i really dislike this scene


Yes, I have the misfortune to be a woman on this wretched earth but my soul is no man’s property. Not my father’s, not my husband’s & not my brother’s. I will not be exploited for any man’s gain. I am the daughter of a King, the wife of a King & the sister of a King but I am The Queen & I hold the power of the sun in my eyes.

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Even though Harry is my favorite actor from the cast, I think his acting is a little over the top in the sneak peek from next episode. I mean I know Magnus is dramatic, but he is sort of coming across as a caricature of who Magnus actually is in that scene.

You know, it’s interesting you point this out because I personally don’t believe this is a misstep on Harry’s part; I think this is a deliberate choice in terms of how Magnus behaves with various people. The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed it’s been a very consistent trait Harry has given Magnus when he’s around those he doesn’t fully trust or know.

I think in S1 and throughout most of 2x01, we see him largely around Alec, someone he’s willing to be more genuine with (Clary, too). But watch him in 1x04 (with Elias where he twirls like 3x in the scene, but also when he’s flirting with Alec while Jace is watching – when he flips that table with his foot, please), 1x07 where Jace and Luke are both present (Jace’s presence is usually the main factor because Magnus isn’t especially fond of Jace), 1x12 during the Institute meeting and when they’re going to find Ragnor (again, Jace (and Hodge) are present). Even the way he approaches Jace and Clary in 1x12 after the kiss is over, there’s a swagger you don’t see when his focus had been Alec.

You’re right, it’s an exaggeration and it’s not representative of who Magnus actually is. But I think that’s the point: it’s a deliberate front he puts up, a way of deflecting people from seeing the real him. Magnus does not like to be seen as who he really is. He’s an extremely guarded individual, and the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the gestures, even his speech patterns – that’s all there to shield him. The real Magnus is a privilege reserved for the rare few who have managed to sneak their way into his heart. At the time of that scene, Simon isn’t one of those people.

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I'm sure you've heard all of theories about Spencer's twin being AD . Well a huge clue is the recent spoby kiss in Toby's barn. I truly feel that the real spencer would Never kiss Toby so suddenly and so soon after Yvonne's death, just out of respect for Yvonne and Toby

Oh yes, that scene was absolutely sketchy as hell. Spencer was not acting at all like herself in that scene. My biggest problem with that being her twin is that it’s a pretty big risk. Spencer and Toby are obviously still friends and still talk, as evidenced earlier in the episode. What happens if he references their hook-up and she has no idea what he’s talking about? That’s a big risk to take.

But as much as I really dislike the twin theory, that scene definitely pushed me more in that direction.

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Whats your fave and least fave jerza moment in the series?

My favorite has always been the scene under the bridge during the GMG. They’re standing apart but the looks they both share are nothing short of affectionate. And the panels where Erza walks away first and he looks back at her, and then she does the same. That kind of misaligned longing glance is classic romance. I love it.

I don’t know what there’s a moment I consider my “lease favorite.” I do really dislike when gifs of that scene when the Tower of Heaven is crumbling and Jellal lies to Erza to earn her sympathy and they hug are used to depict affection. He was manipulating her there and I just can’t divorce the context of the scene from the way she embraces him with obvious love and relief.

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Fandom ask : RWBY ^^

Favourite Female:

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Weiss is probably the best thing to come out of this show. The amount of depth and development she has gotten is astounding, I adore all of her outfits, and she gets the best songs on the soundtrack.

And she also hits an aesthetic I love; ice/water themed swordswoman.

Favourite Male:

He’s the only male character who isn’t super annoying, or inconsistently written.

3 Other Favourite Characters: Ruby, Blake, Pyrrha.

3 OTPs: Monochrome/checkmating, nuts&dolts, seamonkeys

Notp: Bumbleby, Tauradonna, Ice Berg, White Knight

Funniest character:

I’m a sucker for bad puns.

Prettiest character:

(Was that a serious question?)

Most Annoying Character:

There are characters who are insane and laugh a lot who are terrifying and interesting (Kefka, Joker, Petelgeuse). Tyrian is not that.

Most badass character:

Bitch cut a Nevermore in half with a chain gun purse. Enough said.

Character I’d like as my BFF:

Blake’s cool and someone I think would be good to be friends with.

Female Character I’d Marry:

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(Again, was that a serious question?)

