i really do i hate ur everything

lil psychosis things:

- *something moves in the corner of ur eye* *turn to look @ moving thing* *thing is now regular thing but you knOW ITS ONLY PRETENDING*
- bugs?? everywhere?? why are they in my skin and my hair why 
- is that a gif
- hey look these two delusions totally contradict each other but they are also somehow both true
- seriously is that a slow moving gif or a photo or
- thinkin ur friends arent real
- thinkin ur friends hate u 
- everyone is In On It. u arent sure what It is but they are In On It. 
- really slow moving hallucinations. u know the ones. like the floor is moving ever so slightly under ur feet or the ceiling shifts a lil and ur like god damn go big or go home son this is hurting my eyes 
- those voices that essentially just shitpost constantly
- tfw suddenly everything phases in and out of existence and ur like woah
- impulse control?? what is that?? 
- seriously i smashed a glass and then squeezed the shards??
- why did i do that
- who knows
- rage

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Crime lord x innocent one AUs? Or something along those lines?

What a wonderful idea :)

  • I just got the shit beaten out of me over a bad deal and my ass ended on the side of the street, where you just so happened to stumble across. you stared at me for a slick moment, then offered a cigarette and a nice talk.
  • “I’m relatively new in town and you often stop by the restaurant I work at for brunch, and it honestly took me a long while to notice how tense everyone got when they spotted eyes on you cause apparently you’re some renown drug kingpin? and you kill a lot of people? and I knew absolutely none of this? or else I wouldn’t be chatting you up like a sweet old lady every time I served you instead of watching my every word? dUDE??”
    • “you made it very clear though that I’m your favorite person to visit at restaurants and honestly I have no idea how I feel about a crime lord having a very clear crush on me cause man,,im jus tryna pay the bills and maybe adopt some more cats..? yeh i dont have time to be dealing with alla that”
  • I caught sight of some deal going south so I did what any dumbass would do, and stepped in to stop one of them from killing the other. Y'all have some damn anger problems though cause I ended up getting cLOCKED IN THE NOSE BUT JOKES ON U CAUSE sURPRISE I GET ANGRY TOO AND SMACKED THAT RIGHT BACK BUt you started laughing bc apparently some lil thing like me getting angry and violent was not something you were expecting
    • wha t the fuck is going on there’s a half-dead man on the ground and my nose is gushing blood and somehow this is turning really funny for the both of us because! what the f uck! is happening! and no! i dont want a job???
  • “I wouldn’t say I’m a criminal per say–more like an accessory to the criminal organization that I sometimes help with money laundering and accounting, but yeah blood? aha no, no. just no.”
    • “look I understand that with crime stuff there’s gonna be blood and that you’re the boss and everything but seriously, can you wait to beat someone up until I’m gone? I’m just here for accounting advice man idk it’s sorta a phobia?”
      • “okay I wasn’t actually expecting you to be concerned at all about my feelings but now you’re offering to help guide my way through a sea of bodies in an accidental shoot out without me seeing any of it and…thats actually…kinda sweet”
        • “who knew a person who just finished killing like ten guys would be offering to hold my hand so gently alrightyyyy aha ur kinda cute”
  • I kidnapped you for a ransom bc you know this rich prick I’d done business with before and about halfway through of keeping you chained to a chair I realized we lowkey already met before at a party hosted by said rich prick, soyeah……..hey how you doin’
    • we were also flirting like nonstop that entire night too oops
      • maybe almost hooked up
        • okay we had sex, but this totally isn’t personal
          • ……….you seeing anybody?

  • Ive lived for a very long time, made many deals, built many empires and basically ruled everything i wanted. and yet. no matter how many years have passed and how many mortals have died, i still see you. just you. walking around like you have no care in the world. immortals arent supposed to be like that, theyre not even supposed to exist anymore, and yet here u are…just livin life as you do with ur dumb happy smile and sunshine laugh and beautiful face
    • and yet my miserable ass is still here, hating you and the world for the fact that i cant breathe a word to any other immortal without stripping away their life span along with my own
      • and that really fucking sucks sometimes because youre everything i wish i was and something i need but never deserve

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Holy cow ur art?? It looks really good?? I've been drawing seriously for like two years now, and I can clearly tell you put a lot of effort, time, and thought into it. It looks amazing!!

