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I absolutely adore the Ciel imagine you did, thank you so much! If you can I have another request, Ciel getting jealous of s/o helping Sebastian teach him how to dance. Thanks again I didn't expect how fast you replied to my request.

i’m so glad you liked it! i really enjoyed writing that one and i’m sure i’ll enjoy this one as well! x (´∇ノ`*)ノ

“You need to place your hand higher.” You said as you moved Ciel’s hand up higher on your waist while you observed his posture. “And you’re not standing properly.”

“I agree with ________.” Sebastian said as he stood off to the side, watching with calculating eyes. “Fix your posture.”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to stand though.” Ciel mumbled angrily as he sent a quick glare at his butler.

You had somehow managed to be dragged into Ciel’s dancing lessons by Sebastian. He had said that it would ‘help to motivate the young lord’ and encourage him to put in more effort. Now that you were here though, it seemed like he was putting in an even smaller amount of effort. 

“It cannot be helped.” Sebastian said as shook his head slightly and made his way over to you. “__________ and I will have to show you how it is done.”

With a nod of your head, you let go of Ciel’s hand and stepped towards the demon before going into a stance much like the one you had been in with Ciel only seconds ago. This time though, it was a correct stance.

“You have to straighten your back like this.” Sebastian said as he nodded towards the young boy. “And then hold onto your dance partner’s waist with a firm grip.”

“Okay.” Ciel snapped as he glared at the hand of Sebastian as it rested on your waist before yanking you back to him. “I understand now!”

“Now now, there is not need to be jealous.” Sebastian said with a small smirk. “I was merely showing you the correct way to hold your partner.”

“Both of you stop bickering.” You said with a roll of your eyes before turning back to Ciel. “Now if you know it, show it to me properly!”

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do you think Sangwoo's attitude will change a bit, where he won't touch Yoonbum sexually when he finds out his Uncle has been sexually abusing him?I hope it does bc these spoilers have made me sick, how is going to save Bum from sexual assault then go and do this??? I know he's bat shit crazy but I thought he had some slight moral standing. (It really seemed to me that he didn't like sexual abuse)

tbh……i expect one of two responses. 1. ‘total apathy’, or 2. ‘possessive anger’. with regards to the latter it’s because he sees bum as his own possession and it’s possible that he could care in the sense that he feels like someone touched what was his. but more likely, i think, is an apathetic response. i wouldn’t even put it past sangwoo to guilt and shame bum about his uncle’s abuse and even use it against him somehow.

[ a potential 3. is ‘fake caring’. he could pretend he gives a shit so that bum sees him as some sort of savior. this would help sangwoo’s general goal of making bum super emotionally dependent on him and attached to the point where he can really truly do what he wants with him. it would all be about the illusion of sangwoo’s love and making bum feel like he actually cares. we’ve already seen how sangwoo abuses bum’s need for love and need to feel cared for. needless to say in this scenario sangwoo doesn’t actually care ]

sangwoo isn’t going to save bum from any sexual assault….not when he’s too busy inflicting it himself lol. if he challenges his uncle its gonna be out of his own selfish possessiveness rather than a genuine care for bum’s life and well being/mental state. he has no moral standing.

i feel that many readers expect too much good out of sangwoo. he will never do a good, honest thing for bum. everything is about himself. 

Hey there. A while back I remember seeing a post about Sam Wilson, and that if he wasn’t black, he wouldn’t have been Steve and Bucky’s relationship advisor in fanfics, but instead would just be shipped with Steve (I can’t find it though). The post kind of stuck with me, and certainly came back to mind after I’ve watched the movie ‘Central Intelligence’.

The movie is basically tumblr’s wet dream - a hyper-masculine man with the personality of a puppy (Dwayne Johnson as Bob) with a cute, sharp and much shorter guy (Kevin Hart as Jet), building their relationship throughout the movie and having many moments.

Bob literally adores the ground Jet walks on, beats up people who threatened him, tells him he’s “sexy as dick” with a bright smile and the movie just keeps throwing ship-related things onto your unsuspecting face, not being at-all subtle about it. I can’t even begin to describe how completely in-love Bob is with Jet (‘cause that’d be spoilers).

The movie is good. It’s funny, well-written and surprising - I don’t even like action movies, and this movie was the bomb. (All the bad guys are white, by the way.)



and before the movie came out I kind of suspected it would happen, because both male leads are black?? BUT ALSO I DIDN'T REALLY EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN, ‘CAUSE FUCK, REALLY???

