i really don't feel like getting ready to go out

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Iiaat to not want to talk at certain times??? Like someone will ask me a question and I just won't answer. Or like most days my dad will tall me that he's going outside and to be ready to leave for school, and I just won't answer. My parents are like getting really angry cuz they hate when I don't answer but I don't know why I dont?

If you think you probably can talk but it’s difficult or you’re not really feeling up to it, that would be going semiverbal.  If you literally cannot bring yourself to talk no matter how hard you try then that is going nonverbal.  Both of these are common with autism.

For things like your parents wanting confirmation that you heard them, you could maybe work out a system where they make sure you’re in their line of sight when they’re telling you something and you can give a thumbs up or some other signal to show you heard them without having to verbally answer.  This can help alleviate at least some of their annoyance if they think you’re just ignoring them.


I know several other autistic people who don’t “confirm” in the way you described because they already know they heard what the other person told them and they already know how they are going to react. It may not occur to them that the other person involved does not and is waiting for a reaction / confirmation or a visible cue that what was said has been noted and understood.

A lot of autistic people also don’t do things such as nodding or shaking our heads in confirmation or denial to things.

This would be difficulties with perspective-taking and differences in non-verbal communication, respectively, both autistic things.


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so i'm getting ready to attend my first pride and this might sound really dumb but i don't know what to wear? i don't own any rainbow clothing and i can't really go buy any bcuz my fam is religious so i'm closeted. i tried creating the butchiest outfit i could with my clothes, but it just didn't feel like me. i don't wanna be the only one not decked out in rainbows or clothes with catchy gay sayings... any advice? (sorry this is dumb lol) thanks!

nope that definitely isn’t a silly question, it’s a good one! i went to my first pride last year and just wore like black shorts and a purple-and-white striped top… so, not gay at all lmao. i did get a rainbow heart and double venus symbol painted on my face later but i didn’t wear any gay shit bc my gay tshirts needed to be washed. u can certainly go all out w ur gayness and create the gayest outfit yr little heart desires, but i promise u people def won’t judge u if u don’t. plus there are usually plenty of places to get ur face painted or buy little buttons/necklaces/etc at pride itself so you could always pick up stuff once you’re there! have fun !!!

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I've recently been 100% okay with my sexuality (it wasn't easy considering I was surrounded by many homophobic people last year but now I moved schools and things are getting better) but I don't know when or how I should come out to my family.. or even if I should.. I'm a lesbian and although my parents don't SEEM homophobic , you never really know how someone will react. I feel like I'm lying to them everyday (which I know I'm not ?? Not really ?? But it's ugH idk) I'm kind of scared

Same, sweetheart. I completely understand. And honestly? Come out when you’re ready. You can wait, you’re allowed to wait and take all the time you need. Or heck, you don’t even have to come out. It’s not something all LGBT+ people are required to do. You can get a s/o and just be like “here’s my s/o!” and go on from there.

It all comes down to your own decision and whether you’re comfortable. You are NOT lying to anyone, you’re simply protecting yourself. Ily. Remember you always have our support regardless. 💖

Reverb 2015

The absolutely fantastic art is whos-that-foxi-lady’s, titled Crow and Canary, and the story for it (mine) is called Shadows and Sunlight. Here it is on FF.net, as well as posted here in full under the cut.

A thousand thank you’s to fabulousanima​ for betaing, reverbmod​ for organizing this amazing event that helped me make many, many, wonderful new friends and grow as a writer and a drawer, the magnificent mystery-shrouded​ and the rest of the awesome folks on the reverb Skype chat for holding my hand and cheering me on (read: forcing me to crank this baby out), and to Foxi, for being a great partner and a fantastic friend, I’m sooooo happy I got to meet and work with you!

Summary: One dark night, Maka is kidnapped by strange monsters and is taken away to a castle in the forest. She struggles to escape from them, despite their strange kindnesses, not seeing the snake in the grass.

