i really didn't think that this movie was going to be hard to color

Fandom: Power Rangers (2017)

Title: Breaking and Entering 

Characters: Kimberly Hart, Trini (Trimberly slanted)

Summary: It’s not entirely self-centered to seek comfort for yourself if you’re also checking up on someone else.

It was a thought that only had just now crossed her mind as Kimberly slid her fingers under the small crack between window and sill as she eased said window up. There was a fine line between breaking and entering and checking up on someone she cared about. Breaking and entering was more something along the lines of what a thief would do. Some random stranger would obviously cause harm. She wouldn’t.

Although, scaling the side of Trini’s house to the attic and quietly slipping inside of her room was, in fact, probably pretty illegal.

Considering that there had been no forewarning.

And now that she was inside of the room, plaster swept up into a corner, gaping holes staring back at her, she realized this was probably a bad way of checking up on someone in the middle of the night just because she couldn’t sleep.

The last time somebody had done this, it had been Rita.

That was only a week ago.

Trini still had the bruises on her neck.

Too late now, to rethink her decision.

Both feet were firmly planted on the floor.

It was kind of selfish, though, to barge into someone’s room with the pretense to check up on them.

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I need to know (you) Pt. 4 [BTS Smut]

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COUNT → 6167

GENRE → Smut/Angst/Fluff

PAIRING → Taehyung/Jimin

SUMMARY: Taehyung heard his best friend masturbating and now he can’t stop thinking about him. He feels that something just woke inside of him, but don’t know how to express it. He just know that Jimin is responsible, because now he can’t stop thinking about kissing him. But that is a normal thought to have, right?

If you must know one thing about Park Jimin is the following. He is an awful drinker. 

Taehyung remembers the first time Jimin got drunk, since it was the first time he heard Jimin sing a rock song, to the amusement of the rest of the members. He remembers Jimin dancing on his underwear and then begging Yoongi to call him Diminie. Taehyung remembers that moment clearly, since it was the first time he heard Jimin give him a nickname: Tae tae. Later Taehyung would beg Jimin to keep calling him like that, at first just to mock his friend and his baby drunk talk, bat later because he liked the nickname. 

Taehyung remembers that night because he spent an hour at the bathroom with Jimin, while he threw out all the drinks. He cuddled with his best friend, even if they never did before that day, because Jimin was clingy while drunk. And the next day he was the first to see Jimin experiencing his first hangover. All red and puffy eyes, hair all messed up and bad breath. He gave Jimin an aspirin and a glass of water, and let him sleep while hugging him. 

Years later not much have changed. 

Jimin woke up murmuring how much his head hurt and Tae went to get him an aspirin. Then he tucked Jimin in the bed again and laid next to him, hugging him from the back just like he have done last night. Jimin sighed contently and grabbed Tae’s arms, just so the younger wouldn’t let him go. Not like he was intending to. 

