i really do love them though oh my god

dad and i watch captain america: the winter soldier
  • dad: oh god it's starting shut up i've been waiting for this for months
  • (movie starts)
  • dad: i don't know what's happening but the french guy fighting cap looks like french macklemore
  • me: how do you even know who macklemore is?
  • dad: i'm hip. i'm cool
  • me: don't you do it
  • dad: i'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 baguettes in my pocket
  • (five minutes later)
  • dad: is that the Falcon? that's totally the Falcon
  • me: how do you know?
  • dad: i used to read the comic books trust me on this i'm an expert. his superpower was that he could talk to birds
  • me: birds?
  • dad: i mean in hindsight it probably wasn't the most useful thing ever
  • dad: if this winter soldier is supposedly a ghost in the machine that nobody's ever seen, and nobody will ever catch, you would think showing up in broad daylight and blowing up cars would not be his modus operandi
  • dad: how the heck did he laser through concrete??
  • me: idk dad it's nick fury he can probably do whatever he wants
  • dad: i'm sorry attractive nurse who just so happens to live next door, my heart belongs to a seventy year russian dude with a bionic arm
  • me: what
  • dad:
  • dad: nick fury isn't dead. justice never dies. he probably has a billion clones in some top secret storage facility, just waiting for their organ harvest.
  • me: ew dad gross no
  • dad: i really relate to that apple store employee
  • me: we all do dad
  • dad: oh that's that guy from the first movie! i remember him! he was my favorite, his eyes were so blue, and he loved steve so much. i wanted them to get together
  • me: dad good god
  • dad: he was a little less marilyn manson at that point though
  • dad: not that guyliner isn't a good look for this guy
  • dad: when a deadly russian assassin wears eyeliner, it's 'he's so dreamy' and 'wow what a badass'
  • dad: but when i do it it's 'you're too old' and 'bald guys can't pull off make-up'
  • me: dad it was halloween and it was one time you need to let this go
  • dad: so bucky barnes, aka cute cocky guy who died in the first movie, aka steve roger's best friend/boyfriend, is a top secret super scary brainwashed hydra agent?
  • me: mmm-hm
  • dad: called it
  • dad: do you think single handedly destroying jets is just a common, everyday thing for cap? punch a few tanks, feed a few pigeons, take out a plane, help old ladies cross the street...
  • dad: captain america is like your grandad minus the booze and the cussing
  • dad: in all honesty that was a little anti-climactic
  • dad: i was 100% sure nick fury was gonna descend majestically from the heavens, 'All I do is Win' blaring in the background, and single-handedly save everyone's ass
  • dad: scarjo and chris evans are two of the most beautiful people in the world and they are both in this movie and i don't know how to feel about it i have butterflies in my stomach i'm a schoolboy again
  • me: you know on second thought we should have brought mom
  • dad: where's hawkeye? where's bruce? where's tony? where's thor? WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER AVENGERS AS THE ENTIRETY OF SHIELD IS COMPROMISED AND NICK FURY DIES
  • me: maybe they figured steve could handle it
  • dad: maybe they're all lazy assholes
"You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” 1/3- Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : You have been married to Bruce for quite some years now, and you both knew it was inevitable that you’d get in danger one day…but you really never expected the Joker to start to be obsessed with you. CHAPTER 1/3. 

Warnings : mentions of sex, also, Bruce is “old” if that bothers you in any way…If your like me and have a thing for older guys, then carry on please.


(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Looking at yourself in the mirror of your bathroom, you groaned and turned around to glare at your husband that was taking a shower. He immediately felt that you were staring, but to his disappointment, it wasn’t for the reason he hoped for…

-Is something wrong dear ? 

-Yes Bruce, something’s wrong. How old are you ? 

-…What ? 

-Just answer my question honey. 

-…Hum, 46 ?

-Yes. 46. You’re 46 years old.  

At the way you were looking at him, mad as Hell, standing in the frame of the shower door that you just violently swung open, billionaire ex-playboy superhero Bruce Wayne got kinda worried. He was trying to figure out what he did that could have pissed you off that much, as you were really difficult to annoy, almost never getting angry…But boy when you were angry, it was scary. Apparently now though, you were more annoyed than mad. So he was trying to remember what he could have done. 

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Painful Beauty (Mark x FemReader) FLUFF

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(( gif not mine - ah I love Ethan omg ))

(A/n): lmao so I just decided that this was pretty cute. I was reading through the prompt’s that I reblogged and I got inspired by number 23. I hate you

Summary: Mark, Ethan and Tyler do a video with you where they do your makeup with things they find in the kitchen.

Warnings: If I said there wasn’t any swearing and fluff, I’d be lying.


“Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and this is the kitchen face challenge!”

The introduction was cheery as per-usual. From the camera’s view, Ethan and Tyler stood on the right of (Y/n); with Mark speaking on the left.

The four were stationed in Mark’s studio, right in front of a large flat screen T.V that showcased a tranquil forest setting.

“Yayy….” (Y/n) uttered manageably, her enthusiasm forced and dry.

Ethen shared (Y/n)’s look of discomfort from beside her, shifting uncomfortably on his heels and giving the camera a cringy smile.

Ouchh,” Mark laughed along with Tyler before Tyler began to explain.

“So basically,” he took a glance at both you and Ethan “Mark is going to do (Y/n)’s full face and I’m going to do Ethan’s and at the end, who’s ever looks the best?” he drawed out and looked to Mark “Wins??”

“Exactly it Tyler.” Mark confirmed. “SO LET’S DO THIS. CAN WE GET 506,000,000 LIKES FOR HOT SAUCE EYESHADOW?!”

The camera zoomed in on Tyler’s face in silence.

They all laughed and broke apart.

“I’ll go get the tarps, yeah?” Tyler asked

“Yes, thanks Ty. (Y/n), you and Ethen go get your chairs that you will be sitting on,” asked Mark “and I will go get the tools~!” he finished in a manic, silly voice.

“Mark,” (Y/n) sighed and she turned to walk with Ethan “I hope you make me look fucking beautiful!”

❆  ❆  ❆

“Okay so I know you are my boyfriend and I should trust you,” (Y/n) began, leaning back in her chair “but I don’t.” she finished.

“NooOOooOoooOoooo…!” Mark whined “I trust me, so you should too.”

Tyler laughed and grabbed his phone.

“Alright, we each have exactly three minutes.” he said

“Ohh god.” groaned Ethen “(Y/n), let’s survive together, okay?” he held out a hand to said girl.

“Alright. You are my anchor.” she replied, dramatically grabbing his hand.

“CRANK(Y/N) CONFIRMED!” Mark and Tyler both shouted at the same time, causing you all to laugh once again.

“I guess I shouldn’t be saying that, because we are dating,” Mark chuckled “so, Ethen! Stay away from my woman, ya’ little blue bastard!”

Everyone laughed more.

“Okay, one… twothreego!” Tyler said quickly, hastily shoving his phone to the side.

“Oh, oh, okay!” Mark sputtered and looked at all the kitchen condiments below him, on the tarp.

“Way ahead of you.” Tyler stated, shoving some flour onto Ethen’s cheeks. “Beauty!” he said in some accent.

“LORDY, I cAN’T SEE!” Ethen wailed, beginning to paw at his eyes.

“DETAILS, DETAILS!” Tyler laughed loudly.

(Y/n) turned slowly to Mark and mouthed ‘please no’, the camera zoomed in on her face.

“Classic red lips is what I’m up for!” Mark said back, a goof smile on his face.

He took some Red Hot and dabbed a bit on his finger tip, being gentle when spreading it upon the girl’s lips. Tipping some also on her cheeks for extra measure.

“It burns.” she hissed, squinting her eyes.

