i really can't with this boy

A little reflection on Priya

So I’ve been thinking, and I was bored, so I would like to talk with you guys about Priya. 

You know what? She’s not a bad person. She’s used to travelling, she’s used to having to make friends. I have friends that have been traveling a lot and it makes them very social in unbelievable levels, really. I don’t think Priya is romantically interested in any of the boys, neither are the boys romantically interested in her. I don’t think she has bad intentions like Deborah. I mean she just came in, she knows nothing about no one, she’s not just gonna come in, and be like: “ Hey, who’s that girl that showed me where my class is and took time to show me the shop? I’m so gonna take that girl down” 

We’re all seeing this story from Candy’s POV. See this girl? She’s just recently realized her feeling for one guy. And here comes this girl. Prettier, more social, and doing the same things as her, but better ( like for searching for Lys’ notebook for example ). It brings out Candy’s insecurities. Now, what if the guy she likes gets eventually more interested in Priya then her, since she’s basically Candy - better version. well that’s what she thinks at least.

Now, WE on the other hand are frustrated because Priya took our guys’ friendship like it was nothing. When WE had to buy them stuff, help them in unbelievable amount of problems, had to earn their trust in lots of ways. Yeah, well, I think the boys will be more interested in us in the 28th episode. Because Priya however she is, wasn’t there for Castiel and Nath’ when they needed it, when we were. And I don’t think they forgot about that. We hold a special place in their hearts and, guess what? We’re still the more special here, and it’s still our story. Priya’s venue has been frustrating, yes, but I think that as times go by, her and us will be good friends ^^

When Paul and Linda McCartney came over to the Bellagio house one night, the party began cheerfully enough, with the usual array of friends, band members, and hangers-on gathering in the living room for beers, joints, and conversation. Always less than loquacious in social events he didn’t feel completely in control of, Brian began fiddling with an empty fishbowl, peering through the glass at first, then flipping it upside-down and lowering its wide mouth over his head until it rested on his shoulders, like a deep-sea diver’s helmet. This earned a laugh, so he began to clown around, stalking around the room like an astronaut or robot. Only Brian couldn’t see very well though the glass, and he collided with something hard enough to crack the fishbowl wide open, fracturing it into several pieces. And though Brian wasn’t injured by the broken glass, the accident shattered his mood. Blushing bright red, he ran out of the living room, bounded up the stairs, and locked himself into his room, where he remained for the rest of the evening. When McCartney came knocking, asking his friend to come on down and hang out a bit more, Brian refused to answer. All McCartney could hear coming through the heavy wooden door was the gentle, heartbreaking sound of a deeply embarrassed young man snuffling softly to himself.
—  Catch a Wave: The Rise, Fall & Redemption of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson by Peter Ames Carlin (page 170-171)

I don’t even understand my particular flavor of bisexuality it’s like I have crushes on boys but I don’t want to date them and I don’t really have crushes on girls but I want to date girls? idk maybe it’s from growing up with the compulsive heterosexuality thing and it still lingers like I still have the part in my brain that’s like “you can only like boys not girls” ??? maybe?? also maybe because I assume girls to be straight which isn’t fair to them but like it saves me a pointless crush. idk I’m kind of rambling lol

one of the saddest things in the world is when the most optimistic members with never-fading smiles on their faces break into tears ╥_╥


Now We Are Free Forever 

4 Days Post Op: Key Hole Feeling better today, the brushing and swelling has got a lot better. My surgeon says everything looks really good! I still can’t believe my chest looks like this, is unbelievable. Thank you for all the messages I am receiving, you guys are amazing 👍✌️🙏🙌😊


Jin’s Greatest Grudge: “Dope” Choreography

okay so here’s the full story:

