i really do like this movie though

while I really do want Sarada to become Hokage, I quite dont understand her obsession with it in the manga and other works. its like, in gaiden it was cute and awesome, in the manga and movie its all about not wanting to be like Sasuke even though their relationship was comepletely fine in gaiden and she admired her Dad. oh whatever.


skam: even bech næsheim
i actually think life is like a movie. that one can sort of be the director of one’s own life. do you get what i mean? i do, i don’t quiet agree though. what’s really interesting is the infinity.
yeah… but i’m just starting to feel… i don’t know so lonely. no, i don’t like it, man. i don’t know. it often freaks me out. not freaked out like you get from watching horror movies, but… like, feeling alone, that sort of freaked out i guess. that like… it’s your head… it’s you and your head… and all of your thoughts. a “the mind is alone” feeling. because the only thing that exists is you and your thoughts, right? you can’t escape from your own thoughts. the only way to do that is to die.

Two movies, second time I cry.
Clearly, Damien Chazelle knows how to use music….no, how to make live it.
Like the instruments of a jazz band, there is a constant dialog between the narration and the music ; the camera dances, the melodies feels, the colors sings…

Whiplash was inflamed, La La Land is solar. This movie is a call to joy and love, “It’s another day of sun” like the world is crying at the beginning.
It reminds me so much of Singing in the Rain, the kind of movie that only wants you to feel good and enjoy the music of life. 

That is definitely a Land I will want to go again.

Imagination Land

I’ve been able to read minds since I was a child. It’s not really like how you see in the movies, though. It’s not like listening to the radio. It’s much more immersive. I experience everything as if I’m really there. It’s a thrilling experience when you read the right minds. The trouble is really with finding minds worth reading.

Frankly, reading adults is as fun as doing taxes. Kids’ minds, on the other hand, are amazing. They’re not bogged down with work and stress and dissatisfaction. The mind of a child is filled with imagination and adventure. That’s why I became a kindergarten teacher.

I sit at my desk and watch as my class colors. I smile as they doodle away with their crayons. I reach out and peek into their minds. In an instant, I take off with Carlos in a rocket ship, hurtling past swirling galaxies. I visit far-off planets full of blob-like aliens and two-headed martians. I smile and move on to Marcy. I can smell the candy canes and jelly beans as I’m pulled into a veritable candyland, complete with gumdrop castles and caramel waterfalls. She plays hopscotch with gingerbread men, giggling her musical little laugh.

I’m about to move on to Thomas when I feel a tug at my dress. I look down to see Sarah. She’s one of the most adorable little girls I’ve ever seen. Beautiful brown curls, big puppy dog eyes, and a gleaming smile.

“Miss Dupree, I made this for you!” she exclaims, handing me a paper. I take it from her and see myself in stick figure form. “I Luv Ms. Doopry” is scrawled across the top in multiple colors.

“I love it!” I exclaim and give her a great big hug.

Sarah’s only been with the class for a couple days and I have yet to have a peek at her hopes and dreams. I reach out and touch her mind. And I nearly vomit.

I choke as I’m hit with wave after wave of the hot, fetid stench of death. My mind’s eye is blinded by a darkness which seems almost alive, spilling into my brain, seeking to blot out everything it touches. In the void, I feel slimy coils roiling around me, wrapping around my legs, pressing against my face, a gigantic beast hungrily probing the darkness in search for food. And then a keening wail rises up, nearly bursting my eardrums. The screams of thousands of souls, crying out in sorrow. Crying out for death.

And then I’m back in the classroom. I let go of Sarah and compose myself, hoping she can’t see me shaking.

“That’s a lovely picture, Sarah,” I say, nearly whispering. “Now go along and get ready for snack time, alright?”

She nods happily and skips off. I watch her as she goes. The minds of children are the most wonderful thing in the universe. But whatever that thing in the blue dress is, it is no child.

OK, I’ll admit: those motherfuckers behind ASoUE on Netflix got me. Even after reading the series years ago and declaring it my favorite book series of all time. Even pouring through each page to write my own time line of the Baudelaire misfortune. That little reveal in episode seven broke my heart. God damn it.

