i really do like this lineart style

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Hello friend! Although I've been practicing in digital art for almost 3 years, I'm never completely satisfied by the result of my works. I usually never like the coloring. And from what I've seen you have the most unique and beautiful coloring style. So, I wanted to ask you, how did you find it? How did you expirement and settled in this style? Thank you for your time!

!!!! Thank you so much! ;v; 

We’ll start with ygo !!  because everything else before that is Dark Past and absolutely terrifying Never Again

early 2015, I used to try doing semirealistic art because artists like jiyu-kaze, artgerm, and sakimichan
the last piece took probably 2 weeks???? it was painful lmao

I used to do the thing where you painted everything in grayscale first and then used a bunch of layer modes to layer colors on top, inspired by this, and it carried over to my tg art. it would take maybe long time to finish anything because I didn’t really know how to use it correctly. 

 Then my style started off being inspired by sui-zakki  (the author of tg), especially these pieces xx, x

I switched to using base colors after a while and tried to paint the way ishida did. I really liked the way that his art wasn’t exactly smooth?? or that you could still see the edges of each color next to each other… the colors looked really sharp and abstract. You could say this is the start of the style I have right now <:
Along with base colors, I used a lot of lumi & shade layers to add highlights and shadows. My backgrounds were usually a lot softer and sort of random at the time (I think you can see my style improvement best through the way I drew/colored my backgrounds ‘v’ )

Around 2016ish, the colors I used were lighter because I used less lumi & shade and used more on overlay and multiply layers (this is what I do now) or by coloring with only changes in opacity (this was mostly influenced by ammeja). There’s the prominent geometric edges or whatever in my colors because I started using a more square-ish brush for everything and I really liked how it looked when the colors weren’t seamlessly blended together. (the victor in the center was my first yoi fan art, he looks so different now asjdfjgjgjgjf :’> )

I color in a more blocky/geometric style, and instead of painting my pieces and smoothing them out like the ones above, I just stuck with sketches/lineart (this old tg piece is the one that got me to stick to lineart).
My coloring was mainly influenced by barachan, lanxin, and seventypercentethanol, and their pieces like xx, x
yahoberries (I love her art so much you don’t understand) influenced my blue/white outlines as well as the stray blob of colors that I sometimes don’t erase around my art
I really like crystal/gem-looking colors, and having geometric shapes as highlights or shades looked pretty cool too, so that’s how my style happened <3

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Three things. 1) Your lineart is so smooth and clean that it actually makes me wanna cry. 2) I am IN LOVE with your art style in general. Like, whenever anxiety hits me I'll just look at your art and I'll slowly calm down. 3) Do yoy have a tutorial on wing anatomy? I'm having trouble on making Michael's wings for a sketch. That is all. Sorry if I was creepy. I'll stop now. Bye!

Thank you for all the sweet compliments! If you’re ever feeling low you can also talk to me.

I don’t really do tutorials at all but I will give you these quick sketches

Okay so above is just a simple example of how I would quick draw wings if the viewer is looking from behind, below is if its a front image and the wings are open.

Below here is how I would quickly sketch closed wings from behind and its the same way from the front but most of the wings are hidden by the character. I draw two lung-shapes on the back, then two bigger slightly above, then again and then i keep adding them, becoming bigger, thinner or longer where needed until Im happy. This is just for the shape though, I tend to add the detailed feathers after.

If the image Im drawing is at an odd angle I look for parrot photographs (usually stock photos) and I use their wings as a reference.


Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

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I'm a huge fan of your work!! Especially your lineart /your inking in general :D If it's no trouble for you to answer, what artists do you look up to? Who inspires you, and who do study from (artist wise) ?

Hello! I’m really glad you like my works, thank you!
My biggest inspiration are probably old czech illustrators and animators. (I guess I kinda answered this question here though how could I forget to mention Josef Lada!) And I think I really learned most from Jiří Trnka’s works, he uses lots of different styles and techniques. Here are some of his works which I love the most - 

this is one of illustrations from Ancient Bohemian Legends (all the illustrations there are the best)

and these are from A Midsummer night’s dream (visual for the animated film)

Hope I answered your question, take care!

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your art's been a little different lately and yet everytime you show up in my dash my heart takes less than 0.00001 second to recognize it and go "yay ikipin!" - loving your growth btw, you are amazing

Thank u that’s so nice. I’ve been trying out some new stuff lately haha. (read: I’m lazy and i’ve just been cleaning up my sketches instead of doing actual lineart and it’s so much easier and faster like that)


Hey, I’m out of school and between jobs right now so I’m doing commissions this summer! Even if you’re not able to commission me right now, boosting this would really help me out a lot!