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4, 7, 8, 17 :)

4. A set that flopped but deserved better ?

my lightwood siblings one where izzy hints that alec is gay in s1 and my magnus bane gifset from the gifmeme

7. Who are your top 3 gif makers 

i really cant choose three so you ofc,  @willjtudor @highwarlockkareena @amorverus @magswoods @harry-daddario @harry-shum, @r-chelberry, @darren-criss @saltyalec @f-f-f-fight

8. What gif trend do you hate ?

honestly, i cant hate things that much and much less giffing bc people put so much time in that so i appreciate everything anyone makes

17. 10 sets, 8 sets, 6 sets? How many gifs to you prefer in a set?

8 sets mostly!

interested in how i make my gifs? ask me questions from this post

i’ve only been on an airplane like two times in my life and they were both like 10 years ago but i really love the liminal space feelings of walking inbetween worlds. everything in an air port is like kinda dreamy and abstract and no one really wants to be here but we’re all forced to be and it’s kinda like being up at 4am when everyone is asleep. it’s like the rest of the world is on pause while ur in an airport and everyone hates it but can’t do anything about it

High School Crush// Moon Bin

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Pairing: Moon Bin x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
hello lovely~ can you write a scenario where sanha/moonbin is ur table partner in school? he likes the reader and stuff like that pls make it fluffy fluffy ahhhhtisbd ty and good luck in everything you do 😌

Author’s Note: You guys come up with the cutest scenarios I swear to god, they practically write themselves sometimes :3 I really hope I interpreted this well, enjoy the read! (ALSO I used a name from Noragami as it is my favorite anime and I really had no Idea what other names I could use fjhsdgsdhj don’t hate me)

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)!” Your friend called after you, pulling on the strings of your backpack to make you stop. You giggled at her as she gripped you into her arms, humming and interlocking arms with yours.

“I’m so glad you’re here! Apparently we are switching seats in math today! Hiyori had told me that the teacher paired up the students that are doing well with the students who are not doing so well in order for them to work together and improve. I am so bad at math, so I hope i get seated with you~” She cooed softly, poking your cheek as you both walked into class.

“Ah, (Y/N)!” Your heard your name being called, your head turning to the side of the room at which the sound was coming from. Your eyes landed on Moon Bin; a boy who had caught your eye from the moment he enters the school last year.

You two were in the same grade, as well as in the same classes, so you saw him often. It was hard to concentrate with him around, as his smile often captivated your thoughts more than you liked it to. You never let it affect you, though, as he always sat so far away from you.

Until now.

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Where do people get that he had "several relationships" with women tho? He's literally dated ONE woman publicly and that was 7 years ago. Some antis tried to invent more rumors but they were proven to be totally fake so really, idk why some ppl keep insisting that he's had "several relationships". Not to mention that like you said, you can have relationships with ppl of the opposite sex and still be non straight. I hate that bi/pan/closeted gay people erasure.

ur right

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The whole 'neutrals' thing is like... It makes 0 sense to me like that's my whole problem with it. I also don't really like ur hc about bli bein super chill about trans people but like that's just a personal opinion bc I like..... Subconsciously demonize bli bc of a super weird phobia I have that's sorta related to them tdotfyimbhfgv

the whole neutrals thing just CLASHES so hard with everything the album is about, i just cannot fockin STAND it. like what is this. little house on the fuckin prairie

what killjoys headcanons do you hate?

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First impression: You are the queen of the Eds, and I am really terrified of messaging you. Also, you probably hate that I have an Edd blog and probably will laugh at me. Current impression: WE'RE BAT LOVING DOUBLES THAT LOVE CRAZY DESSERTS WE HAVE EVERYTHING IN COMMON HOLY!!!

