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How to Schedule Your Study Time

I’ve been asked multiple times to make a post about how to schedule your study time, so here it is! This is a little bit different of a schedule because it’s over mid-semester break (Easter break for most), but it still works.

Step 1: Write down everything you need to do.

Get out a piece of notebook paper or open a new document on your computer and unleash your brain’s to-do list. Write everything down from classes, work, events, and extracurriculars to your work outs, meals, showers, and sleep. Nothing is too small to be written on the list, so if you need to remember to shave your legs, write that down!!

Step 2: Assign each task an estimated amount of time it’ll take to complete.

This part is really crucial for me because it takes my organization a step further to help me achieve my studying and planning goals. It also gives me a reality check – sometimes I’m so ambitious I try to bite off more than I can chew. If I know from the beginning that I most likely won’t achieve everything I need to do, I won’t be as disappointed come the end of my planning and studying. It also tells me I probably need to pick it up during the week and stop procrastinating…

Step 3: Open up Excel, create a table on another computer program, or grab a piece of paper.

Next we’ll make the calendar with a readout of our obligations. I generally use Excel or a piece of paper, but I find that excel works best because I can edit future events easier if I didn’t quite complete a task I planned for.

Have the first column for times, then a column following for each day you want to plan. It helps to have the time column skinnier with the days’ columns wider so text can fit in easily. I leave two rows per hour (therefore one line is equal to one half hour) so I can plan for events or tasks that won’t be taking up whole hours.

Step 4: Designate a color for each of your scheduled categories.

These colors are the same as in my planner:

  • Purple: Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pink: Genetics
  • Blue: Beverage Management
  • Orange: Economics
  • Red: Work
  • Green: Extracurriculars
  • Black: Personal (showers, meals, sleep, relaxation, etc.)
  • Yellow: Travel

I enter in all of my class, work, event, and extracurricular times first – things I can’t miss. These are important to put into your schedule first because you can easily schedule studying around them. 

Step 5: Once all of your obligations are plugged into your schedule, it’s time to fill in your studying.

This is where the required times for your tasks help a great deal! It’s easy to spot an hour block here or there and plug in a 45 minute or hour task… something that may be a little hard for some when they’re just going through their day and have a block. I know whenever I get an hour block I try to nap or rest as much as possible, but this frequently puts me behind. :(

Also, it may help you to pull out your planner and see what exams, quizzes, or assignments are coming up soon. You should rank these at a higher priority and complete these sooner rather than later to ensure you complete them.

I also group lesser tasks; for example, on Thursday night at 11:00 PM I grouped two homework assignments because they really shouldn’t take that long and they’re on the computer at the same time, etc. It’s just easier for me to get them done at the same time. Just like if you need to go to a few different stores, try to go to them all in one trip. It’ll save you time, money, and gas!

Step 6: As you’re adding tasks to your schedule, make sure you’re crossing them off your list you made. You don’t want to miss anything or add something twice!

This is pretty self-explanatory but also important! Make sure you’re adding everything and not missing anything. 

Step 7: Make sure to schedule enough sleep during your night as well as time to eat/relax.

This is the most important step of them all! Without recharging your smart little brain and body, how are you going to have the fuel to move on? Also, try snacking on fruits and veggies and drinking water when you’re studying. I’m one to love candy when I’m studying and it’s hard to say “no” to my precious chocolate and skittles, but I know they’ll just bring my metabolism and energy down. Drinking a lot of water helps too because that means more bathroom breaks – which means more study breaks! ;)

I hope you found this post helpful. If you’d like to see other posts about my studying tips and tricks, please share this post and leave me a message about what I can improve or what you’d like some advice on. Happy studying! – grxeek


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Today has been thought provoking. I had the opportunity to be with a mentor and friend who recently had a life threatening experience. Such events lend themselves to greater appreciation for Time, relationships, and the small things in life.

To almost emphasize the point, the words of a song stood out to me…that the best moments in life seem like wasted time.

Do we sometimes give too much of ourselves to things that have no value? I was thinking about productivity. Often productivity is measured by tasks completed, products made, or dollars earned. One of my frustrations as a child is that my mom wouldn’t sit down with me and watch a movie. She always had to be working. As a working mom, I really understand because after working, there is cooking, cleaning, homework, baths…the To Do list. But, I don’t think those memories are best for my son. He needs to know he is more important than the To Do list.