  1. I have the right to refuse any commission for whatever reason.
  2. Payment due upfront.
  3. I only accept PayPal. You must be comfortable giving me an email address so I can send you an invoice.
  4. All commissions will be digital.
  5. I will send you a WIP and if you want me to change something I will do so accordingly.
  6. If you saw a certain style of coloring or lineart that you liked, please tell me so I can do it for you. ;) Otherwise I will take creative freedom.

Will Draw:

All fandoms
All pairings 
 All platonic relationships

Will Not Draw:
NSFW (unless I personally know you and can verify you are 18+)
 Mechs, cars, spacecraft, etc.
 I also reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason

You can find more examples of my work in my art tag (x) and more info about my commissions here (x)!

Just send me a message if you’re interested! I have tons of time right now so I’d like to knock out a bunch of these!

…I couldn’t resist much longer, I had to draw Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine. I really like the style of the game and I look forward for the next chapters.

I tried something new for this one, like doing a lineart and tried not to put too much details into it.

Nico Robin from One Piece

It’s Robin again, this time as a painting and not colored lineart. Somewhere in the middle I decided to also give her some of @bloominghands ‘s style, because I just really like the way they draw Robin.

My art from 2006-2017 since i was 10 years old!
I wrote a bit about my style development if you’re interested; (also if you have any questions feel free to ask!)
2006-2007: Usually drew my friends and cousins in stories based on whatever game or cartoon i liked at the time (like harvest moon or something)
2008-2009: Started drawing my own comic and i drew a chapter like 14 pages per week and i drew it for like 2 years somehow, only my cousins and school friends read it, i will never post it omg its sooo shonen manga inspired and just really bad but such a fun read looking back.
2010: i was struggling with colouring my art digitally, i was just so bad at everything, couldn’t colour traditionally either, until i found Sai which was a life saver. Started using it by linearting my art traditional then colouring it on Sai.
2011: Started linearting digitally, joined a lot of RP groups on DA and met a lot of cool people i’m still friends with. Had a generally good year and drew a lot.
2012-2013: Got bored of linearting and decided to try lineartless, back then i just didn’t know how to do lineartless or even searcg for a tutorial for it so i just did this really weird technique where i used like loooots of layers and each part was a layer or something, just very impractical but i actually did a lot of finished illustrations this year surprisingly.
2014: Tried a different painting style which was better, style became more feminine as i started drawing more adopts on DA. Felt like i didn’t do much this year bc i was focused on adopts also my style just toke AGES.
2015: Tried another style AGAIN this time it worked out, tried linearting with pencil and colouring digitally, i used to do tgis back in 2010 when i first got Sai, its weird that i went back to it after a few years.
2016-2017: Continued developing the same ‘style’ but kinda changed my aesthetic a lot, focusing more on colours and making my colouring less glossy, and drew much much more than any other year.

Open Commission!

Hello everyone, I’m doing commissions now and i really appreciated if you can support me :) E-mail me if you interested! (My e-mail is decemberwinter96@gmail.com)

Chibi Icon ($12)

You can also add a chara in one icon with +$10, like this

Chibi Full Body ($15)

Additional chara(s) +$10, detailed design +$2-$4

Headshot ($15)

Halfbody (Style 1 $18, Style 2 $20/chara)

Additional chara(s) +$15, detailed design +$3-$5

Full Body ($25)

Additional chara(s) +$20; detailed design +$5-7

(I’m sorry i just have a colored sketch for full body, but for people who commissioning me will get clean linearts ofc!)


  • If you interested to commission me, please e-mail me and forward details, such as references and descriptions from there! NOTE: Please be sure to include your Tumblr username in the e-mail so i can keep things organized!
  • Payment in USD only via Paypal.
  • You should completed your payment then i’ll start drawing your commission.
  • NOTE: If you request your original character(s) as your commission, please provide me with references! The more detailed, more better i can draw them.
  • Approx. time 1-4 weeks.
  • Background transparent or simple colour.
  • I won’t draw mecha, furry, R18, gore, realism or semi-realism.
  • I’ll send the wip so you can tell me if there’s something you don’t like and i’ll fix it. 
  • The artwork is then yours to do with as you wish, as long as I’m credited for it!

What will you get:

  1. .jpg and .png formats of finished commission.
  2. .sai or .pdf formats (tentative).
  3. .gif format of drawing process from the sketch till it finished!
  4. NOTE: If you would like physical prints mailed to you, we can discuss it over the e-mail. BUT it WILL effect the final price, however.

Reblogged are really appreciated!


