i really dig this shit

All of them are bi


One of the first priestvictor drawings vs priestvictor literally 3 minutes ago

Boy my digital stuff sure has come a long way– drawing on the left is roughly January of this year??? Probably??? So it’s about 4/5 months of improvement, but I spent about 20 more minutes on the one on the right LOL (I spent like 20 mins on each ask back in the day and the one on the right took me about 40 minutes)


Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.

quick idea here. an Outlast 2 DLC with Lynn as the protagonist and it shows how (for whatever reason) she isn’t affected or as affected by the microwaves like Blake and we get to see some of the real stuff going on and she perhaps even manages to get to the factory and she manages to get some real shit on Murkoff like Waylon

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I went to the artist’s blog and shit, snooping for more of this young!Clarus x young!Regis goodness and I’m just like, “YASSSSS!”

Now I need all the fanart of them, separate or together. Because one, HOTTDAMN was Clarus a fine piece of work when he was younger, and Regis was just adorable when he was just a wee lad.

ALL ABOARD S.S. CLARIS (I made this ship name up because idk if there’s an official name for them anyway)

idk seeing discourse on emotional abuse is just so baffling to me? like ppl try to make it out to be this black and white thing but its really… not? sometimes? like yeah im not arguing that there are clear cut cases (and there are, and those are awful) but emotional manipulation and abuse can be very muddy and very unintentional and leave deep wounds that take years before one realizes they’re there

but god like sometimes its impossible to realize that the situation ur in is abuse. sometimes the red flags are waving in ur face but ur so roped into that idealization phase that u just dont see it. sometimes u grow up with it and assume its normal. sometimes ur heart is bleeding out for a person and your brain is too unaware to realize the damage being done. sometimes two people use manipulative tactics at each other, simultaneously the victim and the perpetrator. and abuse is never excusable, but its really not as simple as “bad vs ood”

like sometimes i wonder if half of the media/fic that supposedly glorifies abuse isnt glorifying it, its just a product of what abuse feels like when ur in it. like its not intentionally glorifying it, but god, if u dont know what its like to be sucked into the high points of it, then yeah it comes off as glorification. but i gues ive just been reading things from a different pov? its fucked up, of course, and im 100% for proper, thoughtful representation in mainstream media but sometimes a fic author is just a hurt person trying to navigate a very complicated emotional ground and sometimes it doesnt come out the wrong way. but to shut down any expression or discussion of this subject isnt the solution imo

Okay but I really dig Hideyoshi as the antagonist??? He's formidable, shit!

And Mitsunari is there
And Goemon too!

Also, everything hurts…
Kojuro’s sequel belong to the Hurt/Comfort tag…

He’s not even in the frame for about 25 love passes but it’s so good you guys, it gives MC a room to be the actual main character that drives the plot for once!

Lady Katakura is still my #1 MC!

So. Much. Feels.

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Did you learn stuff from Mr. Russia? He looks like he could teach you a lesson or two about how to rule something.

[Tsar Alexander II was a more liberal man and had introduced many reforms during his reign, inculding the emancipation of the serfs in Russia. In the latter half of the 19th century, Russia’s industry was expanding and the country was becoming more and more important in the world’s economy as it industrialized. - however, Alexander II was assassinated in 1881 as there was a lot of dissatisfaction within certain groups in the country.
Industrialization didn’t reach far yet and the workplace conditions were awful; there were movements that condemned the westernization and industralization and called for a return to the old rural days.  

Alexander III, who succeeded Alexander II after his death, was highly reactionary.]

♥️Positivity Post ♥️

We haven’t done this in a year so its time. Gathered from all the admins. Feel free to reblog and add to it!

• I love Ezras princess necklace….way too much. That’s another story.

• He’s super fucking weird. I hope he never changes. (like seriously please stay fucking weird. I will unstan a simple bitch. 😩 If I want gluten free wonder bread I would have stanned Benadryl cucumberwatch whatever the fuck. )

• 8/10 Puns

• Likes anime? Subs or dubs tho? Manga??? So many questions.

• Plays drums and piano because all I’m ever heavily attracted to is musicians ( I want someone to write a song about me one day 😩)

• Activist? Whatever, Atleast he uses his platform and stays in his lane most of the time. (and I’m sure he’s learned from his mistakes)

• What he stands for. I truly love how the band sings about Black Lives at the end of their sets.

• He’s super sweet to fans. Very Wholesome person in general. Bring him rocks and beef jerky.

• Good taste in music assuming he likes Metal ( if not still applies)

• Dresses however the FUCK he wants and thats dope I also hope that never changes

• I may roast him about his hygeine but honestly he is fine idc about his teeth because teeth yellow lol ???? His hair is soft looking…body hair is AMAZING and facial (looks better with messy stuble anyways idc) side note: chapstick is important keeping your skin and lips hydrated keeps you from aging poorly drink plenty water yall this applies to everyone ok

• Cant dance. This was on the list last time. I still dig his gumby built ass wiggling around and shit.

• Really smart. i feel like you could ask him about something and he could have the answer or a really weird metaphor or theory.

• Seems like a really really good friend.

• Can speak whale.

• Shoutout to the beauty mark on his nose.
Of Old Peeps who shit on “Millenial Humor”

I really dig how old people tend look at our “nonsensical”, “unsophisticated” humour, and surreal memes like????? KIDS THESE DAYS, THEY DUMB, AM I RIGHT????
Boy, do I think it’s hilarious that they THINK that what we are doing is new, that we invented it, and that it isn’t ACTUALLY a hundred year old, vanguardist movement in modern art, JUST like cubism, and futurism, and impressionism, called DADAISM.
It is MEANT to be nonsensical, sometimes satirical, and ALWAYS make fun of social rigidity, with how bizarre it IS.
An exponent of this movement, and CERTAIN influencer of what we see today in modern surreal media(INCLUDING MEMES)???


You guessed it

Salvador Dali.


do save your condescending bullshit lectures, go to school, and learn something. This is nothing new. If anything it’s a come back of an old concept. (actually a thing, and called NEO-DADA)

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Here you go Puni, I wanted to draw you an Ampora. *kisses*

*inelegant wheezing*

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Ok, I gotta ask: What is it about that sociopath that you like so much? I mean, isn't that Izaya fellow pretty much the worst?

Why I like him? Hmmm

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