i really cannot stop myself

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AJ Styles/OC: You and AJ are best friends and came to the WWE together. One day, he playfully spanks you when you finish a match, only to find out it turns you on. Smut. Requested by @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues

I hate myself, there’s a daddy kink bc I really, truly cannot stop myself, can I? Lmaooo. It’s a real problem. Kill me.

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  • Me: I cannot wait to get home and watch Prison Break. I love that show so much it is the highlight of my day
  • Me while watching Prison Break: Why the fuck am I watching this. This show gives me too much anxiety. I really need to stop putting myself through this.
  • [episodes ends]
  • Yay! Cannot wait to watch the next one!
  • Me while watching the next one: Why the fuck am I watching this. This show gives me too much anxiety. I really need to stop putting myself through this.

Sometimes I wish it had been Inuyasha who had chosen to stay and live in Kagome’s world. 

He wouldn’t have had work experience very much but he’d be insistent on making money so he’d somehow get a job working at Starbucks or Wacdonalds and he’d make friends with young adults who were involved in street trouble and he’d force them all to stay out of gangs and encourage them to be firefighters or something. Eventually he’d move up to be manager of a store somehow or assistant manager but he’d sorta be like Gordan Ramsay in his dictation. (YUKI, IF I HAVE TO TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME TO SPRINKLE THE CINNAMON ON TOP OF THE FRAP LIKE SO *delicately shakes cinnamon bottle* I WILL KICK YOUR ASS SO FAR INTO THE GROUND YOU’LL BE SEEING NARAKU) (Who’s Naraku?)(SHADDUP!)

He gets noticed by a famous photographer and graduates from being a small store manager to being a part-time model. (YOU WANT ME TO TAKE WHAT OFF? HELL NO. KAGOME WHAT IS THIS?) *Kagome sighing a lot*

While playing soccer on the field with Sota and some friends he gets recruited immediately to play for Japan’s team. 

They make it to the finals at FIFA.

The night of the match is the new moon. 

It’s a huge struggle but they win and he still manages to make MVP.

His whole team rushes to pick him up and hug him but he just runs to stands and scales it Ninja Warrior Style to give Kagome a kiss.

They have a lot of money so Kagome can stay at home, but she chooses to work anyway, at a museum, big artifact and history nerd

Inuyasha chooses to retire early because he wants to spend more time at home with the baby. (You’re a big sap)(*turns to look at his wife with makeup all over his face and bows all over his hair, his daughter giggling* SHADDUP)

Mama Higurashi finally gets her puppy-eared kids.

Happy Ever After. 


Sometimes I just wish things, guys.