i really do love this musical

i just really hope that these other american awards shows and artists don’t start using bts for their achievements bc yall know damn well these awards will do anything for views and ratings , but our boys deserve so much and are worth more than that.

that’s the only thing that really worried me about bts being exposed to western artists/music industries, because people are really snakes over here and im ready to fight anyone who tries to play that game. like im not surprised that suddenly all of these people are like “oh yeah bts, i love them too.” like im not mad that they’re getting new fans, it’s just annoying when people suddenly wanna pop up and act like they know everything about bts or kpop in general. like stop being a fake and educate yourself pls. it’s okay if y'all don’t know everything, but don’t be fake about it.

and then i don’t want kpop to just be a trend and people start appropriating it like crazy. like no thank you, pls keep out the uglies.

I'm watching the Rockin' Robbie episode and

Why do we never talk about how Sportacus:

-can play guitar
-knows an apparently famous drum solo
-knows and seems to love Johnny B Bad (a famous in-universe human rock star) and his music

I feel like these facts should be taken advantage of more.



Request: Hello ! Could you do a one shot where all the boys (Sam Dean Cas and Crowley) get back to the bunker and they hear Pour some sugar on me super loud and find the reader in just a tee shirt and panties dancing around super sexually and they all just have their jaws on the floor and Crowley is really proud of his girlfriend but shuts the other boys for their looks ?

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Flirting

Word Count: 583

Tagging: @jack-of-all-arts @fruitiplierq

Originally posted by crowleysloverr

“I say we deserve a drink,” Dean murmured, voice expressing how tired he was after the hunt.

“Do you have anything decent?” Crowley asked, walking alongside Cas and Sam as the four of them headed for the Bunker.

“You’ll drink what we have and not complain,” Dean grumbled as he unlocked the door. Once he opened the door, he noticed a distinct pounding throughout the Bunker. It sounded like loud music ….

Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on

Livin’ like a lover with a radar phone

Lookin’ like a tramp, like a video vamp

Demolition woman, can I be your man?

“What in the world?” Sam muttered, shooting Dean a confused look as they entered, heading for the staircase that led down into the war room.

When the four of them decided to go on a hunt without you, you decided to make the most out of your alone time. You were on top of the table, which looked like a map, but you couldn’t care less what the hell you were doing. You blasted Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard, a black band t-shirt swishing high on your thighs, showing off your black panties that hugged your hips and ass just right. You felt hot as hell, coaxing you to sway your hips, one hand in your hair, the other sliding down your side, curving over your hips, touching your thighs. You didn’t notice they had entered, so you kept dancing, eyes closing, softly biting your lip.

Once the four of them hit the staircase, they nearly fell down it, too entranced by the sight of you to really pay attention as they eased their way down step by step.

“That’s my girl,” Crowley purred, a look of pure hunger on his face as he watched you sway and roll, showing off those curves he loved to grip and touch.

“Holy shit,” Dean muttered, unable to keep from checking you out, his brother nodding his agreement.

Castiel merely looked down, feeling something stir at the sight of you.

Crowley turned his head to see the three other men obviously affected by the sight of you, his proud expression turning possessive. “Hey, you three! Don’t make me carve out your eyes,” he growled loud enough for you to hear, making you freeze mid-sway. He made his way over to you, taking in your blush as you looked around for an escape route. “Come here, sexy,” he purred, extending a hand out.

You took his hand and let him pull you close, feeling his arm dip behind your legs so that he could carry you bridal style. You draped your arms around his neck, giving the boys a shy wave.

Crowley turned to them, a bold smirk on his face. “I would suggest you lot go grab a drink at a bar. It’s gonna get a little loud in here, and I’m not referring to the music,” he told them, making you blush even more, your thighs instinctively rubbing together.

“Seriously?” Dean groaned before turning around and heading right back up the staircase, tugging Cas and Sam along with him, the three of them glancing over their shoulders at you a few times on their way up.

You watched them walk off, an amused smile tugging at your lips.