“Beauty is pain, beauty is pain…” Mark repeated, continuing to scour the tarp. The brunette suddenly turned and winked in the direction of the lens. “That’s why it pains me to look at (Y/n) sometimes, because she is so damn pretty.”

“Awe~” she drawled. The Red Hot covered her actual blush.

“Well it pains me to look at you too Mark,” Ethan snickered “because you are so damn ugly.” and then he groaned again “That and this fucking flour makes it hurt when I open my eyes…”

Everyone laughed along with him.

“How much time we got?” Mark questioned.

“Thirty seconds.” Tyler replied. He was finishing up added a coco-powder beard to Ethen.

“Ah, balls!” Mark cried and at last minute snatched the vegemite. “Can someone say eyeshadow? Because I sure can.” he chuckled.

“I fucking can’t.” (Y/n) laughed as Mark applied the heavy spread to her eye lids.

“Time!” Tyler called.

Mark and (Y/n) both couldn’t stop laughing.

“I hate you.” (Y/n) sighed and didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

“Ya’ love me.” Mark said back, laughed his funny laugh, and leaned down to the girl’s face to give her a kiss.

(Y/n) could feel Mark in front of her and knew what he was looking for, so she gave it to him.

A sweet, Red Hot kiss.

“Oh my god, I hate you!” Mark cries dramatically, laughing quaintly “It. BURNS.”

“Beauty is pain.” the rest of them said in unison, bellowing with laughter.


(A/n): Ah this one is cute though. I really do like this one, even though it’s pretty short?? Oh well. It’s great.

Those three words

(Montgomery de la Cruz x reader)

A/N: It’s official, I’m trash for Monty.

I hope you like this one xx

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 1.696


I had never been a fan of parties, but I had to admit that since I started dating Monty it had become something really fun to do, maybe because he told me his feelings for me in a party and it brought me good memories or maybe because having him by my side at the parties was a guarantee that I was going to have a good time.

I was in one of the parties Bryce had at his house after the baseball games, the party started even before the game ended or the team were even there due to Bryce being out of that game because of a lesion and he decided to get the party started earlier. I was there without Monty because Jessica begged me to go with her and I ended up agreeing and missing half of the game.

In that party you could even find people from the other high school, something pretty unusual, but it was working for now.

I was pouring a Coca-Cola in a red cup because that night I wouldn’t drink alcohol, I’ll let Monty have my turn, it was the least I could do after missing almost the entire game, when suddenly I felt a pair of arms around my waist and I quickly smelt my loving boyfriend’s scent and I smiled brightly.

I turned to look at him “look who’s finally here” I said before pecking his lips and wrap my arm around his neck.

He just smiled back and was about to give me a kiss when someone called him and both of us turned in the female’s voice direction just to see one of the cheerleaders from the other team.

“You played really well tonight” she said winking at him and playing with her hair.

I looked at him with surprise all over my face and when he looked at me I arched my eyebrows waiting for him to say something.

When I didn’t get an explanation from him I turned in the girl’s direction again “Fuck off girl” and without looking at Monty I already knew he was looking at me with lust, he loved when something like that happened because apparently it turned him on seeing me like that.

When I looked at him he tried to lock his lips with mine, but I backed off “oh no baby” I said taping his chest “I’ll see you later” I added getting rid of his embrace and leaving him there, I knew what he was playing and I could beat him at this game.

I joined Jess and Sheri, who were with a group of guys from the other team and I got along pretty well with them really fast. From time to time I searched for Monty in the crowd and I found him with his friends, drinking and staring in my direction.

“Come on (Y/N)!” Jess exclaimed grabbing my hand and pulling me in her direction “let’s dance!” I followed her where the people were dancing, accompanied by Sheri and the other guys.

I hadn’t drunk nothing, but after a few minutes it looked like if I had done it because I had lost all the sense of embarrassment left in my body, I moved my body next to my friend’s and the boys like if I knew them all my life.

There was a moment when my eyes found Monty’s and I noticed he wasn’t in the necessary mood for a party and how Zach was grabbing him by his arm probably to avoid him from coming to me, so I decided that I had tortured him enough and taking the last sip of my Coca-Cola I walked to him.

“Hello babe, are you having fun?” I asked with a playful smile in my face.

“You’re killing me” Zach let him go and his hands went straight to my hips and his lips to my neck, he had drunk more than I thought.

“Wow, easy” I chuckle putting my hands on his shoulders and making some space between us “don’t you have something to tell me?”

“Yeah… you look unbelievable beautiful tonight” he answered with a big smile.

I couldn’t help smile thanks to his words that I wasn’t expecting “I’m not talking about that, stop playing dumb”

“This is for that cheerleader?” he asked confused and when I didn’t say anything he knew I was talking about that “Babe I don’t even know who she is and I don’t want to know who she is, are you jealous?” he asked surprised, it wasn’t something unusual in me.

“I don’t know, you tell me. Were you jealous when you saw me with those boys? Because you looked a little bit… out of control” I giggled.

“You’re making me think too much” he said giving up and leaning his forehead on my shoulder.

“I think you need to lie down for a while” I laughed kissing his cheek.

“With you on top?” I could feel how he was smirking by the thought.

I wrapped my arm around his waist and I guided him to one of the rooms upstairs.

As soon as I closed the door his lips found mine. The kiss was passionate and needy, sliding his hands from my hips to my butt.

He walked backwards, not breaking the kiss for a second, until he fell on the mattress, taking me with him.

He tried to kiss me again, but I stopped him “You are wasted” I laughed when I saw his attempt of puppy face.

“No, I’m not” he said in a tired tone.

I got up and with a lot of effort I moved him to make sure he was comfortable, but I hit my feet in the process “You’re lucky I love you because if not I’d kill you right now for getting this wasted” I said between moans.

When I didn’t hear any funny comments from him I assumed he had fell asleep, but when I looked at him I saw he was staring at me and I automatically looked at my figure trying to find what was wrong but when I didn’t find anything I laid next to him, confused because I didn’t understand why he was looking at me like that.

“Wh-what did you say?” he said it with a serious expression, so serious that he seemed sober.

“Oh you know I couldn’t actually kill you” I tried to joke.

“No, not that, the other thing”

“You’re lucky that I love you?” he frowned, not taking his eyes away from me “what is it? Did I say something wrong?” I asked concerned.

He shook his head “It’s just… I hadn’t heard those three words in a long time, do y-you really love me?” I relaxed when I heard his words; I thought something bad had happened.

“Oh my god Monty, of course I love you” I answered smiling at him and caressing his neck, getting closer to him “even though you won’t remember this tomorrow” I added kissing him.

It was the first time one of us said those words in all the time we’d been together and they came out of me so naturally that I didn’t even realize that I’d said them.

“Believe me, I’ll remember” he said closing his eyes and hugging me.

“Then you’ll have to get used to hear it often” I kissed his head and I rubbed his hair until he fell asleep.

Thanks to Zach I managed to take Monty to his car and I drove us to my house where I had more problems to get him to my room just by myself, but I did it.

The next morning I woke up due to the sunlight that came through my window, I probably forgot to close the curtains the night before.

With my eyes still closed I turned myself upside down, trying to sleep again without the sun in my face, but suddenly I felt an arm around my waist and I remembered that Monty was there with me.

I opened my eyes slightly, hoping to find him asleep, but when I opened my eyes I saw he was awaken and looking at me, which made me smile like a fool and hide my face on the pillow.

“What are you doing?” I asked, not looking at him.

“Watching how lucky I am that you love me” he answered with a funny tone, reminding me what I told him the night before.

“So you remember” I looked at him, feeling the heat on my cheeks.

“Of course” he whispered getting closer until he was just inches away from my face “and I also remember that there’s something I didn’t tell you” I looked at him confused, I didn’t know what he meant “I love you too, you don’t know how much” he added making me smile again.

