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A Babysitting Love Affair | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys will like this as much as my first one. I kind of ramble on but please bear with me lol.
Request: could i request a zach dempsey x reader where the reader is babysitting zach’s sister, and zach haven’t met the babysitter yet and one day he goes home early and falls in love with her?


“I’ll be there tomorrow morning Mrs. Dempsey.”

“Alright love, thank you so much!”

I smile as I close the door after Zach’s mom who asked me to babysit Zach’s little sister, May. She mentioned that she will have to go to Chicago for the weekend to take care of something and I was assigned to be May’s companion overnight since her brother is an extremely busy guy. The Dempseys are a close family friend, too bad I’m not really that close with Zach or May. It’s probably because we go to different high schools and it doesn’t really help that I can be anti-social at times. I know nothing about them, and they know nothing about me in return so it’s all good.


The next morning

“I’ll be leaving now or else I’ll miss my flight! Thank you so much again Y/N for babysitting. I’ll see you girls tomorrow morning alright? Feel at home love, my number’s on the fridge if you need me and I left money for any emergency. Zach won’t be here until dinner tonight. He has basketball practice.” Mrs. Dempsey says as she bids goodbye to Zach’s little sister and I.

“Got it Mrs. Dempsey! We’ll see you tomorrow.” I finally say with a smile.

“Bye mom! I’ll be good, I promise!” May puts her right thumb out to her mom and waves goodbye.

“So, what do you want to do today, May?” I ask her as we’re left alone inside the house.

“Hmm, I don’t really have anything in mind. Oh wait I know! Let’s style each other’s hair.” She suggests with a gleam in her eyes; she looked so excited.

“Sure kiddo.” I reply with a smile and we proceed to the living room to watch TV. May got all of her hair accessories from her room for us to use. She decided that it’d be fun to start with my hair first and put them in pigtails and so she did. She chose these pink puffy hair bands to tie my hair. May had long, black and shiny hair which reminded me of Katniss Everdeen so naturally, I chose to put her hair in a fish tail braid.

“Wow Y/N, you’re really good at this!” she beams after her make over.

“Why thank you, Miss Everdeen.” I reply with a bow and she giggles in response.

A couple of hours later and it was almost lunch time. May wanted to order pizza and so we did. She didn’t like vegetables so we opted for a classic cheese pizza instead. A few minutes later and the doorbell rang, I ran to the door to open it, with the money in my left hand.

“Thank you so–” I begin to greet the pizza man but a ginormous, muscular guy hovered above me instead.

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small and easy health tips that make a lot of difference
  • wash your face every night - washcloth, warm water, and a simple cleanser will do wonders. plus, warm water helps make you all sleepy for bed
  • take a multivitamin every day - and keep an eye open for coupons for them. usually multivitamins have some pretty great coupons
  • if you can, open the windows every once in a while. fresh air does a lot of good for your body (and state of mind)!
  • keep a few cleaning supplies in the bathroom. every so often after having a shower, give things a quick wipe-down. the steam from the shower dislodges any sink guck, making the job much easier - and never underestimate the power of a clean bathroom for both physical and mental health
  • keep a water bottle by the bed and drink some water when you wake up. it’ll help you greet the day a little easier, and plus - whose mouth ISN’T as dry as the sahara when they wake up?
  • it’s not always easy, but try to make doing dishes before turning in for the night a habit. i can’t express how lovely it is to wake up and walk into a clean and tidy kitchen
  • keep snacks in the fridge that are delicious and healthy - my faves are strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and grapes. i love snacks. plus, there’s not really much prep involved with those kinds of things
  • sweep! sweeping takes up a bit more physical energy, but it’s become one of my favourite things to do. i put on some nice music and visualize sweeping out not only dirt, but anything else clouding up my space - negative energy, self doubt, etc. it’s a nice, witchy little ritual for me now.
  • light a candle, specifically one that smells delicious
  • identify the things that make you feel better about yourself and your surroundings and prioritize them and only them when you’re feeling sucky. that way, you still feel accomplished, but you aren’t using up all your mental and physical energy trying to run through all your tasks/cleaning/etc
  • remember that you’re doing these things for you, and not anyone else. you deserve to feel happy and at ease!

something i really loved in today’s clip is how yousef just went to the kitchen and knew where to find a glass and he casually opened the fridge and poured himself a glass of juice. it wasn’t like elias had to do it for him because he’s the one who lives in the house. yousef is a friend and while he’s over, their house is his house. my home, your home. you’re more than just a guest here. you can tell these boys feel at home when they visit the bakkoush household, and it’s a really lovely thing to see on screen :) 

Things I learned you’ll actually need for your dorm after one year of college that you probably won’t see on pinterest

So, I recently finished my first year at college (which was definitely an adventure, and probably one of the best years of my life so far) and I’ve made a few mistakes, but none that couldn’t be fixed. For example, I really didn’t do adequate research as to what I’ll actually need for my dorm room because I was too busy fantasizing how I was gonna diy decorate my dorm room into a pinterest masterpiece. Anyway, I quickly learned my lesson.

Basically, your dorm room isn’t just for display. You live there. It’s gonna get messy, it’s gonna have to store a lot of stuff, and you’re not always going to have time to keep it in pristine condition because life gets crazy. But you can deal with it, I promise, and for all the new freshman prepping for their first dorm experience, I want to give some advice on how you can be prepared for what college life actually hits you with.

Alright, so I actually ended up being in a triple (so I had two roommates) which meant I had even less space than the average broom-closet sized dorm room and I had two people I had to get along with. Thankfully, we all ended up being really close and very considerate of each other, and I am incredibly grateful for it. We learned our lessons together, and this is the list of stuff we came up with:

1. Vacuum: Get a real vacuum, maybe a cheap one (not like a crazy dyson), but a real one. Not just a handheld one (like we had) because it won’t be enough. Girls shed hair. A lot. (especially three long haired girls like us) People might accidentally spill a bag of powdered sugar on your rug, or you might rip open a bag of cereal a little too vigorously, or, more seriously, you might break something like glass and you don’t want anyone cutting open their foot on a shard. 

2. Swiffer: If your floor was linoleum like ours (that’s why we needed a rug, which I’ll mention later), then it will get dusty and dirty. Having a swiffer is just nice to have because once you vacuum your rug clean, you don’t want the dirt on the linoleum getting on the rug. Plus, it’s gonna a rain and there’s gonna be mud. It’s gross.

3. Brita filter: So my dorm was actually the absolute best freshman dorm not just because the people were amazing, but because we had sinks. IN OUR ROOMS. It is just so CONVENIENT. Anyway, I am fully aware that not everyone is as lucky as us and the only sinks will be in the bathroom. A Brita filter pitcher is nice to keep in your fridge because you can have fresh clean in your room at any given moment.

4. Trash can: We had three in our room for each person but they kinda ended up being shared based on location in the room, but yeah. You need somewhere to throw away stuff.

5. Plastic bags or just garbage bags: And not only do you need a place to throw away stuff, you need plastic bags or garbage bags for clean disposal. And trash piles up real fast in your tiny room, so you’ll need to replenish these bags very often. I learned from my mom that you always have a place to store your plastic bags, and so we had a designated plastic bag drawer where we kept all the bags from our local campus convenience store, or the drug store, or wherever. Trust me, it’s saved lives. (as in, barf bags)

6. Command hooks: So we had to bunk two beds and loft another to have enough room and it’s kind of a pain in the ass to constantly climb down to throw something out so we had a trash bag hanging from a command hook on my roommate’s lofted bed and yeah. That bag has saved lives. (same situation as above) Plus, you can hang hats, bags, towels, little caddies for your toothbrush off of these hooks and it’s just so nice because you don’t lose things.