Crowley pressed an affectionate kiss to your temple, capturing your attention as he gave you a smile, one that was wicked. “How about you continue that dance for me?”

anonymous asked:

I know you've said you don't listen to much music, but do you have any favorite songs?? Like ones that you'd stim to or just really enjoy in particular??

my current favourite songs (or songs that i would choose to listen to) are:

  • kiwi by harry styles **
  • sign of the times by harry styles **
  • no sleep til brooklyn by beastie boys
  • sabotage by beastie boys
  • be easy by ghost loft
  • pray by bishop briggs
  • be your love by bishop briggs
  • river by bishop briggs
  • ocean eyes by billie eilish 
  • all this and more by dead boys
  • psycho killer by talking heads **
  • ghosting by mother mother **
  • young by vallis alps
  • champagne supernova by oasis **
  • elephant by cage the elephant **
  • we’re a happy family by ramones **
  • pet semetary by ramones **
  • baby i love you by ramones **
  • a little less conversation by elvis **
  • all shook up by elvis **
  • b a noBody by soak
  • a happening by hyperstory
  • lose your soul by dead mans bones
  • i put a spell on you by manfred mann 

stimmy songs/echolalia songs marked with **

ID #46448

Name: Sina
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hi! My name is Sina and I’m looking for someone to exchange snail mail with. I study Classics in Heidelberg and I’m interested in anything to do with art, literature and music, but I also like being out and about having little adventures in the nature, taking photographs and travelling generally. Besides torturing myself with ancient Greek, I’m helping out in a field study about honeybees on the side right now (which is pretty cool, I’d love to have my own bees someday).
It’d be great to get to know someone else’s daily life and culture and just talk about anything, really.

Preferences: 18+ please and preferably not from my own country.


170522 // 2.23PM KST

taehyung tweeted: sincerely sincerely sincerely really really really many many many extremely extremely extremely seriously seriously seriously very very very very very wah wah wah love you, thankful for you, how do i even express this, i don’t even know, ill become an even cooler singer and put in much more effort. i love you. we love u i’m so proud of u

( trans: bts won the top social artist award at the 2017 billboard music awards )

trans by: maxine ☕️
do give credit if you’re using my translations 🌊

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hello!im a freshman and the middleschool for my highschool is a music and arts school, so all the people who came from there (a majority), are significantly better than me.I always feel that in my section I need to prove myself to everyone, and I'm not sure if thats a good feeling to have. Is it? I'm an RCM pianist, and that automatically puts me in the 'elite group', but do i really belong there? I'm taking music again next year because I love it, but do things ever stop becoming a competition?

music is only a competition if you let it be. you can easily compare your skill to others based off of range, ability to navigate scales, the difficulty of repertoire, etc. but music does involve a bit more of a personal and emotional element. if you let music be more about how every individual interprets and connects with a song, then it stops being a competition, because everyone has something different and important to bring to the table

tyler joseph is not a big fan of social medias but still took time to explain live on insta why the band weren’t at the billboard awards and because he wanted to make sure that we, their fans, aren’t mad at them for it and that we still love and appreciate them and their music even though the band is famous now. he also said he was nervous doing this video but still wanted to thank us for everything we’ve done for the band and how important we are for them and honestly i have never been more thankful for these two boys and the love they have for their fans and i am so so proud of everything they’ve accomplished so far they really deserve all the success they can get.

Hello friends, 

I am kelli, 17 from Massachusetts in the US and I am looking for a pen pal :)


♡ Writing and reading poetry

Food/cooking  (I am vegan but love everyone & whatever they choose to eat!)

Music!! I listen to pop punk, some heavy stuff, r&b, a lil rap, some acoustic vibes, am always down for some oldies etc. Pretty much a little bit of everything! I am always looking for new music!! 

I LOVE nature/adventuring, laying in the sun, sitting in the rain, I just love our beautiful momma earth! Exploring cities is also something I absolutely love

♡ I am super interested in psych, mental health, spirituality & just thinking about existence and stuff man 

my ideal penpal 

I really want to do snail mail, send each other letters, writing, thoughts, swap books, art, little things we think the other might like, photographs, anything really & just overall inspire each other’s creativity and be a great support system ❤❤

If you are interested in being pen pals please message me and introduce yourself on Twitter  ( @ godsvn ) or instagram  (@ cosmic.kel ) but I am pretty inactive on tumblr so preferably not here! 

I will not judge you at all, am not intimidating & will send you love no matter what 

Have a lovely day!! 


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Ayy! Can I just say that I really appreciate this account for existing? I love how everything works on here!! (And I love the way you draw Morty!) Okay, now for the question: What do you think of Rick's punk/emo/goth phase? //if someone already asked this question sorry if I repeated it//

Oh gosh I think it was pretty great! Their music is pretty good too!

[awww gosh thank you! All the art here is done by my partner @askrick so I will be sure to pass that onto them!!! They’re amazing!]

