i really don't find it weird

i don’t want to be weird, but -

Cas in S12E07: “Dean, plaid is not sexy.”

Dean in S12E08

Dean in S12E10

Dean in S12E19

I really don’t want to be that person, but ever since Cas let slip he doesn’t like Dean’s ‘lumberjack’ look, Dean’s stopped wearing plaid around him (Sam hasn’t, because why would he?). I mean, I don’t know what happens in between episodes, and apparently a lot does, but on screen, every single time Dean’s been with Cas after Rock Never Dies he’s chosen to wear a ‘normal’ shirt.

The only exception is S12E12, but, whatever, I’ll forgive that episode anything.

And, of course, for the purpose of this post costumes don’t count, so I haven’t included suits or anything, but just as a reminder, this is what Dean changed into after Cas’ bad-tempered comment - and I’m willing to bet half my liver those were not random clothes he had in his duffel - he went out and bought them, because lumberjack? I’ll show you who’s a fucking lumberjack. Dick.

Basically, This is Basically What Every Dr. Phil Episode is Basically Like Basically
  • Dr. Phil: Hello, I am Doctor Philip, and today we'll be tackling an issue that is very widespread, but rarely spoken about. Gaming addiction. Now, I know many of you know at least one person in your life who plays video games, whether that be a child or, in some cases, a spouse.
  • Audience: *laughs*
  • Dr. Phil: But, when unregulated, gaming can lead to serious addiction. Today I have with me a mother who's home life has been torn apart as her very own son descended into gaming addiction.
  • Mother: *sniffing and wiping tears away* Hello, doctor. Will you cure my son?
  • Dr. Phil: Well, dear, that's... uhh. Let's just bring the boy out already.
  • *dramatic music plays*
  • Gamer: My name is Gregg, I'm 19 years old, I'm a gaming addict, and I don't give a f*ck.
  • Audience: *gasps*
  • Gamer: Yeah, I game for 19 to 20 hours a day and the other four hours I use for looking up sick gaming strats or beating it to anime porn. I once sucked off a dude because he offered me minecraft diamonds. I don't give a sh*t, I would've sucked him off even if he didn't have the diamonds.
  • Audience: *gasps louder*
  • Gamer: Do I hate women? Yes, I hate women. I've emailed Anita Sarkeesian my address. She knows where I am if she wants to fight me. Feminists, square the fuck up. People always ask why I don't do anything other than gaming. I ask them why don't they mind their own f*cking business. I don't think I have a problem. Dr. Phil can honestly eat my whole an*s.
  • Gamer: *walks out onto the stage*
  • Audience: *boos*
  • Gamer: F*ck all y'all! I don't give a f*ck! *flips off the audience*
  • Dr. Phil: Please take a seat, son.
  • Gamer: *sits very disrespectfully*
  • Mother: *starts bawling*
  • Dr. Phil: Son, do you think that was acceptable behavior?
  • Gamer: The only behavior I care about is the behavioral patterns for enemies in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. I love video games: Master chief, Mario, uhm, Blinx the Cat... Blasto. Love those guys!
  • Audience: *boos*
  • Gamer: I don't care! You think I care! F*ck all y'all!
  • Dr. Phil: All these people are booing you, doesn't that make you feel bad?
  • Gamer: Are you deaf? Have I not articulated the fact that I absolutely 100% do not care about anything except for video games? I. DON'T. GIVE. A. F*CK.
  • Mother: He's always like this, there's no changing him. It didn't used to be this way... just *starts bawling harder*
  • Dr. Phil: I think there is a way to change him, and we'll find out more about that after these messages.
  • *Dr. Phil theme plays*
  • *The lights dim and every goes empty eyed and slack-jawed*
  • Gamer: Heh, this is weird. *nudges mom and whispers to her* Hey, we're getting paid for this, right. Hey, mom? ...Mom?
  • Mother: *completely unresponsive*
  • Dr. Phil: *completely unresponsive*
  • Audience: *completely unresponsive*
  • Gamer: Heh... this is REALLY weird. *looks around nervously*
  • Audience member: Hey!
  • Gamer: Huh?
  • Audience Member: I'm in the audience! Over here! My arms are strapped to the chair! You have to help me!
  • Gamer: *runs to the audience member*
  • Audience Member: Thank god, I thought I was the only one here left with any brains.
  • Gamer: *hastily undoing the straps* What the fuck is going on?
  • Audience Member: I don't know, but this definitely isn't Dr. Phil's show.