It is the same with others. How easy it would have been for my mentor to stay home today with the list of all consuming work? Instead, he spent time with me… accomplishing little things on my list that were daunting and reconnecting with me. There must be balance I think.. time for the work that must be done, time for relationships old and new, and more importantly time for oneself.

So, perhaps the most productive time is actually reading a story or watching a movie? It will be unique to the individual and their needs. Be patient with yourself and others. ❤

Netflix And Chill

Carry On Countdown/SnowflakeFaces November 27, Spells/Eighth Year



“What about ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?’”

Simon groaned from his spot on the grass. “Isn’t that from The Sound of Music?”

“Well, yeah.”

“I don’t think Normals really say that one too often.”

“Are you sure?” Penny pushed her glasses up on her nose, completely serious.

“Yeah, Pen. Nobody says it unless they’re putting on the musical.”

Penny groaned and flopped down next to Simon. “What about…”

“Can we just go get some more scones?”

“No, Simon. I need to figure out my spell. You should be working too.”

“I can’t even master a simple Stay Put, Pen, how do you expect me to create one?”

“You’ll figure something out. How about ‘I’ll be there for you?’”

“From Friends?”


“Again, I don’t think anyone says that.”

Penny groaned. “Don’t you know anything about what Normals say?”

“Nope. Let’s go get some scones and tea.” Simon pushed himself up and looped his arm through Penny’s.

She sighed, but followed him. Simon devoured seven more scones before Penny decided to go back to Cloisters. Simon walked her there and then braved his own dorm. Baz was there. Of course. The git was at his desk, studying.

Get rekt, scrub,” Baz whispered. A glass shattered itself, and Baz groaned. Somehow, Simon hadn’t been noticed yet. “Crowley, that’s ridiculous. Couldn’t the Normals choose anything better to say?” He flipped a page. “What’s a ‘ship?’” Simon slammed the door to alert Baz to his presence. He jumped. “Snow.”

“Baz.” Simon skirted Baz’s side of the room and plopped down on his own bed.

Netflix and Chill?”

Snow started. “Baz?”

“Yeah, Snow?”

“Um, what did you just say?”

“I said ‘yeah, snow.’”

“N-no, I mean before that.”

“Netflix and Chill?” Baz said it without magick.

“Yeah.” Simon was practically sliding towards Baz.

“Why?” Baz’s eyebrows furrowed and his high forehead crinkled.

“I don’t know.” Simon gripped the arm of Baz’s chair and turned him around.

“What are you doing, Snow?” Baz’s heart raced, but he only glared at the approaching boy.

“I don’t know.” Snow echoed. He planted an arm on either side of Baz, trapping him.

“Snow…” Baz warned.

“Baz…” Simon didn’t know what was happening. Maybe it was that damneded spell Baz had cast.

Baz opened his mouth but was interrupted by Simon’s mouth. Simon’s eyes were closed, long lashes centimeters away from Baz’s own. His lips were chapped, but still warm and somewhat soft. Simon melted against Baz, falling in his lap. Baz moaned, wrapping an arm around Simon.

They kissed for a long time, but no Netflixing occurred. They pulled apart once, at dinnertime, but after seeing the color of their lips, opted for a magicked up meal in their room. That same time, they shifted onto Baz’s bed, where Simon’s shirt was lost. Baz subsequently lost his.

It was late before Baz forced Simon away to feed. He came back, where Simon was still reclining on Baz’s bed.

“It wasn’t the spell that did it?”


“The spell. Netflix and Chill. That wasn’t what made you come over and kiss me?”

“Oh, it was. It wasn’t the thing that kept me kissing you, though.”

“Oh. Oh.”

Simon grabbed Baz’s collar and yanked his face down. “Well, I guess I’ve figured out my eighth year spell.”


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Please pray for me and my semester. I am taking 18 credits of hard classes and I need to do well on them. I need the discipline, motivation, and self control to complete them. I am really nervous about my accounting, online poli sci, and online communications class (public speaking scares me and the idea of impromptu speeches is making me shake in fear as I type this). I really need to work on ending my procrastination habit. Despite all this work, I want to maintain a good social life and also be healthy (getting more sleep and eating right and if possible go to the rec). 