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How do you get over someone you really loved? 😣

I answered something like this not too long ago.. 

You work on yourself. You love yourself. Put all your energy into loving yourself and loving your friends. I got through my heartbreak by spending time with my best friends that love me and see me for who I am. I don’t allow myself to have energy left over at the end of the day so that I avoid feeling wide awake when its time to sleep. I also don’t allow myself to listen to depressing music or over indulge in sad posts on Tumblr.. you have to control what you think and how you feel. Continue to love everyone unconditionally. Recently, my best friend and I grew apart and through that I’ve learned most people (even people you least expect) will let you down in this life.. BUT as long as you are the one overflowing with love for people, you will be happy. You’re going to get over him/her eventually, good luck 

try-a-little-tenderness-x  asked:

What do you think of Stevie working with Lana Del Rey on a song for her record ? & would you like stevie to do a duet with anyone particular (besides anyone she sang with already) from today's music? :)

I love the idea, I’m looking forward to hearing the song, I imagine those voices working really well together. I would love Stevie to work with someone like Florence Welch or First Aid Kit or even Beth Ditto, that would be cool. As long as it isn’t some country artist, or Ed Sheeran.


“What are you doing, Indy?” Briella asked. 

“Dancing,” He replied smoothly. “You like to dance.”

“With music.”

“We have music in our minds,” He replied. “Or, you can keep humming that tune.” Briella began humming the song again, lightly swaying in her fiance’s arms. “Do you really have no regrets in marrying me?”

“Absolutely not,” She replied honestly. “I adore you, and I’m happy that you’re getting the Kingdom and not Dragos. He’s a bit reckless, don’t you think? He’d overturn everything your father put into place. And worse, he wouldn’t have loved me as you are now. Sometimes I feel he is incapable.”

“He’s not,” Indy told her, grabbing her chin and lifting it towards his face. “Dragos is very competent when he wants to be. He chooses to disrespect tradition and that’s what gets him in trouble.”

“It caused him to lose his spot on the throne as first born.”

“No,” Indy replied. “Because he is first born, he gets the treasure worth more than the throne. I’m truly jealous of him. If only I could have it all.”

“Don’t be greedy,” Briella told him. “You hear the legends.Taking more than you are given is a mortal sin. If your brother is as fortunate as you say, you should be happy for him.”

“I am, dear. But I just think things would be more effective if our roles were reversed. If I had the freedom and he had the reigns.”

Ice Cream & Destroying Bullshit

Requested:  Are you still doing requests? If so I have requested this before but like a John Laurens x chubby reader? I’d really like to see what you can do, since you’re like the best writer ever! (Loved breaking btw!!)

Wordcount: 655 (just a lil drab)

Warnings: Language, fat shaming, cute

Tags: @abi-sans05 @tayahqr (You did say tag in everything)

You adjusted the bag strapped to your back and walked down the street. You decided to wear a cute yellow dress today that really showed off your body because you were feeling really confident. I hope I’m not to late, I was supposed to meet John ten minutes ago! As you approached the café you and John planned to go for a little date you passed by a man. He whistled at you.

“Hey there, you’re liking mighty fine, sweetheart!” He hollered, you rolled your eyes. Gross. You ignored him and continued on your way. “I see how it is-” You didn’t listen to him finish that statement and instead walked inside the coffee shop. You saw John turn his head in your direction. He waved you over as you strutted to the seat he saved for you. He shot you a sly smile.

“Well don’t you look as pretty as ever!” He praised, you fanned yourself in an exaggerated manner.

“Oh my! Mr. Laurens you flatter me so!” He chuckled at your performance and handed you the coffee he ordered you as you sat across from him. You took a sip. “Perfect as always, love! You always know what my order is!” You joked. You took another drink and you could see John staring at you from the rim of the mug. “Can I help you, sir?” You asked as you set the cup down.

“What the heck did I do to deserve you?” He questioned with dreamy eyes, a few stray curls sticking out from his ponytail. You pretended to think for a moment.

“Let’s see… You’re cute, you’re funny, you like turtles… actually it’s because you buy me coffee, I’m sorry I lied.” You teased.

“Fair enough, I’ll take it!” He shrugged.

“I’m just kidding! You know I love you thiiiiiis much!” You extended your arms out wide.

“Stop being so cute!” He clutched onto his chest like his heart was aching. “I can’t handle it!” The two of you talked about your day as you finished your drinks.

“You wanna go get ice cream?” You grinned mischievously.