Maka let out a sigh of relief as she collapsed into bed, completely worn out from cleaning all day. Their regular maid had come down with a cough and stayed home, so it fell to Maka to handle all the chores. Relaxing, the tiny blonde sank further into the mattress, curling up under the thick quilt. She missed the lock that she double-checked sliding open, the creak of the second step from the bottom, the thumping of the carpet being tripped over. Maka didn’t miss, however, her door hinges squeaking in protest. She slipped out of bed and darted behind the dressing screen. Or, at least, she intended to, before someone caught her wrists. Caught short, Maka attempted to elbow her captor, though they dodged it easily. As Maka twisted and swung her leg back in an attempt to kick them, a growl slipping through her teeth, another fighter joined the fray, on the kidnapper’s side unfortunately. One hand gripped her wrists behind her back, calloused and strong, while their elbow came around Maka’s neck, holding her in one place as the other stuffed a gag into her mouth.

“I’ve got her!” a voice hissed. “Come on, let’s get out of here!” Maka tried to scream for help, but the gag was too effective. Besides, who was there to hear? The manor was too far from town for anybody to be out here, especially in the middle of the night. Out of the corner of her eye, Maka saw the window opened and struggled even harder.

They were outside quickly, the two figures supporting Maka between them as the trio landed in the bushes. She was then pulled along after the one who had gagged her, the tall one. The other person was short, at about Maka’s height. Both had scarves hiding their hair, darkly-patterned clothing, and black masks that helped them blend into the pitch black night. How they could see well enough to avoid all the traps and bushes, Maka had no idea. The one not holding her had a bag slung over one shoulder, the weight of which seemed to annoy them.

Robbers then, probably so greedy that they resorted to ransoming young women as well as stealing. As they clambered over the wall surrounding the mansion, Maka managed a glance back. The girl’s bright green eyes widened with shock and despair.

The beautiful mansion was burning brightly, dark smoke billowing into the skies and mixing with the clouds, blocking out the stars. The trio dashed into the trees, Maka’s bare feet aching as she hobbled over roots and thorns, roughly pulled along at a breakneck pace. They finally stopped in a moonlit patch of grass between two trees; Maka leaned on one of the trunks in exhaustion as her two kidnappers discussed something in barely audible whispers. Unexpectedly, the one who had been holding Maka stepped forward, causing her to edge backwards in trepidation. As the stranger moved closer again, Maka pedaled backwards, tripping over a tree root, and fell. On the ground, she scrambled for a weapon, managing to grasp a sizable tree branch, and launched to her feet, swinging it ferociously at the kidnapper and catching them across the face. The figure cried out in pain and fell back, though Maka was already gone. The girl sprinted through the forest, biting her lip to avoid gasping in pain every time she stubbed her toe and scratched her heel on a twig. Air scraped down her throat and stabbed her lungs as she ran for her life, pushing herself even faster upon hearing the roar of anger that sounded from behind her, ignoring the stabbing pain in her side with every step.

Suddenly, a large weight slammed into Maka, tackling her and making them both crash to the ground. She only caught a glimpse of a monster’s face, dark steel blue flopping onto its marble gray skin, eyes glowing like sickly yellow lamps. Saliva dripped from its fanged teeth, landing by Maka’s face as her arms were wrenched backward agonizingly. She only had a second to get a good whiff of the mud and dead leaves before blacking out.

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Imagine Steve panics when Sam starts dating someone

It was such an unexpected thing that the way his palms started sweating and his heart started racing took him completely by surprise. He must have been standing there, dumbfounded and oddly worried, for too long because Sam’s smile faltered. “Cap? You all right?”

He nodded, but the assurance might have been short lived as he sank into a chair, mumbling an apology with words that were barely coherent.

Sam let go of Nicole’s hand, as she had been introduced, and moved to crouch in front of his friend, his leader, and his brother. “Cap, you gotta talk to me.” When Steve’s eyes flashed to the girl, Sam glanced over his shoulder. “Let me have a minute with him. I’ll meet you outside, baby doll.”

