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Discovery of Self

Prompt: superman one where you’re his daughter and you love playing the piano and music and stuff but because of his hearing he can’t listen to you play and so you get really sad about it and you get a surprise scholarship to a music school abroad and you kind of leave him and he doesn’t really know what to do???

AN: Let’s just talk about this little prompt right here … This turned into something that I love. Hopefully you guys enjoy it too. Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my stories

Words: 1144

          You wait for him to come home. You just sit at the kitchen table and wait. You’re reading in your chair when the door finally creaks open, and he walks in. Those stupid glasses are on his face, and you don’t understand how they hide anything.

          He doesn’t even pause, he just walks straight to the fridge, pulls out the carton of ice cream, and two spoons and sits down. You both take a few bites before he finally asks, “Okay, what’s up kiddo?”

          You prepare yourself to tell him, but instead you ask, “Were you able to save everyone?”

          He smiles, as he takes off his glasses, “Yeah, your brothers and I were able to get everyone to safety. The rest of league was tackling a tsunami.”

          There’s another moment of silence before you say, “Mom called from Milan, the story is taking longer than she thought, she’s going to be another three days.”

          He just smiles. “Excellent, she’ll make it back in time for the cookout this weekend, everyone’s going to be there. Grandma and Grandpa Kent are driving in, your brothers are flying in. Your uncle Conner and Aunt M’Gann are coming in too. I even convinced Bruce and Damian to come, you and Damian get along right?”

          You shrug. “I haven’t had all that much contact with him, to be honest.”

          He nods, “I suppose that’s true, but he’s a good man, I think that you two would…”

          “I’m moving to London!” The words come out without your consent, and the look on his face makes you almost wish you could take them back. Almost.

          He stares at you. “I don’t understand.”

          “My college acceptance letters came in a few weeks ago. I got in everywhere I applied.”

          The smile that lights up your father’s face makes your heart break even more. “That’s amazing sweetheart, spectacular, but I don’t understand why you would say you were going to London when that’s the case. And why wait several weeks to tell us?”

          You take a deep breath. “Because I applied to a music school in London. Very prestigious, only five percent of applicants get in, and I managed a full scholarship.”

          Your dad’s eyes narrow. “But that’s not what we discussed, you were going to attend one of the three schools your brothers go to, so that there was someone to watch over you. Keep you safe.”

          You take a deep breath in an effort to stay calm. “Dad, the guys go to some amazing schools, but none of them have the kind of program I need if I want to play professionally.”

          He just crosses his arms and says, “But we agreed that you weren’t going to play professionally.”

          Your voice steadies. “No, you decided that. You and the boys, and the league decided to keep me in this little protective box where I can’t be used against you, because I am apparently helpless.”

          Your dad just sighs. “Y/N we’ve been over this, you’re in a vulnerable position because of who your family is.”

          You meet his gaze, “Don’t you mean because of who I am?”

          “Y/N …”

          “Four kids, and I’m the only one without powers. I can’t fly, I’m not bulletproof, and I can’t shoot beams out of my eyes. Heck, I’m not even an investigative reporter, like mom. I’m the normal one, but there is absolutely nothing normal about my life. You’ve kept me in a box, like I’m veal. I always have to have someone watching me, heck, I’m eighteen and I still have to check in with you and mom, or my older brothers.”

          Your dad’s voice raises, “You’re in constant danger because of what our family is…”

          “I AM NOT A PART OF THIS FAMILY!” The statement takes both of you by surprise, and your dad’s expression turns to one of horror and sadness. You clear your throat. “I’m the only one without powers, I have spent more collective time with my grandparents than with my parents. You and mom have always been gone, trying to save the world. And when the boys started showing signs of powers you put all your time and energy into training them. I became an afterthought …”

          Your dad moves forward to hug you, and you step back, out of his reach He whispers your name, “Y/N …”

          “You know nothing about me. You’ve never even heard me play. And it’s not just you dad, the guys have never heard me play, and mom, well mom is always traveling now.” There’s this silence before you say, “I love you guys, I really do. I understand why you do what you do, and why the world comes before me, but at the same time, I have needs too. And I need this. I need this school, and this opportunity. An opportunity to find out who I am, and what’s best for me.”

          You take another few steps back, “Grandma and Grandpa Kent already know, I told them months ago, and I’ve sent an email to mom. And I have no doubt that you’ll tell the boys.” Your phone buzzes in your pocket, and you know what that means, “My flight leaves in three hours, and it takes an hour to get to the airport, which means I have to go.”

          He takes a step forward and you take another back, distance is your friend right now. “I have to go to the school early to start setting things up. My dorm, classes, set up reservations for the piano, things like that.”

          “So this is it? You tell me and run?”

