i really do need to complete more of my work

Lie to me? Steal my work? Have fun going from 52K a year to minimum wages.

(warning: long story)

Takes place back in 2014, long read with a lot of buildup to revenge. I was about a year into my job and was being recognized for my talents and promoted pretty regularly. I was constantly being used as the liaison between my company and the client companies we had business and contracts with, and literally have saved our contract companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then I was approached by Amy, who was in another department, for a job opportunity in the next month or so. She was going out on medical leave and was going to train me to take over her position in the interim and then fully take it over once she came back and moved into a new role. I was ecstatic because I knew she had a salary position and that’s what I really wanted. Most of the salaried positions in the company were the kind you had direct reports and in my industry there is a lot of stupid and handholding so I was not looking forward to have to deal with that stuff, but here was this angel offering me the salary I wanted and the stepping stone I wanted to get further in the company, all without having to deal with stupidity on a daily basis! So for the next 3 weeks I’m pulled from my current duties about twice a week to train in her position. In the beginning it was really menial stuff to get aquatinted with her department but then we started getting into the bigger Excel stuff. Now her job was 90% Excel based, but in having her teach me her job and the duties and deadlines for certain things I realized she was basically flying by with basic Excel knowledge (I’m taking formulas to do math and VLOOKUPs were the majority of what she used in EVERYTHING). Now I was really okay with it and knew I could bring a lot more to the position with my knowledge and really help out the management team and showcase my expertise to them.

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✨💙Sea Witch Tips💙✨

Ocean water is perfect for all types of magic and also adds some extra protection to the spell!
✨White round seashells are the “white candle/clear quartz” of seashells. You can use them for everything and also for an extra boost!
✨ Algae and seaweed also have different correspondences and checking those may be a really good idea! In general, they’re used for protection, psychic abilities and weather magic.
✨ All seashells can be used for protection spells.
Sea salt is really useful for cleansing.
✨ Rocks or seashells with holes on them can be used for protection, luck and wishes!
✨ You can make some sea salt boiling sea water! Just remember to let it sit and filter it before.
✨ You can use driftwood for many different things, as making a staff or a wand, or just using it in different spells!
✨You can collect different things for your craft directly from the beach! As seashells, seaglass, rough quartz and much more!
Don’t take starfish out of the water! They die rapidly and they’re an endangered specie. You can touch it as long as it’s not outside the water
✨Don’t take animals or creatures from the sea, respect their environment! ❤
✨ If you’re going do a spell on the beach, remember to use biodegradable materials!
✨ Cleaning the beach can be an awesome offering!
✨ Remember that all the offerings you’re going to leave in the water should be completely biodegradable!
✨ Be careful with crystals that you put on the water, some can be toxic or can dissolve.
✨ When working with different types of fae, remember to be really respectful and stay cautious.
✨ You can also have a fish familiar. Remember to take really good care of them!fish also need specific conditions to be truly healthy! Do your research before taking one home.

💙I also recommend reading my Sea Witchcraft post here, it has some more tips and advice new sea witches may find useful!

I really hate to do this, but…

I’m Amy a mentally ill (borderline and schizotypal personality disorders specifically) trans girl, and a week or so ago my laptop completely stopped working, and as I’m currently not working,

I kinda need help to either get it fixed or buy a second hand replacement from ebay or something.

I’m really sorry for doing this but, trying to apply for jobs and finish some ebooks to try selling is much harder using just a phone rather than a laptop or anything.

As I mentioned I am attempting to write ebooks to sell, and I would be more than happy to write you some kind of fiction, just note it might take at least a few days or a week as I only have my phone to use.

I’m more than happy to write most kinds of things, both sfw and Nsfw stories are fine.

My most comfortable things to write are, I guess f/f love things, and maybe on the Nsfw side furry type stuff?

My only fic on tumblr is this https://adorablyamy.tumblr.com/post/157175234852/like-always-the-sheepy-girl-is-just-wasting-her Nsfw sexual content warning for that link

Anyway thanks for reading reblogs and things would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and my PayPal is amymeadows248@gmail.com

Just send me a tumblr message or ask or something about what you would like I guess.

Thank you so much for even reading this.


pairing: Lucifer x Reader

fandom: Lucifer

request:  Hey 😊 Could you write a reader x lucifer (fox) where she is helping him tend a wound in his back after a case and discovers his scars? Thank you!!

