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Reverse holocaust?

So my boss (a 40 something, straight, loves mansplaining man) came into the office yesterday afternoon and started talking to me. And he was trying to explain to me that every war is based in economics, that racism doesn’t exist, and shit like that and wouldn’t even let me talk. 

Now bear in mind, I am a 22 year old lesbian and JEWISH woman and he just says: “And look at world war 2, I mean I know the holocaust was terrible but if [the nazis] hadn’t done anything the tables would have turned. We we going towards a reverse holocaust” (translated from what he said in spanish obviously) 

“a reverse holocaust” 

“a reverse holocaust”

“a reverse holocaust”

“a reverse holocaust” 

My boss told me that the dirty jews were planning to kill everyone because they supposedly had more money or some shit. 

I tried to talk to him about it but he kept changing the topic and wouldn’t let me speak. 

Oh my G-d, I can’t wait until I get the hell out of my internship and get my diploma. 

Happy day of birth to the coolest dude in existence danny !! Hes the sweetest and most charismatic person ever and truly cares for people. We are all proud of how far hes come and cant wait to see whats next I leave you with one of my fav dan gifs

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To: Im YoungMin

I would like to sincerely thank you for allowing me to get to know you. You’ve shown how selfless, humble, hardworking and talented you are throughout the show. 

Although, you didn’t make it in, I hope you hold on and don’t think you’re lacking or unfit to debut. If there’s one person I wholeheartedly think deserves to debut and can make it in this industry, it’ll be you. 

I  will wait for you and support you no matter what for a very long time. I will also never regret choosing you as my one pick because seeing how you are as a person and your determination throughout the show is just something I cant help but really admire. 

Anyways, throwback to the time I accidentally came across this video and  got captivated by  your smile  and made me decide to watch Produce 101 so just I can see you more.

I seriously thank you for getting me into pd101, a show I was against  and for allowing me  to know so many amazing people .


The interview!!! Can we just talk about it?! Lauren was so honest showing us more of her incredible mind that I personally really appreciate and fall for, her way of words is so damn good, the way she expresses herself in words is amazing, I love her mind, she make me open my mind, see things in different way then I used to see.
I’m glad I google “Fifth harmony” three years ago and get to see 5 beautiful girls with amazing mind and personalities, I’m glad to see them growing up and experience more in their life and in their music (cant wait for 5H3 and CC1 bajaba).
Also Lauren’s photos nabshsjsjsbsbHSHSHBSSB I THINK IM PREGNANT!!!

Nina Bo’nina Brown...Andre Charles

Nina Bo’nina Brown finally had to sashay away and it disheartening. She was/is my Spirit Animal. I to suffer from Depression, so I understood how her brain operates. What would piss me off is how the other queens would roll there eyes when Nina would just speak how she feels and what was on her mind. People who have never dealt with depression feel that compliments magically makes self doubt disappear. I wish it was that simple. I just think people need more education on it because voicing your annoyance is just making the person really feel like you hate the that much more. 

I just understood her. Nina obviously has gone through somethings which why she is the way she is. She is hilarious, down to earth, beautiful and has the most amazing make up talent (the bitch was a mouse, a cheetah, a rabbit, and a fucking peach!!)but once she upgrades from the corset and mary j blidge boots she would really be a force!!! I cant wait to see what she brings to the drag world once she is fully realized.

Goodbye to my personal fan favorite of season 9 and i hope to see you perform in Atlanta

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sTAPH OMG NO WAIT GIVE ME A MOMENT– MY FACE CAN ONLY HANDLE SO MUCH SMILING ALL IN ONE NIGHT JKFGJKDRGJKDJK SERIOUSLY!!  AAH– TH A NKYOUUUuuuU I’m actually kindda really flustered rn omg am I really worthy of such a nice message I cant fathom i’M rEALLY happy to see others share the same ships/fandoms I’m head deep in rn lmao aaahhhH ; ; mAY YOUR DAYS BE AS EQUALLY BLESSED TY AGAIN 

what i think when i see the members:

taeil: “smol soft kitty that wears big sweaters i want to hug himmm :[”

hansol: “his eYES are so sOFT his fACE IS SOFT

johnny: “im so glad this guy exists i mean hes a meme and a dork and hes real chill just lookit this guy wOAH WAIT WHERE DID THOSE GUNS COME FROM–”

taeyong: “ty track, ty track, oh why art thine eyes so soft, ty track”

yuta: “*softly* dont…”

kun: “?” “…” “!!”


