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I think it’s a little funny that the person that is telling people not to complain is someone who has already been noticed and met Taylor? Some of us will never have that experience because they can’t afford tickets/merch so they are less likely to be noticed or to called a “superfan” this isn’t the case for me because I am lucky enough to be able to afford these luxuries but not everyone is and they are aloud to complain and have that complain feel valid

i’m not really sure what having met taylor has to do with it because i can guarantee you that even if i hadn’t met her i would be annoyed with the amount of complaining that has occurred in the last 3 months because it’s something that has happened and annoyed me several times before. i think people forget that taylor literally has millions of fans…ok you might consider yourself a bigger fan because you’re on this website but there are millions of people out there who also love her music but will never get to meet her or interact with her in any way. that might be disappointing to you but it’s reality and it doesn’t give you a right to criticize her every move?? i’m more than aware that i’m in a minority of people who have had the opportunity to meet and i feel more fortunate for that than you’ll ever know.


A very late sasusaku valentines dj because why not (˵ ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o˵)~  ❤ 

I’ve been getting into a headcannon recently of AU’s where Sasuke has a crush on Sakura and she doesn’t know (or does she). This is kind of a small reference to the college AU I made a while back. 

Anyway making this short dj was really fun! It was interesting exploring tones and painfully doing the line art for each panel because I’m so used to painting… I’d love to practice and draw more comics in the future bc I have a lot of ideas. It just (breathes) takes a long time to draw it all (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡ 


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I don't know if your doing requests but if your up for it could you draw Ansi and Olly from Welcome to the Wayne chilling after a mission. (Maybe a sleep over?)

Normally I don’t take requests, but you hit a weak spot with me because I’ve been waiting for this show to be a series for two years. 


hey everyone it’s dani

i don’t know how else to put this. today james was found passed away in his home. i have spoken to his family and they don’t know what happened. an autopsy will be started tomorrow but they might not know anything for up to two months.

i don’t know what else to possibly say. i’m sure many of you knew how amazing of a person james was. he struggled, but he always remained strong and did his best to keep others happy and smiling. he really appreciated all of you for the things you did for him; helping donate water or help paying for his bills to keep his home. he wouldn’t have been around on this website so long if it weren’t for all of you.

if you’d like to extend any messages to his family to express your sympathies or share any stories, please message him here and i’ll do my best to pass them on.

thank you all so much

and to james, i really love you. i’ll really miss you. rest in peace.

Cover I did for Steven Universe issue 5! You can get it in comic shops, order through the BOOM! Studios website, or get it digitally on Comixology. You can also see the WIP of this over on my Patreon (same username as Tumblr), though don’t worry - all the Steven cover work I post there will always be free to look at, just after a few days of early access for patrons.

Thanks so much to everyone who supports the comic by buying it - because of you I get to keep doing this cover gig and I really love it!! Please keep supporting the Steven comic!

PS: Spot the historical reference!

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Hii Emma! First of all, I really love your blog, it´s amazing and it helps me a lot! Well, I want to really start using my computer for studying, planning etc... I don´t get on really well with computers, but I know I really need them in my life. So what do you recommend me I should start doing? Which programs, apps, websites, Chrome Extensions etc... should I start managing with? Thanks for your attention and sorry for my terrible english hahah I´m spanish

Hi! Thank you so much, I’m happy to hear that. Here is a big list of things you might find helpful:

note-taking programs:

organisation/calendar programs:

productivity programs:

chrome extensions:


Hope this helps x

okay yall let me tell u abt this shit!!!!

so i found this when i was fourteen and searching for stuff to buy with an amazon gift card for my birthday. honestly, the whole thing
looks like a scam. the packaging looks like something one of your mom’s old high school friends would give your family for a free trial at a high school reunion as some sort of slimming supplement and your brother takes two and ends up in the er with persistent stomach cramps. it looks like something youd find in the back of a trader joes and pass without a second thought.