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So you posted about it not being many popular wlw books around here. Do you have some good books with a wlw protagonist? I really wanna read more lesbian books. Love you xx

sdfghjkl oh boy here comes a masterpost

i’m also happy to recomend individual books if you send your three current favourite books to my lit/wlw blog!

if you like percy jackson: the dark wife by sarah diemer (it’s free!). trigger warning for rape at the beginning though.

if you enjoyed the picture of dorian gray (or books that are incredibly exquisite!) read the price of salt or carol by patricia highsmith. it was recently made into an excellent movie starring cate blanchett & rooney mara.

if you like pain, read the well of loneliness. it doesn’t not end happily, but i enjoyed it nevertheless.

virginia woolf’s works have lots of sapphic themes– orlando has a nonbinary/genderfluent protagonist, and in mrs dalloway clarissa remembers her affair with sally seton. i would also read her love letters to vita sackville-west!

edit: when i get the money, i will be buying thérèse et isabelle by violette leduc, a french lesbian novel that is, most likely, the most beautiful book i have ever read. for now i’m reading excerpts on the internet, which you can find here and here.

fingersmith by sarah waters is also supposed to be good, though i haven’t read it! 

- 15 wlw classics

         - fantasy wlw books with happy endings
         - lesbian & bi women medieval fantasy
         - bi woc scifi/fantasy
         - lesbian knights
         - lesbian fairytales
         - lesbian princesses
         - lesbian pirate fiction
         - lesbian shapeshifter fiction
         - lesbian steampunk stories
         - lesbians in space
         - time travel lesbian fiction
         - lesbian vampire fiction
         - non-human lesbians
         - lesbian zombie fiction
         - good lesbian fantasy books

         - lesbian graphic novels & comics 
         - lesbian webcomics

         - lesbian books with happy endings
         - fantasy books with happy endings

        - best teen lesbian books with happy endings
        - wlw ya with happy endings
        - lesbian young adult fiction
        - lesbian ya sci fi & fantasy
        - lesbian historical ya
        - lesbian ya fiction by country/state
        - wlw ya books

        - f/f books without drama
       - lesbian lawyers
       - lesbian comedies
       - asexual lesbian fiction
       - lesbian bodyguard fiction
       - jewish lesbian books
       - lesbian christmas fiction
       - wlw nonfiction

          - mermaidyke’s wlw book masterpost

         - goodlesbianbooks.com
         - fuckyeahlesbianliterature
         - theydontdie

other people, feel free to add your own book recs! :)


Hm, yes hi, i wanted to release this when i had more pages finished but people are behaving badly in and outside the fandom and i want to bring positive vibes to the rest of the people who dont give a shit about some random anime popularity contest and how badly it was administrated, thank u vry mch .

I’m doing a little enchanted AU comic because i saw this movie some days ago and goddam its really cheesy and silly and lighthearted i just felt it needed to be a yoi au fjdkgh, i haven’t though much about it so that’s why the comic seems really weird and rushed hahaaha, also im not a native english speaker so if you find something gramatically wrong please tell me! ok that’s all hope you like it!!

