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Have you ever done that thing where you brush your hair and then regretted it because FLUFF


I remember when I was 5, my classmates always asked me if I brushed my hair everyday. I answered no bc it was my mom who took care of my hair when I was a kid and she never brushed my hair when it wasnt wet (thx god mom💗). Then my classmates thought it was weird and dirty and i was like??? Because I didnt really know why my mom didnt brush my hair everyday. So I felt sad. Then when I went home, I took a comb to brush my hair.
AND ISTG ONE SECOND BEFORE I DID IT MY MOM SAW ME. And her face was O _ O. She took the comb and said “no!! never brush ur hair when its dry!!!!!!!!! Why do u want to do that!!!!!”. And I was like “idk, my classmates said it was strange and dirty” and my mom was like “…. ok they are just idiots, they dont know how to take care of curly hair”
Idk why I remember that lmao, but yeah it was my mom saving my hair.

consider this…. clary and izzy watch freaky friday

  • clary is still getting used to her rune powers, so she’s like, “izzy do u think i could make a bodyswap rune” and izzy sees literally no problem w this bc it’s late at night
  • so clary draws it on both of them. they wait a couple of minutes, and nothing seems to be happening? so they just fall asleep
  • izzy wakes up the next morning…. on the wrong side of the bed? when she and clary have sleepovers she always sleeps on the right, but she’s on the left for some reason….. but that doesn’t mean anything, maybe they moved around a ton in their sleep
  • also she’s 99% sure her hair was down last night but it seems to be up in a bun? so she reaches up to take out the hair tie, and her hair is…. orange??
  • anyway the body swap rune worked while they were asleep. izzy wakes up clary and they both freak out really hard for like 5 minutes
  • clary’s not exactly sure how to un-do this? and izzy has a feeling clary might get in trouble for experimenting with her rune powers like this, so they decide to try and masquerade as each other until later that day when they’ll have more time to try and switch back
  • clary-as-isabelle is whisked off to do some strategy planning with jace and alec, and izzy-as-clary is supposed to go see simon
  • imitating clary is not too bad, but when simon asks if she’s had enough courage yet to tell izzy how she feels, it takes a colossal effort not to let the shock register on her face
  • at the end of the day they finally go to the library and figure out how to switch back. clary apologizes a lot bc she ended up doing training w alec and jace and she had to take a shower afterwards, there was no avoiding it. izzy laughs
  • clary asks izzy how her day was and she’s like, “i learned some pretty interesting things from simon….” and clary is v embarrassed and apologizing before izzy says “i’m surprised you didn’t hear the same thing from jace and alec”
  • whenever anyone asks clary and izzy how they got together they say “it was pretty freaky” and nothing else

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So im related with a boy in my class (like 3rd cousins or further) but he didnt know yet, but I did. I didnt know how to tell him direct so, I like didnt tell him at all. But a teacher was like, 2 *my surname*? Are you related? And I just told very casually: "Yeah, really far tho" And the whole the class went nuts?? Best moment of my life so far. and I bet they have more 'respect' for me now cus hes kinda popular lmao. Just wanted to share

Ohhh that sounds pretty cool! Good job just dropping it so casually!

How the guys and their s/o became interested in eachother

Apologies for not posting for a few days, im gonna start doing the requests now :’)

Kaito Momota

- U and Kaito started to already like eachother because u guys like the same music

- U were wearing the shirt of ur fav band/artist and when Kaito saw u he even needed to calm his shit down before talking to you

- he walked up to u and asked if u listen to them too??/?

- Honestly his smile was so adorable when he asked u that

- U nodded and he started to ask u a bunch of questions like why u like them and what ur fav song is and hes really happy to talk about them with u

- And eventually u saw that most of the music u listen to is also in his playlist

- Talking about your fav band/artist or just music in general with him is so much fun!!!

- And it doesnt matter if ur good nor bad at singing, in the end of the day u sing almost every song of ur fav band/artist with him wich makes u both laugh till u got tears in ur eyes

- Also he shows u maaany more music artists and groups ud be interested in!

- Even if u guys dont have anything to say to eachother u can always talk about music, that’s for sure :)

Kokichi Ouma

U were in this guy class and honestly u decided not to talk to him, like at all

- He gave u odd feelings

- When School ended and u were about to go home u saw the purple hitler Ouma at the locker room

- Ofcourse, u were like ‘shit’

- But when u saw Ouma’s face-

- He s blushing??????? 

