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Do you think on the ride home Dean took off his flannel and made Cas put it on to replace his bloody shirt?

“I really am alright, Dean. You don’t need to sit back here with me.”

Dean ignores Castiel’s reassurances, just like he has been ignoring them for the last fifteen minutes.


“Cork it, Cas! Mom’s drivin’, Sam’s shotgun, and I’m back here with you, makin’ sure you’re really holdin’ it together. That’s just the way it’s gonna be so stop tryin’ to fight me on it!”

Both Mary and Sam give each other wide-eyed looks, but stay quiet—knowing that Dean is still processing everything that had happened back in the barn. He’s still drowning in the feeling of being out of control, and it’s driving him absolutely nuts.

“Here, Ma” Dean grunts, shoving the Impala’s keys at the woman and then turning back to tend to his angel.

She swiftly nods and takes the keys before ushering her other son around the far side of the car—and then, all at once, they climb in to join Castiel, who has already been carefully placed in the backseat by Dean’s steady hands.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” Dean asks—slightly calmer now but his voice still has a rattle to it.

“No, Dean. I’m feeling fine—just like I said before.”

“Well, you don’t look fine. You’re kinda pale. Sam, doesn’t he look pale to you?”

Sam turns around and gives Cas a sympathetic look before shrugging silently at his older brother, knowing that his opinion doesn’t really matter right now anyway.

“Yeah, see—Sam thinks so. You should lean back a bit.”

“These seats don’t recline, Dean.”

Dean frowns at him. “Then scoot down a little! Jesus, Cas … I’m just tryin’ to make sure you’re okay!”

“I am okay … I have already told you—”

“Scoot down, Castiel!” Mary grits  firmly from the front of the car—glaring at him through the rearview mirror, eyes flicking back and forth between the angel and her eldest son.

He wants to protest again, but then Castiel nods, finally understanding that the only one not fine right now, is Dean, and doing what he asks—no matter how pointless it is, will make him feel a little better … a little more useful. Cas scoots down in his seat.

Dean smiles, happy that his friend is finally listening to him. “Alright then … better?”

Castiel stops himself from rolling his eyes. “Yes … better.”

The proud smirk that immediately graces Dean’s face seems to trim away the tension in the car—until the moment that the folds of Cas’s coat fall away, exposing the dirty, blood-stained white button up beneath. “Oh … shit, man! That looks bad!” the man yelps as soon as he sees it.

Castiel squints and cocks his head to the side, finally following Dean’s eyes down to where the usually clean looking garment, is now a tattered mess strewn about his body. “Oh. Yes, well … I can just—” Cas begins, already lifting his hand to will the mess away, but he stops mid motion—cutting the magic short because the man beside him is starting to fidget in his seat. “Dean? What are you …”

Dean teeters back and forth, wriggling from side to side in the confined space until he finally manages to free one of his arms from the black coat and plaid overshirt that he’s wearing.

“Hold on … almost …” Dean soon rocks all the way over until his head is practically in Cas’s lap—but he doesn’t seem to notice because he’s too focused on freeing his other hand. “There!” he yelps victoriously, finally holding up the plaid shirt for everyone in the car to see.

Sam nods and Mary holds back a chuckle, and Cas just continues to stare at the man—confused and slightly annoyed by everything that he’s doing.

“Okay, Cas. Your turn” Dean says after another moment, eventually turning happy eyes back on the angel.

“My turn?” Cas asks, feeling suddenly nervous about what he’s expected to do.

“Yep” Dean chirps, looking Castiel up and down with a long pull. “Strip and put this on.” He holds the flannel out towards him, but he doesn’t hand it to the angel just yet, as if he’s planning on dressing him himself … and at this point, Cas wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what Dean had in mind.

“Dean …” Castiel grumbles again, now—rolling his eyes for all to see. “You realize that I can fix this, don’t you?”

Dean only grips the shirt tighter in his hand.

“I am an angel … I have the power to—”

“Just put on the damn shirt!” All three Winchesters bark in unison.

And that makes the angel finally throw up his hands in defeat. “Alright!” he exclaims, quickly sitting straight and leaning forward so that he can work his body free from his coat. But before he can completely shimmy it off, Dean’s hands are on him, fiddling with the buttons of Cas’s dirty white shirt. “Um … what are you doing?”

Helping” Dean snaps, but his cheeks are turning red and his hands are starting to shake against the angel’s chest.