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  • I gotta try really hard not to swerve rn
  • this boy
  • okay here we go fam
  • I feel like at first, he’d be SUPER shy
  • I mean, he is scared of girls and all
  • International playboy my ass
  • You’d definitely have to initiate skinship
  • and if it was unexpected, he might do something like this:
  • Kookie takes you to the movies for your third date
  • Even though it’s a good movie, you’re not really paying attention because you’re more focused on how empty Jungkook’s right hand is, and how your left hand just happens to be as well
  • You’ve given him all the signs, but he still won’t grab your hand, so you’ve decided to grab his instead
  • When the movie gets to a more fluffy scene, you take a chance and lace your fingers through his
  • Meanwhile, Jungkook was taking a sip of his drink, so when you grabbed his hand, he was caught off guard
  • Let just say that this resulted in what looked like a fountain coming from Jungkook’s mouth and some very unhappy people sitting in front of you two
  • so at the beginning of your relationship with Kookie, you’d mainly see his fluffy bean side
  • but as soon as the two of you get closer, your world would be turned upside down
  • this is when you’d begin to see his meme side
  • “Y/NNNN!!!!”
  • You look up from your phone screen at him, and he’s standing there with his eyes crossed and his hands on either side of his face mimicking jazz hands
  • You just sigh and look back down at your phone, “Yes Jungkook?”
  • Taking the hint from your response, he drops his arms to his sides, “When are you going to start paying attention to me?”
  • He sits beside you on the couch and lays his head in your lap
  • “When you stop being annoying, Kookie.” you respond through a chuckle
  • his cuteness is going to be hard to resist fam
  • Jungkook seems like the type to perform aegyo to try and persuade you to do things
  • so brace yourself fam
  • but underneath that cute exterior is LITERALLY THE MOST TEMPTING BIAS WRECKER EVER
  • *cough* excuse me. *cough* I don’t really know what just happened there
  • umm.. anywayssss….
  • he may not be too experienced in the whole… um you know.. STUFF
  • but he’s a quick learner… they don’t call him the golden maknae for nothing..
  • *insert sipping coffee meme*
  • most importantly though, Jungkook would be very protective
  • he really cares about your happiness and well-being
  • you text him one night:
  • y: Kookie~~ I had a bad day.. Come cuddle me?
  • y: Kookie, chill. I’m fine lol. Just had a long day.
  • y: Jeon Jungkook.
  • k: Me? What did I do?
  • y: You’re not here cuddling me right now. That’s what you did.
  • k: oh. I’m almost there. Sorryyy
  • y: You have five minutes. Or else!
  • overall, I feel like Kookie would be a really fun boyfriend
  • he’d be a good shoulder to cry on (have you seen those muscular shoulders thoooo *swoon*)
  • he’d listen to you
  • he’d also be a lot to deal with sometimes though
  • you gotta stay on your toes with this one
  • you’d stay entertained though
  • it’d be one of those half roast/half love relationships
  • you two would be literal meme goals

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“stop filming me jagi~ “

This is the end of the BTS as your boyfriend series!! I hope you guys enjoyed these! I really liked making them because I feel like I’m just straight up talking to you/giving you dating advice lol. I really want to make more of these type of posts in the future! Anyways, tomorrow starts a new series!! Look forward to it!! *wiggles eyebrows*

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december in movies (pt. 2)
[22/31]: the muppet christmas carol (1992)
Christmas is a loving, honest and charitable time and though it’s never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that Christmas has done me good and will do me good… and I say God bless it!”

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I saw that Batman anon and I'm sorry man. I'm a huge Batman fan, run a Batman blog and I get so tired of this nonsense. Batman is dumb and the writers do a lot of dumb things, we all know it but it's fun and we enjoy it. Every one I know loves the Lego Batman movie, it lovingly mocks the lore while also (over the top) points out the flaws of current interpretations. BatJokes was fun in the movie but no one really ships it irl, but I sure enjoyed it. Anyway, Batman is great, it's fans not always

Hey! Don’t worry, though I do appreciate this message. I think every older fan community has them, it’s part of how it goes. Certainly there’s quite a few I could think of in the Doctor Who community. It happens, takes more than that to get me down.

Not surprised nobody really ships them in the comics, sounds like pretty graphic stuff happened (Killing Joke oh my). But damn, the over the top camp rivalry is so my niche. I imagine for some people the screwed up is part of the draw if they do ship it outside this movie, wouldn’t be the first villain/hero dynamic I’ve seen like that. I guess the Lego Batman jokes were on-point, the trend toward stories about how the villain and hero need and define each other does sound romantic and certainly is popular in fan shipping.

The little I’ve seen of Batman generally gives me joy, particularly this film and the sixties one (and of course the Dark Knight trilogy though as a film major I’m a tad fatigued by how hyped up they are! Still good though). I imagine it’ll be something I explore more of sometime.


