i really don't care if this will get 0 notes bc i'm in love

im sorry im really salty right now but i have to go on a gd rant bc im????

  • this fandom is so violently against thinking outside the lovesquare it’s crazy. go through every ship you can think of, count the amount of content in the tags for each, and then come back to me if you don’t believe me
  • like first off let’s start with the f/f ships
    • by far the most popular two are julerose and chlolya, a.k.a. ships that don’t include mari and don’t mess with the lovesquare
    • and before you pull the whole “oh but their dynamic is better”
    • chlonette and chlolya are both rivals to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is chlolya more popular?
    • alyanette and julerose are both friends to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is julerose more popular?
    • it takes clawing through alyanette, chlonette, lilanette, etc. tags to find content, meanwhile chlolya and julerose are everywhere bc they’re “safe ships”
  • m/m ships! 
    • this one’s even funnier bc mlm ships in this fandom are practically nonexistent
    • the most “popular” ones are adrinino and adrinath, but guess why you barely see content for them?
    • the only reason they’re more popular than kim/max is bc they either involve the main characters, or they involve nath (the only background character that people seem to give a shit about for reasons unknown????)
  • oh and it gets better bc let’s talk about het ships that don’t get any love
    • i’ve seen marinath used so damn often as a means to an end for lovesquare shippers. like if i had a dollar for every time i saw marinath used as a way for adrien to be jealous/confess his feelings, i could buy a fucking condo
    • nino x marinette? alya x adrien? no?
    • yeah. figured. kinda makes the lovesquare impossible, right?
  • the best part about this is that when you check which pairings get useless comments tagged on about ‘oh are you guys serious?’ ‘yeah but they’re just friends?’ ‘this pairing would never work’ and ‘x person loves y so they can’t possibly like z,’ do you know which ones you’ll see more often than not?
    • pairings that include adrien or marinette

im tired of seeing people be dismissive of alyanette, adrinino, and ninette. i’m tired of having to literally claw through the tags for chlonette or lilanette. im tired of seeing artists and writers get tens of thousands of notes on their lovesquare art and struggle to get 200 notes on art with pairings that disrupt the lovesquare. 

it’s disheartening. it’s annoying. it’s isolating. and it feels like a lot of people don’t even care so i guess im done

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First of all I love ur blog and I'm new to kpop and I'm sorry for what I'm going to request b/c u don't have to do it but I really like ur work!!! I want to stan seventeen, got7, and sf9 but I know nothing about them? Could u tell me a bit about each of the members (esp inside jokes and like who gets along with who the best)? Please thx ~

aww thank you so much!! welcome to kpop and i hope i could help :) this got really long i’m sorry


S.Coups - Choi Seungcheol

unit: hip-hop

position(s): overall leader, hip-hop unit leader, lead rapper

  • 08.08.95
  • the dad
  • calls the members his kids
  • writes a lot of their lyrics
  • loves the members a lot and will do anything to protect them
  • the smut side of tumblr is obsessed with his thighs
  • calls him daddy
  • really hot
  • but also a puppy
  • works really hard and is a great leader
  • originally joined as a singer, but became a rapper
  • sings really well
  • constantly gets attacked by the members though
  • shipped with jeonghan (ship name: jeongcheol) and woozi (jicheol)
  • an amazing sweet talented lil bun who’s hot as frick

Yoon Jeonghan

unit: vocal

position(s): sub vocalist, visual

  • 04.10.95
  • mom #1
  • “i feel like the mother of 12 kids”
  • everyone calls him a cheater bc he always cheats at games
  • hella smart
  • shipped with seungcheol and joshua (ship name: jihan)
  • can make every member succumb to his charms
  • habit of saying “dino nugu aegi” (dino, who’s baby are you?) to dino
  • claims the members (dino is his baby, minghao is his sunflower, dk is his idiot, etc.)
  • one of the last to join svt

Joshua - Hong Jisoo / Joshua Hong

unit: vocal

position(s): sub vocalist

  • 30.12.95
  • amazing visuals why is he not considered a visual
  • plays the guitar really well (teach me senpai)
  • arranged adore u acoustic ver
  • called svt’s gentleman bc he’s soft-spoken and kind and polite
  • rap name: jo$hua
  • also lame as hell
  • english king
  • from la, usa, and grew up there
  • always wears a cross ear ring
  • pin drop master
  • someone stop him

