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Steven universe critical blogs make me lose 50000000 years off my life.

Like I get it, you like the show and want to help it. However, there’s a difference between “helpful” criticism and “I want things this way and I’m mad cause they aren’t” criticism.

Yes, animators work really really REALLY hard on cartoons, and yes, they should be open to criticism. But that doesn’t mean you need to be rude about, nor do you need to harass others for their opinions on the matter.

Not to mention, the whole “they’re making the characters shorter” thing needs to just chill. Literally all artists change their style throughout the existence of a cartoon. I mean if you looked at spongebobs first episode and a newer one from this year you would notice a difference.

The crewniverse works hard on this show, and I hope everyone can just give helpful rather than hurtful criticism.

re: the last post about the expectation of constant self-flagellation or criticism of everyone around you who’s Unpure, i also really think this kind of attitude is particularly unfair towards people who are marginalized, especially if they’re marginalized in multiple ways

like, i’m a disabled, mentally ill, romani lesbian. i spend my entire life dealing with ableism, racism, sexism and homophobia. i am aware that media is rife with those issues, trust me! i know how important it is to be critical, i got my damn film degree doing exactly that. but those are painful topics for me that take a lot of emotional energy to deal with.

the expectation that i need to always be On and ready to Unpack This and can never just enjoy my damn escapism in peace takes so much more out of me than out of abled straight white people. they can talk all day about how some tv show is ~problematic~ because it doesn’t affect them in any way.

this constant scrutiny doesn’t actually benefit me, even though it’s billed as looking out for my interests. my only interest is people leaving me the hell alone lmao

more and more it seems like criticism of media has shifted from pointing out the harm done by the industries to slinging all that anger towards the individual end consumer, solely because they are easier targets for that anger than some producer who doesn’t care. and that’s not fair in any way.

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I'm worried I'm not cut out for being a vet... My grades are pretty great and I'm in an honors program, but I'm worried I won't be able to remember all the things I need to for vet school or that I'll mess up surgeries. I really want to be a vet though... Did you ever worry you couldn't do it?

Only every single day of my life until I actually had the degree in my hand. Unfortunately veterinary school is all about cramming and purging. You learn as much as you can for a test and then a good deal of the info is forgotten because it just isn’t important.

I remember absolutely nothing about large animal medicine, but that’s because I don’t do it. You will remember everything you need for your specific veterinary niche. Other things that you don’t need often like drug dosages, unusual medical procedures, etc. can be looked up and it isn’t a big deal.

I hate to break it to you, but you will mess up surgeries. Everyone does. I have been very lucky that my mess ups were fixable, sometimes that isn’t the case. I don’t care how long you are a vet, you will make mistakes. It sucks and it is awful but that’s part of being human. Anybody who tells you they have never made a mistake at their job is lying to you. 

Also, remember that vet school is there because, well, you need to go to school to learn to be a vet. Looking ahead is hard to  sometimes because you don’t have the basic tools to even comprehend what it is you don’t know yet. Concentrate on your grades but also on doing fun things and living an interesting life and you’ll be fine.

Soooooo i called him last night (I was (a bit) drunk)
  • Me: "Heyyyy honeymoon, what u up to?"
  • Cole: "where are you? Are you drunk? How much did you drink? Should I come and get you?"
  • Me: "chillax man, i'm fine. How was my essay? Did you enjoy it?"
  • Cole: "Are you sure you're okay? It was great."
  • Me: "u know I like u right?"
  • Cole: "well yeah, i'm very likable."
  • Me: "no, I really, really like you"
  • Cole: "I really, really like you, too."
  • Me: "should we get married now? Did you just propose? Honey i'm not finished with school yet I need to live my life"
  • Cole: "*laughs* no, I didn't propose. I wouldn't do that over the phone."
  • Me: "well then we should meet shouldn't we?"
  • Cole: "not if you're not telling me where you are."
  • Me: "oh my oh my, mister ******, are you flirting with me?"
  • Cole: "I would never! *laughs*"
  • Me: "I should probably go, i'm sorry I called you, this is super embarrassing"
  • Cole: "oh no, it's fine. It's my fault, really. I gave you my number after all. *chuckles*"
  • Me: "i'm sorry, i'm hanging up now*
  • Cole: "it was great talking to you. Don't drink too much and study for your finals!"
  • Me: "teachers.."
  • Cole: "irresponsible students.."
  • Me: "men in their 40ies.."
  • Cole: "wowowowowow, now we're getting offensive! *laughs*"
  • Me: "didn't say that was a bad thing"
  • *hangs up*

More scenes from the Grasslands! 