Male Character I’d Marry: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Not entirely sure. Sun runs off all the time, Neptune’s a huge flirt and probably wouldn’t stay faithful, Jaune can go eat a bag of dicks, Cardin’s a racist, Oscar and Whitley are kids, Ozpin/Ironwood/Qrow are old and not good with that kind of stuff. Jacques can go die.I guess Ren but can you really separate him from Nora?

Character I hate/dislike/least like:

Get fucked you scene stealing mary sue.


SG1 Meme: Episodes (6/10) | Arthur’s Mantle

This book may have the UGLIEST meeting/reunion between hero and heroine I have ever read. These two REALLY dislike - maaaybe even hate - each other. And I’m reading this scene like:

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I just finished season 1 of Skam and it was pretty amazing ! Here are a few thoughts : 

  • Vilde has no control over any shit in her life ever . She’s such a mess . But there is something about her character which is so innocent and pure and she did so many mistakes and went over the line a lot of times but you can’t help but want to protect her 
  • I’m so proud of Eva’s character growth , how she got up and dealt with all the shit happening in her life so fast . She was true to herself and to others and she showed every person watching the show just how important it is to have yourself define who you are and not anybody else ( boyfriend/friends/family / school … ) 
  • I really disliked Eva/Jonas for most of the season but their last scene together just rang so true it brought me to tears . These kids really love each other but now wasn’t the right time for them to be together . Maybe in a few years who knows 
  • Noora is too good for this world and she deserves better than fuckboy william as a love interest but “ just one more thing , you’re fucking beautiful” that was smooooth 
  • Wish we could have seen more of Sana and Chris
  • The interractions between the main girls are good and feels real ,I feel like they are truly friends . The scene where the girls take care of a passed out Vilde is my favorite one so far 

I tried to draw my boy Gabe after watching the final episode of twdg

I don’t really like how this turned out but uh he’s my boy

I know that people don’t like him but if I’m honest, he was one of my favorites of this season (though I didn’t really dislike anyone this season either)

~also his death scene killed me, especially whenever Clem kisses him~

Also sorry that he looks a little too young in the picture

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So I’m trying to be positive in the arrow fandom because I love Laurel but I feel negative to anyone who’s hurt her you know what I mean like Oliver and Sara and even Felicity do you have any words of what I should do to help stop this

I would say it really helps to view that character through Laurel’s eyes and understand that even though they’ve done stuff that’s hurt her, she still loves them and cares about them and they’re still important to her. I loved Sara Lance when she was first on the show, and somewhere along the way I started to really dislike her. Getting more Laurel/Sara scenes, and seeing their bond and understanding how important she is to Laurel and her journey… I think the stuff that annoys you about that character gets trumped by enjoying the bond they share with Laurel. I love the “Canary sisters” even though I’m mad Sara did Laurel so dirty. I bought the Black Canary action figure and I had to buy Sara’s with it because I was like “she needs her sister dammit.” So I think that might help you if you want feel less negative about some of the characters. Laurel loved Oliver, and she forgave him. She loved her sister. She loved her father. They may have hurt her, but they’ll always be important to her, and looking at them through that lens – through Laurel’s lens – I think it helps paint them in a better light because Laurel treasured all of them in her life. 

I think, in general, if you love a character and dislike another… the writers pairing them up for scenes help you to minimise the hate and maybe even like that character. I think “Black Smoak” (Laurel/Felicity) helped draw a bridge for Laurel and Felicity fans to get along. For me, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Diggle until Season 4 when he warmed up to Thea and Laurel, and I saw aspects of his character that I really liked. I loved him in Season 1, but I think he can get drowned out in the “OTA” of it all and so his interactions with Thea and Laurel made me go, “oh, I really like Diggle actually.” So if you want to like Sara more then watch more of her moments with Laurel – I particularly enjoy the scene where Sara talks about being given the name Canary, and I really enjoy their moment in the Legends pilot – and with Felicity, I’d recommend the “Canaries” scene where she tells Laurel to be herself. And with Oliver, there’s five seasons of material between him and Laurel to watch back. Yes, they fought, but I always felt like their conflict showed how much history was between them and it enhanced everything for me as a viewer. And they have plenty of scenes that I think demonstrate how much Oliver loved her and how much she loved him that don’t involve the two butting heads. 