ten: “gosh his face is so nice. i wonder if he will ever dye his hair…”



jungwoo: “his EYES R SO SPARKLY!!!1!11!”

yukhei: “holy FUCK this kid is so fucking TALL what the FUCK he looks so squishy and CUTE literally what the actual FUCK

mark: “hes… so… bEAUTIFUL… and… aDORABLE”

renjun: “;^; dont worry sweetie ill buy you all the moomin merch you want and some good paper to draw and paint on and also what kind of sweets do you like ill get you some sweets if you want TT^TT”

jeno: “jenoooooOOOOOOOjenojenojenojenoJENO Y A S! H Y P E!”


jaemin: “woahhh hes really cute oml gosh i miss him :[ i hope hes doin okay :[ i cant wait for him to come back and slay with talent and personality tHAT I NEVER GOT TO APPRECIATE PROPERLY BC I WASNT REALLY IN THE FANDOM TILL JANUARY–”

chenle: “eyyy wassup chenle my dude hows things howsit goin on over there? i see u been growin and now u aint smol anymore :’]”

jisung: “i want to adopt him. look at this shy duckling. have you seen him dance? have you heard his voice? its really very nice. hes growing up so fast but so well :’] everyone must be so proud. i know i am :’]”

So there's a Black girl debuting in kpop

Her name is Alexandra Reid and she’s an added member in the group Rania. I wish her all the luck and congratulations!

What worries me are the Koreaboos… Y'all know they’re going around direct tweeting people like Jay, Zico, and Rapmon/BTS the article? Like what are they supposed to do, make her hotline bling? They really need to stop thinking every kpop rapper has got a fetish (or in their minds “interest”) in Black girls, especially these problematic ones. Anyways, They’re literally trying to pimp her out. That angers me. I’m getting second hand embarrassment from the people making her their “maybe I’ll actually get the chance to go meet Oppa" Mascot. It’s gross and embarrassing. There are already people going “i cant wait to see all the male idols, and how they’re gonna act round her!” (Yes I’m talking to you people over at kmusicmeetsblackwomen). You Koreaboos need to chill with that. You’re letting the fanfic fantasies and fetishes get the best of you and that can really harm someone, in this case, that’s Alex.

Today, July 9th, is the lovely, beautiful, strong. talented, caring @inktae‘s birthday. so first of all let’s go all send her a lot of love cos she deserves every little single drop of it :’)

And secondly, of course I have a lil message just for you under the cut, Mari <3

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fav physical feature and personality characteristic of johhny?

dang ok,, i really like his eyes? like not tryna be weird but almond shaped eyes are so pretty, and he kind of looks cat like? Like really elegant u know? and his eyes aren’t SUPER dark brown (not that it’s ugly bc my eyes are so brown u cant see my pupil and i think im BEAUTIFUL yay self esteem) but theyre like a light brown? Like theyre so pretty i would MELT

PERSONALITY,,,, OKAY,,, ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGT OKAY OKAY OKAY ,,, i REALLY like everything, its so hard. Hes very polite and considerate, and nothing PISSES me off more than when im super nice to people, and they dont bother to show manners or even say thank you back, like if theyre mama didnt raise them right. Like hes the type of person to wait til you go inside your house to drive off, or offer their own bed to you when you sleep over rather than making you sleep on the coach or floor, “are you hungry?” “are you thirsty?” but feeds u anyways cause ur probably shy. he seems like the type that doesnt argue, like tell me WHEN hes ever raised his voice in annoyance? (Like the knly time hes ever yelled was when he said “DON’T!!” to Ten when he wanted to touch the chocolate with his hands, and even then it wasnt loud or mean) Like he just deals with it, but hes also not a pushover? NCT Life in Chiangmai taught use hes the middle ground, the Peace Please Dad, Hes a MAN!! you dont get a lot of those these days :“)

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I cant see if you're taking request or not(if not i'm sorry for the bother and completely ignore this) but I was wondering if you could write a RFA + V and Seran react to a MC who is super scrappy? Like they'd never want to fight the RFA or anything but when it comes to other people they are just ready to go?