I really do want to be better about writing in this space. Our schedule right now is tricky cause I wake up at 3:30 am and don’t get home till 5-6 pm. Then we have to organize gear, clean, cook, and go to bed by 9. But I’m trying to post more on days when I get back at 3 pm and aren’t as long. 

Other things that currently need improving in my life: eating and exercise. Haha nothing new there!

The food one is a little tricky because I think it’s mostly due to eating dinners as a collective group. I’m living in a field house that’s at least an hour away from a grocery store and there’s 7-10 of us at any given point. We have a stipend for groceries that we all share which is great but does mean that spending is limited. Basically it just means that I’m not really in control of my diet right now. Which I don’t mean as an excuse, it’s just a fact because we kind of all have to eat together. I’ve been tracking my food again this week and I’ve pinpointed dinners and extra snacking as the main culprits. The snacking was extra bad last week cause my period was unusually horrible and my cravings were insanely out of control. I’ve been better about it since and it’s definitely the part that I can fix the easiest. Dinners not so much. We’ve been cooking a lot of pasta, stir fries, tacos, curries, burgers, etc. Not necessarily unhealthy foods but more carb/creamy sauce heavy that I know my body likes. I’m trying to eat smaller portions because I don’t really have a choice of not eating it since there’s nothing else to eat lol. 

As for exercise, you’d think it wouldn’t be a problem doing field work. Or so I thought considering my two previous field summers were in the mountains and we were hiking quite intensely every day. We work long days, we work hard, but it’s not physically strenuous. It’s a lot of sitting and watching and processing animals and doing visual surveys. There’s the occasional longer “hike” (4-5K which isn’t long at all lol), but that’s it. (I struggle to call it hiking when there’s no elevation gain but that’s probably just the pretentious mountain dweller in me) It’s funny how some here seem to think the “hikes” are crazy long…different strokes I guess. Anyway, it’s just hard to fit anything else in when working 12-14 hour days because regardless of physical activity, you’re always tired after that and there’s always more office and home work to be done. The one down side to living in a field house is that it sometimes feels like you can never leave work. I’ve only gone on 2 runs in the month I’ve been here haha whoops. But on the second one I actually sound a good dirt road to run down since people stare at you if you run around or too close to town. So I need to start by getting 1-2 runs in per week. I also want to do 1-2 day of some other quick 30min circuit bodyweight stuff. Sunday is a day off so I promise, I will run. 

It’s really weird feeling so flabby and not athletic or motivated to exercise during a field season. I need to fix because I’m going on some big hikes when I go out to the coast to visit my boyfriend in August (yay!!). Plus we decided we’re going to sign up for a 10K race in October once I’m back. And I’m trying to plan a little backpacking trip with my Dad during my time off in August. All of those activities that I’m looking forward to will be more enjoyable the more I move my body and exercise some better judgment around food. Ahhhhh the eternal struggles of my life eh

Work in general is really good though! I am still very much enjoying the days we’re working and the people I’m with. We have one more round of mark-recapture and visual counts (for the spring, there’s more rounds coming in the fall) and then we’ll be switching more to burrow counts and habitat quality mapping/assessment in a few weeks. I’m gonna miss handling the little prairie dogs but I’m sure it’ll be nice to have a bit more normal hours. 

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How do I safely practice Wicca? I feel scared that I will accidentally do something wrong and invite some sort of unwanted entity into my life? I really am scared by the idea of contacting spirits or other things of the sort, because it's something I've had experience with in the past in a very negative way after using a pendulum. I probably used it wrong, but I am really unsure. Is there a way to practice Wicca without contacting spirits?