“Hell yeah! Mint choco-chip for the win!”

“Oh God, you’re such a dork!” You snorted, he took your hand and laced your fingers between his, leading you out of the shop. As you both walked beside each other, you saw the guy from earlier. Ugh, this asshole. He noticed you with Laurens and laughed.

“Well, look who’s back! And you brought a little friend, I can’t believe someone actually can deal with all of that! Dude, do you just ignore how big she is or something?” What a fucking dick! You felt John’s grip on your hand tighten.

“You want to take care of this or should I?” He whispered.

“I got this babe, don’t worry.” You looked the douchebag in the eye. “Oh trust me sweetie, he has no reason to ignore my size! He loves every single inch of me and more importantly I do too. It’s too bad an ass-hat like you will never be able to handle this much woman, or any woman for that matter!” You clicked your tongue and he looked genuinely offended.

“Dude, control you fucking girlfriend!” He whined, John chuckled.

“Don’t ‘dude’ me, first of all. Second of all, I don’t control her. Lastly, my girl is the most gorgeous thing on this fucking planet, your ass wishes it even had a chance with her!” John high fived you and you placed your hand on your hip.

“Damn right! Come on babe, we’ve got something more important at hand, ice cream!” The two of you walked past the dude, leaving him speechless.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” John asked.

“Yes, but you can say it again if you want.”

“I really fucking love you!” He smiled.

“I love you more than ice cream and destroying bullshit, which means I love you more.”

ID #71080

Name: Zofia
Age: 18
Country: Poland

Hi, I’m Zosia. That’s the polish form of Sophie. I turned 18 few months ago and it really makes me sad :( I live in Poland but I’ve lived in Germany and Brazil (kind of weird, I know). I’m interested mostly in music ( all kinds because I write reviews, but personally I listen mostly to hip-hop, indie music and recently I felt in love with brazilian/african music), books - my favourite writers are Witold Gombrowicz and Herman Hesse. I like Sylvia Plath too ( typical tumblr girl, right? ). I love art, all kinds of it but I’m not really making anything by my own simply because I have no talent. The only “art” I do sometimes is writing short stories and poems but I never publish them because in my opinion they suck. I LOOOOVE tv series - all kinds, I’ve watched almost entire Netflix I swear. My favourite one is Twin Peaks and Mad Men. I like watching movies but only in cinema cause I get bored watching them at home easily and it usually ends up with me switching between tabs instead of watching a movie. I love pets especially dogs! I have a dog myself. In the future I would love to live in Italy or Spain. Australia is good too haha. I love travelling escpecially with my backpack, touring around the country. As much as I would want to write here I think that’s enough. My life maybe not very interesting but I’m a kind, nonjudgmental, open-minded girl so I think the letter exchange with me would be nice.

Preferences: I prefer people from Europe, mostly anyone aged 16-22.

avaleahworks  asked:

10 and 15? 😘

10. What inspires you the most?

I can get story ideas from literally anything I watch or read. However I can love a game, show, movie etc but have zero interest in writing about it, so I think that what makes me want need to write fic is when there’s a pairing or character I love that doesn’t feel resolved in canon, or some sort of ‘what if?’ scenario that really grabs me. So for Paper Moon it was my lust for Maxson combined with a killer kinkmeme prompt where he proposes marriage and is rejected. From there my imagination picks it up and runs with it.

Once I’ve had the idea and started writing, what keeps me inspired is feedback, talking about ideas with friends, hearing music that fits the story, doing background research, answering memes and all sorts of other things. But most of all positive feedback. I wouldn’t have had the motivation to get to 100k words without kudos and comments. 

15. Your guilty writing pleasure?

I answered this one before here but I have more than one. ;D 

I love D/s dynamics in smut. I never thought of myself as really into it until I looked over the content of my fanfic and was like… Oh. Yeah. I haven’t written anything like that for Fallout 4 (yet, hehe) but most of my New Vegas stuff has elements of it. I love seeing how bondage, rough sex, edging etc can be used to explore the characters’ love and desire. 

Thanks for the ask! ^_^

things i love!

tagged by @darkthestars, love ya!!

