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Your analysis of chapters 7 and 8 for THG are amazing. I love the little details that I missed and it's always fun to rediscover something new. Thanks so much for them! Do you have more of them?? -Amy

Oh my goodness, thank you for this message Amy! I’m really glad you liked it! I do have some more posts, which I’ve got linked at the bottom.

And it occurs to me now that I forgot to title the post about chapters 7 & 8 - these chapter by chapter analysis posts are all part of the “Rethg” reread, which is organized by @everlarkedalways!

It’s a really fun two-chapter-per-week group reread of the Hunger Games trilogy. Anyone can participate by reading along, and everyone is invited to submit thoughts to the blog or make posts of their own and tag them “rethg” (everlarkedalways will then reblog them). We are starting chapters 11 & 12 this coming week (I am a little behind, heh).

I just wanted to mention that in case you hadn’t seen some of the stunning analysis being done by others who are participating in the reread. To check it all out, this will link you to all the rethg posts that have been reblogged on everlarkedalways.

And my posts about previous chapters are here (some are less serious than others):

Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: post 1, post 2, post 3

Chapter 6

Thanks again for the kind words, Amy! (You should join in with the reread!) :D

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[Toumaki] 21. A Promise

A silence fell between them. It wasn’t unusual, especially not these days, with so many hours and miles between them. Toudou always had so much to say, but inevitably the quiet came.

“I miss you,” he said, not for the first time. Not for the last, either. Makishima sighed on the other end of the phone. He had a repertoire so sighs—Toudou recognized this as the really-Toudou-you’re-going-there sigh.

“But I do!” he exclaimed helplessly, staring up at his ceiling. He should be asleep. “You can’t expect me to not miss you, Maki-chan, so—”

“I didn’t mean it like that, I just…” he sighed again. “I’m coming back. You know that, right? This isn’t a forever thing.”

“You can’t promise me that.”

“I can.”

“Maybe you feel that way now but—”

“No buts, Toudou. How I feel about this place—that means nothing in comparison to how I feel about you.” Makishima laughed, a little awkward. “And that’s a promise.”

I was scrolling on Twitter waiting for me to drift off to sleep when I saw a childhood cartoon video thread and oh my god I miss childhood cartoons so much?? I recognised every single one of these cartoons and I remembered enjoying them so much and I really do miss how carefree life was back then when I was a kid. Coming back home after school and just watching cartoons and just enjoying life. I feel like even watching the super kiddy ones for the heck of it because of the feels. I have so much feels rn. Nostalgia hit me so hard that now I can’t sleep and I’m screaming over cartoons.


this is the monologue of youth 



After a really shite day, I needed to draw Kylo. And Rey. Kylo and Rey. Obviously I ran out of time and I decided to just do a rough doodle.
It started as a simple one drawing idea and then it grew a bit, giving ‘birth’ to a dress idea for Rey and this situation. 

I guess Rey can’t control her thoughts and Kylo knows she still wants to whoop his First Order ass. No brainer here…

Anyways, Reylo ftw <3

Art by moi

I just hope that Block B are actually coming back this year. Zico has been doing so well in his solo career that I’m kinda worried what happened to the rest of the members. Yes they doing sub units and have their little solo careers but you don’t hear from them as much as you hear from Zico. I just really want them back and together as a group. I really miss them.

Utapri Maji Love Live 5th Stage 2016-01-17 Day 2 Report - Part 2: The Concert! Opening and Quartet Night

Part 1 about the Flower Displays and Drop Boxes here

First of all I’d like to apologise as my memory from this whole Live is really fuzzy, I don’t know why, I just couldn’t absorb everything well when it started, it wasn’t because I was over whelmed. There was a lot I couldn’t catch either. I kept switching from the screen to looking at them and kept missing things because of that >< I really can’t wait for the DVD to see everything that I missed clearly.

*Please do not repost my photos, thank you*

So @maenothanks and I headed to our gate at 12pm or so, there wasn’t much of a queue thankfully.

My ticket and seat allocation.

I kept getting so nervous… “Shoutan is inside that building right this moment!! >< he’s probably nervous too”

They opened the doors just a few minutes after 1pm and they checked the tickets and our IDs, then bags. It was a really fast process, flyers about Utapri and the Seiyuus were handed to us.

(Let me join that fan club already, I want to buy my Budokan tickets!!!)

I then parted from @maenothanks as we both headed to our allocated seats, I was on the 400th level and she was in 500th which was higher up.

The stage is amazing! They extended it! I wasn’t sure if they would have or if it’ll just be the main stage at the top.

My view:

It’s pretty high up

It’s amazing from seeing Saitama Super Arena on the computer screen to actually being here. This is my first concert in Japan.