          You nod. “You forget dad, I was never the superhero, I was never the brave one, I was never the strong one. I knew how things would go. The entire family would converge and try to keep me from going, and I would give in. But I can’t, because I need this.”

          You allow yourself to walk towards him now and in that moment, your father, Clark Kent, Superman, looks smaller than you’ve ever seen him. You simply kiss his cheek and say: “I’ll email you to let you know I’m safe. I love you daddy.”

          You don’t look back, and when you get to London you throw yourself into school. You throw yourself into figuring out exactly who you are. You exchange sporadic emails with your family, and not one demands your return. And for that you’re extremely grateful. On the night of your end of the year recital, you walk out onto the stage to take your place, and when you look out into the audience you see your family. You can’t help but smile as you sit down and play. And as your fingers glide across the keys, who you are shines through.

I am not a cannibal

credit to- meberoxanne

Human flesh is surprisingly tasty.

Please do not judge me. It was a dire situation. I was starving.

She was already dead, and had been for several days. That’s why I was forced to eat her. Nobody was there to let me out or fill up my bowl, and I can’t reach the fridge to open it.

Her flesh tasted like chicken. I love chicken.

The phone had been ringing for days, but I didn’t know how to answer it. Somebody really must wanted to get a hold of her.

After a few days, somebody came to the door and started knocking. I started barking. I hate visitors.

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can we send you positive ed messages or at least #relatable ed things? im a new follower and its honestly really nice to see someone talk about their ed in an open and positive way and i would like to at least send you a message every now and then like "that feel when ur brain does a pc blue screen and u forget what ur meal plan is and u stare at ur fridge like a confused dog" but if thats too negative or triggering for you i wont do that

yes i love those and those are both great and supported by this girl! which is also exactly what my ed project is about (email me submissions now btw if poeple still remember what that was about!). but im upset and uncomfortable at the moment because of the last two anons i got. thank u though love! this is very much appreciated n i love u

I love that the further I get in my science classes the more it’s like, “you really don’t wanna screw this up or you may blow everyone up or blind yourself”

My first biology TA told us about the time a grad student didn’t properly balance a fridge the size of a centrifuge, left it to do its work over the weekend, and it crashed through three floors while everyone was gone


and I s2g if anyone fights me about this I will throw my fridge at you


like, really gay.  full, raging homo.  why on earth would you ship him with a girl?

- “but it’s not confirmed!” /  “he could be bi!”

“What made you want to add a gay character into the Percy Jackson series? What inspired you to write the series?” was asked and answered on Rick’s Goodreads a while ago.  Note, “gay”, with no dispute in the answer.

“Nico had once read a story from Plato, who claimed that in the ancient times all humans had been a combination of male and female.  Each person had two heads, four arms, four legs.  Supposedly, these combo-humans had been so powerful they made the gods uneasy, so Zeus split them in half - man and woman.  Ever since, humans had felt incomplete.  They spent their lives searching for their other halves.  And where does that leave me? Nico wondered.  It wasn’t his favourite story.”  (Blood of Olympus, chapter 15)  Yes.  Very bi/pan/poly.  So much fyi i like vagina.  He’s entirely into girls.  What is a dick anyway?


It’s his sexuality. Idk about you, but I’m aro/ace, and people even jokingly shipping me with anyone else makes me, like, really uncomfortable.

- “but you ship straight characters in same-gender/polyamorous relationships!”

Since we’re talking about Nico here, we’ll leave other fandoms out of it.  Not a single character in any of Rick Riordan’s mythology series has a confirmed sexuality - except for Nico.  And if you’re going to assume characters’ heteroromance/sexuality from their lack of canon attraction to their gender, you and your straight-until-proven-otherwise mindset can just leave.

“I’m only shipping it.  What’s the harm?  I think they’re cute.”

Would you vote for Donald Trump in an election?  Y’know, it’s not the nicest thing to do, but, like, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s one vote.  But you wouldn’t, would you?  (if you would, please, please just leave right now) However insignificant it might be, it’s just wrong.  Also, you’re adding to all the other people that have voted for Donald Trump - quite possibly thinking the same thing.  So don’t vote for Donald Trump, and don’t ship Nico with Thalia or Annabeth or Reyna or the bloody genderbent Will that this demonic corner of the PJO Instagram fandom is a fan of.  (don’t even ask)


I’m sorry, but I can name exactly two book series aimed at middle-grade kids that have LGBTQIA+ characters; Pretty Little Liars and The Heroes of Olympus.  (we’re not counting Harry Potter here.  saying years later that Dumbledore was gay with only minor implications in canon isn’t representation imo, sorry Jo.)  Having representation in kids’ series is so important, and wiping out that representation by ignoring his sexuality or erasing it and headcanoning him as bi/pan/poly is pretty homophobic and disgusting.  We have representation.  Respect it.


