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Prompt: Roman is really close friends with the reader (hugs, kisses on the head, cuddling without sexual contact). He overhears a conversation with her and her close friend where she admits she’s been in love with him for ages but would never do anything because he’s married. He confronts her and she feels embarrassed and starts avoiding him. He’s hurt and misses her, trying to reach out every so often. He sees her finally getting herself together and dating someone new. Finally one night he can’t take it and goes to her room, telling her he’s always loved her. There are tears and desperation but they end up sleeping together. Open ending preferred.- Anon

This one really gave me fits guys, but I hope you like it!

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shoutout to polysexual wlw. you guys don’t get a lot of positivity, visibility or representation, almost none at all, even online so I just wanted to say you’re very, very important. it’s ok to love women the way you do. it’s ok to choose the polysexual label instead of going for “easier” ones like bi or pan. I hope you get to meet many cute girls to be around and even get a really cool girlfriend who’ll love you a lot. you’re not alone. not only many other wlw (like me) will support you but you will surely live to see other polysexual wlw who’ll you be able to befriend and talk to about your experiences! you’re not invisible. I see you, and I love you. sending you good vibes.

(absolutely includes trans/nb wlw!)

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Hello! Just dropping by to say that I check your blog religiously and worship you, the actual Scenario Writing Goddess of every century ever. I love your characterizations! It's like, they're not so obvious sometimes, they don't fall into the exaggerated stereotypes that certain idols have attached to them and it's so refreshing! Thank you for sharing all your lovely writing with us all! I was hoping you'd write a small wonho au if you have the time or inspiration? Thank you! 💕

that’s,,,,,such a nice compliment im ????? floored,,,,,thank you for liking my writing so much, it means the world to me~~

  • tattoo artist!wonho 
  • loves doing full color, vibrant tattoos,,,,,especially of animals
  • always pays great attention to detail and loves putting his own style into his drawings which make him really popular among younger people who are looking for something unique
  • and it’s kinda cute because his style is so so SO much more different from the kind of tattoos he has on his body
  • which is mostly black and grey quotes and flowers. some traditional korean elements incorporated in his sleeve
  • has got the intimidating, muscular tattooed guy look if he’s frowning
  • but the minute he smiles it’s like,,,,,sunshine???? pure angelic??? sunshine????
  • and he’s always so sweet and gentle with people who haven’t gotten tattooed before,,,,,he’s always got water ready and asks if they need breaks and tries to distract them with nice words
  • people don’t expect it, but he gets super embarrassed when people compliment his art he’s like,,,,,,i wish i could be better!!!!! and he hides his face,,,,,,this actual CUTIE
  • you’re actually an apprentice under another artist there and while your artist is kind of demanding and stern
  • and very very,,,,,,,,not rude but,,,,,,straightforward with his criticism
  • wonho is always there to motivate and encourage you about your own art
  • and he’s always staying with you even after everyone’s gone to go over your portfolio and to clean up your teacher’s station
  • and since the shop closes super late, around one am every weekday, wonho always offers to drive you home
  • and it’s just,,,,,something you two do. he’s being the considerate friend 
  • but one night as you’re making way to wonho’s car you run into a friend of his and the friend is like “where are you going with this cute person wonho?” and wonho is like “im driving them home”
  • and the friend winks and is like “you’re totally his type, i can see why you’re dating”
  • and you and wonho look at each other and wonho’s ears go supER red and he’s like “i-uh we’re no-”
  • and the friend is like “sure,,,,,,who else drives someone home if not a boyfriend? anyway, there’s another party across town i need to go to, don’t have TOO much fun tonight love bird~”
  • and with that they’re gone and you and wonho are on the sidewalk, two blushing messes
  • can’t even look at each other again until you turn and see his profile under the street light and ,,,,,,,, there’s no denying it,,,,,, he’s handsome
  • and the way he takes care of you,,,,the way his laugh brightens up anyone in the shop,,,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,,hard to not fall for
  • and wonho is like “im,,,,,,sorry about my friends they always-”
  • and you’re like “it’s ok,,,,but um,,,,,,”
  • and you shyly put out your hand and wonho looks at it before biting back his lip and taking it in his own
  • and silently you two walk to his car, holding hands like a couple for the first time
  • and it feels so right,,,,,like something that should have happened long ago,,,,,,
  • in the morning you and wonho arrive to work together and kihyun is like “they finally did it, the finally started dating” and the whole shop goes into cheers
  • until your artist is like love is great but GET OVER HERE AND DO YOUR JOB
  • and you’re like yikes, but lean up to give wonho a kiss before hurrying over (A kiss wonho thinks about the whole time he’s working and sneaking peeks over  at you)