I was decorating these cardboard eggs with the little boy and little girl that I babysit. I started to draw swirls on an egg, but then the little girl wanted to continue, so I let her. she got really frustrated and began to cry when her little swirls (the orange ones in this picture) didn’t turn out like mine (the blue and purple ones). I told her that she thinks it’s not good because it’s different than mine, but different can be good. then, she told me that different was horrible. I told her that there’s a whole lot of different ways to paint flowers in a vase, and that there’s not one perfect way. all the ways are different, and just because they’re different it doesn’t make them ugly. she agreed. I told her how Van Gogh and Matisse are both famous and how they’ve both painted flowers. I told her that they are both amazing artists, amazing enough for people to not even be able to put a price on their art. they’re famous, is what I told her. and they both paint differently, but they can both be famous. she looked at me wide-eyed and it’s like a light went off in her head. then, her expression suddenly changed, and she looked grumpy again. “what’s wrong?” I asked. she said to me that she was upset now because it wasn’t finished. I told her to finish it and she didn’t really say anything. then, I told her about the painting that Keith Haring didn’t finish on purpose to make a point. I explained that he was sick, and that the people that were supposed to give him money to help his sickness (the government), didn’t want to. so, he left the painting unfinished to show everyone that they didn’t give him the money and that soon he’d be too sick to continue. actually, it’s that he would be dead and therefore unable to continue, but I just told her he’d be too sick. I told her how famous that work of art is. she thought that this was brilliant, except she was disappointed because only four people would see her beloved art; her parents, her brother and I. so, I told her that lots of people would see it if I put up pictures of it on my blog, and I asked her if she’d like me to take some photos. she was delighted! she loves her dogs a lot so she wanted them in the photos. after I took the first three pictures (in the other post), she explained to me that she wasn’t too sick to do it, so she’d finish the drawing with the swirls. and here it is.

I love kids.


So, I know this isn’t my full on Commander Shepard CosPlay or anything. But I really wanted to show off my favorite new tank and flashy red hair…

Totally worth it, right? No? …God dammit.

(For my fellow Shepards in love our Turian Bad Boy, this amazing shirt can be found here for $29.99)

wgm with wonwoo

warning: really long post because i am wonwoo trash and i couldn’t bring myself to edit stuff out

  • first meeting would be in a school yard.
  • he’s sitting on steps fiddling with the grass. this boy is nervous af. he is muttering to himself “wah this is so nerve racking. why am i so nervous? aahhh what if she doesn’t like me? what if she’s disappointed? hahahah”
  • anxiously looks around to see if you’re coming.
  • he hears a noise from behind and gets really excited but it turns out to be a grandpa walking his dog.
  • of course he jumps away because dog.
  • you’ve been watching him the whole time and you finally reveal yourself when he jumps away from the dog and he’s even more surprised at you coming out of nowhere.
  • he does that grabbing his heart thing and laughs the embarrassment away.
  • he doesn’t know what to say at first so there’s a long awkward silence and looking at the pd-nims until he finally introduces himself.
  • constantly says “ahhh this is really awkward” like boy you ain’t helping the situation make it un-awkward!!!
  • doesn’t make it un-awkward so he takes you to a frozen yogurt joint.
  • you learn a lot about him from the toppings he put on his yogurt.
  • crushed oreos with fruit and plenty of caramel syrup. 
  • you ask him why his toppings are so eclectic and he’s like “they actually taste really good.” and then he offers you a bite. (awkwardly ofc he would be smiley af doing it)
  • after you guys are together for a while, you notice how he is really manly and chivalrous. like his broad shoulders make him seem really confident along with his resting bitch face. and he will hold things for you because he thinks they will burden you while you walk ugh stop!!!!!!!
  • this man is fearless because he literally laughed his way through a haunted house.
  • he’s the just-put-the-bug-outside type. (feARLESS I TELL YOU)
  • buys you stuff because he’s that person. he will buy you things that reminded him of you. like if it’s a usb flash drive with a design that reminds him of you, he will get it for you.
  • buys matching socks you can wear around the house.
  • you visit a cat cafe with him because you know how he doesn’t like dogs and om g it is adorable seeing him play with kittens ugh i cant bye let me cry in the corner wonwoo with kittens bYE.
  • when you guys are walking on the street and he sees a dog coming, he moves to the other side of you.
  • you get a mission saying “have wonwoo get over his fear of dogs” and he is so sad but calls mingyu and asks him about his dog and mingyu brings his dog over and you literally have to force wonwoo to just pet the poor dog’s belly.
  • he eventually softens up towards the dog and thanks you for not giving up on him.
  • you guys go on movie adventures in the middle of the night because that’s when your prior schedules end and doesn’t mind, but falls asleep midway so you end up settling for just watching movies at home.
  • he plays the guitar for you on your anniversary, showing a side he has never revealed to you before and will look cool doing it when he’s actually really nervous but it’s okay bby you good ily.
  • he’s actually pretty romantic when it comes to relationships. like he is very protective and always asks how your schedule is going, if you’ve eaten, or if you’re sleeping okay. and if he hears an answer he doesn’t like he’d be like “you should be doing this or that more! take care of yourself!” and you just melt bc wonwoo pls.
  • at first, he is reluctant about skinship but over time, it gets more and more natural. like he will absentmindedly grab a hold of your hand or put an arm around you while walking in public, rest his head on your shoulder while you wash the dishes or cook, moves your hair out of the way for you when your hands are full. 
  • he will put his arm around you when you’re on the couch and he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing bc he just wanted to stretch his arm out.
  • the type to ask you to play with his hair while he’s laying on your lap and he will eventually fall asleep while you’re at it and i am crying.
  • he is also the type to play with your fingers when you guys are sitting together in the car or on the couch or anywhere really. *ugly sobbing*
  • when you meet the members of seventeen, he’s pretty laid back about it because he knows your his and asdjlkhfdkjl.
  • when you go out with seventeen, you guys walk behind them so you can talk with each other and he’ll tell you a bunch about who they really are. “joshua-hyung isn’t who he shows himself to be on tv, you know.”
  • he gets teased by them but he ain’t care, they just jealous. (and its tru they jealous af)
  • you once asked him how he can go from being cute to being sexy in the matter of seconds and he’s like “it’s in my genes” and grabs a pair of jeans and gives it to you. all with straight face. he walks away laughing. at his own joke. which isn’t even funny. but you laugh bc wonwoo.
  • puns. nuff said. not necessarily good puns or funny puns but puns. 
  • when you have to leave the show, he gets sad but he doesn’t show it.
  • he has a painful smile on his face and when you guys say goodbye, it’s that holding hand waving thing and it’s just so sad because he’s holding on tight since he doesn’t want to let you go. TT0TT
  • when you finally part ways, and it’s time for the interview portion, he sits in silence for a while, being all nostalgic about your time together and will talk about how great you were on the show with him and how it all felt real and natural with you and mY HEART.
  • he wishes you good health and success and for you to find a good man in the future, someone who can do the things he wasn’t able to do.