Reyna sees him as a brother??  He barely knows Thalia or Annabeth??  And as for “”Willow”” (genderbent Will.  It’s hellish, I promise), that’s straight down homophobia if you keep Nico as a boy.

good thing s4 isn’t real because it is a true and real fact that in 2011 john wanted to do something really nice for sherlock’s birthday because they’d also been living together for almost a year and he wants to say thank you for saving my life and making it so wonderful, but he doesn’t know how to say that without also saying i’m desperately in love with you and really hope you’re not in love with irene adler but i don’t know how to talk to you about it and i’m so afraid so eventually he just picks up little cupcake from the bakery down the road and leaves it in the fridge with a little sticky note on it that says happy birthday - J and frets about it all day because was it too much was it not enough what do i do what do i say but then later that evening Sherlock looks up from his microscope and says “thank you, John, by the way” and John goes “huh?” and it takes him a minute to catch up but Sherlock just smiles a him a bit and goes back to his experiment and then the wheels click into place in John’s head and he feels a little flutter in his chest, and can’t help but think, maybe…maybe this year…

Demeter and I take walks
every morning in the Winter.
I have homework but I still go
because she reminds me of my mom.
She can’t believe my mother let me go to college.
She can’t imagine a mother
letting her daughter go without a fight.
I tell her we all have to grow up sometime.
She asks where I got a stupid idea like that.

Demeter wants to hear everything about my life.
She puts my As on her fridge
and begs me to call her when I get home safe.
When I talk about boys she shuts like a clam shell.
I tell her it’s okay–
most men aren’t going to haul me
to the underworld.
Her eyes flash red,
“You’d be surprised.“

In the Summer she never calls
and neither do I.
It’s not surprising,
we both use each other as placeholders.
She’s not my real mother
and when she says she loves me
I’m not the girl she’s really talking to.

I know this as well as she does
but when winter comes we forget again.
I knit her a scarf for Christmas
and she invites me to dinner.
She cries when I go home for the Holidays.

It breaks my heart.
Her daughter may be in hell,
but she’s the one burning.

—  Demeter is my surrogate mom 

anonymous asked:

You're a truly fascinating specimen, Vade. A study in human filth, if you will. Also it's really funny when you get mad at people for calling you a chick, when you are a chick.

we have a 7 month kitten here at home and her favorite thing to do for whatever reason is jump in the fridge whenever i open the door. idgi. shes also a filthy turkey thief she stole turkey straight out of my sandwich a few times so i have to lock her up in a separate room when i make lunch. shes a pest but i love her

If you don’t like hearing about your friend’s successes with their horses then you’re not really capable of being a loving, supportive friend to fellow equestrians.

Quite honestly I adore hearing about how well my friend’s ponies are doing even when I am in the biggest slump of all time. I look at everyone else’s animals (because I actually love hearing updates about any of your pets) as like my grandchildren or something. If your horse drew a stick family of us I would stick it on my fridge, this is the level of undying love I have for your equine partner’s littlest achievements.

If someone tells you their horse is doing awesome and you just get upset about it, then that’s a problem you need to work on. We can be happy for one another without comparing our successes or failures.

Meet Connor

Why I’m here: TWLOHA is a cause very near to my heart. I have personally struggled with my mental health over the course of my life, and through the years, I have lost friends and loved ones to suicide. It’s time to start the conversation and end the stigma, and I am here to do everything I can to help accomplish TWLOHA’s mission.

Stuff I Like: Coffee. Music. Art. Engineering. Architecture. Science. Texas. Colorado. ‘Murica. Oklahoma State University. Rock climbing. Hanging with Friends. Adventures. Road trips. Concerts. Reading. 

I would most likely stuff the office fridge with: Cold brew coffee. I really like coffee, you guys.

If my music is on, I’m listening to: All different kinds of stuff. If I’m focusing on office work, it’s usually gonna be instrumental post-rock like Explosions in the Sky or Lights and Motion. If I’m working in the garage, you’re gonna hear classic rock. If I’m focusing on the music just for the sake of the music, it can be anything from rap or hip-hop to classical music. Also love those high school tunes – pop/punk and alternative.

Outside of the office, I’m most likely: Rock climbing or at a coffee shop.

If you had a free plane ticket, where would you go? I would probably head back to Dallas for a bit to visit my family, then borrow their car for the short(ish) drive up to Stillwater to see all my friends still in college.

If you could guest star on any TV show, what would it be and why? Either Dr. Who or one of the Marvel shows. Why? I’m a nerd, and it’s one of my favorite qualities about myself.

If you had one superpower, what would it be and why? I would have the ability to fly. I have always wanted to be able to fly. It would be nice if I could fly really fast too, but I’m not too picky. 

I don’t like to think
about it, and when I do,
it’s all really messed up and
I don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t know how to fix us.

