i really can't remember them right now

I think the core thing that caused The Last Airbender to be the horrible, piece of shit movie that it is was the fact that Shyamalan clearly looked down on the TV series as just some dumb children’s show and not for the good thing it is. It really shows through in the movie that he thought that the show’s just a mindless cartoon made to momentarily distract children too dumb to comprehend the world around them. That was his first of many mistakes, and that, combined with his incompetence, laid the foundation for the film.

Favourite colour No. 1
  • *Back then*
  • Shinoa: "Say, Yuu-san, what's your favourite colour?"
  • Yuu: "It's blue. Why do you ask?"
  • Shinoa: "Just curious~ So, blue in general or do you have a special preference?"
  • Yuu: "Hmm...I guess a bright blue that's neither the colour of the sky nor ice. The kind of blue that captivates you and you can't avert your eyes from anymore the longer you look at it. A blue...you could get lost in over and over again."
  • Shinoa*thinking back at Shinjuku*: "Ohh, could it be that you associate that colour with something or rather someone?"
  • Yuu: "What? No. That just came to my mind just now, nothing more."
  • Shinoa*sarcastically*: "Of course, Yuu-san, of course."
  • *Now*
  • Shinoa: "Hey, Yuu-san, what's your favourite colour?"
  • Yuu: "You already asked that a little while ago."
  • Shinoa: "Really? Oh, right, I remember. It was blue, wasn't it?"
  • Yuu: "Yeah, back then but...not anymore."
  • Shinoa: "Not anymore?"
  • Yuu: "No, I guess I...like red more now."
  • Shinoa: "Red, huh? What kind of red?"
  • Yuu: "A red that's almost the colour of blood. The kind of red that seems threatening but at the same time so utterly beautiful that you can't help but stare into all day long. A shade of red that shimmers with so much emotion and is so full of life that it's impossible to look away from."
  • Mika*approaching them: "Yuu-Chan, I'm ready now, can we go?"
  • Yuu: "Yeah, we can.*sighs lovingly with a dreamy gaze* I love red."
  • Shinoa: "...You're so oblivious it hurts..."

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HI! I just got enough courage now to say that I really love your art and the klavipolly blog gives me so much life I can't handle all of it!! And is it okay I'd like to ask for some Klapollo fic recs? Also I'll say this again, I love your art so much!!

OH! Hi!! It’s the first time I’m requested to give fanfic recs!! I’ve never done this so I hope I’m doing it right~

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been reading klapollo fanfics for about three years now, and I haven’t bookmarked them… but, I remember ones being so good I never forgot how they developed.

SO, without further ado, here’s my list of the fanfics (some of them, really. The list is longer but I’ve been here for about an hour haha) I truly liked! (I like h/c the most though, so if that’s not your cup of tea, I’m so sorry!!)


Complete works:

I Want To See You Smile Again by TheLesbianGavinners. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best post-AA4 klapollo fics ever written. It gives you such bittersweet feelings you’ll end up wanting more. I recommend it 100%, and more if you like angst and h/c. 

sleep no more by Prinsipe. A character-study fic that centers in Klavier’s three most important relationships, with Klapollo being the main focus. It includes Gavin family backstory, and it’s pretty well written. 

For Your Consideration by SummerMermaid. A post-AA6 fic that makes you feel a lot of things regarding these two idiots obvioulsy in love. It makes you feel desperation at one point, but the ending is so good.

The Straight and Narrow by Neriede. A down-to-earth Klapollo (I like to think of it that way, because it almost tastes like real life.) and a slow-burn fic that leaves you very warm at the end, despite dropping a big bomb.

Incomplete works still updating:

Turnabout Dungeons (And Dragons) by Synthpop. I must confess I’ve never played Dungeons&Dragons, but this fic makes me want to do it (even more). I like it because it insert them (Apollo, Klavier, Trucy, Ema, and Athena) in a fantasy world where they act the same but with magic. Except Apollo. Also, Klapollo, and the slow-burn that feels amazing and goes pretty well along with the stories (yes, there are two stories due to the roleplay being played.)