more wgm scenarios

“Thank you, Tony.”

Honestly I nearly burst into tears while I know what happened in 1872… I have looped the Danny Boy so many times in the past few days and I just…

I had a really, really tough week. So many things happened and I felt so down and alone. One day I cried so hard that I felt sick and threw up, and hiding in the toilet so that at least no one would know. So, 1872 does not help. At all.

I draw this to make myself feel better. And thankfully I do, not much, but it helps. I just want to believe that maybe somehow there is still someone to watch over us, that no one is truly alone.

Mmm, Sorry for the babbling. And I just wish all of you all the happiness *hug tightly*

anonymous asked:

okay i need tbh with u, it really bothers me that i was stalking on your blog and i saw a post where you misgendered Grell and i'm like... okay, you're a douche. i can see it now, and it pains me bc i thought you were a cool person but now i see that you're not. you just lost a follower and a fan, you're really just trash, i hate transphobes like u


I’m trying to be super cool about this because it angers me how dumb this is. If you read carefully, I didn’t misgender Grell, Claude Faustus, my character (A FICTIONAL CHARACTER) did. 

You might wonder why, well, because he’s an asshole. Do I agree with him? At all, but hey, he’s a character and I’m just the person behind it.

Let’s get some things straight:

  • Just because I’m the one who writes my character doesn’t mean I agree with his view of things.
  • I am not my character.
  • Claude is a cold-blooded bitch, but that doesn’t mean I am one myself. 
  • He does a lot of things I don’t agree with: Killing people, torturing others, etc. 

The mun who I was rping with isn’t offended by Claude’s selection of words, and if they aren’t offended (being their character) why should you feel offended? Look, I don’t want to have any trouble with anybody. 

I’m very sorry that you feel that way, I didn’t mean to make you feel like that, but I guess I can’t help it. If you feel like unfollowing me, feel free to do it. 

But don’t call me trash or a douche, cause I’m not. I’m not trash, I’m a writer and I deserve a little respect. 

Have yourself a good day, Anon.

  • “you and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and i’m really just trying to study over here so i’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game”

Jemma sighed and placed her biochemistry book down. She couldn’t be the only one annoyed by this. She glared at the brunette that was a few tables over but the girl either didn’t notice or was ignoring her.

“Penis.” This time a dark skin boy whispered from the other side of the library.