You need to ward evil (or all, if you are that afraid) spirits from you and your home. Check the ‘spirits’ tag for lots if information on them, so you are knowledgeable and feel safer. Also check the ‘ward’  and ‘protect’ tags so you know how to protect yourself.

Spirits feed off of energy, and your fear gives off a very strong vibration and not only attracts them, but feeds them and makes them stronger, whether or not they are ill-willed. 

Just remember that you are much more powerful thank any spirit and you hold all of the cards in your hand.

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How long it took to you to find this style and say "right it's it!"

never!! i’ve never gotten to a point to where i was like “well this is it, this is my style now” 

the way i draw is constantly changing and developing, even if it’s hard to notice. i’m always finding new ways to draw different things, different parts of the body, or finding different materials and techniques to do things. i’m still inspired by how other artists draw and want to try to make my stuff with a little bit of what they’re doing, and that will never stop! 

only nowadays do i even THINK about style, and only because sometimes i need to be able to change my style according to what i’m producing.

so i guess you could say it’s taken me my whole life to develop to this point haha, and it’s still a work in progress! everything i do now builds off of what i’ve done before.

but really don’t worry about style my man just draw what looks good to you and it’ll happen! i was never like “hm i need to create a style for myself” like nah just draw!! do what feels and looks good and you’re good to go ;)

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Looooiiiins~ Do you have any tips for an aspiring fanfiction writer, such as myself? Your such an amazing writer! :)

Oh man, thank you so much! I feel unqualified to give anybody tips about, like, anything, but here are a few things that I personally feel are really important to writing good fic:

  • Characters! They need to be believable as people. You know when you’re reading a fic and the dialogue and thought processes of the characters are so removed from real life and real ways of thinking/speaking that it just kind of jars you and you lose interest or investment? It doesn’t matter if I’m writing the most fantastical high fantasy with the most unreal concepts, or the most ridiculous crack you’ve ever read, I’m absolutely still going to ground my characters in reality. Yes they are in ridiculous situations, but how would real people react to those ridiculous situations? On the other side of the spectrum, you can be writing something in a totally mundane setting (i.e. the award-winning fic Inc.) and you can make it a story with pretty much just characters alone. Characters are always the main focus of my writing energy, and often my plot kind of forms around them.
  • Give the audience something new and interesting, something that’s not going to be written off immediately by potential readers as “just another ___ au.” People make split-second decisions about whether or not they want to read a fic. Give them reason to pause, either with a creative concept or a creative presentation, or just something that will make them pause and think, huh, interesting. And hey, I love tropes as much as the next guy, so put a new twist on it, approach it from a different way, flip it on its head. With the amount of fic in this fandom now, it’s really easy for fics to get buried, so make yours sparkle. Make them notice. 
  • Know where you’re headed! This is PURELY my personal experience and I know people write differently, but I cannot start to publish a fic before most of it is already written. Or planned at the very least. And this is because for me, again just ME PERSONALLY, the finished product of a fic is just so fucking different than what I started out with. So different, in fact, that I often need to go back and edit my characters in earlier scenes to make them more consistent, or consider how new plot points would affect them. Or, I’ll think of some really great idea or parallel or reference that I go back and add to an earlier part of it, and people are like wow, she had it all planned out from the beginning! And guess what? I 1000% did not. When I have most of the story finished before I start to publish chapters, I think it gives it a much more cohesive feel.
  • If you’re getting stuck on something, fucking skip it. Skip that scene, hell skip that SENTENCE that is jammed in your brain, just always move forward. Like, personally, I really struggle with 1) descriptive non-dialogue portions and 2) smut. So my rough draft is kind of like a skeleton, all dialogue and notes about what I want to happen but don’t have the brain power to write just yet. When you slow down, you sink! Keep moving!
  • Don’t give into the little voice in your head that says your writing sucks! I am going to tell you something, I have impulsively deleted/abandoned things I’ve written before in a moment of insecurity, and I really regretted it. Take a step back from it, sleep on it, send it to someone else so they can look at it with fresh eyes. Of course when you’ve read your own sentence a million times before, it’s not going to sound as good or as fresh as it did at first. It’s easy to get bogged down and start to despair, but sometimes your own brain is the biggest asshole.