But Queen of the Eds???? (That would be king, but what do u mean!?) 
BUT THANK GOD ANYWAYS IM SO GLAD WERE CHUMS NOW HOLY SMOKES. OH n for what its worth im not mad about ur double blog?! no funny making

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The boy I've been getting really close to lately might be leaving for Uni earlier than I thought 😞 tbh I'm not sure yet but I don't like not feeling in control of my life and I hate how uncertain everything is because I like him so much and he was going to leave anyway at some point but I wish it won't be so soon ✨

ahh anon i totally understand how ur feeling !! the guy i like is also leaving for uni this year n i don’t know what to do !! but honestly if u haven’t already i’d tell him how u feel. i know it’s hard n scary but i think u will regret it if u don’t. and if u two rlly want to make it work then it will work, no matter how far away from each other u are !! for example, my cousin lives in scotland n her boyfriend lives in the south of england, they’re 600 miles away yet they still meet 2-3 times a month !! it can work if u rlly want it to, don’t give up muffin 💘🌷

high school au where

  • taemin is part of the “bad boy” group
  • he’s not necessarily mean or anything but like his lil group of friends
  • aka jongin, ravi, & moonkyu
  • they like never tuck in their shirts and their ties are always loose and their hair is always either gelled up or messy af and they’re almost always in detention for something or other
  • and basically they goof around all the time and they have the bad boy reputation and girls love them uwu and one of them drives an suv and another drives an old mustang and they’re always going somewhere in one of the two cars and the music is loud and they’re just obnoxious lil shits
  • and minho, key, jonghyun, & jinki are upperclassmen who think taemin’s group is annoying lil shits that don’t care about anyone and basically they think they’re just super annoying underclassmen 
  • but then jinki gets a new job teaching piano to little kids at the local music school
  • and he always thinks he sees a familiar car in the parking lot but he doesn’t pay much attention to it until one day the person in charge says one of the students from the advanced class is going to help him teach the lil kids
  • and he’s like oh okay cool that’s good because u know lil kids can be hard to manage in big groups
  • and taemin walks in and he’s all untucked school shirt and loose tie but his smile is literally so wide when a couple of the little kids flock over to him because they’ve seen him play at the recitals and he’s really good and they want him to teach them how to be that good
  • and he’s helped teach them before and they really love him and taem really loves them
  • and taemin’s just !!! okay children i will help teach u today r u excited???
  • and they’re like lil 4 & 5 year olds and they’re all !!! jumpy jumpy super excited
  • and taemin’s still super goofy smiley until he looks up and sees who exactly he’s helping and his smile falters when he realizes it’s an upperclassmen from school
  • and even worse it’s an upperclassmen from key’s group because key hates his group and now he’s all nervous because he thinks jinki is going to tell everyone that taemin plays the piano and takes lessons and does recitals and helps teach the lil kid beginners class
  • but jinki just smiles and asks taemin if he’s ready to get the class started and taemin just
  • very quietly nods and the kids who he’s helped teach before are confused and like
  • “mr. taemin why r u so quiet today??? mr. taemin did u bring gummies??”
  • and jinki’s all confused like “gummies??”
  • and taemin can’t help but smile at the lil kids and he pulls a bag of gummy bears out of his backpack and he holds them up all proud of himself like
  • “if u do well u get a gummy u know the rules lil children pls do well for mr. jinki because the prize is a gummy bear of ur choice”
  • and the kids all !!!!!!!! “mr. taemin ur the best!!!”
  • and jinki just laughs 
  • and they actually work really well together and the kids listen a lot better when taemin is there because most of them are used to him because jinki’s still fairly new but taem actually helps teach the lil kids pretty often so they’re like !!! mr. taemin!!!
  • but afterwards taemin has his own one-on-one lesson with his own teacher and jinki asks if he can watch
  • and by the time all the kids leave taemin is all quiet and reserved again so he just kinda shrugs like “yeah okay if it’s okay with my teacher okay”
  • and jinki’s confused because the taemin at school is completely different from the taemin at piano lessons
  • but he watches taemin’s lesson and he’s actually in the process of learning a piece for a recital and so he’s a little fumbly with it but his teacher helps him figure it out 
  • and jinki’s just so amazed because taemin is so concentrated and working so hard and he’s seen taemin in class while jinki is a t.a. during his free period and taem’s usually a lil shit who texts during class or doodles all over everything instead of paying attention
  • and so when they’re walking to the parking lot afterwards they talk a lil bit 
  • and jinki kinda figures out for himself that taemin is embarrassed about playing the piano and jinki doesn’t really understand but he just tells him
  • “u know if u don’t want me to tell anyone i won’t”
  • and taemin just ??? “really u would do that for me i thought u hated me???”
  • and now jinki is  ??? and he just “i don’t hate u??”
  • “but key hates my entire group i thought ur whole group hated my whole group??”
  • and jinki just like rolls his eyes like “ur annoying lil underclassmen but i don’t hate u i didn’t even really know u”
  • and taem just quietly like “oh okay well thank u i’ll see u tomorrow or something okay bye”
  • and then jinki just kinda smiles and laughs because taemin shuffles off to his car and the next day taemin is all blushy around him when they pass by each other in the hallway and then he sees him at the music school after school almost every school day after that and jinki just laughs because taemin seems so shy about playing the piano
  • but it’s actually really cute and he thinks it’s really nice that taemin plays the piano