Sent Messages by SummerMermaid. Seven years have passed since Apollo established himself in Khura’in again and he’s coming back to the States. Klapollo? Yes, but it’s complicated. You’ll find how seven years really changes a relationship.

loose ends by greatcatsby. Ahhh how could I forget this one? It’s basically Apollo forgetting to tell Klavier he’s staying in Khura’in until the very end. Then, something big happens and– It stills need to be updated! I’ve been waiting for the next chapter with great desperation~

Backup Vocals by SummerMermaid. I’m noticing a pattern with any fandom I’m in. I always tend to end up in Band AUs about my otp. This one though takes the cake. An AU in which an important character (now) lives, and changes everything, except Klavier’s prosecuting career. Apollo is a musician!! APOLLO. GOD OF MUSIC. As it should have been!! And they both form a band. And drama is just starting!!

And that’s it! Of course there’s a lot more, but I can’t really find them due to my stupid mistake of not bookmarking them. 

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! I’m glad you like the askblog, but I must apologize for the lack of updates and good content. I’m working on new things though, so stay tunned! 


Ladies and gentlemen alike, there will be no new chapter of I’d start a war for you this week, at least as it stands right now. I know that they’re short chapters but I’m not doing very well still after about four days of already not doing well. I really need to be focusing on putting my own mental health first.

There will, however, continue to be reposting of my old works, once I figure out what order to post them in. :P Decisions, decisions… Maybe ‘Gradations’ later today, with some ‘Behind Closed Doors’ – Reylux or Reyux, or even Reytaka??

Anyway, the point of all this is:

Please, please, please put your own mental health first before all others. That may seem a callous thing to say (and in some situations it definitely is), but as a primary caregiver I did the person I’m caring for a vast disservice by having multiple emotional episodes when I was the one who was supposed to be caring for them. Instead they ended up caring for me and it made me feel incredibly guilty. I fixed how I go about my caregiving now, and how I deal with it when not ‘on the job’, but it still sticks with me every moment. I just needed to learn when to let it out and when not to. I love this person and I never ever want to see them hurt.

It’s like that airplane safety announcement: put on your own mask before helping a child next to you, or those around you who might need help. If you don’t, you might pass out/die before you can even come close to putting the mask on the child beside you, thus causing even more death/injury than if you had simply followed the directions.

So… sorry for the long rambling post. I noticed problems with myself this past week, and I just wanted to share in case there were any other people in the same situation as I am.

Also: Please seek help – professional help – if you feel you can’t do this alone. There is no shame, no stigma, in going. And if you’re worried about people finding out, there are definitely ways to work around it, especially with stuff like phone therapy.

Thank you for listening/reading/understanding. You all are amazing and understanding, and if what I say here can help even one person beside myself… Yeah. It’s worth it.

P.S.: This applies to really any mental health issue. You can’t help those around you, or be an active citizen or member of a community or family, if you don’t take care of yourself first, you know? Don’t do it to the exclusion of other people

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Hi! I wanted to know if you had any spell to boost self love or self confidence? Long story short: I'm on holidays in a homestay family and it's ruining my diet (because I don't dare to tell them their food is too fat or not healthy enough, and I can't buy myself food cause its rude when they are already cooking something for me). And this is making me feel like shit right now... Sorry I know this is really a silly problem but I don't want this to bring down my mood cause its holidays! Thanks~

Oh don’t you worry, I got your back! Thats a shitty situation to be stuck in and I have been there more times then I can even count! Just remember you are awesome because you are you! <3


Self Love

Other Things That May Be Useful

I am very tired right now so I’m not sure how much sense this will make

But have you ever unfollowed someone because they were… /too/ active? It’s silly and never fails to make me feel bad but sometimes too much is really overwhelming and then I end up unfollowing and refollowing people multiple times because I like their content but also I beat myself up over not seeking out all of it or not getting involved with talkative people or smth