yes because literally me i am always on the verge of FIGHTING WORDS


  • him and MC were running some errands together
  • MC was driving
  • they were trying to turn out of the store parking lot
  • for some odd reason, though, the car in front of them wouldnt budge
  • “what the hell….”
  • MC leaned forward to try to figure out what was going on
  • “everything okay there?”
  • without answering Yoosung or even looking at him, MC lays into the car horn
  • Yoosung is so surprised he nearly jumps out of the car
  • “why did you-”
  • he’s interrupted by MC slamming their palm into the car horn, holding it there for a good five full seconds before Yoosung literally reaches over and pries their hand away from the steering wheel
  • “why on earth are you doing this??”
  • “that ass hat in front of us is blocking traffic just because the lane they want to turn into is full!!”
  • they go to honk the horn again but Yoosung throws his body in front of the wheel
  • MC rolls down their window
  • “please dont-”
  • “hey, get your ass out of the road!!”
  • Yoosung watches in horror as the driver in the car in front of them flashes MC their middle finger
  • “oh, i know they did not just-”
  • MC reaches for the car door and opens it
  • the door is halfway open when Yoosung throws himself onto MC, wrapping his arms all the way around them
  • “please get back in the car!!”
  •  he was pleading with everything he had in him, while MC struggled against his hold
  • Yoosung squeezed them as tightly as he could, desperate to keep them in the car
  • “Yooung im gonna puch em”
  • “no!!! no you cant!! please!!!”
  • “ill do it”
  • “MC!!! no!!!”
  • finally Yoosung is able to pull MC back into the car and he makes them switch seats with him


  • “i cant believe this”
  • Zen was sitting on the couch when he got a text from the director of the show he was working on, saying he was going to have to come in for extra rehearsal time that week
  • Zen leans back, groaning
  • “whats up?”
  • MC sat beside him, placing a hand on his thigh
  • he told them about the rehearsals
  • as soon as the words leave his mouth MC practically leaps off of the couch
  • “are you fucking serious right now?!”
  • Zen basically

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  • “its…its not that serious, babe..”
  • “of course its that serious!! whats your directors number?”
  • Zen cant help but crack a smile
  • “hey, whats so funny?? i’m gonna call that ass hole and give him a piece of my mind!!”
  • Zen breaks out into laughter
  • he just cant help it
  • MC is so cute when they’re mad
  • MC’s entire face is bright red
  • “yea? you think this is funny? im trying to help you, yknow!!”
  • MC stomps out of the room
  • Zen, you fucked up
  • better go make it up to them


  • MC is the worst when they’re out shopping
  • and dont even get Jaehee started on black friday
  • she shudders just remembering the night
  • MC and her were at a department store when they saw a sweater they thought would be perfect for Yoousng
  • just as they walked over to grab it, a man snatched the last sweater right out from under them
  • “hey, ugly!! i was gonna grab that sweater!”

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  • as soon as Jaehee heard MC yell at him she knew some shit was going down
  • she was going to have to practically hold MC back
  • Jaehee steps in between MC and the man
  • “sweetheart, relax. its just a sweater-”
  • “if you want it so badly, come and get it!”
  • Jaehee sighs as she hears the man retort from behind her
  • why…why are you egging MC on….dont you know how they are..?
  • dont you know i have to calm them down?
  • she acts as a barrier between MC and the man
  • Jaehee forces herself into MC’s line of sight and places one hand softly on their cheek
  • “hey, look here. look right here”
  • “but, the sweater-”
  • “no fighting in Macy’s, alright? i wouldnt be like this if we were in walmart but if you dont mind, lets all get along while we’re in Macy’s. deal?”
  • MC laughs and agrees to chill their scrappy-ness


  • he was at his desk mulling over some documents when his desk phone started ringing
  • “Jumin Han speaking”
  • the sound of the woman who works at the front desk came on over the phone
  • “theres someone here who wants to see you, Mr. Han. when i told them they couldnt see you without an appointment and they started raising their voice….i called security but they insisted i call you…”
  • Jumin can barley hear MC’s voice in the background of the call
  • “Jumin!! make them let me in!!”

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  • MC’s getting themselves into trouble again…
  • how cute
  • “let them up”
  • “Mr. Han, are you sure?”
  • “yea. i’m dating them so dont worry about it”
  • when MC gets into his office, their hair is messy 
  • he smiles smugly and stands, adjusting his tie
  • “dear, you cant keep coming in here and pissing off my secretaries”
  • “how was i supposed to know Jaehee wasnt gonna be there today?!”
  • they cross their arms and pout
  • Jumin wraps MC in a hug
  • “anyhow, i’m glad to see you”


  • Sevens main problem is that when MC starts throwing out threats he doesnt understand how serious they are
  • MC will be threatening to punch someone in the face and he’s just like 
  • “yea get her!! destroy that jack ass!! she should know better than to cut us in line!”
  • but when MC really throws a punch at the person who just cut them in line waiting to get into a movie theater..