7. Clorox wipes: Again, stuff gets gross, and you’ll unfortunately need to clean things (ie your mom doesn’t clean everything for you anymore). Have two packs stored because you never know.

8. Dish soap: Real dishes need to be washed well, or else you’ll get sick.

9. Sponges: For the dish soap. And the dishes.

10. Windex: For our mirror, which we wrote on with washable marker, and I killed ants with it too. 

11. Storage for food: Something airtight so bugs can’t get to it, like a trunk. We also had mice sometimes go into our vents. And then into people’s rooms. They’re looking for a warm place to hide, and food. Don’t leave food out is the lesson. But also have food in your room! Our room was well known to always have food and its really nice when you’re staying up late and everything is closed.

12. Tissues: Freshman plague is so real. You will most certainly get it, and probably several times too. 

13. Vitamins and medicine: Your immune system is gonna get a work out in college. Help it out with some vitamin C tablets. Have some tylenol or advil for headaches and aches and pains. And side note, if you’re really sick, just go to the health center, you don’t have to suffer through it.

14. Slippers: Get a comfy, cheap pair (because sometimes dorm hallways are gross, especially on the weekends) that you can wear all around your building and still be comfy.

15. Power strip: So much stuff needs to be plugged in and you definitely won’t have enough outlets between you and your roommate(s).

16. Printer: Okay, this seems a little unreasonable, but we were lucky because my one roommate had a spare one at home (how though??) and I have frequently said it is my favorite thing in our room. It has come in clutch so many times. But if you have a campus printer near you, or if its too expensive, it’s fine not to have one. But if you do get one, I would recommend getting one that is NOT wireless. University wifi doesn’t like you using other wifi (ie it won’t work). Get a printer that has a cable.

17. Plastic plates and forks: We have real dishes and silverware too, but plastic stuff is just easier clean up.

18. Rug: I almost forgot about this one.The floor gets cold and a rug also makes a room feel homier. You and your friends are gonna sit there and bond all that fun stuff, and someone might even sleepover on it (if they have a sleeping bag).

19. Chairs: So we actually didn’t have any other chairs other than the ones that university gave us for our desks and those are okay and everything, but some of our friends had these amazing, foldable, springy chairs that were so comfortable and also a lot of fun, and I am definitely getting one for my room next year. 

Other things you might need but might forget (maybe?):



Rain boots

Rain coat

Extra towels

Contact solution

Favorite mug



Make up wipes



Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, you’ll definitely need other things (like a fridge, microwave, sheets, pillows, decorations, etc), or see that you really don’t need some of the things I’ve mentioned. Honestly, do what you feel is best and good luck! I loved my first year at college! Like basically everyone, I had some trouble adjusting at first. I felt pretty lonely in the beginning too, but once you start going, things start to fall into place. I met some great people, had some great classes, and honestly, I’m going to miss my first year–even with all the excitement of being an upperclassman next semester.

I hope this helped and that you have just as great of an experience in your first year as I did–actually, even better!

Meal Planning Week of 4-9-17

The name of the game this week is to not fuss over food too much. I feel like that has been the trend lately anyway, but since I’m leaving Friday morning I want to make sure I only make a perfect amount of food so I’m not wasteful and leaving stuff in the fridge.

Breakfast: I’m doing some eggs and veggie sausages. I picked swiss chard out as a green because it just looks so, so pretty. I have some deli-made bruschetta again as I really love topping my eggs with it. I think the fresh note will be great with the sausages and sweated greens, too!

Lunches: I’m pretty sure you’re sick of it, but ha–just going to do my tofu salad sandwiches. There is absolutely zero reason for me to experiment and rock the boat this week so I’m just making this once again. I know I’ll happily eat it. I really never tire of it! Had to pick up tofu, avocados (had a coupon, YAS), pickles, and deli mustard. I already have the wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and oregano at home.

I’m serving that with spinach-mint soup. This soup is always really good to me, and ridiculously good for me! I had to pick up spinach, onion, garlic, mint, coconut milk, and stock. At home, I already have celery, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Dinner: The piece de resistance for this week is turkey taco bowls with cauliflower rice and salsa. The salsa is pretty quick and easy. I usually do this with fresh tomatoes in summer, but store tomatoes are still depression this time of year so I picked up diced tomatoes. I also picked up garlic, cilantro, red onion, and jalapenos. At home, I already have salt, limes, and lemons.

The taco part of the bowl will use ground turkey, which I already have at home in the freezer. The package in the cart is for my fiance’s turkey burgers we make for his packed lunches. He’s weird about using the frozen Costco turkey. I won’t fight him on that. It’s not like I’m short on my own neuroticisms!

I had to pick up carrot, red onion, red + green bell pepper, jalapenos, and chili powder. At home, I already have cumin, paprika, cayenne, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and cornstarch. Then I’m just going to take that head of cauliflower and rice it.

Snacks: Strawberries, bananas, chia seed pudding, protein shakes. Once again, just have to grab the fruit!

After coupons and bottle returns, the cart was $54. Very pleased!

My Basty Bear

A/N: Hey guys! In celebration of my blog reaching to over 100 followers (author’s mind is blown), I decided to write out this one shot! I wanted to post another one I made of Sebastian Stan, but since this is a bit special, I made a different one. I hope you guys enjoy it! (I apologize for any grammar mistakes in my story) 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: Language, angst, fluff
Word count: 6,300
Summary: Reader has a habit of coming home late because of her love for painting. Unfortunately, that also starts to raise Sebastian’s suspicions of her habits. 

★ ★ ★

The music blasts through my earphones as I move the messy sponge along the canvas in rough dabs. I dip the edge of the sponge into the black paint before blending the colours into the canvas. I hum to the music, bopping my head back and forth. I was lost in this canvas. Nothing else matters right now.

I stare at the piece for a while before deciding to fix another area that I don’t think looks convincing enough. My favourite song comes along and I can’t resist it. I set the palette and sponge down to dance in place. I move my body around to the beat as I sing along out loud.

This is the norm for me. Singing, dancing and painting all at the same time. I was alone in my studio after all. I’m doing a painting for Sebastian for our anniversary gift. I want it to be perfect.

I do a quick spin to the music. I catch a glimpse of the large clock on the wall. My eyes widen and I stop immediately. I stare at the clock carefully. 8:23. I look through the window and sure enough, it was dark outside. I let out a gasp before quickly clean myself up. I wash out the brushes, palettes and sponge and cover up the canvas.

I store it into the storage room before locking it up tight. I lock up my studio room and run down the hallway. I’m so late. Sebastian would be home any minute and I haven’t made dinner. Argh, this is why I shouldn’t paint without someone there with me to remind me of the time. I always just lose myself in paintings for hours on end.

When I arrived at our apartment, it was brightly lit. I smell something delicious cooking in the kitchen. Great… he’s home. My heart aches. I feel a little terrible for doing this, possibly, the hundredth time to him.