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

As soon as the ‘bing’ sound of the elevator was heard and the doors opened you rushed into the apartment, Lucifer hanging almost lifeless against your shoulder. He had vehemently refused to go to a hospital. 

'The devil needs no doctor’ my ass. He was bleeding out with a wound across his back, something he had gotten while pushing you out of the way. There had been a few times in the past where you had been fairly close to believing his story. Right now wasn’t one of them. 

With Lucifer lying on his stomach, stretched out across the couch, blood running down everywhere he look like every normal human being would.

“Don’t run away while I’m gone.” You say jokingly, attempting to get a response out of him. The guy could never shut up after all. 

He makes a low groaning noise which is good enough for you so you disappear in the bathroom and look for some bandages. Finding alcohol to disinfect the wound surely wouldn’t be a big problem. 

With everything you need in hand you return to the living room and put the things down on the little table. When you try to push up his shirt he suddenly tenses and abruptly sits up.

“You can go now, I can take care of the rest.” 

“No. I didn’t bring you to a hospital even though I should have but I’m not leaving you like this. You can barely sit upright.” 

“You really do not need to…”

“Yes! …this is my fault." 

You were thankful that he had saved you but couldn’t help to feel guilty. Police work was relatively new to you and you hated to admit it but this whole mess had really been your damn fault. You were an idiot for misjudging the situation and heading in like a complete fool. 

He sighs, turning your back to you, "Just…get it over quickly.”

At first you thought it was more blood that you were seeing but after you had cleaned the wound with alcohol you realized what it really was. Scars. Scars in the form of what resembled the form of wings or rather the place were his wings should be. 

Was it another of his lies or had he been telling the truth all along? The better you got to know him, the harder it was to tell.

“Aren’t you finished yet?” Lucifer asked a bit impatiently. 

You clear your throat, try to tear your eyes away from his back and wrap the bandages around before you get distracted by the sight in front of you again. 

“Y-yeah all finished.” You stutter out and try to smile at him when he looks back at you.

“Could you…would you mind not telling anyone?”

He looked sad, insecure. Something you had never seen on him before. There usually was an air of invincibility around him that seemed shattered right now. You nod, hand him a fresh shirt you had gotten from his closet earlier and stand up to leave. He needed some time alone and it felt like you had already intrude further than you should have.


1. Do you turn water into electricity through hydropower because DAM
2. Are you an element because i’d periodically do you on a table
3. Are you an atom because ive got my ion you
4. I want you more than Leonardo Dicaprio wants an Oscar
5. I might be the left shark but youre the right shark for me
6. Do you have an iphone i can borrow? I just really need google maps because im completely lost in your eyes right now
7. I like you more than kanye likes kanye
8. Are you hot topic because im uncomfortable when i enter you
9. Are you from starbucks because i like you a latte
10. The club isn’t the only thing goin up on a tuesday
11. Do you want to get chipotlaid
12. Minerals aren’t the only thing I crave
13. I’d share my tots with you
14. I see youre drinking skim milk. Is that because you think youre fat? Because youre not. You could drink whole if you wanted to.
15. Is your name Neville because I long for your bottom
16. Tea won’t be the only thing i’m dropping into your harbour
17.U just (nicholas) caged my heart
18. Are you tired? Youve been running through my mind all day
19. If i was a superhero, id be YourMan
20. Tags arent the only thing i’m gonna be poppin
21. Vincent van gogh out with me
22. If you were my homework i’d do you
23. Are you my pinky toe because i want to bang you on every piece of furniture in my house
24. Are you spahgetti because i’d love you to meat my balls
25. Youre the hottest pocket
26. My heads in the game but itd rather be between your thighs
27. Are you playing mario golf because you just won this hole
28. In west philadelphia, born and raised, on top of you is how i’ll be spending most of today
29. Roses are red violets are blue like the titanic im going down on you
30. Your soul isnt the only thing i wanna suck
31. If im mozart, will you be my baethoven
32. All this cream cheese and i still want you in my bae goals
33. Do you play sims because YIPKEE BANAKATOO! NABO BAZEDDD
34. Do you want creme bru laid for dessert
35. Are you from hogwarts because id love to slytherin your pants
36. Catching the golden snitch isnt the only thing i can do with my mouth
37. Hell ive fallen for you and cant get up
38. Are you raven because i’ll be your lil nasty
39. Are you Robin Thicke because get the fuck away from me
40. Are you instagram because i’m likin what i see
41. Is that a cellphone in your back pocket because dat ass is calling me
42. Are you tumblr because im gonna be on you all night
43. Tonight, im gonna put a snake in YOUR boot
44. Is your name wifi because im feelin a connection
45. If you were a sharpie youd be ultra fine
46. A dolla aint gonna be the only thing that makes you holla tonight honey boo boo child
47. You can hakuna my tatas
48. Youre the obi-wan for me
49. Are you feelin it now mr krabs
50. You make my life les miserables