Jun - Wen Junhui

unit: performance

position(s): lead dancer

  • 10.06.96
  • called the prince of china
  • mom #2
  • takes care of the kids
  • was a child actor in china
  • really smart bc he went to one of the top schools in shenzhen
  • can draw and act and play the drums
  • martial arts shifu
  • master of kip ups
  • people say he’s greasy (and he can be sometimes) but he’s really just a fluffball trust me
  • makes a lot of puns in korean and the members are like “this is why you need to stop learning korean”
  • mainly shipped with wonwoo (ship name: wonhui) and minghao (ship name: junhao)
  • talented af
  • really freaking hot but also adorable

Hoshi - Kwon Soonyoung

unit: performance

position(s): performance unit leader, main dancer

  • 15.06.96
  • choreographs all of svt’s dances with the rest of the unit
  • r u d e
  • squishy hamster
  • who can be really sexy when he tries
  • other perf. unit members say he can be short-tempered
  • voted as the most hardworking member
  • sings really well
  • funny af
  • also very extra
  • why is he like this
  • part of the gag trio with seungkwan and dk
  • shipped with woozi (ship name: soonhoon) and dk (soonseok)
  • wakes up when someone shouts “fighting” idek

Jeon Wonwoo

unit: hip-hop

position(s): lead rapper

  • 17.07.96
  • the deepest voice in svt
  • bookworm - loves to read
  • wears circle glasses a lot
  • kind of emo?? he wasn’t really for a while but then he recently said “there’s nothing special about life” so
  • writes a lot of lyrics
  • shipped with jun and mingyu (ship name: meanie)
  • has a really cute laugh
  • amazing hair
  • also sings really well
  • did a really embarrassing dance when he was in school
  • makes a lot of lame puns that no one asked for
  • “clap for me” “why is nobody clapping”
  • hot as hell
  • also a squish

Woozi - Lee Jihoon

unit: vocal

position(s): vocal unit leader, lead vocalist

  • 22.11.96
  • voted as the most hardworking alongside hoshi
  • svt’s producer
  • composes and produces most of their songs
  • king of pastel hair colours
  • very cute but hates being called cute
  • vv dangerous even though he looks like a bunny
  • will slap a bitch
  • “hates skinship” but hugs the members all the time
  • shipped with hoshi and s.coups
  • sings really well
  • hates doing aegyo but is amazing at it
  • can also rap and sing bc what can he not do

DK - Lee Seokmin

unit: vocal

position(s): main vocalist

  • 18.02.97 (same bday as vernon)
  • sunshine man
  • really really cheerful all the time
  • also in the gag trio
  • shipped with hoshi
  • amazing vocals and visuals
  • his cheEKBONES
  • but anyway
  • also knows when to be serious and when to joke around
  • works very very hard
  • svt’s producer said that he would call him in the middle of the night like “how should i sing this part”
  • dances really well
  • high note king #1
  • very mature for his age
  • looks good in glasses
  • looks good all the time

Kim Mingyu

unit: hip-hop

position(s): lead rapper, visual

  • 06.04.97
  • tallest member (185cm)
  • raps and sings really well
  • works really hard and can fill entire notebooks with rap lyrics
  • cringes at himself a lot
  • draws very well (designed bongbong - the little plushie - and the al1 album covers)
  • walked in a seoul fashion show and could be a model tbh
  • also very mature for his age
  • the chef in the dorm
  • svt would starve without him
  • can make amazing food from 7-eleven shit
  • vv clumsy though
  • don’t give him your baby bc he would drop it
  • shipped with wonwoo and minghao (ship name: gyuhao)
  • talented and funny and humble and deserves all the love he gets

The8 - Xu Minghao

unit: performance

position(s): lead dancer

  • 07.11.97
  • king of china #2
  • has the best predebut photos
  • used to be cute and innocent but now everyone knows his true savage nature
  • his korean as improved so much
  • martial artist and b-boy
  • does all the backflips and breakdancing stunts
  • very cute
  • takes good selfies
  • shipped with jun and mingyu
  • loves and cares for his members a lot
  • can rap but rarely gets to
  • very talented bean

Boo Seungkwan

unit: vocal

position(s): main vocalist

  • 16.01.98
  • diva boo
  • takes on the persona of boonon (like vernon, but he can’t rap)
  • last member of the gag trio
  • funny as hell
  • loves his mom and never shuts up about her
  • amazing amazing voice
  • high note king #2
  • dances really well (RECOGNISE HIM PLS)
  • deserves more love
  • shipped with vernon (ship name: verkwan)
  • cries a lot
  • he’s so so so cute
  • always there to lighten the mood