- Like?????? Why is this guy looking like that?????? why he so cute????

- He walked up to u while u were obviously looking like u were about to run

- When he started talking it felt like there was 20 years added to ur lifespan like this guy his voice is straight up cute

- U legit forgot why u were avoiding him

- He said really nice stuff to u, and was lowkey trying to impress u tho 

- U guys started to talk more and u really enjoy the conversations!!

- Whenever he sees u he automatically smiles, like its his thing now

- Though he does goes from adorbs to evil time to time, u were able to accept that side of him, even though it was a little hard at first 

- But its not a problem anymore because now u guys are really happy with eachother!!


- U swear to god u saw him flying around once 

- It made u think like: ‘’whoaaa i wanna meet this robot guy wowie wow wow’’’and since then u started looking for him evERYWHERE

- But on ur first day of highschool u saw this guy and he was also in ur class and-

- S/O.EXE stopped working

- Though u decided not to go to him like a crazy fangirl or anything, u kept it cool and went home (cause it was the end of the schoolday at that moment)

- But when u turned around to look at him for one last time the guy was standing in front of u and u stopped working again

- When he talked he talked so formal like he used some words u never heard of

- It was actually really cute because he was stuttering the whole way true it, and u could see he was actually quite nervous to talk to u

- And when he asked u to introduce urself, instead of freaking doing it, U asked if he could fly

- Wich made ur school / classmates giving u a weird look but kiibo was happy to answer that question!

- He explained that it was one of his rlly dope robot functions and he ended up talking about all the other functions he has– yet he still spoke very formal to u wich is adorable 

- In the end of the conversation, u could see he actually had a nice time meeting u, and after talking more to eachother, he became to really like u (yet he doesnt know what that feeling means)

- U guys always have stuff to learn from eachother, u explain stuff about humans and society, and kiibo about robots and the way theyre created

- So its a win win for u both!!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

- I legit have no idea to write this one sorry v.v

- Let’s say u found eachother at club penguin and ended up falling in luv

Rantarou Amami

- U always thought this guy was suspicious as hell

- Once ur bike was stolen and the next day u saw this guy with a bike really similair to urs

- Though he told u multiple times he had this bike for a long time

- Whatever he does u always have a something to say about it, like u still dont forgive him for sort of stealing ur beautiful green bike

- U don’t hate this guy, u just dislike it when he makes an appearance

- Even when ure a complete ass to him it doesnt look like he has any problems with it?? he is still really chill to u??

- He even once asked u to eat lunch with him and his friends

- U are confused like why is he still being nice to u?? U swear u saw him a little irritated at someone at least once

- Though u didnt want to admit it, it did made u more interested in him at some point

- So the next time he asked u to eat lunch with his friends u said yes

- U know, maybe he is a very nice person

- And yes! he is actually very nice!! U guys have a lot in common!

- Also Amami is a very chill person, and u can talk about kinda anything with him, hes very understandable + is good at listening 

- And u probably confused the irritaded guy with him, u can’t image this guy loosing his chill to be honest

- But u do need to survive his bad dad jokes

- Though it did took some time for u two to actually become lovers because u were STILL salty about the bike thing

Shuuichi Saihara

- U love to read!! But when u were in the local libary near ur house, u always saw the name ‘Suuichi Saihara’ in the back

- It acc annoyed u and ofcourse u needed to make a competition out of it

- U started reading all the books that has his name on the back, like u even ended up pulling an all nighter to finish one of those books

- Though u do admit this Saihara does have a good taste in books

- One day u were reading in the libary, and ended up falling asleep cause u obviously have an lack of sleep

- When u woke up the libary was closed while u were still IN THE LIBARY AND UR LIKE NOOoh

- But u also woke up with a really dope hoodie buT UR BUSY PANICkING

- Hours later when u decided to have a sleep over at ur favorite place u started wondering where the hoodie came from

- The next day u tried to fake sleep because u. wanna. know. who it was

- Then a hour(s) later u felt someone putting an scarf around ur neck lmao

- U turned around and saw a guy with a cap and ur like oh and u dont know what to say because u didnt expect to acc come this far

- He started blushing like crazy and u were suprised, he looked so mysterious but instead hes really cute and shy 

- U both introduced urselfs and Saihara is like ooh!! i always wanted to meet u cause u love reading as much as i do! i see ure name in the back of books a lot too

- And ur like bruh i see ur name on a lot of books too, but then he explained that he did that just for u to notice him and like how adorable even is that lol

- Since then u guys started to hang out in the libary a lot !!