  • Gamer: Then what is it?
  • Audience Member: No clue, but we have to get out of here before the commercial breaks ends.
  • Gamer: *successfully undoes the straps*
  • Audience Member: C'mon! Let's go. *grabs the gamer by the arm*
  • Gamer: *resists* Wait a fucking minute. Why am I supposed to trust you?
  • Audience Member: Because I'm normal and everyone else is braindead if you haven't noticed.
  • Gamer: Yeah, but I'm not going anywhere until I know what's going on. Being on Dr. Phil is a huge opportunity for me to, y'know, advertise my brand. I'm a gamer if you haven't noticed.
  • Audience Member: Are you insane? Have you had a look around you? Does this anything happening right now seem normal to you? Who cares about your "brand". Do you even remember how you got here?
  • Gamer: Well... now that you mention, I can't really remember exactly.
  • Audience Member: Yeah, now let's get the fuck out of here.
  • *the gamer and audience member run through the back exit into the hallways*
  • *the Dr. Phil theme blares as the show returns from commercial break*
  • Gamer: My ears!
  • Audience Member: Move it! *jerks gamer's arm*
  • Gamer: Okay, calm down.
  • *the entire audience screams in unison*
  • Gamer: What the fuck is that!?
  • Audience Member: It's the reason we're running! Quick, in here!
  • *the duo duck into a cramped broom closest*
  • Gamer: Listen, you have to tell me what the fuck is going on right now!
  • Audience Member: Shh.
  • Gamer: Don't shush me!
  • Audience Member: *covers the gamer's mouth*
  • *agonized screaming and violently rumbling passes by the broom closest*
  • Gamer: Holy shit!
  • Audience Member: Stop yelling.
  • Gamer: How can I not yell when it sounds the gates of hell just passed by us!
  • Audience Member: You want it to turn back around and find us?
  • Gamer: Alright. I'll calm down... I'll. *start sobbing*
  • Audience Member: Please, please stop crying. You're too loud.
  • Gamer: I can't! I'm under a lot of stress!
  • Audience Member: You'll be dead if you don't shut the fuck.
  • Gamer: I never wanted any of this, I just wanted to go on Dr. Phil so people would recognize me on YouTube and I could become a popular Let's Player!
  • Audience Member: If you don't shut up right now, I'll-
  • *a snake bites the audience member's neck*
  • Audience Member: *eyes roll up*
  • Gamer: *screams like a baby*
  • *snakes slither under the closet door*
  • Gamer: *stumbles out of the closet and falls into hallway covered with snakes* Fuck me! Fuck me!
  • Gamer: *attempts to run away but falls beneath the snakes and into and empty void*
  • *agonized screaming echoes from all around*
  • Gamer: Am I in hell? I have to be in hell. You don't fall through a pool of snakes and wind up anywhere else but hell.
  • Dr. Phil: THERE IS NO HELL.
  • Gamer: Doc, is that you? If this isn't hell then where am I?
  • Dr. Phil: YOU'RE IN MY REALM SON. *Dr. Phil's face appears glowing in the distance, his eyes are empty sockets and his mouth hangs open*
  • Gamer: What the fuck are you?
  • Dr. Phil: I'M DOCTOR PHILIP.
  • Gamer: You're not Dr. Phil!
  • Dr. Phil: I NEVER SAID I WAS, SON. *a wall of gray human bodies lights up surrounding Dr. Phil's massive head, dr. phil's giant snake body slithers towards the gamer and opens its third eye* I'M DOCTOR PHILIP.
  • *the wall of bodies screams in unison as Dr. Phil devours the gamer*
  • *Dr. Phil theme plays loudly*
  • Dr. Phil: THE NEXT EPISODE IS STARTING. I'M LATE. *slithers into the wall of bodies and his snake body slowly transforms into a normal Dr. Phil's body*
  • Dr. Phil: *crawls onto the stage*
  • Dr. Phil: *dusts himself off* Woo, I went on quite an adventure.
  • Audience: *laughs*
  • Dr. Phil: I'm glad we can all find some time in our lives to laugh, but today's episode is covering something that is most certainly not a laughing matter. It's one of the most serious addictions striking America today and it's rarely talked about. I'm talking about people who love to pee on their mattresses and then pay people exorbitant amounts of money to suck their disgusting mattresses clean.
  • Audience: ... *someone clears their throat*
  • Dr. Phil: What's the matter?
  • Cameraguy: Spsss, Doc. That's not what the episode is about. It's about people with terrible gambling issues.
  • Dr. Phil: Oh, ah, fuck! Cut to commercial!