Vernon - Choi Hansol / Hansol Vernon Chwe

unit: hip-hop

position(s): main rapper

  • 18.02.98
  • half white, half korean
  • born in nyc but moved to korea at 5 years old
  • has amazing predebut quotes such as “kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege)
  • so beautiful
  • his beauty is almost ethereal
  • writes most of their lyrics with s.coups
  • a huge meme bc he has the best reactions
  • mature and sensible and vv passionate about rap
  • also very funny
  • but very lame
  • has a lot of english rap lines
  • went on the rap show ‘show me the money’ but we don’t talk about that
  • shipped with seungkwan
  • adorable but can be hot if he tries

Dino - Lee Chan

unit: performance

position(s): lead dancer, maknae

  • 11.02.99
  • can sing, dance, and rap
  • loves michael jackson
  • calls himself michael chanson
  • adorable “i’m a bright child!”
  • vv relatable
  • when members ask how his exam went: “lets move on. i tried my best.”
  • works really really hard
  • can do everything tbh
  • always trying to improve his skills
  • too young to be shipped
  • loves his members so much
  • smol bean
  • needs protection


i’m a bit newer to the fandom so i don’t know that much about them

Kim Youngbin

position(s): leader, lead rapper, lead dancer

  • 23.11.93
  • dad
  • dab king
  • but srsly tell him to stop
  • great at eye smiles
  • loves to hug his members
  • raps and dances really well

Kim Inseong

position(s): main vocalist

  • 12.07.93
  • called a fox bc he kind of looks like one
  • speaks english
  • studied in england
  • high note and adlib master
  • kind of a nerd
  • vv sweet and caring
  • shipped with jaeyoon (ship name: jaeseong)

Lee Jaeyoon

position(s): lead vocalist

  • 09.08.94
  • l a m e
  • gets scared really easily but likes to act tough
  • called the honey vocal bc his voice is clear and sweet
  • dances well
  • doesn’t get enough recognition

Dawon - Lee Sanghyuk

position(s): lead vocalist

  • 25.07.95
  • meme
  • usually called the funniest in the group
  • loud and extra af
  • his voice s a bit lower than most other kpop vocalists
  • sings really well
  • really really really funny

Zuho - Baek Juho

position(s): main rapper

  • 04.07.96
  • low ass voice
  • raps really well
  • writes lyrics
  • hella good looking
  • looks tough but is a giant dork
  • vv funny
  • always trying to get the others to give him love

Rowoon - Kim Seokwoo

position(s): main vocalist, visual

  • 07.08.96
  • model material
  • gorgeous human bean
  • tall as hell so he’s a string bean
  • he’s like 189cm
  • the mom
  • cooks for the group
  • sings really really well

Yoo Taeyang

position(s): main dancer, vocalist

  • 28.02.97
  • guitarist
  • rude as hell but also very cute
  • dances and sings amazingly
  • the most popular member
  • lowkey a fuckboi
  • jk he’s really sweet and talented

Hwiyoung - Kim Youngkyun

position(s): lead rapper

  • 11.05.99
  • king of never getting lines
  • but really he got 5 words in fanfare
  • raps really well but doens’t get many chances to show it
  • visuals on point
  • cries a lot
  • precious bean
  • fights with chani a lot

Chani - Kang Chanhee

position(s): lead dancer, rapper, maknae

  • 17.01.00
  • is babied by youngbin but hates it
  • dances so freaking well
  • good rapper
  • but really he’s an amazing dancer
  • also gets no lines
  • really deep voice
  • deserves more love

I haven’t been following got7 that much lately, i’m sorry :(

Begin Again - (Chapter I)

Read the prologue here

Thank you to @marlosbooknook and @mibasiamille for helping me edit and listening to my constant whining, really don’t know why you put up with me but thank you and ily

(Also a note: I’m not a doctor so i’m sorry if some of this is wrong I relied entirely on google and what I remember from my anatomy class. Plus Grey’s Anatomy but that’s not all accurate and a full out shit show at this point so let’s just ignore that)

And thank you all so much for your comments on the prologue, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


Oxford, England
22nd September 1976

One moment. One tiny, insignificant moment, and his entire world shifted.