Heavenly Commentary: Deathly Hallows Pt1
  • Sirius: I can't believe he broke the mirror.
  • James: Didn't really need it, did he?
  • Sirius: Still. I liked that mirror.
  • ***
  • Lily: That's a nice little tribute.
  • Albus: Yes. Elphias always was a generous man. Although Rita Skeeters is far more thrilling.
  • James: Harry thinks otherwise.
  • Albus: He will learn the truth. That no one is without regret. Rita Skeeter was surprisingly quick.
  • Cedric: Even dead we can't get rid of her.
  • ***
  • James: I never thought I'd see Harry trying so hard to save these people. After everything they’ve done to him.
  • Lily: Our son is better than us both.
  • ***
  • James: That was downright emotional for Dudley.
  • Albus: I imagine that he is beginning to see through the veil of his youth. One’s parents are not always correct.
  • ***
  • James: The guard is all here.
  • Lily: Obviously. Oh yeah. How was Moony’s wedding?
  • Sirius: Simple. You know him. Not an extravagant bone in his body.
  • James: I'm betting Tonks got an extravagant bon-OW!
  • Lily: Shut up!
  • ***
  • Cedric: Seven Harry Potters fly out of a house. What does Voldemort do?
  • Albus: He will assume they will give the real Harry to Alastor. As he is the strongest wizard present. He is unable to understand that strength is not the factor here.
  • Sirius: I don't understand. Who is taking Harry?
  • Albus: Hagrid of course. There is no one there who loves Harry quite like Hagrid.
  • ***
  • James: Even dead you're right.
  • Albus: It appears not all habits die hard.
  • ***
  • Lily: I have a bad feeling. Nothing is ever this easy.
  • James: Oh shit. No!
  • Hedwig: Hoot hoot.
  • Cedric: Trust me. I know.
  • ***
  • James: I thought he was going to die.
  • Lily: How did Harry do that? He didn't look in any shape to defend himself.
  • Albus: I have my theories. But imagine the suspense if I choose not to share them.
  • Sirius: I never said this when we were alive but, you're a dick.
  • Alastor: I said that constantly.
  • Albus: Old friend! It's terrible to see you here. Welcome to the party.
  • Alastor: Where are we?
  • Albus: The next great adventure. Your appearance is rather disconcerting with two normal eyes.
  • ***
  • Lily: Poor George.
  • James: Everyone is going crazy. They've been betrayed.
  • Sirius: And of course Snape cursed his ear off. Part of the plan Albus?
  • Albus: Let's find out.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Grieve later fools. Fight the war now.
  • Cedric: Constant vigilance?
  • Alastor: Exactly.
  • ***
  • James: Remus says Harry is like me and yet he makes it sound like an insult.
  • Lily: Because it was. Something is broken inside of him.
  • ***
  • Sirius: They've done all this?
  • James: They're children going to war. What do you expect?
  • ***
  • Lily: That had the feeling of a kiss goodbye.
  • Alastor: Smart girl.
  • ***
  • James: Happy birthday harry.
  • Lily: He's all grown up now.
  • James: But he's still our boy.
  • ***
  • Sirius: You left them stuff?
  • Albus: But of course. A few trinkets I hope will be of use. Oh Rufus. If only you put this energy into helping me.
  • ***
  • James: The Snitch he swallowed. Damn it but that's genius.
  • Albus: Thank you.
  • Lily: “I open at the close”?
  • Albus: I have always appreciated a healthy use of theatricality.
  • ***
  • Lily: Of course Luna would recognise him. I really do adore that girl.
  • ***
  • James: Do you remember our wedding?
  • Lily: I'll never forget it.
  • James: I wish we could have had something like this. Not the rushed one we had.
  • Lily: It was perfect and I'll never think otherwise.
  • ***
  • Albus: Ah fate. It is always nice to know when one is on the right path.
  • Sirius: ...ok?
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh...Albus is this tr-
  • Alastor: Enough.
  • Cedric: But Prof-
  • Alastor: Enough! There are bigger problems right now.
  • James: The Ministry has fallen.
  • Cedric: Then it's over.
  • Albus: No Mr Diggory. Now it begins.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Excellent Miss Granger. She's prepared.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Why are they being so nice?