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Elise, do you have any headcanons about Bahorel right after he left law school? I've just left it too to fulfill my real dream I realized recently, but even my best friend says it's not possible to come true. I know they don't want to hurt me, but still I feel really lonely now with almost no support and it kinda sucks.. Sorry for bothering you, but I look up to you, you're such a lovely person deserving the best in life. I hope everything goes well for you

Bahorel does law school the way I did maths for the first 18 years of my life: poorly and with a distinct lack of motivation to get better at it.

Law just seemed like the thing to do at the time, you know? Law makes you look employable. But Bahorel just isn’t a white collar kind a guy. And that’s coming from a guy who loves collars.

Bahorel is social! Bahorel was born to go from place to place, make friend with everybody he meets and fill up a whole bar with his roaring voice. He wasn’t made for Law.

When he ditches law school, it’s like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Sure, he wasn’t going to lectures that often to begin with, but it was still a relief. He does a couple of side jobs here and there, helping people move out, playing the bartender for a couple of nights a week, coaching some people at the gym. He likes that, tending the bar. He gets to meet people.

That’s how he meets Feuilly and Grantaire, rolling up their sleeves as their about to start a brawl. Bahorel joins because a) brawl and b) the other guys were looking for it. It gets him fired, but at least he’s made two new friends.

A week later, Bahorel attends his first ABC meeting.


Pairing:  Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 1498

Warnings: none I think

Tags: @gingie4life

Request: requested by @gingie4life:

“Hello, would love a Tony Stark reader best friends fic that’s like work husband wife relationship, that maybe turns into something more. Maybe Tony takes the first move kinda deal. Thanks.”

Notes: sorry it took me so long! Uni got me really really busy, probably you already forgot about the request but I hope you like it!

Originally posted by stark-industries

Roller coaster. That was the best way to describe the past year of your life. Somehow, a year ago, Tony Stark itself showed up at the company where you used to work demanding you to work with him. He didn’t even ask. He just told you to do so. At the beginning you weren’t too sure about working with him. He had a name and a reputation behind him so of course it made you hesitate. At the same time, you knew it was the opportunity of your life so that same week you signed your resignation letter and left the job you had been doing for the past five years.

It was a huge step, and huge change. Specially, when you found out you weren’t going to work for Stark Industries, you were going to work for the Avengers. When you first found out about it fear was all you felt as you remembered all the chaos caused in New York and so many other places because of them. Yet, when you thought about it, you saw a chance to make a difference, to make the world a better place. Maybe the caused chaos, but it was their work and it had to be done. Immediately, you signed your contract. Tony had you move there the moment you signed your contract since it was safer. You used to live alone so you didn’t have a single complain about it.

Ever since, the Avengers had become your family and the Avengers Tower had become your home. You loved your work at the lab with Tony. What did you do? Well, you were an engineer so your work was create or improve the team’s weapons and suits. You loved it. And they were so happy with your job and with you. Some of them were sceptical with someone new at the beginning, especially Bucky, but you ended up making your way through him eventually and at that point he was like a big brother to you. An overprotective one, you had to admit. But you loved him and you loved every single one of them.

“Morning Tony” you said walking a Monday morning into the lab with two cups of coffee. “You spent the night here again?” You asked as you saw the rings under his eyes.

“I had to” he said taking the cup you offered. “Thanks, love” he said.

You smiled a little. It had been a time since the pet names between you two became a thing. It started out accidentally but now you were both used to it, and you liked it. It made you feel special somehow.

“You have to sleep, Tony” you said sitting at your usual spot.