It was a head-on collision with a semi: the driver fell asleep at the wheel and veered right in front of him. Jamie didn’t have any time to react; it had all happened so fast.

It was more than likely that he wouldn’t remember any of it, due to the damage to his brain. But his life was no longer in his hands.

First responders arrived at the scene almost five minutes–five long minutes–after it happened. He was unconscious, lying in the middle of the road. The impact of the crash had ejected him from his seat, through the windshield, and onto the street.

The list of injuries were endless: from broken bones to open wounds. Some of the shards of glass from the windows had embedded themselves into his skin, but the rest was scattered on the concrete around him.

The biggest concern of the medical team was his head and spinal cord. It was impossible to tell what state they were in, given that the patient unconscious. They worked as fast as they could to get him on the stretcher and immobilized, while also being careful enough not to jostle him too much. Once he was secured inside the ambulance, he was rushed to the A&E.

He was only going to work. It was supposed to be like any other day.

None of this was supposed to happen.

They took him from the ambulance directly into the OR, assessing the damage and figuring out how to proceed from there.

Over the course of the next few months, he would be in that OR three times.

His condition was critical and he couldn’t be under anesthesia for very long, so the surgeries had to be spread out, allowing his body time to recover.

He sustained multiple injuries: right leg broken in two places, once in the left; multiple cracked and broken ribs; the right shoulder dislocated and the radius of the left arm severely fractured. A back full of glass, some pieces almost three inches long. Some internal bleeding in the abdomen, but luckily the medical team had found the source in time to stop it. If they hadn’t, it would have caused his brain to hemorrhage and, ultimately, could have ended his life.

There was some bleeding and swelling in his brain that they had gotten under control, but there was no telling the prognosis until he was conscious. Miraculously, however, his spinal cord had remained unharmed.

His right hand was the worst of it: the bones of his ring finger were almost completely shattered, the middle finger a compound fracture, the bone sticking obtrusively through the skin. They predicted that he wouldn’t regain full range of motion in that hand again, but with lots of physical therapy it could come close.

The first surgery was getting the bleeding in his abdomen and brain under control, as well as the swelling. Then, debriding his back and several other places on his body, followed by cleaning every wound to reduce the risk of infection.

Unfortunately, that was all they could do for the day.

The next day was setting the broken bones. Everything went relatively smooth until they got to his hand, which took the longest.

The very last surgery consisted entirely of applying the skin grafts to his back.

After a few weeks, he was able to breathe on his own. In the days that followed, they remained hopeful that he would recover. They waited for him to wake up, each day hoping that today would be the day.

But the days went by, and he never did.

anonymous asked:

I'm a larrie and I don't really get this 'big larries lies!!', you are always so good to discuss things with and I'm always up for different opinions on things, so... I follow a lot of larry/larrie blogs obviously and some do post about "recipes" but 90% it's from an anon and the OP almost always say that they can't say if the story/information it's false or not. I never believe those things... I'm not sure if you understand that most people don't? If it's a story people mostly think it's cute.

im really glad u asked anon…seriously. bc antis can go on about “big larries lie!!!” all the time w/o elaborating so ur question is valid. and it gives me the opportunity to lay it all out as best as i can! thanks to @thelarrative for tagging stuff properly so i could find all of these posts! otherwise my undocumented ass would’ve been searching for years! 

okay let’s get started (we’ll go larrie by larrie):

vansandburberry: lied about danielle leaving during the x factor taping. someone who was actually there said that was a lie, that danielle stayed the whole time and left with louis.

lapelosa: hoo boy. perhaps the biggest liar of them all. claimed she knew briana did not give birth by saying “Yes I know the whole story is fake” but failing to give any sources. when asked if she knew “for a fact” if larry was still together, she simply said “yes i do”. no sources, no elaboration. just a yes bc DUH. who needs evidence or proof when you have lapelosa’s word. said she knows for “a fact” that azoff signed the whole band, that larry are definitely engaged to be married (from a reliable mysterious he/she-who-cannot-be-named-but-most-definitely-exists-of-course), that there “is no baby” in this lovely post that compiles her lies together.  a continuation on that whole azoff thing she claims to know in this post. on top of all of this…an anonymous entity submitted this story to lapelosa about meeting the tattoo artist at bondi ink who’d done louis’ dagger for him…it reads like a poorly, cheesily written fanfic, the most notable quote becoming larrie jargon: “the rose has already been taken care of”. to lapelosa’s credit she simply posts it and thanks the submitter for the story however the post gains almost 10k notes and as an anti blog at the time, i was FLOODED with anons quoting this bullshit at me and saying i’d lost. when lo and behold…the tattoo artist debunked the entire thing thru an instagram post that has now been deleted. but was the original submission updated with this debunk? nope! it was not! allowing it to conitnue on into internet eternity where unsupposing larries who’ve never heard the story to consider it as #fact (the debunk photo was posted by another larrie on this list however it only received 22 notes vs the 9k+ ppl who saw the original).