  • Sirius: It’s not actually mercy if they can't actually kill them.
  • ***
  • Albus: Charming, Alastor. But those would not stop Severus. Given his innocence they wouldn't need to.
  • Alastor: What?
  • Cedric: I'll fill you in.
  • Hedwig: Hoot.
  • ***
  • James: Oh man, do you remember that picture?
  • Sirius: Last day of our first year. We were children.
  • James: But not for very long
  • ***
  • Lily: I remember that letter. What happened to the rest of it?
  • James: Probably Snape. Greasy bastard.
  • Albus: ...
  • Sirius: Just because he's on a secret mission to save the world doesn't mean he can't be a bastard.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Regulus, oh God. You did...why didn't you tell me?
  • James: Like Hermione said. He was trying to protect you
  • Albus: Did you find your younger brother Mr Black?
  • Sirius: No.
  • Albus: Wherever he is, I honour him. I would never have been able to drink that potion alone.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh Remus...no.
  • James: Why would he...
  • Lily: Har- oh no.
  • Sirius: Moony...
  • James: You did good Harry. You did the right thing.
  • ***
  • James: No. No!
  • ***
  • Alastor: Fools! Do they think these kids are going to school?
  • Sirius: They don't think. Wow, Kreacher looks...happy.
  • Cedric: I guess that's what happens when you're treated with common decency.
  • ***
  • Lily: Do you think they're ready?
  • Alastor: As ready as they'll ever be.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Don't ask a teenage boy what he was doing in the bathroom, Hermione. You may not like the answer.
  • Lily: I swear I will hit you.
  • ***
  • Albus: Let the games begin.
  • ***
  • Lily: Those are muggle bodies. I think I'm going to be sick.
  • ***
  • James: That's why he was so eager to get to work. His wife is on trial.
  • Lily: It’s not a trial. It's a sentencing.
  • ***
  • Lily: Holy shit. It's her!
  • Cedric: Why can't they just take the locket and run?
  • James: Because they don't know if she still has it. And stealth is still needed.
  • Albus: Also because that man is the Minister himself.
  • ***
  • Alastor: I think I preferred it when Crouch Jnr had it.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Mr Weasley is terrifying.
  • James: I think Harry agrees.
  • ***
  • Lily: Well so much for stealth!
  • James: Don't look at me like that! He's your son too!
  • Sirius: They might actually make it out.
  • Lily: Crap! Yaxley has them! He's seen Grimmauld Place!
  • Cedric: So where are we now?
  • ***
  • Lily: Ron must be really afraid if he's stopped saying “Voldemort”.
  • Albus: Perhaps not the most foolish of precautions.
  • ***
  • Alastor: You know why he's after Gregorovitch, don't you Albus.
  • Albus: I do. I'm curious to see if it will work.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Not a Christian but I appreciate the effort Potter.
  • ***
  • James: Ron isn't holding up too well.
  • Alastor: Some people aren't cut out for field work.
  • ***
  • Lily: The sword...?
  • Albus: Indeed.
  • James: So where is it?
  • Albus: Therein lies the question.
  • ***
  • Lily: He left...
  • James: I can't believe it. He's gone...
  • ***
  • Cedric: That's it then. He can't find them. He's really gone.
  • Albus: Perhaps.
  • ***
  • James: He doesn't care about the sword. He wants to go home.
  • Lily: Back to where it all started.
  • ***
  • James: Welcome home Lily.
  • Lily: I never thought th- they built us a statue?
  • James: Damn right they did.
  • Sirius: Where’s my statue? Bastards.
  • James: Why would they build you one idiot? You helped kill us. Remember?
  • ***
  • Cedric: I thought Dumbledore would be here to see his family’s graves. But I'm guessing he's actually with them now so never mind.
  • ***
  • Lily: He's crying...
  • James: So are we...
  • ***
  • James: Do you think they would've gone to all this trouble if Voldemort hadn’t been defeated?
  • Lily: Of course not. We'd have been just three more victims.
  • ***
  • James: Something isn't right. Bathilda was the sharpest woman I've ever met.