I hope this isn’t just a total waste of a read, but really man, wishing you all the best with your writing! Kick ass!

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Before this blog, I never shipped Dax/Kira, but they're so cute together! And I'm loving that fic you recommended– The Light in Every Star. It's so good, and the author really writes them like Kira and Dax. Do you know any more?

I’m so glad you like them!

First things first, go read gingasaur’s other Kiradax fic which can be found here (x) and here (x). Get ready for the mermaid au you didn’t realize you needed in your life, and continued perfect characterization.

Some other faves are:

Confident Sutures by Pipistrelle (x): Set during Invasive Procedures, has some really beautiful imagery and ~feelings. 

Casting On by Aceofwands (x): Contains three of my most favorite thigns - knitting, Keiko, and exploration into Jadzia’s life and family before being joined.

Not For Money and Not For Food series by Celestialskiff (x): More good Kira stuff! Also the first Kiradax fic that I read, so very near and dear to my gay heart.

Of All the Things My Hands Have Held, the Best By Far is You by Adventurepants (x): Far Beyond the Stars au that will change your life and make you cry tears. After you read this please come talk to me about it, because it’s my favorite fic of all time.

Those are all a good place to start, depending on what you’re into. If you have it in you make sure to leave some feedback for all these awesome authors. They are doing the lord’s work by providing us with wonderful, gay Kiradax content. 

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This isn't a witchy ask but a personal one. What do you do when you know your partner isn't good enough for you. Like they are a good person and treat me well and we love each other deeply, but we both kinda know I could do better and it kinda makes them insecure and possessive and controlling. Like I'm highly ambitions and they are the opposite and I'm super liberal and they are conservative and these things feel like they hold me back but also they are the most supportive person in my life

That’s up to you man. You really need to decide what is best for you in your situation. I can’t tell you to do anything but really think on what you want out of life, and out of your relationships, and act accordingly.

I’m going to tap out from posting for most of the day. For me, it doesn’t exactly feel right to be here casually blogging about Harry’s life given these horrible circumstances that we know nothing about. Yesterday, someone told me to live gently. I think that’s something we should all do right now out of respect x

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When u said that "ur gonna have to" (buy leather shoes) I think as a vegan, its fine to slip up, veganism shouldn't be about being perfect. But slipping up is like when you were unaware it was leather. In your "why I'm vegan" vid u said that ppl slip out of ethical/ veganism bc its 'ego-based' and ur 'supporting murder'. Think, "do I really need these shoes in order to go on with my everyday life" or are these a fashion choice? I just googled "vegan shoes" and there are so many options.

but u see, that is exactly what i mean by slipping up. u can’t be perfect with everything u do…. yes i want a pair of shoes that are cute and possibly made of leather. and i know that’s fucked up! i know i don’t need those shoes and that i am totally supporting an industry that is killing animals BUT the rest of the time i am devoted to not purchasing products made from animals as well as spreading a message to others to be conscious consumers- which i think is pretty cool. i’m doing my best! i saw these posts on here of these people attacking this girl who was vegan but ate ice cream every now and then. which imo is so okay! as long as you are committing yourself to make as much of a difference as YOU personally can that’s cool. sometimes you can’t be perfect. and i know that the reason i want a cute pair of shoes rather than a totally ethical pair is totally ego based!!!! like i’m not trying to say it’s not. but i’m human and my ego is a part of me lol! sometimes i’m not gonna do things that support my spiritual self which is okay… and i haven’t even made a purchase or looked at shoes yet so who knows what i’m gonna buy. u honestly can’t be 100 percent vegan in the way our society is set up which sucks but bc of that there is no point in calling people out for such silly things like this! but if anyone sees a cute pair of vegan shoes i would like hmu lol

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🎊 @1wice eleanor’s blog is literally one of the prettiest that i follow!! like literally everything about it is just so nice n pretty!!! also!!! eleanor is one of the nicest people on this site i highly highly recommend their blog!!!