I couldn’t help it anymore and I kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck as he grabbed me tightly from my waist, putting me closer to him.

What had started as a sweet kiss ended up being a passionate make out session. I put myself on top of him “I think you’re not wasted for this anymore” I mumbled before kissing him again and I felt how he smiled, what made me smile too and I went from kissing his lips to kiss his neck.

He put his hands on my hips and sat straight grabbing the hem of my shirt and taking it off quickly.

I kissed him again on the lips, trying to get closer to him if that was even possible.

“(Y/N)!” I heard my mom calling me from downstairs.

I broke the kiss and I put my hand on Monty’s mouth knowing that he was laughing due to the situation; I put my finger on my lip, telling him to shut up.

“Yeah mom?!” I shouted back.

“We’re going to the store! You have pancakes for breakfast!”

“Okay! Thank you!” after that I heard the main door closing and I took my hand off Monty’s mouth.

“Where were we?” he asked with a raspy voice bringing his lips to my neck.

Cute Moments // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: You do aegyo for the first time for Jay and he completely loses his mind over how adorable you are - requested by @13my-imaginary-world13

A/N: I lowkey live for fluffy Jay Park OH MY GOD

Sleeping over at Jay’s house had since become a regular occurrence since you had both started officially dating after many months of keeping things on the down-low for the sake of both of your careers. But now that everything was out in the open, you could come and go as little or a much as you liked – however you always chose the latter. No matter how busy you both got, Jay knew he could always rely on you already being in his bed late at night for him to crawl in beside so he could wrap his arms around you, snuggling up to and falling asleep with you.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. Both you and Jay had decided against going out together and doing something fun in the city and instead opted for a duvet day underneath a tonne of blankets on his plush sofa, right in front of his huge T.V as you both watched random shows on Netflix – mostly Jay picking out lame chick flicks for you both to watch and poke fun at.

After the third round of popcorn and gummy bears had been devoured, and the next cheesy rom-com being chosen by your lovely boyfriend, you nestled yourself in between his legs – resting your back against his firm chest as his arms tightly encased you while he gave you small, chaste kisses along your neckline.

“Jaaaaaay~ Stoooooop” you whined cutely, trying to pay attention to the movie before you felt Jay pout his lips against your nape in distaste behind you. You let a small chuckle pass your lips as you could feel his playful annoyance radiate from his body, turning yourself around to face him, straddling him as you did so.

“You’re so mean baby~ you won’t even let me give you my little kisses” he tiled his head as he continued to pout – talking in a cute baby type voice that made you giggle to no end.

“Oh my god, if only Simon and Gray could see you now~ I love that you only really do aegyo for me though” you nuzzled your nose against his, adoring the cute, boyish smile that took place on his soft, attractive features as he raised his hands, pressing them flush against your cheeks and squeezing them together.

“Yeah, but you’ve never even done aegyo for me once…not even before we started dating” he scoffed, moving your cheeks in all directions despite your protests for him to desist.

“Buh – I thot you din reary rike aegyo” you attempted to utter while he continued to puff your cheeks up, completely dying of laughter and gasping for air at the sounds that were coming out of your mouth and the look of your cheeks all squished together.

“Sorry baby – I can’t hear a word you’re saying , you’ll have to speak louder!” he almost doubled over, feeling tears of laughter beginning to fall from his eyes at how funny and adorable you looked, taking his hands away from your face to finally let you speak.

You cleared your throat as you shot him daggers “I SAID – I thought you didn’t really like aegyo…I didn’t know you wanted to see me do it for you?” you poked him in the middle of his chest before he caught you by your index finger and sticking it in his mouth and playfully biting on it – making you squeal and giggle in delight at how goofy he was acting in that moment.

“I don’t really…but I’m not gonna deny that I’ve thought about how fucking cute you would look and sound doing aegyo…calling me oppa and asking me to give you a kiss goodnight~” he bit his lip slightly before trying to hide his embarrassed smile – all the while you widened your eyes. “My boyfriend, big scary tattooed rapper guy…is being all soft and completely losing his shit over aegyo….” you internally died as he looked at you with his puppy dog eyes that he knew could get you to do absolutely anything for him – and he was so right.

You rolled your own eyes back at him “You want me to ask you for a kiss goodnight?” you whined before he nodded quickly, bouncing you up and down on his knees as he impatiently waited for you to grant his wish.

You sighed, putting your hands up to your cheeks and cupping them as you looked into his eyes, wiggling your butt before you said “Oppa…can you give me a kiss goodnight? I can’t sleep without it” as you pursed your lips together and watched nothing less than complete glee spread across your boyfriends stupid face.

“AHHHHHHH!” he squealed, shoving his face into the crook of your neck as both of his cheeks burned a bright, ruby red. You burst out laughing, not being able to deny how much you loved to see him become so rosy cheeked and shy, thanks to you. You pulled his head back, ruffling his bed-head hair, now taking your opportunity to grab his cheeks with both of your hands and squishing his face together.

“Man, I wish I could have recorded that…you shoulda seen your face!”

“Do it again and I might consider letting you” he chuckled, smiling at you before he kissed you softly, pulling you further up his lap. You could feel him smiling through the kiss – making you smile uncontrollably in turn as you leaned back, giving him one final kiss on his forehead before turning around to face the T.V again, enjoying the precious free time you had to spend with your boyfriend for the rest of the day.

Ruined Surprise

“But you can’t tell Joe. It’s a surprise.” Joe flinched at those words, guilt instantly flooding him. He had just managed to ruin Y/N’s surprise for him for Valentine’s Day.

Not that he did it on purpose, she never warned him not to watch the vlog, and so when he saw it in his subscription feed, he had simply clicked on it.

Now though, nearly two weeks before Valentine’s Day, he knew what was coming. And he could tell how excited his girlfriend was about her surprise.

Maybe he could pull off acting surprised.

“Are we doing anything for Valentine’s Day?” Joe asked casually a few days later, watching Y/N’s face for any reaction.

“I figured we’d have a nice quiet evening in.” She shrugged, looking over at him, “Unless you have something planned?”

“Am I a shit boyfriend if I say no?”

“Of course not,” She laughed, leaning over to kiss him quickly, “I know you’ve been busy. I’d be surprised if you did have something planned.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He mumbled, pulling her closer.

“I know, I’m pretty amazing.”

Yeah, you are. Joe thought to himself as he remembered her surprise.

“Nothing?!” Zoe stared over at Joe and Y/N in surprise. It was a week prior to Valentine’s Day, and they were visiting her up in Brighton for a day or two.

“Mate, you’re a shit boyfriend.” Alfie laughed, dodging the pillow thrown at him.

“I am not!” Joe protested.

“But you have nothing planned for Valentine’s Day…” Zoe muttered, looking between the couple.

“We don’t need to do anything special.” Y/N shrugged, and it took everything in Joe to not show is guilt, because he knew something special was coming.

“We’re going to have a nice quiet evening in. That’s special.” Joe said instead, avoiding looking at Y/N, in fear of her discovering his guilt.

Maybe he was a shit boyfriend, because he ruined her surprise.

“But, there has to be something planned. A special gift for her?” Zoe asked Joe.

“Well, I’m not going to admit to it here, now am I?” He laughed, risking a glance over at Y/N, but she just smiled up at him.

He was a shit boyfriend.

Two days prior to Valentine’s Day, she started dropping hints.

And if Joe didn’t actually know what the surprise was, they would be teasing hints, ones that would leave him wondering what his girlfriend was up too. But he did know. So the hints only added to the guilt he had.

It was clear that Y/N had worked hard on the surprise, and him having ruined it, there was no way he was going to be able to make up for it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!” Y/N greeted him cheerily on the morning of the fourteenth.