Cas stares at him a moment, and then up to the front of the car where Sam and Mary are vehemently avoiding eye contact with anything but the road. So he turns back, just as Dean undoes the final button and pushes the cloth aside, displaying every inch of Castiel’s unmarred skin.

The man then stills for some time—never looking away and holding his breath until the second Castiel is finally able to speak.

You see, Dean … I’m all healed.”

Dean quirks up the side of his mouth, but his face quickly falls flat again, while his eyes bounce away and back several times, seeming torn as to where to look now.

After that, it only takes another minute for Cas to slip out of the ruddy, old shirt and into Dean’s flannel—and for the first time since they left the barn, Dean doesn’t interfere, nor do Mary and Sam act like anything is happening just behind their heads. In fact, the frenzied tone of their drive has seemed to mellow, and even Dean appears to have settled down; although, his hands still twitch with the need for something to do … which doesn’t go unnoticed by the angel at his side.

Castiel sighs, flicking his eyes down towards the soft plaid that’s now draped over his own shoulders—the fabric is warm and smells like Dean; so just as he begins to fasten the last two buttons, he purposely skips one—so the thing is now bunching up across his stomach. “There” he confirms, drawing Dean’s focus back to the task at hand, and of course—Dean notices the mistake instantly.

“Ah—jeez, Cas … you’re helpless, ya know that?” Dean mutters with a smile, reaching over eagerly to straighten out the buttons and get them all in the right order.

But Castiel just smiles too, taking the moment to take in the worried Winchester—his charge, his family … a man that he loves—and he nods. “You’re right. What would I do without you?”

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V reacting to MC asking him to hold something and proceeds to put her hand in his?? I saw something like this on tumblr for the RFA but they had none for V baby~ Pls n thxxx:)

nooo V deserves all the love in the world!

Is this a fic? On my blog? wow. 

It’s really bad, but I couldn’t really think of how to write this as head canons lol.

I don’t really like how this turned out, but hope it’s okay!

V: They asked one afternoon while they were sitting one the couch together watching one of their favorite movies. They both already knew the film by heart, yet that wasn’t stopping either of them from watching them again and again.

“Hey, can you do me a favor?” they asked softly, turning to him. 

“Sure,” he nodded, waiting for them to finish their request. 

“Can you hold something for me?” They asked quietly. 

He nodded.   

slowly they reached out, taking his hand in theirs with a grin that they knew he couldn’t see. His expression immediately turned to one of shock and faint confusion as he laughed, readjusting their grip so that he was squeezing their hand instead. 

hey, yup das me again
I just wanted to thank everyone for the super sweet messages, I wish I could just answer them all personally. not many people know this but when you leave comments, they legit make my day. I thought I would’ve had a longer break, but I’ve actually been thinking a lot and I pulled myself together a bit more. I’m still struggling but that’s life. And I’ve missed everyone on here so much, I can’t imagine not going on for a whole week.
I love you all ❤😘

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Also, I love Robert & Willow together. I hope something genuine will blossom between them. I hope that next season the writers will do them justice and not have Robert be completely evil and have Willow choose Liam. I hope will see that we were right that Robert is not the bad guys they are trying make him out to be.

Same, nonnie, same. Robert and Willow had more chemistry in their two scenes  back in 3.07 than they had over the course of the entire season with either of their romantic interests. Moreover, they really fit each other, the two most smart, cunning people, that also make each other’s laugh and they would make a great couple. 

I’m really hoping the writers will take a chance on them and fully develop their relationship. Can you just imagine these two people that got into a marriage of convenience, determined to not fall in love but end up doing so anyway?? It could be amazing. Plus, I think it would be a great way to show that there’s another side to Robert, one that he keeps buried and tries to pretend doesn’t exist. And that yes, he loves and can love people.

The alternative to that storylive is that, yes, Robert is the villain, Willow is the girl that needs saving and while doing so, Liam falls for her and they end up together. Can you imagine how boring that would be? And just…eww. I’m not here for Kathryn 2.0.

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Do you think you could draw kyouhaba?

Huhu Anon,
right now I’m pretty much swamped with other drawing project so I don’t have any time to draw kyouhaba.

When it comes to them I think they are cute and I totally see why people ship them but it’s not a strong ship for me. Tbh next to Iwaoi I don’t have any strong other ships but I do have other pairings I like.
When it comes to Kyouhaba I’m yet not so sure how much I like it. I love both characters individually and I like their dynamic together, I love them as teammates, rivals, friends and I like to think they have some kind of bond. I also like some fanart of them (even the shipping ones) and think it’s cute but I’m not so sure how much I really see them being involved romantically.
Another problem I have is that I don’t really have own hcs or stories for them which makes it harder for me to draw them.