Gonta Gokuhara

- He was acc the one starting to talk to u

- He once saw u taking care of a spider, instead of killing it u carefully took it and put the spider outside the school back to the nature

- He was very thankfull!! Because insects for this guys are like his own children

- Aside deadly ones, u were never really scared nor disgusted by insects

- But when this guy was talking about them, it makes u feel like theyre more than insects tbh

- He shows u how to take care of diffrent kinds of insects, and it made u actually interested

- Whenever ure asking questions, he s glad to answer! Cause it makes him not only feel at ease, but really happy too!

- Whenever he talks about insects with you, hes always smiling and he has that excitment in his eyes

- Even though u guys know eachother for months and are dating now, he still talks formal to u + has the same excitment in his eyes whenever the subject is about insects

Ryouma Hoshi

- U guys already knew eachother since elementary school

- So u can say u guys were childhood friends, though, he moved so u didnt talk to eachother since six grade

- U remember when u both were like 5 he once kicked u and u ended up with ur head in the sandpit

- And u guys always put sand in eachothers hair + pants/skirt or just straight up underwear

- But it made both of u laugh and yes u guys became friends because of it

- Many years later u were about to go to the police for an school project; u needed to interview one of these police offiecers about how they do their work–

- But then u saw this very little guy walking out of the front door like yes btches im finally free after all these years 

- And u recognice this guy like immediately and when he looked at u U SAW HIS SMILE SLOWLY DISSAPEAR LIKE

-  ‘’Oh… Hey Y/N looong time no see huh? ahah…ahahah..ha’’

- Let’s say his laugh was so awkward it made u cringe inside

- But the fact that it was ur friend from sooo many years ago made u very excited and idk he thought it was adorable

- After talking alot he started explaining the reason why he was in prison and u were shook at first but u saw despite his actions he was still like the same nice guy from elementary school

- And u both decided to hang out with eachother more 

- After some time u guys ended up having feelings for eachother too!! :)

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hi ! Not au related, but I love your stuff!! And just wanted to know if you could possibly recommend some other smut writers?

@tsanonnsfw is my absolute fave I have notifs on if you’re not following them wyd // and I’m growing fond of @nsfwvirgil // @fandersdarkcorner (AKA Cal) has quality content would recommend // 

My other faves don’t really post much anymore ( makes me sad I crave content ) but @tssmut @trashsinsunrelenting @smutty-sanders-sins @sanders-smut @analogically-prinxiety

For non smut (even though you didnt ask lmao) I like @romananalogicality @what-even-is-thiss @pattonscardigan @princeyandanxiety

I’ve honestly been looking for more nsfw blogs to follow too so if anyone has other blogs they like, let me know

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Once, my dog ate a tomato and from his poo it grew a tomato plant.

“Once, my dog ate a tomato and from his poo it grew a tomatoe plant.” Dean chuckled and slid down off the couch onto the floor.

“Dean, you are very drunk.” Castiel had just entered the room, and at the sight of him Dean turned away, and then said, well, that.

“What? Drunk? Why do you drunk I’m think?”

Castiel sighed and walked over towards Dean and took the almost empty beer bottle out of this hand. 

“Nooo!” Dean held his arm out at Cas, but made no attempt to try and retreave it.

“I think you’ve had enough Dean. You should drink some water instead.”

Dean laughed and rolled over on the floor.

“No thansk.”

“Dean, come on get up.” Cas pulled Dean up and put him back on the couch. His eyes were red and his face just looked…honestly he just looked completley wasted.

Castiel got him some water from the kitchen and forced him to drink it. “Why are you drinking so much, Dean?”

Dean sipped some more of his water and shrugged at Cas.

“Is something bothering you?”

Dean stared at Cas, slightly leaning side to side on the couch. “Yeah, I think it’s you.”

Castiel frowned. “Me?”