“Sleeping is overrated. The sooner I figure this out, the sooner we defeat that freak” Tony sighed.

You had spent a week now trying to figure out how to defeat a guy who could create breaches and move to whenever he wanted. It looked cool, but it became a problem when he suddenly appeared behind anyone on the team and attacked from behind. Not funny.

“And what will happen when you fall asleep while you’re flying?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Unlikely” he replied turning again to the screen.

You shook your head as you watched him work all focused. It was true that you had become close to everyone in the team but it was more with Tony. You had been his protégée from the very first day you started working there. Soon, you had found yourself trusting that man with your problems and fears, with your life and stories. With everything. Eventually, he opened up to you as well. By that time, you two knew each other better than anyone else in the team. You had a special connection that no one else shared.

So you knew better than talking him out of keep on working. He wouldn’t sleep until he found a solution and you knew the only way to get it done was helping him, so you put the coffee down and turned on the computer, opening all the files with the data you had about this guy.

“The world is crazy” you sighed as you read all over the info again.

The morning went by quite fast and before you knew it, your stomach was asking for food so you got up and headed towards the kitchen to make sandwiches for you and Tony. Meanwhile, you thought it would be a good idea to make a milkshake as well so you opened the fridge looking for the strawberries but they were nowhere to be seen. That was weird considering you bought them yesterday.

“Stark” you mumbled and closed the fridge before going back to the lab. “Tony! Where are my strawberries?” You asked the moment you walked into the room.

“3 am cravings. Sorry not sorry” he said not looking up from the screen.

“Couldn’t you just tell me?” You asked crossing your arms.

“I forgot” he shrugged looking at you with a small smile. “Sorry, I’ll buy more later today ok?” He said with an innocent smile. You rolled your eyes and left the lab once again. You knew he wasn’t going to buy any strawberries anytime soon.

Like you had planned, you made a sandwich for each one of you but this time you didn’t put mayo on his, knowing he really really liked his sandwiches with mayo. You put his plate next to him and went back to work.

“(Y/N)?” You looked at Tony when he called your name. He was holding his food. “Where’s the mayo?” He asked.

“12 p.m. craving. Sorry not sorry” you said smirking.

“You ate all the mayo!?” He asked horrified.

“No, but I craved not to put it on your sandwich” you replied trying your best not to laugh.

“But…I love mayonnaise…” he mumbled.

“And I love strawberries” you shrugged before turning to your screen once again.

You knew you were overreacting but it was the only way Tony would actually listen to you. Suddenly, you heard him getting up. When you looked up, you saw him walking out of the lab with the sandwich on his hand. That was weird. You imagined he would be back soon so you just went back to your work.

But it took him longer than expected to come back and when he did he was carrying a big wooden box that was put next to you.

“What the fuck?” You asked as you looked at him.

“I’m sorry” he said uncovering the box.

When you saw what was into the box you started laughing. He had bought a stupid amount of strawberries just for you as an apology. This man had no filter.

“Can I have mayo now?” He asked.

“Did you really buy all these so I would put mayo on your sandwich? Wouldn’t it have been easier go to the kitchen and get some yourself?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe but it tastes better when you do it” he shrugged before going back to his work.

You smiled warmly while you looked at him. He may get on your nerves many times but there were no sweeter man than him in the whole world. With a smile, you took the box and went to the kitchen having no idea what you were supposed with so many strawberries. Probably a cake. Or many milkshakes. For starters, you made another sandwich for Tony, with mayo this time and also a milkshake for each one of you.

“Here” you said going back to the lab. “Extra mayo” you told him with a wink.

He looked at you the whole time until you sat down and even then he didn’t look away from you. Eventually, you forced yourself to look at him since he didn’t stop staring.

“What?” You laughed.

Silently, he got up from his spot and approached you. He kneeled down in front of you so he was at your height, took your face and kissed you slowly, out of nowhere and catching you completely with your guard down. It was true you had feelings for him, it was true the whole team had told you Tony had them too, that you two were already like a couple and sometimes like a married one, but you didn’t believe them. Until that moment which was too short. Soon he pulled away.