★*゚‘゚・DC Comics Special (2012)

quotes taken from robot chicken’s dc comics special. 

❝ Last one at the party can’t fly. ❞
❝ Oh God! Oh, my back just snapped like a pack of uncooked spaghetti! You just walk up and break my back without saying a word. ❞
❝Booh! Booh on you, sir!❞
❝ Why would that be one of your super powers? ❞
❝I should really use that power more often. ❞
❝ I can’t remember why I hate you. ❞
❝ You might want to close your eyes. ❞
❝ Let’s see if we can at least make it through a round of hors d'oeuvres before the first supervillain shows up. ❞
❝ Come on! I thought we had a schedule worked out.This is my day. ❞
❝ It’s German. ❞
❝ Well, I ain’t changing, you dick. ❞
❝ Everyone, freeze! Oh, for fuck’s sake! ❞
❝ I completely forgot about Chillblaine. ❞
❝ Why didn’t you tell me they look like cartoons. ❞
❝ If you can’t keep it together, you need to leave. ❞
❝ Hold on there, _________.You gotta do it in costume.❞
❝ You bitches can pay for your own drinks. ❞
❝ I do not just call when I’ve been drinking.❞
❝ I’m literally the only one affected by that rule! ❞
❝ I still have a scar in my forehead from Christmas 2004, you dumb butthole. ❞
❝ My God, What was that? ❞
❝This is so cool.Not quite “Independence Day” cool, but much cooler than “Battle Los Angeles” cool. ❞
❝ Could you please stop screaming? ❞
❝ Protect me, Selena Gomez! ❞
❝ I am not sure that the earthlings are worthy of a ring. ❞
❝ All we gonna do is go over to the Hall of Justice, plant a nega-bomb and kill them all at once. ❞
❝ And it never hurts to leave a few riddles with embedded clues on how to diffuse the bomb. ❞
❝ Riddle me this! Which losers are gonna be totally jealous when I defeat the JLA without them? It’s YOU GUYS!❞
❝ I’m shutting down this turd factory before it gets any worse. ❞
❝  That was an ancient relic passed down from my ancestors! ❞
❝ And, who ever’s been picking their nose at the urinal and wiping it on the wall.Stop it. ❞
❝ What is the wifi password in here again? ❞
❝ It’s the Justice League. We’re under attack! ❞
❝ Look, I don’t want to hurt your feelings… ❞
❝ I have the codes to the Watch Tower service entrance. ❞
❝ I didn’t join the forces of evil or anything. ❞
❝ We give you a hard time but only because we love you, bro. ❞
❝ We’ve been caked! ❞
❝ I got a staph infection, I almost died. ❞
❝ Is that piss, dude? Did you just squirt piss in my mouth? We so are done, professionally! ❞
❝ I’m gonna kick your ass! ❞

Some MHA manga redraws, because I’ve been binge reading it and I really really love the style!! It’s really good. With obvious Todoroki bias coz I see those parallels my boy good job on the friend thing I’m so proud

Also Aizawa’s trolling smiles crack me up every time help

Happy Monday!

April 3rd, 2017

Good morning, all! I’m a little recharged. Y’know, I’m really happy I journaled last night. I feel like I averted a complete panic attack. Talked with my sister more, which always helps. We’re in this together. My fiance is working from home today. Man, as much as we really love the Subaru, stuff keeps happening to it. A pebble hit our windshield so now we’re waiting on Safelite.


Steps: I’ve been keeping up with the gym for a few weeks now, but I think I need to keep my steps between 10,000-15,000. Now, I’ve been getting between 20,000-25,000 very often lately and I know you’re thinking, “Why on Earth move less?” I simply do not rest enough and I seem to eat much more appropriately for an activity level around 10,000-15,000 steps and what I do at the gym that morning.  