… Apparently, really. 

It’s been out for three weeks???

Aye where my fanfic writers at??

mod v

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I can't believe I finished MM. Approx. 2 months ago I remember being on my first route and thinking how long I'll play this game. I mean I could play it again but it won't give a fresh feeling to it. Didn't think I would get so attached to this lol

*Coughs* So I definitely started playing MysMe in the beginning of July and??? I’m still??? Playing it idk what I’m doing with my life but it’s great lolol.

I can’t even describe to you guys how far I managed to fall into this fandom; I really really never expected this. 

  • Everlasting Party is literally 26K+ words long (remember I have the wordcounts of the chatroom edits in my document), and the finished product might even be over 50K at this rate lolol
  • I have about 30K words of one-shot fanfics lying around. 
  • I have somehow managed to answer over 1000 asks about MysMe
  • And I’ve also written up some tutorials and resources to help MysMe players
  • I made a chatroom edit template in Photoshop???? And I spent six hours making my own full-length chatroom wow quality life choices
  • Created @mysticmessengeraudio because I wanted to know what the characters were saying in Korean lol now we’ve got a full team of people translating stuff
  • Literally still playing through the game trying to get all of the endings, CGs, and phone calls
  • Still running this blog ^^;;

Legit guys, thanks for sticking with me haha ^^ So you’re certainly not alone, anon!

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I'm sorry if this is whiny, but I was hoping for some affirmations and didn't know who to turn to. Tonight SO asked if I really thought anyone else would ever be willing to "deal with" me (my asexuality), and I'm just...feeling awful now. Thank you for listening.

We love you! I’m so sorry this happened to you, that is positively vile and I hope they’re ashamed of themselves, honestly. You should never be made to feel like you are a burden, or that loving you is somehow going beyond what’s expected or doing you a favour. You are a whole, perfect, beautiful person and you and your asexuality are not hard to love or inconvenient or something to be “dealt” with. You are someone to be adored exactly the way you are, and I promise you that the world is FULL of people who will do exactly that.


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Sometimes I see how people react to your opinions on things you are asked about and it makes me wonder; do you think people are primarily trolling, genuinely angry that you don't share their viewpoint, or just upset that you didn't say what they expected you to? It's hard for me to wrap my head around getting angry at someone for sharing an opinion they asked to hear about.

I think people don’t think I’m a person…either that or they’ve somehow built a robust opinion of me (or of all people) that has them instantly believing the worst.

Also, because I’m well known, people can’t imagine that their words could ever affect me…or that they can only affect me if those opinions are /really/ strongly worded. And also, since I’m in a position of power, I think a lot of people don’t imagine that I would be hurt by their anger or dislike which, at this point, is actually quite true.

But it isn’t being in a position of power that has blunted me to inflammatory criticism, it’s constant exposure. 

The thing that actually bugs me is that the criticism I get is almost always REALLY MEAN and fairly dumb. Which means that there’s likely some legitimate criticism that isn’t getting to me because people don’t think it’s worth it or they don’t want to upset me. 

So, allow me to ask straight up…does anyone have any constructive criticism for me? That goes for Tumblr stuff or YouTube or whatever. Do I grate on you. Do I seem holier than thou? Do I minimize belief systems I don’t agree with or mansplain?

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I didn't expect her house to look small and cozy :) of course it showed only the first floor but it is really lovely. It made me love her more somehow. That was probably wierd :D

yeah it’s a cottage situation. i think that honestly says a lot about her as a person tbh. like you would think “taylor swift, LA, grandiose, exclusive, detached” but instead you have taylor who’s still taylor from the block used to have a little bit more than a little now she’s got a lot. no matter where she goes, she knows where she came from…..

don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got

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Ugh, somehow neither that girl nor zayn are looking really happy in that picture more like super awkward...I didn't think they would put the Zerrie cheating to that level, thought just partying and some implications, like the pool party, would be enough...

Well considering that there was a “Zayn cheated on Perrie” scandal that broke on the front page of The Sun, I expected it to be explicit.

I honestly think it’s going to get worse, not better. Not because I want it to, but because of the way 1DHQ has manipulated Zayn’s image in the past and what I think they are going to want surrounding the LM single and album release (maximum drama culminating in a breakup that is 100% Zayn’s fault. Poor little princess Perrie, and all that).

It’s gross, is what it is. Everyone involved in this situation deserves better.