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My personal thoughts on all of the Nicktoons (so far as of May 2017)
  • Doug: Cute, sweet show. I love it. Sad how it tends to be labeled as "boring" now- it's still a great show. And of course it kicked off the whole "slice-of-life cartoons" trend so that's pretty cool. And yes, I did like the Disney version. But it's nowhere near as good as the Nick version.
  • Rugrats: Probably one of my favorite cartoons ever. Funny, clever, great characters, great music, great '90s aesthetics, and Klasky-Csupo's style is perfect. One of THE best Nicktoons..too bad it got dumbed down in 2001. Ugh...it was such a great show and then I don't know what happened there. Rugrats in Paris should've been the finale. But...even the later episodes are better than it's spin-offs.
  • The Ren and Stimpy Show: While I'm not the biggest fan of most gross-out shows, I LOVE this one. I'm pretty much with Mr. Enter on how most gross-out cartoons seem to be TRYING to be R&S but rarely getting it right. The characters are hilarious and it's so weird, it's funny. But the less about Adult Party Cartoon; the better.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: Amazing show and I'm really excited for the TV movie...whenever that's coming out. I love the visual style, the music, the characters, and I'm sure I love it even more as an adult than I did as a kid (and I did love it as a kid)
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Another great show (really, Nick was at it's highest point in the '90s, but the early-to-mid '90s especially). Love the characters, the intentionally ugly style...it's just great. Shame it tends to be so underrated.
  • Hey Arnold!: One of the greatest cartoons ever and probably the best Nicktoon ever. I love how it never tried to shy away from more mature themes that other kids' shows wouldn't try touching and it did a great job at it. Looking forward to the Jungle Movie, and of course...Helga was the best.
  • KaBlam!: I loved it as a kid. As an adult, I REALLY wonder why. The wraparounds try way too hard to be "hip", just akwardly shoehorning in references attempting to be the next TTA or Animaniacs, but falling completely flat. Characters were annoying but the voice acting was awesome. I do need to give the show credit for making me a ska fan. Most of the individual shorts kind of sucked but Action League Now! was hilarious and The Off-Beats was cute. And of course...
  • Life With Loopy: Yes I had to give this it's own mention because it's just that good. Nick really needs to give this one it's own series because the campy and surreal nature mixed with the overall sweetness was just a perfect blend, and the animation style was pretty awesome. The title character is just so perfect and so underrated. And I LOVE how aesthetically '90s the whole show is.
  • The Angry Beavers: Another one that's pretty underrated. I always really loved this show. I love all the banter and ad-libbing between Norbert and Daggett. And the music was great. I still listen to "Beaver Fever" and "I Think I Like You" now and again (also...Salem and Zim as beavers. How could you go wrong there?)
  • CatDog: Everyone hates this show but I really loved it. I love the character designs, CatDog themselves, and the theme song is NEVER going to leave my head. Sure, it's no Rocko or Hey Arnold!, but it's still a funny show.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons: Unlike KaBlam!, this one had different shorts in every episode rather than just four main short series, so it would take too long to go over all of them (not to mention that a good chunk of them aren't even online!). A lot of the shorts on this show were really funny and had some great visual styles. And Mina and the Count still needs a TV show.
  • The Wild Thornberrys: Really loved this show; I was the "animal kid" in my class so obviously I really liked this one. I just really love Klasky-Csupo. The movie was awesome and so was the show.
  • SpongeBob Squarepants: One of the funniest cartoons ever. While it got annoying seeing it become a schedule clog, the earlier episodes are still great. I heard that it got itself out of seasonal rot (look, let's pretend most of what came in-between the movie and the second movie never happened), but I rarely watch Nick anymore so I wouldn't know. Let's hope so.
  • Rocket Power: Not one of my favorites as a kid or as an adult (I wasn't really into the extreme sports craze), but my friends really liked it so I watched it with them and yeah, I enjoyed what I saw. It does have it's funny moments and while it's incredibly cheesy and way too late '90s/early 2000s that it hurts, it's a fun watch just for the cheese.
  • As Told By Ginger: A great show that I don't think I really appreciated enough until I got older. I guess I was just a LITTLE too young when it was new and by the time I was older and getting more into it...the show got cancelled. It's a really great show and one of Nick's best slice-of-life shows.
  • The Fairly OddParents: Really funny...for the first four seasons. S5 was when it started to slip and everything after that just got worse and worse. I still have fond memories of watching the older seasons and they're still good...but let's hope that jump to Nicktoons meant something.
  • Invader Zim: Great show, great animation, great character designs...did NOT deserve to be screwed over. I'm really looking forward to the TV movie. But...while I do love GIR (though he's not my #1 favorite character), the whole Hot Topic worship of GIR was pretty annoying. Let's face it- 2006/2007 on the internet was a bad time.
  • ChalkZone: Really cute. Admittedly I like the worldbuilding elements and characters a little more than the actual episodes (I did love all of S1 though; I think it was the best season), it's still great. S4 was...not the best though. From what we know about the canned S5, it was probably gonna be a lot better but...Nick had to be Nick. Let us have S5, already. And really- why didn't we get a ton of Snap merchandise?
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Good show but I liked the movie more. Had some really funny moments and is so aesthetically early 2000s that it's pretty fun looking back on.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Loved this one and I wish it got more recognition. Jenny was absolutely adorable and she was a hero to me as a kid (okay, looking back...I'm sure I had a crush on Jenny). Sad that the network treated it like shit.
  • All Grown Up!: The special was good. The first season was pretty good. After that I felt like I was reading glorified Rugrats fanfic. All it was really was "Ginger Lite" as ATBG was dealing with the heavier stuff while this was all the leftover stuff. Rugrats was great and had an interesting premise. AGU! was more of the same.
  • Danny Phantom: This was the last Nicktoon I REALLY loved as a kid. A really good show that could've gotten even more awesome had it's own creator not fucked it up. Ugh...I want a revival but PLEASE let it be by Steve Marmel and not Butch. Also Sam was like...my hero...as a preteen. And I've got tons of purple and black in my wardrobe (and the same purple lipstick) now that may or may not have been influenced by her (well, that and/or the fact that those are my favorite colors anyway). Like many others...I totally had a crush on Danny as a kid.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Okay, admittedly...I was never into this show. But I praise it for it's themes, animation, story...while I personally couldn't get into it, it still is a great show and probably the last really good Nicktoon for a while. And yeah- we don't talk about that movie.
  • Catscratch: I didn't really see enough of it but what I saw I liked. Wanted to see more but it came and went really fast.
  • The Xs: While the previews for it looked pretty good, I...did not like it. I watched it when it premiered and everything but it was a letdown. Felt like they were trying WAY too hard to make their own version of The Incredibles but with Erin Esurance-esque animation. Voice acting was great though (I noticed that Wendie Malick was the saving grace for TWO bad 2005 cartoons)
  • El Tigre: Okay this was RIGHT around the time I was starting to lose interest/outgrow Nickelodeon. Had a great premise and could've been a really good show and I was looking forward to it, but it felt like tons of other flash cartoons at the time and the voice acting could've been a lot better (great talents- direction-wise though...). Maybe if I were a younger kid when it came out, I would've liked it more, but...it was annoying. But the creator has made some other great stuff and I STILL need to see The Book of Life. I'm kicking myself for not seeing it in the theaters due to my work and college schedule.
  • Tak and the Power of JuJu: Didn't play the games but I already knew the franchise was pretty much dying by the time the show came out. It was awful. And we never heard from Tak again...
  • Back at the Barnyard: The movie had it's problems but was at least watchable. The show was just annoying and unfunny.
  • The Mighty B!: Unpopular opinion, but...I really loved this show. It has problems, but there was something about it I couldn't hate. Bessie was just such a great character. Wasn't a big fan of the grossout elements but otherwise it was really funny. Not a great show, but I was entertained enough.
  • Rugrats Pre-School Daze: YES THIS IS A REAL SHOW. Ugly art style (I'm pissed that K-C didn't use their signature style and went for something more "cutesy"; it just looked awful), bland writing, and really not a very interesting series. No wonder why it only lasted four episodes and didn't even air in the US until 2008 after all the episodes were released direct-to-video as bonus features on those Tales of the Crib DVDs (the less about them, the better). All it felt like was a desperate attempt to keep a dying franchise alive.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: I was pretty neutral to the Madagascar franchise- saw the first movie in theaters and it was alright; wasn't dying to see the sequels so I never did. The show however never did anything for me.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: While I was already losing interest in Nick around 2005-2007, this was right around the time where I was officially done. I was a teenager at this point and not into this stuff anymore, but I stuck around for the old SpongeBob or FOP rerun and well...guilty pleasure Mighty B!. Then they changed the logo. And then this show came out. God...it was SO annoying. Annoying theme song, annoying characters...animation style would've worked a lot better if it was in 2D rather than CGI; it just fell way too deep into the uncanny valley for me. I wouldn't say this was the final nail in the coffin for me though; it was definitely the logo change.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: Didn't like it. Jokes weren't that funny. I did love the character designs though.
  • Planet Sheen: Sheen didn't need a spinoff. This was one of the worst ideas ever.
  • Kung-Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness: Liked the first movie (I need to watch it again), haven't seen the sequels but I should. Was bored with the TV show.
  • TMNT: Haven't seen it but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Maybe I should check it out.
  • The Legend of Korra: Heard it was pretty good, but as I wasn't really into Avatar I probably wouldn't be too interested.
  • Robot and Monster: Never saw.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: Saw the movie and it was...alright. Didn't think it was warranting of a TV series. Didn't watch it.
  • Sanjay and Craig: Saw some of it while waiting for another show to come and...I never wanted to watch it again. Not a fan of the character designs and it was really unfunny. But it's better than Breadwinners.
  • Rabbids Invasion: I did like the Rabbids games as a preteen but...by this time, I don't think they were that popular anymore. Didn't watch it. How is it still running?
  • Breadwinners: Worst Nicktoon ever (so far). Ugly characters, awful animation, shitty writing...how did this get greenlit? Nick...just because "it's for kids" doesn't mean "we can half-ass it"
  • Harvey Beaks: What's this? A GOOD NICKTOON? Yes- it's such a cute show with cute character designs, really nice animation...it's got a nice, nostalgic feel to it while also feeling like something brand new that Nick hasn't done. I'm pissed that it was screwed over.
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket: Like Monsters, I like how it's "intentionally ugly" and some of the jokes/line delivery managed to be pretty funny, but is otherwise pretty meh to me overall. I'd like it more if I were seven, because hey, that's the show's target audience.
  • The Loud House: I'm glad it has positive representation (thank you for including gay parents in one of your shows, Nick!), but otherwise it's just too bland and cliched for me. Nice character designs; animation could be better. Again, I'd probably like it more if I were in the target audience.
  • Bunsen is a Beast!: Haven't watched it. Don't plan on it, either.

Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite disney and favourite animated movie. I find it just perfect, the story, the characters, the emotions, the magic… when Belle fell in love with the Beast, I fell in love with the movie.
So when I heard about a live adaptation, I couldn’t hide my excitement, but at the same time, I knew I would be even more severe with it.
I watched it this morning and let’s say it right away, it’s far from the level of its predecessor, but it’s not a bad movie either. I would even say, it’s ok.

Let’s talk about the story and direction first. No surprise, as an adaptation, it follows the same path, keeping the dialogs and iconic moments, and for those parts I can say it was pretty good. Then come the adding scenes and here, I am shared. Some are very welcome like those focusing on the father and his past (having more details about Belle’s mom permits a further connection with the Beast who lost his mother too, so it serves to the story). But other scenes are just pointless, and mostly focused on secondary characters. For example, they decided to include the enchantress in the movie but…..she is totally useless…. I felt it like it was to throw a celebrity’s face at us, I didn’t understand the point of this character :/
Also, what a mistake to show the prince as human in the beginning!!!!!! I admit, this is the thing that made me cringe hard. Let me explain. The 1st Disney presented us the man as a Beast, because that was characterized him at this moment, even as human he was just a Beast. But we learn to discover the human in him, until finally meet him under his true appearance. SHOWING THE PRINCE IN THE FIRST SCENE RUINED THIS >< !!!!! **angry**
I didn’t like how they handle the very end either, it should have been Belle & Prince moments, when the world is singing their tale. But the many second character got a moment too and it even stopped on the singer’s face, like why?? There’re some choices of direction I clearly didn’t understand.
Anyway, it works for the most part but like I said, some things were pointless.

What about the characters now? Well, I have to say it, the Beast was GREAT.
And really, that was the thing I was going to be so much critical, since, I think it’s the same for everyone who loved the animated version, we have all melted for him and learnt to love him like Belle did. And this is exactly the case here, at least for me. I even think they handled it a bit better tbh. In the first movie, The Beast went from a grumpy attitude to a pretty sweet guy quite suddenly. Here, after being saved by Belle, he is softer for sure but he still has a grumpy character because he still doesn’t know how to act near Belle. But his gaze changed for sure, you can see the emotions through his eyes, like in the animated version. And once again, I melted for him, I could see the human there. And it’s a shame Belle wasn’t as good sadly. Don’t get me wrong, Emma Watson is a good Belle really, she plays it well and her performance is fine. It’s just she was lacking of something I’d say….I needed more delight? she kept a lot the “tender smiling face” but I expected her to be more expressive seeing all the magical things happening around her. Even during the danger with the wolves, she doesn’t look afraid really. She was maybe a bit too reserved. But at least, when he was with the Beast, her expressions were more “alive”, so it’s not that bad either. But she has also some positive side like the way she is actually asking why everyone has this appearance. Belle is curious and willing to help, so it seems normal she would wonder about this, in the animated it always seems a bit odd to me she never asked anything about the origin of the magical things around her.
Concerning the secondary characters now, there are actually pretty good. Gaston was the best character for me like omg he was perfect. I couldn’t see a better Gaston x) Lefou was fine too, pretty funny and very lovable imo. The father, having more development than in the original, was more interesting personally. Then for the castle servants, I have nothing to say either, they’re funny, dynamic, enjoyable, and well interpreted (emma thompson especially).
But like I said before, the enchantress role was useless and some other characters didn’t really need more expositions.

Now, the music. I am gonna say this but the best parts of the movie are for sure the musical scenes. It’s exactly how I pictured the live version of them, big, very well choreographed, colorful and memorable. I’m crazy of Alan Menken’s themes in this film, and hearing them in cinema, I swear it gave me the chills so much (and I almost teared up during the main song/////). There are also new songs, and they haven’t all caught me the same, some are even not really necessary in my opinion, being very short and adding anything in particular. But How Does A Moment Last Forever and Evermore will definitely stay in your mind (Evermore is my new disney crush song >v<).
Ok ok, I’m gonna say it though, I heard a lot about it before the movie but, yeah yeah, Emma Watson’s auto tune is too obvious and even a bit distracting ^^’’
I watched it in english so tbh I wonder how it would be in french now (I don’t even know if the songs are dubbed).

I will end with the decorations and costumes. It was really massive and I can see all the works behind it, and really I can say I’ve been very pleased most of the time. I still can’t love Belle’s dress though xDD just, no…

So, if you have read all of this, I’m sorry ahaha I love so much talking cinema and I knew I would have a lot to say for this one. So my finale opinion? The best live version of all certainly but it has its disappointing details. It’s still a fine adaptation imo, I’m satisfied with it even if it won’t ever replace my first love, the first movie.

I really really love how Snow’s motifs are white. He’s very much one-sided on an issue, extreme to the absolute core. He is washed clean in an attempt to look pure- when really the white is just to cover up the blood. 