I thought this was pretty good I’ll actually be able to see them! But the stage is actually so huge so I still couldn’t see much 😔

Just less than 2 hours until it starts!
They played the anime OSTs while we waited, so nostalgic lol XD

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Bradley James to Daily Record: “Tony Head, who plays Uther Pendragon, said the other day how nice it was that so much of our relationship is really built on humour. We do a lot of talking nonsense. I suppose that it is a bromance. I heard that term for the first time recently in America.You could describe it that way. So long as it’s not taken too literally.”

You know what really gets me about Kings Rising though?

It’s how the first half of the book, you see that shift in Damen. Not just the ‘I am now the King’ shift but you see him so much more muted. and at one point you realize it’s because he’s sad. He’s mourning whatever he had with Laurent. THEN you have them do the bickering thing which is worse because now it FEELS like a break up. But then Laurent gets drunk and he says ‘I miss you’ and than suddenly it SHIFTS. 







“Eyes Only For You”

Tikki: Plagg, you’re crying?
Plagg: So are you! Why are you crying?
Tikki: I’m crying because I’m just really happy to see you again after all these years. But, why are you crying?
Plagg: Why do you think? I’m crying because…you’re just as beautiful as I remember. Same gorgeous red skin, same adorably perfect smile that brightens my day and those eyes—-wow! The years could go by but the loveliness of your eyes is eternal and I would trade all the camembert in the world just to get lost in them forever.
Tikki: Oooh Plagg, I missed you so much!
Plagg: And I missed you too mon amour!

Watch me continue to ship this ship. I know canonically in the series, Plagg is shown to be less romantic than how I wrote him to be however I have this little cute headcanon where Plagg acts different around Tikki. When he’s with Adrien, he’s the sassy yet loveable glutton and aficionado of cheese that we all know and love but when with Tikki, she brings out a different side of him—a more charismatic and poetic version of himself who would burp Shakespeare if it’d make Tikki smile.

Again, that is moi. A PLAKKI artist can only dream.

As the ole saying so rightfully goes; the eyes are the window to the soul. So for this week’s squiggle art, I decided to do something different and focus primarily on the eyes. I wanted to depict a Plakki reunion drawn from the perspective of the eyes as the kwami twosome. I’d imagine that if Tikki and Plagg were to meet each other again, it would be a rather emotional one. After all, according to Tikki in the Pharoah episode, she’s over 5000 years old so who knows how long it has been since she and Plagg have seen each other since the existence of the previous incarnations of Ladybug and Chat Noir? A little over 50 years? Possibly centuries? Decades even?

Regardless of the length, that is a very long time to be a part from your kwami bestie and closest companion. And what makes it worse is that even when a new Ladybug and Chat Noir are chosen, Plagg and Tikki still can’t really unite because they have to constantly stay at their chosen wielders’ side at all times.

So whether uncharacteristic or not (especially for Plagg), I’d imagine a tearful PLAKKI reunion. I’m really hoping there is an upcoming episode where they meet again. It would nice to see a PLAKKI-centered episode for a change.

Hope all my fellow miraculers and PLAKKI enthusiasts enjoy this week’s new piece and as always, see you guys next weekend for more new art!
Remember I post new Miraculous PLAKKI art every week so if you adore this kwami twosome, follow yours truly for more ♥

 ♥ More PLAKKI art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)

Sonic: *suspicion*

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This blog was really the most influential one that made me want to make one of my own, and now they’re following me?

I have no idea what I did to earn this, but thank you so much, @askarealscourge 

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You’ve really gotta appreciate just how much love Sanji shows toward his nakama here. No matter how much he fusses about not giving a damn about men, at the end of the day when push comes to shove, he puts every single one of their lives over his. I really love how he gently hugs not only Nami but Brook and Chopper as well before he throws them all out, as if trying to tell them how much he’s going to miss them (also, Nami’s boobs not distracting him in the slightest… wow). I know every Strawhat would do anything to protect each other, but can you imagine anyone other than Sanji giving a hug and wishing all of them good luck in such a gentle and reassuring way? He's even considerate enough to inform them about the presence outside so they won’t be startled when they’re out and can possibly get help.

But the one thing I love the most about this page? Sanji’s using his precious hands to save his nakama! It would’ve been much more convenient for him to just kick them out since he’s more agile using his legs, but he obviously wants to minimize the harm done to his precious nakama. You can say that it’s just because he can’t kick Nami, but even if there were only Chopper and Brook I doubt he would’ve kicked them. He’s also got a lot of arm power to throw all three of them at once like that.

Back in Punk Hazard, Sanji didn’t use his hands to save the G5 marines from the killer gas; he kicked them. Of course, the situation is much different here because he had to save a lot of people in a very short time, but I still like the idea that Sanji’s hands are reserved for cooking and saving his nakama only. I’m not saying he has an actual policy like that, but he still might be unconsciously using his hands in this way and is unaware of it.