Since Age of Ultron, I have opted to avoid all trailers for upcoming MCU films, as well as any other films I already have plans to see.

It was a lot more satisfying for me to watch Rhodey’s fall in Civil War for the first time while in the theatre, as well has have Doomsday show up out of nowhere in Batman v Superman. And beyond that, I haven’t forgotten when the Amazing Spidey 2 marketing campaign made it seem like an entirely different movie.

I love Spidey, and I am already super-hyped for Homecoming. And even though I really would love to watch it, all the teaser can do for me at this point is spoil stuff I’d rather wait for!

But lemme tell you - in this age of social media, avoiding trailers is really, really hard :’)


I always enjoyed the sound of the projector clicking and sputtering to life.

I work in an arthouse cinema. We show oldies and obscure flicks. A lot of what some people would call “classics” mixed with trash to appease the ironic, younger crowd. Personally I think if a movie is bad you shouldn’t watch it, and if it’s old… Well, older movies always me uneasy. I never liked seeing moving, colourless faces. The more faded and grainy the film the sicker it made me. Like I said, I’m not really a movie buff.

We do have them though. I’ve found that people can summon the most passionate responses to anything, especially things you don’t understand. The cinema is small, but always full of people and rhetoric, a bustling hipster exchange where it’s hard to even finish a thought.

Every night but Thursday. Thursday, at eight o'clock, the places is vacated. Completely empty except for me, and our patron. I never speak to the guy – I don’t ever even see him, but he’s worked something out with the manager. Every week on Thursday, eight o'clock, he has the place to himself, and he watches “his movie”. If it weren’t on film, he wouldn’t even need me there.

There’s an uncanny aspect to these old movies that extends beyond the sound and visuals. We’re the first people on Earth to be able to see these long-dead, moving faces. Have you ever considered that? For all of human history, when someone was dead, they were still. An image or a painting. That’s not true for us anymore.

Though the people on the screen remain youthful, the stock expires and becomes grainy. I always felt like it’s as if the film itself is trying to break the illusion of immortality we’ve granted these characters. The projector reassures us – it provides us with a distraction from our dissatisfaction whilst also allowing us to pretend for a while. We laugh at those zombies up there, and by doing so breathe life back into them, and into the audiences decades ago. The same feelings – things are alive.

The film itself, though? That’s another matter. That’s an impermanent, physical, fleshy thing that ages and dies just like us. It breaks the spell. Call me nihilistic, but I think the movement to abandon the medium in favour of  digital is laced with the sad tinge of denial. We need to preserve our idols, and in doing so, ourselves. When I watch those young-but-weathered faces up there, all I can think about is denial. How much of what I do, day to day, comes down to denying mortality? I don’t know about you, but I feel it’s… Something you can only ever not think about. It’s not something to conquer. Maybe watching the screen so long has opened my eyes to it, but I think film is too honest to survive.

He needs me, you see, because it’s on film. Maybe you’ve never seen anything on film before, but if you have you may have noticed a black oval appearing in the upper-right hand corner of the frame from time to time. That’s a cue mark – it’s meant to signal to me, the person running the projector, that it’s time to change reels. I’m no good with just remembering or timing it, so I have to pay attention. I’ve seen this movie… Maybe a hundred times. It makes me afraid.

It’s avant-garde. Or maybe dada? I’m not a humanities major, so I couldn’t tell you, but it’s… unsettling. There’s no title card, and there are no end credits. Maybe the film itself isn’t what gets to me, so much as that man’s devotion to it. How can anyone care so much about something – about one, specific thing? How can anyone ever dedicate themselves like that? I wonder what’s stranger… If he sits down there, eyes glazed over, in a routine, or if… He’s down there, feeling it all. Feeling the things he felt before, again and again. That scares me.

Time to change over. Sounds and shapes I can hear in my room. Images that project on the back of my eyelids and echo through the halls of my apartment. They mean so much to that man, but to me they’re abstract uneasiness, and they follow me home.

