i really do love this musical

Suicide squad fight scene fixed

I altered a scene that bugged me in terms of tone and music, the trailers for the film promised sort of not really to use the song BALLROOM BLITZ by Sweet, it drove me nuts even though i loved the movie so i decided to take maters into my own hands like a nerdy boss who actually knows how to edit something and bring a scene that could’ve been done better. I might do more edits of scenes with better music. also note this is just for fun im not making money off of warners talent and stuff, im just a fan with small ideas.

ID #16385

Name: Beatriz
Age: 16
Country: Brazil

Hi! My name is Beatriz. I’m 16 years old (17 in November) and I’m from Brazil; so I speak Portuguese and English. I’m in my last year of high school and I don’t know what I’ll do at university next year; probably I’ll apply to astronomy.

I’m really into music, I listen to anything in any language. By the way, I love to learn new languages and new cultures, I would like to send (and receive) pictures about everything… And, maybe talk by Tumblr or WhatsApp so that we can send multiple messages and photos without any email delay. But, if you prefer email, I’m cool with that too. About snail mail, I can try, but it is really expensive here in Brazil.

* Things I like: Music, cats, draws, 2D games (or games with more story, but I do like others games too), history, politics, animes and astronomy.

Preferences: Age: 15 - 20
I’m cool with any gender.
Please don’t be homophobic, racist or anything like that.
We can chat by Tumblr, Email, Whatsapp or Snail Mail.

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so what do you honestly think about Gorgeous

I really like it! it puts me in a good mood… like i said when Look and RFI came out, i think with this album Taylor is trying to experiment different things and is not trying to make AOTY like she did with 1989, like she is just doing whatever she wants to do with her music wether you and i like it or not and you know what in my opinion i LOVE it, i have really really liked the 3 songs, i think the new sound is great, i already know Taylor is the best lyricist of this generation so although i’m a slut for good lyrics if this album isn’t better than Red (lyric wise) i will not die because she has been giving me a song for each mood so with this album i’m focusing more on the sound and the vibes of the songs :) 

Adagio Cantabile | Woozi College AU

Words: 9227

Genre: Porn with Plot or Plot with Porn?? (generally fluff with a mix of angst and smut); Enemies to lovers

(Because of Ep 7 of Going Seventeen, Change Up, now Pinwheel, I’m falling for Woozi more and more. He’s just too handsome. Anyway, this contains pretty obscure musical terms and I may or may not be correct in using them because I just got them from the net wiki and my own experience and before I started doing SVT fics, I used to write about music because I really, really love classical music and I often go to orchestra concerts annually. Well I hope you like this~)

In case you’re becoming deaf or blind, Y/N,”

You rolled your eyes as your strutted down the lobby of the College of Music in Seoul National University, fury seething from your rigid figure.

“Let me tell you that, that D sharp is not a fucking fortissimo.”

Hate. Hate was the only thing you would describe the student conductor for the Annual Gala Night. You hated him with every fiber of your being as you gripped on to the score of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor on your hands.

’In case you’re becoming deaf or blind, Y/N’… well, fuck you!” you repeated his words with a mocking tone, walking towards the nearby dorms and seeking out the sanctuary which was your room.

“Where the fuck are you looking?! Look. At. Me. Y/N!”

You could still hear his voice buzzing in your ears which was making you more livid than ever before. He shouldn’t have embarrassed me in front of the whole orchestra! Fuck this! Fuck him!

Brashly inserting your keys into the doorknob, you slammed the door open and shut it at the same manner; leaving no care for those who are unfortunate enough to hear you angrily knocking things over. You tossed the loose scores on top of the black baby grand piano in the middle of your tiny living room (which was already filled with the large mass of the instrument) and plopped on your poor excuse of a sofa without much grace.

You were quiet for a second. Then, you were not.


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what is your opinion on the sing movie?

im gonna be blunt, i dont like it. I do agree that i prefer the music to sing over moana, but that’s about it. The animation is stale and ugly, the humor annoys me, none of the characters are interesting and the story is painfully predictable.

i really dont get why ppl kept hyping it up but honestly people on this site love anything thats a musical so i guess im not too surprised

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Long time follower first time anon. I think that you are gorgeous and I love your style and taste in music. Get through this rough patch and love life as I love life and you. There is no easy answer but you can and will do it. It’s not easy but really worth it!

I’m trying. I’ve felt happiness before. I miss it and I know it’s worth it. I hope to get there again someday. Thank you.

