i really cant wrap my mind around it

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Random question! I'm already bilingual and decided to pick up german about a year ago and it's going good so far, but lately (3 months) I've been slacking and I'm annoyed with myself. I really am good at german and LOVE IT! But the grammar is very hard and I get discouraged lol Because I learned my other language so fast! Has there ever been a point when you felt a language was "too hard"? And how'd you push through it?! I really want to be fluent but I'm so so so frustrated!

i cant tell u the number of times i stayed up crying late at night bc after like 8 months of learning german i still couldnt understand what cases were let alone how to use them or remember the genders of words and realised i had started to plateau due to not being able to wrap my mind around such a crucial part of the grammar. it was around that time though that i finally got the chance to speak to a native for the first time (i had communicated w ppl online previously but i hadnt actually spoken to anyone) and despite the sheer awfulness of my grammar and how incredibly nervous i was he told me my accent was perfect and i just felt this wave of excitement and pride wash over me that i couldnt wait to go home and get stuck into improving my grammar bc i rlly craved that orgasmic feeling of getting complimented on my hard work 🙈

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So like, if the Knife Man really is the twin WHY go after Agni ONLY ? and HOW did the twin know which bedroom it is that Ciel usually stays in at he townhouse ?? wouldn't he have the mind of a BD or a child and walk around a little aimlessly and ignorant ? idk i just cant wrap my head around the twin theory because I know Toboso is really meticulous with her writing

Honestly, Anon, I’m probably the WEIRDEST person to ask if you’re looking for someone to defend 2CT. I will do my best, however, to answer your question.

First, I don’t think Knife Dude is the twin. The most common theory is that the first person who entered, the one with the gun, is the twin. This is because Soma recognized (or thought he recognized) this person, and showed concern.  After he touched the person’s head, they knocked Soma’s hand away they said to not touch them so casually. As pointed out by @akumadeenglish, this is remarkably similar to something Ciel in the past. Then you have Soma’s reaction to seeing Ciel.

However, Soma really only saw the face of the person with a gun while the Knife Dude kept his face hidden.

So, the idea is that the twin is the shooter and Knife Dude is someone else. The most common train of thought is that it is Polarius and is acting as a butler for the twin.

As for you other questions, the real Ciel would have been in the townhouse most likely before he was kidnapped and that room would have been his. As we saw at Weston, Bizarre Dolls are becoming more and more advanced. Agares could act basically normally for the most part. He didn’t speak or move like a child. If real Ciel is a Bizarre Doll, he could have his memories and dreams of the future, so he probably could function. Of course, he would function more like a ten year old boy, which brings us to the writing on the wall.

‘Tummy’ is an odd choice. While working with the purely connotative definition, it’s more juvenile than words like stomach or even belly. This seems more like a question from a child than an adult. This could be a message from real Ciel even if Knife Dude was the one who carved it into the wall. If real Ciel is a Bizarre Doll, his aging would have stopped at 10, so it could explain the language used.

As for going after Agni, I think this was a message to Ciel. This was a brutal murder that happened in his house, and it does seem like this affecting Ciel greatly. Ciel was never the target. I wrote more about that theory in this post.

I hope that answers your question, Anon. If you have any more, don’t hesitate to ask. Have a lovely day!

King and Queen ( Draco x Reader x Harry part.6)

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  Anyway, this is the second to last chapter. The next one will have triple the words, double the drama and romance (since it’s the last one winkwink). Quick spoiler: for those who are really aware of my writing style can already guess the end lmao!


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.

The scent of lavender lingered in your room.

You watched the snowflakes fall outside your big window, letting your mind wander whilst you continued to lay in bed. Draco’s arms were wrapped around your waist, pushing you closer to his hot body, a small, timid smile curling at the corners of your lips from the sweet action. It soon fell, though, when the memories of last night became vivid and equally pleasant – a strange mix of excitement and shame bubbling in your chest. You forgave him, you shouldn’t have, but you did anyway.

