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Dabb vs cars

Surprisingly, not the next round in my ongoing, bitter feud about his continuity problems. A “I come in peace” study on parking.

I watched 10x09 today and I did the usual OTP “aw they’re so far apart” sad heart feeling at the shot of them all outside Sharkey’s.

No, not Dean n Cas.

The Impala and Pimpmobile.

Anyway it got me thinking about in that moment it represented pretty well how Dean and Cas were doing with each other. Of course there isn’t room to park beside Cas’s car, so Dean goes and parks on the other side of the door, leaving this big gap between them, bigger because there’s a parking mark thingy Cas is about to trip over before the shot abruptly ends. (I hope Misha was okay.) The cars have a clear line of sight to each other, but there’s just something so unutterably sad about there being no way for them to park side by side, per Cas’s parking, and Dean putting that extra space between them. (Also so they can go in the door… I’d say unobstructed but the longer I watch the gif the more I become convinced there’s footage out there of Misha ruining the impression of Cas’s reserved dignity…)

In the context of season 10, where Destiel was at right then was the first time they’d seen each other since 10x03, when Dean cleared his bed for Cas like, thanks for saving me from myself pls make yourself comfy, and Cas freaked out and gabbled some stuff about work and Hannah and such and told Dean to rest up, then fled the scene. Dean is pissed off Cas called for help over trying to deal with Claire (and it kind of looks like making excuses of busywork to not come home, when you flee with an apparently important mission and it turns out you’re wandering around trying to earn back brownie points with your vessel’s daughter, having randomly and abruptly swapped onto a personal mission without telling Dean a word of it) and in general the car placement amused me by seeming to echo how they were doing.

Being me, obviously thinking about that made me start thinking about Dabb, cars, and his old Carver era patterns. He got the one per season (two if we were lucky) Deep Emotional DeanCas Talk, to give us a real, solid moment to show how they were truly doing. 8x08, 9x10, 9x22, 10x09, and 11x10 spring to mind though obviously in other episodes he wrote with them they also still shared some pretty epic emotional moments or there were other strong Destiel things. However he is the one who gave us Cas’s original car, and two of these instances are directly before the Big Talk to tide things over and give us the emotional background for later. I figured some thoughts about some notable Dabb car stuff would be a nice thing to do. After my amused nostalgia run through Carver era moments, I’ve included Dabb era in general and picked out some other moments.

9x10 is the start of all this, once Cas finally gets some wheels of his own. The most interesting set piece barely involves any driving, but is the first time the Impala and Continental are parked beside each other. Like, RIGHT beside. Like, Dean n Cas should be this close to each other all the time. Cas’s car is a step ahead (I mean, I assume so he could get out the door). All episode Dean n Cas are a beautiful emotionally supportive unit, but Dean can’t cope with this, and so he gets in his car and leaves, pulling away from the closeness he’s offered from his family, the thing with the cars being exactly what he did when he walked away from them on the bridge too. I mean, that’s fairly obvious, I’m just amused after I went back to look, HOW closely the two cars were parked, like they wanted Cas’s car in that shot, next to Dean’s, and they’d force the most unrealistic parking job ever when there’s all that unused space around them, to get all the random details into the shot they needed. As a bonus, Dean had to have been the one to park the Impala so close blocking Cas’s car in. Unconscious desire to be so close to him and to keep him? He’s still recovering from asking him to leave.

(I know the Impala and Continental shared space in several end of season 9 episodes but not 9x22 as far as I recall in the earlier parts, and the Worst Dabb Vs Cars Fuckery Of Them All occurs in the final driving moment of that episode, just putting Cas IN the Impala for the drive home despite the fact his car ends up the Bunker at the start of 9x23… That’s a symbolic gesture of what he was trying to convey in the moment of Cas sitting in the back of the car but for the sake of talking about how they park together, useless. I feel like in 9x18 it’s just a reminder Cas HAS the car, and the show doesn’t do anything useful with it to represent Cas…)