and basically i just have a lot of feelings for taemin playing the piano

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maybe cutting out the toxic people in ur life completely is the best answer. I know not having people around to talk to is hard, but having toxic people around who are harming u even more is worse don't u think. I hope ure all right and u make a choice that is best for *you*

Thank you for this wonderful message. I really needed to read something like this today. 

I know that my best option right now is to cut those people out of my life, but my problem is that I don’t know how, and when I do, it’s going to be even harder to put those thoughts into actions. 

And even though I might be able to cut out some of the people what I’m not related to (the people who make me hate everything that I love and even make nice things like drawing feel like trash ugh) I might not even be able to cut out the family members who are dragging me (and my sister) down. 

It’s just that they are the only people that i’ve got right now, and even though they are toxic and awful, they’re all i’ve even known. They’re all I have people wise and I don’t want to spend the last part of this school year alone. 

My other problem is that the two people in my “friend” group/circle thing are moving to different schools next year and they’re really my only break from the toxic people (idk how to refer to them because they aren’t really my friends lol) and I really don’t want to make any issues because they’re pursuing a higher education and I have to respect that they aren’t going to get it where I go to school now. 

Things are just a big mess and I just need a lot of motivation to get through it all tbh. 

I really really fucking hate the fact that auto soap dispensers are marketed at all like “there are gErMS on ur SOaP pump” like no shit what the fuck do u think I’m abt to do?? wash my fucking hands that’s what!!! who gives a shit if there’s germs on the pump because holy shit Im only touching the pump in the first place to GET SOAP ON MY FCKING HANDS I hate everything

signs based on people i know
  • aries: super fun loving n passionate. hates being told what to do. have ur best interests at heart. will do probably anything for people they love. super loyal. great friends.
  • taurus: so sweet!!! and also frustratingly good at everything they do. have ..memorable laughs. and beautiful smiles. usually literal rays of light.
  • gemini: all really cool. really friendly even if they seem kinda cold & distant at first. they have a bad rep but all the gems i know are exactly that, gems. very creative and usually have some sort of artistic talent.
  • cancer: ive wanted to be friends w literally every cancer i know. they just give off this rly cool and confident vibe even when they don't mean to. so physically attractive but the best part is always their personalities.
  • leo: generally soft spoken (obv not true for all leos but this is true for 90% of the ones i know). charming and have an air of happiness around them at all times. talented, usually in some sort of performing arts whether it's singing, acting, etc.
  • virgo: intelligent. passionate about what they do. typically artistic in some way. refuse to tell their stories to the people who care but will pour out all of their secrets in their art. warm smiles. someone you won't forget.
  • libra: feel things very strongly, not necessarily that expressive of it but their mood affects everyone. when they're mad, everyone's frustrated. when they're happy, it's infectious. enjoy the simple pleasures in life. care deeply about their family and friends.
  • scorpio: they want what's best for you. will put everyone's happiness in front of their own, no matter what the cost. is vicious when you've hurt them. knows exactly what to say to hurt you. need love and appreciation but will never ask for it. some of the strongest people you'll meet.
  • sagittarius: they never half ass things. you're lucky if they love you because they'll do anything for the ones they love. are venomous when upset. are never what they seem like from first impressions. definitely have different versions of themselves for different people. usually quite intuitive.
  • capricorn: ambitious and care a lot about their future. most of them have really great bone structure? only affectionate with people they love. usually insecure but they want to be the best so they work super hard to fulfill this. can be cold and distant if they focus too much on their future. need to be reminded to relax sometimes.
  • aquarius: so immensely charismatic. you're instantly drawn to them and you don't know why. enjoy traveling and exploring new things and people. hard to approach at first but are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. extremely confident. kind hearted and typically value their family a lot.
  • pisces: some of the strongest people i know. they deal with a lot and it's only worse because they feel things so deeply. are usually really good at compartmentalizing emotions but this sometimes keeps them from accurately dealing with their emotions. can tolerate a lot but will eventually explode and take it out on everyone they know. hardworking and full of love.