kiirdonel  asked:

RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who touches them distractedly a lot, like not in a sexual way or a ticklish way, but just absentmindedly touching their skin as if it's physically comforting for the MC to know the one they love is right beneath their fingertips. If you've got too many, don't worry about it though. ^-^

I feel like some of this is very close to the fine line between ‘cute and soft’ and ‘cheesy and cringey’  so I guess I’ll leave it to you guys to decide which side of the line it’s on lol


  • he finds it oddly intimate
  • every time you do it his entire body heats up with a weird kind of mix between embarrassment and pride
  • she’s touching me she loves me
  • it really helps to calm his anxieties about not being good enough for you
  • he especially likes it when you do it in public, because it shows everyone that you belong to each other and that you’re not ashamed to be with him
  • it always sends tingles throughout his body and makes him shiver in the best way
  • he probably gets all sulky if you haven’t done it in a while, or didn’t do it for as long that time
  • he just really likes how it feels ok


  • he thinks it’s super adorable
  • it makes him grin like an idiot whenever he feels you doing it
  • he’ll often do it back in response because he loves the innocence of the whole thing
  • he’s sometimes worried it’ll awaken ‘the beast’ but honestly, it never usually does
  • it’s too soft and pure and he doesn’t want to corrupt that
  • the most it ever leads to is a soft kiss, because it makes his heart swell with love and sometimes he can’t resist it
  • it makes him feel so fuzzy


  • she’s really not used to affectionate physical contact, and so it surprises her at first
  • she might jump a little when she feels it the first few times because she isn’t expecting it
  • you instantly apologise and say it’s just a habit you have with people you care about
  • and she’s like… me?! you care about me?!
  • once she’s used to it, it soothes her a hell of a lot
  • if she’s ever stressed over something all she has to do is sit with you for a little while and feel your fingers dancing over her skin and it’ll calm her down
  • she kind of melts into it when it happens, because she’s never felt this loved in her entire life


  • every time he feels your fingers brushing against him, it makes his heart leap a little
  • he’s not used to this kind of loving touch
  • whenever women have flirted with him before, they touched him in an awkward, flirty way, but this is different
  • he didn’t realise that a simple touch could feel so good
  • you often don’t notice when you’re doing it, and he never points it out because he doesn’t want you to get embarrassed and stop
  • he’s never quite sure how to respond to it, because he doesn’t have much experience with this kind of thing
  • so he settles for just closing his eyes and allowing himself to let down his guard for little while


  • the first few times it happens he kind of tenses up and freezes
  • he’s not used to any kind of physical contact with people, and he doesn’t feel like he deserves your affection
  • you usually don’t notice his strange reaction, so you continue
  • after a few moments he relaxes into it, and every time it happens he gradually gets more and more comfortable
  • and he finds that he actually really loves it, because it shows that you genuinely do love him, which is always something he worries about
  • he worries he’s not good enough for you and that you’ll get sick of him, but this helps him forget that
  • it helps calm him down and focus on nothing but you for a few moments
  • it’s like you guys are the only people in the entire universe
  • and he ends up finding himself subconsciously picking up the habit too
  • he loves the physical contact and the constant reminder you’re here with him