I really love how Alma Coin’s motifs have always been grey. She’s neither good nor bad, just this very grey sense of morality. She’s trying so hard to keep it light, to be the good leader of District 13, but…… It’s ultimately good but… With shades of grey, you have to be careful not to fall off the deep end, to turn too dark or light a shade. When you’re operating in greys, it’s almost inevitable to shift too close to one or the other extremes. Julienne Moore does an excellent job of playing her; she just. GOSH, ends up feeling so manipulative, in very light and fairy-like ways (I’m not sure if that makes sense but wow!)

I really love how Katniss’ motifs have always been both black and red. She is both a direct opposite to Snow, and also her own. Her morals and her symbolic stance is 100% opposite that of Snow, but she isn’t just political tool, a foil. She isn’t just Black vs White, she’s also very red, full of rage and love for her family and just. Her own person. Love it. 

Not sure how the yellow fits in yet, but I’ve kinda noticed that the yellow is very Effie and Haymitch. I wanna think it’s another tool for shades of grey, only yellow is good. Yellow is on the same side as red, but it’s not as fiery, it’s not as potent. 

Look at Johanna? She’s all red too, isn’t she? No black, just. RED, she’s angry, and fiery and passionate without the strict moral foil that Katniss has. dfalskjfalsdjfa;klj

Gale is almost all blacks; he’s too extreme. He’s black without Katniss’ red, without the fire and the passion, and it ends up consuming him way too much.

EVEN CAESAR it’s like?? He’s blue blue blue, he’s cool, he’s calm, he’s a cool grey blue and it just. FUCK it fits so well.

I just really love how the color schemes in these movies really REALLY hammer in these personalities and the ultimate arcs of the characters by pushing certain color schemes (I honestly can’t remember how strict the color schemes are to the books; only going off the movies). It’s so good.

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Any tips on how to stay healthy after writing an exam? I'm in between my second and third years of med, just wrote my comp and have a virus to end all viruses. Ok, maybe not but it's not nice. I didn't go out and party, slept a lot, ate healthy. This isn't the first (but I'd love it to be the last) time this has happened after an exam. I'm afraid step 1 will literally be the death of me haha.

The best way to stay healthy after a test is to stay healthy going into the test. 

It’s well known that stress increases your susceptibility to illness. Something something cortisol, blah blah. You know. You studied it. 

Unfortunately, telling a medical student to not be stressed out is like telling a cat to quit sitting in boxes or a white girl to stop drinking PSLs. It’s impossible. A non-stressed med student isn’t a med student. 

So you have to work on managing stress. Give yourself time for things you enjoy. Don’t avoid parties or fun stuff out of a feeling of obligation to study. Yes, sleep like you need to and eat well, but don’t get so wrapped up in wellness that doing the healthy thing starts stressing you out. Go to the party every once in a while. You need those happy chemicals in your brain. Consider it preventive medicine. 

Find something relaxing that you can do regularly during school to help de-stress yourself. Massage, meditation, pedicures, yoga, coloring, gardening, whatever. Do something slow and calm that leaves you energized at the finish.

And personally, I tried really hard to not go into a test stressed out. My roommate and I would stop studying at like 6 and eat pizza and watch a movie the night before an exam (ours were every 6 weeks - if yours are weekly this isn’t really feasible). I wouldn’t study the morning of the test before I went in. I’d just listen to music that pumped me up or relaxed me. I truly don’t think that those few hours of study we gave up made much of a difference on our grades, but it definitely kept us sane. A big group of folks went out to lunch after tests too. The only rule was no discussing the test. It really helps. Give it a shot. 

Take care of yourself friend!

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An interesting response to 686 indeed. If I didn't know any better I might have been brainwashed by you haha Anyways, I appreciate the walk through but you didn't really answer the question as to why Kubo would settle for less. No matter how little money you earn from the bleach ending, it's kind of wishful thinking and funny to say the author would destroy his entire manga knowing he would bring in less cash and then draw an IR cover to bring in more cash. I smell a contradiction don't you?

You understand that Kubo doesn’t run the show, right?

Shueisha does.

The publisher always has the upper hand, unless you’re say, Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling, or Eiichiro Oda, or Rumiko Takahashi. Unless you are literally one of the richest and most powerful authors on the planet, they own you and your work. You are under contract to them. And those contracts are usually rather specific about what you owe them, and what will happen to you if you don’t hold up your end of that minimum.

You think Kubo kept putting IR on the last pieces of merch, like the stickers and the cover? No. Shueisha did. Because Shueisha knows that IR sells. Shueisha is interested in making money, because Shueisha is a corporation and that’s what corporations do.

Kubo clearly doesn’t care about money. Bleach used to be level with One Piece and Naruto. One Piece is still going, and Naruto got a sequel that will go on to rake in the big bucks even if it’s Kodachi writing it instead of Kishimoto. These are what are known as franchises, and the collection of spin-offs associated with them are called intellectual properties.

Corporations fucking love intellectual properties because they’re so much bigger and more profitable than small, discrete media entries. You can think of your average book, movie, whatever, as being like a fanfic one-shot. It’s standalone. What they’ve figured out is you don’t need one-shots, or even series; you can have whole constellations of interrelated, mutually-supporting, mutually-selling works.

The biggest examples today are the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Cinematic Universe. Universal was/is trying to create something similar with The Mummy. Then there are titanic flagship franchises like Harry Potter, getting there own spin-offs like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

And anime is no exception. Lots of famous anime are getting big-budget Hollywood-scale movie adaptations. There’s always been the books, the games, etc. But they’re taking the same trajectory of forming intellectual money media empires, because that is where the money is: a multimedia assault across all platforms and the whole spectrum of entertainment, from toys to coloring books to mobile phone games.

You know what Bleach doesn’t have? Any of that. It has a cheap-ass, terrible-looking movie where Zangetsu looks lamer than half the cosplay impressions of it. It’s got no follow-up manga. Its books did dismally. No anime continuation. Nobody wants anything to do with it anymore. KLab is avoiding dealing with the last arc any way it can in BBS.

You think Shueisha wanted that outcome? No! Shueisha wants money. Shueisha would love for Bleach to be successful.

So who is it in this picture who isn’t cooperating and doesn’t give a shit about money?