“What was that for?” You asked as he went back to his chair.

“I love you” he shrugged typing away. “I thought you knew, I just wanted it to be clear” he added.

Hearing those three words from him made you melt. Slowly, you got up and pushed him away from the computer just to sit on his lap and kiss him again. This time, he wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you back.

“What was that for?” He asked when you pulled away. You shrugged smiling.

“I love you too”, you replied.

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Do you think Maul is still bugging the hell out of Obi-wan in the Force, even after Obi-wan becomes one with the force too? I bet he is.

I know there’s all that blahblahblah about how Force-Ghosting works, but really: I am totally on board with Maul ghosting it in some form, and being obsessed with Kenobi in the afterlife, because it’s hilarious and we all know that making fun of Star Wars (OUT OF LOVE) is why I am here. 

Like, for Maul’s sake I hope he’s more at peace by that point, but let’s be real: no one ever really gets over being obsessed with Obi-Wan. So, y’know. Sorry, Kenobes. You couldn’t shake Anakin, and you’re not getting rid of Maul. Your Sithly fanclub is coming to the afterlife with you. 


Here is a drawing I made for the chicken lady to celebrate her graduation. 


I was actually gonna draw more but everything happened so fast and I did kinda lost my motivation and my confidence to draw or to do anything in general recently, so yeah, why would I draw 5 - 6 more fan arts for her when I don’t really feel like it…

I mean I wish I could draw more, but do you know how hard and tedious it is to draw with a mouse!? YES A MOUSE, I WANT A FREAKING TABLET. Is that too much to ask for, I just wanna.. END MY MISERY!

It took me awhile to make this because school kept me busy and stressed out, had to study for exams and got ill a few times, it really sucked..

I also tried to draw this in her style, GOD I love it so much. I had a hard time with coloring the hair… Seriously I demand a hair coloring tutorial, I can’t stand this no more!

Also I didn’t think I would really help her with her research papers and stuff, cuz I’m just a little twerp who literally has nothing else to do with my life!?…

I tried my best, I was really happy to see that other people helped her out with her problem, that’s what I call support! <3

But here it is, and I hope you like it! @kyashee 

Please make sure to support her and her art, because she needs all the attention and love!

I hope she realizes that I made a transparent version too! I mean, why else would there be two photos of the same drawing?

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Don't you think “misanthropic white kid develops a god complex and attempts to ‘cleanse’ society” could be an intentional thematic point, considering he's being opposed by a black detective? It feels like they're doing that on purpose, because really, an American set remake of Death Note is super relevant in today's world if they tackle that sort of thing.

I see where you’re coming from, but at the same time, I feel like that would take a lot more nuance and subtlety than we usually see in American anime adaptations. I really hope we can all be pleasantly surprised, but I kinda have a feeling that the same production that thought “Light Turner” was a good idea is probably just going to blunder its way through all of this and make something disappointing.

i really can’t belive that tarjei is real. i mean he’s so smart, wise, talented, he doesn’t want to be famous. he’s just a kid who works hard. studies at school, plays in a theater, plays on tv and wants to achive something in his career. do you know so many people like him? not me for sure, especially in this world with intolerant and hateful people. i really hope a great future awaits him. can’t wait to see how he wins an oscar and say ‘that’s my boy he did it’

Happy (m.c. imagine)

Summary: (Y/N) is worried that Michael is going to dump her because of a text she saw, but what she doesn’t know is that Michael is planning to propose.

A/N: this is short but I really like this and I hope you do too.

Michael glances over at you sleeping peacefully. His lips are puffy from running them over every inch of your body and his chest has a shear line of sweat on it, proof of earlier events that occurred. The sex is usually rough and kinky, but tonight, Michael made love to you. He fell more in love with you tonight. He knows that you’re way too good for him. He watches you sleep and he’s never felt more at peace in his entire life. He reaches over and brushes some hair away from your face. Your eyes flutter open, a small yawn leaving your mouth.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” You ask. “Not tired.” He murmurs. “Stop staring.” Michael chuckles. “Can’t help it.” You sit up and smile softly at him, resting your head against his shoulder. “Is your insomnia coming back?” You ask, slightly concerned. “Because if it is, then maybe you need to take a small break from writing music again. I don’t want it to get as bad as it did last time.” Michael turns and kisses the top of your head. “No, it’s not insomnia. I’m just not tired. Nothing’s wrong, so there’s no need to worry.” He whispers. You bite your lip and lift your head.