So to stop here and don’t let this get too long:
I can’t promise you anything, maybe I will draw them…maybe not..but if I would ever find the time and inspiration to draw them I would draw them more casual and not very romantic

For now just a very quick doodle…

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I saw your posts about the artifacts 'seemingly' being destroyed, and i have a theory that while the artifacts are physically being destroyed the power in them (the elder god June mentioned) is putting itself back together as it's released. The Red Robes mean to trap it in the artifacts but some (or most) of them became corrupt and started using the relics for evil, leading to the war. the Director 100% believes she's doing good, but the elder god gaining power is why shit's gon bad for the gods

OH FUCK THATS AN AMAZING THEORY. I really love that. It definitely makes sense as well. Lucretia was DEAD honest when she told Maggie she wasn’t keeping anything from him. 

The end game better not be some Cthulu shit oh my GOD

So, like, okay. Dirty Laundry. This fucking song. This fucking BAND. I’ve always loved All Time Low, but they were one of those bands that I fell in and out of depending on the mood/ season/ time/ etc. But every fucking time I sink back into them, I get filled with overwhelming joy. There’s just something so positive and somewhat optimistic about the music they write. 
Dirty Laundry came at a really weird time in my life and it is currently doing a lot with keeping my head together. 
Man, All Time Low, man. Love those fuckers.
MD represent, too. 

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  • who i will protect at all costs: GREGOR
  • who deserves better: Princess Kareen T.T
  • who was killed off too early: Princess Kareen, again, because of course. -.-
  • who i used to hate but now i love: I don’t really have anyone specific here, but I used to avoid the Brothers in Arms & Mirror Dance books more than I do now?
  • who i used to love but now i hate: Honestly, no one!
  • who needs to be killed off asap: The clone life-extension business.
  • who is unfairly hated: Like, he’s not hated, but Enrique Borgos is just… a much more delightful character that he ever gets credit for?
  • who is unfairly loved: I mean I don’t think anyone is, really.
  • who needs to sort out their priorities: Piotr Vorkosigan. I mean, he does eventually appear to sort them out, but still. Really, dude, get it together.
  • who needs a hug: Mark. Although he probably would not appreciate a hug from anyone except his mom and Kareen K. And maybe, on a rare occasion, from Miles.
  • who needs to get out of their current relationship: 
  • who the writers love: I mean, pretty obviously, she loves Miles. You can’t write ten books about one guy and not love him.
  • who needs a better storyline: Honestly I’m pretty happy with most storylines… I’d’ve liked to get a better sense of more women on Barrayar, but really I’m pretty satisfied!
  • who has an amazing redemption arc: Mark. It’s not something I tend to think of as a redemption arc because it’s so bizarre for a redemption to pretty much end with him being a terrifying business mogul… But hey, he does redeem himself!
  • who is hot af: Canonically, Ivan!
  • who belongs in jail: Probably Miles, really.
  • who needs to be revived from the dead: Kareen Vorbarra, she is pretty much the greatest sufferer.

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Hello! :) Excuse me but, do you know any magic stuff, spells or anything like that that involves music please? I really like music and magic and I would love to combine the both of them together, I'm sure the result could be nice~ Thanks :3

I can’t link at the moment because I’m mobile but I just answered something kinda like this a few days ago!


This scene had me so torn and crying and conflicted because the realness of it was unbearable.

Victor is always trying to hide behind his usual fake smile, and usually he succeeds in fooling himself and the other party. But this time, his sadness overwhelmed him, and even he couldn’t cope with the fact that him and Yuri would be separated, their time together would diminish, and they’d walk two separate paths. He showed a “weak” and “vulnerable” side to himself that he would only ever show to his closest family.

Yurio, someone who hates hugs, even in this scene, could sense Victors pain and agony, and he just stood there and LET Victor hug him, because he knew Victor was probably really anxious and scared for the future, and he thought, “I can at least be a shoulder he can lean on, I can at least do this much.”

This was character development for them both and I love that we could see this before the season ended!


The reason why i love to tease Jimin is because i love him. There’s no special reason behind that and teasing him is really fun because he’s really cute. - Min Yoongi

Friendship between a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin would include...