  • Lily: And now she looks...dead.
  • Albus: That would be because she is indeed deceased.
  • Sirius: How could you know that?
  • Albus: I just came from visiting her.
  • Cedric: Then who is that?
  • Alastor: What, not who. And that is Bait.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Holy fucking shit!
  • James: Run Harry!
  • Lily: Hermione! That was close. What's wrong with him?
  • Albus: I believe he is trapped inside the memories of Voldemort. The memories associated with the last time he stood there.
  • Lily: Oh...
  • ***
  • James: Grindelwald?!?
  • ***
  • Lily: Do you have anything to say?
  • Albus: Keep watching.
  • ***
  • James: Is that a...
  • Lily: Snape. That's his patronus.
  • Cedric: How do you know?
  • Lily: Because that's mine.
  • ***
  • Lily: Take the Horcrux off. Take the Horcrux off. Take the Horcrux off.
  • James: Dammit Harry.
  • Cedric: This can't end well.
  • ***
  • Cedric: I take that back!
  • Sirius: About damn time Ron!
  • ***
  • Lily: Family.
  • ***
  • James: This is genuinely hilarious.
  • Cedric: Hermione is a badass.
  • Lily: So cute. They're all back together.
  • ***
  • Albus: Ah boys. I wish I was there to help. But alas I am not.
  • ***
  • Alastor: More breadcrumbs Albus? If you trust Severus so much why didn't you just give him a letter to send to them?
  • Albus: Old friend, in this matter, the journey is far more important than the goal itself.
  • ***
  • James: The Deathly Hallows?
  • Lily: What are they?
  • Sirius: A children's story.
  • Albus: I think you'll find, Mr Black, that most children's stories are based on truth.
  • ***
  • Alastor: They should never have come here!
  • Cedric: They took his daughter! He had no choice.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Albus...are the Hallows real?
  • Albus: They are.
  • Sirius: How do you know? How can you be sure?
  • Albus: Because I've held them all.
  • ***
  • Lily: I really hope you haven't just split them apart again.
  • Albus: They are behaving as I expected them to.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh it’s good to hear them again.
  • Sirius: Keep the faith.
  • James: NO! Ah Harry don't use the name.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Stay calm. Stick to your story.
  • Cedric: Too late. They've been found out.
  • James: They're taking him to Voldemort.
  • Lily: I think Harry is with him already.
  • ***
  • Albus: Poor Draco. I tried to help him.
  • Sirius: No you did the bare minimum. If you really tried to help him then we wouldn't be watching this.
  • Albus: I do believe you're right. But necessity demanded.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh God. They're going to torture her.
  • ***
  • James: The mirror?
  • Sirius: What use is that going to be?
  • ***
  • Sirius: Pettigrew! You treacherous bastard!
  • James: Wait! What? No!
  • Lily: ...he's dead. What just happened.
  • Albus: Love. Mercy. Forgiveness. Things such as these can forge terribly great magic. Harry spared Pettigrews life and created a debt. Peter's hand, a construct of pure magic, just repaid it.
  • ***
  • Sirius: He's not here.
  • James: I don't think he wanted to meet the two people he betrayed and the one he blackmailed.
  • Sirius: He's gotten smarter. But I think I'll hunt him down.
  • ***
  • Albus: Oh my...
  • Lily: He's coming! You have to go!
  • James: Woah that was close! DOBBY! Excellent timing!
  • Cedric: Shell Cottage. Nice na- oh no. Don't...
  • Dobby: Master Dumbledore sir. What has happened?
  • James: Dobby. We are Harry Potters parents. We've been watching you help our son for five years. You've been so noble. So brave.
  • Lily: We want you to know, we love you so much Dobby. And you will always be with friends here.
  • Dobby: Kind Miss has Harry Potters eyes.
  • ***
  • Dobby: Such kind words from Sirs and Misses. And Harry Potter is sad.
  • Lily: Of course he is sad. He loved you more than we do. He is your friend.
  • ***
  • James: I don't understand what's going on.
  • Lily: Me neither.
  • Alastor: Then why don't you both shut up and listen to your son explain it all?
  • ***