“And to you as well, love.” He grinned, pulling her in for a kiss. “I already can’t wait for this evening. Just a night in with you.”

“It’ll be wonderful.” She sighed, relaxing against him. “And I have another little surprise for you as well.”

“Oh?” Joe tried to act like he had no idea, but his stomach tightened uncomfortably.

“Mhm,” She smiled, running her fingers through his hair, “But you have to wait until tonight to find out what it is.”

“I can’t wait.” He told her, watching as she slipped from bed, humming happily to herself.

Why do you keep lying to her? He thought to himself, pulling a pillow over his face. You’re such a shit boyfriend.

The day dragged by, and Joe’s guilt only intensified.

He was looking forward to having a night in with Y/N, something that was long overdue for the both of them, but he would have to come clean.

It was only right.

Neither brought up the surprise until after dinner was cooked, eaten, and cleaned up. They had both settled into the couch together, ready to choose a movie to finish their relaxing night with.

“Oh, do you want your surprise first?” Y/N asked, sitting up on the couch to look at him.

He had to come clean now.

“It’s not really a surprise…”

“Because I mentioned it this morning? Well, you don’t know what it is. So it still counts as a surprise.” She smiled so lovingly at him, that Joe’s heart sank even more.

“Except I do know what it is. I’ve known for the past two weeks.” He admitted weakly, watching confusion spread across her face.


“Your vlog.”

“But,” She shook her head, “You don’t watch my vlogs.”

“Huh?” It was Joe’s turn to be confused, “Of course I do! I watch every single one of them!”

“You told me that you don’t.”

“I was joking, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I watch your vlogs?”

“Oh my gods,” She groaned, falling back against the couch. “You’ve known for two weeks?!

“I’m sorry, love.” Joe reached over to wrap his arms around her, burying his face into her shoulder. “It’s a really good surprise, though.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Y/N mumbled, fingers running through his hair.

“Because you looked so excited.”

“I was. I should have never mentioned it in my vlog…”

“I’m kind of surprised none of the fans accidentally spoiled it.”

“Me too.” She laughed, and he felt a weight lift off of him.

“You aren’t mad?” Joe asked, lifting his head to look at her.

“Of course not,” She smiled at him, “But you could have just told me you knew. And maybe next time tell me that you do watch my vlogs.”

“I watch all your videos, you should know that.”

“Hmm, well I don’t watch all of yours, so…”

Laughing, Joe leaned down to kiss her. “I know you don’t, because you screamed at me for giving you nightmares with my gaming videos.”

“They were terrifying!” Y/N pouted.

“That’s what makes them so fun.”


“You love it.”

“Yeah,” She sighed, “I do.”

A week later, Joe tweeted a photo of the two of them on holiday, praising her for her wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise.

He decided against telling the fans that he knew about it all along.

season 4 headcanons because im about to murder someone THAT WRITING IS FUCKING DISGUSTING

  • opening monologue is wally saying his respectful and iconic line: ‘my name is wally west and i’m the fastest man alive’ and then when barry comes back they can mix it up and have them both talking and doing the voice over [imagine them talking together and a shot of them hugging coming up i die]
  • linda coming back cc after getting a ‘save the date’ card and realizing what happened and being by iris’ side
  • her working with wally + cisco sometimes because he’s mostly busy, while it started as a temporary thing because iris wasn’t doing so good at the beginning, iris saw how good they worked together so she let it slide and watched them go~
  • they don’t get along though, iris just loves the banter and the ‘wallace really ohmyfucking god rudolph like the red nose reindeer- wait hold up robbery, oh shut up im not your flower, no i know my middle name is jasmine bu-’
  • speaking of cisco? trains with cynthia through different dimensions, trying to figure out how the whole connection thing works
  • iris actually working like, us seeing her WORK, WRITE, TYPE, her trying to keep the flash’s legacy alive with wally and occasionally mentioning the missing flash
  • seeing! iris! actually! grieve! even if it’s for like 10 minutes [because yes barry’s probably coming out of that speedster whole at the end of 4.01]
  • wally and hartley meeting, hartley being a polite asshole and being done with wallace’s bullshit
  • caitlin being an antih(oe)ero and not being in every episode or having a redemption arc, distancing herself from the ‘team’ knowing she hurt them because bitch she did.
  • iris getting barry out of the speedforce with her literal voice not with any technology bullshit, but with her fucking voice,,,the team tried everything and eventually gave up, but she stayed, and that’s how she brings him back,by herself
  • barry seeing all of the good wally’s done and hugging him for 3 hours straight, letting him stay the flash ‘two flashes? sounds amazing’
  • barry dealing with being back after all this ‘time’ (@ writers don’t fuck this up)
  • iris and barry finally having their fucking wedding, (that does not take place in the fucking crossover)

iris getting 98% of the screentime in that episode

them forgetting the legends/arrow teams exists and only inviting kara/alex /j’onn and james (maybe winn idk)

  • no more crossovers, im done their stupid and not even fun or happy [@ me yall dragged barry last time, not this year not on my fucking watch]
  • kadabra is confirmed for season 4,,so this mf is gonna annoy the fuck out of wally and linda ‘ah see barry’s not as annoying and cocky as you, and well iris now that she’s alive i guess- [that gets him linda’s hand print on his cheek] ‘feisty? yeah iris isn’t as well.. like you, you’re maybe as special as iris but something about you mhhhmakes you so dear to wallace miss parkw-’

lbr a storyline with kadabra and not having wally and linda be at center of it? unrealistic/

  • barry and iris being happy and smiley, cisco and cynthia being dorks, shy shy dorks in love, and then you have wally and linda, biting each other’s heads off.
  • bart coming up/out in some way and blessing them with his cuteness
  • jesse and jay coming in regularly to check up on their flashfam
  • wally having screentime,,, lots of it
  • iris, linda and cynthia having a wildt girls night out
  • barry, wally and cisco [joe: im too old for the love drama, i have cecile waiting bye] having a guys night in drinking speed beer or whatever talking about their ‘girls’

‘linda isn’t my girl, she’s barely a good friend, she always pokes me like i just can’t, i mean yeah she’s helped me through loads of flash stuff but, yeah she has pretty hair tho, and eyes, and lips-’

  • dinner nights @ joe’s; with everybody, from jesse to jay, to cynthia, cisco, linda, iris, barry,  wally, cecile and her daughter.
  • the christmas episode being the lightest cutest fluffiest episode
  • in fact season 4 being lighter and happier
  • the finale being not a shitty cliffhanger

anyway, i already wrote the sincerely three asks, so before im getting to the boyfs, im gonna post THOSE hc’s
@tinybirbs i have no idea what’s going on but im gonna tag u anyway. lov u. gonna work on the boyfs right now.


❤: who is more affectionate in public? in private?

i think none of them are SUPER affectionate in public, to be honest? but jared probably clings to them a lot. that’s the most they go as “affection in public”
in private though? oh my god, those boys are a mess. i still think its jared though. he really loves his bfs and he wants them to know that.

♡: who is the bigger romantic openly? secretly?

although jared is v Affectionate™, i doubt he’s a “romantic” person
so im gonna go with evan

❥: who is more likely to plan something big for valentine’s day?

they dont like doing big stuff in fear of something going wrong, so they probably stay at connor’s place and he plans this movie night thing. very nice.

ღ: who is more likely to initiate hand-holding in public?

hm.. jared or connor.

💕: who is more likely to make huge declarations of love in front of other people?

oh def connor (although probably when he’s high)

💘: who developed a crush on the other first?

jared has been crushing on evan for Years so id say that

💝: who spends more time (possibly overthinking) what presents to get the other?

evan. he’s really scared of fucking something up and giving them something they wont like. spoiler alert: he actually gives the best presents.