One Song: My music taste is absolutely wild, so I’m terrible at picking a favorite song, but honestly right now I’ve been singing “More” from the Moana soundtrack outtakes to myself nonstop

Two Movies: Ahhhhhhh first off is The Force Awakens because Star Wars and good memories and g a y s  i n  s p a c e guys this movie has it all and I love it. Another movie I love is (big surprise) Moana because the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and the animation is amazing and it just has a lovely message and I’ve cried both times I’ve watched it but whatever

Three Shows: I love love love Brooklyn 99 because of how diverse it is and how amazingly they handle tough issues with love and humor. I don’t think there’s an episode that aired that didn’t make me laugh out loud. I sincerely hope it’s one of those shows that goes down in American TV history. Another show I love is a pretty recent one–American Gods just started airing a few weeks ago and since it’s based on one of my all time favorite books, I started watching it and it’s AMAZING. Seriously, not only did they do a phenomenal job of casting every single character (and no whitewashing too which !!!), but everything about that show is gorgeous, from the myths it draws inspiration from to the cinematography itself. Finally, I have to talk about a show that’s stuck with me for a long time. The cartoon Adventure Time was probably one of the first shows I really got into and it’s been one of the constants in my life for a long time. Even when the show gets batshit crazy (which it’s been doing with alarming frequency), there’s always this kind of quiet steadiness that has always felt like coming home, to me.

Four People: ahhhh okay um @starlitdreamscapes @infinitrinx @darkthestars and @not-darquesse I love you all

Five Foods: Gah I love food how can I pick just five Cinnamon rolls, lemon pickle, mocha lattes, fresh roti, and my dad’s Korean potato soup

Six Tags: No pressure to do this! I tag @infinitrinx @not-darquesse @whyndancer @prettyblurryboy @starlitdreamscapes and anyone else who wants to do this!

Sit down buckaroos because I’m gonna share some historical insight with you because of ignorant people who are trying to discard the most badass character in all of feminist characters in musical theatre history and I won’t take that.
Katherine Ethel Pulitzer was a real person - daughter of Joseph and Kate Pulitzer. So there’s fact number 1 to prove she was an actual living person in the 1800’s. Fact 2. When you say women weren’t journalists back then well you obviously have never heard nor read about Elizabeth Jane Cochran also known by her pen name “Nellie Bly”. She was the inspiration behind Katherine’s character in the first place. They basically merged the real Katherine with Nellie and created this character. Nellie Bly began writing for “The Pittsburg Dispatch” in 1885 and moved to New York City two years later to begin working at “New York World”. She was known for her investigative and undercover reporting, including posing as a sweatshop worker to expose poor working conditions faced by women. She earned her acclaim in 1887 when she went undercover at an asylum on Blackwell’s Island and posed as one of the patients to get the story and in turn had launched a full on investigation on the treatment of the institution and the well being of patients (which wasn’t a well being at all with neglect and physical abuse) in said facility. In 1889 she went around the world in a record-setting 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds in attempt to break the faux record of Phileas Fogg, the fictional title character in Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. At the age of 18 (my age) she submitted a racy response to an editorial piece that had been published in The Pittsburgh Dispatch that made sexist statements towards women. The writer was Erasmus Wilson (known as the Quiet Observer or Q.O.) Nellie’s letter grabbed the attention of the paper’s managing editor, George Madden, who then offered her a position. She later published a book about the experience titled: “Around the World in 72 Days” in 1890.
So don’t you DARE tell me Katherine Plumber wasn’t a vital asset to these boy’s story. She’s more of an inspiration to me than ANY character I’ve read about. Nellie Bly is an inspiration who makes me want a writing career. I am very much like Katherine (in more ways than just having power bangs) and because of her I’ve learned to love myself. Because of her I can get through days when I’ve got a shit ton of Senior year homework knocking me down. Because of her I’m happier. Katherine and Nellie are huge inspirations to me and if you hate either one of them just unfollow me now. Because these two are my role models and always will be❤


happy 100th birthday, ella fitzgerald // april 25, 1917 - june 15, 1996 // “just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong”

“The best way to start any musical evening is with [Ella]. It don’t get better than this.” Frank Sinatra

“Man, woman or child, Ella is the greatest of them all.” Bing Crosby

“Ella’s amazing! My daughter says that every time she makes a mistake, it becomes a hit record.” Lucille Ball

“It is so much fun to sing with Ella. It is so nice to sing with someone who does more than make a pretty noise.” Jo Stafford

“If you want to learn how to sing, listen to Ella Fitzgerald.” Vincent Minnelli

“The one radio voice that I listened to above others belonged to Ella Fitzgerald. There was a quality to her voice that fascinated me, and I’d sing along with her, trying to catch the subtle ways she shaded her voice, the casual yet clean way she sang the words.” Doris Day