Look how he threw Luffy in Drum Island when kicking him probably wouldn’t have harmed Nami clinging on his back. It could’ve been because he needed stable footing on the tree he was riding, but he was bound to get hurt one way or another since the tree was going to crash and get shattered anyway. I’d really like to believe that Sanji didn’t kick Luffy because deep down, he wanted to save his captain extra pain as well, not just Nami.

※ As I was writing this post I realized that there was actually an instance in which Sanji did kick to save a nakama: remember when Sanji kicked Usopp to save him from Enel’s attack? In that case I think it’s safe to say that Sanji kicked the sniper not because he cared less about him, but because just like in the case of G5 Marines, Usopp was in such a dire situation that he had no choice but to resort to his speedy legs. I mean, he had to make sure Usopp avoided a freaking lightening attack, for god’s Enel’s sake :/

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any miniature character fics, like one of them is a tiny person or gets cursed to be tiny? I'm not sure what tag it would even be but I did look at the tags page and I hope I didn't miss it if you do! And also you guys are awesome and I love this site, thank you so much for all of your hard work!

i got

Does Size Really Matter? by impalagirl, wilddragonflying (1/1 | 26,115 | PG13)

Derek gets cursed, and Stiles has to look after him while he’s cursed, because Scott is a selfish little shit. This curse really could not have struck at a more inconvenient time, considering Peter’s still on the loose.

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Arrow 4x12

I don’t have much to say about tonight’s episode except:

Roy Harper is back and he’s kicking ass now more than ever. He didn’t miss a beat tonight “Just like riding a bicycle!”

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Its nice to see that “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t really apply where Thea is concerned, Roy is very much in love with her still. “If i had it to do all over again i would do all those things with you.” Sweet doesn’t even begin to describe it. I really feel for them though, all destined to be Starcrossed. So Sad.

So, Felicity’s Dad is another big bad.

Well, not a BIG BAD, more like a big bad. But whatever kinda bad he is, he’s another guy who wants to destroy the city, can’t imagine why. Was Starling City like Sodom and Gomarrah back in the day, I mean all these bad guys want to destroy the city and they all feel justified in doing so.

Well this is gonna complicate things for Oliver and Felicity. I believe we’ve established that her father was gonna be bad, i mean any man who leaves his family and its not against his will is not a good guy in my book. I have to say the promo pics spoiled the big reveal for me, one look at the way he was looking at her and i knew he had to be her father. The big shock for me was the fact that he was a bad guy. But he seems well verse in the affairs of his daughter’s life, i mean its obvious he taught her everything she knows, but why would he want to destroy a city his daughter inhabits. Guess his motives aren’t so clear to me yet, but i must say I’m intrigued, Can’t wait to see how things unfold.


Oliver is learning the lesson that not everything that goes wrong in the world is his responsibility to fix. I believe he’s finally coming to terms with that, hence he is learning to let go. He’s also learning that his fiancee is one CrAaazy woman when she’s on edge, and she was definitely on edge tonight. From the board breathing down her neck at work to this new cyber terrorist “The Calculator” who threatens her world as she knows it. Although Felicity’s edginess whenever she comes across a challenge (though few and far between) is not news to Oliver, so i think he knows to take her snaps with love, her barks worst than her bite. Oliver on the other hand not so much, I’m afraid his bite is much worst. I’m really glad the dynamic of his and Felicity’s relationship has changed, god knows he’s not the same Oliver Queen of season 3, not even a little, She has mellowed him Out. There really wasn’t much Olicity tonight, but their relationship brought a nice undertone to the episode.

Look at that smile, he couldn’t be more proud of her and she’s proud of herself. Curtis opened her eyes to the fact that the same dominating badass that she is when she’s fighting crime is the same Felicity they needed in the board room. And she had them eating out of her hands with her charm and grace, Felicity Smoak knows how to rock and wheelchair, Wheelchairs are in now, they’re the new chic.

Stray Thoughts

So Laurel is catching on to “Felicity Speak.” Not that i can recall anything she said cause i have yet to catch on but they have most definitely come a long way from “Favour Friends.” Thea’s condition deteriorates but of course that’s just an excuse to get Roy back in the suit. Not that I’m complaining, I love Thea but i have missed Roy, i feel like his place is with Team Arrow. I watched him tonight and its like nothing had changed, its like he never left. Loved him and Oliver! “Man I can’t believe you shot me.” “Really?!” Cause lets face it Oliver has put Arrows in Roy, on several occasions, Good to see them joke about it though.

Curtis! My man, you held your own in that fight with Roy.