Onto 11x10, and honestly my favourite of Dabb’s Dean n Cas chatting scenes because it’s technically pretty superfluous except for the fact he really really wanted a final DeanCas chat before Cas got Casifered, and so he made one heck of a driving continuity snarl to wrangle it. Obviously Cas followed Dean’s longing to his spot because how else… Anyway, he parks a long long way off. In season 11 he’s feeling very distanced from Dean by his anxiety and trauma. This is the epitome of the “I came as soon as you called” behaviour, with Cas dropping everything to come help Dean, and romantic blurring into focus walk aside, the long shot shows us beautifully that Cas is hesitant to approach, and maintaining the distance with Dean. After all the season 10 and early 11 drama between them, including several rounds of mind controlled punch ups, they’re fragile and miserable, and Cas’s last interaction with Dean on screen was an angry and frustrating one. Cas himself bridges the distance betwen them but his car waiting off in the background suggests his reservations, and the rest of the episode spells out everything, before he chooses to do something he thinks will help move their cars closer, as it were.

Entering Dabb era proper, in 12x02 we see Cas’s new truck (still with hay) and Dean pulling up to it. Obviously they’ve got their mission to save Sam, the jokes about Mary being brought along to chaperone their date, etc. But since the car conversation in 11x23 the ball has been in Dean’s court to approach Cas, and I would assume the mythical instance of mixtape giving is somewhere between 12x01 and 12x19; the point is, here, as the first 2 episodes of season 12 in general showed (and Dean in 12x22 confirmed talking about how happy he was to have Cas and Mary back in the same breath), Dean approaches Cas, parking right behind his truck, as a symbol of the confidence and comfort they have now. They work great as a team in this part of the season, although Cas has been standing around by his lonely parked truck waiting for most of the episode up to that point, and is forced to continue standing by the truck for most of the rest of the episode.

12x12 Cas is still in the “I’ll just wait here then” mode, hanging out at their designated meeting place as Sam, Dean, Mary and Wally arrive in a convoy and park on the other side of this parking lot, so he has to come to join them (Dean rotating on the spot as he does so… heh, I love that moment.) By the middle of season 12 Cas has run away to find Lucifer, echoing 10x03’s parting, and also killed for them and invited cosmic consequences, and in 12x10 given a firm well-communicated emotional talk to help him feel included and loved, and yet he also leaves to search for Kelly some more, echoing other times he’s gone off to do a side project and been very much on the outside. Once again he’s waiting for them to catch up, and Dean seems to breeze by him - and there’s so many other people with them (and part of why he left in 12x03 was to give Sam and Dean space with Mary, exclusing himself from the family). In the diner scene Cas has the whole waitress thing to deal with, with Dean acting up around so many people with conflicting needs to perform. Cas has been waiting for an incredibly long time, but if you ever needed a more firm “the ball is in your court” it’s the “I love you” at the end of the episode.

12x19 also has a important “where the cars are placed” sequence, which you could really do with a whole gifset of, but of course the Impala is there because Kelly stole it, and it’s been left off to the side by them; likewise Sam and Dean are left to the side by them as they drive off. Sam and Dean placed the truck before they did that and took it back (and all the stuff about Cas and Dean and fixing the truck in the episode is a whole ‘nother thing)… From this angle it looks ominously like the park in which Dean found Mary, with the lights behind the trees going on - of course night has just fallen rather than the sun coming up, and Cas is driving away from the light. As Dean walked Mary into their lives, newly resurrected, Cas drives out of their lives >.> Between all the stealing cars and rushing into save Cas, the gap between them as they’re parked is obvious and as a result of the circumstances. They’re apart because there’s too much going on, Kelly made off with Cas in the car, and Sam and Dean were helpless chasing after them. The distance and swapping around of cars and using them as part of the chaos is very effective. Cas calmly takes possesion of his truck again, freshly fixed by Dean, but drives off with Kelly. In 12x23 they steal some stock Destiel phrases to exchange, and it’s touching the truck which opens the rift. I had a nose around the outdoors scenes and couldn’t spot Cas’s truck and the Impala even on the same side of the building, and honestly am kind of confused about where the truck went. Not, as I said, that I’m trying to continue the feud with this post. But I mean.

