i really do blame the chat

The Signs As Shit I Do!

Aries: Occasionally, when someone one is speaking bullsh*t at a very fast pace, I will turn and slap them. Hard.

Taurus: Shrugging because I don’t care about what someone’s saying (I do this a lot with my maths teacher)

Gemini: Chatting to someone really calmly, then turning around and screaming at someone if they make to loud a noise.

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I really like Draco, I know he was an asshole sometimes but I can't he as a villain. He was just a teenager who had a horrible dad in my opinion

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I don’t like Draco bc he was an active bully towards the trio and Neville and I know it was because of his upbringing. But you can’t just blame the upbringing. I feel like people just excuse him because he’s a “bad boy” stereotype. But if you think the way you do that’s totally fine, I respect it.

Zodiac Chats
  • Libra: Could you just think a little for once?
  • Sagittarius: I do, what makes you think I don't?
  • Libra: Because you're not thinking about how i could be feeling about things, you just assume, you think you know everything.
  • Sagittarius: I don't, but if you really want me to know, you'd tell me. It's not my fault. I don't know, you cant blame me for that!

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Yeah that's what i said too. I wouldn't generalize her as a person by things she said on twitter when she's just a pre-teen. How about the hacked shit (tbh why did she got hacked so much and no camren lmao) with that 5sos guy? Also the normani thing? Do u think it's legit? I'm not convinced bcs chats could be faked easily, but there are unseen pics w that guy

Ofc, it could be faked. Like, so easily.I mean, literally, I could literally recreate those and make them say whatever I want. But EVEN if that’s real, I don’t really blame her. I think she grow as a person a lot more since then, she was practically a kid back then.

As for that guy, Idk, I mean, the only person who could say that for sure is her I guess, but she won’t do that (why would she?!). Right now she (and her team/Roger) stick with the “I’m 100% straight” card, although I think we all know that’s not the case. But don’t forget, this is Business! Its a way to express herself thru songs, but it’s mostly business.

I might have made this post already but I just really love this. I really love that in miraculous ladybug, marinette and chat noir really did fall in love with the versions of each other they are afraid people won’t accept. 

When Chat noir fell in love with Ladybug, he had just finished seeing her blame herself for everything that has happened because she thinks shes incompetent. Yet, in spite of her insecurities, the moment she sees someone being a bully, she puts aside her insecurities and does what is right. He fell in love with her bravery, her ability to do something even when she’s so afraid she can’t. That’s all Marinette.

With Marinette, when she fell in love with Adrien, she fell for his sincerity in exposing such a raw side of himself, admitting his faults and fears, the boy without any shields up and able to laugh completely unhinged. He was the honest boy who only wanted friends. That’s all Chat noir. 

They obviously are both equal part their super-egos and civilian selves, but they really do love all of each other. 

The signs as shit I do:
  • Aries: Occasionally, when someone one is speaking bullsh*t at a very fast pace, I will turn and slap them. Hard.
  • Taurus: Shrugging because I don't care about what someone's saying (I do this a lot with my maths teacher)
  • Gemini: Chatting to someone really calmly, then turning around and screaming at someone if they make to loud a noise.
  • Cancer: I am a cancer so?? Probably meeting someone and instantly adopting them into my family (I have 14 children thus far)
  • Leo: Referring to myself as King Hoe whenever someone tries to insult me.
  • Virgo: Spending two hours drawing a beautiful title for my homework and then rushing the actual work.
  • Scorpio: Blame all my feelings on missing my ex when 99% of the time it actually has nothing to do with them.
  • Sagittarius: Planning excessively about travelling the world next summer (three countries in the space of a month eyy)
  • Capricorn: Being really super embarrassed when I get something wrong.
  • Aquarius: "How weird is it though, mum, that like, you gave birth to me, and now I walk about, talk, do homework,and like, exist? Isn't that weird for you?"
  • Pisces: When I'm sad I send my friends cute little messages to make sure they aren't.

Natsu Reads & Reacts: The Ladybugs and the Bees Chapter 20 ( chatthoughts gave me the inspiration to do this, blame him. )

“GET DUNKED ON!” Alya, who are you?? Sans?? Are you actually a skeleton??

They all owe heR $20 BECAUSE OF LADYNOIR. That’s my kind of bet.