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anonymous asked:

Did you know that by the age of four and s half, Rosie Watson Holmes has the basics of British Sign Language down, and some rudimentary french? Of course she does. Watson was like a sponge, she loved learning things, copying what her Daddies did - hence why she is so cuddly with them, and has called Sherlock 'love' more than once (pronounced 'wuv'). Sherlock noted that there was a hard of hearing little boy in her nursery class, and the day after her first visit he got down to introducing her to

BSL. Not only did she take it up very quickly, but enough to be able to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with sign and a violin accompaniment for a performance for John and Nana Hudson that evening. She also made her first proper friend, Jamie, and they even had a play date at the swings in the park - both Sherlock and John accompanying to witness the special occasion. They both teach her things; John shows her how to make the perfect cuppa and toast to surprise Sherlock with breakfast, as well as how to waltz around the sitting room (though that was a joint effort really), and how to write her name. Her first scrawling attempt is pinned to the fridge. She learns to bake with her Nana, how to plant flowers in the garden with her Grandpa, how to do her sums with Grandma, how to play Operation and Jenga with Uncle My, how to make the blue lights flash on Greg’s car, and how to plait hair and put clips in from Molly-Sherlock’s hair has never looked better, or so says John. She’s a wonder.

asdlfjadsf okay omg okay

  • Rosie calling Sherlock ‘love’ because John does it sladfjsdlifjasdf kill me
  • Nana Hudson *screaming* altho I will also accept Nana Hudders
  • Mycroft playing board games with her i’m dead
Seth Clearwater Request

Girll, I read so many of your texts today askskjsj, I just can’t handle it. 💛 Could you please even think to write more about Seth Clearwater? I know you are busy, but still if you have time, please write, don’t waste your talent!! 😂💗💗 Cause I’m so obsessed with what you have wrote already 😨 and if you do it could you please do it loong? 😅❤️

He looked around the party as he sat with his friends around the fire. They were paired up with their significant others or the people that had found and were flirting with from the party. He let out a sigh, which he didn’t think the others would notice given the circumstances, and looked into the fire. “What’s wrong cub,” Paul laughed with his arm around his imprint, Rachel.

“Nothing I’m fine.”

“Aw, I know what it is,” Jacob chuckled. “Seth’s upset that he’s the only one without a girl on his arm.”

“Go talk to someone,” Embry encouraged, then the whole pack joined in.

“I wouldn’t even know what to say. I don’t even know if I want to talk to anybody here,” he stuttered.

“Use some pick up lines,” Paul commanded. The blank look on Seth’s face was enough that everyone caught on. “Seriously Dude…you don’t know any pick up lines?”

Suddenly he was engulfed with the voices of his packmates throwing pickup lines at him. “Now, go out there and find a pretty girl to flirt with,” Embry chuckled. Reluctantly, Seth got up and made his way towards the cluster of people.

He looked at everyone as he walked around. There were tons of pretty girls, smiling and flipping their hair as they spoke with their friends, but as he looked at them he knew he wasn’t interested. With a sigh he gave up on the mission he had been given and walked into the small beach house to grab another drink.

He walked into the kitchen and stopped when he saw you bent over with your head rested on your hand as you rested on the kitchen countertop. You felt someone staring at you and sat up straight. “Oh sorry,” you gave an apologetic smile, “I’m right in front of the cups.” You backed up so he could reach the drink cups.

As soon as he got the full view of you he felt like his stomach was being lifted by balloons. “Ugh, no you’re ok,” he awkwardly said and walked to the cups. He grabbed a cup and looked at all the drinks before him.

“If I were you I’d try this,” you said pointing towards the 2 liter of Coke with a chuckle.

“Going for the hard stuff at this party, huh,” he joked.

“I’m driving my friends home tonight so Coke is as hard as I’m getting.” He thought back on what the guys had told him to do. Pouring the drink in his cup he tried to cooly lean against the fridge.

“So, ugh, I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I saw you.” He stood tense at the look on your blank face. Suddenly a smile erupted on your face and you were almost bent over from laughter.

“Did…did you really just say that,” you said cracking up. He felt his cheeks flush as he looked at you. “No, it was cute. It was funny and I wasn’t expecting it from you but…it was cute.”

“To be honest, my friends told me to say that.”

“Don’t listen to your friends,” you told him, “I think you’re cute without trying those lame pickup lines.” Seth rubbed the back of his neck unsure of how to react with a girl flirting back with him. “Hey, you want to go for a walk?”

He stood shocked for a second and snapped himself out of it, “Yeah, that’d be great.”

Pizza Night (Sex Hair PT. 5)

A/N: Okay so I guess this is turning into some type of war imagine series with Dean.

Castiel x Reader

Warning: Language

Word Count: 400

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

(Gif not mine)

Later that evening, you walked in the bunker from grabbing some dinner for you and your brothers.

Leaning against the war room table was a door, that had been taken off of it’s hinges.

“Sam?” you called. No one answered.

You brought the food into the kitchen and set it on the table. Dean and Sam were in there waiting for you.

“What’s with the door in the map room?”

Dean chuckled and took a sip of his beer, “Nothin’”

Your eyes widened as you began to back out of the room, “Dean, what did you do?”

Sam looked at you, he knew exactly what was with the door. You darted out of the kitchen, running down the hallway with all of the bedrooms and stopped at your room. The door was gone. Not just gone, it had appeared to have been ripped off, completely. As in, no fixing it.

You felt your blood boil as you stepped in your room and started grabbing things to put them in another bedroom. You turned the knob on the door to the room across from yours, but when you pushed it open, it fell forward, hitting the floor.

“Dean!” You screamed, your voice filling the bunker.

You stomped to another bedroom, trying to open it, but it fell to the floor as well. You threw down the pile of clothes you had grabbed and stomped back into the kitchen.

“What. The. Fuck?!” you yelled at Dean.

“You wanted to play sis, so we’re playin.” he said, biting into a slice of pizza.

You leaned forward and yanked it out of his mouth before grabbing the two pizza boxes and tossing them in the sink, and turning the water on.

“I’m not doing anything for you ever again!” you shouted at him.

Sam just sat there rolling his eyes, he really wanted no part of this.

“Whatever you say.” Dean winked at you, getting up and looking in the fridge, annoyed that you took food right out of his mouth.

“What am I supposed to do? I’m not a teenager you can’t just treat me like one!”

“Well, at least now I won’t have to listen to you fuckin my best friend-” he paused and turned to you- “and by the way, tell Cas he owes me a new stereo.”

You let out a scream in frustration before storming off.

This wasn’t over.

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Taehyung Scenario: When I Was Your Man.

Request: DO you think you could write a Taehyung or Yoongi scenario based off the song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars? (lol the song played on my bus on Friday now it is just stuck in my head)

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Groggily Taehyung put his arms around you pulling you closer to his chest, you snuggled to his body getting comfy in his warmth which made Taehyung hum in content, having you close like this made him want to stay in bed cuddling you all day. He nuzzled your hair and neck to then try to turn you around but you went rigid in his grasp. He was confused, why you didn’t want to turn to him? Taehyung pulled you again but you just wouldn’t budge, he groaned and tried to make you look at him but when he saw your face Taehyung realized it wasn’t you.

With a gasp he opened his eyes, it was a dream, just a dream. Taehyung sighed and tried to distract his thoughts of you without succeeding, he remembered those times when events like the ones in his dream would occur every morning since you loved to stay over and waked up with him, at least you had loved it before, cuddling all morning and then have a late lazy breakfast, until Taehyung went out in a rush and left you wanting more, alone. He groaned and looked at the ceiling to not look at the wide extension of his bed, before occupied by you, but now it was empty, it had been like that since a year ago when you took the final step and left him.