  • Albus: Harry. You amazing young man. I'm proud of you my boy.
  • James: You had the Elder Wand? You took it from Grindelwald?
  • Albus: I did.
  • Lily: And why not give it to Harry?
  • Albus: You must pay closer attention Mrs Potter.
  • ***
  • Cedric: So we're planning again. But this time to break into Gringotts.
  • James: Should be fun. Did Godric really steal the sword?
  • Albus: It’s quite possible. No human account would ever admit to it. And who's to say the goblin history isn't biased either.
  • Lily: You were a teacher right?
  • ***
  • James: You're back. Moony has a son.
  • Sirius: Well I’ll be dammed. Good for you mate.
  • Lily: He looks so happy.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Weasley. As subtle as ever.
  • Cedric: Hermione is the only one who appreciates subtlety. The other two prefer a wand to the face.
  • ***
  • Albus: Once more unto the breach
  • ***
  • James: I recognise his voice.
  • Lily: Travers is the one who almost killed me. And then you dropped your wand and beat him half to death.
  • Sirius: Potter, your laziness is biting your son in the arse. “Half to death” finish the job!
  • ***
  • Lily: He just used the Imperius Curse...
  • James: It was necessary.
  • Alastor: Be grateful he's managed to avoid killing anyone. What was your bodycount?
  • Lily: More than zero.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Dammit! This is the ministry all over again.
  • James: Onwards. Get the Horcrux.
  • ***
  • Lily: They’ve got i- GODDAMMIT GRIPHOOK!
  • Alastor: They should have never trusted the goblin!
  • James: They had no choice! Time to go son!
  • ***
  • Cedric: They did it. They got the cup.
  • Sirius: Lost the sword.
  • Albus: They did well. But now Tom Riddle will know what they are hunting.
  • James: He already knows. Now what?
  • Lily: To Hogwarts.
  • Dobby: Once again Harry Potter frees a poor and hurt creature. He is truly great.
  • Albus: You are correct Dobby. He really is.
  • ***
  • James: They're in trouble!
  • Sirius: They need to-
  • Albus: Brother.
  • ***
  • Lily: Your brother isn't being helpful.
  • Albus: He's worrying more about their safety than their success. He's a better man than I ever was.
  • ***
  • James: Oh...
  • Lily: Albus...oh Albus I'm so sorry.
  • Albus: I should introduce you to my family. They would like you. But that may have to wait. I believe we are about to go home.
  • ***
  • Alastor: The war came to Hogwarts.
  • Albus: And here it will end. Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
  • ***
  • James: Use them Harry. You need the help
  • ***
  • Sirius: Why would you step out from the cloak?
  • James: He can handle Alecto.
  • Lily: So can Luna.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh good. He's used Cruciatus.
  • James: Let's just hope he doesn't need to use the last one.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Oh great. This dick.
  • James: Oh man! Look at Minnie go! Kick his ass!
  • Lily: They're on the same side!
  • Sirius: So?
  • ***
  • Sirius: I wish I was there. One last battle.
  • James: Me too Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Although...maybe not at this very moment.
  • Lily: This is so awkward. Jeez Fleur, really?
  • ***
  • Lily: Aww they made up.
  • Alastor: Just in time to die.
  • James: Death did not make you any cheerier did it?
  • ***
  • Cedric: See I’m impressed by the visual. But the fact that it’s always Slytherin versus the other three, seems to highlight a major problem in this school.
  • Albus: I agree Mr Diggory. A simple idea that has such permanent consequences.
  • ***
  • James: In the middle of a battle and he forgets what he's doing.
  • Lily: Has your attention span.
  • James: Why is it that every bad thing comes from me?
  • ***
  • Albus: The Grey Lady. Harry you marvelous young man.
  • Dobby: Ghost Miss Ravenclaw has always been kind to me.
  • Albus: Ah of course! Before he met with me. In case I escorted him out.
  • James: But where did he hide it?
  • Albus: I do not know. But I believe Harry does.
  • ***