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  • Seven panics
  • “MC, you cant do that!!!”
  • “why not? a second ago you were all for it”
  • Seven grabs MC’s shoulders and pulls them close so their faces are only inches apart
  • “MC, thats assult”
  • they roll their eyes and scoff
  • “well you should have told me that before i decided to punch the ass hole”
  • Seven is ?????
  • that doesnt even make sense???
  • it all happened so suddenly??
  • how was he suppoesd to know that MC was going to punch someone?
  • he will never make this mistake again


  • V has developed the perfect was to calm MC down
  • every time they get overly feisty
  • especially in public
  • he knows exactly what to do
  • V will grab both of MC’s hands and lace their fingers together so they cant just rip their hands away from him
  • he holds their hands out halfway in between both of them
  • “V, i dont need to-”
  • “MC, you’re getting angry again. just do this with me and you’ll feel better”
  • they sigh but play along reluctantly
  • V lifts the pinky of his left hand and taps MC’s hand with it
  • they tap his hand with their pinky
  • then the ring finger
  • then the middle
  • then index
  • then thumb
  • V taps their hand with his right thumb
  • the follow his lead, tapping his hand one finger at a time
  • “feel better yet?’
  • “no”
  • he repeats the process
  • this time when they’re done, he leans forward and kisses MC on the nose
  • “how about how?”
  • “i suppose i feel calmer now…”
  • V smiles brightly at MC, then twirls them around
  • “good!”


  • you really dont want to get him and MC mad
  • because they’re both scrappy
  • they’ll both fight you
  • Saeran is literally not allowed to take MC to bars anymore
  • like, they cant go into the bars in town
  • those two together are like a walking bar fight waiting to happen
  • once MC was sitting at the bar and someone offered to buy them a drink
  • “i already have a drink, but he doesnt”
  • MC pointed, and when the person turned around Saeran was waiting to punch him in the face
  • they were like a dream team, but for scrappy fighting
  • like…a nightmare team
  • once they came home to Seven bruised and battered, Saeran even had a black eye
  • they tried to walk in unnoticed but as soon as the door closed behind them Seven turned on the lights, revealing that he was standing right by the light switch the whole time
  • “where have you two been? i havent even been able to sleep ive been worried sick!!”
  • “Seven, you never sleep anyway”
  • “thats not the point, mister!!”
  • Seven walks closer and starts man-handling Saerans face
  • “what heavens happened to you two?? you look like youve been run over by a pick-up truck!!”
  • “bar fight. and will you stop talking like that?”
  • “bar fight…..did you win?”

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  • Saeran and MC give each other that look, then MC answers Seven
  • “hell yea we won”


look at the face izuku is making… look at how long-suffering and deadpan… look at him…. i cant believe we’ve been blessed with a glimpse at izukus true personality…thank u horikoshi…. ill never forget…

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Just want to say that I think Salvaged is a fantastic fic. The story is so heartfelt and it makes me happy to see anxiety portrayed so well and talked about so openly, and how there is honest discussion about how to live with it, instead of just trying to deny its there. Its easy to see how much you love the characters in your writing and I cant wait to read more!

!!!!! Yes! Like, Saitama does try to hide it, for the most part. He tries to just live with his anxiety and depression, and he’s coping but is he really living. But when he sees Genos going through the same thing, it’s like, hell no. It’s hard for Saitama to seek help for himself, but for someone else, he can’t stand by and do nothing. Even though, this is a really personal and difficult thing for him and means gutting himself open in the process.

And we haven’t touched on his depression yet in the fic, but I’ve outlined it and when I did I spent the night crying, lol. orz

i see a lot of theatre aus and sports aus, but where are all the marching band aus??? you could do so much with marching band! for example-

- “we’re in different bands but we met at a competition but since you live across the state i can only see you at competitions, but damn if youre not the cutest and sweetest person ive ever met. i cant wait until the next competition so i can see you again"

- “you hit me with your trombone every single time we go into this set but goddamn im not going to complain b/c youre attractive af"

- “youre the drum major and ive never given you a second thought but now that i have to watch you all the time i have to admit youre really damn cute"

- “we’re in competing bands from the same city and our bands are rivals but damn you’re really cute"

- “we have to run stair laps /again/ because you never stop talking, but its worth it because i get to hear you talk to me”

- “i always hit you with my flag in this set but this time i accidentally hit you in the face and gave you a bloody nose and i feel really bad about it. ill come with you to the bathroom to clean up… how about i buy you lunch to make up for it?”