It was sunday, he was free for the day so he decided to catch up with some of his friends and clear out his mind.
So went out to Jin’s place were he was sure he’d find Jungkook messing around as always, he also made sure to call Jimin to bring a few drinks or something, maybe a couple of beers would be good to him.

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I love that Travis really consciously plays Magnus at different stages of his life and has obviously thought about how he grows as a person. Like the Magnus we know would get into a bar fight. That is something he would still do. But he wouldn’t go out with the explicit purpose of getting into a fight. Like “I’m feeling feisty time to fuckin’ box!” “Shirts?! Fuck shirts! Check out my abs!!!” “there’s a giant power bear?! IMMA FIGHT THE POWER BEAR!!!!” Like we’re seeing Magnus still in his frat boy stage. He has that sense of justice, but the fact that he goes looking for conflict makes it seem like he’s less about justice and more about feeling justified.

He also seems a lot more withdrawn from the others. He’s just sort of off in Magnus land getting STRONGER. He’s not yet the guy who would openly say he wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to his friends.

He still has zero regard for self preservation though.

And I like that Travis pin pointed when Magnus started to change as a person and it was when he started putting down roots and actually building a life for himself with Julia. And gosh I just wish we could see some of that!!! I am maybe a little salty about Julia being fridged, but at the same time it doesn’t really FEEL like a fridging and I can’t put my finger on why.

But anyway the point is I love my great big ruff boi I love him so much!!!!

I am not a cannibal

credit to- meberoxanne

Human flesh is surprisingly tasty.

Please do not judge me. It was a dire situation. I was starving.

She was already dead, and had been for several days. That’s why I was forced to eat her. Nobody was there to let me out or fill up my bowl, and I can’t reach the fridge to open it.

Her flesh tasted like chicken. I love chicken.

The phone had been ringing for days, but I didn’t know how to answer it. Somebody really must wanted to get a hold of her.

After a few days, somebody came to the door and started knocking. I started barking. I hate visitors.

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sherlock-the-blogger  asked:

Hiii, I luv ur blog!! Ur fanfic recs are pretty cool too;) could u please rec me some vamplock? Ta xo

Hi Lovely!

AHHH I actually don’t have very many; I’m actually REALLY stupid picky about AU’s, though vamp!lock is one of the AU’s I do occasionally enjoy. There’s a longer list of fics here by Alexx, so you can read those, but here are the ones on my Bookmarks that I truly love and I highly recommend!

  • An Acquired Taste by kinklock (E, 31,059 w) - At Montague Street when Sherlock was forced to sate his body’s needs, he was at least able to wander about the flat as much as he pleased. At Baker Street, it was mini-bags in a mini-fridge and bedroom confinement.
  • Bleed Me Out by antietamfalls (E, 87,987 w) - John isn’t exactly surprised to discover that Sherlock isn’t human. His vampirism doesn’t pose a problem, even when their relationship gradually grows into something more. That is, until a deadly revelation about John’s blood sends their lives spinning dangerously out of control. (NOTE: this one is REALLY good. Excellent characterizations and lots of Whump).
  • Also, @reapersun​ is currently posting up pages of their Patreon comic A Study in Black which is vamp!lock, and very good, so do check that one out! (WiP)

And if you don’t mind some supernatural-John:

  • John Watson’s Moon by patternofdefiance (E, 11,314 w) -  “You are loup garou, recently infected under traumatic circumstances and subsequently discharged from military service, most likely from a post in Afghanistan or Iraq. Your wounds would have healed with the passing of the initial fever, so whatever lingering effects you are suffering are likely psychosomatic – and severe enough to bar you from the one occupation where being a ruthless hunter is seen as a qualification rather than a detriment.”
  • A Certain Kind of Hunger by MapleleafCameo (E, 5,881 w) - A concerned Sherlock watches as John seems to be rapidly losing weight. What he discovers is that John really isn’t normal. And he is very, very hungry. The tail was the real surprise. 

Those are the ones I have READ… I’ve a lot more in my MFL list, all from Alex’s post, so I rec you check that one out to!

Anyone have a fave vamp!lock fic?

The best parts of Where We Are audiobook

Niall’s sounds the most scripted like he actually took time to think about these questions, and write down his responses.

He has one of the best vocabularies in the band.

“Didn’t get to finish school or do his exams.”

The fact that there was one suitcase in Niall’s house that they actually referred to as “the little suitcase.”

Laughing when he said, “Obviously we’ve managed to last more than six months.”

“Slugged it out in the back of a Mercedes van?” Slugged it out? In a Mercedes Niall, really?

“The band’s horizon’s seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every day.”

About the fans: “The fans are out of this world helping us.” He loves us.

Talking about when he got kicked out of a cab when they heard they got number one. “Me and my friend were just punching the head off each other and having a laugh.”


“I don’t really get homesick where as some of the lads would, but it’s not going to last forever so might as well enjoy it as much as I can now.”

About the trip to Ghana. “People out there are incredible, their spirits are mindboggling. You can only try your best for them when you admire them so much.” He was great talking about this.

He has the best perspective about the trip out of all the boys. When he’s talking about the water and how he’s got a fridge at home full of it and taps, but they don’t have a bit of it. You can tell that he appreciated and really felt what the trip was supposed to be about.

“For a man who loves his sleep that can only be good to be fair. I do waste a lot of my life sleeping.”

“YOU EITHER WANT TO BE PAPPED OR YOU DON’T.” He didn’t scream that, I just thought all caps were important there.

“do the job so home then mostly sit in my house. I don’t go on many holidays. I prefer to sit in my house mostly.”

“London Premiere best day he’s had in his career to date.” Then he goes on to name 800 other things that he liked too, “but the film premiere is 100% right up there. It was a huge moment for us…..”

“Them two idiots up the back.” Him and Louis at the Premiere/

“In typical One Direction style we were terrible at it.”

Success of Midnight Memories “We were just delighted.” I love how he says delighted.

“He brought me down to Chelsea and I became part of the furniture down there.” About his rehab after his knee surgery.

“We were confident of One Direction, and we work hard to make the band succeed.”

“Trepidation.” Great Word.

“Typical mad One Direction Style.”

“Croke Park was a special one.”

Best Ending: “but you know what? I’m still mad about being in this band.”



“I’d come home completely covered in mud after playing football, eventually I had a pair of trousers for every single day of the week cause it was impossible for my mom to keep up with the washing.”

“Sitting in half my classes covered in mud.”

“My dad was amazing. He was my driving force to get out there and perform to people.”

“Maybe he wasn’t that crazy after all, maybe he can just see the future.”

“You know about all the dreadful disappointment about being rejected them like the overwhelming excitement of being put into a band with these other four lads, but to this day the moment they revealed they were putting us into One Direction is still the most amazing memory it’s still hard to believe.” They always talked about this, but never described like that.

“It’s hard to think we were thrown into the deep end so quick.”

“Our guardian angel was our fans.” Liam loves us too. Bless his little heart.

“an army of fans out there promoting and championing our band which you know you really can’t buy. So brilliant.” Keep the compliments coming.

“I feel like we haven’t really celebrated that.” Talking about the first album tour.

“You have to respect the idea that you just can’t walk out on to an arena stage.”

“Proper New York cold.”

How he says Lady Gaga and crazy in this sentence here “I think we set a new record beating Lady Gaga which was craazzyy.” It was funny.

“I remember staying up til stupid o’clock in the morning signing 500 CDS.”