*clears throat*

I’m just saying he ruined the continuity in 12x01 for 12x02 by doing the exact same thing as 9x22 by just not using Cas’s truck when it would make sense to take as many vehicles as they can get their hands on so they could split up… Obviously all the many set pieces to do with cars worked best/could only work if there was just the Impala but it’s all style over function again… So in 12x02 to let Cas split up to help they add an extra day to let him get the truck so he can follow leads and do the legwork, and Mary and Dean end up back at the Bunker, immediately falling back into old static patterns when it would have made so much sense to just have them in a motel NEARBY instead of abandoning their hot trail on finding Sam so Mary could shower… He handed them that excuse on a platter and killed the urgency and Dean n Cas were split up all episode when they could have been at least local-ish to each other and maybe had that phonecall in person and and and… shh Lizzy

Thats literally no fucking excuse? So what if she didn’t know it was MY tattoo? The fact is she went and purposefully stole SOMEONE’S tattoo, regardless of who has it. Its so shitty and disrespectful. She could have went and asked an artist to make her an original design of her own inspired by my piece, but she just went and completely ripped mine off, same place and everything. DO NOT  defend this bullshit behaviour. 

Like I feel so shitty about my tattoo now. Its something I put effort into and really loved and now someone has a shitty ugly copy, it makes it feel so much less special. AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE FUCKING ARTIST THAT DID THIS.

I couldn’t resist, i have to do this. Cuz…I REALLY LOVE THIS PICTURE <3 <3

I’m working in another, so in that way the drawing will be complete.

In case you don’t know, this is like a “promotional” picture for my AU. If you wanna know what’s about, here it is:

“This AU take place in the first chapter, remember when “Bendy” try to attack us?…well, what if he actually catch Henry and…”posses” him…and give him the ability to use the ink to move through the workshop?”

I will upload more of this, just give me time, because i’m kinda busy these days. (kill me pls)

Oh, and here’s an extra:

A LAZY doodle for @shinyzango xD I love her AU, it’s just…so cool. and if you’re reading this Zango, i watch you’re stream :3

See ya! 

Okay, well, you know what?

1. I don’t look like these fitblr girls while working out. I don’t wear make up and sometimes old workout clothes and I look like a sweaty hot mess. My hair is all over the place and my head is really red. But that’s okay because I love working out and I don’t care how I look while doing it. Looking at those beautiful fit strong women makes me want to workout and be a stronger person myself. But I really really really don’t look like that while doing my workouts.

2. Sometimes I really don’t feel like working out. This may be just a day or it can last a whole week. And you know what, that’s okay. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t need to do it. There will be days when I can’t bear it anymore to sit on the sofa so I will go for a run. Just because I want to. Or do some yoga or some circuit training. I don’t work out when I have bad period cramps. Or when I’m tired. I will rest my body and I will have some chocolate. It won’t hurt me to skip a few days.

3. I don’t always eat healthy. While it’s important to nurish your body and eat all kind of healthy stuff, I love to have a burger. Or pizza. Or fries with a milk shake. I really love those beautiful pictures of smoothie bowls, fresh salads and fruit. They motivate me and make me crave healthy food. But when you are able to listen to your body and your body wants ice cream, then let it have some ice cream. I’m not saying it’s okay to stuff your face with “unhealthy” food all the time. But it’s also not healthy to deprive yourself of some things which make you happy. To force yourself to just eat healthy. Why should I not be able to go out with friends for some delicious pasta. It’s important to find the balance between so called “good” and “bad” food.

4. I don’t weigh myself very often. Every few weeks, sometimes not even for months. It’s not about the number on the scale. It’s not. It’s about your body. The number on the scale might not be getting smaller but your body might be. While you build up those beautiful muscles, your body is getting slimmer and stronger while your body weight stays the same. Don’t weigh yourself every morning and evening. It’s not about the number on the scale. It’s just not.

5. It’s just about being happy.


Morning with the wild horses. This all feels incomplete…I just figured out how to love this place right and now we’re leaving for good. Nostalgia is already sinking in before I’ve even left. And none of it is really about the mountains and the camping and crazy rock formations. It’s about the late nights at bars with my friends listening to folk music and doing yoga. The car rides where Alex and Kyle would argue and I would jokingly attempt to mediate. My students telling me I was the only teacher they liked and sharing their tamales and empanadas with me at lunch. That one kid who skipped all 6 periods every day, but then would show up at 2:30 just for mine with a big smile on his face because it made him feel good to have someone who worried about him for once. I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to have these moments only in my past. And it’s here now and I hate it and I’m a mess. 


