i really do love this show guys~

Knowing that Kaitlin isn’t going to get any industry recognition for Dee this season is making me kind of angry. She’s always fantastic, but there’s something about these last few episodes that have been especially wonderful.

1-Look at Hero or Hate Crime, when Charlie confesses that they’ve been smoking together:

In a matter of seconds, she goes through several emotions-

  1. slight confusion from Charlie’s plan to cover smells
  2. surprise that he told them about the smoking thing
  3. betrayal/ ‘what are you doing?!’

Notice how she freezes, leans just slightly forward, then farther back

2- In The Gang Tends Bar-

She makes three facial expressions that, in progression, show her feelings 

  1. At the beginning, “aw that’s really sweet, I love him”
  2. Middle, she snaps out of it and looks at the other guys
  3. Lastly, she has a regretted look on her face because she knows she has to rip Charlie up… but remember in The Gang Misses the Boat when Charlie and Dee have a conversation and Charlie says the guys make him do stuff he doesn’t want to do and Dee says it’s peer pressure? I think she ripped Charlie up because a) she’s afraid of her own feelings, and b) she feels peer pressured into doing it

3-Then later in The Gang Tends Bar-

I originally meant it to be funny, but it’s still important.

When Mac gives Dennis the rocket launcher

  1. She looks kind of happy for Dennis. Her brother is making some progress and actually has feelings and cares about things, and got a gift that he loved, which probably means more after his confession that he’s hurt that they never get him anything for valentines.
  2. Maybe even glad that Dennis has Mac, and that being an “old married couple” and the “codependency” she accused them of is actually good.
  3. That if Dennis can show such raw feelings in front of everyone, and he and Mac can have their thing, then maybe it’s okay to accept that she does feel lonely, and there may actually be some kind of connection with/ feelings for Charlie.
  4. Mac and Dennis really have strong feelings for each other, and she’s gonna have to continue sharing a bed with two people who are in love with each other.

(2 was taken from this post, so I take no credit for that great observation)


“Thank You for 1000 Followers!”

Thank you for always making me want to be better, for making each of my day happier, and just making my life seems less boring <3

You guys give me a purpose, boost my self confidence, and so much more. Since I joined tumblr, I can safely say I have improved so much. So here is a little comic to show what you guys mean to me :D <3

A little special thanks to @arthur-nath @cypriusgray @sianbrooke who always encourage me and become a huge part in my experience on tumblr <3

But of course, you all matter. Really.

I can’t thank you enough. This really means a lot to me.

Also sorry if it’s a little confusing to read lol

anonymous asked:

Compliments to the chef! they are super cute and handsome!

Lance: Hunk here is the best thing since sliced bread!

Pidge: A true gift from the gods of which we do not deserve.

Lance: Praise him.

Pidge: Glaze him.

Lance: Bun him.

Pidge: Love him.

Hunk: What are you guys even talking about!?

Keith: …

A.N. let’s be honest… Hunk really is the leg of the show. So I’m back! Online with proper posting again!  Trying to get through the ‘asks’ in order. Had to give this one special attention!


- OVER -

The whole world seems to be in a stage of shock. To all my american (and also non-american) friends, I’m with you! You’ll get through this, I promise. It doesn’t end here, you’ll outlast him. Don’t forget that you are a gigantic nation and that every single one of you has rights. You can protest, you can campaign, you can sign petitions. And most importantly, you can support one another and show kindness and compassion.

As a small act of kindness and compassion I decided to do a give away. I don’t care if you follow my blog or anything, you really don’t have to in order to win this. I just hope I can make one or two people smile in such depressing times. Don’t give up and remember to breathe! I love you guys! <3
Deadline: November 20th

I watched The Final Problem with my friend’s 50 year-old dad who is a big fan of the show, who doesn’t ship Johnlock, but who ranted to me for twenty minutes afterward about how the episode had nothing to do with John and Sherlock’s friendship and “that’s all that really matters” and “why would they have Sherlock die for John again in the last episode if never to show that stuff some more?” like…. this guy was appalled at the lack of Sherlock and John together on screen as themselves – Loving each other, however you want to view it. “There were no cases, no deductions, no Sherlock and John…. this doesn’t make any sense” – and this was HIM saying that.  I was just stunned, sitting there bewildered and silent.  

Big day for PST! One of our organizers received this letter from the MLB today!

Someone is seeing our letters and postcards. The biggest someone in Major League Baseball is seeing our letters and postcards. 

 Keep. Writing. 

 Your voice matters.  