however, i was fourteen and had nothing better to do, so i bought it. and this is actually pretty fucking cool. you let one of these tablets dissolve on your tongue (they taste kinda nasty, but bearable), and for about half an hour to forty-five minutes afterwards, sour food tastes sweet!!!! REALLY sweet. theres a huge difference. i ate like half a lemon because it tasted like candy. i drank vinegar and it tasted GOOD (though u probably shouldnt do that bc who knows what drinking a bottle of vinegar will do to your stomach. i know i sounds like a tumblr user trying to convince you to use one of those free survey websites, but this shit ROCKS

the link is http://amzn.to/2x6Zit4 if u want to buy it, and help me out a little bit in the process (though i swear that has nothing to do with my recommending it to you. i really do love this stuff)

sometimes i feel like it suddenly became ~cool~ in this fandom to like…not be super enthusiastic about sarah’s books? and to always use disclaimers like “well, it’s sarah so *rolls eyes* obviously the prose was terrible” or “idk like this is good for ya fantasy” or….idk, just stupid stuff like that. I feel like people are afraid of enthusiastically loving these books, because if you admit you love them too much then like shame on you for daring to enjoy something that doesn’t check all the tumblr boxes on what “unproblematic” media is. 

and that so shit??? because this is fandom and so while we are always going to have criticisms, we should never be afraid to love this thing enthusiastically. LIKE IS THAT NOT WHY WE ARE ALL HERE?

and I feel myself doing it sometimes and it’s like wait…stop, no I actually really love these books, and there isn’t really a “but” in there. there’s room to criticize but there shouldn’t ever be any room to feel ashamed of really loving something, despite or even because of its flaws. 


and i refuse to adjust my enjoyment of something simply because this hellscape of a website wants to tell me that i am a bad person/uncritical reader for enjoying it as much as i do. 

I love how the people talking shit about Writscrib are pretending it has literally anything to do with “”“pedophilia””” when really they’re just mad that people want to move to a website where you can’t tell people to kill themselves over cartoons

Take a Break

I’m taking a break from tumblr. Like I’m completely logging off and everything for a few days. Maybe longer.

Im having some bad mental health days and with that comes the idea that my art is the worst. I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. I need to go back to traditional art for awhile, read some books, center myself. I am getting short tempered, stressed, and feeling like a really unpleasant person and I don’t want that to be who I am.

It also means, even though I just started it, I’m putting my ask blog on hold.

If you need to get in touch with me, I do have a twitter. I don’t post a lot on there and mostly follow funny twitter accounts and other art “blogs” but I do check it regularly. You can find me @Lozeyjones on twitter. 

I’ll reblog this once more for the day crowd but as of now I’m taking a vacation away from this site. I can’t handle much anymore.

Again, my twitter is @lozeyjones

I also check deviantart frequently (every day) so you can find me there as just Lozey.

I’m sorry I’ll be absent for awhile, but I do think that to feel better about myself and my art, I need to get off of this website to cool down and rethink things.

I hope everyone else is doing fine, however. I’ll just be on for the next 24 hours so if you need to let me know anything, tell me now or I won’t be able to get back to you for some time.

Thanks for understanding, and goodnight <3

well, the situation's this,

i do not wish, to offend, i was at my best friend nicole’s house, choreographing a hiphop routine when my mother calls me to come home, so i finish the dance routine and nicole drops me off at home in her infiniti SUV and i walk into my pitch black house and i see my mothers backlit shadow in the corner of the kitchen and she takes me to the family computer and instead of going “lets talk about it” she opens up every gay porn website and i go “eww that’s disgusting”, but really i’m going “yep tuesday, wednesday, thursday, i didn’t do anything and friday”. then, my father in his tighty wities comes down and goes “if it’s yours, just tell us” but wait, there’s more, they found a weird fax, like a document, that nobody recognised and i say “well obviously someone hacked into our computer..” and they believed me.

[tight knit-family/love is blind; falsettos 2016™]

I just read an article recommending budgies and cockatiels among other small commonly mistreated animals as pets for young children and I'm pretty sure I can hear my veins popping

A five year old does not need a pet, especially a small pet. If they’re not old enough to take care of themselves, they’re not old enough to take care of another life.

No hate to people who did get their own pet young, so did I, but I know I’m definitely not going to be doing that for my kids. I was 13 when I got my first bird (a parrotlet) and I know I was NOT mature enough. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him, he was the center of my universe and he got plenty of attention and interaction and love, but I was not mature enough for the less fun parts of pet care. I also had ADHD, so my brain was(is) a bit behind developmentally on certain aspects, but still.

If you’re going to get a pet, make it a family pet, and don’t get it just for your kids. Get it because you want it too, because you’d better believe you’re going to be the one taking care of it.