26.05.17 //

Got to work on my bullet journal today! Here are my first three spreads! I’ve been keeping track of the books I’ve read so far this year in a different notebook but I figured I might as well include it in here! So far I like the simplicity of my “year at a glance” spread but I’m not the biggest fan of my current weekly spread (not included here because it’s really all over the place yikes). I love how you can really figure out what you do and don’t like and then adapt that for your next week or month! Thanks for all of the great inspiration everyone!

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hey man,,,,,, I was thinking,,,,,, it would be rly nice to read some squip x reader cuddles??? Like just...... being cuddled by ur squip. It's nice, he's the big spoon, it's kinda comforting and you're feelin good

so i usually do my requests in order but this really speaks to me….the squip is so big and warm and i love him

You could probably fall asleep like this. You’re already half asleep, anyway.
You’re lying on your bed, on your side, so that one of your cheeks is pressed against the blankets.
Your squip is right behind you, his arms wrapped around your waist.
The squip is as warm and soft as any human, and there’s really no difference between his body and that of a person’s. Except for the gentle robotic whirring coming from his chest in place of breathing, of course. You don’t mind the sound at all, it’s relaxing. Like white noise.
The squip places a soft, lazy kiss to the back of your head.
“Sleepy?” he mumbles.
You sigh and he slightly tightens his hold on your sides.
“Not lettin’ you go,” he tells you. He’s acting pretty sleepy too. Squips don’t use batteries, so he’s probably just playing along for your sake. Which, in a way, is really sweet.
“I think I might fall asleep for a bit,” you say.
“Sleep well, then. I’m not leaving this spot unless you want me to.”
“No, stay, definitely.”
You shut your eyes and drift off in the squip’s warm and safe hold on you.
When you wake up, he’s still there.

The Ties that Free

I do not want to own you,

Just to take pleasure in your presence.

I do not want to posses you;

I want to watch you posses yourself.

I do not want to control you;

But I will happily take your hand,

Or lend my own.

Same goes for my heart.

I do not want to fix you,

Because I know you are not broken,

Even if you think you are.

But I will hold this Knowing for you,

Like a loving mirror, reflecting the truth

Until you see it as yourself.

I’m not here to distract you, or fill the hollow places,

Because I know only you can do that for yourself.

But I will provide courage and comfort and

I will be your champion

And your biggest fan.

I will keep you safe,

And you will keep me safe,

Because that’s the only way it really works.

I will not be dependent on you,

Or co-dependent with you,

But I will be your partner in crime,

All the damn time, thick or thin, with a wicked grin,

Come hell or high water.

Maybe it isn’t what you want to hear, but

One thing all this pain has made perfectly clear:

Two halves make a whole lot of wreckage,

But two wholes make a real relationship.

~The Mystical Lion

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Have you ever heard of Taylor Nicole Dean? If so, what do you think about her reptile and fish husbandry? To me she seems to have her heart in a good place, but doesn't do the right thing sometimes (Maybe she gets in over her head too much?) What's your opinion?

I watched her long ago. I haven’t seen too much of her recent stuff outside of a pet list. I really do think she loves her animals, and as far as YouTubers go her care isn’t bad at all. She has a few poor choices based on what I saw. I think for her mistakes if she was approached a certain way she’d be willing to relook.

With that all said I’m not a fan of her sorority, not a fan of any… They’re ticking time bombs. She seems remotely aware of this and sadly might take an accident to change her mind on them.

Saltwater I can’t say much about as I’m not super knowledgeable in the area. He tanks feel like they’re overstocked or have awkward species together… But they’re well cared for.

Reptiles… Well her cresties would be better off in a glass enclosure over screening just for humidity reasons, but that’s really the only issue I have there.