When it was just Sam and Steve, the Falcon’s attention was completely on his friend. “What’s going on, man? Is she part of Hydra or something? I’d sure know how to pick ‘em.”

“No, I just…”


Steve couldn’t breathe and he recognized the symptoms of a panic attack for what they were. “It’s really stupid.”

“Hey man,” Sam reassured him, “If it’s making you feel like this, it’s not stupid.”

“I just thought I would lose you.”


Steve shook his head, having a hard time articulating his thoughts. “People fall in love, Sam, and I’m always left behind.” Bucky had the military, and it took him away from Steve. Irrationally, he thought this girl was going to take Sam away from him, and he ached at the idea of losing yet another person he’d come to trust.

“Whoa…” Sam ran a hand over his head. “That’s kinda heavy. I’m not going anywhere. We’re brothers, you and I. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

Steve nodded, but wasn’t convinced.

“Just breathe it out, man. And when you’re ready, the three of us are gonna go out for dinner. I really think you’ll like her.” All tactics to make Steve feel included, but he was too grateful for them to call Sam out on it.

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I have changed my mind a million times on what kind of room I want. I've been wanting to change the colour and the style for so long. The problem is I change my mind so much I don't know what I want. In my head I think to be happy I just need to love my room. Ik that isn't accurate or a right way to think but I feel like if I get past this whole room thing I can be happy. How do I figure out what I really want? I see things on tumblr and want it all. Please help! Btw love UR tumblr❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alright, get ready because this is going to be a long one.

You really just need to step outside the situation and delve into what exactly it is you’re looking for in the long-term. Painting or doing some crazy modification of your space just to fit into a particular trend or style is very risky and often a regrettable decision; as humans we evolve in our personalities, and what we like is subject to change as a result of that.

I’d go with something you can see yourself loving for years to come, while being flexible enough to fit different styles. Simple light walls can be enhanced with lots of different dressings to match a broad range of themes (i.e. wall tapestry for a bohemian style, wall quotes + pictures for a classic tumblr vibe or glossy print-outs in a frame collage for a pinterest-like take on things) without being too monotonous. DIYs are a great way to express your style without spending a small fortune, and if it’s your thing, it’s also a great way to decorate seasonally.

Searching solely on tumblr can sometimes prove to be very stressful as you’ll often find yourself wanting each and every room you see while scrolling. It can prove difficult to choose between an edgy/halloween/bands themed room and a classy/elegant/cosy one when you aren’t exactly sure what it is that you want. I mean, I dress with a definitive grunge and edgy style, but when you walk into my room it’s quite girly with flowers and pictures with quotes on the walls. I get bored with my room as often as I blink, so it was important for me to have somewhat basic bones that can be built up into whatever it is I want personally.

For me, tumblr was never a top contender for where I would find my inspiration. I would often find myself turning to YouTube videos made by an array of different people (with many different styles) for a lot more diversity and authenticity. Inspiration can also materialise itself in many unexpected places; so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in a cafe or clothing store as they often have decor that can easily fit into a bedroom or living space.

To summarise: If you’re planning on eliciting major change, I’d make sure what you do can be easily interpreted to fit the different styles of which you’ll surely become interested in in the approaching years. Focus on the decor to express yourself, rather than buying hideously expensive bedspreads or furniture that only fits a niche theme. You’ll be relieved at how much freedom you’ll have to change things around, I promise!

Anyway, I’ve gone on for about a million years so I’ll let you go now. I wish you all the luck in the world with designing your room, and I hope everything works out best for you. I hope to hear from you in the future! xoxo

I really need a thread where Nat and Steve have been married since shortly after the first Avengers movie (aka years) and no one but Clint, Fury, and maybe Sam know. Maybe one of the male avengers hits on Natasha (a poor brave soul, really) and Cap is like “no” or maybe she just kinda goes “I’m married” and walks out or they all get wasted and Steve’s like “tell me again, how does it feel to be married to captain America *giggle.*”