💓: who initiates most physical contact?

probably jared tbh, i dont really have explanation for that. i just Feel It.

💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?

aaa evan probably! sweet lil texts every morning and night and just. soft cute stuff in general.

💟: who spends time reading their zodiac compatibilities?

i have a feeling that its connor, but if you ask him he does it “just because it’s funny to see that people believe it”
(he totally believes it)

💙: who is more protective?

connor!!!! connor!!!!! he would break someone’s nose (and probably more) for his bfs!!!!!

💚: who tends to get sick more often? who is better at taking care of the other?

time for Self Projecting™: connor gets sick the most. evan is the best at taking care of him.

💜: who said “i love you” first? or, if neither has said it yet, who is more likely to say it first?

i think evan said it first? but like. without thinking. and then he got really flustered and terrified although both his bfs feel the same

💛: who believes in soulmates?

tbh? i feel like all of them do5

lilkiwibird  asked:

What are the other staff like? And do you get along with the staff?

“Everyone loves her, she’s really nice, she always puts plasters on for me when I fall!” Max

“She’s okay, I think she might have a crush on David though, he is a bit too mean for her…” Neil

“Oh my god, don’t you see it? David likes her back, it’s painful to see them make a fool out of themselves around each other…” Nikki

- I

- AM

- S T R E S S E D

- So like first let me say: The kids were FANTASTIC. Best performances of their lives!!!!

- everything that could have possibly gone wrong went the fuck wrong


- You know in horror movies were like one person gets infected or some shit but you think everything is fine until suddenly everyone is dying? Literally.

- May I remind you that mics have been perfectly fine all week,

- Opening number, Vanessa is doing her little bit and there’s just a tiny. Glitch.

- Like her mic dropped for half a second. It was hardly noticible. Tom and I literally double checked like “you heard that right?” But it was completely fine so we were like “It’s probably nothing”



- I’m fucking. Borderline screaming. Tom looks like he’s going to punch something and is running around checking for what the problem was. THERE WAS NO VISIBLE PROBLEM. THIS SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN HAPPENING.

- And then it just???? Fucking stopped on it’s own???? What the FUCK. Sometime right before 96,000 it all just went back to normal holy shit


- AND something was up with the fucking keyboard’s speaker??? Because of course.

- Guys seriously we literally STILL DON’T KNOW what happened! At intermission Tom and I were just dying and finally he’s like “I don’t care anymore I’m just gonna see what the hell is wrong with the keyboard” and returned 3 minutes later, still no answers, and was like “You know what? ‘Blackout’ sounded fucking amazing and that’s what matters to me” like we honestly just quit oh my God

- However the kids really powered through all the issues and didn’t let it trip them up so that was good

- Meanwhile, though, the audience was FUCKING HILARIOUS I LOVED THEM

- I’m…fully convinced half this audience had never been to a musical before in their entire lives, and even if they had they had never seen or listened to In The Heights so their reactions were great.

- Lot of gasping holy shit it was so funny. “I got more hoes than a phone book in Tokyo” *GASP* “What do I do with this winning ticket?” *G A S P*

- The opening of act 2 when Benny and Nina are on the fire escape and clearly had sex the night before? G A S P

- Guys it was so funny. And they were clearly loving the music and laughing at all the jokes- every scene got deafening applause omfg

- They were all clearly very much sucked into the story so that was just so fun to see

- They tried to cornrow Benny’s hair

- That was quit half way through thank God omfg

- Also mildly off topic but when I was getting his mic on him he hadn’t done his bun yet and that boy has a fantastic head of hair holy shit


- There was a moment before they opened the doors and the entire theater was quiet but suddenly all (like…8 or 9) boys could be heard singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber at the top of their lungs in their dressing room. No explanation as to why

- They announced that the fall show was Pippin and Steven got a fucking baseball bat and starting balancing it on his fingers yelling “JUST IN TIME” (he had apparently ‘just discovered’ this talent on Sunday and has been talking about it like non-stop since)

- The girl playing Graffiti Pete had a bunch of school friends come to the show. They all shrieked every time she opened her mouth holy shit

- Before the show the director was giving notes and she said something like “This is right after Claudia’s death-” and half the cast was like “Tag you’re fucking spoilers” omfg

- And then when mic checks were happening Steven sang “atencion” and Tom cut him off yelling “SPOILERS, SPOILERS” instead of “good” lmao

- Okay so like…is there a little kids show character that I resemble or something????

- There were a lot of kids in the audience (probably like actor’s siblings or something) and like…during intermission an alarming amount of them were staring or waving at me with shy smiles or pointing me out to their parents who seemed to know what they were thinking and I was just like….Who do you think I am?????? Oh my God

- No one actually tried to talk to me but a few looked like they wanted to??? A few even got some of that gentle parental shove thing??? What is happening I’m so confused over this????

- Oh my God you know how in Boy Meets World, Rider Strong hated his fucking hair and as a result we were blessed with Shawn constantly aggressively raking his hair back with his hands???? There was a boy sitting directly in front of me who did that literally the entire show to the point where I was like….You need to stop I gotta see what’s happening on stage omfg

- Also lol I guess he was there for his ensemble sisters™ or something bc he cheered for everyone who came out for bows except he booed for one specific group of girls lol

- I was on my phone before the show and the directors husband made Tom get my attention just so he could silently give me a thumbs up before walking away so we were laughing at that

- He did give me free skittles at intermission tho which was rad (he tried to give me like the entire table for free lmao)

- The choreographer was working the spotlight (which she admitted she was confused by) and she was super tired and lowkey joked about falling asleep and falling over on the job before the show started but somewhere during act 2 I fucking saw the sliding spotlight and panicked lmao

- Her and Drew were bonding over being bad at spotlight and everyone in the back area said “you guys are better than Jimmy” in perfect unison lmao

- Usnavi was borderline sobbing by his last line in the finale omg

- We couldn’t fucking get a sound effect for the fireworks so for the final part of ‘blackout’ when you’re supposed to hear them the pianist deadass just whistled the noise omfg

- Nina and Abuela Claudia were the fan favorites, as I predicted

- Benny was a little off his game but I still support him

- Lowkey there’s a couple guys in this show who have never done any shows before and I’m not sure if he’s one of them??? He seems like he is so I think he was probably just nervous or something

- Everyone was sneezing and coughing bc why not

- Before the show the Piragua Guy was berating himself as per usual and the only cheer-me-up anyone could think to give him was “It sounds great! It’s just like, the words that you’re having trouble with!” lmao but he KILLED IT I was v proud the audience loved him

- Like 20 minutes before we let people in we had the directors daughter, in heels, on a fucking ladder painting over parts of the shop signs bc we realized that even though they had professional looking signs made they all had Philadelphia area codes on them lmao

- Oh God. So remember the not-screwed-in door I was complaining about???

- Well. They screwed it in. Backwards.

- And it makes an obnoxious noise when it opens and closes, and also doesn’t close all the way l m a o

- The programs all went missing lmao

- I found one box hidden away thank God but??? Apparently there’s supposed to be more. So we might just run out of programs during the second show


- Tom fist pumped multiple times in pride and excitement when the show finally ended lmao


- Lmao I’m pretty sure Tom was also lowkey crying at the end I didn’t say anything tho

- There’s more but it’s almost 2 in the morning lmao so anyway!!! Hopefully tomorrow runs a little more smoothly!!! And hopefully we get another great audience!! Overall it was great so I’m all pumped

anonymous asked:

danny phantom

The first character I fell in love with: Definitely Danny. He was my first cartoon crush.