worshippedlove: has this document where she supposedly compiles all of the things she’s been told by “people” over the years about louis and harry being spotted together. source for the specific story in this post is ambiguous, story is exaggerated and details that actually place louis and harry together have been filled in (i.e. tattooed guy immediately became louis, no questions asked even though it could’ve been anybody with tattoos). 

conscious-ramblings: told a complete lie about Joe McElderry’s coming out under the guise of her supposedly “working in music” 

srslycris: talked complete nonsense about simon being “a wreck” over “a lawsuit” being waged by the entire band that aligned with the larries’ “it’ll be march soon” mantra. when march came and went without event, cris here had to do some improvising which proves to make absolutely no fucking sense.

aaronbutterfield: a “journalist” (i use that term oh so lightly) pretended to be “brand new” to the larrie culture when he wrote a heavily biased article on larry and why “things were shady”. turns out that was a big lie! @britishsoldierharry carried out the difficult task of exposing aaron for his larrie twitter likes and discovered that he actually wasn’t that new to the whole larry conspiracy after all! and to make matters even more sketchy…he then proceeded to unlike all larry-centric tweets sometime after britishsoldierharry created the original post! huh! fancy that. on top of this, he also said “no other celebrity child has ever had their birth certificate leaked” when that was a blatant lie. he also made this fucking ridiculous post that still makes my blood boil to this day about briana either “profiting off of someone’s closet” or “[sleeping] with a boybander all to become pregnant”, which he bases off of when he has interpreted she would have her first period (which ?????). uh huh. all the while not giving any sources as to how he KNOWS FOR A FACT all of that is true.

saracha33: misled her followers into believing that louis and harry were ALWAYS seen at the same time on the same day which….was proven to be very much not true.

lesbianslovelouis: the doll lady. convinced a very substantial portion of the larrie fandom that freddie was a doll (2 links there). was hailed for finding “the right doll” that was “obviously freddie”. was clearly wrong about freddie being a doll as he is very real and very lovely. a nice big fat lie that she never had to take responsibility for.

BONUS POST: @got-stars-in-your-eyes compiled this post a long time ago, which includes even more big larrie lies! rather than retyping them all out again, you can check out the post which includes other big larries like droppingtheveilofmaya, tellmethisisnotlove, zenlikejen, larryappreciation and more.

a bonus tidbit: this happened just before i ever ventured into the larrie tumblr world so i am not the expert as to what the entire situation involved or who exactly was involved…but it’s evidence that big larries purposely lied to their followers and manipulated what they were posting in order to keep the conversation “on track” to their liking. the post exposing it all is an interesting read.

finally, i am super glad to hear you don’t believe everything you read. but unfortunately others do not operate this way. u will just have to trust me when i say that larries do buy into this stuff and often do bring it up when they talk to me. i’ve had this blog for a year and had to constantly debunk stuff that i’ve debunked time and time again bc multiple larries buy into what the big larries are feeding them. it’s not good, seriously. and some larries will consider them facts until they’re called out on the bullshit and then retreat back into “it was just a headcanon it’s not that deep!!!!!!” which can be frustrating.

anyways, that doesn’t really even begin to scratch the surface with these larries but it’s enough to get a rough idea of the way these people behave! let me know if u have any questions at all :) 