Snake enclosures are sprace as far as enrichment goes. They imo should at least be provided 2-3 hides and some cover. I’ve seen much worse though. (not a fan that she supports Brian which I think is where her care come from?)

skink is fine.

mammals feel fine to me though enclosures can always be bigger.

I don’t think she should impulse buy as much as she does… Even if she can handle it… Is she overwhelmed, not for me to say. I follow other yt with way more pets than her. I do think she should care less about the views and more about welfare and education though. If I watched her more I may have more to say. But that’s where I stand. Pretty neutral on the whole thing.

Opening Dialogue, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Sith

Chapters: 1/??

Fandom: Star Wars

Timeline: I don’t know, Old Republic Era, sometime? *vague hand gestures*

Word Count: 4086

Characters: Original Jedi and Sith characters

Summary: Things happen when a Sith and a Jedi accidentally-inadvertantly-unintentionally try to make friends.

This is the start of the thing I have been fussing about for the last couple of days. It’s not my best writing but I don’t fucking care 8D I’m really enjoying doing this, it hits me right in my happy place, and it is so ridiculously self-indulgent it’s like I’m eating triple chocolate fudge ice cream with double chocolate topping. ;v;

do you know who I feel a lot of love for right now?

Esteban Ocon.

Aaron’s breaking my heart. I knew that’s how he would react to a baby. He was just settled yesterday! And it’s not Robert that makes him like that. It’s her!

Robert’s becoming the new Aaron (even though she wanted to act all scared, Aaron wouldn’t have touched her) when he’s trying to protect Aaron. This is the second day in a row he’s grabbed someone in the bar. Matt probably thinks he’s a thug. I do love that even after the whole pub was told the truth, he was still Marlon’s family.

 She really didn’t think about anybody else when she decided to keep it. Poor Robert not only didn’t get a choice, but now, things are uncertain with Aaron again.

They left it off in a bad place, but it does say on Monday that he gets his head around it and wants Robert to be part of its life, so I’m choosing to believe that’s because they’re still together.

NAME: Tyson
EYE COLOUR: idk like grey or something
HAIR COLOUR:  light brown
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single and waiting for michelle ryan
ZODIAC:  leo
FAVOURITE COLOUR: red and black
FAVOURITE PLACE:  michelle ryan’s arms
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: i love her so much she has so much potential and had so much character development in such a sort period of time she would’ve been a BADASS companion
ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?:  kinda but not really
DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSE?:  uhm…. i mean……. you can’t ask that of me either christina or ten or nicky nichols whom i really miss
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: my british friend from ages ago told me i should rp the doctor because i’d write a good doctor and i was like “who is that????” and she FORCED me to watch doctor who and i fell in love and here we are
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME?: i mean i’ve been in this fandom for almost 10 years so yah prolly

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Darling, just hold on ♡ 

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The LI's watching a drunken Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor talk endlessly to the other tavern-goers about how much they absolutely adore their lover; how wonderful and perfect they are, how incredibly blessed they are to have them. When a patron gets annoyed/bored and walks away, they just start all over with another patron.

Alistair: He’s extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing. He lets them run through two people before he drags them off to bed. “No, no. You’re embarrassing me! And you’re drunk. Just get some rest. It’s fine.”

Zevran: He’s sitting right next to the Warden the whole time, talking over them about how wonderful they are. He thinks it’s a great joke and tries to say increasingly outrageous things, hoping that the Warden will rise to the challenge, just to see the patrons’ faces.

Leliana: She thinks it’s sweet, and she’s just drunk enough to watch it all play out with a dreamy smile. For hours. Until the Warden passes out midsentence. That’s okay, though. It was lovely.

Morrigan: She claps her hand over the Warden’s mouth the moment it becomes clear that they have no intention of stopping. She’s not going to allow that. Random people in a tavern don’t deserve the Warden’s attention. And she really doesn’t want every random person in a tavern to know all that.

Fenris: He freezes up for a while, unable to figure out what to do as Hawke just babbles away to anyone who will listen about how amazing he is and how much they love him. When Hawke moves on to a fourth patron to slur at he finally manages to go over to them and get them into bed. “I love you, too, Hawke,” he says softly once they’re snoring away in bed. He wouldn’t admit it, but it was actually really nice to hear all that.