A character I used to love/like, but now do not: Honestly, I don’t really think there’s anyone I like any less than I did when I first started watching the show…There’s a bunch of characters I like more now, though.

A ship that I used to love/like, but now do not: I really only used to ship Danny and Sam, and I love them just as much now as I did as a kid.

My ultimate favorite character™: Danny. Hands down. Always and forever.

Prettiest character: Dani. Oh my god I love her.

My most hated character: Box Lunch. Ew.

My OTP: Danny and Sam

My NOTP: Danny and Vlad (you do you, I guess)

Favorite Episode: TUE. I love Dan.

Saddest Death: Any time Dani almost dies. 

Favorite Season: Season 1. Danny having trouble with all of the new powers is kind of funny.

Least favorite season: Season 3. Literally only because of Phantom Planet. That movie/episode was AWFUL

Character that everyone else in the fandom loves but I hate am indifferent to: Wes. I don’t hate him, I don’t dislike him, I’m indifferent. If you guys want me to draw him, I’ll draw him. He’s just not my favorite, ya know? Might have to do with not knowing anything about him, though.

my ‘you’re a piece of trash but you’re still a fave’ fave: Super Danny

My ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: Also Super Danny.

My ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but I still love it’ ship: I don’t really have one of those.

My ‘they’re kind of cute, and I lowkey ship them, but I’m not too invested’ ship: I guess Danny and Valerie…???

I’ll protect you

Hey everybody!~ Here’s a scenario requested by anon.

Jimin angst. Dark and triggering scenario. (2 167 words)

Friendly reminder that violence is never the solution and if you ever have some problems about that you can ibox me as anon.




“(Y/N)!” You were peacefully lying on your couch when someone knocked brutally on the door.

You could recognize your ex boyfriend’s voice.

“I’m coming don’t break the door!” Several questions went through your brain but you still stepped to the door to open him.

You gently unlocked the door but your ex boyfriend slammed it open; making you lost your balance and eventually fall.

“Where is he?” He screamed, his neck vein was about to explode.

“What are you talking about?” You stood up on your feet.

“Don’t you play with me you little s***!” He violently pushed you against the hallway door.

“Where is he?” He repeated; his hands were pinning your shoulders on the cold wall. His face was inches away from yours, a liquor scent escaped his breath; he was drunk in the middle of the afternoon.

“Why are you even here? I haven’t seen you in months and here you are insulting me? Who do you think you are?” You pushed him away with your hands that were free. Serious error.

“I am your ex boyfriend and I can’t stand to now you are happy with some other guys!” He harshly slapped you.

Your face came back in its initial position; your hand was rubbing your hit cheek. Tears welled up in your eyes as you looked incredulously at his bloodshot eyes.

“I’m asking you once again; where is he?” The alcohol going through his forehead vein made his mind boil up.

“Why would I ever tell you something about him? You’re no longer my boyfriend so just accept the fact you failed to be mine and let him replace you. He punched the wall, making the mirror that was beside you shatter to the ground.

“Get out of here!” You screamed out your lungs.

“Should I remind you you’re the one who broke up with me?”

“I know it but I think you forgot the reason why already, you’re too drunk to be able to think straight.”

“If you weren’t that dumb you wouldn’t have left me.”

“And you’re an asshole for having me hurt.” Wrath submerged you.

“I am sure you were cheating on me with this new boyfriend of yours!”

“I wasn’t.”

“I am sure you were!” He began to stroke your tummy. If you first tried to hit him back, he was way stronger than you. You could only let yourself fall to the ground; your head dived in your lap you brought up to your chest.

[Flashback’s end]

Tears were rolling down your red bruised face. You bit on your swollen lower lip to try to stop them from streaming down your face but the cut in the corner of your lips began to bleed again. The mirror’s broken pieces left cuts all over your body that was already bruised by all the strokes you received yesterday.

You were miserably looking at your reflection in your bathroom’s mirror when your cell phone vibrated in your pocket. You took it out and opened your new text that was from your actual boyfriend; Jimin.

“From: Love ♡

I’ll be back home within an hour! You don’t know how much I missed your body while touring. You better prepare your lips because they are going to be mine today!" 

A sudden stress appeared and shook your whole body; you had to hide all those bruises and cuts with some makeup; without fail.

"To: Love ♡

What good news! See you in an hour then! I missed you more. xx”

You had a really hard time to prepare yourself on time for your boyfriend. You had to cover up all the bruises that were on your face and your hands; not to mention a thick layer of orange concealer wasn’t enough to hide it all. But at least, if you weren’t staring at it, you couldn’t see these shades this makeup layer.

You were having a last check in the mirror when your boyfriend came back.

“Where is my beautiful girlfriend?” He sang from downstairs.

Beautiful? He will rapidly change his mind if he saw you without all this makeup. Some tears where threatening to fall but you blinked them away.

“I am in the bathroom.” You replied.

You heard him running up the stairs before slamming the door open. He jumped on you; wrapping his arms around you and made your feet took off of the floor. You let out a moan.

“Did I hurt you?” He made you stand up, unwrapping his arms from you.

“No, I was just surprised.” You lied.

“I missed you so much.” He tried to kiss your swollen lips but you turned around; pretending you were tidying your makeup brushes.

“Did you change your makeup?” He smiled. “I preferred the style you had before. It was more… natural.”

“And less painful to wear.” You thought to yourself.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” He pouted.

“Just one kiss” You shyly grinned.

What you said to him in your text was true. You missed him more than he possibly had; you just couldn’t show it to him because of the pain you were hiding under all of your makeup and long clothes.

“Come on don’t be like that.” He took your hand but unfortunately, your sleeve slided down your forearm, showing some of the damage your ex has done.

“What is this?” He asked with popped out eyes.

“Nothing.” You tried to deliver your wrist from his hand but he held you too strongly.

“It hurts.” You winced.

“Who did that to you?” He rolled up your sleeve utill your elbow.

“A stranger that used to be my boyfriend.” You explained with a lump in your throat.

“What happened?”

“He came yesterday afternoon; he was drunk and he…” You couldn’t finish your sentence without crying.

“Please tell me he didn’t touched you.” Fear was clear in his eyes.

“No he didn’t but he came here to find you and he beat me because I wouldn’t tell him a thing about you. He would have beaten you instead of me if you were here so I’m glad you were on tour.”

“Are you serious? This is my entire fault.” He began to cry. “Take of your clothes; I want to see how much he stroked you.”

“Jimin…” You pleaded. “This isn’t your fault… Please don’t think that way. I don’t think you really want to see my body right now…” You tried to keep on hiding all these wounds because you knew your boyfriend would be flipping out if he saw all of them.

“Now (Y/N).” His voice was shaking.

“Stop crying.” You said though you were crying harder than him.

You finally removed your tee shirt, uncovering all of the cuts and bruises he caused; at least on your torso.

“Oh my god.” He stifled a scream by covering his mouth with his hand and looked away.

“I swear I am going to…” His fists were clenched.

“Don’t do anything. I love you Jimin.” You back hugged him.

“I can’t let him doing this to you.”

“Jimin…” Your forehead was resting between his blades.

“What’s his name again?" 

”(Your ex boyfriend’s full name).“ You sighed.

“Ok let me heal you.”


“Let me help you to put on some cream on your bruises. But may I ask you something?” He turned around before following the line of one of your scars with one of his fingertips.


“How can you have these scars?”

“He broke the mirror in the hallway and when he beat me up I was kind of lying down on these shattered pieces.”

“This…” You kissed his salty lips before he could swear.

~Jimin’s POV~

By the way I finished to put some cream almost on every inch of her skin, I pretended to have a text from a friend of mine who asked me to meet him outside for an hour or so.

(Y/N) let me go outside but I was obviously lying. I wanted to find this asshole and stroke him as many times as he hit my girlfriend. But I bumped into a man when I stepped onto the pavement.

