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1/ One of my softest Prompts (I have a notebook where I basically just throw every idea) is about that soulmate!AU. Everybody has such great first words. But not in this one. Tony has "Hi" written on the inside of his wrist. So, honestly, he's stopped hoping for the first one everyone says to him because it's such banal, comon thing to say. "Hi". No, but, honestly, his soulmate couldn't be less original???

2/ So, when, one day Bucky comes down to the workshop for the first time, clutching a mug of coffee whil Tony’s mumbling under his breath, cursing a bolt like every good engineer learns to do when they start working, and Bucky says “Hi”, at first Tony doesn’t even register the warm tingling spreading through his body from his wrist and snap back “You better have coffee or so help me…”

3/ The rest is unbelievably filthy curses and Bucky squawk and start giggling, calmly at first but it becomes hysterical very quickly. When Tony looks at him, now entirely too aware of the way his chest had opened like someone had lodged here and was there to stay, Bucky throw his head back and howl in laughter.

4. Holding the mug of coffee in one hand and the lifting up the hem of his shirt where words were sprawled, black against his skin, Bucky grinned at Tony. “You can’t even imagine the face my ma’ did when she read it the first time. And how useful you were at school to curse.” Tony snorts. Hard. Then huffed. But as soon as they look at each other, they start laughing together. Bucky told him, later, that he always tried to have coffee with him each time he went to meet someone new. Love you <3.

This is precious and hilarious at once!! Thank you so much love! <3<3<3

Stuff and Things


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Message from the author: oh bo y im terrible at doing Things like this (especially off anon) but i was the anon who asked for feedback on writing so like,,,http://archiveofourown.org/works/10742157 (thank u by the way i really love your writing)

You glanced at the clock on Ethan’s dashboard as he pulled into the small parking lot in front of the office.


Fuck. You should’ve been here before three but Ethan, your ride, had apparently gotten distracted by “the cutest dog in the entire world, Y/N”. You groaned, head hitting the back of your seat as you reached for the seat belt.

“We’re fine!” Ethan tried to assure you.

“We’re twenty minutes late!” You countered. You’d never liked not being on time, especially for important stuff like this. You knew the team would brush it off and move on, but you were supposed to be planning for a sketch that would be put up on Mark’s channel. You shouldn’t be late for that type of stuff, it was irresponsible.

As you slid out of the passenger side and started to speed walk to the office door, you heard Ethan scrambling behind you.

“Wait! I have an idea!” He said before shoving his hands into your hair and absolutely wrecking it.

“Ethan what the f-”

He pulled his hands away in favor of ruffling up his own hair, smile beaming on his lips. “It’ll be like that meme! You know, the one where one person walks into a room late and says ‘sorry I was doing things’ and the other person comes in and says ‘I was things’. It’ll be great!”

You snorted at his ridiculousness. Oh God. “Okay, you’re not allowed on Tumblr anymore.” You turned away, still laughing under your breath. Ethan grabbed you wrist and dragged you to a stop.

“Y/N! Pleeeaaassseee…” His smile turned into over sized, wet puppy dog eyes that did more to make him look silly than to convince you of anything, but you laughed again.


Ethan jumped up, pumping his fists and rejoicing. You rolled your eyes at him and turned once again. “I’m going in first, though” you call back. Ethan was too busy celebrating to refuse.


As you jogged up the stairs to get to the second floor, you smirked to yourself. You had decided to deviate a bit from Ethan’s plan. You could hear his steps right behind you as you emerged to the top floor and waved to your friends who were all sitting around a table, apparently waiting for the two of you.

“Sorry, guys. I was busy.”

Not even a second later, Ethan struts in behind you with an air of confidence and cockiness. “I was things.”

It’s so blunt that it makes you burst out laughing. Amy follows your lead and after a second the entire group is laughing their asses off. Ethan is spluttering and blushing, eyes wide with mock outrage. “Y/N! We had an agreement!”

“Not really” You manage to choke out before turning to the group. “I really am sorry, though. You know he’s my ride and he has the pretty valid lateness excuse of dogs.” You take your seat in one of the empty chairs next to Tyler, scooting in and reaching over the table to grab a paper with a few ideas scribbled on it.