“Yeah, when I’m sober I’m too afraid to tell you how I feel, and when I’m drunk I always tell myself I shouldn’t tell you until I’m sober”

“Why? Tell me what?”

“Well,” Dean looked around the room for a few seconds. “It’s kinda important.”

“Why can’t you just tell me, Dean? You know you can tell me anything.”

Dean smiled and took another sip of his water, this time kinda missing his mouth, and water slipped down his face and neck. “I act like a lil bitch sometimes Cas. I’m so unsure of myself.”

Castiel was still frowning at Dean.

“It’s okay, Cas. I’ll tell you. Just remind me when I’m sober. Cuz it’s important.”

“You said that, Dean.”

Cas watched Dean that night until he finnally fell asleep, and the next morning, after Dean had time to grab some fast food and take a few pills for the head ache, Cas questioned him about it.

“That’s just clasic, huh? I’m the teenage girl that spills all her feelings about the guys she likes the firat time she gets drunk and doesn’t remember a damn thing the next morning.” Dean angrily took a sip of his soda leftover from lunch.

“Dean.” Cas looked dissapointedly at him.

“What? You gonna tell me I shouldn’t like you? Cause you don’t think you’re worth it? You can cut the crap, Cas, just tell me if you don’t like me back.”

“Dean, no. I’m just upset that you had to be drunk to let me know that there was something going on. I don’t want to see you get drunk because of something as silly as this.” Cas said.

“What does that mean, then, Cas?”

“It means I’m sorry.”

“Sorry about what?”

“Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Castiel looked up at Dean.

“Tell me what?” Dean pit down his soda and stared at Cas.

“That I love you.”

ahh idk how i feel about this one

Send me a sentence and I’ll turn it into the first line of a destiel fic.

Star Pulse
Star Pulse


@saltedsaltine I have never done any music like this before oh my god but I really wanted to try and produce a massive synth-heavy track that is in the style of music I know you adore. So… I hope I succeeded for you and you enjoy Star Pulse

Big love, I am so happy to be your friend!! 

What if I want it all?

oh damn kill me, this day was super meme so i was distracted almost all the time (ofc i didnt take the prompt that literally lmao)

this one is for @sky-girls because im sure she will know why, i love you very much barbara

~this baby is continuation of day 4~

DAY 6: “You’re offering to give me a kiss if I buy your shitty fundraiser popcorn? Well, in that case…”

What if I want it all?

Matteo doesn’t feel really close to his uni especially since he graduated, but sometimes those not cool people he had many occasions to meet have nice ideas. Like fundraising during uni events or sport days. Now he attends them all as well, because, well, it means no classes and despite his position he likes no classes. So except those extra people who do everything to show off their pretty/ugly faces or get some contacts in uni to pass easily, there are also those who actually care about getting money for some reason.

After he graduated he remembers they were fundraising for some orphanage, the other time for the hospital. There was something about the closest kindergarten, but Matteo doesn’t really remember what. Today there is this sports day; he will see all those ambitious students running around and competing like he used to, before he got bored with that.

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Aww thank you so much!! It’s really cool to know my art has inspired somebody to draw more, and your ask inspired me to draw my fave bot because I haven’t in a while! He’s a tricky one to sketch but I do love zenny boyyyyy :>

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hey just wondering but why do you like booster so much? this isn't supposed to sound accusing or anything but it's rare to see someone so devoted to a character not that popular

I really don’t want to go too deep into it but there is a lot about him that I just relate to.

But aside from my personal reasons I really just mainly love that he does what he does without expecting any credit, saving the lives of everyone who mocks him on a daily basis (and then the lives of countless more). He’s belittled and mocked nearly every day but he knows what kind of a difference he is making and that difference is what is important to him.

The only thing he’s ever asked the world for in return was his best friend alive and well and he can’t even seem to get that. So I’m devoted also partially because I want to live to see the day where the blue & gold can both be alive and happy together again.

And also as a sociology major it is just so interesting to think about the kind of culture shock he must be having in our time. How all the social norms and values must be incredibly different! Just how he would have to use cultural relativism in understanding such a different time without judgment. It makes my soc heart !!!

nct dream!soulmate au

soulmate au where you have a clock on your wrist and it ticks down until you meet your soulmate!! (this wont include how you guys are like after you begin to date btw, i already did that in my dating nct dream series)


-youre a sad child tbh

-you never wanted to meet your soulmate

-you were so afraid that your soulmate would be some creep

-you had awful luck and dreaded anything that was up to chance

-thankfully, your soulmate wasnt a creep

-but you just… didnt feel a connection to him ya know?