“Are you, perhaps, (Y/N)’s boyfriend?” A tall man with a leather jacket asked me.

“And you’re her ex.” My fists were already ready to fight him.

“Who are you to steal my girl like that?” He pushed me against the brick wall but I had enough force to push him away.

I caught him by the collar of his jacket and pinned him to the wall; he was the one who had to be at this place reserved for weak.

“How does it feel to beat up a woman? How does it feel to beat up your ex girlfriend and don’t have any shadow of shame?” I violently pushed him against the wall even if he was stuck to it.

“I wanted to beat you up instead but as the coward you are, you weren’t by her side.”

“I wasn’t by her side because I was working. I was earning money so I will be able to please her. You must feel really miserable, don’t you?”

“Why would I?”

“You can’t even please her the half I can.” His fist smashed my cheek.

“I touched your sensitive spot, right?” I smirked after liking my bleeding lip. And I hit his stomach right after.

Once he was bent down from the pain, I hit his shoulders twice with my elbows so he was sitting on the concrete floor.

“So that’s it? That’s all you have?” I teased him. “Get up." 

He stood up almost instantly but I took the advantage as soon as his face was in front of mine. I hit him with all my force; with all the anger I could have for him from the deepest me but the rage to defend (Y/N) was the most the driving force.

His face was bleeding just like my hand knuckles, my arm articulations were hurt but I didn’t care at all. I picked him up by his collar again "Remember, all the bruises and cuts you left on my girlfriend; I can’t bear to see them. I can’t see her hurt so don’t you dare to meet her again nor just touching her hair. My hickeys are the only bruises allowed on her skin. Now get the fuck out of here!” I warned him before pushing him away.

I wiped my bleeding lower lip with the back of my hand that was covered with blood before going back into the house.

“What happened to you?” My girlfriend looked at me with popped out eyes.

“Did you just get in a fight? Why did you… I told you not. I mean, isn’t that enough I’m hurt? You had to be hurt too?” She started to be mad at me but I grabbed her face between my dirty hands.

“I fought for you.”

“With whom?”

“Your ex.”

“You found him?”

“I bumped into him on my way out. He was about to get into our house once again. He was here to fight with you again or with me so I just made him understand he wasn’t welcomed and I showed him we were both stronger than him.”

“Let me heal you.” Her forehead was resting on mine when she held my hands that were still on her jaw line.

She took my hand; taking care not to squeeze it too much so she won’t hurt me. When we got into the bathroom; the alcohol and the compresses were still next to the washbasin. She made me sit on the stool and lifted up my hand before pressing the inhibited compress on the back of my hands.
When she was done with them, she softly smiled before softly pressing her lips on mine. We switched our roles.

“This is going to hurt a little bit but you’ll get many magic kisses to make the pain fade away.” She fold the new alcohol inhibited compress before pressing it on the corner of my lips but I removed it with my healed hand after a few seconds.

“Then let me kiss your whole body.” My lips formed a sad smile.

“So he won’t come here again? What did he said.” She purposely ignored me.

“I don’t know… he couldn’t say anything.” I circled her hips with my arms, making her come closer to be before being able to rest my head against her belly.

“I missed your warmth and your scent.” Her fingers were going through my hair.

“I missed you.” She confessed; making me open my eyes and look straight at her.

“Let me cover your body with my love bites when all of those bruises will be gone.” I stood up but she only hugged me carefully though I could still feel all her feelings flowing into me.

“I will always be there to protect you (Y/N). Please call me the next time someone is annoying you.” I kissed her head.


Here it is! I hope you have all enjoyed this sad scenario?

To the anon who requested me this scenario: Could you please inbox me (still as anon if you want) to tell me your feelings toward this? I’m sorry it’s been a week you’ve been requesting me it.

aquabluemoonbutterfly  asked:

I come back and find that you're thinking about TWEWY and P5 crossover and I love it ^^ I would personally headcanon that TWEWY's three weeks would take place after the Phantom Thieves finally started getting popular, and someone (probably Beat) would not shut up about them to Neku. Turns out Neku is quite a fan of them after week 2. ALSO Neku ends up accidentally scanning Ryuji or something while on a mission and from there finds out basically everything about the phantom thieves XD

gasps that would be really cool omg
Honestly?? Neku would be one of their biggest fans and he would straight up admit it exactly like he openly admit he loves CAT- I think he would still like CAT a lot more than the Phantom Thieves but I do believe Neku is a faithful acceptor of the crew. I’m not sure if Joshua would appreciate them much though. OKAY BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT SHIKI OH MY GOD SHE WOULD BE ON THE PHANTOM TRAIN IN 0.2 SECONDS

“Phantom Thieves, in my Reaper’s Game? It’s more likely than you think”

1.  What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

Takada/Misa. I try, oh my god, do I try….

It really never starts to make sense to me though. Like I get the basis of it? The two girls of the love triangle get together can be a really fun trope.
But with Misa and Takada I just get entirely stuck on what they have to offer to each other as people? Like sometimes there is a chemistry in characters hating each other, but for them they’re just really each other’s least favourite type of person…… I can’t reasonably see them attracted to each other at all.

4.  Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?*

… laughs dryly. I really, really, really do not like L/Light and you can about imagine what that’s like.

7 has been answered!

andrewsneil  asked:

post-trk bluesey stuff?

im so glad you asked assuming you meant hcs

as usual im sorry for how long it is but i have no filter when it comes to bluesey