Isabela: She laughs and creates a stage out of a table and a couple of chairs and sits Hawke in the center of attention. “Yes, love, tell everyone how great I am!” She’s watching the whole thing with a grin. She loves it.

Anders: He’s pretty uncomfortable with it, but it takes him a little while to figure out what to do. In the end, Hawke rambles away to two people before he collects them and takes them home. “I love you, too, Hawke, but the tavern really isn’t the place for that.”

Merrill: She’s vibrating with both anxiety and happiness as Hawke tells anyone who will listen how much they love her. She bounces up and down in place, hands pressed to her mouth and eyes wide as she listens. Finally, she throws her arms around Hawke. “Oh, Hawke, I love you, too!” she tell them, her face buried in their shoulder. No one has ever cherished her the way Hawke does, and she loves it.

Cullen: The second he hears that the Inquisitor is in the Herald’s Rest talking about their relationship, he goes to collect them. He’s the Commander and they’re the Inquisitor, and that sort of behavior really should be allowed in public. His entire upper body is beet red when he collects his drunken lover, but he keeps his spine straight as he send them to bed.

Josephine: She’s blushing and lets it go on just a little longer than she really should just so she can hear it, then takes her lover to bed. With a glass of water right beside them, she tucks them in and kisses them goodnight, secretly pleased with what happened.

Cassandra: She smacks the Inquisitor to get them to stop, then takes them someplace quiet and private and lets them ramble about how much they love her. She wants to hear it, but she doesn’t want anyone else to hear it.

Iron Bull: He thinks it’s great fun! He keeps the Inquisitor’s cup full and lets them talk until they’re hoarse. The Chargers tease him mercilessly, but it’s all worth it!

Blackwall: “Now, my lady, that’s really improper,” he tries to say, but the Inquisitor just talks louder. After a while, he just scoops them up and sends them to bed. It’s sweet, but he’s not comfortable with it.

Sera: It’s great! Well, she knew it all already, but to hear Inky just keep talking is great! She’ll correct them sometimes or add things. And she makes sure the drinks keep coming!

Solas: He wasn’t in the tavern when it was happening, but hears the next morning that his vhenan was drunk and talking non-stop about how much they love him. He says nothing about it, not to anyone. When he sees the Inquisitor, hungover and sheepish, he kisses them lightly and makes a hangover cure, but otherwise doesn’t comment. He can’t deny, privately to himself, that he finds it oddly compelling.

Dorian: He’s right next to his amatus, and just drunk enough to let it go on without comment, his chest bowed out with pride. They laugh about it the next morning, both hungover with their limbs tangled together in the sheets.

Constellation Prompt List

like my space prompt list from forever ago, but constellations

  • Andromeda - You who was kept captive by those who despised your name, you are now free to roam wherever you please amongst the stars
  • Aquarius - You are the one who brings the water to the scorched desert, the flood, the taker and the giver. I am a desert, craving the water you will eventually bring
  • Aries - The protector of the helpless, the lost, and the scared. Deliver me from this place, let your fire drive away my shadows
  • Cancer - My mind yearns for a distraction, for respite, and you offer it to me, no matter for how little of time
  • Capricornus - You have always been a fickle thing, dancing to and from shores of reality and truth, but always willing to dive into the sea of imagination. Let me swim with you, and create a new world of stars
  • Cassiopeia - Despite being chained to a stale life, you live with your head held high and your pride higher. I approach you on bowed knee, offering a key to your chains
  • Corona Borealis - A crown of stars lays across your gentle brow and yet they are so bright that they make you blind to them. You cannot see past the white light, so far and distant to all else, but you see best when you cannot see a thing
  • Cygnus - I caught you once in passing, a summer’s dream. But I felt we were like swans torn apart - and swans hold close the ideal of forever
  • Draco - Even in the coldest of nights, your fiery passion keeps my heart warm
  • Gemini - A conundrum of all, too naive yet too wise, to kind yet too harsh, yet solid in only one thing. Complete in being more than one is the only constant in your ever-changing flux
  • Hydra - Despite your hardships you come back, bigger, stronger and harsher to fight back the thing that took you the first time
  • Leo - An air of nobility and an aura of barely bridled power, you drew me to you like a magnet, like I was waiting for a great disaster upon your arrival but I could not look away. We have a horrible tendency to be fascinated with fantastic tragedy
  • Libra - You always make sure that we are equal in give and in take, in love and in strife. A constant back and forth, like the high and low tides cycling through
  • Pisces - The birthplace of beauty would be no strange place for me to see if I gazed upon your face, your radiance and gentleness like a breath of spring after the harsh winter