The school trip story to the O2 a.k.a the Millennium Dome: “but I was just a dippy kid back then so my parents thought Ruth (his sister) would remember and appreciate the day more than me cause I’d been just bouncing off the walls and doing stupid stuff. So I did a little chuckle to myself when I got there ass I actually got to the millennium dome for free.” 

“This job can make you very self centered if you’re not careful.”

“and I was absolutely terrible at listening which I always have been.”

Class of 92 movie premiere: “He (David Beckham) like clocked me from across the room and you know when lads give each other the nod? Well, like I kind of gave him the nod cause he was saying like wazup (yes, wazup, that is not a typo), and he gave me the nod back, and then to my like shock he came over and said like hey how’s it going you alright Liam and shook my hand, and I was like this is mad like David Beckham just gave me the manly nod from the other side of the room and that’s like the sickest thing like….”


And no, I didn’t make that story up, oh, though I wish I had.


“I think I’ve always had persistence which I suppose I probably got from my mom, uh, she always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and always just told me to give it my best and that’s what I try to do.”

“My mom’s pretty much the first person I go to for advice. You know I have a great relationship with my mom.” The first few minutes are devoted to talking about his momma, and I love that.

“We can travel the world which I don’t think, well, I know I wouldn’t have even been to America nevermind all the amazing places we’ve been at this age.”

“Doncaster is great, but you know I kind of wanted to see the world.”

“Even when we try our hardest to be sensible and mature we don’t do a very good job.”

Proof that Louis has seen This is Us, at least more than a couple of times. “You get taken away and bang you’re in this lifestyle and it is very alien.” Paul said nearly this same thing in the movie.

He loses his train of thought for a second when he’s talking about where he’s from. “ not many people from Donny record many albums, but anyway.” He says that ending very fast.

“There were often times I stand there and wonder how much the comments were relevant to me because my contributions to the band in my opinion at that time were so small.” Poor babe, but look at ya now.

“Delighted to be in the band.” Do they all say this word so wonderfully?

“It’s only been about since Midnight Memories that album that I’ve really felt comfortable with my voice.”

About the fans: “Little superfans trying to spread the word throughout the world.” More proof that Louis literally watches This Is Us every night before he goes to bed. Simon says this near the beginning of the movie, talking about the superfans.

The mattress story: “You wouldn’t get that now (the hesitation) they’d be straight down.”

“Four countries in four days.” Did he mean states?”

About a fan encounter after coming back from a tour. “It all got a bit aggressive I think I got me hoodie ripped off from me and I remember they dragged us into this tiny office with some police officers and the fans were outside surrounding it just banging on the walls. Yeah, it was intense. It definitely made us think there is some proper support there.”

About his man crush on David Beckham: “I’ve always idolized David Beckham. I just think he’s the coolest guy ever. Two or three of the lads me him before ME ( His tone is all like, How dare they?), and they had pictures with him right and I just saw these pictures on twitter and I was like what’s going on here I’d love to have met David, Becks, but anyway I did get to meet him in the end. I went to the Class of 92 premiere and uh, I’m just rubbish. I was trying to be cool, but you just can’t. I mean what do you say that is remotely impressive to David Beckham.”

He uses we a lot, not really I. It’s we did this, or we wanted that. That’s very interesting.

About Midnight Memories: “That we had a real, that we felt like we had a proper creative input on, not just a little bit, but we felt that we had a say over the whole thing.”

“it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to make music.”

“We’re very lucky that we have great fans that I feel like if we messed up on stage I wouldn’t really feel that embarrassed because I feel like they’re so behind you anyway that it’s cool and they kind of put you at ease too which is a nice feeling which is why it almost encourages us to mess about and be a little off the cuff on stage because they made it easy for us in that way.”

“I just feel like a Donny lad that got lucky.”

“Maybe when were older and wiser we might be able to put some perspective on it, but….it’s cool.


“My own personality, individually….”

About playing characters/ acting: “When you’re in a band and you’re just portraying who you are as maybe as you know as a musical artist if you’re just trying to sing and be able the music then you’re just being yourself and I think behind that is, is probably the coolest thing to do, but at the same time it also adds pressure because that’s just you and that’s just who you are.”

Even to the sense that like when I was twelve or thirteen, I kind of still thought there’d be a chance I’d get super powers and be a superhero. So, I was definitely a dreamer. It took me a bit longer to grow out of that.” He shouldn’t have. I liked this version of Zayn better to be honest.

Reiterating: “Yeah, I was definitely a dreamer.”

The story we’ve heard 8,000 times about how Louis told him about the plane doing the loopdy loop the first time he was ever on a plane. Like you can just see Louis, stoic face, calm, just flat out lying to Zayn just to mess with him.

While on the X-Factor: “And we were in this little box room with bunk beds and a single bed.” Okay, so, who demanded the single bed?

Also the X-Factor: “And just seeing other people’s behavior, and you know how they would act and how they would do something or whatever and we were like maybe necessarily we don’t want to do it that way maybe we want to be a bit cooler about that you know we don’t want to wear our sunglasses inside and be weird.”

Liam mentioned some cattiness from the other contestants during his bit, I wonder how much of that they faced directly.

“Instead of being something else we were just interested in each other, and looking after each other, and being a band and being what we were about.”

About people recognizing them from the X-Factor: “one of the biggest shows…in the U.K. at that point.” Shady….or no?

“Somebody else…” “a different band” I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who didn’t name Big Time Rush directly.

About the blonde streak: “I forgot that I had the Olympics the next day?” Really???? Side eyes him suspiciously.

Good phrase: “You’ve made more of a noise.” I liked that.

“Sometimes I look to solo artists and feel a bit sorry for them.” Huh?


“I think I had a nice upbringing. My family was really nice to me.” Then he laughs because was that too sarcastic or not? Laugh, Harry, laugh so they know you were just joking.

“I grew up thinking everyone’s equal, everyone’s the same.”

When he looks at stuff from the X-Factor: “I look like I’m about twelve, and uh, I think it’s amazing to try to comprehend the fact that I was a kid.” – I read that way too heartbreakingly than I’m sure he meant it.

“Walking into a record label I always felt like I was walking onto a different planet.”

Describing the record studio: “There was like marble everywhere and it was all like shiney.”

About being excited about releasing the first album, the first songs after all the support the fans had given them before there was even an album. “It was time for us to give them something back.”

“I think we were just praying that people liked it because if they didn’t they’d be like uh, oh okay, maybe not I’ll go home.”

“The album had just gone number two,” mumbles…”thanks, Rhianna.” This kid is such a dork.

Then he talks about his hard on for sunshine, and all things being outside for at least five minutes.

Example: “Even if your car breaks down you’re just chilling in the sun for a bit. It’s actually not that bad.”

When they talk about coming back to the U.K. after that first major tour and getting chased by all those girls they all sound so excited, like of I got me hoodie ripped off and Liam lost a shoe and girls were banging on the walls and police had to escort us out, but It was totally great, would recommend 10 out of 10… except for Niall, I’m pretty sure the poor kid was traumatized…. That, or they are still in that I don’t want to offend anyone area.

Example: “We ended up going out in like a riot van which was probably a little over the top, but uh,…. It was fun.”

How he says, “Shopping mall.”

About all the promo and etc. “It was important for us to like justify why the album was number one.”

“Standing on the stage used to make me really nervous.” But look at you now….

About the second album: “I think you just want to people to hear it, and think it’s wicked.”

About putting out new material: “I think first of all you want people to not hate it then if people don’t’ hate it you want them to like it and if people like it you’re like uh,…..”

His thoughts on getting number one: “Then I was like sick, then it hit me.”

