i really do i hate ur everything

How the XNXPs I Know Deal with Negative Emotions

INTP - *Whining intensifies* 

INFP - * Cries laughing at everything that could be considered even slightly humorous and rambles incoherently* 


ENTP - *literally dying inside* Lol have u ever touched a baby’s ear iTS SO SQUISHY EREREHEHREH  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Person: “ How is your day going, ENFP :)? I sure hope it’s great! ” 

ENFP: “STFU YOU EFFING * insert said person’s extremely sensitive insecurity here*” 

*Describes how they’d murder someone in uncomfortably graphic detail*

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So, I have to do a presentation for my creative writing class and we're supposed to pick a song, and talk about why we chose it and such. I'm thinking of doing Not Today, but I'm that person who's gets insecure of their music even though I know I shouldn't be. I also get really really nervous and panicky if I mess up. Standing up in front of the class makes me start shaking and mess up everything :-; I hate presentations 😭😭

aaahhh tbh i’m rlly not good a presentations in front of people ughhh i can get rlly rlly anxious so I understand!! But try to be confident even if ure a lil bit anxious like “yeah I love kpop sup, its great”

High School Crush// Moon Bin

Originally posted by beyondastro

Pairing: Moon Bin x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
hello lovely~ can you write a scenario where sanha/moonbin is ur table partner in school? he likes the reader and stuff like that pls make it fluffy fluffy ahhhhtisbd ty and good luck in everything you do 😌

Author’s Note: You guys come up with the cutest scenarios I swear to god, they practically write themselves sometimes :3 I really hope I interpreted this well, enjoy the read! (ALSO I used a name from Noragami as it is my favorite anime and I really had no Idea what other names I could use fjhsdgsdhj don’t hate me)

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)!” Your friend called after you, pulling on the strings of your backpack to make you stop. You giggled at her as she gripped you into her arms, humming and interlocking arms with yours.

“I’m so glad you’re here! Apparently we are switching seats in math today! Hiyori had told me that the teacher paired up the students that are doing well with the students who are not doing so well in order for them to work together and improve. I am so bad at math, so I hope i get seated with you~” She cooed softly, poking your cheek as you both walked into class.

“Ah, (Y/N)!” Your heard your name being called, your head turning to the side of the room at which the sound was coming from. Your eyes landed on Moon Bin; a boy who had caught your eye from the moment he enters the school last year.

You two were in the same grade, as well as in the same classes, so you saw him often. It was hard to concentrate with him around, as his smile often captivated your thoughts more than you liked it to. You never let it affect you, though, as he always sat so far away from you.

Until now.

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heyo clauds! if you're still doing the shakespeare thing: (i know you know my appearance but im gonna say it anyways) 5'3 (i think!) short black hair in a pixie cut/short bob type thing, glasses, septum ring, i love plants beyond belief, way into interior decorating and classical piano music, i can't protect myself at all but i will do everything for my friends, i want everyone 2 be happy and i truly don't hate anyone. i also lowkey put a ton of effort into what i wear + im v introverted 🌱🌟💫

oK ur Benvolio and Miranda (romeo and Juliet, and the tempest)!!!! Because benvolio is just a sweetheart and Miranda is probs really into plants n stuff and they just fuse into U!!!
Thank you for the ask!!!
Have a super awesome night!!! 🌸💜⭐️

FLOOR CRY - The Waiting Game

everything i do makes me feel guilty

don’t get ur hopes up when you’re always down
the higher u fly the harder you’ll hit the ground
i felt something i haven’t felt before
a feeling i promised to keep behind closed doors

the waiting game
i hate it
the waiting game
i hate it

you’re really under my skin
i don’t know where u begin

don’t fake a smile like you’re a circus clown
the longer u tread the more likely u will drown
i felt something i haven’t felt before
instead of being satisfied i still want more

the waiting game
i hate it
the waiting game
i hate it

why you should read on the jellicoe road by melina marchetta

hi hi hi i’m back with another post sorry if these get annoying (more)

sooooo if you haven’t read a marchetta book yet, what are u doing with ur life basically bc these books are everything to me they changed my life they blessed my crops they cleared my skin or whatever tbh just read them

some more reasons:

  • so taylor markham, protagonist, somehow always thrust into leadership even tho she hates it
  • the book takes place at boarding school btw (it’s boarding school right? i don’t really understand other countries’ school systems)
  • and taylor becomes head of all the house leaders
  • but they all hate her so they want to vote her out except there isn’t a majority
  • ben, the one who votes no, becomes taylor’s number two
  • and raffaela is also kinda taylor’s number two (in her house)
  • anyway there’s this big territory war between the people at the school, the people in town (the townies), and the cadets who visit the area every year
  • (this is a secret war so the teachers can’t know it’s very underground)
  • taylor’s in charge of the school, chaz santangelo is in charge of the townies, and jonah griggs is in charge of the cadets
  • taylor and jonah have a ~history~ to say the least
  • but something happened so now taylor hates jonah
  • which affects their war ofc
  • (but u kno that friends to enemies to lovers is the best trope)
  • anyway the three groups all pretend to hate each other even tho they all love each other and hang out with each other all the time tbh it’s the best
  • also on top of all this taylor’s mother figure kinda, hannah, left without telling taylor which sends her into a depression bc her mother left her and hannah’s the one who picked her up it’s a whole thing
  • there’s also another plotline with five characters from hannah’s manuscript it’s a very important plotline
  • time for some quotes!! first you have:
  • “If you weren’t driving, I’d kiss you senseless,“ I tell him.
    He swerves to the side of the road and stops the car abruptly.
    “Not driving any more.”   
  • “What do you want from me?” he asks.
    What I want from every person in my life, I want to tell him.
  • “hold my hand because i might disappear”
  • and then you have:
  • “don’t you ever touch my car again” … raffy touches the car with her finger in a very dramatic way
  • i can’t find anymore quotes that are really short but trust me there are a lot of cute funny scenes okay

anddddd that’s all for today go read on the jellicoe road by melina marchetta

stay tuned i’m gonna write more about the author’s other books

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why do u always call urself trash when u draw oc/canon stuff? i don't get it? ur not trash? more people need to draw oc/canon stuff.

I call myself trash because a lot of the time, I only draw ocxcanon (or just my ocs interacting with canon in general) stuff and parts of the fandom hate that xD I’m getting better at not shoving my ocs into everything, though. 

I know i really shouldn’t feel guilty/ashamed of it, but after all the hater anons, my easily-manipulated self started fretting about it :3 Luckily, though, the haters seem to be dying down. I haven’t gotten one in a few days.



*quickly knocks on wood*

signs based on people i know
  • aries: super fun loving n passionate. hates being told what to do. have ur best interests at heart. will do probably anything for people they love. super loyal. great friends.
  • taurus: so sweet!!! and also frustratingly good at everything they do. have ..memorable laughs. and beautiful smiles. usually literal rays of light.
  • gemini: all really cool. really friendly even if they seem kinda cold & distant at first. they have a bad rep but all the gems i know are exactly that, gems. very creative and usually have some sort of artistic talent.
  • cancer: ive wanted to be friends w literally every cancer i know. they just give off this rly cool and confident vibe even when they don't mean to. so physically attractive but the best part is always their personalities.
  • leo: generally soft spoken (obv not true for all leos but this is true for 90% of the ones i know). charming and have an air of happiness around them at all times. talented, usually in some sort of performing arts whether it's singing, acting, etc.
  • virgo: intelligent. passionate about what they do. typically artistic in some way. refuse to tell their stories to the people who care but will pour out all of their secrets in their art. warm smiles. someone you won't forget.
  • libra: feel things very strongly, not necessarily that expressive of it but their mood affects everyone. when they're mad, everyone's frustrated. when they're happy, it's infectious. enjoy the simple pleasures in life. care deeply about their family and friends.
  • scorpio: they want what's best for you. will put everyone's happiness in front of their own, no matter what the cost. is vicious when you've hurt them. knows exactly what to say to hurt you. need love and appreciation but will never ask for it. some of the strongest people you'll meet.
  • sagittarius: they never half ass things. you're lucky if they love you because they'll do anything for the ones they love. are venomous when upset. are never what they seem like from first impressions. definitely have different versions of themselves for different people. usually quite intuitive.
  • capricorn: ambitious and care a lot about their future. most of them have really great bone structure? only affectionate with people they love. usually insecure but they want to be the best so they work super hard to fulfill this. can be cold and distant if they focus too much on their future. need to be reminded to relax sometimes.
  • aquarius: so immensely charismatic. you're instantly drawn to them and you don't know why. enjoy traveling and exploring new things and people. hard to approach at first but are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. extremely confident. kind hearted and typically value their family a lot.
  • pisces: some of the strongest people i know. they deal with a lot and it's only worse because they feel things so deeply. are usually really good at compartmentalizing emotions but this sometimes keeps them from accurately dealing with their emotions. can tolerate a lot but will eventually explode and take it out on everyone they know. hardworking and full of love.

i hate how the culture on this website is “u need to know every little thing about every single celebrity - everything they’ve said, everything they’ve done. u reblogged a pic of this celebrity so im gonna assume ur just ignoring the problematic things they’ve done instead of recognizing the fact that u were just unaware….” like……. am i really supposed to keep track of every celebrity’s mistakes, including the ones i just saw a pic of n thought “hm i dont know much abt them, but theyre cute! i’ll reblog this”???? what do u want from me???? leaf me alone