This is getting really long so I’ll do more later (yes I know this doesn’t have all of the zodiacs, relax)

  • jonas at a party : aaah man I'm baked I'm gonna stay here a lil longer if you don't mind...
  • the innocent dude hosting : no worries, haha! I just hope you live close by so that it won't be too much of a bother walking home in the dark!
  • the entire boy squad : please... please... don't...
  • jonas, taking off his shades that he doesn't need to wear indoors but does anyway : where I live.....
  • the boy squad : just let us have this...
  • jonas : thats a complicated question...
  • the boy squad : we'll do anything. come on, take the last joint! the last beer! whatever you need! it's on us!
  • jonas pensively : when you think about it...the entire concept of the nation state should cease to exist once the masses are freed... so the question isn't really where I "live"... it's where you think we're "living".... right now...
  • the boy squad : here he go. here he go.
  • poor innocent dude : idk in norway
  • jonas lightly chuckling, putting his shades back on : but do you really ? do you ? can norway even be considered a place outside of the capitalistic idea-

[TRANS] STARCAST “Bill(board)~taoreune”…BTS, ‘Dope’ Vegas

*T/N: I am only translating the interview portion of the article.

‘BTS’ has entered the Billboard (Music Awards). They have become the ‘Top Social Artist’ main star. That trophy that Justin Bieber has held for six years is now BTS’.


We spent this touching moment with them. From the magenta carpet until the moment they won the award, we will reveal the exclusive (content) through Starcast.

“‘Billboard’ was a word that only existed in our imaginations. Just to be able to see that stage ourselves was an honor in itself. If we are able to receive the award as well, I’ll be even happier.” (JIMIN)

“Thanks to the fans we were able to spend a short break in Las Vegas as well. Thank you so much for creating this kind of opportunity (for us)!” (JIN)

“This is the Billboard of our dreams. I’m really nervous. I’m also looking forward to Drake and Ed Sheeran’s performances. I can’t believe that we are nominees.” (J-HOPE)

“It’s so amazing. Since we are the first K-pop group (to be nominated), the burden is big. With us as a start, I hope that K-pop will become more well-known.” (SUGA)

“After coming here, I think of the fans even more. Our nomination for ‘Top Social Artist’ was something that was made by our ‘ARMYs’. I’m so grateful.” (RAP MONSTER)

“The fact that I will be standing on the Billboard stage with the artists that I like. I think it will become a very precious memory for me. I desire to win the award, but even if we don’t win it, I’m happy.” (V)

“More than any other awards ceremony, (the BBMAs) is new and amazing. I want to stand on (the BBMAs) stage. I hope that we can keep coming to the BBMAs in the future. We will give it our all!” (JUNGKOOK)


“Now, I don’t even know how surprised I can get. Through ‘ARMYs’ support we could come to this position. I’m curious as to what is awaiting us in the future….” (JIMIN)

“Thanks to ARMYs’ love, we are left with such great memories. I really love you and again I love you.” (V)

“ARMYs have come together with us to this place as well. Since on the path that BTS walks, ARMYs walk together with us. I’m always thankful.” (RAP MONSTER)

“In the future, we will become a BTS who spreads all over the world. I love you so much. Our ARMYs!” (J-HOPE)

“Thank you so much for allowing us to come to this position. In the future, we will do our best to make K-pop shine. ARMYs are the best!” (JUNGKOOK)

“I don’t think many words are needed. ARMY, I love you very much.” (SUGA).

“Thank you for sending us to the dream-like BBMAs. Just as you have worked hard (for us), we will do even better in the future. Thank you for liking us.” (JIN)

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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