But ultimately, I just want to say that having legitimate reasons for not liking a character or a relationship doesn’t make you negative or mean that you’re being negative for voicing those complaints and those reasons. I’ve written posts about the shit Sara has done to Laurel, and I’ve answered asks where I’ve talked about how much it bugs me what she’s done. But I love Laurel and Sara’s dynamic. I wish the show/s gave us more of it. And I like Sara Lance, whilst still having what I feel are “legitimate reasons” to dislike her treatment of Laurel in the past. So yeah. That’s my “advice” if you can call it that, haha! 

I have a really selfish dislike for the scene when Gon officially comes out to the stadium from recovering in the hospital. (this is totally opinion based)

He’s being celebrated by everyone. Literally all of the people he’s made friends with on his adventures and more- people who don’t even know him- are celebrating him. He’s revered, and defended, and surrounded by support as he’s about to finally meet his father. 

Then there’s Killua, who is sitting silently in wait for his big brother who is out to control him, place him in puppet strings. He’s defending Alluka, accepting Nanika, and preparing himself to leave and spend however long it takes to protect his sister. To make things worse, they’re sitting in a desolate, empty, room. Just them. The two savior siblings. We don’t even know if Killua and Alluka stayed around for when Gon officially woke up. It’s possible they healed him and left before he fully awoke. We don’t know. 

And as everyone celebrates and cheers, no one even mentions anything about Killua. At all. He’s Gon’s best friend. That’s the most people will see him as.

Not as the one who saved Gon. Or Knuckle. Or Alluka. Or Palm. Or Komugi. Or Ikalgo.  NOTHING.

I dearly love Gon, the adorable cinnamon roll he is, but god I still feel like it’s so unfair. 

I need to talk about this moment.
From what I’ve seen, a lot of people don’t fully appreciate the gravity of this scene, or else they look at it with the shipping goggles on and say Sherlock’s jealous because he’s spotted Molly’s wedding ring.
But I’m almost certain we’re supposed to take this moment as an indication that Sherlock is indeed jealous of Molly Hooper’s intelligence.
Throughout this scene Sherlock hears John’s voice taunting him, saying things like “You forgot to put your collar up.” Being on bad terms with John has caused him to hear John vocalising his insecurities and pointing out his flaws. So when Molly begins to make correct deductions from just a look at this skeleton, he hears John’s voice saying “Jealous?”, which implies, “You just can’t stand anyone being cleverer than you, can you? You can’t handle the fact that Molly is smarter.”
We’ve known for a long time that Molly is good at what she does. Even before Sherlock took any real notice of her, she was still the person he trusted most with autopsies. He used her as a lab assistant, not because he took any real pleasure in her company as he does later on, but because he knew he could rely on her expertise. He’s “always trusted” Molly, both as a person and as a professional.
And she not only lives up to his impossible standards. She excels them. He is jealous of her. He’s jealous of her anatomical knowledge, of her abilities as a pathologist, of her skill in the medical field. In his mind palace she is even the damn personification of medical knowledge.
Sherlock may be a consulting detective, but Molly is his consulting pathologist. When it comes to dead bodies, Molly Hooper is queen.

so I really dislike this scene from Marie Antoinette: Das Musical where Marie Antoinette is depicted as teasing Margrid, a starving peasant who forces her way into court, and offering her champagne, only to pour it on her like so

but gosh darn the glitter champagne effect is so pretty 

The Korean production did a clever subversion of the scene: instead of Marie Antoinette taunting Margrid, it’s Margrid who (when offered the glass genuinely) throws it.

I really disliked how short Fred’s death scene was in the film. Yes, I bawled my eyes out, but I just thought he deserved more since he was in all the books/movies. It especially made me mad that they spent more time on Cedric and Dobby’s deaths and didn’t even show Fred dying and instead gave him just thirty seconds or so.

(Taiga’s note: this bothers me too!!!)

You know, I really dislike sex scenes in tv and movies. They always felt so forced and unnecessary.

But I think a main reason I dislike them is because very rarely are they actually done between two characters who love each other. It’s just two people, who barely even know each other, or have been dating for like, a few days just having sex to have sex, because “it’s been months since I had any action”, and not because they love and are committed to one another

Obviously because of my religious beliefs I think sex should be something between a married couple. Which I don’t expect in movies really, for characters to wait until marriage. But at the very least, can’t they be in love and completely devoted to one another?

I really dislike how they talk about Mary in her denouement scene as though she isn’t there. 

“Why is she like this?”

“She wasn’t supposed to be like this”

“Because you chose her”

Like way to rob the female character of any agency, shes not even allowed speak for herself. Women should only speak when its sexy flirty quips.