That’s right, our favorite narcissist, Tite Kubo.

He blew his own franchise up because he’d rather flip everyone the bird for not admiring his “vision” than roll around on a pile of cash. Dude cosplays as Mayuri and says he feels a connection with him, is that really so hard to believe? Well, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, because the proof is plain for all to see. Tite Kubo killed Bleach.

He supposedly never took advice from his editors and guess what? It turns out the market didn’t want what he thought was genius. His sales declined, but he kept on anyway, giving us stories about Kenpachi and Mayuri and Bazz B. and Haschwalth that nobody ever asked for, sure of his genius. And when Shueisha’s patience finally ran out and they pulled the plug (because sunk cost fallacy), he decided to tell all of us—you, me, the whole fandom, Shueisha, et al.—to go fuck ourselves.

Because he is one prideful sonofabitch. As Marsellus Wallace said, and as Shueisha would’ve said:

The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit.

See, you’re reading it all wrong. Kubo never cared about money. If he had, he would’ve kept his manga focused on IR from the end of SS on. It’s not a coincidence that that’s when his numbers started to slip, because that’s what made Bleach unique. It wasn’t a shounen with an amazing world and backstory. It was a shounen with character and strong core characters. But he was a true believer. He truly believed he was the next Tolkien or something, that he was hot shit.

Well, he wasn’t, and so right before the invisible hand of the free market smashed him, he decided to hurt all of us too. And that’s what 685/686 is. That enormous rebuilt Soukyoku? That is literally Tite Kubo’s middle finger flipping you, me, and everybody else off.

You don’t have to believe me, but you wouldn’t still be talking to me if you didn’t sense the truth behind it.

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give me all your headcanons on a sambucky childhood friends to lovers AU that doesn't exist. i imagine they didn't like each other at all in elementary school; bucky was the greasy haired white kid that played in dirt and sam didn't have the patience of color to put up with that. Like Bucky's the bad ass kid that swears and starts fights all the time, but is respectful towards teachers and knows his place, but Sam still doesn't like him. (1/?)

Well, until Sam starts getting picked on by all the rest of the little shits in his grade and Bucky’s basically ready to throw down. Sam doesn’t really understand it bc they didn’t talk much and the only time they communicated is when Sam was commenting on how nasty he was, so he still doesn’t trust Bucky even though he’s the only frenemy he has. But then one day Little Shit 1 PUSHES Sam off the swings and next thing they know Bucky is sprinting across the playground to beat this kids ass. (2/4)

Both kids are pretty rough after the fight and both get in trouble, but that’s basically when Sam’s like “wow, this gross little bastard actually cares about me” and that’s when their friendship officially starts. Bucky basically takes on the role as Sam’s “protector”–even though he eventually learns Sam can protect himself–through out high school and college. They become the troublesome duo, like you don’t see Sam without Bucky glaring over his shoulder and those are just facts. (¾)

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but just know that Bucky loves Sam v much but is too emotionally constipated to say it so he spends their entire friendship showing it instead ok bye (4/4)

Yes yes yes-yes-yes-yes-yes, I like it veryyyy much.

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Chris Colfer in Vancouver!

So Chris Colfer was in Vancouver, and let me tell you it was some experience.

Lets start by remembering that Chris wasnt scheduled to come until 3pm, but the doors were opening at 9am so that people could get wristbands as their tickets into the events.  I arrived at 9:20 and got a wristband by like 10:30, but I made a friend with a mom and her kid who were also waiting in line, so that was nice. It almost made me think that I could get away with small talk all the time.

There were so many people lined up, I thought I was early but nope ahhparently people came at fucking 5 in the morning??? They got “golden tickets” meaning they got to sit in chairs at the front, all 10 of them, while everyone else had to stand which i guess wasnt bad but my feet really hurt so there was that.  It was worth it!!

Anyways, wondered around the mall and then waited outside the Chapters (the bookstore where it was) at 1pm and the poor employees were working so hard to shuffle everyone in organized lines.  We had a line that snaked around the bookshelves like a really long letter S, ended up sitting and waiting, reading some books on the floor, the wifi was kinda terrible tbh but we did it!! And thank god i got in line at 1pm cuz I was right behind where the chairs were.  The event was in the middle of the Chapters,so literally anyone walking past the entrance would see something going on.  And the crowd went all the way back to the entrance (Chris joked that it went all the way back “to the Sears”)  So again, if I was late, id have been waaaaaay at the back.  

The executive of Indigo Events from Toronto played some games with us, he was actually pretty funny! Seemed like a nice guy. The event didn’t start at 3 but smth like 3:13?? Chris came out and my first thought was, omg he is real!! This is like the first famous  person I’ve ever seen.  Wow his hair was very slicked back, it was a great hairstyle.  During the whole event he was smiling and he was really polite and very efficient moving from one activity to the next. 

 He read a TLOS 6 passage from the book and did all the voices (he’s mastered them), everything was TLOS, though there was one question about Stranger than Fanfiction.  Luckily nothing about glee or his personal life.  

The costume contest was great, he called it a “costume parade” cuz the stage was so small no one could fit, the contestants all had to walk in front of him runway-style.  He said they needed some “Rupaul” music (LOL) There was one guy in an enchantress outfit i think it was that was super cool, and a little girl who was the golden harp and her harp nearly smacked Chris Colfer, “And thats how Chris Colfer dies” he joked, it was hilarious.  She won, the runner ups were two people dressed as books: the book huggers. A girl in a golden hat and a boa came on stage and Chris made a comment like “this isn’t the rocky horror show”

The whole event was shorter than the waiting time!! But it was amazing seeing him in person, i was so inspired to just follow my dreams.  And the kids loved the books, one asked which fairytale was the first ever mentioned and Chris got really stumped on that, but she said she was just asking to see if he knew, and he called her sneaky.

It was his first ever Canada event!! He told us all to see his TLOS movie about 15 times when it comes out, and to light a candle and pray that it goes well.