“But you would tell me, right? You would tell me if there was something wrong?” You ask, biting your lip. He reaches over and runs his thumb over your teeth until you release your bottom lip. “‘Course I would.” You pull the bed sheet up over your naked body as you sit Indian style beside him, but face him. “I saw a text earlier from Ashton that said my name, so I looked at the messages. You told him that you’re worried I won’t be happy.” You state, looking down at your fingers. Michael sighs, reaching over to take your hand. “I just want to clarify that I am happy with you. If you’re breaking up with me, then just do it now, please. Obviously I won’t be happy about that, but I won’t put up a fight. If you don’t love me anymore, then I can’t force you to stay with me.”

Michael shakes his head and chuckles. You look at him, your eyes wide. “Why are you laughing? There’s nothing funny about us breaking up!” You say. “Baby, stop.” He says, leaning forwards to press a kiss onto your forehead. “I’m not breaking up with you.” He chuckles again at the thought. “That’s not what Ashton and I were talking about.” Your brows furrow, which makes him smile.

“Then what-”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“But you’re not dumping me?”

“No, baby, I’m not dumping you.”

You seem to breathe a sigh of relief as he pulls you closer to him. “I love you so much. The thought of not having you in my life physically hurts.” You whisper, tears blurring your vision. “Oh, don’t cry. Everything’s alright. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” He kisses you lightly, making you sigh against his mouth. You bite your lip as he pulls away.

“I’m gonna go get some water. Do you want anything?” He asks. You shake your head. He kisses you once again before getting out of bed. He grabs a clean pair of boxers and walks downstairs. A few minutes later, he’s back and he’s tucked in bed beside you.

“We should get some sleep. It’s late.” He whispers, running his fingers down your back lightly as you lie on your stomach. You nod, closing your eyes as sleep is already pulling you in. He sighs, biting his lip as he glances over at the closet, where, buried under a pile of band tees, is a diamond ring in a cute little black box.


‘Toniko, how do I begin to describe you? I’ve never really liked a girl the way I like you. I like your pink hair, your deep blue eyes, your incredible smile… I could go on forever. I’m sorry that your brother irritates you so much, I’m hoping he’ll calm down soon because quite frankly, I’m shitting myself for when he meets me. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I like you a hell of a lot and I hope you like me too. What do you say about going on a date sometime? Love Nathan x’

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Did Kazuichi and Alter Ego end the New World Programme for Hina? I hope she will wake up soon with this...

Yosh, this should be okay. You ready too?

Yes !

*turns toward the FF members* Everything is ready. I just have to push this button to start the processus.

I see…

*looks at Hina* She really do looks like she is just sleeping and could wake up at any moment…

If you ignore all the cables around her.

A-Are you sure this is a good idea? M-Maybe we shouldn’t do it after all.

We need to have hope Fukawa, I’m sure things will be fine.

D-Don’t adress me so familiarly, I still haven’t forgiven you, you traitor…

I-Is that so?

Hmm…Sorry to interrupt you but what do I do then?

You can do it.

Okay. Alter Ego, I will monitor everything from here but you will have to do most of the work. So be ready.

Good luck Alter Ego, once again you are the one coming to our help. Thank you.

You are welcome ! I won’t be able to communicate with you all a lot when I will be inside the Neo World so I will see you later ! *waves before slowly disappearing as Souda starts the Neo World*

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26 maybe

Thank you for requesting! I hope you’re well. xxx 

prompt: ‘That isn’t appropriate’ or alternatively Part 2/2 of ‘giving Harry a blowjob in front of his friends.’ I want to first say that I KNOW that this one isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m fully aware of that. That’s why there’s this disclaimer. With that said, I hope you like it. Thank you SO MUCH for being patient. I know I was a fucking spazz with this so thank you. I’ll repay you all somehow. Probably with a smut concept night. Or would that be more for me…

[27] Do you want to show them love? [MATURE.] 