  • at first it makes him jump every time you touch him
  • he’s kind of twitchy and definitely not used to gentle, physical contact
  • he knows you don’t do it on purpose, and honestly he’s not entirely sure how he feels about it at first
  • he tries to put up with it because he doesn’t want to make you feel bad about it, and he kind of wants to figure out how it makes him feel
  • eventually, after he manages to push past the initial anxiety, he realises it’s actually kind of… nice
  • your touch is never harsh or aggressive, and so this gives him a taste of the kind of human contact he isn’t used to
  • he never knows how to respond, and usually just sits there while you do it, totally hyperaware of every movement
  • it sends his brain into overdrive every time
  • he really doesn’t feel like he deserves any kind of love
  • and he’s always been scared of abandonment, but whenever you do it he questions how he could possibly ever be scared of you leaving


  • he’s big on touch too
  • and as it turns out, he has pretty much the same habit
  • whenever you’re near each other, you’re always touching in some way
  • maybe he’ll be stroking your thigh and you’ll be tracing patterns on his arm
  • he loves it because of how intimate it feels, and it also reassures him that you’re there and that you love him
  • it helps soothe him whenever he’s feeling down
  • and it helps him realise that there are different kinds of love in the world
  • strong and trusting love with Jumin, fast-paced and intense love with Rika, complicated and fragile love with Saeyoung, and then soft, gentle and pure love with you
  • neither of you really notice when it’s happening
  • it’s only once it’s stopped that you feel the absence of it

…What did I even read. Not only is that a weird justification but they’re also blatantly wrong. I mean, come on. Of all the things to get high and mighty about, why would you choose to be pretentious about shipping? This honestly gives me flashbacks to the whole “nobody in Korea ships Ji/kook” bullshit that some people were spreading around a few months back.

And by the way, I may not really know the international fandom and their general likes or whatever, but there are plenty of Korean Kook/min fans whose bias is Jungkook. So I’m not some sort of anomaly. I mean, even if I were, it honestly doesn’t matter - people can like what they want and that’s that.

Putting that gross mess aside, I explained why I started shipping KM here. It’s actually pretty similar to your explanation! And well, I have this entire blog now, so..

  • [gendry goes to the starks house. calls the door. waits for arya to show up. he's really nervous and anxious. suddenly someone opens the door.]
  • gendry: arya, i know this will sound weird and you probably will never talk to me again after this but i like you, i like you a lot and...oh my god...you're so perfect, so incredible and i just want to kiss you really hard. so...i know this is unexpected, but do you want to be my girlfriend?
  • gendry: * up his head and finds jon in the door with his mouth open, staring at him shocked*
  • gendry:
  • jon:
  • gendry:

winterwakusei  asked:

Hey remember me? Who loves gakurans?? I dunno whatever not important, however!! I haven't read fanfics in ages and I kinda wanna do that again and I wondered if you had any recommendations? I hate looking for them myself because I'm really picky about characterization.. If they're slightly ooc I'll be running the other direction. And I don't like angst unless it's absolutely necessary for a good plot. Soo... do you have anything to rec? Preferably terumob but I'm open for anything good really

Hi! Hahaha, I remember you of course! Sorry for the delayed response, I had to go check out ones I’ve read. Generally I consider myself pretty picky about characterisation too since like, there is a reason I like characters to begin with you know? And I tend to be a little weird about sticking somewhat to canon as well. However I’m finding with Mob Psycho I’m having some leniency because there is kind of a range of characterisation preferences I’ve noticed where it’s not so much in character and not in character but dependent on what particular attributes the writer focuses on (plus the characters are like hard to write, for me anyway). Most people write Reigen… nicer than I generally perceive him as, but I wouldn’t say it’s incorrect in anyway, just different focus. He’s still the dude that does this stuff to me though.

ANYWAY!!! Recommendations!