“My job, if you can call it a job.”

The trip to Ghana. He talks about it so well. “That it is different when you see it on TV than when you witness it in real life. The thing that triggers a different emotion is like all your senses are taken over by what’s going on, the smell, the smoke, the heat….”

“I think a big difference is made up of a bunch of little differences.”

“I think gossip is natural.” That would explain his sort of distance that he puts between him and any sort of news that goes out about him. It’s because he knows that its constantly in flux, and anything he says will only be magnified, and that it will make it stay around longer if he does. There just hasn’t been anything out that he really feels like he needs to comment on, but I think he would if he felt it was necessary.

“It’s important to remember that the job and the lifestyle aren’t normal.”

“It’s always going to be us the people who went through it.”


Q: The age of fans ranges from people in their teens to people in their 50′s. BANAs (B1A4 fans’ nickname) is a great fandom, do you have any special ways of communicating with your fans?

Jinyoung: I often meet with BANAs in person and I frequently talk with them on our internet fancafe. I go there everyday, and I upload photos. Other singers would do the same, but our fans are number one. Our fans always know out hearts.

Q: You are well known as a group where relations between members are very good. Is this the result of mutual efforts?

Baro: I was picked first for B1A4, followed by Jinyoung Hyung, CNU Hyung, Gongchan and Sandeul. I tried to get closer to everyone from the beginning. Since I was a trainee, my Hyungs have led me and the other two well, so there’s no reason to fight. 
CNU: Everyone is innocent (laughs).
Jinyoung: When we work, we support each other as fans, monitoring and cheering for each other. 

Q: What is B1A4 for each of you?

CNU: I think it is myself. I feel like I have everything. 
Baro: B1A4 is a friend to me because I met my Hyungs when I was a senior in high school. My own old friend.
Jinyoung: It’s family. We have spent almost half of my life together. It’s as precious to me as family.
Sandeul: It’s my name. At first it was awkward to act as a singer, but after spending 6 years with the members, I want to live a whole lifetime known as B1A4.
Gongchan: For me, it’s a heart. In the sense that it’s five people who run together (laughs). 
Baro: Wow! In that case I’ll change mine to liver. When things are hard it detoxifies everything (laughs).   

Q: What do you usually do when you rest?

Jinyoung: I compose or watch a movie. When you watch a movie you get an indirect experience, and that gives me new inspiration for songs.
CNU: I rest when I’m making music. 
Sandeul: Sometimes it’s fun when I wander around by myself. When I do that I usually go to the cinemas or an amusement park to play. 
Baro: I walk my dog, read, and watch movies comfortably at home. I also study English. 
Gongchan: I play video games or workout to relieve stress (laughs).

Q: There’s something that peaks my interest. What kind of woman attracts you?

Jinyoung: A polite woman.
Baro: A person with good thoughts and words.
CNU: Someone who looks after me well. I’m attracted to the typical motherly style. 
Gongchan: A woman who only looks at me and likes me.
Sandeul: I’m attracted to the ‘push and pull’ expert types who play with my heart well.

Q: What would you like to do on White Day if you had met your ideal person?

Baro: I would want to give them smooth and sweet chocolate milk. Especially Namyang dairy chocolate milk. I don’t drink other types well (laughs). 
Jinyoung: We like domestic products rather than foreign ones (laughs).
CNU: I really like chocolate. That’s why there is chocolate milk in the fridge. I often drink it all in one go. There are times when people have come and watched me.
 Gongchan: I also want to give them chocolate products rather than love. I like the feeling of the leftover lingering sweetness. 

Q: Which person do you admire the most?

Jinyoung: My parents. Since I was young I thought my parents were very nice and I admired them. I will try to be a person like my parents. 
CNU: The members. I often feel like I’m working within a team of good artists. They are always respectful and proud friends. 
 Sandeul: My Dad. When I was one or two years old, I remember watching and taking in the sight of my Dad silently enduring the weight of life, my Dad’s love gradually grew and deepened and it rid me of any hardships. 
Baro: Tiger JK, the Godfather of Korean Hip Hop. I listened to his rap and then began rapping myself. I respect the lifestyle, and it is so cool and nice to find out that there are many more things to learn. 
Gongchan: I also admire my Dad the most. Like him, I want to be a cool and bright father and man. 

Q: During you work within B1A4, what has been your most memorable stage?

Jinyoung: Our debut stage. It was the first time one of my dreams had come true, as well as the first time I got to meet fans. 
CNU: Our solo concert in February. I’m the happiest when I’m meeting fans and spending time together with them.  
Sandeul: I was also really impressed by the banner that the fans were holding at that concert, “We are always here’. It is a moment that I really don’t want to forget.
Gongchan: I also can’t forget that concert. My younger brother came up from our hometown Suncheon to see the concert and I was very proud of him. I’ve always thought of him as a child, so when I saw him doing well by himself, despite my efforts I was overwhelmed.   
Baro: Our first concert. When I was a kid, it was my dream to perform live. No words could describe how happy I was.  

Q: Do you have a wish for 2017?

Jinyoung: A lot of our fans worry that I am weak, so this year I set a goal of ‘let’s get a healthy body’. I’m working hard right now. 
Baro: I would like to have an outdoor solo concert in the Summer. Personally, I want to go backpacking in Europe by myself. 
 Sandeul: I would like to travel all over Korea with my luggage on my bike. Later on I also want to try travelling abroad. 
CNU: I hope we release lots of albums, and I want to have a brilliant year with my members. Personally, my only wish is for health. Good health. 
Gongchan: I want to show our fans a lot of good performances as well as travel alone with my brother who came to the concert. I was so sorry when my brother couldn’t go when I went on a family trip (laughs).

trans by @wment-groups take with full credit

i love the adventure zone, i really do, but some of its narrative threads are truly lost on me. i can’t bring myself to feel sad about Lup because she was introduced as already-dead just to be a source of pain for two major male characters. i used all of my Fridged Woman Feelings on Julia and Maureen, dude, i have nothing left. i can’t keep feeling sad about all these women you already killed. you know?

Title: Whispers

Warnings: None

Author’s Note:  8 more imagines left in the 20 Day Challenge I was working on. I will probably be opening requests for short period of time within the next few days, so keep an eye out. Let me know what you think of the story!

Word Count: 765

Russian. Of all the languages you could have chosen to learn, you chose Russian. You sighed as you pulled the textbook out of your bag and onto the dining room table, opening your notebook to begin studying for your upcoming test. You decided to study in Alex’s apartment, it was quieter than the library. You needed two years of language as a university requirement, and you had chosen Russian in hopes of impressing your boyfriend. So far you had managed to learn a decent amount, but you had refused to utter even a single word to him. 

The door cracked open, Alex walked into his apartment and dropped his bag to the ground. “Hey, (Y/N).” he greeted you happily; crossing the distance between the two of you, he leaned down, pressing a kiss to your lips. 

“What are you doing back so early?” you asked as he grabbed 2 bottles of Gatorade out of the fridge. “Did practice go okay?”

“Practice was great. My team won the shootout contest first, so I got to cut out early today. I thought I’d come home and take my girl out to lunch.” he responded, settling in the seat across from you, handing you one of the bottles. 

“I would love to, but I really need to study.” you sighed, leaning your head onto one hand. “I wish I would have learned a second language when I was a kid. This would be so much easier.” you mumbled.

“Baby, I can help you.” he replied earnestly, pulling your notebook out from under you. “I know all of this.” he said, his eyes scanning the page. 