-playing hide-and-seek on Hogwarts Express
-it getting really intense because both will use over the top strategy
-doing homework together in the library
-the Slytherin: “What’s the answer to #27”
-the Ravenclaw: “Merlin’s ass”
-the Slytherin writing it down anyway
-making weird faces at each other from across the Great Hall
-the Slytherin coming up behind the Ravenclaw to knock the books out of their hands
-the Slytherin picking them up for them because now they feel bad
-complicated handshakes
-telling each other the passwords to their dorms just in case something happens
-being sarcastic 24/7
-“Will you ever fall in love”
-“I can’t even fall asleep”
-the Slytherin loves annoying the Ravenclaw for attention
-being super deep and real with each other behind closed doors

it’s exactly what you think it is 

I know I said it before but I’ll say it like a million more times- I’m so proud of Teamiplier and all that they’ve accomplished! They push themselves so hard each and every day to send out fun and creative content for us and it’s the most amazing thing to see. I love watching their process and watching them interact because they really do work so incredibly well together and I’m so happy for them all. <3 <3

@markiplier @crankgameplays (I don’t think any of the others have tumblrs? Let me know if I’m wrong on that!)

You know what else I’d love to randomly see? Ladybug and Chat Noir heading into an akuma battle during an ongoing argument. The whole time they’re working together they’re just bickering about something stupid and completely ignoring the poor akuma victim’s rage.

Chat Noir: *dodging attacks* And I’m saying we SHOULD be allowed to give each other Christmas presents. Honestly buginette, I love you, but do you really think we’re going to figure each other’s identities out by some cheap gift?
Ladybug: Okay, first of all, you are NOT getting me a cheap gift, because I wouldn’t get YOU a cheap gift. *launches Chat at the victim to get their possessed item* Second of all we should be ruling out even the smallest thing that could give each other away!
Chat Noir: *is knocked away by the akuma victim* So you’re saying that if I gave you a nondescript diamond necklace you’d be able to figure out who I am?
Ladybug: HOW is a diamond necklace nondescript, Chat Noir?? How many people can afford a diamond necklace???
Chat Noir: More people than you think, Ladybug!
Ladybug and Chat Noir: SHUT UP!
Akuma Victim: *cowers*
Ladybug: *snatches the item herself and breaks it over her knee* And another thing—!
Chat Noir: *throws arms in the air as she purifies the butterfly*
Hawk Moth: …wtf just happened?

Adrinette Bonus Round 

Adrien: Hey Marinette, can I ask you something?
Marinette: Sure.
Adrien: Would you call a diamond necklace nondescript?
Marinette: *scowls* NO, I WOULDN’T. *stomps off*
Adrien: What the heck is her problem?? *annoyed*

I feel like we haven’t appreciated this moment as a fandom enough.

Like there was plenty of room behind her to walk but Fitz chooses to brush up against her to prolong the contact between them in that moment. Touches between these two are always significant and especially in this scene, it was a symbol of comfort between the two of them.

“Hey Mr. Trustfund Kid, for some reason my fans want to see us together, so for five seconds let’s call a truce so I can post this real quick.”
“I don’t see the point–”
“Say cheese!”
“–why do people say cheese? How about Elizabeth instead?”
“oh my god”

These two are my absolute fave from Mystic Messenger, and I really wanted to try drawing them taking a selfie together…maybe during party preparations? Ehehe. ❤️ Anyway I love these two and I love this game and I don’t even play otome okay? 😂 Hope you like ~

You left and you said you wouldn’t. Just like that because one day you got up and didn’t feel anything. It’s the same old story. Maybe if you actually grew up and realized there will be times when you’re not going to feel anything, but you stay with someone and you get through it. When you start to lose feelings for someone, tell them as soon as possible so you can work through it and if you do break up, you won’t be as surprised and it will be a lot easier on your heart. You work together. You don’t just hide it and leave. Because that’s really shitty. You don’t tell someone you love them when you don’t. I mean I get things don’t work out sometimes, but you didn’t even try to fight. And I trusted you. And you lied to me.
—  I miss you

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What are your favorite Auston and Mitch moments?

good question, anon. let’s begin:

I’ll add more as we go along with their adventures


diego luna appreciation weekdecember 27 (diego + alice braga w/ surprise gael)

people that inspired in my in my journey, diego luna was special, because it was the first film i did abroad and he was such a strong actor in the sense of young, but with so much knowledge because he was an actor since he was a kid. - alice braga, interview magazine