song for a moment? (I know it’s not even December yet but WalMart’s had Christmas stuff up since before Halloween so)

I think this song just really shows Dan’s talent when it comes to singing. Of course we’ve all heard Doof sing songs before this episode, but have you ever tried actually singing this song? 

Whenever I hear it, I do sing along, but I usually screw up my words around the 4th or 6th set of lyrics. You don’t really notice how fast this song is until you try to sing it yourself. Plus, look at some of the words they use! ‘Ambivalence’, 'Atrocious’, 'Salt’ and 'Fault’ (Idk why but I have trouble with this line, I end up saying something like 'Salf’ or something), 'Ejected’ 'Invective’ and 'Subjective’, all in the same freaking stanza! This song can be a real tongue twister at times.

Also, not only does he have to sing all of this quickly and perfectly, but he has to do it in Doof’s voice. I know Dan’s said that the voice is pretty natural and that he can easily do it for hours, but even this had to be a little much at times. So yeah, a fast, tongue-twisty song all in a high squeaky voice sung perfectly. 

Why doesn’t this man have an Emmy again?

(also KICKLINE! that part is always the best, lol)


I Really Don’t Hate Christmas (x)

I really love this show.

I also really don’t even care if it’s not Christmas yet.