He said he was inspired to write about fairytales cuz he would always question the fairytales and his grandmother got so fed up she just told him to write one himself.

 i didn’t realize until seeing him live how often he says “oh gosh” lol

he said goodbye and he hopped off stage super fast, if you had blinked it would’ve looked like he had just disappeared into nowhere lol.  guess he’s a busy guy!! And I’m totally in the picture he posted on instagram so yesss (kinda wish it was color tho)

It all happened so fast and honestly it was kinda surreal.   Maybe I’ve forgotten something, if you were at Vancouver please add on to this post!!

Ive got some pictures coming up (when the wifi works), blurry but lets see!!  Positive experience, and I got a signed book :)

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Hello, it's me again :* i saw u didn't have a punk tag, and my question is if u know any fics that include punk!derek and punk!stiles? Remember to smile because it's worth it, okey? :* i love u! <3

punk!derek | punk!stiles


And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 7,155 | NC17)

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

Cliche by adult_disneyprincess (orphan_account) (2/2 | 9,305 | PG13)

It’s cliché as shit, Stiles thinks. The nerd in love with the punk. He figures he wouldn’t want Derek Hale so much if he didn’t have those fucking tattoos everywhere, didn’t give a shit what people thought about him, and didn’t wear those stupid leather jackets. They’re not the same jacket either, Stiles has counted at least four different ones that the resident punk owns

If We’re Talking Body (You Got a Perfect One) by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 3,891 | NC17)

“What? Paint me?” At first, Stiles thinks that maybe Derek wants to paint a portrait of him, which is hella freaking weird, but then, judging by the heat he sees in his eyes, he knows that’s not exactly what Derek has in mind. Okay, so the guy is hot, talented, rude, and probably a little insane. Stiles is really regretting not running background checks on all of the building’s tenants before moving in. Laura Hale offered him such a good deal, he should have known there was a catch.

Like having to live underneath her obscenely hot brother who gets stoned and paints all night and says ridiculous things to the half-naked cop that barges into his apartment unannounced in the middle of the night.

You Are My Home by orphan_account (1/1 | 2,302 | G)

Loosely inspired by oakseer’s post on Tumblr: “what would happen if punk au combined with daddy derek i think it would result in my body shaking apart”.

We’ll Weather the Storm by hazelNuts (1/1 | 2,572 | PG13)

anonymous asked,“Punks can get scared of thunder storms too”

When Derek and Stiles get paired up for a school trip, Derek thinks it’s going to be disaster. Because Stiles is mouthy and smart and gorgeous, and that’s exactly Derek’s type.


Birds of a Feather Fuck Together by calrissian18, maichan808 (maichan) (1/1 | 26,144 | NC17)

Laura is a crusader without a cause, Stiles dances like the whole world’s betrayed him and Derek’s having trouble getting both feet outside his door.

cute little spawn from hell by wearing_tearing (2/2 | 2,169 | NC17)

Derek blinks, surprised. “Are you—”

“Leaving, yes,” Stiles nods vehemently.

“—afraid of babies?”

Enemy of My Enemy by calrissian18 (1/1 | 8,043 | NC17)

Stiles blinks hard. He can’t argue that he’s not quite all there, a little woozier than he would like, but he’s done more difficult things a lot worse off. The wolf didn’t know shit and Stiles sure as hell didn’t need him. He huffs out a little laugh into his own chest, leaning back against the armrest and chin dropped to his sternum, head lolling slightly. His eyelids are heavier than they were a minute ago. “What makes you think I wouldn’t use the opportunity to gut you? I hunt werewolves for sport, and so does everyone I have left.”

A careful claw tilts his chin up and it takes Stiles’ eyes a second to bring the face in front of him into stark relief. “You can barely keep your eyes open,” the wolf says softly, “I don’t think you have the upper hand now, human.”

The End As We Know It by PrinceKavi (12/? | 15,630 | NC17)

Stiles is kicked out of the pack. Well not intentionally but combined with being left behind by his bestfriend , Jacksons bullying and his Dads disappointed looks, Stiles is pretty ready for it. That doesn’t mean it hurts anyless. So he ditches the layers, makes friends with the punk rock feminists in Beacon Hills and even jumps into a mosh pit. But, for some reason Derek Hale is still on his mind, his hands keep sparking and theres this weird book in his moms closet that has some weird witch brews in it.

Why is junior year so complicated?

BORN VILLAIN by whokilledcodyosmond (15/15 | 110,823 | R)

Stiles is a troubled young hacker at odds with his father, the Chief of Police in Beacon City. After a chance meeting with a handsome but dangerous man, he learns it isn’t always obvious who the bad guys are.

and again by punkhale (1/1 | 3,471 | PG13)

Stiles likes Christmas, he does, but there’s only so many times a guy can hear “Jingle Bells” before seriously contemplating taking a bat to the radio and smashing it into a hundred pieces.


Write Me a Song You Tortured Soul by dearjayycee (1/1 | 2,129 | R)

The first time Stiles ever saw Derek he was standing at the back of a dingy bar, trying to not get caught, Scott at his side. Stiles fell in love instantly, what a cliche. There was just something about the way the man sang…It made his heart melt. 

Hale Storm by iamfrenchy (1/1 | 4,686 | G)

Stiles Stilinski wowed the world when he stepped on stage, he took the world by storm with the help of his band and they were famous, they got to play music and be punk rockers every single day. Derek Hale is in the up and coming punk rock band and when people start calling him the new Stiles, Stiles takes notice.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek are famous and they like each other and write music together.

