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EXO Reaction To Moving In With Their Girlfriend To Find Out She Still Has  A Box Of Her Ex’s Things

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Anonymous said:

Could I request EXO helping their girlfriend move into their new place, and finding she still has a box of her ex’s stuff that she moved with her and put into their room? Thank you <3  

*I made this a 3 part reaction for all of them so instead of making two posts for EXO-K and M, after Luhan the rest of the OT12 reactions are under the cut. I got carried away* 

Xiumin: *when he’s moving in with you*

Xiumin: I am glad we decided to do this! Now I’ll always be able to see you!

You: Please, I know you’re just happy that you’re away from the mess of eight other guys…

*when he finds the box*

Xiumin: Ok, what does this mean about our relationship? I understand trying to keep pieces of your past but she is with me now…Doesn’t that mean that she doesn’t have to keep this?

*when he talks to you about it*

Xiumin: *being mature* Hey Y/N, I found a box of your ex’s stuff and I will respect your right to keep it but could you please explain why you have it? Or at least tell me if you still have feelings for him?

Luhan: *when he is moving in with you*

Luhan: *you’re moving into his apartment* Oh this is going to be fantastic! We can do whatever we want, every night *pervhan is my favorite Luhan*

*when he finds the box*

Luhan: What is this doing here? This has to be her ex’s…and here I was thinking her moving in with me was a sign she was really getting over him…What if she still has feelings for him and that means our days are numbered?

*when he talks to you about it* *you actually walk in on him with the open box*

You: Luhan? Why are you looking at that?

Luhan: I thought it was your clothes or something. Why do you have a box of your ex’s stuff?

You: I couldn’t get rid of it for a long time but when I met you, I forgot I had it…

Luhan: Oh, ok! *relieved*

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