i really cant wait to see you in person!


taylorswift you might remember my boyfriend and I from the video you reblogged of us jamming to WANEGBT!!


We cant wait to show you our lip dub goals in person. IM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU AGAIN AND I REALLY HOPE I CAN GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST HUG


babymorocco asked:

honestly james i love you work so so much, i cant wait to see your collection!

ahh thanks! it’s cool cuz lately iv really been feeling like i have a voice & identity within the “fashion industry” & not just another person making clothes which has always been a struggle for me as a designer.

nice to know people are looking forward to what’s next.

marysburgerbackpack asked:

i hope you get a salon chair soon!!!! i cant wait to see pics of how cute you make your station, and all your adorable clients :3 you seem like the kind of person to encourage a 40 year old mother of twins to pursue her dreams and get the multicolored haircut she's always wanted

Thank you! I would lol! 

and Im probably not going to have my own station, I’m not really looking to rent a station right now because I don’t have enough money to start off with

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(i think your blog is very beautiful~ i cant wait to see more from you!)

Oh gosh! Hello beautiful person. Thank you so much for this? It really, really, really, does bring a smile to my face to hear that. To know that you took the time to message me this note? As simple or effortless as it may seem to you, it strikes a really meaningful cord with me. Thank you  thank you thank you aaaaAAAAAAAAAAA!!! 

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Hello my darling! how are you? I see you blog about me all the time and I find it really cute hehe. I really hope you're doing well. I can't wait to see you and give you hugs again because I really miss you. Love you lots! -Minghao

AHHHH You find it cute? c: rlly ? c: i cant wait to see u in person just thinking about it gives me butterflies and tears. :c aw AWW ILY BB.

Send me love letters from my bias? c: (i wouldnt mind ones from mingYU TOO)

So coming out to one of my closest mate was probably the most scariest thing i had ever had to do. Like to come out to her and be like “hey bruvva im actually a transguy and my name is Paxton i hope you dont see me differently im still the same person still ur boi just that i am a man now and will be transitioning over hope we are still mates and you accept me” is like the most scariest thing ever. Cant count the amount of anxiety attacks i had when i had to wait for her reply. She knew me before my transition and has always known me as my birthname and it was the toughest talks i had to do. It really fucked me up tho but it turned out ok.

Hi! Hahaha feel ko ang galing ko.hahaha #techy
I love you!thank you for your time today. Cant wait to see you everyday in the same house in the same room on the same bed hahaha last person I see when I go to sleep, first person I see when I wake up.ohmahgah <3 am I invading your space im sorry.not sorry really.hahaha You know there are times when I just stare ate you?haha napapansin ko sarili ko parang kanina nung nanuod tayo ng lucy hahah O.O  Chill dates tho laaavet Im watching neighbors now damn it. Hahahha We’re gonna live happily in our condo .living together and shit being sweet and couple-y.haha Youre the best thing that ever happened to me I swear to god hahah no ragrets!best decision I ever made.mallowbat ka na.hahha

Bakit to nakasave hahahhaha byee

—  141214 she left this in my lappy last year.
please please don’t change…

anonymous asked:

just wanted to drop in and say i was really hesitant to start reading opia because more fantasy centered au's aren't usually my thing and the rating was teen & up (i really like some smut what can i say heheh) but hooooly shit. this book (its a fucking beautiful book okay) has completely smashed any expectations i had because it is SOOO freaking awesome. seriously, your writing is amazing and I'm loving everything about this story & cant wait too see what happens next!

!!! THIS MESSAGE MADE ME SEE STARS. see, though i actually like urban fantasy, most of the time i just dislike fantasy as a genre?? so i 100% get your hesitation. so i’m really happy with how much you like it?? :OOO THIS IS JUST SO FJSKLFDJS honestly this makes me so, so happy. thank you so much for this. i hope your day’s been super super super fucking great u beautiful person u flawless human being who makes people smile a lot. (▰˘◡˘▰)


hey brobe.

todays not very exciting, i have work son and you’re at a friends. its nice though, knowing you’re having fun and stuff yknow? itd be nice to BE part of that fun but thats okay.

im glad to have you in any capacity. youre truly a great support system and cheering up on my grumpier days. im so excited to see what you grow to be throughout uni. youre so bright. gonna do so great in school and jobs after.

really though i cant wait to get you here. i wanna sneak up and scare you and honk the butt and go to movies together. plus can you imagine the CHEESEYNESS in person? magical ;)

i love you a lot.


A very happy birthday to my partner in crime, the only person I’ll wingman for, sister from another mister, tag team drinker, jam sesh duo and the all around funniest person I know. From walking to Thirsty at five am for lost phones or staying in to watch and play the Frozen drinking game I think it’s safe to say that there’s never a dull moment in this friendship. We bring out both the best and worst in each other and I don’t think anyone else can really handle us. You’re the perfect weird to compliment my crazy and no matter what we will always be a blast. I love you with all my heart and CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU TONIGHT. I know we are old people now and won’t be living across the hall from each other at school like always this year but hey, I can dig a nice drive to Connecticut any time. Happy birthday bishhhh, it’ll always be #hollysfault 😘 @hollyberlandy

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I just got on and saw the update for through horus eyes and oh my god I'm so happy. I really enjoyed this chapter and getting to see more of the pharaoh. I cant wait for the next update!

Thank you for your nice message Anon! ^^

I really enjoyed writing the last chapter and I think it turned out quite well. I’m glad you liked it!!

Writing more about Pharaoh and his personality was important for me, especially at this point of the story. I wanted to show that he is not the annoying and severe parental figure who disapproves of everything his child does, but a wise and tolerant person who has a lot on his mind and only wants his son’s happiness, and I hope I got it through. :)


i get to go to nyc for my birthday and im legit so friggin excited bc ive never ever been and ive always wanted to and i am just so excited. its a little iver a month away, so ive got some time, but it just became for sure today. my nana is taking me and we are flying first class and everything i cant wait. have any of you guys been and if so any reccomendations?? any must sees or places to eat? i would really appreciate it!!

cant wait to feel like a normal person again. i used to see nothing wrong with or at least not stress over a breakfast like this. now its like hey do u really want to lose everyone around you?