walk the moon asks
  • Anna Sun: Your favorite summer memory?
  • Lisa Baby: Celebrity crush?
  • Quesadilla: What is one meal you could eat everyday for the rest of your life?
  • The Liftaway: Have you ever forgiven someone who didn't deserve it?
  • I want! I want!: A song that give you nostalgia?
  • Blue Dress: Favorite outfit?
  • Jenny: Love or lust?
  • Me & All My Friends: Who is your closest friend?
  • Iscariot: What song do you want played at your funeral?
  • I Can Lift A Car: If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would you change?
  • William Blake: 10 things that defined your childhood?
  • Next In Line: One city you want to explore?
  • Tightrope: What is your dream date?
  • Shiver Shiver: Would you sleep with the last person you texted?
  • Fixin': Who is one person you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your life with?
  • Anywayican: One person you would do anything for?
  • Tête-à-Tête: Are you happy with how your last relationship/friendship ended?
  • Drunk In The Woods: Do you like to go camping?
  • Different Colors: Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?
  • Sidekick: Anyone you want to be with right now?
  • Shut Up And Dance: A song that makes you want to dance?
  • Up 2 U: What's one thing you would change about the world if you could?
  • Avalanche: Do you think you've met 'the one'?
  • Portugal: What's one thing you regret?
  • Down In The Dumps: Who is one person you wish you could say 'I told you so' to?
  • Work This Body: What motivates you?
  • Spend your $$$: If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
  • We Are The Kids: A song that makes you feel invincible?
  • Come Under The Covers: If you could reconnect with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
  • Aquaman: Do you know what you want in life?
  • Boyfriend: A song that you would play in the opening credits of your 80's teen movie?
#933: Reaching for you in the dark.
  • Louis: Vibrant dreams cloud his thoughts while he slumbers beneath the darkness. Swirls of colors and playbacks of pictures create a movie in his head (and there's something that has to do with Spiderman and Zayn, but he's not going to admit that -- ever). Things have been stressful lately with the closing of the TMH tour and promotions for the new products and whathaveyou's. It's been hard to smile lately, or focus on himself or what goes on outside of the music industry, but when he dreams... it's like the gloominess melts away and the rain turns into a mist on a hot summer day. It's when he reaches for you in the dark, dreaming of superheros and fighting crime, that he actually smiles -- a genuine, although not quite lucid, smile. He smiles against your shoulder where he curls up and smiles at you in the morning with a, "Dreamt of you."
  • Niall: At three a.m., it is far too cold and it's hard for him to fall back asleep when you've hogged all the covers. (Except, when he does flicker on the light for just a moment and finds you wrapped up in the nice quilt that his mother gave you two for your new flat, he does think you're quite cute -- and might have snapped a mental image for the next time he's on tour and is too impossibly frigid because he doesn't have you to curl up with. Harry might work, but he's no you.) "Babe," he mumbles moments later, encased in the darkness once more. He unravels one end of the blanket from your body and slowly rolls you out of your cocoon. When he touches the skin of your arm, it dawns on him that you're warmer than a lot of things -- a late night snack in the oven, and even the thickest blanket. He reaches for you and wraps himself around you, the quilt on the floor.
  • Liam: It's more in a metaphorical sense. It's not dark, nor is it possible for him to reach you in a condition like this, but you're both aware of each other. He can sniff out your scent almost immediately because he bought you that perfume for your most recent birthday (and spent half of the night licking from your inner thighs to your neck and growling in your ear that you smelt of cupcakes and very sweet things, although you had been very naughty) and recognizes it whenever you walk into the room. You're aware of his presence -- the manliness to him, the faint scent of his cologne, the way everyone else seems to be at ease with him around. It only takes you a few moments to find each other throughout the crowd again, his arm protectively wrapped around your middle. "Got you," he murmurs, blocking out the screaming, "It's like I always find you."
  • Zayn: He's a very particular sleeper; he needs a certain side of the bed and a specific temperature to be radiating throughout the bedroom, but you -- you're like an electric pull -- an invisible silver line -- that creeps into his mind well after midnight and has him clinging back onto the soft slopes of your body. His hands slide down the sides of your sleep shirt (his, really; you went through his closet again and stole the first nice-smelling thing you could find) and soon firmly grasp at your hips, connecting your back to his chest once more. He's not aware that he does this until early morning when he squints his bleary eyes at you and finds you draped over his chest. "You sleep well?" you ask with a smirk, brushing your lips over the faint shadow of his facial hair. He doesn't reply, but nods, and thinks to himself that he'll always be able to find you, even in the dark.
  • Harry: Scorching heat races down your neck when you feel him slide into bed next to you, his hand finding the familiar spot on your lower back. "Don't be mad at me," he murmurs, "I didn't mean what I said." There's a silence that follows his words and you gulp in a breath, knowing that you'll have to reply or else this will blow over uneasily and you really don't want that to happen; "I'm not mad," you whisper back in the dark, letting him pull you in and kiss the bone of your collar. He chuckles faintly at your words, squeezing your hip and letting his hand fall from your back in order to slip it around to your abdomen. (His fingers are always very warm, pressing and tending to the uneasy muscles of your stomach.) "You are mad at me. And that's okay." He pauses, kissing your neck. "I'll fix it 'fore morning even comes around." His hand slips up your shirt and you give in.

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If Riley is so in love with the IDEA of Lucas like you've said before, why didn't she go for Charlie? Charlie seemed like a "prince charming" type all the way. I'm genuinely curious, I'm not trying to start something! :) :)

Charlie definitely shook Riley’s certainty that Lucas was the guy for her, big time. Riley was already doubting (“front of the notebook or back of the notebook?”) and Charlie made her doubt even more. She couldn’t even choose between them at the dance (this is partly due to her conversation with Eric and Jack, but she was doubting her feelings for Lucas and was unable to choose even BEFORE that conversation happened). She and Lucas never even settle their dispute. And yeah, Charlie interrupted them, but if Riley and Lucas both felt strongly enough about their connection/relationship, they could have EASILY continued their conversation at the dance, or maybe had a sit down the next day at Topanga’s. But they don’t. They let it drop without any real resolution.

Semi-Formal, like Yearbook, is yet another instance of the writers “swerving around” Riley and Lucas: there’s a yet another romantic conflict which *should* have been resolved, either moving the relationship forward (even if it’s just to reaffirm the status of the “unofficial thing”) or bringing it to an end. But they do not resolve it. And they don’t *really* try to, either. For a pair of people who are allegedly so good at talking to each other, they’ve never ONCE had a successful, honest, conclusive conversation about their relationship (whatever it is) or their feelings for each other (whatever they are) except for maybe when they broke up in New World. And even then they needed Topanga’s direct intervention.

Then, after all the Texas drama, Riley went out on actual dates with Charlie, got to know him a little more, and realized that just saying all the right stuff isn’t enough. Riley is beginning to understand that those grand gestures and rehearsed-sounding cheesy speeches aren’t “real” (as Jacobs would likely put it). They aren’t enough. This was a lesson she needed to learn, but it’s interesting that she doesn’t think to apply this to Lucas and all the bells and whistles and “saying the right stuff” he did in S1.