  • let’s talk about kissing first because that’s important
  • after blue gets the green light from the psychics who tell her the curse is broken, it’s so on
  • kissing everywhere all the time (who can blame them they have a lot to make up for)
  • im serious, the disgustingly cute pda is definitely a thing with them and you literally cannot convince me otherwise 
  • good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, forehead kisses, ‘hey we haven’t seen each other in a few hours’ kisses, just all kinds of kisses
  • their second kiss, i imagine, goes a bit like their first pretend kiss
  • it’s late at night and they’re out under the stars and after blue tells him that the curse is gone, gansey smiles at her and says, “May I beg one off you, Jane?”
  • and blue, who cannot even contain her giddy smile, counters with “Under all this?” and they both laugh a little, pleased the other remembered, before they finally kiss
  • and it’s everything they ever wanted, everything they ever imagined it to be, and more
  • gansey tastes like mint and blue tastes like yogurt and they both think they could do this forever
  • blue!! standing!! on!! her!! tiptoes!! when she kisses gansey and then other times gansey will lift her off the ground a bit!! kill me!!
  • so after ronan moves to the barns and gansey is left with no roommates, blue all but unofficially lives at monmouth
  • at first it’s just their usual late night phone calls but after blue has a bad nightmare about gansey’s death she ends up biking over to monmouth in the middle of the night just to see him and make sure he’s okay
  • gansey is peacefully asleep and blue doesn’t have the heart to wake him, especially since just hearing him breathe calmed her down, but she doesn’t want to go back home either so she hops into bed with him and cuddles to him
  • gansey hardly notices, just breathes a quiet “jane” and wraps his arms around her 
  • when he wakes up in the morning blue is already up, quietly typing away on his phone, and gansey blinks sleepily, more than a little confused, murmuring “jane” and she smiles down at him and greets him with a soft kiss
  • after that there’s a lot of sleeping over and lots of cuddling and spooning and lazy mornings in bed
  • blue has a few clothes over and a toothbrush and tons of yogurt in the fridge
  • she also convinces him to do something about the kitchen/bathroom situation because “no gansey i won’t eat food coming out of a fridge that’s literally next to the toilet” and since ronan’s room is now free, they move it there
  • gansey is usually up before blue so 90% of the time she either wakes up to breakfast delivered in bed or soft kisses all across her face and she doesn’t mind either
  • gansey’s new nightly project is sleep, especially with blue around most of the time, but on nights he or blue can’t sleep they work on the mini henrietta together
  • other times gansey will read aloud to her until she falls asleep to his voice
  • also blue wears his stupid polo shirts to bed (she hates them but they all smell like him, it’s a dilemma)
  • they’re huge on her so she looks really cute and sexy, gansey thinks, but doesn’t dare say aloud
  • sometimes when he wakes up and sees blue sleeping next to him wearing his clothes, hair mussed, mouth open as she snores, he can’t believe he got so lucky and he gets to wake up next to his true love every day for the rest of his life
  • after his death blue’s probably a little overprotective of him for a few months, always watching him closely, casually but not so casually resting her hand right over his heart to hear it beating under her palm, hugging him a little tighter than necessary 
  • gansey notices, of course, but doesn’t say a thing and just makes sure she knows he’s not going to leave her again
  • one time when they’re on one of their night drives aimlessly roaming around they come across the place where gansey died, where they first kissed, where she killed him, and blue asks him to pull over and they just sit in silence for several minutes, maybe hours, holding each other’s hands tightly, grateful that they can be here together now and they can put this chapter behind them and move forward
  • in a way it’s sort of closure to them and after that it’s easier for gansey to sleep through the whole night and blue to go longer periods of time without talking to him to know he’s okay
  • okay so the ganseys invite the sargents over for like a parents meeting parents thing and orla ends up tagging along just because which results in a lot of flirting between her and helen. blue and gansey are horrified. maura does a reading for mr and mrs gansey who are completely delighted and don’t even notice a thing. halfway through dinner orla sneaks off with helen and blue vows never to bring her cousin with her again
  • other cute things: on their first official date gansey takes her to an aquarium which is honestly perfect tbh because gansey likes fish and sea creatures and blue just likes animals in general
  • blue of course teases him about his “fish kink” as she puts it but she’s just as fascinated the whole time as he is and they take a lot of pictures together and of the sea creatures 
  • they capture a kiss on camera just as a shark swims by behind them and it’s their favorite photo
  • also gansey has a habit of buying blue yogurt every time he goes to the store, like literally every time, even if there’s still some left in the fridge, and blue acts annoyed but she still eats it and she still gives him the fruit bits (which is half the reason he does it lbr)
  • one time when ronan and adam are out on a date they agree to babysit opal for them and it’s sort of a disaster
  • gansey desperately wants to be “the cool uncle” but he knows nothing about kids and opal isn’t your typical kid anyway
  • he thinks about spoiling her with candy and ice-cream but she only eats rocks and tree barks
  • he tries the “what do you know about welsh kings?” line on her but blue is shaking her head at him in the background so he quickly backtracks
  • they play some board games but opal quickly grows bored when she doesn’t win so they decide to take her to the park 
  • where the moment they take their eyes off her she disappears off to somewhere
  • there’s a lot of panic and “oh my god we lost ronan’s kid he’ll never forgive us oh my god blue what do we do” from gansey while blue calmly and logically tries to figure out where she could have gone
  • gansey is on the brink of a heart attack when they find her across the street petting a cute stray cat
  • gansey spends half the way home making sure she knows never to do that again and the other half making sure she won’t tell ronan they temporarily lost her
  • blue jokingly says that after all that she knows for sure that she doesn’t want kids for many many years and gansey chokes on his water because that does imply they will have kids sometime down the road (and they do, a girl and a boy)
  • so about the roadtrip, they definitely have pictures of the two of them next to every damn famous locations they visit and blue makes a handmade photo album out of them and gives it to him for christmas
  • gansey also takes a lot of not-so-secret photos of her with his phone and i say not-so-secret because blue knows, she just pretends she doesn’t, and anyway his phone is basically hers too so she sees all of them
  • her idea of “revenge” is taking photos of him while he’s sleeping and she has to admit, they’re all pretty darn cute
  • she does also doodle some stuff on his forehead while he sleeps and takes a selfie posing next to him with her tongue stuck out
  • then she posts it on his instagram because yeah
  • the amount of times henry almost walks in on them oh boy
  • so one time blue complains about her neck hurting because she slept in the car the previous night while gansey was driving so gansey offers to give her a massage and it gives henry the wrong idea about what they’re doing because it pretty much goes like this:
  • blue: “oh, yes. right there.”
    gansey: “good?”
    blue: “yes.”
    henry in the next room: “guys, the walls are thin, please stop having sex.”
  • so i assume they go to college after their gap year, and probably different ones, so gansey gets her one of those lockets with pictures inside, and on one side there’s a picture of the two of them at nino’s, blue hanging on his back like a monkey, both of them grinning wildly, and on the other side there’s a selfie with the gang in cabeswater during the early days, blue, gansey and noah also grinning wildly while adam smiles softly and ronan glares
  • blue never takes it off
  • after they’re out of college they automatically move in together
  • it’s not something they ever agree on, it’s just something they both know without talking about it, so after graduation gansey’s like “i found this really cool house, wanna check it out?” and blue’s like “hell yeah” and suddenly they have a house
  • but even after settling down they still do travel a lot and visit all kinds of countries and places
  • they definitely have one of those maps on the wall with pins signaling all the places they’ve been to and they’re always planning to expend that map
  • and lastly i didn’t know where to put this but okay listen, gansey and blue doing haunted house vlogs
  • it’s my dream
  • i just really love the idea, listen it’s totally their thing
  • breaking into old abandoned houses or places that are rumored to be haunted and taping their experience
  • gansey does all kinds of research beforehand that he excitedly rambles off to the camera the second it’s on
  • he’s here for the mystery of what happened and the hopes of solving it
  • blue’s here mostly for the thrill but they make a pretty good team
  • over time their channel gets popular and some famous and less famous haunted hotels contact them to see if they could do a coverage on their hotel and bring in more customers
  • gansey is excited right until he realizes that most of these hotels aren’t actually haunted
  • but the bottom line, they never stop having adventures :’)

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BigBang walk in on you wearing their clothes. (Also are there any blogs that do scenarios for girl groups?)

So many oversized hoodies! 

And I do girl groups scenarios! :) I don’t know many other blogs though… sorry. But I do them so you request some to me if you’d like!



You panicked and was about to remove his sweatshirt but he stopped.

Him: “Don’t worry; it’s really cute on you.”



 Him: “Aw, look how cute you are!”



Him: “Oh my god Y/N, stop being so perfect!”



Him: “Damn.”



Him: “Y/N!”

He would start laughing; loving the sight of you wearing his t-shirt.


Drew the handsome mun <3 I’m not great at drawing men… and it’s just a scribbly sketch;; but I really really love the mun <3

You’re super nice and even though I’m awkward af and can’t bring myself to talk to you a bunch, just reading your interactions with others makes me smile :) Hope you get the things you wish for most!! You deserve them bab <3

((OH??? MY GOD??? This is beautiful oh my goodness. You have such a gorgeous style! Please do more art! Thank you so much sweetheart!))
introductory to bts fandom!!

hi everyone, my name is yuki!! god, i love bts so much, and i really want to meet other people who do as well!! i run another blog — it’s a harry potter/mythology blog, called tcrtarus. i’m known there for my writing, you can check them out here!

in this fandom, i want to write fics, oh my god, i love namjin so much. i feel as though they deserve so much love, so i’ll be writing mainly about them. i will also be making gifs and gif edits, which i simply adore to create! i promise you, i have many things up my sleeve, and i will not let you down.

again, it’s so nice to meet you!! i’m so excited to be here, and i hope we can become friends!!!


There is love in your body but you can’t hold itin
It  p o u r s  from your eyes and  s p i l l s  from your skin