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Six Silver Spoons and Moon Glow by Tom Brown // “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac

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(available to buy here and here)

I feel like they’ve finally reached a point where they’re happy with the new sound. it takes some artists decades to find their true sounds but I think that 5sos has always known what they wanted to sound like but they’ve just been holding back. I’m so incredibly proud and completely astonished at how amazing this album is. I can’t say enough good things about it. thank you Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Luke for putting your hearts out there and showing us your true selfs. Thank you for allowing us to share this beautiful part of your lives with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Castiel with wings (~lee-loves-hotchocolate)

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 I already saw one post with these gifs before, but I need them for future reference, that’s why I put all of them again in one huge post. But… Why not to share it with others?

Photo Shoot

Last night a series of artist prompts crossed my dash and one involved a studio photoshoot and then this happened.

“I’ll give you thirty bucks.”

“Fifty.  Grad school ain’t cheap, princess.”

“Forty.  And you can come over for pizza night and I won’t complain at all.”

Bellamy narrowed his eyes at her.  “You drive a hard bargain.”

Clarke raised an eyebrow.  “Do we have a deal?”

“Forty.  And I get to pick the toppings.”

“Fine.  Seven am tomorrow.  We have to catch the light.”

Bellamy smirked and swept out of the apartment just as Raven returned.  “What was Captain Grump doing here?  Octavia’s at Lincoln’s all weekend.”

“He’s helping with my project.  I need some more morning shots.”  Clarke turned away and fussed with the dishes but she knew Raven was raising a skeptical eyebrow.

“I thought you finished the morning part.  That’s why you woke Wick and I up at the asscrack of dawn last weekend, anyway.”

“I need some solo ones.  And it was at seven am, not the asscrack of dawn.  Don’t exaggerate.”

“Whatever you say.”  Raven left the kitchen and Clarke braced herself on the edge of the sink.  It’s just a stupid photoshoot.  That’s all.  You can handle this.

Bellamy Blake


<I’m at the door but I’m afraid if I knock and wake her up Reyes will kill me.  Come let me in.>

Clarke opened the door and Bellamy followed her to her bedroom.  She’d done all the photoshoots for her series there–Monty and Miller spooning and Harper with her hair spread out around her like a halo at night, and Raven and Wick smiling like goons and sharing a pillow in the morning.  She probably could have asked someone else (Jasper would have done the solo morning shoot and probably for free) but Clarke had been itching to photograph Bellamy.  There was something about the planes of his face and the way light played off his cheekbones that she wanted to see if she could capture.

She closed the door behind her and Bellamy looked around, taking in the lighting rig she’d set up.  “I thought you said this was about natural light?”

“It is.  Well, light that looks natural.  Those are just to compensate for the camera’s weaknesses.  There’s coffee in the mug by the bed if you need it.”

Bellamy nodded slowly and grabbed the hem of his shirt.  “You said I should look how I normally sleep, right?”

“Uh, yeah.”  Clarke pretended to focus on her camera as Bellamy pulled his shirt off.  She knew that was a possibility, but for some reason her cheeks were heating up.  “Just climb into the bed.  The sheets are clean.”

“So I just…pretend to sleep?”

“At first, yeah.  Then we’ll do a few with you awake too.”

Bellamy slid between the sheets.  “Ready when you are, princess.”

Clarke slung the strap around her neck and took a steadying breath.  It’s just Bellamy.  Octavia’s annoying older brother.  Only annoyed didn’t quite describe how she’d started to feel about Bellamy over the course of the last year.  Charmed, maybe.  Intrigued.  A little bit skittish, even.

Clarke pulled her photographer face on and started shooting and for a few minutes, she managed to lose herself in her work.  She stood on a kitchen chair she’d dragged in earlier and took a few shots from above, pausing every so often to give Bellamy some instructions.  He was a surprisingly pliable model (not like Raven, who was sort of a diva) and while the sight of his bare chest peeking out from her crisp white sheets was a little distracting, she held herself together.  And she was right to choose Bellamy–with the way the light streamed through her big windows his skin seemed to glow.  He was breathtaking, quite frankly, and the photos were coming out perfectly.

She did her best not to touch him, but every so often she had to reposition the sheet so it wouldn’t throw an awkward shadow or block the light, and once she brushed back a curl that had fallen over his eyes.  “Was that necessary?” he mumbled, a smile playing with the corner of his lips.

“Yes,” she said sternly, even though she wanted to do it again just to run her fingers through his hair, so surprisingly soft under her touch.

But then she couldn’t put it off any longer.  “Okay, I’m, uh, I’m going to climb onto the bed.  I’ll be kneeling over you to take a few from directly above you, and then we can move on to the waking up photos.”  She climbed onto her bed and balanced herself on her knees, straddling his legs and giggling nervously.  

Bellamy opened one eye.  “You okay?”

“Yeah, this part is a little awkward.  But close your eyes–you’re supposed to be asleep.”  Bellamy did, but she only got a few shots in before a slow smile spread across his face.  “Bellamy,” she hissed.  “You’re supposed to be sleeping.”  She kept shooting, even though they would be worthless, because honestly, that smile was too much.

“Sorry, it’s just–I don’t usually sleep like this.”

“Like what?”

He opened his eyes again, dark and serious.  “With a beautiful woman kneeling over me in bed.”

Clarke’s heart stopped because for a second it sounded like he was flirting.  She recovered and rolled her eyes.  “Sleep,” she ordered, and Bellamy looked at her for just a heartbeat longer, taking in the blush on her traitorous cheeks, and then his eyes fluttered obediently closed.  

She moved her knee to reposition herself but she got tangled in the sheets and lost her balance.  Clarke squawked in surprise as she started toppling over and Bellamy’s eyes popped open as he reached out to catch her.  His hands caught her hips and steadied her before she fell on top of him.  His fingers seemed to burn through her leggings and she stared down at him, the camera between them.  His eyes trapped her as he slowly sat up and lifted the camera strap from her neck.

He pried the camera from her grasp and set it on her nightstand while Clarke stayed frozen in place.  “Bellamy,” she whispered as his lips brushed against hers.

“Clarke,” he echoed back before she opened her mouth and deepened the kiss, taking in the way he tasted like coffee and cupped his hand around the back of her skull.  He twisted them and drew her down, settling into the cradle of her hips while he kissed her leisurely, like they had all the time in the world.  Her hands explored his back and then skimmed across his chest because god she’d wanted to do that for a long, long time.

“I still have to finish the shoot,” she protested half-heartedly while he nibbled at her collarbone.

“I’ll come back tomorrow,” he promised and she tugged his face up to hers.

“I’m only paying you for one shoot, you know,” she teased.

Bellamy leaned back and the sunlight lit up his curls in disarray.  “I still get to pick the pizza toppings though, right?”


He smiled broadly.  “Then you’ve got yourself a deal, princess.”