A good relationship needs more than the dream of Paris and horsey rides and cheeseball speeches about “moments.” Where is Riley and Lucas’s *more*? Where’s their spark? Where are their deep conversations? Where are their “felt you look” moments? Or the moments where they just “get” each other without a word? They DO have moments like these occasionally (they ARE friends, they DO have feelings for each other), but both of them have those “more” moments more often and more intensely with other people.

Why did Riley’s movie hangs with Charlie (who we know she doesn’t really Like-like) go basically the same as her movie hangs with Lucas who she is allegedly in romantic love with? She does the arm grab thing with BOTH of them and Lucas knows nothing about Riley that Charlie doesn’t also know in GMNY. And, more importantly, we know from BMW that Jacobs doesn’t think knowing trivia about one another is the basis of a solid romantic relationship…so why is Lucas knowing about Riley’s favorite movie snack any less shallow and irrelevant than Charlie knowing about it? (Answer: it’s not.)

But it’s bigger than all that. Riley sees the best in people, which is lovely. It’s one of the best things about her. But with Lucas she ONLY wants to see the best—and not just romantically. People need to understand something: Riley’s idealization of Lucas goes WAY WAY beyond dance asks. It’s way beyond romance alone. It’s not just this “Prince Charming” romantic ideal. She sees him as this Dudley Do-Right Sunshine Boy. A “hero.” Which, while very sweet in some ways, is ridiculous. That’s an impossible standard for a regular person to maintain. And while Lucas encourages Riley’s idealization of him and tries to live up to her hype (partly because it makes him feel good—a la Farkle in Truth—and he was getting a new start), she FLIPS OUT when he doesn’t live up to her image of him. He can’t possibly live up to that image all the time, but Riley…has a hard time dealing when he doesn’t.

She *completely* loses it in Secret of Life (so much so that she refers to liking him in the PAST tense), she begins to seriously doubt her feelings in Semi-Formal and flips out on him in class, she goes all Morotia after the yearbook thing (that one is more indirect, but it’s related), she scolds him when he gets angry because someone is hurting her, etc etc.

But this idealization colors her ENTIRE friendship with Lucas, not just their “romance,” such as it is. When Riley says, “you don’t know me, and I don’t know you” in Secret of Life, she’s RIGHT. But it’s not just because she didn’t know about the expulsion—it’s also because Riley just cannot handle the idea of Lucas being “different than she thinks.” She doesn’t really know him beyond the impression she got in GM Boy, which, while not a LIE, was limited. It was narrow. Riley learns basically ONE THING about this guy, and that’s the lens through which she filters basically everything else about him. And she doesn’t really know him beyond the filter of that first impression because she doesn’t WANT to.

When Maya was determined to dig up dirt on Lucas in Friendship, Riley said, “if you find something, don’t tell me.” And this seems like a sweet thing to say on the surface considering Maya’s vindictive surface-level motives…until you realize that this is Riley literally saying she doesn’t wanna know if there’s something that will shake up her vision of this guy. She doesn’t want to find out that he’s different than she thinks.

On the flip side, Lucas kinda can’t handle it when Riley’s not idealizing him and boosting his ego. He’s upset when she’s ripping into him in SoL, he’s upset at her for making fun of him in Pluto, he’s miffed when she goes after him in class in Semi-Formal, he’s more wounded when she calls him a disgrace than when other people do it, there’s something she says to him in GMHS that clearly wounds Lucas because it’s not idealistic, etc etc. And interestingly, Lucas is often the MOST apparently high-key reciprocal with Riley romantically when her idealization of him is running really high, as in Friendship or GMT1. He enables and encourages her idealization of him. This isn’t just Riley seeing only what she wants to see, it’s Lucas trying to show Riley nothing but what she wants to see.

But as that idealization has slowly begun to fall away (and it has by NO MEANS fallen away entirely yet), they haven’t really gotten to know each other much better. Lucas still apparently does not trust Riley enough to tell her what he did. Riley has bold-face lied to Lucas. They haven’t exactly been building a foundation of trust here. And that’s because most of the romance/friendship has been based on…not a lie exactly, but a very narrow, sunshine & rainbows vision of each other that they’re loathe to look beyond unless forced to by outside factors—Riley moreso than Lucas, but him too.

Until Riley ACCEPTS that Lucas is a guy with a temper that he can’t just repress and wallpaper over forever instead of DEALING WITH AND MANAGING IT, and until Lucas learns to be okay with Riley seeing him as something other than “what she thinks,” they cannot *truly* know each other.

And it’s REALLY important that Riley easily expresses unconditional love for Farkle on a regular basis, but she’s NEVER done that for Lucas. Riley has never told Lucas ANYTHING along the lines of “we love you just the way you are,” or “no matter what, you’re still the same Lucas.” But she easily does that for Farkle ALL THE TIME. Loving Farkle unconditionally is as easy as breathing for Riley. This is an extremely important “spot the difference” in terms of romantic love in Jacobsland.

Perhaps the bigger world of high school will finally blast away the idealization between Riley and Lucas once and for all, after which they can start building a REAL romantic foundation if that’s what they want to do. But, I think it’s more likely that when the idealization finally crumbles and they truly deal with each other as they ARE instead of in these simplistic, sunshiney terms…well, let’s just say that while I think their friendship will deepen significantly, I think their romance (such as it was) will prrrrrobably die right along with the idealization.

Without a Doubt, You're the One I Dream About

Title: Without a Doubt, You’re the One I Dream About
Warnings: None
Pairings: Louis/Harry, Zayn/Liam
Words: +13000
Summary: Louis is rich and famous. Harry works at his daughters daycare center. Zayn and Liam are madly in love. Niall is Louis’ friend with transportation benefits. Maybe, somehow, everything will work out okay. Someday.
A/N: this was going to be short but no. No that never works out for me. In the middle of writing this my computer decided to be a dipshit and malfunction, so I had go finish it on my phone. That’s why at one part the indents aren’t as indented. I know, arrest me. Well enjoy. Sorry if it sucks. Might do a sequel if ya want because I feel like it doesn’t wrap up enough. I apologize for any spelling errors or what not, I tried to fix what I could but quite frankly I’m tired. I’ll fix it more later. Enjoy xx

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