After getting that ask I was immediately inspired to draw Glenn! I really want to draw more of a variety of Walking Dead characters and this was fun so I hope to do more. (Negan just owns my soul at this point) But I hope y’all like it. ♥♥♥

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Heya! I really like the way your drawings/sketches look :3 It was actually your style that got me into Mob Psycho 100! ^_^ So thanks for that! Is there any chance you'd like to share your brush settings for Mob 100 art? The texture looks so familiar but idk which it is

aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank you so much! That’s the best compliment, my art made someone watch Mob Psycho kjshfksjdhf

And yes! I I got three main pencils/brushes that i do lineart with:

This one is quite simple, and it’s fast to use. Can either be heaven or hell to work with, so I highly recommend it for sketches and less detailed drawings!

This is the one I use the most, it give a soft, sketchy feeling to the drawings so it’s turned into my favourite lineart tool but it works perfectly for sketching too.

This one I barely use as lineart anymore, but it got a really high sensitivity and works great for filling color and such. Has a really sharp feel to it.

Hope this helped!

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Hello! I was wondering if you have any digital art tips? I want to become a digital artists! Also what art equipment and art software do you use? Thank you!😊

I will tell you everything I know haha,

My best tips (take these with a pinch of salt bc things work differently for different artists)

  1. Try and keep line art thin, you can get more details into your work. Use bolder lines for heavy angles or shapes
  2. If you stuggle with lines just paint or block colours and build up on those, very much like painting on a canvas
  3. Sketches won’t always look perfect just work quickly to get good form/shapes because you can always work over them/start over
  4. If you stuggle with drawing straight into the computer/device, scan or photograph your sketches/lines and colour.
  5. Luminance to transparency on sai is a literal lifesaver for textures and sketching
  6. don’t go straight in with highly saturated colours unless you are doing stylized work otherwise it can end up looking more cartoony and also try to avoid harsh lineart colours if you are going for a softer piece.

Neither of these are wrong it’s just easier to build up colour but it really depends if your going more pop art over more neutral tones >V<

And for my art I use a wacom Intous tablet in small, paint tool sai v1 and for animating my work/gifs I use Gimp v.2.0 (which works like photoshop)

So lately i was not really activ on Tumblr…..

Too much work, stress at home…..

Anyway, Revance is back, and well, of course, my lovely Iori too :)

And well, here we go, 

this is Iori Style!!!!!!


Yeah, i had that in mind since some time, and it took me long to do it. To be honest, i started this draw in January…..

I like the lineart, i worked a lot on it, and…. Look, look, i did more than just one head!!!!!!

About color….. well, i got a long way to go i guess…….

I used the “J.J style” of Jean-Jacques Leroy, because well, i like Yuri on Ice xD.

I hope you like it.

I had fun to draw it.

Iori Enjo is a character of “Scandal in the Spotlight”. An otome game of Voltage Inc.

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Hey man! I kinda really love your art style so I was wondering if you could give us a couple tips on how you draw. I mean, there's something really charming about your characters! Have a great day man

“How you draw” is a tricky question. Is there a proper way of answering?

But it all starts with a messy sketch like this.
I decide later if I just slap ink on it or scan it and do the lineart with a PC for cleaner result.

Hand drawn sketch is the base anyway. Big respect to the people who draw exclusively digitally, I can’t do that.

Thank you for your support.

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What type of brushes do you use in sai?


under cut is coloring stuff and I’m leaving out some brushes cuz like I don’t remember where I got them I just copy the files when I switch laptops

and then for stabilizer I think 

this for sketching 

or this, but I don’t remember if I got the spray texture or if SAI came with, I use whatever I feel like at the time but I use this one for quick stuff

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Hi! Just wanted to say that I really love your art and it inspires me a lot, specially your coloring style! I don't ship Sasusaku or Cloti but your artworks are so beautiful and I love to see them in my dash, it's a blessing tbh. I'm curious abut the programs you use, do you use Photoshop, Sai or neither of them?

Hi! <3 Thank you for your message, glad you like my drawings!
I do use both of them! It depends from the effect that I want to give, but I never use only one of them!
I love Sai for sketching and making linearts and after coloring with it I use Photoshop for post production (Blurring and coloring the lineart, adding Overlay and Color Burn levels on it ecc…)
As you can see below in the last picture the post production is really crucial for my drawings XD 


hey friends! do you love cheap art? do you love sketchy styles? then BOY HOWDY do i have a deal for you!

i’m opening my commissions indefinitely, because while i have a monthly income that keeps me fed and sheltered and internet-ed, i don’t get enough to really save for any of the things i need, like new clothing or computer parts or even just things to treat myself with!

commission baseline is $10 USD and will get you roughly equivalent to the images above! sketchy lineart and solid colours, with or without the base sketch peeking out beneath it, and the lineart coloured to match!

more information, such as extra characters, can be found at my commissions page, and further examples of my art can be found in my art tag!