Return. Continue. (TeruMob) I don’t think you could follow me and not know these because of my, ahem, minor obsession, but I’m going to mention them anyway because for me they are like a PERFECT representation of how I personally view Mob and Teruki.

Temporary Accommodations (General) I’ve mentioned this one before but I’m further into it now and really enjoying it. It’s a nice action one and I like the way Reigen is written.

That’s a Bummer, Dude (TeruMob) I thought this one was cute and heartfelt, it has a nice feeling to it

Tomorrow Isn’t Always Another Day (General) I’ve mentioned this one before too, but best Reigen. I like that this one felt like the same humour as the comics, especially the omake, I haven’t seen that a tonne in the fanfictions.

When there’s nothing but the long way ‘round (TeruMob)This is a set of 8 that was done for Valentine Day prompts i believe and I found them to be very cute.

Turning Slowly (TeruMob) I liked this one, especially since it wasn’t super fluffy and I’m a sucker for anything that has unrequited hahahaha

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (TeruMob) I do like Teruki suffering, just a little bit.

It’s Okay to be Truthful (TeruMob) This one is short and cute and I need like everyone just to give me clueless Mob because it is amazing

Hell Is Real (So Hurry Up and Kiss Already) (TeruMob) It’s almost more about Ritsu than anything else but I found it funny and cute.

How the light gets in (TeruMob) I thought this was very cute, and I like the confusion aspect of it, it made the end scene entertaining to read.

A Way With Words (TeruMob) God damn that ending line

It’s okay to rest  (TeruMob) Like i said, I’m a sucker for clueless Mob hahaha

The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitude (TeruMob) This is like the romcom flick version of Mob Psycho. I really like the Teruki in this one.

Okay, this list got quite long. I just have been having a lot of fun reading through these okay? I hope you like some of these as well! I would be interested in hearing which type you prefer since there is quite a range in there!

Oh! And I guess I’ve actually written two as well. One more so than the other. Did it hurt? and Self-destructive Tendencies

syorein  asked:

Ohoho! I am filled to the brim about humans=space orc ideas! Here's another one lol: we talk to inanimate objects. My cousin does weird tech stuff that I have no idea what any of the jargon she spouts at me is, but the rubber duck idea. Supposedly, idk if it's true or not, when you get stuck with codes or whatever you're supposed to talk to a rubber duck and go thru everything you did in order to find your mistakes. My cousin says it's useful but I don't tech so you can take it as you will lmao.

Okay I actually do this too? It’s really helping me with maths and biology, and I know a lot of other people who do it for other stuff, so it’s probably a Thing™

And I actually have a post about this here, it was one of my first posts on this blob. If you scroll through the notes you’ll also see some quality additions to the post!

Rowan Blanchard On Confronting Biases in Friends
  • Teen Vogue: How do you confront a racist or sexist bias with a friend, instead of just not doing it to avoid conflict? What's your advice on confronting biases you find in other people?
  • Rowan Blanchard: I totally understand that feeling of somebody saying something and you not wanting to upset that person further. Recently, I had a friend who said something along the lines of "I don't want to drive by the hood today," or something. It's that weird moment where you're like "Wait, am I really friends with this person? Should I be doing this?" But I think, when something like that happens, you can just say, "Hey, what do you mean by that?"
  • Because then the person might realize the thing they just said was not acceptable and I think people kind of respond to that. When they get a quick response that's like, "What do you mean by that? Can you just elaborate on what you were trying to say?" I’ve found the person will usually not be able to come up with a response because they realize how racist or sexist the thing that they're trying to actually initiate is.
  • The other thing that I try to do [to educate] inadvertently with friends or family members [is by saying], "Well, let's go see this movie instead of this movie,” with me knowing that the movie is more [education] about the topic that I'm trying to educate that person on.
  • I feel like that's how I use my social media; I'll post if I see a film that I really want people to see, and that's my way of suddenly putting that into their head.

anonymous asked:

I just don't understand why Hufflepuff never won the house cup. Sure, they are not those kind of people who love competitions too much, but hard work is really important if you want to achieve something. Maybe they didn't care too much and didn't put enough effort in it? I just find it weird that it's all about Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Hufflepuff is the best house from many aspects (I'm a Gryffindor), they possess all the qualities to won that damn cup. :D

Because at its core Harry Potter is a childrens series, particularly the first few books, and so some things get simplified

I can guarantee that 80% of kids under 12 will say they’d want to be in gryffindor and 15% would say slytherin because they’re #rebels. It makes sense and I was exactly the same! Until Goblet of Fire, we hardly get to see the ravenclaws or hufflepuffs and as a kid you tend to root for the protagonists and want to emulate them. I wanted to be a gryffindor until I was about 12 because that’s where all my favourite characters were and the only house we really got to know 

So imagine you’ve got all these kids rooting for Harry and then at the end, hufflepuff wins the house cup and ravenclaw wins the quidditch cup. To all those children, who the books are aimed at, it would be incredibly anticlimactic and a bit of a let down

JK Rowling is an incredible story teller and knows her audience. Yeah it’s unrealistic that hufflepuff and ravenclaw didn’t win the house cup for at least 14 years, but it’s a story about a wizarding school I don’t think realism is the biggest priority here

gay-street  asked:

Do you have any more tips on how to draw all hair and eyes? I find that I do okay from reference and in realism, but when it comes to stylising and drawing from imagination I get completely and utterly lost. It doesn't matter how many guidelines I do or if I always do the eyeball first and wrap the lids around it, my eyes always come out weird as fuck. It looks like an alien. I think I don't do bad with lips and my noses aren't too crappy, then I try hair and oh my SEND HELP. It's a disaster. +

+ It either looks like a shapeless blob on top of the head or if I attempt detail it becomes a bunch of lines that make 0 sense at all. Hair is my nightmare. I would really appreciate it if you had some tips, though I totally get it if you don’t have time. I usually find your tutorials useful and I love how you stylise things but still keep them looking real, you know? That’s why I decided to try and ask you. Thank you in advance if you do actually decide to take the time and reply to this. 💕🙈

Well, like I said earlier, I’m not going to make any more hair or eyes tutorials. Maybe try to figure out why you think your eyes look wrong? When you draw hair try to think about what you’re doing, if you can’t imagine the shape it’ll be shapless, if you start adding lines coincidentally don’t be surprised they’ll look like that. Drawing requires thinking. When I draw hair I need to spend a moment figuring out the hair logic :) shape and direction of the curls. I can mindlessly add some lines or actually think what I’m doing:

Practise! If you can’t draw form memory or imagination it means you don’t have enough data in your mental library that you can use to build your made up worlds. I’m not able to draw a car from imagination right now because I rarely draw cars, I don’t have enough information to make it look believable. It’ll look wonky and weird.
Also, maybe show someone your work. I know you can’t always tell what’s wrong with your drawing even if you feel something’s off. Your eye doesn’t catch the mistake yet but someone else’s might spot where the problem lies.
Now about stylisations, my stylisations are just simplifications. When you’re drawing from real life and photos simplify your objects, don’t copy, brake it to the form, lines or surfaces only. It might help idk. Good luck :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think dd and ga's lack of... um... togetherness at the upfronts has anything to do with pm? I don't have an opinion on it either way. Just asking an honest question. I'm wondering what everyone thinks. Can we open it up to discussion? It was pretty bizarre, we can all agree to that. The only time we saw them together that day at all was onstage at the Webby's. Seems weird to me. I honestly don't see how it could've benefited fox at all. I think it could be something else. Don't know what

We can always open discussion, anon! If not the Webbys, I would have find it weird that they didn’t appear more together, didn’t do the photocall together, and didn’t give any interview together. It is weird. But then, they went to Webbys, and the magic operated. There’s no doubt David and Gillian are fine with each other, that nothing has changed between them since the last time we saw them together. I really do think it happened like that not because it was their request, but because Fox had planned it this way. 