things my mother has said when robert appears on screen.
  • "Take your God damn ring off, you're ruining my daughters ship. You monster!"
  • "What even is this man's body?"
  • "Someone give this guy an oscar, I don't know what for, but his body language needs one."
  • "His entire hair moves with the change of facial expression. That is magic. Right there."
  • "Look, now the King of trash is crying. Satan really does have feelings. This is proof. Are you seeing this?"
  • "They are so going to get their gay on again. I don't care. This is A+ gay. I'm in love."
  • "Where have 'his lordship' been?
  • "When he's not in an episode, what do you think he's doing? I bagsy he's crying on the sofa, stuffing his face with chocolate and making painful references to Aaron, like this could be us, but I'm a piece of trash."
  • "Sir Robert Jacob 'Surprise bitch, bet you thought you had seen the last of me' Sugden."
  • "How do you think he introduces himself? Hi I'm Robert 'Trash but premium trash' Sugden."
  • "He just looked at Aaron like he was the sun, moon and stars. Not even your Dad looks at me like that, and we've been married for 20 years."
  • "When he and Chrissie broke up, I totally said he was getting the D! I thought it meant divorce. I was in a horrid mood once and I'd had an argument with your father, and your uncle turned to me and went 'he's getting the D'. Like damn right he's getting a divorce!"
  • "Look at his swaggy walk, and then the way he glides up to Aaron, he totally reckons that he is getting the D tonight."
  • "I used to be like the Grinch when it came to Robert, but now, I'm feeling!"
  • "Do you think in the future, Aaron will make 'shot' puns at Robert? Robert will say something and Aaron will just shrug and say 'worth a shot', and Robert will glare at him from over his coffee cup."
  • "Robert has been beaten up, on several occasions, like real good beatings, like sometimes, close to death beatings, been shot, involved in a car accident and still looks hot? How come when I injure myself I look like I've been thrown into a whirlpool? This is wrong."
  • "Ha! D is off of the menu tonight."
  • "Only Robert pissing Sugden beds a guy and then says 'I'm straight', fuck off!"
  • "Someone throw a dictionary at this guy and teach him what straight is, because babe? You aint straight."
  • "I fee ya Rob! My default face looks like a murder face. I'm always fucking angry!"
  • "What's more attractive? Robert Sugden? Or battered and bruised Robert Sugden?"
  • "Robert 'I bedded a guy on several occasions, but I'm straight as a line' Sugden. You're foolin' no one, boy."

If I was writing Star Wars, Rey Skywalker is exactly what I would do. I mean, you have all these layers you can play up and each different way you strike it will hit a different note in how people perceive it bc everyone sees the OT differently. It presents this entire world of possibilities- of everything playing out like it did before (everything, even the murder of innocent people and the worst violation of a person can be forgiven) or it can play out different and explore that new and unexplored outcome (just because you’re sorry doesn’t mean your victims have to forgive you or shoulder the burden of what you’ve done to them in silence.)

Also I think playing out Rey as a Skywalker and having her confront the big bad- Snoke and Kylo- gives us a perspective we were missing from the redemption of the OT.

Luke forgave Vader, and Vader accepted that and was “redeemed” before he died. But Luke didn’t speak for Leia, whose family and loved ones were all killed on Alderaan, who had her agency taken and was held prisoner by Vader, who fought and fought and fought and probably never truly forgave him. She lost her mother just as much as Luke did. She didn’t have to forgive Vader. And I think, as much as Rey parallels Luke, that she could explore THAT mentality.

And maybe she could explore the idea that you’re not less because you’re affected by the bad things that were done to you. That you’re not less by putting your foot down and refusing to engage your enemy as if they deserve to have their actions discussed.

One of my favorite things I’ve seen is that Leia sent Ben to Luke because she thought he would do better. He forgave Vader, right? He moved past all those bad things. I imagine he must have seemed pretty well adjusted, taking care of children and teaching and leading them, until Ben came along, Snoke attached like a parasite to the inside of his thoughts. And Leia thought “my brother did the good thing- he rid Anakin of Vader, he forgave all that bad, and I couldn’t ever shake it - so he will be able to do what I can’t too. He will be able to get rid of this dark like he did before.”

But as much as people want to pretend like it, being forgiven doesn’t actually change anything. Vader still hurt Luke and Leia and Han and still killed so many people, including children. Being forgiven didn’t changed what he’d done. It didn’t heal Leia’s hurts, didn’t fix the wrongs Han had suffered, didn’t heal Luke - not really. It didn’t bring all those dead people back.

And I think Rey could look at Kylo, at her cousin or her brother and still see all the hurt he’d caused her and all the hurt he’d continue to cause her and others. I think she would remember waiting for years and years on that desert planet for people to come back who never would, and she’d think “forgiving them for abandoning me won’t bring back all the years of my life I lost on that hell planet. All the years I spent where I could have stolen a ship and left.” And she’d think “forgiving Kylo Ren won’t bring Ben Solo back- Ben Solo doesn’t exist anymore.”