 You’re making a difference.

Guess who’s back with another giveaway (: Since it’s around the time of my blog’s 1 year anniversary, I will be doing another giveaway for you guys. How perfect is it that BTS Epilogue DVD is coming out the same time my blog is turning 1? It’s so meant to be :’) I want this to be a present to one of you guys to show my appreciation. Thank you for sticking around with me, especially the ones who are still here since the very beginning. And thank you to the new ones who joined me throughout 2016. I really hope that we can continue to be together through 2017 and so on ♡ 1 year down, many more to go! I love and appreciate each and every single one of you so much. Therefore, I will be giving away the 2016 BTS LIVE 화양연화 ON STAGE : EPILOGUE CONCERT DVD along with other goods. Good luck everyone ♡ (Banner made by: @busanie ♥)

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The one thing I keep coming back to after this week’s episode is how Alec and Magnus are slowly becoming each other’s safe place. And I am so here for this. Let’s start with Alec, because I feel like he’s further down this path than Magnus is at this point. 

Other than Jace and Izzy, Alec has never really had anyone that he could feel “safe” around (thanks Lightwood parenting!). Safe enough to be himself, to show the uglier side of his personality, or the more vulnerable side, without fearing that the other person would run. But we see Alec do both of these things with Magnus in season one, first in the punching bag scene, where he opens wide to Magnus with zero prompting about his feelings regarding his parents being members of the Circle.

He snarks with Lydia about it, in the next episode he snaps at his siblings about it, but with Magnus he is honest and open and vulnerable in a way we almost never see him. He feels safe enough to do that, with him, and that is pretty astounding when you think about it.

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I would love to do comedy. A lot of people don’t know that I’m really a silly guy. I don’t take anything seriously. It takes a lot of energy for me to take something seriously. This show [AHS] is exhausting, in that respect. I’m more of a funny or silly guy. I would love to do comedy. I think I’m funny and that comedy is my strong suit, at least in real life. I have yet to prove myself in the movies, but I’d love to get the opportunity to do that.
– Happy Birthday, Evan Peters! ( January 20, 1987)

Dating Cole Sprouse would include...

requested:  MORE COLE SPROUSE PLS could you please do a what dating Cole Sprouse would include… thank u lovely xxxxx

⦁ cuddles
⦁ playing video games
⦁ “NOO, Cole I WON!”
⦁ “No you didn’t!”
⦁ Butt touching
⦁ Late night road trips
⦁ “Are you trying to be tumblr-ish like that?”
⦁ “Not really. Your thigh is just comfortable.”
⦁ A lot of Cole being your chair.
⦁ “Hey, bring your beautiful butt over here missy!”
⦁ People thinking you are “goals”
⦁ Being weird 24/7
⦁ He spoils you, A LOT
⦁ He shows you off, A LOT
⦁ You laughing a lot..
⦁ “Do you guys ever shut up?!?!”
⦁ “Nope!”
⦁ A lot of play fights
⦁ A lot of tickling fights
⦁ Actual fights turn to heated sex
⦁ Loving sex
⦁ Rought sex
⦁ Angry sex
⦁ Singing together
⦁ He being soooooo whipped!
⦁ And Dyl mocking him about it
⦁ Cute dates
⦁ Late night pizza dates
⦁ Staying up all night talking about anything
⦁ Wathing Sponge Bob together
⦁ Reading books while cuddling
⦁ “Should I turn the page baby?”
⦁ “Yes, go ahead…”

hi. omg sorry for not being as active this week😥 i’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately so i feel rly exhausted all the time n my text brain has been💤 but i’ve been trying to fix it this weekend so i should be good again !!!! ah okay this post was meant for something else so here i go !!!!!!!! okok omg i feel like i have more followers than i deserve n get more love than i deserve n i always wish i could do something for u guys 2 show how truly truly truly grateful i am that u even read my lil bngtn texts !!!!! it rly means so much to me n i feel like i don’t give back 2 u guys enough so !!!!!! since yoongi n his friends released an album 2day i want to gift one to one of my followers !!!! any version ur heart desires !!! i will wrap it up n send it to u !!!!!! 💿🏃🏻‍♀️💨❗️ a gift from me 2 u !!! ah it’s not a ~give away idt bc i rly don’t want to gain followers or anything else from this !!!!!! i rly just want it to be from: winnie to: frog army friend !!! and we can do it anyway u want !! (like u can put it on ur amazon wishlist n i’ll make the wish come true. or i can send it to u myself n probably add some extra goodies in it) !!!!! so pls ❣️LIKE❣️this post if u are interested friends !!!! and pls pls pls pls ❗️DON’T REBLOG❗️ this bc i want it 2 be just for u guys !!! ofc ofc i will pick randomly !!!! i promise i will keep it super fair ❤️🌹 love u guys forever !