And if you have small kids, don’t get delicate pet that needs to be handled! Please! Kids mean well but they’re still kids! If you’re going to get a small pet, get one that doesn’t need to be handled, and is happier being left alone. (And then make sure you’re kids leave it alone, including no tapping on the cage to get its attention).

And also, there’s no such thing as an easy pet to take care of. If you think there is, then you’re probably not caring for it correctly. The best thing for a pet (especially non domesticated ones) is to recreate all the beneficial aspects of their natural environment.

And don’t trust what the pet store tells you. Do research at home before making the decision to get the pet. And I mean research that isn’t from the pet store website.

Super sorry this turned into such a long post, I just really love animals and think they deserve so much better than what the pet trade typically gives them.

And please don’t think that I’m trying to make anyone feel bad or guilty! Like I said, I had several childhood pets that I didn’t take care of properly, even though I loved them, because I didn’t know any better. I’m so grateful to the people who explained all this stuff to me


There’s something I’d like to say about Oscar Wilde. First of, Wilde used to be my favourite writer throughout my teens and he still holds a special place in my heart. Back when it was still possible, I even went to Paris and placed a rose at his grave. That’s how much I adore Wilde. I’m sure he did some problematic stuff. I actually know he did. He was a Victorian after all. But there’s this one thing that keeps happening over and over and I’d like to see it stop. “Oh my god, Oscar Wilde was so sexist.” That. That right there. I see this backed up with quotes like, “Women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly.” I also see this quote and other sexist quotes attributed directly to Oscar Wilde on websites and such. But please, consider this:

Oscar Wilde never said this. You know who said this? Lord Henry Wotton did. “Who exactly is Lord Henry Wotton?”, you might ask. Well, Lord Henry Wotton is a character from Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, published in 1891. He is an important character and you should really read the novel if you want to know more about this, but the question is: Are we supposed to like Wotton? Many modern readers sure do. They love him. He is portrayed by Colin Firth in the 2009 film adaption and shown to be the real hero of the film (this is very different in the book. Just saying in case you only know the film). Truth is, I think you’re not supposed to like him. He is sexist. He talks about rebelling against society but he never does, just tells his friends to and watches whilst they crash and burn. And he is safe, never risking anything, never stepping out of line. There’s a subtle irony to whatever he says and does and I don’t think it was lost on Wilde’s fellow Victorians as it is lost on most modern readers.

Lord Henry Wotton, witty Henry Wotton who everyone seems to adore these days with his sexist comments and boasting personality is not supposed to be liked at all. I’m pretty sure a lot of interpretations of his character tell you exactly that – whatever he says in these books, whatever he does, the advice he gives leads to absolute catastrophe in the end. Lord Henry is not supposed to be taken seriously and actually listened to. And yet I see him quoted all the time and – worse – I see his quotes attributed to Oscar Wilde as though he said these things, as though he really believed them, when in fact he never did. We, as modern readers, read Dorian Gray differently from how Victorians read it. Society changes, it’s perfectly normal. But I think this is well worth knowing before we go: “Ugh, Oscar Wilde was such a misogynist.” He was very much not.

I don’t want this post to continue on forever, so let’s just look at some stuff: When Oscar Wilde became the editor of the Lady’s World magazine, he renamed it Woman’s World and instead of just writing about fashion as the magazine did before, he added articles about politics, culture and the likes. Topics that in Victorian England were thought to be too much for a woman’s mind, topics that were not thought of as women’s topics at all. Wilde, along with his wife Constance, also was an advocate of rational dress – meaning dress that didn’t endanger women’s health and lives. Oscar Wilde lost both his half-sisters when their impractical, wide skirts caught fire during a party and they burned to death, so I guess he knew what he was talking about here.

And Lord Henry Wotton’s quotes? I guess it’s safe to say that Wilde fully intended each and every thing Lord Henry says to be utter rubbish. Victorian England was sexist and Lord Henry Wotton is supposed to be a mirror of that exact society – Wilde however (who never fit in himself) held a mirror up to exactly that society. The whole of Dorian Gray is actually just Wilde saying: “This is you, this is our society and this is what it does to people.” And Victorians understood that. There’s a reason Dorian Gray was harshly criticised after it was published and contrary to popular belief it was not just about the homosexual subtext (which also plays into Wilde’s critique of Victorian society as a whole) but also about how Wilde was not playing by the rules of Victorian society which made the book “immoral” in the eyes of many a reader.