Five OTP Songs

Rules: Sum up your OTP in a five song playlist

@schizoid-freak tagged me for this one. Thank you thank you! Although right now I am really struggling with which OTP to do cause unfortunately it changes based on my mood and current obsession….

tagging @lonyn @joz-stankovich @himluv @slothssassin anyone else who would like to, always no obligation :)

I’m sorry I couldn’t choose just one

Shenko Playlist

1. Cosmic Love - Florence & the machine

2. Brave Enough - Lindsey Stirling feat Christina Perri

3. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

4. The Kiss - Karmina

5. Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol

Reyder Playlist

1.Paris - Chainsmokers

2. Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Elvin Bishop

3. La vie en rose - Laura Fygi

4. Moondust - Jaymes Young

5. Closer - Chainsmoakers feat Halsey

Lost Stars Playlist (this is an otp from a star wars book called lost stars, it’s are few years old but it’s still one of my favorite playlist)

1. Lost Stars - Kira Knightley 

2. Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace

3. Stay with Me - Angus & Julie Stone

4. Goodbye - Secondhand Serenade

5. I Still Love You

Here are my other otp playlists if anyone is interested, I spend way too much time on these:

Solavellan , Handers, Cullen x Joss, Alistair x Colette

Dark Come Soon

I love it! It’s so different from her usual work and I’m so happy :) It’s hard for me not to LOVE a Grimes song … ahem … Trashique. It’s really cool if this is what they are planning on doing as a group. I wish I could have heard Hana’s vocals, though, her voice is beautiful. Now I feel bad, I  love Claire’s voice too. DUET!!!

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Dad! I just got home from my schools Broadway Night and it was so much fun. I got to work the light board (which is my favorite thing to do. I love doing lighting for performances) and we found out what our school’s musical will be this year. It turns out the musical is going to be Seussical the Musical and while I wasn’t expecting that I’m still really excited! So now I get to do colorful lighting for Seussical and I can’t wait!

That sounds super fun, not gonna lie.
And IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU DARLIN!! That sounds like it’s going to be a great time.


dear @taylorswift ,

you’re a huge inspiration to me and i really hope u do a Toronto (or Canada) secret session that i’m invited to. See, i will always support and love you the best i can, unfortunately i can’t afford merch or concert tickets and i never have been able to, ive never seen u live or met u or even interacted with u in the slightest. but i know you’re there when i listen to ur music and feel something; whether that’s happiness, sadness, love or even anger (eff the media 😘) anyways to wrap this up, i just want u to know how much i love and support u and i hope we get to meet one day.


all the love,

Holly 🖤


the war : the power of music tracklist  °☆ :*

Sit down buckaroos because I’m gonna share some historical insight with you because of ignorant people who are trying to discard the most badass character in all of feminist characters in musical theatre history and I won’t take that.
Katherine Ethel Pulitzer was a real person - daughter of Joseph and Kate Pulitzer. So there’s fact number 1 to prove she was an actual living person in the 1800’s. Fact 2. When you say women weren’t journalists back then well you obviously have never heard nor read about Elizabeth Jane Cochran also known by her pen name “Nellie Bly”. She was the inspiration behind Katherine’s character in the first place. They basically merged the real Katherine with Nellie and created this character. Nellie Bly began writing for “The Pittsburg Dispatch” in 1885 and moved to New York City two years later to begin working at “New York World”. She was known for her investigative and undercover reporting, including posing as a sweatshop worker to expose poor working conditions faced by women. She earned her acclaim in 1887 when she went undercover at an asylum on Blackwell’s Island and posed as one of the patients to get the story and in turn had launched a full on investigation on the treatment of the institution and the well being of patients (which wasn’t a well being at all with neglect and physical abuse) in said facility. In 1889 she went around the world in a record-setting 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds in attempt to break the faux record of Phileas Fogg, the fictional title character in Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. At the age of 18 (my age) she submitted a racy response to an editorial piece that had been published in The Pittsburgh Dispatch that made sexist statements towards women. The writer was Erasmus Wilson (known as the Quiet Observer or Q.O.) Nellie’s letter grabbed the attention of the paper’s managing editor, George Madden, who then offered her a position. She later published a book about the experience titled: “Around the World in 72 Days” in 1890.
So don’t you DARE tell me Katherine Plumber wasn’t a vital asset to these boy’s story. She’s more of an inspiration to me than ANY character I’ve read about. Nellie Bly is an inspiration who makes me want a writing career. I am very much like Katherine (in more ways than just having power bangs) and because of her I’ve learned to love myself. Because of her I can get through days when I’ve got a shit ton of Senior year homework knocking me down. Because of her I’m happier. Katherine and Nellie are huge inspirations to me and if you hate either one of them just unfollow me now. Because these two are my role models and always will be❤


As soon as I finished [We Need to Talk About Kevin], I immediately had to call my mother and I needed to spend some time in the woods. I needed to play some music. I had to do some of the activities that best return a person to their most primal, natural state. That’s what I find after delving really deeply into a role is it’s best to just do something that levels you out, takes you back to a level basic playing field of human existence. Doing things like playing music, something that’s so natural and basic to human function, running around in nature, eating delicious food. These things are intrinsic in basic, primordial to human beings, so that’s sort of a way to return to a blank canvas, allowing my true personality to return.

Happy 25th Birthday, Ezra Miller! (Born 30, September 1992).


“And if you maybe-sorta-kinda like me back then maybe we could sort of go on a date-ish?”

i am the will of the people now!

the lack of Something Rotten content makes me sad so here’s my favorite narcissist, Willy Shakes
(click for better quality)


@acindra Heere they are! Haha, get it? Heere…? //shot

Choosing color placement for this one was hard :0 But it was fun!
I also added in the colored version too °˖ ✧◝( ❛ ヮ ❛ )◜✧˖ ° 

Send me a character/pairing and a palette!