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Jongin As A Boyfriend

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- Hugs

- Your hugs with Jongin would always be you walking right into his open arms which usually happened on the days he came home late for practice or the days you visited him at work. You would just melt into his arms and breathe in the familiar scent if cologne he always wore.

- Jongin was a cuddler. A big one. Most of your cuddles would be when you to were sitting down, you on his lap, straddling him, while he holds you close listening to you talk and talk not even interrupting just because he loves your voice.

- Kisses

- Jongin would always catch you by surprise. Like you would just be sitting on the couch watching tv and he’ll turn your face to give you a kiss.

- The kiss wouldn’t usually stop there, so Jongin would pull you into his lap, the movie/series DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN MORE LIKE  behind you both forgotten.


- Sex

- There is only one type of sex with Jongin and that is sex that includes lots of teasing and foreplay.

- Jongin would tease you with his BIG AS FUCK lips kissing down your body slowly as you try to stop the moans from escaping your mouth instead replacing them with deep and heavy breaths as he goes lower and lower.

- Sex would him would last a really, really long time because he’d want to make you orgasm as many times as possible.

- Mornings

- Oh my, morning cuddles with Jongin would just be the best because he’d have extremely messy hair and he would wish you a “good morning” in his deep morning voice before snuggling up to you like a puppy.

- On the times where you woke up first, which was very often, you would go downstairs to make breakfast and halfway through you’d see a topless Jongin walk into the kitchen with a sleepy face, hand in his hair, looking for you because he woke up and you weren’t next to him

- Pet names

- Jongin would be the type of boyfriend to call you beautiful. Your pet name would literally be “beautiful”. The only time where he’d call you by your name was when you two were having a serious moment or during you know what.

- The reason why was because you’d tend to get insecure during the early stages of your relationship cuz damn have you seen Jongin? so he wanted to constantly remind you of how beautiful you were.

- Fights

- Fights with Jongin would be silent arguing. It would be the type of argument where you’ll be taking over each other not letting each other speak.

- If you were in the wrong,keep insisting you were right, Jongin would say “fine forget it” and leave the argument. He’d give you the silent treatment all day until you walked up and sat next to him on the sofa.

- Wrapping your small arms around him, placing your chin on his shoulder, you’d mumble an “I’m sorry” and he’d direct his attention to you. He’d respond by cupping your cheeks and kissing your forehead.

- “How can I stay mad at my beautiful?”

- Dates

- Jongin wouldn’t mind going anywhere really, as long he’s with you.

- He would keep the PDA to the minimum because he’s scared to kiss you.

- like I said, this shit would grab your butt a lot, you see. He cant keep his hands of you.

To summarise, Jongin is a cute little sweetheart that works really hard for the EXO-L’s You’re the only person that keeps him sane and he loves you very much!

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So I got this request before Kaistal and now it’s a thing and Im just picturing them throughout this whole scenario cuz they’re so cute together! I would want to request that everyone please don’t / stop sending hate to Krystal for stealing your man,like he isn’t yours. He’s a grown man who can do whatever he wants. He shouldn’t be told who to love and who not to love. Jongin has done so much for the EXO-L’s and he deserves to be supported. 

On a lighter note, Ive decided to open the smut request so ask away!

Please leave requests in my ask box.BTS or EXO only my loves!


I Was Going To Name This After You But Your Name Fits It Too Well

It’s hard to try to learn to breathe again when the weight of the ocean is sitting on my chest and fills my lungs with your name and i cant cough it up.

And its hard to breathe with the hands i still want to hold wrapped around my neck and even though i once and still want them there around my throat i can feel my windpipe collapsing

And even though there’s beauty in black and blue i cant fucking breathe.

You planted a garden in my mind but i was wrong and its really weeds and its cancerous and its spread to my lungs and now I’m suffocating.

The butterflies from the garden you planted moved to my stomach and its unfortunate that the most beautiful things in nature are the most poisonous

And even though there’s now a drought the flowers have dropped their seeds and theyre not going to decompose and 




you come back they grow back stronger and bigger than before and even harder to kill and i know you’re going to come back a hurricane and i know the flowers are craving the rain. 

They’re not going to ever die and i don’t think i want them to.