So before going and declaring Oscar Wilde a big old misogynist maybe consider this and consider too that the sexist quotes you can find attributed to Wilde were actually said by his characters and meant to criticise the exact thing modern readers accuse Wilde of. There’s this lovely quote (this time by Wilde himself) about how Lord Henry Wotton is how people see him, Basil Hallward is how he sees himself and Dorian Gray is what he would like to be – in other ages perhaps. And we still make that mistake today: We take Lord Henry Wotton to be a carbon copy of Oscar Wilde himself when in fact the two are nothing alike. And I think people should know this. Oscar Wilde is often mistaken as some kind of air-headed, shallow hedonist, when in fact he was highly critical of his own society and its morals which led to his spectacular downfall only a few years after Dorian Gray was published.

I’m pretty sure all of this has been said before and said better than I ever could too but it’s been bothering me lately. I saw Wilde being misquoted and people holding up Lord Henry Wotton as some kind of witty, lovable character a lot lately and this just feels so wrong. I could say so much more but this is already too long so I’ll stop right here. Please note that I’m no literary critic, I’m a historian who really loves Wilde and researched him, his works and his significance to Victorian society and social changes a lot. I’m no literary critic but I know this: Authors and their characters are not the same thing, they’re not interchangeable. Characters are more like tools writers use to communicate messages. Lord Henry Wotton is not Oscar Wilde. Lord Henry Wotton is Wilde’s tool to criticise Victorian society and I think it’s a shame that so many people keep misreading this. 

a goodbye (please read)

so i’m leaving. i’m not deleting this blog in case my indecisive ass decides to come back in a year or something. but i’ve been trying to focus on my school work and work some things out in my life. i just really don’t think i can do that if i’m on tumblr. plus i’m not really that interested in dnp anymore. i don’t regret making this blog though. i made so many friends and if any of yall want to stay in contact just message me and i’ll give you my snapchat/instagram! so this is goodbye everyone, i love you!

The Bright Sessions characters as the Onion headlines
  • Dr. Bright: Nation’s Therapists Say Majority Of Issues Could Be Resolved By Not Being So Weird All The Time
  • Mark: Each Member Of Family On Edge As Vacation Has Gone By Without One Blowout Fight
  • Sam: Struggling Amtrak To Discontinue Mysterious Late-Night Trains To Spirit Realm
  • Sam when she met Mark: Report: A Lot Of People’s Dream Is To Have Sex With A Ghost
  • Caleb: Study Finds Expressing Anger In Unhealthy Ways Actually Incredibly Satisfying
  • Adam: Day Chalked Up As Loss By 10:15 A.M.
  • Chloe: Gifted, Passionate Student Really Stretching Limits Of School’s Resources
  • Frank: Soldier Excited To Take Over Father’s Old Afghanistan Patrol Route
  • Damien: Man On Vacation Suddenly Realizes No One Feeding His Hostages
  • Some people on this website about Damien: Report: There Just Something Dark And Intriguing About Man With Serious Personality Disorder
  • Green: Determined Ant Requires Second Flicking
  • Wadsworth: Groundbreaking Study Finds Gratification Can Be Deliberately Postponed
  • Rose: Report: Some People Actually Very Happy

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While you are working on underverse, what motivates you to do it despite the pressure from others?

I love so much what I’m doing and see people enjoying and supporting this is enough for me to keep going.

I decided to stop thinking about the pressure I’m getting just for one reason.

This will become a long post but I think this will worth it, if you really want to know a little more about me.

I was the only one in charge of the publicity and desgin department of a big company. I was only 17 years old.

They only let me 15 minutes to eating something and then keep working, designing social media content each 15 minutes, programming their website, taking photos for catalogs, learning about products I would never buy in  my life to making ridiculous ads, making designs with 3 choices for monthly banners, traveling outside the city to taking 2 photos of their branches, visit clients, create animations and videos about products, corporative stuff, birthday cards for the other employees.

All of this, I had to do it in three days and give a report to the Gerent.

If something wasn’t finished, they discounted me money.