After all. Didn’t we see how Han’s desire to believe he could bring his son home was ultimately what killed him? The idea of “people can always be brought back” is a nice one. It’s a pretty one and it is about as fluffy and sweet as honey. But for the victims it’s toxic. For the victims it says “you can never let go, they deserve your forgiveness.” For the victims, “they can always be saved” sounds a lot like “You haven’t tried hard enough to save them.”

I think a “Vader in reverse” (he starts off evil and is offered forgiveness and redemption and a ticket home to people who love him, only to deny it) and a “Here is the other side of the forgiveness story” is some damn good and interesting writing.

It also has a really amazing message for victims. It would say “it’s not your job to forgive them so they can heal and be a better person. They have to do it on their own. They have to fix what they can and atone for what they didn’t and it’s not up to you to forgive them for what they did to you.”

Tendou HCs

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"Every few days you come in and order french fries and you always sort them and put the non-soggy ones in the trash and it is so adorable but one day it seems you are on a date and your date throws out all the soggy fries and you just quietly smile and let them have all the fries. The next time you come in I don't shake the fries as much as I should so they get soggier faster and write on the side of the cup that your date doesn't appreciate the art of the soggy french fry" -bean

Tsukishima looks up when the door opens, and perks up immediately upon seeing a familiar face. 

“Hello, what can I get for you today?” He had a date with him today. Damn. 

“Ah, wha– Just a large order of fries, please.” 

“Is that all?” Tsukishima asks, typing the order into the cash register. 

“Yeah, that’s all,” His date says, holding out a bill. Tsukishima takes it and gives him change, internally groaning the whole time. 

“Your order will be out in a short moment.” Tsukishima says, and turns to the kitchen to tell his coworker, Tanaka, the order. A few minutes later, Tsukishima is lazily watching him with his date. They’re doing homework, though it seems he’s smarter than his date, judging by the books he had. If Tsukishima had to guess, he was probably in class four or five, while his date two or three. 

They ate the fries gingerly as they worked, chatting idly as they did. Tsukishima notices his date picking out the soggy ones and setting them aside, and frowns. He loves the soggy ones. He doesn’t stop him, though, and doesn’t take from the pile on the napkin next to their books. 

His dates phone rings. “Oh, shoot, Tadashi, I have to go, my sisters daycare got off early and she has no one to pick her up. Call me, and we can do this again some time, ok?”

“Yeah,” He replies, and his date smiles at him softly before rushing out the door and down the street. Tadashi takes the soggy fries, long  cold, and puts thm back with the rest, so he can enjoy them. Shaking his head as he picks his work back up, he mutters under his breath, “Not.”

The next day, he’s back. Alone this time. Tsukishima’s thankful. 

“Hello, what can I get for you today?” Not like he doesn’t know. 

Just a large fries, please. “Just a large fries, please.” 

“Alright, is that all?”

Yep! “Yep!”

“Ok, your total is–”

“$1.50,” He hands Tsukishima his exact change, as usual. It was their routine now, almost an inside joke between them. It became clear to Tsukishima that he didn’t like it when he had to get change, so he always had enough for a large fry. Somehow, he’s able to produce this from literally nowhere, and by this point, Tsukishima has stopped wondering ow in the hell he does it. 

“I’ll be right back with your order.” Tanaka’s out on a smoke break, so he’s alone in the kitchen. usually, he’d hate it, because that required him to do Tanaka’s job, but he decides he wants to fill his order today. 

“Where’s that dammn marker, I know Tanaka keeps one in here…” Tsukishima mutters, digging through one of the drawers. He finds it a moment later and hums in approval. He opens the cap and writes his note on the side of the fry box. With a satisfied hum, he brings the box out, careful not to smudge his writing. When Tsukishima returns, he’s there, waiting by the counter reading a book. 

“Here you go,” 

“Thanks,” He smiles at Tsukishima, and takes the box, moving to his usual seat. 


As Tadashi finds his usual booth, he notices something written on the side of his fries. With the cock of his head, he skims the words written on it. 

Your date yesterday didn’t really appreciate your are; I do, though. Call me? –Tsukishima Kei

He looks up in surprise, and locks eyes with the boy behind the counter, the one that always gave him extra soggy fries. He nods once, and then goes back to eating, though, not without punching the number in his phone and saving it. He’d definitely call, especially if it meant free fries.