“I know, but I don’t want you to listen to me butcher your native language. I took this class so I could learn Russian and impress you.” you said. “I’m not picking it up as fast I thought I could and I don’t want you to make fun of me.” you added quietly.

“(Y/N), I’m already impressed.” he said, reaching across the table and taking your hand. “Not only are you learning a second language, which is impressive enough, you chose to learn Russian. For me.” he emphasized. “And now you sound like Gally, I’m American, so technically my native language is English.” he smirked. “I wouldn’t tease you about it, babe. I promise. What do you need help with?” he questioned.

“Well, we’ve got a test on units 1-4. I think I have the first two down pretty well, but I could use some help with pronunciation on units 3 and 4.” you said, opening your textbook to the correct page as Alex slid his chair over to sit beside you. 

Alex walked you through each lesson, patiently helping you where you struggled, praising your effort where you excelled. 

“You know, you’re much better at this than you let on.” he said about two hours later, closing the textbook with a heavy thud. “You need a break; let’s go out and do something.”

“Wait, no, I need to practice more.” you said, trying to pry the book out of his hands.

“No you don’t. Almost everything you said, you said it perfectly. You’ll ace your test.” he replied. “You’re going to stress yourself out if you keep at this for too long. Let me take you out.” he encouraged you, grabbing your hands and pulling you to your feet. “Let’s go do something fun, yeah?”

“Can I tell you something first?” you asked, hoping the extra time you had spent learning phrases outside of the textbook wouldn’t fail you.

“Of course, babe. What is it?” he asked, his hands gripping your waist as he smiled down at you.

“Ya tebya lyublyu.”

He chuckled, his blue eyes sparkling. “See, I knew you knew more Russian than what you were letting on.” he grinned, kissing you. “I love you, too.”

“Thanks for being so patient and studying with me.” you said softly. “Can I tell you something else?”

He nodded as your heart beat nervously in your chest. You stood on your toes, cupping a hand around his ear, whispering the only other Russian words you knew. He pulled away, heat rising in his cheeks as he pushed you gently against the wall, his fingers dug into your hips as his lips found yours. 

“Did I say that right?” you asked breathlessly as he pulled away moments later.

“I understood every word.” he nodded. “How about we go take care of that in my room?”

“I thought you wanted to go out?”

“We can go out later.” he grinned mischievously. “This won’t take long.”

HockeyWritingCollective Masterlist (X)

Request: Could you maybe do Alex Galchenyuk where you’re learning Russian for him (but also to fill your college language requirement lmao) and he helps you with pronunciation? It can be fluffy or smutty (depending on what you’re comfortable with)! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to read it- you’re a great writer!

Hey there! I tried learning Russian when I was in high school and it didn’t go well. Maybe had Chucky been helping me I would have retained more of it. haha. Let me know what you think!

Discovery of Self

Prompt: superman one where you’re his daughter and you love playing the piano and music and stuff but because of his hearing he can’t listen to you play and so you get really sad about it and you get a surprise scholarship to a music school abroad and you kind of leave him and he doesn’t really know what to do???

AN: Let’s just talk about this little prompt right here … This turned into something that I love. Hopefully you guys enjoy it too. Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my stories

Words: 1144

          You wait for him to come home. You just sit at the kitchen table and wait. You’re reading in your chair when the door finally creaks open, and he walks in. Those stupid glasses are on his face, and you don’t understand how they hide anything.

          He doesn’t even pause, he just walks straight to the fridge, pulls out the carton of ice cream, and two spoons and sits down. You both take a few bites before he finally asks, “Okay, what’s up kiddo?”

          You prepare yourself to tell him, but instead you ask, “Were you able to save everyone?”

          He smiles, as he takes off his glasses, “Yeah, your brothers and I were able to get everyone to safety. The rest of league was tackling a tsunami.”

          There’s another moment of silence before you say, “Mom called from Milan, the story is taking longer than she thought, she’s going to be another three days.”

          He just smiles. “Excellent, she’ll make it back in time for the cookout this weekend, everyone’s going to be there. Grandma and Grandpa Kent are driving in, your brothers are flying in. Your uncle Conner and Aunt M’Gann are coming in too. I even convinced Bruce and Damian to come, you and Damian get along right?”

          You shrug. “I haven’t had all that much contact with him, to be honest.”

          He nods, “I suppose that’s true, but he’s a good man, I think that you two would…”

          “I’m moving to London!” The words come out without your consent, and the look on his face makes you almost wish you could take them back. Almost.

          He stares at you. “I don’t understand.”

          “My college acceptance letters came in a few weeks ago. I got in everywhere I applied.”

          The smile that lights up your father’s face makes your heart break even more. “That’s amazing sweetheart, spectacular, but I don’t understand why you would say you were going to London when that’s the case. And why wait several weeks to tell us?”

          You take a deep breath. “Because I applied to a music school in London. Very prestigious, only five percent of applicants get in, and I managed a full scholarship.”

          Your dad’s eyes narrow. “But that’s not what we discussed, you were going to attend one of the three schools your brothers go to, so that there was someone to watch over you. Keep you safe.”

          You take a deep breath in an effort to stay calm. “Dad, the guys go to some amazing schools, but none of them have the kind of program I need if I want to play professionally.”

          He just crosses his arms and says, “But we agreed that you weren’t going to play professionally.”

          Your voice steadies. “No, you decided that. You and the boys, and the league decided to keep me in this little protective box where I can’t be used against you, because I am apparently helpless.”

          Your dad just sighs. “Y/N we’ve been over this, you’re in a vulnerable position because of who your family is.”

          You meet his gaze, “Don’t you mean because of who I am?”

          “Y/N …”

          “Four kids, and I’m the only one without powers. I can’t fly, I’m not bulletproof, and I can’t shoot beams out of my eyes. Heck, I’m not even an investigative reporter, like mom. I’m the normal one, but there is absolutely nothing normal about my life. You’ve kept me in a box, like I’m veal. I always have to have someone watching me, heck, I’m eighteen and I still have to check in with you and mom, or my older brothers.”

          Your dad’s voice raises, “You’re in constant danger because of what our family is…”

          “I AM NOT A PART OF THIS FAMILY!” The statement takes both of you by surprise, and your dad’s expression turns to one of horror and sadness. You clear your throat. “I’m the only one without powers, I have spent more collective time with my grandparents than with my parents. You and mom have always been gone, trying to save the world. And when the boys started showing signs of powers you put all your time and energy into training them. I became an afterthought …”

          Your dad moves forward to hug you, and you step back, out of his reach He whispers your name, “Y/N …”

          “You know nothing about me. You’ve never even heard me play. And it’s not just you dad, the guys have never heard me play, and mom, well mom is always traveling now.” There’s this silence before you say, “I love you guys, I really do. I understand why you do what you do, and why the world comes before me, but at the same time, I have needs too. And I need this. I need this school, and this opportunity. An opportunity to find out who I am, and what’s best for me.”

          You take another few steps back, “Grandma and Grandpa Kent already know, I told them months ago, and I’ve sent an email to mom. And I have no doubt that you’ll tell the boys.” Your phone buzzes in your pocket, and you know what that means, “My flight leaves in three hours, and it takes an hour to get to the airport, which means I have to go.”

          He takes a step forward and you take another back, distance is your friend right now. “I have to go to the school early to start setting things up. My dorm, classes, set up reservations for the piano, things like that.”

          “So this is it? You tell me and run?”