I really felt the need to drop my favourite pieces of work down! One actually being completed finished - there is absolutely nothing else to add. The second requires a little more walk in terms of a black pen and white paint in order to bring the drawings out a lot more, and the third is probably the most half arsed drawing/sketch whatever, that I’ve done, especially Ray. I drew Ray so quickly, did what I needed too and then sacked the rest off to focus on Kai and Tyson. I still have a lot of shading to do for Max in particular, I feel he looks a little bland in comparison to the others, but that could just be me. Anyway, I drew my favourite team, of course, and my fave wolf baby. ♥

hey pals !! it’s your friendly neighborhood victoria here. i haven’t made a post like this in a long time, since usually i don’t find myself in a position where i feel like i need to. i’m going to be completely honest here when i say that the reason i’m posting this might sound kind of silly and not feel as though it’s very urgent, but long story short, my phone is broken. now, this wouldn’t really be a problem if everything i ever do every day was not done on my phone. yesterday, it was working for a while but then this morning, the screen just stopped turning on and i can’t get it on at all. i looked into options to get it fixed by apple and they wanted more money for it than a third party place would, but i don’t have the money for even the third party repair, and i need my phone. all money i currently make goes towards my car insurance (which is just under $400) and my car payment; i wouldn’t ask if i could afford it. it’s the only real mode of communication i have with anyone outside of the internet, i use it for things related to work and school registration; i just can’t afford to not have it with me. that being said, it would mean a lot if any of you would like to help, and i promise i’ll work very hard for you in return.

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I was so busy trying to get work done for Sodak Con that I completely neglected to share it. That was a mistake and I really need to learn not to do that.

I had two Silent Hill pieces for Sodak Con. I don’t feel I’m particularly good at fanart, since I usually like to go for more obscure/bizarre stuff, but I think these turned out alright.

I’m really fond of that Nurse piece. Not only is it a side profile(something I love but rarely do), has script(which I also love), and has cleavage(sorely absent in my work), but I actually figured out how to get the printed color to match the digital color on the first try.

Would you guys be upset if fanfic slowed down a bit so I could work on some original stuff?

You’d still get to see my writing because I will post it here and on my fictionpress account. So there’s a little bit of a plus.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and right now it feels right.

I’m not completely done, I still have ideas and I’m planning on finishing my fics. Everything will stay put on my fanfiction.net and AO3 accounts for now.

Nothing I’m working on is fanfic related, it is an original historical romance. Marriage of necessity, one of my favorite tropes. A second rewrite, actually. Wish me luck.

A teachable moment.
  • Me: I'd like to hire you.
  • Business: Great!
  • Me: Oh, I need some sort of follow-up from Business, because this thing they worked on wasn't entirely done, as it turns out.
  • Business: Please leave a message.
  • Me: Hi! You did some work for me, but now I need a follow-up thing because the work you did wasn't quite completed, it turns out. Please call me back, so I can get this thing working again.
  • Me: Hi, Business, I left you a message and haven't heard back. Did I leave the wrong number? Please call me back. Here's my number again.
  • Me: Hello, Business. It's really frustrating that this is the third message I've left for you. Do you even check these things? Please call me back. Here's my e-mail, my assistant's number, and another number for me, just in case you're having trouble reaching me. Thanks.
  • Me: Dear Yelp, this business did good work initially, but completely ignored me when I tried to talk to them about some follow-up stuff that needed to be addressed. I wouldn't hire this business, if I were you. One star.
  • Business: Hi! This is Business! How can we help? Please call us back.
  • Business: This is Business. It's very important that you call us back. Thank you.
  • Business: This is Manager from Business. Please call me back. I would really appreciate it if you called me back right away.
  • Business: Your Yelp review is unfair and you need to call us back so we can address it.
  • Me: Yeah, it turns out that the time to address this was three fucking weeks ago when I left the first message.

today is my first weekend off since January. Even though I wish I had ceramics today since there’s so much I want to do and so little time, it is nice to have a completely open day.