It snowed the day before Harry landed back at home. And she was really cross about it because she wanted him here to watch it fall. And maybe she was just as cross because Harry was spending his days in the sun while she was avoiding muddy puddles.

But Harry is back at home after it felt like months when it had actually been two weeks. Which is actually, quite the same thing in both of their eyes.

He’d barely left the house. Not even when his body had gotten used to the London cold. Not even when he should have been somewhere else. There is no somewhere else or any other pressing place to be. He should only be here. At home warming himself up by laying right beside her as they catch up on episodes they’re not paying attention to anymore.

‘House is nearly all furnished.’ He grins playing with her fingers. He’d finished where they left off when she had left. ‘S’ready for you, you’re the only thing missing.’ He brings her hand to his lips.

They managed the furnishing after arguing about paint colors from across the globe.

It looks like sick!’ She argues into the phone, loud enough just to be sure her opinion of the color is carried effectively.

That peach color just won’t do.

‘Does not!’

‘Does too! Looks exactly like my 22nd birthday did in the toilet! You were there!’ She explains.

‘s’fucking disgusting.’ He groans at the image she’s instilled in his head.

‘S’what I’m saying!’

Harry liked falling back into this routine. The one he has with her, the one they share. He likes matching his routine to hers and not the other way around. Feels less guilt this way.

He likes making her tea in the morning instead of just for him, likes eating breakfast with her instead of on his own, likes planning meals to cook for dinner and likes taking a bath with her instead of running one just for him.

He fits. Fits really nicely into this routine they’ve created for themselves. He’s found a place in her life and she’s found a place in his.

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  • <p> <b>Interviewer:</b> When you're in BVB's locker room, don't you miss Kuba?<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> I know that he left some time ago, but... some time ago, but sometimes i catch myself thinking 'where is Kuba, why is he not here'. Kuba didn't want to leave Dortmund. But new coach came and he didn't saw a place for him.<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> Kuba leaving BVB – first to Fiorentina, next to Wolfsburg, even if his contract was really long - shows how brutal football is.<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> That was for sure brutal, but i'm wondering if that's just football. I mean everywhere is like this, new boss arrives and he makes changes. On the other hand Kuba is very accustomed to Dortmund. <p/><b> <p/><b>Interviewer:</b> I hope you and Kuba will go to the World Cup together!<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> I'll do everything to make it happen...<p/></p>

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I just want to say it means a lot to have found a really inclusive blog like yours! Sometimes it's hard to find good goth blogs that aren't assholes, linked with gross politics or both. You really give me hope that if I stick around long enough I'll find more great people like you. :D So I really do appreciate all that you do, even if it doesn't seem like much!

Thank you :3

It’s More Than Just Us Now

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: Could you do a Stiles x reader imagine and the reader finds out she’s pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Stiles cause she thinks he’ll hate her and break up with her, but it’s really cute and fluff towards the end pleaseeeee❤️
Warning: mild arguing/yelling, baby talk (idk if that needs to be a warning but just in case), and some fluff
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: thanks for this request!!! i had a good time writing it honestly! i hope you enjoy it and if anyone else wants to send some requests my way, please do.
Words: 1,798

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Hiya hiya! Could you do RFA's +minor trio reactions to their crush doing the "can you hold something?" and puts their hand in theirs and keeps it there trick? Thank you! (*˘︶˘*)

I gotta try that trick at some point !

But of course anon !

I´m sorry these getting short and I hope you see this anon !


  • You had for a while a crush on Zen but you had no idea how to get him to know that you like him that way.
  • The someone told you of this tactic so you are doing this in a very desperate attempt in order to get his attention.

  • So you go over to him and while he is not really looking at you you ask him : “Can you hold this for a moment ?”

  • Zen is looking at you and waits for the item but instead you just put your hand in his hand and smile at him.

  • For a second Zen is a bit confused but then he get´s what you are doing and he finds it funny and then he asks what the meaning of this is.