          You nod. “You forget dad, I was never the superhero, I was never the brave one, I was never the strong one. I knew how things would go. The entire family would converge and try to keep me from going, and I would give in. But I can’t, because I need this.”

          You allow yourself to walk towards him now and in that moment, your father, Clark Kent, Superman, looks smaller than you’ve ever seen him. You simply kiss his cheek and say: “I’ll email you to let you know I’m safe. I love you daddy.”

          You don’t look back, and when you get to London you throw yourself into school. You throw yourself into figuring out exactly who you are. You exchange sporadic emails with your family, and not one demands your return. And for that you’re extremely grateful. On the night of your end of the year recital, you walk out onto the stage to take your place, and when you look out into the audience you see your family. You can’t help but smile as you sit down and play. And as your fingers glide across the keys, who you are shines through.

nonbinarytonystark  asked:

It's been a while so let's talk SteveTony. I have a headcanon that Tony keeps all the post-it notes Steve has left for him in a drawer in his workshop. They say things like "Make sure you take a break!" or "Movie night tonight" or "I made you coffee" and it's really the little things that make Tony very happy AND comfortable because Steve isn't intruding in his space.

It’s been ages, my dear, AGES. 

This headcanon is so sweet because Steve know how Tony works and will often do whatever he can to make sure that he’s comfortable. So the idea of post-it notes being left about for him by Steve is awesome and when they get together, they take a slightly different approach. It could be ‘Lunch is in the fridge when you’re hungry,” but then added onto it is, ‘I love you.’ 

‘Date night’s tonight!’ 

“You’re special and so important.”

“Remember that you’re gorgeous.”

“You have a heart of gold.”

Small little notes that remind Tony to take care of himself but also remind him of how much of a wonderful person he is and how much Steve’s loves him. The drawer starts getting full within three months because Steve leaves a post-it note for him every single day and he’s the reason why Tony smiles so much, he’s in love with a sap, his sap.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Madi recently. 

There’s quite a few ideas floating around in my head, but I didn’t seem to be able to find the right words to express them (though I made some attempts), and then I read jaune-clair’s fantastic meta over here and it’s expressed perfectly. (Really, you should read it, it’s great.)

The thing is, anyone who’s followed me for a certain amount of time, or anyone who remembers me persistently posting in the Black Sails tag over the years (in very sporadic bursts), know I love Treasure Island. I’m that meme, basically. Long John Silver is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. And while his wife is only mentioned three times in the entire book, their relationship has always fascinated me to no end. So I’m always disappointed that she’s never included in any adaptions. Sure, I have a very specific set of headcanons for the two that no show would ever be able to fulfill, but still. She’s never in anything (except for that Eddie Izzard version which I have a liveblog of that continues once every century), which is such a shame.

When Black Sails’ first season came around, those who knew TI already went full out speculating. Max was the most popular one back then, because while Black Sails has a great deal of diveristy in many departments, there weren’t really that many options. Besides, she had a fitting relationship with Silver and it seemed like it could work. That theory has gone a bit up and down over the years though.

Enter season 3 and Madi. I think that those familiar with Treasure Island, me included, took one look at her and her budding relationship with Silver and said “Yep, it’s her”. And I’ve kind of remained in that position, and 4x01 didn’t really lessen my conviction. Their relationship is played out very beautifully, and I really felt for Madi when she hugged him in s3 as well as when she cried out for him after he fell in the water in the most recent episode. Their post-sex scene was beautifully filmed. 

And yet something keeps bugging me. 

I really want all the best for Madi. She’s a wonderful addition to the show and her relationship with Silver is really cool, as is her relationship with power and the other characters on the show. 

I think a lot of us have been too stuck in immediately going “Oh, obviously she’s the wife” to think of what that would mean. I’m not saying she won’t be, I’d still say I am about 75 % sure that she is. Maybe higher. But what exactly would it mean if she is, indeed, Mrs Silver?

I have a post in my draft waiting to be edited about how Black Sails deals with stories, both in the show and outside of it. I’m just going to briefly reference concepts I talk about that here. The core of it is, they see Treasure Island not as a definitive source, but as a tale created for children based on the actual events but far from factual (which I mean, it technically is). I think that’s a brilliant way of relating to a text. But even if they took liberties with it, there’s not much liberties to be taken with Silver’s wife. 

What we know of her, is that she and Silver run their inn together. They’re married, which is very unconventional. We know that Silver leaves the inn as well as all his savings in her safe-keeping while he goes off looking for the treasure. We know he has decided to meet up with her at a secret spot after they return and that he (and through him, Jim Hawkins) firmly believes that she’ll be there waiting for him. Jim even finishes by saying that he wishes Silver is indeed living happily with his wife somewhere. 

As I pondered this, I was trying to merge this image with that of Madi. 

Madi is a Queen. She’s a queen and a leader of her people, a co-leader of the entire rebellion against England. She’s fierce and knows that even if she cares for Silver, her people needs to come first. And I asked myself “What would make her leave them?”

And thus, as is also brilliantly described in the most I linked at first (but I also felt the need to ramble about it so here we are), we are faced with a number of options, and I honestly can’t say which one I prefer. 

1) Madi leaves her people after the failure of the war against England to go with Silver to England. While this would technically mean a happy outcome for her (she’s alive), I still can’t reconcile her willingly leaving her people behind, if they’re still standing. And then she’d just sit around and wait while Silver risks his life on some fool’s quest to maybe, maybe get some more of the treasure Flint left behind? Maybe as the season goes on I can see it. Is she dethroned? Does she think they’re better off with someone else? Is her love for Silver that strong? If any of you have any meta or thoughts about this outcome, I’d love to read it. 

2) The entire Maroon community gets killed. I really don’t want this. I mean, I know that most characters probably wont’ survive this season, and when you have a diverse yet small cast like Black Sails does, this will most likely end up in characters you’d rather see alive for representation getting killed. I know that happens, and that’s not necessarily always a fault as long as done right (and as long as they’re not the only ones dying). But for the majority of that community to be completely wiped out? I’d hate to see that happen, on just an emotional level. And it would devastating for Madi. 

3) Madi isn’t actually Silver’s TI wife. She either doesn’t go with him and chooses to stay with her people, or she dies. It would break my heart, and depending on how they do it it would tip closely to fridging. I mean, it really does depend on how she’d die. If she dies for her own cause, for her people, through her own decisions, it would be less so, true. It would work thematically. Silver is taking over Flint’s position and learning that when you’re essentially Flint everyone you love will die. The great love for Flint that put it all in motion was Thomas, and he lost him (and then Gates and Miranda too, of course), and it would be fitting if tragic if Silver’s great love Madi would suffer the same fate, and this would somehow cause the falling out between Flint and Silver.  In this case, I’d probably revert back to the Max theory, which would in some ways also be thematically fitting, given how Silver made plans for them to escape together already in episode 2.

I still think that overall, no.1 is the most likely. But the possibility that the creators are totally aware of that we (at least the people who know of TI) would assume Madi is safe was an idea that hit me. And I can’t shake it. It’s making me nervous, but I’m still completely open to all of these ideas (well, maybe less open to number 2 tbh.) if done in a way that stays true to the characters. 

I’ve mostly just rambled here, but if you have any thoughts on the matter, I’d love to hear them. I know in the end we want all of our favorite characters to survive, even though in a show like Black Sails that is unlikely. And if they do, we still want them to stay true to who they are. 

So what do you make of my dilemma? Do you just not see it as I do, or do you have another solution to the whole conundrum?