🎊 @cherryjaehyun i was literally Shocked when mads followed me so if that doesnt give u an idea of how much i love them n their blog then i dont know what will!! one of my fave nct blogs i literally love them so much that is all

🎊 @ilovepcy ilovepcy more like iloveruby !!!!! i rlly love ruby a lot n her blog is  super super cute too!! i need more pcy stans like her in my life i rlly do love her go follow ruby!!!!!

🎊 @ta31uv really has THE nicest red n black theme like its such a 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 aesthetic and theyre super super sweet too!!!!! wow!!!!!

🎊 @standay6 i lov xero so much!!!!! his blog is really so so cute i honestly really love everything about it!! really a god tier blog!!!!

🎊 @calpyco is literally one of my fave blogs whenever they tag me in yuta i scream!!! honestly their aesthetic is so so nice n their tags never fail to make me giggle!! i lov them sm!!!!

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(1/2) Hi! This is a heavy subject but I feel like you might know how to help. I went to a end-of-the-school-year bonfire with my classmates. There was vodka, and we're VERY underage (sixteen this year). Obviously, I didn't drink but I have very mixed feelings about telling my parents/teacher about it. It would be the right thing to do, but my classmates would probably suspect me first and make my life at school hard. I'm scared because I consider many of them really nice and friendly,

(2/2) and i don’t want to make our relationships difficult. Could you give me a goid word, or a prayer (If you need a name, I can be JD)? (I probably am chaotic because the whole situation doesn’t seem real to me)


Yes, this is a heavy subject, but I’m leaning towards “say something”. Here’s why:

1. Since you’re still students at the school, even though it’s the summer, the school can technically do something about it.

2. Since this is an event with students, if anything were to happen, the school administration might have their own set of problems to deal with.

3. You know for sure that the vodka was there and you don’t just suspect it.

4. You would be doing the right thing for everyone involved by being honest.

5. If you don’t say anything and it still gets out, they might think that you were drinking, too, or they might think that your silence meant approval.

I was in a similar situation recently. We had a bonfire called Senior Sunset and I think that some people brought marijuana (We’re all 17 and 18 and State of California law says 21.). I did not say anything because:

1. All of us had graduated and the school would not have been able to do anything. I had no idea who to tell.

2. I suspected something, but I did not actually see anything (Other than someone acting and walking funny and people laughing). I did not want to report something that never happened. 

I still told my mom, though, because I felt weird and I no longer wanted to attend another thing I was invited to later that month because the same people would be there.

If I had been in your situation instead, I would say something. People would suspect me first, too, but it’s about God’s approval, not theirs. Consider this verse:

“For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?” (Mark 8:36 DRA1899).

If they turn on you, then they weren’t real friends anyway. Make new friends and lean on the Lord.

You are in my prayers, JD. God bless you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

i just read some criticism of when bad people kiss which is fine like i know as a writer not everyone’s gonna like what you do and i need to accept that but it’s actually really upset me when wbpk is something i literally just do for free + fun and yet has taken up hours/days/weeks of my life

“When I joined the engineering industry, I saw all the men around me wearing suits and ties. I went into it thinking I had to do the same. So I started wearing a suit and tie. But It wasn’t really me. That was my persona as a working professional, while there was a me who would dress like this. I thought, ‘Why am I making these changes if I want to be an authentic leader?’ I realised I needed to be my authentic self, wherever I was. So I dress how I like now.

I never thought of it as any different; working in a male-dominated environment. I’ve been lucky to have strong female role models in my life; especially my mother and my sister. They never really distinguished between women’s work and men’s work. ‘There’s just work, and if you want to do it, you can’, they said. There were times when I wasn’t taken as seriously as my colleagues. It made me work that little bit harder, and be that little bit surer of myself. I feel I’m forming the stepping stones for the next generation of female engineers.”

Thank You Fall Out Boy

I’ve had a really shitty year. One thing after another, bad things just keep happening. I hit the play button on Champion and the tears started flowin. Hearing that line “If I could live through this, I can do anything” is exactly what I needed. I’ve never been so touched by a song in my life. It’s exactly what I needed right now.

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?