“That was supposed to be funny.” Ethan grumbles as he plops down in the seat next to you. Smiling, you lean back and put your arm around his shoulders.

“Maybe next time, Things.”


Honestly, this is so hilarious and cute I actually laughed out loud when I read this. How’d you know this was one of my favorite tumblr memes??? Funny story, one time a friend and I were also late to a thing and we pulled this same joke (except we actually made the joke haha) It was great, and the non memelord friends were all shocked while the meme friends were like ayyy I see what you did there. Thanks for sending it in, I really loved this!

You’ll Pass

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Wanda (Platonic!)
Word Count: 476
Warnings: None?

A/N: I kept it short and sweet!

Trudging into the compound, you spot Wanda sitting next to your door.

“How was the mission?” Wanda asks in her accented voice,

“Fine,” you flash her a smile before dramatically rolling your eyes back and poking your tongue out, “I’m so tired,”

“Oh,” her shoulders slump a little and she breaks eye contact, glancing down at her lap,

“What’s up?” you ask, sliding down the hall wall next to her. Wanda was your closest friend in the team; you were friends with everyone, but you and Wanda were much closer in age, making it easier to have things in common,

“I was just wondering,” she rubbed the back of her neck nervously, “I know you’re tired and just returned from a two week long mission… But I’ve asked everybody else and no one is patient enough with me to help me study for the Naturalization Test, and my test is tomorrow and if I don’t pass who knows what Ross and the UN will decide to do with me,” she hurried through her words, making you take a second to make sure you understood everything she said in her thick accent.

Pushing yourself off the floor, you silently groan as your muscles ache, but you ignore them and extend a hand to her, “Come on,”

She grins up at you and practically jumps into your arms. You chuckle as she hugs you tighter.

“Thank you, Y/N!” she squeals in your ear. You were still in your tactical gear, but you let her drag you away from the promise of a hot shower and a soft mattress.

The alarm clock on Wanda’s bedside table clicks as it turns over to reveal it was now 2am, and you had been helping her study for 5 hours now. Wanda groans out, throwing her head back in frustration and running her hands down her face.

“Don’t get discouraged!” you keep an upbeat tone, “You’re doing great, Wanda,”

“Really?” she asks, her eyebrows shooting up in disbelief.

You grin at her as you eagerly nod, “I promise, you’ll pass this test!”

She returns a smile, and lets out a breath of relief, “I can’t thank you enough. I’m just… worried that I’ll get flustered and forget everything,”

You nod, silently telling her you understood, “I went through the exact same worries when I did my test. But trust me, just take deep breaths and don’t rush… And, I mean if you get really stuck, remember, you can read minds,” you wink playfully at her, earning a loud laugh to burst from her lips.

“That’s cheating!” she forces out between laughs,

You shrug your shoulders, “Eh, they’ll never know,”

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Still The One

Request:  Hey! Can you do an imagine where Y/N and Aaron dated for a year during the first magcon and then broke up but they recently became close friends again, and they realise they really miss each other and wanna try dating again? Sorry if it’s confusing lmao

a/n; Aaron is one of my favs, I love him dearly 

Word Count: 533

Pairing: Aaron Carpenter X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Did you want to come to magcon with me?” I read and reread the message from Aaron about a hundred times. Do I want to go? It would feel like a flashback of when we were dating… “Yes, of course!” I replied before I could stop myself. I guess I should get packing…

Aaron’s  P.O.V

Cam laughed as I sat there chewing my lip nervously. I glared at him which only made him laugh harder. My head snapped up when I heard her, “Aaron!” Y/N  shouted running over to me, I smiled at the feeling of holding her in my arms again. No, Aaron, she’s your best friend you can’t think of her like that anymore. “It feels like it’s been forever.” She laughed pulling back, I nodded and watched as she hugged Cam. 

“So are you excited to see the some of the other guys again?” Cam asked her as we walked to the car, I was listening but not speaking as my mind wandered off to the “what if’s”. I shook the thought out of my head, she doesn’t want to date again, does she?