We really got lucky with Captain Swan guys...

Like lemme list

- Amazing development

-Amazing chemistry

-Amazing slow-burn

-Best couple on the show with great screen time.

-Two incredible actors

-Who just so happen to be amazingly attractive

-Who LOVE the storyline and want the characters to be together as much as we do!!

-The writers favourite couple to write, who give us amazing scenes and storylines.

-Our amazing fandom filled with incredibly talented and just plain awesome people! 

Like Do you guy so realise how RARE this is? 

Like i ship other couples from other shows and on those show she either the actors hate the ship or the writers do or there’s always something going wrong. But captain swan is perfect you guys. It’s the ultimate ultimate fandom, the ultimate ship. OTP FOR LIFE! WE’RE SO LUCKY!!!!! 🍀⚓️🌹🥇🏆❤️💝

wow! first of all: thank you very much for - ̗̀ 17k ̖́ - that’s a mind-blowing amount of audience and im still very #shookt !! ok… so anyway, the last time i had my faves page, i only have like less than a third of my followers now (that was like, last year) so i thought maybe to thank you guys for being so lovely, i should finally update it !!

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just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


Do not misunderstand what I’m gonna say.

I mean, I am really happy that for once, we do have a lesbian relationship coming on a great tv show. Also, Alex is one of the major characters of Supergirl, so this is completely cool. If we forget that we are on the CW and well… We saw what happens to Lexa. But that’s not the point here.

I love the idea to have a lesbian relationship, I like Alex and Maggie. But come on guys. Don’t you see that there is so much chemistry between Lena and Kara ? I mean, their smiles when they see each others, their pouts, their gazes… Compare to Maggie/Alex, this is something bigger. I don’t really know what the writers are doing : I mean, this is obvious that there is something between Lena and Kara, we can’t miss it. But what is the point if this is for nothing ? Are they playing with our feelings again ? Because, come on, Alex being gay is not such a surprise. But something like Kara falling for Lena, it could be a real deal. It could have a real impact on the LGBT community on tv shows. It would be so much important, so much bigger and cooler.

So yes, I am happy to see Alex coming out. But I’m much more interested in another relationship. Kara and Lena share something and this is a real alchemy, I am not inventing it.

EDIT : and please, don’t interprete my message in the wrong way. Of course Alex’s coming out will have a impact for the lgbt community. I love woman, so I’m excited by all of this. I’m just saying, having THE main character of the show coming out too… well, it will be huge.

let me tell you why i’m absolutely in love with hamilton: an american musical.

the show’s diversity, for one, is an incredible and crucial aspect of its success. never before has a broadway production given so many traditionally white roles to people of color. hamilton provides POC actors with opportunities so fantastic that many would fight for, and that’s just a really really neat concept to me.

very few shows (or movies, or books, or tv programmes, for that matter) convey their protagonists as deeply flawed, or their antagonists as hidden “good guys”. well, actually, many do, but not in the way hamilton does. alex cheated on his wife, he’s arrogant, he somehow always beats burr. burr does everything he does for theodosia, he just wants to win for once, he’s one of the most intelligent men of his time. in hamilton, there really are no good guys or bad guys. everyone’s just a person, with positive and negative qualities, and i find that really touching.

hamilton’s music is unlike the music of any show in history. it’s a hip-hop musical about the founding of a nation, for goodness’ sake! hamilton is a story told through song. there’s not a full moment onstage without music, and each song beautifully and brilliantly flows into the next. the show contains some of the most meaningful raps of all time, and they’re all about the founding fathers. dwell on that for a moment.

that’s my final point. being the brilliant hip-hop history phenomenon it is, hamilton has educated millions, including myself, about their past. before this year, i never thought i could be so obsessed with american history. hamilton has inspired me to do my own research and learn more about all aspects of our history, rather than focusing on the victories and the people who lived through the end. be honest, before listening to the soundtrack, how much did you know about john laurens? hercules mulligan? aaron burr, even? if you’re anything like me, chances are you’d never heard the names. these are the people you don’t hear about in the lectures.

so i’d just like to thank @linmanuel and anyone and everyone who has ever been involved with or changed by hamilton. thank you for teaching us.