  • Lily: Even now he is loyal to you.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Chamber of Secrets? Hell of a romantic date Ron.
  • Albus: Aaahh of course. These children are magnificent.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s about damn time!
  • James: They're really going at it.
  • Alastor: Timing. Idiots.
  • ***
  • James: Sirius is following Tonks. Cedric and Alastor have gone to see other people.
  • Lily: I guess it's just us then.
  • Albus: Fitting in a way.
  • Dobby: Yes sir.
  • Hedwig: Hoot.
  • ***
  • Lily: These three again?
  • James: When are old school enemies not welcome?
  • ***
  • James: He just tried to kill Hermione...
  • Lily: Were we like this?
  • James: Probably.
  • ***
  • James: Fucking fiendfyre! You crazy bastard!
  • ***
  • Lily: We would never have tried to save them.
  • James: Speak for yourself. I saved Snape remember.
  • Lily: Oh shut up. They destroyed another Horcrux
  • ***
  • James: Oh no...
  • Lily: Hello Fred.
  • Fred: Blimey. You're the Potters! Professor Dumbledore! Oh hell!
  • James: Yes Fred you are dead. But if it makes you feel better, you can call me Prongs.
  • Fred: But my pare- YOU'RE JOKING!
  • Sirius: No he's not. I'm Padfoot. And this is Moony, who literally can’t duel to save his life.
  • Remus: I’d say it's good to see you Fred bu...James? Lily?
  • James: It’s good to see you old friend.
  • ***
  • Remus: It’s been years.
  • Lily: For you. Where’s Tonks?
  • Remus: Dolohov killed her after he did me. When Padfoot collected us she went to see Teddy.
  • ***
  • James: Let's go end this.
  • ***
  • Fred: This is chaos.
  • Alastor: This is war!
  • Fred: Mad Eye! You’re al- oh yeah I'm dead.
  • Sirius: You get used to it.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Dammit Hagrid!
  • Remus: Wonderful. Giants.
  • ***
  • James: Focus Harry. You can do this.
  • Lily: Luna! Bless your soul.
  • ***
  • Remus: I'm not sure how I feel about Voldemort using this place.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh God. Snape, run!
  • James: Too late.
  • Remus: What is he doing?
  • Albus: That's a memory.
  • Severus: Albus? Where are w- Lily??
  • Sirius: You sonofa-
  • James: Motherf-
  • Lily: QUIET! No one says a word until we see that memory.
  • Albus: If I may-
  • Lily: Not a word! You have both played with my sons life as if he were a piece in a game! No one has the right to talk until we see that memory!
  • ***
  • Lily: You bullied my son. And his friends. You went out of your way to torture and torment them. But you also risked your life for my son, every day for the last three years.I do not forgive you, but you can stay. For now.
  • Sirius: Wait what?
  • James: You heard her. But I swear, you pine after my wife even once and I'll punch you in the face.
  • Severus: I won't be here long. I want to see how it ends. After that, I will leave.
  • ***
  • Severus: It’s good to see you Lily.
  • Fred: He says after we just watched a montage based on sixteen years of his love for her.
  • Remus: Fred, shut up.
  • ***
  • Cedric: I thought you'd be more disturbed about Harry having to die.
  • Lily: I...
  • James: Don't think for a second that we aren’t being destroyed inside. But there is no choice. Our son has t-...
  • Lily: To defeat Voldemort, our son has to die. And we'll be here to greet him.
  • ***
  • James: He told Neville. About the snake.
  • Lily: Oh. It's Ginny.
  • ***
  • Sirius: The Snitch?
  • Albus: Excellent Harry. I imagine you four should get ready.
  • James: Ready for what?
  • ***
  • Cedric: The Stone! Harry was right!
  • Fred: What the hell is that thing?
  • Albus: Old and powerful magic.
  • ***
  • Lily: He dropped it!
  • James: Harry NO!
  • Lily: Wh-what just happened? Why did Voldemort fall?
  • Severus: What did you do this time you mad old man?
  • Albus: My greatest work! My masterpiece! Engineered from beyond the grave!
  • Lily: Stop patting yourself on the back Dumbledore and tell me what happened to my son!!
  • Albus: Lily! James! Harry is alive! Now, let’s see if this works.
  • James: What? What are you muttering? What-WHERE DID HE GO?
  • ***(Due to Tumblr limits, the rest is under part 2)