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Of course I’m excited to see them, even the new guys.” I answered Cameron. I looked over at Aaron who looked like he was having an internal battle with himself. “You okay?” I asked making him jump slightly, he tilted his head down to look at me, “Yeah, I’m good.” He answered simply. I shook off his attitude and continued to make conversation with Cam, not knowing what was bothering Aaron. 


It was finally day one of the magcon weekend. I stayed off to the side of where Aaron was meeting fans, some of them recognizing me from when we were a couple and others asking if I could take pictures for them, which I agreed to happily, I love seeing how happy he makes the fans and vice versa. 

“Are you and Aaron back together?” I heard a girl ask from behind me, I put a small smile on my face turning around, “No we’re not.” I answered, “Good.” She remarked flipping her completely over done hair. It looks like she has 100′s of dollars worth of extensions in her hair and makeup on her face. 

“Why is that good?” I asked not dropping her remark. “Why should he be with someone like you?” She sassed back at me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Aaron walking over. He threw an arm around my shoulders pulling me towards him. “How’s everything over here, babe?” He asked me knowing the fan was listening. She closed her mouth and gave me a dirty look before walking off to the next boy in the line. 

“Why did you-” he cut me off, “Y/N.” He said, I closed my mouth and looked at him waiting for him to continue. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, immediately I responded by wrapping my arms around his neck. I heard girls screaming in excitement. I pulled back leaning my forehead against his, “You’re still the one.” He said reading my mind, I nodded a smile covering my face. He’s still the one..



I hear Ashton shuffle into the room, before falling onto the sofa beside me. He spins his body so his head is in my lap, my hand reaches down to lay with his hair. When my phone buzzes, I quickly retract my hand and pick it up, giggling at the text before typing out a response.

“What you laughing at?” Ashton asks, his eyes trained on the TV.

“Michael. He just sent me this joke, want to hear it?” I ask, grinning as another text comes through.

“Maybe later.” he mumbles.

We continue like this for a while, him watching Friends, me texting Michael, until he sighs and gets up.

“Where’re you going?” I ask, lifting my eyes from my phone.

“Kitchen. It’s fine, keep texting Michael.” he tells me, shuffling away.

I place my phone on the coffee table before following him. I stand in the doorway for a second, before going up behind him and wrapping my arms around his waist.

“What’s wrong?” I ask when he turns around, lifting an eyebrow.

“You never text me.” he pouts, causing me to giggle.

“I text you all the time.”

“Yeah when I’m on tour.”

“Because when you aren’t on tour I’m always with you.” I roll my eyes, and he pouts even more.

“But you text Michael.”

“So do you.”

“Just forget it.” he huffs, pulling away and walking back into the living room. I bite my lip in an attempt not to laugh as I follow, grabbing my phone from the table as I take a seat.

You’re cute when you’re jealous ;) x

When Ashton’s phone buzzes, I see the grin that flashes across his features, before he lies back down on my lap as if nothing had happened. A second later, my phone went off again.

I’m not jealous x

Whatever you say Pouty Mc-Pout x

Pouty Mc-Pout?x

Deal with it x


I’m not stupid you know

I read the text before scanning the party, my eyes falling on the boy with red hair.

Really? I thought you were

I tap out the response before smiling at my friend Charlotte, laughing along with her when my phone rings again.

Very funny

I thought so

“Who is it?” she asks, and I turn my phone around to show her. “I thought you were fighting?”

“So did I.” I admit, shrugging slightly. We both looked down as my phone went off again.



Stop acting like you don’t care

I let out a short bark of laughter, passing Charlotte the phone. She rolls her eyes once she’s read the text.

“He’s not serious.” she questions, turning around to look at him. “He stormed out this morning not you.”

“I know.” I mutter, thinking back to the argument we’d had earlier in the day.

“Just don’t reply. If he doesn’t think you care, you might as well act like it.” she shrugged, before finishing her drink. “Now come on. I want to dance.”

We made our way towards the dance floor, laughing as we danced together. I could feel my phone repeatedly buzzing in the pocket of my jeans. Several songs later, a slower one came on, and Charlotte grinned.