Squats: I’ve decided since last month was all about doing push ups, I’m going to take it upon myself to do squats this month. So, 100 squats every day in April. I’ll probably still do push ups on my upper body days. They’ve sort of just fallen into that routine and that’s awesome because I actually saw results!

My Monthly Workout Challenge: I am so excited to get started with this. I don’t even know what team I’m on yet, but I’m so ready!

Bits and Bobs

Migraines: They were much better this weekend. The weather really improved, which is the bulk of it. I felt like I was coming down with one last night because I was so emotional (it’s stupid how easy it is to trigger one sometimes) but I sat in a really dark room for a while and it called down. I’m becoming better at identifying triggers and my more subtle prodrome cues. It’s easy to tell when you have an aura, y’know? It’s not so easy to connect every little dull ache, tingle, or mood swing to prodrome, though.

Results of Push Up Challenge: I didn’t take any pictures, and the results are only really palpable because of my skin, anyway. I’m actually really happy with the result after one month. It’s made more progress on my triceps than most things have all year, so I’m going to keep doing them regularly!

Things That Make Me Smile

It would have been easy to convince myself to eat a lot of stupid things yesterday, but I sat down and wrote down everything I was thinking and feeling. That’s what that post yesterday was all for and about. I really recommend that anytime you’re feeling strong emotions to write something down, even if it’s a few sentences. At the end of the day, the “streak” is just a number but I’m really proud of that ‘24′ this morning.

anonymous asked:

oh boy Ladrien kills me every day. The way that boy looks at Ladybug, he must feel so self conscience and naked and you can tell just how MUCH he loves her. Ladrien destroys me, I love it so much and I really enjoy your writing.

Thank you!

I actually made a text post screaming once because I felt personally victimized by the way Adrien looked at Ladybug in Jackady



Ladrien is the angst ship in my book and I ADORE Ladrien angst but I also love imagining Ladybug calling Adrien all the ridiculous nicknames Leslie calls Ann in Parks and Recreation.

Like they know they love each other but they aren’t dating and it’s completely ridiculous? And everyone sorta figures something is going on between them but they don’t really question it? Like “hey Adrien how’s Ladybug doing?” and Marinette spits out her drink but no one notices because that’s how this show works apparently—

anonymous asked:

Hey sea-fam, I'm having a huge meltdown right now. Yesterday, I was told that I am not overcoming my OCD fast enough and that 80 percent of people would have made a lot more progress by this stage. I was told that basically, if I don't improve enough over the next few months I may have to go into a hospital. I'm terrified. I don't want to be away from my family. I thought I was doing so well and to hear this news has broken me completely. I really need to advice on how to handle this...

There is no fast enough. There’s working on it. That’s it. You need a new therapist. What they mean is that you’re not doing it fast enough for them. Which is nonsense. You’re doing your best, you are doing well. You are the one that determines how well your treatment is going. If you see yourself improving, if you see your life getting better, if you’re functioning better, then you’re doing amazing.

I strongly suggest seeking a new therapist. If you really, really want to stay with this one, tell them firmly that your treatment is going as fast as you need it to. That you’re pleased with your progress and will continue at the pace that suits you, not them. You will not go into a hospital because you don’t feel that you need it. If you felt like you did, you would. But you don’t. And you don’t appreciate them undermining your achievements because you don’t reach their expectations.

-Lou the Lobster

molingirl  asked:

How does everyone keep motivated enough to actually finish a game? I had so much motivation when I started my game I could have scaled Mount Everest but now my game is 70% done and my motivation has dwindled to next to nothing. I'm so close to completing it, yet I can't bring myself to work on it anymore.

How come you don’t feel motivated any more?  Are you burned out by the game and need a break?  Or are you worried that you’re so close to the end and you’re going to screw it up somehow or that it’s not perfect?  What do you feel is holding you back?  Find what’s eating at you and nip it, whether it’s by taking a scheduled break or by really analyzing how you feel and finding ways to mitigate it (if it’s the later that’s part of the thing that’s holding me back as well, feel free to talk about it ;w;)

Here’s a very good guide on how to finish your game that I love to reread every so often to help me out.  Here’s another from RPGMaker.net, and here’s a guide on how to get around creative blocks.  Hobby Game Dev discusses how to finish your project as well.  Here’s two discussions on people who also have trouble finishing their games.