Adrien you smug little-


Really close partners my ASS, they were grinding on each other just last chapter.

‘Nothing like watching your girlfriend make out with you from dozens of different angles’

he has an eye for gift giving.. Adrien you are truly my son, fanon or not.

Lady bug has zero chill, give her the god damn present already.

Imagine the tumblr of that universe making LadyNoir memes.
‘When girls swoon over your pubescent heartthrob figure so ladybug gets jealous and starts making out with you’

I have a feeling the gift is a Bra.


Reason #20990 why you don’t send bra pictures to your pubescent 16 year old boyfriend.

Ladybug. You sly little minx

You guys are on top of a church, chill.




  • Aaron: Robert, just call me back, please. I know I'm an idiot.
  • Robert: Yeah, you really are. - What made you think I could do that, kill your dad?
  • Aaron: You said he'd die in prison.
  • Robert: So? I bet your mum's said it a hundred times. And I bet she's the one that put it in your head.
  • Aaron: Can you blame her? What with the letter and then all your lies?
  • Robert: To protect you.
  • Aaron: I know. And that's why I got scared because I know what you'd do for me.
  • Robert: Not that.
  • Aaron: I'm sorry.
  • Robert: Don't be sorry, just don't think I'm that guy, cos I'm not.
  • (hug hug hug hug hug hug hug)

I want you to know that I’m moving on. I saw you yesterday with that boy. You looked really happy with him and I’m sorry that I couldn’t do that for you. I’m happy you’re happy now and I’m glad you moved on without getting hurt. It hurts me a lot though. I didn’t mean anything to you and you left me like it was nothing. Maybe that was because I am nothing. I don’t blame you because I now see how I am. I don’t even want me. I’m just a fucking mess.

I wanted to tell you that I deleted our chats last night, I deleted your number too. I’m proud for doing that. I thought I would never be able to do it. But it still hurts me to know that everything you told me was all lies. I wish I knew about the other guys. I want to know why you lied to me and why you cheated. You should know you make me incredibly sad…

Wait, I think you should know that I am slowly moving on though. In fact I met this person, and they make me wonder why I ever even loved someone like you. They’re always there for me. More than you ever were.. I think I love them, or maybe I don’t. Maybe I just think I do because I want to forget you. But every time I try to move on all I think about is you, fucking you. But I promise you one day I will forget about you, and I won’t think about you anymore. I pray to god that you realise what you did lose. I hope you break down and scream my name. I just fucking hope you go through the same thing I went through when you left..

—  vagueality // I’m at the beach and I’m still thinking about you

Tomione period-piece … 

Yeah, okay, guys, it happened early yesterday. I got bitten by a plunnie that is both solely-Tomione … and time-turner related. I blame @ariel-riddle, as she was the one with whom I was chatting when it happened. This is possibly the most taxing single art piece I’ve created since starting to teach myself digital art/photo manipulation (involving the compilation of 4 different images, a pretty hefty amount of airbrushing, and two different filter effects to give it the painting look). While, ultimately, I’ve decided against using this piece for the cover or banner of the fic when it does begin, I might still use it as a promo piece when I announce the posting of the first chapter. See, I really do like how it came out, but it doesn’t really allow the beholder to appreciate Henry Cavill’s prettiness. Still not sure if it’ll be renaissance/dark ages, or Camelot (i mean, specifically Camelot, since the actual time of Camelot stories can be stretched to cover that period).

Yes, I just completed a fic. Yes, I’m aware a bunch of you are lining up to hit me with plunnie food now. For once I’m actually going to say “bring it on” ;)

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As much as I trust Armin and his plans, I kinda wish some of the other kiddos would say "I have a plan" once in a while. And have it actually work

Before the Coconut Defense League comes after me with torches and pitchforks let me say this:  I love the kid, I really do. Still, I admit I am a bit weary of the Armin the Kid Genius schtick. More than a year ago I wrote a few salty posts on the topic. I suggested it was lazy storytelling on Isayama’s part to forever be using Armin as the solution. My feelings haven’t changed.

That’s why I was thrilled in Chapter 76 when Armin was wrong about the situation with Bert. It was Mikasa who read the situation correctly and saved lives. 

In a few weeks we’ll learn it that was an isolated incident or if becomes something of a pattern when we see the result of Armin’s plan to wake Eren and defeat Bertholdt.