One of my favorite things about Doctor Mechanic is that Raven would definately take full advantage of all the “ur mom” joke opportunities when talking to Clarke

Clarke: “Hey Raven are you doing anything?”
Raven: “yeah…ur mom”
Clarke: “I mean like, right now?”
Raven: “Well not right now, but we might later tonight because-”

Clarke: “Hey Raven, did you fix that one radio?”
Raven: “Oh shit, not yet. I was busy doing other things…..like ur mom.”
Clarke: *hating everything*

Raven: “You know what’s great about being a mechanic? I’m really good with my hands. And you know who loves how good I am with my hands?”
Clarke: *covering her ears* “Raven no-”
Raven: “ur mom”

Clarke: *trying to get back at Raven* “Yeah Finn was alright but Lexa…Lexa is sooo much better”
Raven: “You know, you’re right. Finn was “alright.” But you know who’s really good?“
Clarke: *already standing up to go sit somewhere else because her plan backfired horribly*
Raven: “ur mom”
Clarke: *debating never speaking to Raven again*

i hate how the culture on this website is “u need to know every little thing about every single celebrity - everything they’ve said, everything they’ve done. u reblogged a pic of this celebrity so im gonna assume ur just ignoring the problematic things they’ve done instead of recognizing the fact that u were just unaware….” like……. am i really supposed to keep track of every celebrity’s mistakes, including the ones i just saw a pic of n thought “hm i dont know much abt them, but theyre cute! i’ll reblog this”???? what do u want from me???? leaf me alone

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ur practically Sam Wilson. I mean first you hang out with a former military guy who has ptsd and now you're telling tumblr they're gonna have to go all mark fuhrman on their ass? Next it's gonna be cut the check and an argument with your combat anon's bestie about moving your seat up. What even is ur life??? ehehehe

Well, I do love breakfast … 

and serving it with a side of sass, … 

I hold grudges longer than I should including if they wreck my car, …

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But would drop everything for Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff…

I believe that a person’s love for animals really defines them, …

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I have no chill even with my username, …

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I use my knowledge of movies in real life, …

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Running is definitely not my strong point I fucking hate it, …

And I am an average kind-of-person with superhero friends ( @rogersxbarnesx@mangosoldier, @pleasecallmecaptain,  @bovaria, @just-call-me-mrs-captain, @imagine-assembling-the-avengers, @fvckingavengers) that make me look 10x cooler with them by my side.

So yeah, I guess I kinda am.

yesterday i got sad and hated everything i do and today i wrote a rly  good song that i like and that just goes 2 show the cool stuff happens right after ur really sad

hey i have an idea if that's alright !!

let’s treat people with kindness until they prove that they deserve otherwise !!

we’re all human beings with emotions that can be hurt! ★彡

if you are majority or minority i want you to smile!! i want the people you pass by in your school’s hallways to smile!!
i want that girl at the busstop who never smiles to smile!! i want the geeks to smile!! i want the jocks to smile!! i want the hipsters to smile!! i want anyone else and everyone else to smile!!
you all have super nice smiles lets put em to use!!

let’s be nice!! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
being nice is the best!! bc usually people respond with niceness!! and it’s just a fun fun pool of niceness and nice people and smiles!!

and you know what else?

being sad and confused is alright too!!
people don’t often say it out loud but being sad is very okay!! perfectly fine!! not everything in life is perfect and you can’t always smile!! i can’t make you do anything but if you are feeling sad i hope all goes well with you and that your life and feelings go in the direction you want to!!

tl;dr : niceness is key!!
and most everything is okay!!
do not be afraid!!
these exclamation points are annoying!!
sorry / w \

sleep well