Sometimes I feel like my life is one long lead-up to a jump scare. The sinking and uncertain feeling that it could be coming any minute now. Now could be the moment when it – whatever it is – happens. I let my mind wander. I try not to pay attention when I don’t have to.

Am I on the screen, am I in the audience, or am I up here, waiting to transition?

Cue mark. I reach out to change reels but there’s nothing there. I look down, and my hands look old.

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Hi Totty! What's your favorite thing to do with each brother? (Sorry if this has been asked before)

Osomatsu-Niisan and I spend a lot of time doing nothing… it’s probably my favourite past time besides the smart phone….

Karamatsu-niisan and I fish a lot… Usually he acts normal when we go but sometimes he gets the need to act a bit… different.

Choromatsu-Niisan is constantly rising and someone needs to bring him back down to Earth… I guess that’s my job. He likes electronics…. not if they’re real… //though I suspect he could very well have a real smart phone… IS THE CARDBOARD A PLOY!?!//

Ichimatsu-niisan and I do a few things together, not that we have that much in common…. Sometimes we watch movies together and we like to playfully pick on each other but that’s what siblings do… Sometimes he wants to watch really scary movies though and that scares me!!! WHY?!? I’m NOT TRYING TO BE SLY I REALLY AM SCARED OF THEM!!

Jyushimatsu-niisan and I play board games together… when we were younger we built model planes and stuff… we try to now but he usually doesn’t know the rules (or follow them)…. so….. there’s that…..

(do not tag as incest)



  • IF I’M DANCING PULL BACKS - Planning on doing 2 more version so there will be 3 in total.
  • SLUMBER PARTY BUNS - Planning to do one more bun so there will be 3 in total.
  • Invitation Pony’s - I don’t know how many I will end up making, I have another one half UVED in Blender right now so there will be at least 3. I want to get a few more of the pony’s from packs and attach them but it matters on how the UV mapping goes. Some just do not work(I tried the Spa Day and Movie Hangout pony’s and they looked really weird).
  • Invitation Braid- Probably only going to have one version, as their aren’t any other braids like this, and I don’t know if I can attach the Spa Day side braid, I will try though.

Right now all the hairs you see are finished, the hat chops are done, so I just need to finish the other variations. Does anyone who see’s this post want them all as soon as I get the final variation done(Like say I finish the last Slumber Party Bun tonight but still need to finish everything else, and release the SP Buns tomorrow)? Or would you like a mass release with me posting all 4 hair sets at the same day at the same time? I’m very versatile, so I can do whatever.

I did all of them yesterday and got the ‘If Im Dancing’ one finished in like 3 hours after I woke up this morning, so I think they’ll all be out by Thursday. 

University Advice: How to Make Friends

1. It’s ok if your room/flatmates aren’t your bffs. Out of my first flat 2/6 of them are still my friends and we’re not close at all.

2. Talk to everyone. Some people say this is only acceptable in the first two/three weeks but I’m halfway through and I still talk to loads of new people PRO TIP: the girls bathroom is actually such a nice place to do this

3. Get people to add themselves on your facebook/in your contacts if you click. If they add themselves it’s not a problem if you’ve forgotten their name. Also if they add themselves to your contacts get them to take a photo.

4. Actually talk to these people that you like. Message them, organise meals out/club nights/movie nights/throw a party.

5. Obligatory tip about joining societies even though I have never done this.

6. Practical classes are a really good way to meet people/friends. I can’t speak for every subject but in biosciences we do a lot of waiting around.

7. Hang out with your friends and their friends. I’ve just been invited to a Disney house party (ngl my dream) by someone I met through a few of my friends. One of my close friends was a friend of my flatmate.

8. Jobs are great ways to meet people. I always have fun when I’m working for my uni with the people I work with and the girls I’m working with next summer are already tight on the group chat. We’ve made Disney channel puns.

9. Group chats are wonderful. Add groups of friends so y’all can all talk - it takes away the intensity of a one to one.

10. “But I’m an introvert! I can’t do these!” Ok firstly, I am also an introvert. I spend a lot of time by myself. Just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t meet people easily. It’ll only be awkward if you believe it’ll be awkward. Approaching meeting people with an attitude of “I’m an introvert I can’t do this” isn’t going to help.