  • So you confess to him that you are trying to get his attention since you really like him and you figured that was good way to show it.

  • Zen is taken back by your sudden boldness but he likes that and he admits that he likes you too more then just as a friend.


  • You make a bet with seven to get Yoosung to hold your hand with this cheap trick.
  • Little do you know that the poor guy has a crush on you – seven knows though and he plays matchmaker-

  • You like him too that’s why you even agreed on this silly think.

  • So you go over to him and have a normal conversation with him you say : “ahh my bag is so heavy can you hold this for a moment.”

  • Yoosung thinks you mean your bag but you give him your hand instead and then you just don´t take it away.

  • Yoosung is blushing really hard while seven is laughing really hard in the background.

  • Yoosung gets sad since you pulled such a prank on him he really likes you after all and you are being mean to him.

  • He realizes he just said that out loud and now he wants to die but you just smile and say it´s okay since you are liking him too.

  • -sevens master plan succeeds but he will be still getting payback for this-


  • You are at a RFA party and get a bit drunk and you feel like this is a great way to make Jaehee loosen up a bit.

  • So you go to her and start a conversation with her she sees that you are slightly tipsy and you are in a giggly state.

  • Jaehee sees you are up to something but she is willing to play along as long you are not going to far.

  • So as you are saying to her : “Can you hold this for a moment.”

  • Jaehee thinks you are giving her your glass to hold and agrees and you give her your hand instead.

  • You expect her to pull away and you already find it really funny but Jaehee does not pull away.

  • Because even when this was meant as a joke she still likes it that you are holding her hand.


  • You lost a bet with Zen and somehow this is your punishment to trick Jumin with this just to a silly reaction from him.
  • So you go up to Jumin and talk with him for a while what makes him not really suspicious.

  • At some point you casually ask him : “ Could you hold this for me?” while holding a glass up in his direction.

  • Jumin agrees but instead of the glass you give him your hand to hold and he is looking a bit confused to why you do this but he does not let go of your hand either.

  • Actual it looks like Jumin enjoys holding your hand.

  • You swear you see Zen in the background somewhere between being confused and happy.

  • Later Jumin admits to you that he realized that he really likes you , while you two where holding hands.


  • He had tricked you multiple times before but you could never pull anything on him and also you wanted a cheap excuse to hold his hand.

  • So you just go up to him as casual as possible and talk with him but he picks up that you have something up your sleeve.

  • So he is waiting while pretending to play along.

  • As soon as you ask him if he could hold that he knows what is up and instead of playing along he just grabs your hand and smiles at you.

  • He tells you if you want to hold his hand you should just ask next time.


  • You are at the Rfa party and you get the brilliant idea to trick V into holding your hand.
  • Of course you don´t want to be mean to him and its more cute then anything anyway.

  • You just go up to him and ask him : “Could you hold this ?”

  • You hold up your glass and he is reaching for it but you just give him your hand and you dont let go.

  • V finds this really cute how you pulled such a silly stunt just to hold his hand he tells you to just ask him next time and then he smiles.

Spoilers for these


  • You really wanted to get closer to Saeran but you where not too sure how he will feel about it.

  • With all of his issues you where not sure if he would like to hold your hand or not.

  • But with little trick you could see his reaction without too much consequences.

  • So you use a chance one evening while you over by him and his brother.

  • You get your chance while getting drinks you go to him : “ Hey could you hold this ?” You smile at him and he looks a bit annoyed but agrees and then you give him your hand.

  • And Saeran thinks you are toying with him but you not let go and neither does he he is actual blushing.

  • To your surprise he seems to enjoy this at least till his brother comes around and Saeran lets go.


You made a deal with seven if you dare to do this with Vanderwood no jokes for a entire week.

So you had to do it even when it was risky.

Vanderwood was a really hard to read character so you have to strike a conversation what is hard enough.

Seven in the background tries to sabotage your plan as well what annoys Vanderwood greatly.

Since it´s clear that you are up to something so you just go for it before it´s too late : “ Can you hold this for a moment ?” You ask and make it look like Vanderwood should take a glass.