- “we’re on a band trip and every one else went to subway or panda express and you and me are the only ones in this restaurant… want to eat together?”

- “we have to share a seat on the bus and as much as i hate sharing its so cute the way you mouth along to your music, and- oh my god did you just fall asleep on my shoulder??”

- “we’re on the bus for eleven hours and i can tell youre having trouble getting comfortable to fall asleep… if you want you can use me as a pillow”

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im awake 😊 i want you to know i think youre beautiful and you have a really delightful personality. i cant wait to see more of your wonderful crochets too!! they make me so happy, just like you 😌💕

ahh that makes me so happy 🙈☺️ thank u!! rn i’m crocheting a seagull and a cardigan

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heyo!!! i feel like what anon was trying to say is your art seems to have same face syndrome??? i mean personally, i can tell what character is which when i see your drawings, but they all do have very similar facial features. i have seen you improve with it though, especially within the last month. i would recommend watching some videos on how to fix it tho! (H.C. Brown made a really good video of it on yt.) anyways, i hope this helped or smth dhvbdhvbdf, i cant wait to see u improve!!<33

FWHJA I do watch those videos and I’m like. trying 2 study different face shapes and personally, I think its going p good??

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Hi Melly! I know you're very busy and very important, I was just wondering I've seen you and Chris talk about media shading zigi and chiam and link Ziam together while doing so. Do you think this is a positive or negative thing or where do you see this leading to because I've never seen anything like this before, so I'm not totally sure what's happening? Hope you're having an amazing day! xoxox


i’ll have you very know that i am working from home today and look like Gilda Radner. I am decidedly unglamorous and important today, buuuut i lobe you for saying so! 

I was honestly having this very discussion with @paynegerouslyinlove last night. He and I agree on a lot of things, but the one thing we don’t agree on is Ziam  existing in a glass closet anytime soon (he’s my much more reasonable half). 

Here’s the thing - I can’t and won’t predict whether or not Ziam will ever officially come out. that’s for them to decide and it would be something they did for themselves. It has zero to do with myself and my tacky work from home pajamas. But I do think Ziam will eventually exist in a glass closet, and watching both of their het images fall apart as rapidly as they have while being continuously linked to each other this past year and a half, I have to wonder if that’s where we’re headed at a much more rapid pace. 

Ziam has arguably risen this past year and a half,  between Popbitch outright saying that Zayn and Liam live together in Woking and that Zayn left the band to be with Liam, to the We Love Pop article, to the dozens of publications that have called out Cherliam & Zigi. 

What’s absolutely wild is that Zayn and Liam haven’t been seen in public in 16 months, yet media and public interest is arguably higher than it’s ever been when Zayn was actually in the band. Both Zayn and Liam have beards, but both their bearded relationships have been called out and mocked by the media savagely and at a rate that’s honestly not normal in the slightest. 

I’ve always thought that Zayn’s callouts to Liam in his print narratives, as well as their sparse interaction on social media, was a negotiated concession so A) they could be eventually seen publicly out together and have a plausible reason for it, and B) That Liam would serve as the natural bridge to a public reconciliation between Zayn and One Direction. But maybe there’s more to it than that. 

In the past year and a half, here are some of the noteworthy headlines and blurbage tied to both Zayn and Liam (for a more complete listing of Ziam media linkages, click here):


When one bro kisses another bro

Isn’t it Bromantic

It’s hard to say where this is going, but you cant ignore how heavy the volume of media linkages between the two of them are. As to whether or not it’s a positive thing, it really all depends on perspective and what the strategy that’s being instituted by their team is. I personally think it’s a positive, because it normalizes the idea of Ziam to the general public, which I think is part of the purpose of all the media linkages. Feel free to slap me with a trout, but I’m going to give the non-answer of “We have to wait and see,” because what comes next is anyone’s guess. 

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yo, im super shy so im gonna say this anonymously, but i wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me and i love your art so so much! Its so nice and fesjsm!!! and i dont know your life or if you're going through something hard, or everythings going great, but i just wanted to let you know that you seem like such a fun person, and you seem really sweet and im probably not the first person to say this, but id love to be able to talk to you one day!! I cant wait to see what you create next!


BUT THIS IS ONE OF THE SWEETEST MESSAGES IVE GOTTEN EVER!!!!!!!!! i appreciate this so much u dont even know ;____; thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart anon!!! ❤❤❤