Even if you assume she’s dating someone else, which I don’t but anyway, what would be the point of asking your network to make separate appearances with your costar for one business event, and then show up together being all giddy and cute at a totally non-business related (at least for David) event, and finally spend 6 months on the other side of the world 24/7 with this other man? It makes no sense. 

So if it isn’t their choice, if it isn’t due to their schedule, it has to come from their publicist or from Fox. It has to be a communication strategy. A weird one, but still…

anonymous asked:

My daddy is 10 years older than me. I am 15 and he is 25. Hes very caring and loves me but i find the age difference way too hard and too much for me right now. I don't what to do because i feel uncomfy being with him but he adores me and i would break his heart if i told him. Do you have any suggestions on what i can do???

Your partner is not a daddy, he’s a pedophile. 

Yes, I do have a suggestion: run. Seriously, there is something majorly wrong with a 25 year old who is interested in a 15 year old. Like, fucking hell. You’re still a baby. 

You’re uncomfortable because this situation is really weird and wrong. You’re uncomfortable because you’re instincts are telling you to get the fuck outta there. 

No, it doesn’t matter how “nice” or “caring” he appears to be. He’s a creep. You shouldn’t feel bad for him. He’s a grown as man. He can take care of him fucking self. 

Break up with him. Get the fuck out of there. Run. End it. Block him on all social media. 

He is too old to be dating a 15 year old, high school girl. 

There is something wrong with him.

Get out of there. 


undertale belongs to toby fox

when you find out about your friends weird egg hobbies

  • Housemate: Oh, what are you cooking?
  • Me: Playdough.
  • HM: What?
  • Me: We're comparing fractions this week, and the kids need something they can physically manipulate and they've already cut and folded paper several times, so I thought we could use playdough. But I don't have any at school at the moment, so I'm making some.
  • HM: I didn't realise that was in teachers' job descriptions.
  • Me: I mean...I guess it's not technically. We just kind of...find ourselves doing these things.
  • HM: Your job is kind of weird, isn't it?
  • Me: When I stop and think about it, yeah, it really is.

anonymous asked:

Regarding "angry Phil": I don't find it weird that he didn't go all Hulk during the video - we all know he's really good at controlling his emotions and generally prefers to project positive emotions over negative. As to why he may have found this game challenging when they first played it - you pointed out that he seemed to "get" the games a little bit slower than Dan, he also had some difficulties with the controler. I don't know, but maybe that combined with the fact that maybe the first(pt1)

time around Dan was a little bit less supportive and more “teasing” resulted in “rage Phil”? What do you think?

oh totally, i don’t think it’s surprising in the slightest that phil didn’t get angry in this video–not just bc it’s for an audience and he’s good at controlling his emotions and maintaining a generally neutral or positive face/comportment for videos, but also because, in his own words, they didn’t lose this time around and, to take that a bit further, he was already familiar w pretty much every single one of these games since they’d played them before. my point wasn’t that it was surprising to see him keep calm, just disappointing bc on a purely selfish level as someone who is interested in seeing more sides of him than just this sort of upbeat veneer he maintains for his content, i would’ve loved to see him get even a tiny bit frustrated or impatient w dan or whatever. 

as for the question of why he got angry at dan in the first place, i guess the most natural interpretation from all the info they gave us on the topic would be that he got angry that dan was faster/better than him but that seems very strange to me coming from them, since they’re quite supportive of each other and don’t seem to be competitive in that way. i guess the possibility you suggested (that the first time around dan was teasing phil a lot more) could be accurate as we have caught repeated glimpses of phil intuitively rolling his eyes when dan makes fun of him for certain things, so i could see him going to full rage as an extension of that in-the-moment irritation if dan kept up a stream of teasing banter about phil’s capacity to play the game. still seems weird though bc i would expect dan to read phil’s emotions and be a bit more compassionate and stop if he sensed phil getting truly worked up or angry! so it would be surprising to me if he continued doing something that was visibly annoying phil to the point of it escalating into full-on anger. dunno thoughhhh it’s definitely unclear from the info they gave us lol!