How do you guys keep motivated to finish your games?

Hello all,

I’m asking for your help.

At the beginning of June, I have an appointment to begin the application process for disability benefits, and I need it. I don’t know how I’ll survive 3-6 more months trying to apply and reapply all while trying to work enough to make ends meet.

I’m completely serious.

Along with this, money this month is beyond tight and I don’t know if I’ll make my bills without assistance. Usually that comes from my parents, but my father is near the end of his rope with helping me out, to the point of berating and belittling me over the phone about it.

What I ask of you is this;

Send me all the positivity and good luck energy you can muster or spare.

Focus it into the sigil above for me, as I plan to do the biggest spell of my life to try and push all the pieces into place for my life in these trying times.

I need all the help I can, because I need this to happen, and as fast as they are able.

Thank you for listening, and for any help or energy you offer.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

@thinkbusbythink asked me what I thought of the au pair storyline.


-remember back when I asked you all about how Shelagh has certainly pushed beyond her vow of poverty (one to go–next series, Shelagh stages a coup!)?  An au pair kind of smacks of a financial entitlement.  Of course, that could be jealousy talking.  I will admit to breaking the tenth commandment regarding a neighbor’s au pair (and cleaning lady… and gardener).  

-have the Turners become, with their shiny new castle and an au pair, the nouveau riche of Poplar?  

-do we really need another character?  Even a minor one?

-If the Turners are getting an au pair, that does seem to point us in the direction of Shelagh being available to work more, which will take her out of the home and put her in the working world, which is my preference

-how common were au pairs, really, in 1963 Poplar?  I would more likely believe a Mrs Penney in the background character.

As always, my opinion only. What’s yours?

Netflix And Chill

Carry On Countdown/SnowflakeFaces November 27, Spells/Eighth Year



“What about ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?’”

Simon groaned from his spot on the grass. “Isn’t that from The Sound of Music?”

“Well, yeah.”

“I don’t think Normals really say that one too often.”

“Are you sure?” Penny pushed her glasses up on her nose, completely serious.

“Yeah, Pen. Nobody says it unless they’re putting on the musical.”

Penny groaned and flopped down next to Simon. “What about…”

“Can we just go get some more scones?”

“No, Simon. I need to figure out my spell. You should be working too.”

“I can’t even master a simple Stay Put, Pen, how do you expect me to create one?”

“You’ll figure something out. How about ‘I’ll be there for you?’”

“From Friends?”


“Again, I don’t think anyone says that.”

Penny groaned. “Don’t you know anything about what Normals say?”

“Nope. Let’s go get some scones and tea.” Simon pushed himself up and looped his arm through Penny’s.

She sighed, but followed him. Simon devoured seven more scones before Penny decided to go back to Cloisters. Simon walked her there and then braved his own dorm. Baz was there. Of course. The git was at his desk, studying.

Get rekt, scrub,” Baz whispered. A glass shattered itself, and Baz groaned. Somehow, Simon hadn’t been noticed yet. “Crowley, that’s ridiculous. Couldn’t the Normals choose anything better to say?” He flipped a page. “What’s a ‘ship?’” Simon slammed the door to alert Baz to his presence. He jumped. “Snow.”

“Baz.” Simon skirted Baz’s side of the room and plopped down on his own bed.

Netflix and Chill?”

Snow started. “Baz?”

“Yeah, Snow?”

“Um, what did you just say?”

“I said ‘yeah, snow.’”

“N-no, I mean before that.”

“Netflix and Chill?” Baz said it without magick.

“Yeah.” Simon was practically sliding towards Baz.

“Why?” Baz’s eyebrows furrowed and his high forehead crinkled.

“I don’t know.” Simon gripped the arm of Baz’s chair and turned him around.

“What are you doing, Snow?” Baz’s heart raced, but he only glared at the approaching boy.

“I don’t know.” Snow echoed. He planted an arm on either side of Baz, trapping him.

“Snow…” Baz warned.

“Baz…” Simon didn’t know what was happening. Maybe it was that damneded spell Baz had cast.

Baz opened his mouth but was interrupted by Simon’s mouth. Simon’s eyes were closed, long lashes centimeters away from Baz’s own. His lips were chapped, but still warm and somewhat soft. Simon melted against Baz, falling in his lap. Baz moaned, wrapping an arm around Simon.