  • They humillated me in public and also in the business meetings using arguments like “she is just a coward girl” “she is a woman  using a computer”
  • They threatened me to say goodbye to my job without receiving any kind of money.
  • They forced me to take only 15 minutes of my 1 hour-break to eat something and stay at the office. I even wasn’t able to go to another reunions.
  • They blamed my “sissy” drawing because they were losing money.

Of course I got several anxiety attacks and serious damages to my phisical and mental health.

I quit that job last year. And now I’m almost 22.


Suffering because of a poor asshole on internet is useless.
It isn’t compare to what I lived before.  

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Oh Gosh, I need to know what Alice told Bendy about the origin of babies. Btw, I really love this blog a lot! ♥

((she tried, at least. and thanks hun! <3))

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮

OOC: Hello everyone! I want to thank every single one of you little honeybees for being always so nice and supportive to me! I love all of you!!

In these days some of you messaged me that some people are posting my art on instagram and tumblr without credit, and it made me a little sad. Don’t get me wrong: I’m really happy you like my work, and it’s okay if you want to post it on other websites. I just ask you to credit me, please. It would really mean a lot, and I’d really appreciate that. It costs you nothing, except for 10 seconds of your life, and doing that you’d make me happy too!

If you see someone reposting my art here on tumblr or everywhere else, please let me know. 

If you see them here or here, it’s okay, it’s still me!

Sorry for bothering you with this post. Have a nice day!!

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hi i'm sorry i dont really mean to bother but like HOW DO U MAKE THESE BECAUSE IT'S SO LOVELY I LOVE IT I'VE BEEN DYING TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR LIKE EVER. Is there like a tutorial out there for this?? btw ur edits are AMAZING!! yourqrace(.)tumblr(.)com/post/152210476982

[the post] hey, you’re not bothering me, i’m happy to explain c:

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Hey love :) can you rec me some really good CEO Louis fic? Longer ones, if you can :) thank you so much ❤️

Sadly, not that much (and not that long). also I was supposed to do a CEO AU fic rec, so I’m gonna add CEO Harry in this :)

CEO Louis

- Loving You Is Free : Louis is a workaholic record label CEO who hasn’t been on a date in nearly a year. Niall and Liam make an account for him on a sugar dating website as a joke. And then Louis meets Harry. (67k, E)

- The Shirt You Hate :  “Soph,” Louis says to his female executive assistant. “I’m making more money than ever, and I have just realised that I have no one to spend it on.” At thirty years old, Louis is past halfway to becoming a billionaire, and he needs to find the one. He literally stumbles upon his university sweetheart. (15k, M)

- You Could Be Happy: “Fuck you,” Louis gritted through smiling teeth as he watched Harry gingerly buckle up his son in the back of the car waiting for them outside of the grocery store. “Fuck you and your fucking husband and fucking countryside ranch house and fucking baby. Fuck all of it,” and he lifted a hand to wave politely in their direction before the car sped off and he was left wondering how many times Harry Styles was going to walk out of his life before it stopped hurting.orSix years after the breakup, Louis is the CEO of the family corporation and Harry is married with a kid. (13k, NR)

- Stuck In Time : Harry Styles works at the local bakery every day from seven in the morning till six. When he obeys his obnoxious boss and goes to the mall to buy supplies, he doesn’t know what awaits. Louis Tomlinson is a successful CEO, found gold buying the Doncaster Rovers football team. When he goes to the mall to meet with his business partner, he finds himself trapped, in more ways than one. (24k, M)

- Mr. Tomlinson  : Louis is a billionaire CEO who makes grown men cry and rival companies crumble. He’s also an omega. Harry is the quiet cupcake of a man he calls his alpha and the only one who gets to see Louis as anything less than fearsome. (4k, E)

- nothing but a little bit of love : Basically, Louis sees Harry in a bar and falls in love. (8k, !NR)


- Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) : As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return. Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.    (37k, E)

- Manhattan From The Sky : Harry’s been raised to know that successful men do not fall in love. Louis believes that love is all you need to be successful in life. They meet. (47k, E)

- take me all the way down : Harry Styles is young, successful, and positively dangerous.Mark Tomlinson decides he has to go. Louis Tomlinson is just the man for the job.- or -The CEO AU where success is all Louis Tomlinson has known–until Harry Styles comes into his life, of course. (69k)