-you met your ‘soulmate’ on a trip 

-and ever since then you guys would talk a bit but… you could tell your supposed soulmate didnt feel a connection with you either

-so you both agreed to look for other people, even tho the soulmate system should never be broken

-if it is, youre looked down upon, like youre a failure or something

-but like w/e dude you dont care, you dont wanna spend the rest of your life with someone you dont love

-so youre, completely lost and have 0 way of finding your soulmate and youve just given up tbh

-you never wanted a soulmate anyway

-on the flipsideeee, renjun freaked the fuck out

-his timer went down drastically and froze

-it literally didn’t move it waas stuck

-it went from like 23:12:09:02 to like 00:00:00:01 in a second lmao

-ren screeched during dance practice and dropped to the ground

-the dream team was so fucking scared omG



-chenle was offended ok

-mark trying to be the best hyung he can he tries to reassure him that it’s probably nothing

-after he screams and runs into the wall ofc


-after you lost motivation for trying to find your other soulmate

-you found motivation in something else


-you would sing/dance 24/7 and eventually, you discovered kpop and auditioned for sm

-you got in, ofc u lil talented u 

-and you grew reallyyyyy close to the smrookies

-you were a smrookie too!! you quickly grew close to them and they all loved you

-youve never met the dream team but youve heard of them

-and you met them during your dance practice with the other trainees

-renjun’s eyes locked onto yours (CLICHE KDRAMA MOMENT!!) and his timer beeped, showing that it went down to 0

-and he was like “…. omg…. what the fuCK”

-you stopped dancing and someone bumped into you

-you fell over lmfao

-he immediately ran over and wouldnt stop staring at you

-you felt something tingle on your wrist but youre clueless to what’s happening

-so ren’s just like

-”yo… i think youre my soulmate”

-”…. man ok cool” -yoU LMAO

-it was kinda awkward at first but you two got really close after spending time with each other

-sm was kinda :/ with it but like, you cant fuck with fate sm smh

-your parents were kinda iffy with it but like you didnt care so

-so tl;dr, you said “lol fuck the soulmate system” and ended up with ren lmao


-you didnt hate the whole soulmate thing but you didnt care much for it either ya feel

-you had more important things to deal with

-mark used to care wayyyyy too much about his soulmate 

-he literally couldnt wait to meet whoever his soulmate was

-after he became an idol however, he focused more on training and forgot about worrying over his soulmate

-you met at a fanmeet

-your best friend dragged you to one of them 

-and you didnt really wanna go but your best friend needed you so you were like “sighs ok man idc i guess”

-you didnt realize your timer was almost at 0 until your friend screamed and shook you

-you thought she was screaming bc you two were in line to see the dream team and it was almost your turn

-but lmfao nope she was screaming about your timer


-”lol youre fuckin delusional”

-when it was your turn your timer seemed to tick down even faster and you weere SWEATING LMFAO

-but after you went through like 6 of the boys, you were like “oh man i was right it  isnt any of them”

-lol jokes on u

-you got to mark, the last person

-and your timer started beeping 

-mark’s started beeping too

-he looked at his timer and then at you and then back to his timer


-he woke up at the hospital and you were awkwardly sitting in the corner

-he opened his eyes and all he remembers is you being his soulmate

-he croakily says “i dont even know who you are”

-and you feel SO bad

-”im sorry…. im not someone you wanted me to be .-.”


-you laugh it off and introduce yourself

-and his face is really red but he introduces himself too

-you guys talked a bit but he had to fly back to korea with the team

-so you guys couldnt talk as much as you wanted to 

-but you exchanged numbers and facetimed whenever you could!!

-which wasnt vvv often

-you were extremely iffy with mark bc you just didnt think idols were ‘real’ 

-ur dumb

-but slowly, you realize how much of a sweetheart mark is

-after a bunch of facetimes

-and you slowly warm up to him

-you start to smile a lot more and he realizes how glad he is to have you as a soulmate

-what a bunch of dweebs smh