They kissed for a long time, but no Netflixing occurred. They pulled apart once, at dinnertime, but after seeing the color of their lips, opted for a magicked up meal in their room. That same time, they shifted onto Baz’s bed, where Simon’s shirt was lost. Baz subsequently lost his.

It was late before Baz forced Simon away to feed. He came back, where Simon was still reclining on Baz’s bed.

“It wasn’t the spell that did it?”


“The spell. Netflix and Chill. That wasn’t what made you come over and kiss me?”

“Oh, it was. It wasn’t the thing that kept me kissing you, though.”

“Oh. Oh.”

Simon grabbed Baz’s collar and yanked his face down. “Well, I guess I’ve figured out my eighth year spell.”

Yet another announcement

There seem to be a lot of those lately, but what can you do. So. Listen. I haven’t been posting anything in the last few days and I’m sorry for just disappearing on you guys. Unfortunately I have more bad news: my exams are approaching and I really, really, really need to study for those. Work has picked up too, and there are some family obligations, and it all just amounts to a couple of very stressful weeks. Which means that I’ll have a lot less time to spend on this blog for the foreseeable future.

I’m not going to stop posting completely but it will be less frequent and my responses will come a lot slower. I’m really sorry for that because I’ve gotten a lot of amazing asks lately and I can’t wait to share them with you guys–but at the moment I have to put my studies first. So please don’t be offended if I haven’t answered your asks or messages yet, because I love hearing your thoughts and chatting with you! 

The good news is that I’ll be writing my last exam on June 16th. After that I’m gonna have a LOT of time to spend on tumblr again. Believe me. I miss it already, I just can’t enjoy it when the voice in the back of my head constantly nags me because I still have another 150 pages to read to reach my daily goal- will you just shut up for a sec??

Anyways, I just hope you understand! I’ll try my best to improve my posting a bit but it’s a stressful time as it is, so please be patient with me.

Today has been thought provoking. I had the opportunity to be with a mentor and friend who recently had a life threatening experience. Such events lend themselves to greater appreciation for Time, relationships, and the small things in life.

To almost emphasize the point, the words of a song stood out to me…that the best moments in life seem like wasted time.

Do we sometimes give too much of ourselves to things that have no value? I was thinking about productivity. Often productivity is measured by tasks completed, products made, or dollars earned. One of my frustrations as a child is that my mom wouldn’t sit down with me and watch a movie. She always had to be working. As a working mom, I really understand because after working, there is cooking, cleaning, homework, baths…the To Do list. But, I don’t think those memories are best for my son. He needs to know he is more important than the To Do list.

It is the same with others. How easy it would have been for my mentor to stay home today with the list of all consuming work? Instead, he spent time with me… accomplishing little things on my list that were daunting and reconnecting with me. There must be balance I think.. time for the work that must be done, time for relationships old and new, and more importantly time for oneself.

So, perhaps the most productive time is actually reading a story or watching a movie? It will be unique to the individual and their needs. Be patient with yourself and others. ❤

anonymous asked:

hey dad i have a question: i once told a friend that i have a bad habit of waiting to go to the bathroom until i have to pee so bad i feel like i can't hold it (but i never really FEEL like i have to go until that last minute) and they were like "that's your adhd working against you". Is that a thing? Does adhd make that a thing???

I tend to hold my pee until last minute during hyperfocus. I do the same in regards to eating (even more so when I take my meds). During hyperfocus, I get so intent on completing my task or focusing on the task/activity at hand, the signs given to my brain by my body for my needs are completely ignored. I don’t even notice them.

One time, I sat in the same seat, in the same position for 16 hours straight to read. I didn’t get up to pee, to eat, or anything. I hadn’t even realized it had been that long until my mom came and she literally had to TAKE THE BOOK OUT OF MY HANDS to get me to eat dinner and go to the bathroom. 


I was so busy trying to get work done for Sodak Con that I completely neglected to share it. That was a mistake and I really need to learn not to do that.

I had two Silent Hill pieces for Sodak Con. I don’t feel I’m particularly good at fanart, since I usually like to go for more obscure/bizarre stuff, but I think these turned out alright.

I’m really fond of that Nurse piece. Not only is it a side profile(something I love but rarely do), has script(which I also love), and has cleavage(sorely absent in my work), but I actually figured out how to get the printed color to match the digital color on the first try.