Because your way of fixing things
is to break it, smack it around
until it works again.
(That’s how you fixed the fridge,
and my laptop, and the TV.)
And I think that’s why you don’t
want to fix us. We’d break.

But we’re already broken.

Followers Celebration Prompt List

Guidelines and character list

  1. Waking Up Together 
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Doing Laundry
  4. Night In
  5. Nighttime Routine
  6. Wearing Each Other’s Clothes 
  7. Nursing the Sick One
  8. Coffee and/or Tea
  9. Cooking Together 
  10. Washing Dishes 
  11. Homework and/or Job Work
  12. Kisses 
  13. Hugs 
  14. Forgetting Something 
  15. A Heated Argument 
  16. Road Trips 
  17. Picnics 
  18. Double Date
  19. Pets 
  20. Vacation 
  21. House Cleaning
  22. I Love You’s
  23. Please do something about your cat it keeps breaking into my apartment via the windows and I don’t know how. Plus it knows how to open fridges.
  24. Look I know that life is difficult and we all have ways to cope but do you really have to do so with loud Dupstep music  at 3 in the morning?
  25. I found you passed out in front of my door so I just dragged you into my home and put you on the couch please don’t scream.
  26. Someone keeps printing out cute cat pictures/messages on my wireless printer and I’m determined to find out whom.
  27. You suck at gym class and coach assigned me to be your partner, seriously dude, you can’t even kick a ball
  28. You’re the cute nerd that keeps getting pushed around but you just punched your bully and I gotta save you
  29. You just snuck into my apartment and wait is that blood
  30. We’ve been roomates for a few months now and I never see you at night except this time when I caught you dragging a body into the kitchen
  31. I’m that dork that makes stupid puns and you’re the nerd that actually finds them funny
  32. You loved me at my best, but she/he/they stayed at my worst.”
  33. “I loved you. Loved.”
  34. “You have already broke down my walls, and you had to break my heart.”
  35. “Why can’t you realize that I’m falling for you? No wait, I’ve already fallen. But you didn’t catch me.”
  36. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend!”
  37. “You’re just another player, and it’s a game over to us.”
  38. I’m only running on five red bulls and a coffee and woah dude didn’t mean to sleep on your lap the whole bus ride
  39. You just told off the class bully and wow I’m so hot for you right now
  40. You got a little too into flag football and now you have to carry me to the nurses office because you broke my leg you asshole
  41. I just told off the principal and even though you’re trying your damn hardest not to I can hear you laughing in the waiting room
  42. I don’t know what I’ll do without you and to top it all off, you’ve left your only child to me in your will.
  43. Ok, so maybe I’m a little jealous that you have more money than I do, you’re more popular than I am, you’re more talented and slightly better looking than me but that doesn’t change the fact that I would still take a bullet for you.
  44. We’ve been camping in my parents’ backyard on the same night every year since we were nine. It’s a tradition, and even though we’re in our forties and we both have families now, it’s not weird at all.
  45. You fell asleep during my big performance and I’m still mad at you.
  46. “No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.”
  47. “Gee, you’re just a beam of sunshine, aren’t ya?”
  48. “Babe…we have a whole hour by ourselves…”
  49. “Do you need water? A snack? Maybe a hot bath…?”
  50. “Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home.”
  51. “I thought you trusted me…”
  52. “Wait…is that my shirt?!”
  53. “Well, I usually want to be bought dinner first, but I can make an exception.”
  54. “I don’t know whether to kiss you or punch you.”
  55. “It-it’s nothing, but my favourite character just died…”
  56. “Could you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?”
  57. “I swear; if you die, I’ll kill you.”
  58. You mean more to me than you will ever know.”
  59. “Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?”
  60. “I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.”

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penny pinched pesto pinwheels

my boyfriend will eat anything. when we started dating, he was frying ramen and tomato sauce together as some kind of pasta thing. I turned things around quickly, lol.
my mom used to make pesto by hand every other day, but who has the time or money to do that anymore?
I stumbled across some store brand (fresh market) jarred pesto and decided to add it to my cart. got home, saw a few things in my fridge I could pair it with, and went to town. my boyfriend loves these as a quick snack on his way to work.

You’ll need;
-sliced deli turkey
-a small cucumber
-pesto sauce
-olive oil
-cheese (optional. I used Romano one time to be fancy but it’s expensive.)
-salt/pepper/lemon to taste

1) slice the cucumber really thin, longways. I cut off one end and stand it on that end, slicing down.
2) take a piece of turkey and shape it about the shape of the cucumber slice. If you want to save the turkey, you can use the whole slice-but it will be bigger than the cucumber by a bit.
3) spread the pesto on the turkey and lightly splash on the olive oil/your other seasonings.
4) roll those bad boys up and serve. yummy and bite sized.