The girl grinned and Jemma let out a frustrated groan when it was reiterated by the girl.


“For the love of…” Jemma grumbled to herself. It was a library for God’s sake. A college library and these students were being very immature.

“Penis.” The boy whispered just a bit louder.

She could move or go somewhere else but this was where she had been coming to study all year. It wasn’t far off from her dorm and the table was located away from any windows or other distractions. She shouldn’t have to move when she was behaving appropriately.

She needed to end this game at any cost or she would not be able you study for her midterms.

“Penis.” The girl repeated and Jemma snapped.

“Penis!” Jemma shouted as she lifted her book and slammed it down, garnering not only the trouble-makers’ attention but everyone else.

She seemed oblivious to it as she began to yell, “Now will you two be quiet some of us are trying to study here!”

“Miss Simmons!” The head librarian came over as she glared at the student.

“I-” Jemma began to stutter. She felt heat creeping up her neck and glanced at the culprits who had caused her to make a fool of herself.

The boy was grinning and the girl was gaping but there was a hint of a smile on her lips. She glared at them before facing the librarian with an apologetic look.

“Ms. Hand I-” Jemma tried to think of an explanation but was cut off.

“Out! I will not tolerate this behavior in my library. I expected better from you.” The women held her hand out as she pointed toward the exit.

Jemma blushed even further and with a nod she picked up her stuff and dashed out of the building. There was no use in arguing, she would never be able to show her face there again.

She felt Ms. Hand’s glare follow her until the doors closed. She began to walk quickly toward her dorm feeling thoroughly embarrassed. Never would she be able to show her face on that building again.

“Hey.” Someone called out from behind her. She turned to see the brunette from the library jogging up to her. She huffed in annoyance and continued walking.

“My name’s Skye.” The girl held her hand out. Jemma ignored the hand and quickened her pace.

“What’s your name?” Skye asked.

“I guess I’ll call you Simmons considering that’s what Ms. Hand called you.” Skye continued.

Jemma stopped abruptly and Skye barely had time halt. “How about you don’t call me anything considering you got me kicked out of the library!”

“Someone’s grouchy.” Skye teased with what Jemma would call a charming smile but it only served to irritate her further.

“You embarrassed me!” Jemma reproached.

“You’re the one that shouted penis.” Skye refuted calmly.

Jemma was seething. She knew her rebuttals probably sounded childish but she was irked being logic. “Because you were being annoying!”

“I would’ve stopped if you asked.”

“You start- pardon?” Jemma was ready to continue arguing, her brows that were furrowed in anger change to confusion.

“I mean all I wanted was your attention.” The girl stated without blinking.

“You always spread out your books across the table, you make it hard to approach you and I know it wasn’t the best idea but it worked. Plus you look cute when your mad.” The girl ended with a smirk.

Jemma was flabbergasted, she blinked, the anger was new completely gone. “But now that I have your attention I was hoping I could get your number and maybe we could go get coffee some time.”

Now that she had calmed down she took the time to glance at the girl. Skye was wearing boots, jeans and a blue button up with the sleeves rolled up. Her long hair was wavy and Jemma couldn’t deny that the girl was unbelievably attractive.

Skye shifted awkwardly as she waited for Jemma to react. “Or tea. Whatever you’d like honestly.”

Finally, Jemma pulled her phone out and handed it to the girl without a word. The girl beamed as she began to type.

“There now you have my number and I have yours.“ She held the phone out and Jemma took it. “So can I get your name?”


“Jemma, I like it. I’ll call you tonight Jemma but right now I have to get to class and go thank my friend Trip,” she gestured toward the young man who was with them in the library and was standing a few yards apart, “his idea work.”

Skye leaned in a gave Jemma a quick hug. She barely had time to return it before the girl was off. The last thing she saw was a smile and a wave.

She was still trying to process it all. She had just gotten a date and all because of a stupid game.


  • who carl gallagher really is:a CHILD who is incredibly brave and full to the brim with love. this love is reserved only for the people who really matter to him - specifically his family and he would literally kill for them. a boy who was raised by a woman and is incredibly respectful towards women because of this. is genuinely funny because ethan has great timing.
  • who shameless writes carl gallagher as:crazy killer psycho boy who's only interest is selling drugs and being a ghetto king! misogynist and future murderer, comic relief, who is only funny to audience bc he's an idiot