Granted he did kick your butt, but he’s had training, so its more impressive that you’ve manage to land one punch let alone two, thumbs up to you man. Lovely seeing people fight for what they believed in all up in this episode. Thea, fought for the right to make her own choice, Felicity fighting for the internet, her company and the city (Quite the little multitasker she is) Oliver fighting to let go, Roy fighting to protect his friends and Curtis fighting to protect his hard work. I just had a thought, should have occurred to me sooner seeing as though i pointed out that Felicity’s dad was keeping an eye on her. Maybe this thing with Roy was just a very Calculated ploy (pun intended), a way for him to make certain. Cause if he taught Felicity everything she knows, I’m sure he can recognize her mark. Hackers have their own digital footprint, like fingerprints they can’t be mistaken, once you know you know. Sad to say, there are some very distressing days ahead for Felicity, her dads “The Calculator” (although she maybe more annoyed with the code name than his actual crimes) finding out Oliver’s been lying and inevitable death. All in all though was a good episode and i loved seeing Roy.

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I don't know if theres a real answer to this but i was curious if you had any thoughts. so why do you think they used the dark curse again? SB already existed they didn't need to make it again. And the main thing it did was transport them through realms but couldn't they have used that fancy wand? Emma took their memories with the dreamcatchers so she didn't need it for a memory wipe really. Am i missing something was there some other reason they need that curse?

Oh Nonnie this is actually a sore point for me. I hated that they used the Dark Curse and I have probably given way too much thought to the why. Even with OUAT’s fuzzy magic rules the use of the curse makes no sense when getting to Camelot required a wand. That tells me they had to have a REASON (or at least I hope so) for using the Dark Curse specifically. 

From what I can tell these are the options. 

1- My head canon that Merlin somehow sealed realm travel for Dark Ones is true! And the only way for a Dark One to transverse realms is via Dark Curse. And A&E will explain it later!

2-The Dark Curse was used to show us that Nimue still cared for Merlin and give a tragic end to their love story. 

3-A Dark Curse requires a Savior to break it and that will come into play in the second half of the season when they return to Storybrooke. Regina is the likely candidate since they were calling her the Savior earlier in the season but then seemed to drop the idea. 

4- The Dark Curse was used to up the stakes and show just how far off the rails Dark Hook was. Like killing Graham in S1, having Hook kill the well liked sorcerer increased the tension of the finale because the audience knew he wasn’t messing around. 

5- The Dark Curse wasn’t really the Dark Curse but some variation that Merlin brewed up specifically in an attempt to steer fate. I am still not over the fact that Merlin had a “dark curse” literally waiting for a heart to be added. This is a guy that sees the future, he said he foresaw Emma saving Hook as her “darkest path”. What he was doing at Granny’s was supposed to be helpful to the cause of helping Emma/destroying Darkness and I don’t see how the Dark Curse qualifies unless it was something else entirely.

Personally I lean toward #5 because Merlin’s death was a travesty and completely senseless. I need him to have been two steps ahead of the Dark Ones and to have set up a way to defeat the Darkness once and for all. I NEED for Rumple and Merlin to have a conversation or a face off or something and for Merlin to drop some of his wisdom on the guy. I just refuse to believe that after all the effort they put into weaving Merlin (as the Sorcerer) into the fabric of the shows mythology during S4 that they would eliminate him completely in the first half of S5. The story needs more Merlin!

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Blunt The Knives Parts 3 and 4

Smash the bottles…

I scanned both of these parts together since the pictures were smaller… I haven’t gotten around to cropping them properly and neatly, so the pictures look a little uneven and uncentered at the moment.

Anyway, so here is Fili playing catch with Kili, but I guess he missed the first plate, oh no! I wanted to do something a little different with the Smash! part, hence the broken letters, altho I hope you can tell it says smash hahhah! I went back later on to try and make things a little more legible when I was finishing that panel up…I actually added on his hood later because they have hoods, altho I never really do see it much in the actual movie so I’m wondering if it behind overtop of his jacket makes any sense (..if I’m making any sense!). In the book they remove Fili and Kili hoods, so I thought that if they removed thier hoods it would fall overtop off their jackets…anyway. Originally I never had it like that until the final version. Anyway.

Fili’s just throwin’ a plate in the second panel, altho it might have made more sense to have him throwing, you know, bottles. But in the movies he and Kili are tossing plates back and forth so…When I first started this project I seriously couldn’t draw Fili at all, so I tried to fix him up when I was colouring him hee hee…I admit his boots did not come out as I wanted…

My first ever freelance client has recently hired me again and it just makes me so happy. The consideration, respect and empathy they have for me just makes me weep. ::melts into a happy pile:: I get to model, texture, rig and animate a character for them!