11. Baking things is always nice and is a good icebreaker. Brownies are magical. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

12. Don’t feel like you have to drink (alcohol) at parties in order to make friends.

13. Nice gestures go such a long way.

14. Don’t stress about this. It’ll happen. You don’t need to grab onto everyone you meet in the first few weeks.

I don’t know why I suddenly wanted to make a Coraline illustration, or what possessed me to make it so ambitious (especially since I can’t perspective to save my life, but maybe that works here). I actually really like how it turned out, though. This is sort of a combination of things from both the Laika movie and the book by Neil Gaiman. I actually love them both a lot for what they do separately and what they have in common (it is rare when a movie is “better” than the book, and also rare when a movie is just as good as the book, but with Coraline… I don’t know how to put it, they are both wonderful)


Thoughts on Upcoming Animated Movies

Because I am the sole authority on this subject (not really)

The Lego Batman Movie: Can’t wait. The first Lego Movie was really good, and the previews for this one were amazing. Also, this is probably the closest thing to a How it Should Have Ended movie we’ll ever get.

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Boss Baby: I want this movie to fail so bad. Dear god, its screams gimmick.

Despicable Me 3: Preview was interesting, and I do like the first movie. I never saw the second one though, and dear god I hate the minions. All in all, Illumination is proving to be a pretty decent animation studio, despite it having the world’s most annoying advertising department.

Cars 3: Good or bad, this movie is going to be interesting.

Smurfs: The Lost Village: On one hand, I’m glad that Smurfs fans are actually getting a movie somewhat true to the source material. On the other hand, I never really cared much for the Smurfs in the first place.

Captain Underpants: DREAMWORKS DO NOT SCREW THIS UP! This movie will either be this year’s Peanuts movie or else something really bad. I’m hoping for the former.

The Emoji Movie: Kill it. 

Coco: Mixed feelings. It’s kind of interesting that Pixar of all companies is taking on another culture, when usually that’s something I’d expect out of their sister company Disney Animation. On the other hand, it is kind of suspect that this movie is coming out after the success of The Book of Life, especially considering the fact that that movie was pitched to Disney first. Also, Disney tried to tradmark Dia De Los Meurtos. That… isn’t a good thing.

The Ninjago Movie: This is a thing? Two Lego Movies in one year? I was never a fan of the cartoon, but hey, this could be good.

The Croods 2: I’m in the minority here, but I never really cared for the first one. Same thing goes for this.

My Little Pony The Movie: Its listed on the google search I’m using. I don’t care either way. I watched the show maybe once ever. It’s a fine show, and I’d definately prefer my siblings watch that over, say, Dora the Explorer, but nothing stops the fact that this show was not meant for people my age. If you like it, then thats fine, but its not my thing,

Blazing Samurai: Not particularly interested. Might be good, but my expectations are low.

Animal Crackers: From what I’ve heard, this is actually much better than you’d expect. Apparently its already been released elsewhere, but I never really looked too much into this one.

The Nut Job 2: Nobody wants this.

So yeah, saw Suicide Squad today and I really enjoyed it!! Despite a lot of peoples complaints and displeasure with the film, I found it to be really wonderful and I like that they hinted at “romanticizing” Harley and Joker’s relationship a teensy bit. Sorta made it less crazy toxic…. And more strangely cute? xD I think thats what a lot of people have wanted, even though I’ve never been a supporter of their relationship prior to how horrible and abusive it is. ^^; I really enjoyed it, all around it was a good movie with some awesome characters and a fantastic score. <3 Please do give it a watch, whether it is to your liking or not– its definitely worth a go! <3 Needless to say, I think Margot NAILED it– she’s an adorable Harley~!

Actually, come to think of it, I knew Donnie Yen is a big martial arts star and I have seen dvds of his movies before Rouge One but never actually seen them and I really do like martial arts films though I don’t watch them very often.

So what I’m trying to say is anyone out there give me any good Donnie Yen movie recs?