This week I faced a bunch of shit, like having to figure out how I can keep going even if the rug is pulled out from under me, even if I lose support of amazing people. I listened to this talk from a woman doing theory work and I started to understand the answer: what’s important is the work. I need to separate myself from the work. The work is always changing, it requires flexibility (intellectually and physically I have to be willing to move around the globe and owrk with different people). If my identity and community is too wrapped up in the work it’s going to cause a psychological fracture.

even though I really felt at first that becoming completely obsessed with the work makes me more productive, it’s not sustainable. In fact it may even make me ~less~ productive since I am desperate to succeed because if I don’t, I won’t know who I am anymore.

I think I’ve decided to switch portfolio-gears back to Hotel Theotokos, rather than Totem.  Totem is a huge undertaking that deserves time to be properly researched and developed as a series, rather than slicing off the first bit and packaging it as a Potentially Entertaining Thing.  

I mentioned revamping old animatics from my entrance portfolio and he was thrilled at the idea, which made me wonder if it might be a stronger choice to revisit that completed story, already neatly packaged and in need of visual development.  Most students use pre-existing stories with a twist (that’s what most industry pros do too, actually) for their portfolios, and the only thing I wanted when I worked on my entry portfolio was more time to spend on it.

It could really help to solidify things in Totem too, as the other main characters of the original script were going to be key players in the overall series plot.

tl;dr: I’m excited to work on Hotel Theotokos again, and much less stressed about working out the serious problems I’m running into with Totem in a time-crunch.

Bonus: If I get as far as I’d like to this time–I might actually be able to get some buddies to voice act for it???

anonymous asked:

:c I think you really need to work on singing the correct notes because it sounds completely off when I listen to your covers. Just a thought, no h8 lol.

I don’t care if I sing badly! I won’t care if I get a million messages telling me my covers suck; I don’t do it for you… And i’ll probably post even more just to spite you! I started posting covers as a way of tracking my ukulele skills and showing love for my favourite shows, and I’m not going to stop now.

BUT the point of this comic is not about me. Dear anon, I sincerely hope you aren’t sending these types of messages to other artists. Artists who might be younger, or insecure, who are just starting out and don’t need someone to bash down their confidence. I know you said you didn’t mean any ‘h8′, but it’s still pretty hurtful all the same. 

I’m a professional illustrator, but if I had received messages like these for my artwork when I first started drawing, I might have quit. All writers, artists, musicians etc were beginners once; sure their first works might stink but don’t bully them for it! A little encouragement goes a long way, and constructive criticism is always great!

But yeah, tldr; 

Originally posted by liliomdream


A bit more progress on my Maedhros this evening. The problem is that as I look at it now, it seems completely off again, and I do not know if I want to continue it if it looks so off… So what do you think? If you want me to continue working on it I really need to know, or I’ll scrap it and start over again… Fml!


‘’Juvia is weak’’

‘’Juvia is just a fucking annoying fangirl and a creep. Gray sees her as one. ’’

‘’Juvia doesn’t really love Gray. She doesn’t deserve him’’

‘’Gray doesn’t even care about her, nor does he love her’’

Yeah sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

Before you spit out random bull crap and complete nonsense about something nor someone, think twice.

That people don’t have to correct you, and show you wrong with proof. 

Do I need to proove you more wrong Juvia/ Gray/ Gruvia haters out there, that you’re completly wrong? For now, I think my work here is done. ^^


07.09.2016 // Desk setups the past few weeks. Featuring Calculus III HW!

Just a few days ago I completely reorganized my study cove area. I hope to do a tour video on my YouTube soon since I’m planning on revamping my channel. I just need to get a few things from the office supply store first (like more mounting tape).

I have a lot of work to do and a few parties to go to this weekend (to see my friends who graduated before they all go separate ways) so I’m a bit swamped. But restarting YouTube is something I really really want to get going on! So I’m hoping to restart it by the end of the month.

my days are so cute/productive:

I wake up have a morning coffee, read a short story or two from old issues of the Paris Review..
do some research on fabric and textiles (im really concentrated on fabric manipulation rn)
have some more coffee
answer some emails,
do some clerical work
fill out a few orders
start/work on some projects..
maybe have a photoshoot or two if I can squeeze it in

like my entire days are dedicated to my work and almost nothing else I really love my life right now!