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OMG I don't even care if mine (Brown/Smith) was correct, I really want the Makkachin one now + Yuuri side-eyeing Viktor for being so narcissistic that he named his dog after him. But whichever it is I know it's going to be amazing so I'm fastening my seat belt now :)

Hahaha XDDD
Makkachin really would be an interesting last name to have X3
Though, he doesn’t have a dog right now, so, Yuri would just think he has a super weird name :3
And awwww, thanks for having so much faith in me ;w;
we’ll find out in a few installments! :D

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So i recently had a moment when i just saw someone and thought 'wow, that guy is hot' i'm in my midtwenties and it never happened before in my life. I don't know what to do with this. It's not like i want anything with him but the thought itself was so new and raw i don't like it.

It’s weird but it happens. 

I once was at a Star Trek panel that was just Karl Urban. You won’t find an Karl Urban tag on any of my blogs, he’s just a seemingly random actor who is just in a lot of science fiction. So I walk in late and he’s sitting under a spot light and I think holy shit Karl Urban is really attractive in person. Why? Fuck if I know. Was it weird? Yep. If you showed me a photo of Karl Urban I’d be like sure, average Hollywood type.

Again it does feel weird, but it does happen. I think queer people are soo often told to be perfect that a stray thought can feel like a threat to our identity. A betrayal by and to ourselves even. Queer identity lines are never clear cut, they blur, they can flux. You can have a weird 5 minutes and that’s okay too.

ya lit meme: 5/10 series or books
↳ fire and hemlock by diana wynne jones

“Suppose they were once facts. Suppose I really am like the man in the story, and something happened to change my past.”

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Hello :) I have a question. A few times I've seen you write on your blog how tend to not like characters with the same personality type as you. I'm an INFP, and there are some INFP characters I don't like, but most INFP characters I tend to really like. My most favorite characters are INFPS (Ofelia from Pans Labyrinth and Anne Shirley). I guess my question is why do some people adore characters with the same personality type but others can't stand them? Because I like characters I relate to.

(Gif: Claire and Jenny from Outlander. ENFP + ISTJ.)

It’s good that you like similar characters to yourself. It probably means you like yourself, too. ;)

This may sound weird but… I don’t really relate to characters. I find things I admire in them, but I don’t necessarily find myself able to ‘relate’ even if we have similar circumstances or upbringing. There always seems to be a gap between us. (Enneagram 4 tendencies? “Ain’t nobody like me in the entire world!”) I think ‘relating’ to a character may be more common in Fi-doms, since my INFP friend also does it – she finds something she has in common with them, which grants her compassion and insight, and becomes their champion. (Though, I have known Fe’s to do it too. Maybe I’m just weird.)

I suspect what people dislike in characters who share their type is probably what bothers them about themselves. They say (who are they? who made them boss?) that we dislike in others what we most fear or hate in ourselves. I hate that a lot of ENFPs are indecisive and changeable, because so am I. I rail against their naive tendency to be too trusting. Yeah well, that’s my flaw too. I sometimes tire of their strong moralistic views. Guess who has those? ;) I tell them to get some self confidence, since I need it too. I look at their knee-jerk, half-assed reactions and wonder, “Do I do that too?”

Because of my Fi-tendency to make everything about me, I look at ENFPs that piss me off and think, “You are a poor reflection ON ME. STOP THAT.”

But sometimes, staring at their flaws, I see my reflection. I feel naked.

When I discovered in Hamilton! that the lead is a compulsive workaholic writer who maybe isn’t as thorough as he should be, who sometimes strong-arms people, and who comes across as erratic and uncontrolled, I thought, “CRAP.” When I went on to see Thomas Wolfe forsaking his family, his relationships, and his friendships (essentially, choosing to write over spending time with other people) for his writing in Genius, it was like someone shined a light in my face and exposed my deeper inner self. Crap, crap, CRAP.

So, there’s my hypothesis. Some people admit their flaws, own them, and love themselves anyway. Others really don’t want to see them reflected on a 90 foot screen in a movie theater.

- ENFP Mod