“Back to the bar?” she asked, and I nodded. As we took our seats, I pulled my phone out.

So now you’re ignoring me

Seriously Y/N

Okay now you’re being unfair



I’m sorry

I sigh as I read the final text, my eyes raising to once again meet Michael’s. I watch him type something before looking back at me, and I feel my phone buzz.

At least tell me if I can come home tonight

I close my eyes and let out a small sigh, typing out a reply before watching his reaction.

Yeah Mikey, you can come home

I don’t miss the grin that lights up his face, or the butterflies in my stomach at the sight of it.


I softly pad into the bedroom, my hair still damp and clutching my towel around my body. I pick up my phone to check the time, but almost drop it when I see who has text me.


I blink at the message, before locking my phone and putting it down. I dry my hair, before picking my phone back up. I sigh when I realise the message is still there, and type out a reply before I change my mind.

What do you want Luke?

I throw my phone back down, before beginning to get dressed. I’m just pulling my jeans on when I hear my phone chime.

I guess I deserve that

I roll my eyes, but my phone chimes again before I can reply.

Do you think we can talk?

I really don’t think that’s a good idea.


A frustrated groan falls from my lips as I throw my phone on the bed. I angrily pull on a jumper as my mind wanders back to the last time I’d seen Luke. I jumped when my phone signalled I had yet another text.

Okay then, I’ll talk
I’m sorry I left like that. I was scared and I was angry but I was wrong. I lied Y/N. I do love you. I just wanted you to feel how I did. But then it got harder and harder to say sorry and then I left for tour and I kept getting further and further away from you and I know you probably don’t love me any more and that you won’t forgive me but I just need to know if you hate me.

A range of emotions hit me as I read his text. Since Luke had left that day, I’d changed my opinion on him fifty times over. I’d been angry, sad and above all heart broken. But as much as I’d tried, hating him seemed impossible.

No Luke, I don’t hate you.

I typed the text as I wandered down the stairs, heading into the kitchen once it had sent. I’d just poured myself a drink when there was a knock on the door. I put down the glass and exited the kitchen.

I pulled open the the door at the same time my phone chimed again. I quickly glanced down and read it.

Can I come in then?

My head shot up and my eyes locked with Luke’s. I opened and closed my mouth several times, and even considered shutting the door a few times, but remained stock still. Luke smiled slightly, before tapping something into his phone.

We’ll text rather than talk if it helps?

I let a small smile grace my lips despite myself, before replying and taking a step back.



This is ridiculous


I mean it’s so stupid

Very stupid

I just can’t believe it

Me neither (what exactly are we talking about?)

I’ve been here for ages


That is irrelevant, what is important is that I’ve been here longer than I should have been

Well do you know why?

Technical issues

Where are you?


Right! Sorry! Technical issues suck. Bad. They’re very bad.

I know right! At this rate everything is going to be ruined.

Okay now I really need to know where you are

The airport

Why are you at the airport?

Because I’m coming to see you and the stupid plane has been delayed so now I don’t know if I’ll make it in time to see your show




Well that’s because you don’t know how long I’m coming for












My flight was just called, I’m about to board. I’ll see you soon okay? I love you xx

I love you too xx

Shinee Reaction: When you tell them Taemin should be a girl.

I didn’t really understand you’re request, I did it the best I could sorry if it’s bad.


Onew: “For like a concept or something?”

Jonghyun: “You’re reading to many fanfics Y/N.”

Key: “He would make a terrible girl, have you seen how he dresses?”

Minho: *Can’t stop laughing at your comment.*

Taemin: “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”


Another Year and A New Start

Characters: eventual Dean x Reader

Words: 1406

Summary: Another year has come for Dean and the Reader, but Sam and Josh are just starting off.

Part 27 in the Magic Series (Harry Potter AU).  Read Part 3 here, Part 4 herePart 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here, Part 10 here, Part 11 here,Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here, Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here, Part 23 here, Part 24 here, Part 25 here, and Part 26 here.

:) Enjoy!

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