Then Vanderwood agrees and then you give him your hand instead.

He thought you might would pull a different prank on him but this is well actual not even that bad.

You not let go either well in the end Vanderwood does not really mind this you are only half as annoying as he thought.

battechnicallyinstantcrusade  asked:

I love your art so much! I know that you have a ton of projects and AUs started already, so this is just an idea I wanted to share, but it would be really cool if you did something where Wiishu/Amy/Marzia are the "knight in shining armor" for their partners. I just really love role reversals and I feel like your style would be great for it! Hope you have a superb Sunday and a marvelous Monday!


fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you do a Yoosung x MC scenario where MC goes into Mom mode at the party. Like scolding him for going on the mission. Bonus points for MC being Jaehee's height or shorter.

Yup!!! You also get a fic format because tbh I relate to this.

I’m writing this in second person, let me know if you want me to change that. 

Also I changed some details of the party…I don’t really know why…sorry, hope it’s okay. 

Okay…this is really bad…It’s going in my queue so I’ll revise it if I can. I hope it’s okay, I kinda lost ideas for this one. Sorry.

It’s two in the morning. 

I’m dead. 

Yoosung: The party was far bigger than you expected, even if you had been the one to organize all the guests, still you couldn’t wait to meet everyone. You’d barely slept in the past few days from the combination of working to make sure the party turned out all right and your worry for Seven and Yoosung, but now everyone was safe and okay and the proof of that was right before your eyes. 

The first person you met was Seven, maybe because he was already looking for you considering he was the only member who knew what you looked like. 

You were slightly shocked when you saw just how miserable and tired he looked. It was hard to believe that this boy was the same person who was always joking around in the chat rooms. 

“What should I do?” He asked, his voice shaking badly as the tears threatened to overflow from his eyes. “I don’t know what to do with this guilt…” 

“Seven…I…” He looked away with another apology and before you knew it you were hugging him tightly. “It’s not your fault.” You mumbled into his shoulder. “He wanted to go. It was his decision and it was a really awful decision but it’s not your fault…” You pulled away, only faintly aware you were crying. 

Yoosung’s in the hospital. 

It was hard to believe. You’d talked just the night before and he’d seemed fine, he’d even sent a picture. 

So much for you seeing everyone at the party. So much for everyone being okay, but right now Seven was on the verge of completely breaking down and if there was anything you could do…

All the plans to go and visit Yoosung in the hospital were halted by the voice speaking into the microphone. It was unfamiliar to you, but quickly caught your attention. 

“It’s V?” Jaehee said in disbelief and sure enough there he was on the stage. 

“I introduce to you, the youngest member of the RFA, Yoosung Kim.” V’s voice feel silent as the guests applauded politely. 

You felt numb, like your brain couldn’t quite process your thoughts correctly. He’d been fine and safe and then Seven had been in tears as he said Yoosung was in the hospital and now V was on stage introducing him, but all your thoughts fell silent as the blonde came on stage. 

Finally he’d finished his speech and made his way down to the group and the bandage over his left eye was only more visible as he came closer. It was clear he shouldn’t be there. He should be resting. 

“I wanted to see you so much,” Yoosung mumbled, almost as if he couldn’t believe you were there, or maybe like he couldn’t believe that he was there when he should have been receiving emergency medical treatment. 

“You idiot,” you cried out, glaring at the blond boy, who’s good eye widened in shock, but that didn’t stop you. “I can’t believe you’d seriously do something that stupid. You could have died!” You were definitely crying now but you weren’t nearly done. “You too Seven,” You snapped, turning to the hacker with a glare. “There was nothing I could do to help you or to stop you two.”

“MC,” Yoosung tried to cut in. 

“You both could have died!” He reached forward to wipe away some of your tears, but you pushed his hand away. “This isn’t one of your stupid games, you put your lives in danger and there was nothing I could do to stop you or to help you or even to know what was going on. I was completely helpless.” Finally you were starting to calm down some. “I’m so glad you’re both safe,” you whispered, wiping away your tears before throwing your arms tightly around Yoosung. “Don’t ever do anything like that again.”