  • Max: *talks about liking skater boys because they're 'so cute doing their tricks'*
  • Max: *listens to Justin telling her how Chloe used to skate with them*
  • Max: *finds old photo of Chloe skating and reminisces about how this is the Chloe she remembers*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: YOU
Things I Wish I Could Tell the Signs in my Life
  • Aries: You're really smart, and I admire that you're confident enough to answer like every question in class. You're strong too- your circumstances may not be great, but you power through it and I'm proud of you.
  • Taurus: Your ideals piss me off sometimes, but I'll calm down fast because they're just different from mine. I wish we got along more- sometimes I can't stand you, but sometimes you're pretty great. Sorry if I'm too aloof and stuff, but I'm trying.
  • Gemini: Honey, you need to stop being so standoffish. Hypocritical, because I'm kind of an asshole sometimes too. Really though, I love the real you that gets excited about things and giggles. It's okay to say you love me back, you know.
  • Cancer: You're literally my other half. You protect me, love me (even if you won't admit it) and I'm sorry I bother you a lot. You're the one person I always let in, and I need you in my life.
  • Leo: So... I may really like you. Sorry, but you'll probably never know. If I did tell you, I might scare you away, and you're kind of really important to me. You're insecure sometimes, but, Jesus Christ, I can't see why. You're smart and honest (not to mention hot as FUCK.)
  • Virgo: Please show you care more? Like, you may "mom" me, but sometimes I just need a friend to squeal with. Still, I let you in because I trust you and I know you'll be there for me. I love you. Thanks for keeping me safe.
  • Libra: Shit, I'm so sorry. You are actually so important to me, and I'm sorry I can't tell you that in words. You understand me and you care about me when I'm ready to stab myself. You're one of the kindest people in the world and you deserve so much more than life gives you. I love you, and I wish I could hug you right now.
  • Scorpio: You have a lot of issues, but I'm here for you. Our talks are deep, but damn dude, give me my space- I'm a Scorpio too. I have my own issues, and I can definitely deal with yours, but sometimes I can't stand you when it's not important. I think you're not being yourself, and that pisses me off.
  • Sagittarius: Hey, I miss you. I hope you're doing so great. You deserve great things, and I'm kind of really glad that you have the opportunity to get them now. You're beautiful, remember that whenever you're down. When I stalk your account (often) I realize that you're kind of the way you were when we first met. I loved you differently then, and this makes me happy.
  • Aquarius: You may piss me off, but I'm really damn proud of you. I'm proud of who you are and who you've become. You're oddly mature while still being hella childish, and I love you.
  • Pisces: You're actually so much fun to be around. You're smart, and athletic, and you're my goals in life. I've never seen you be insecure, and I don't think I ever want to. You're amazing, and I aspire to be like you.
imagine (harry being insecure about his new haircut)
  • *on the phone*
  • Harry: Hey Lou. I missed you.
  • Louis: I missed you too babe. How are you?
  • Harry: Fine I guess. A bit busy with all these shootings and the fans-
  • Louis: I was actually refering to your hair, babe. I know you loved it the way it was before.
  • Harry: Oh. Well. It's for charity Lou. So I'm really really glad I could help but-
  • Louis: but you don't think your new hairstyle suits you and that the fans don't like it?
  • Harry: How did you-
  • Louis: Haz, I've known you since you were sixteen. I could damn well read you like an open book.
  • Harry: Yeah. I suppose you're right.
  • Louis: I'm damn well right so listen to me. You are the most beautiful man on this planet. Inside and out. Remember what I told you before? You don't have to please those people you only have to please yourself. If they don't want it then fuck them they can't decide for you. So I say you rock this hairstyle and start another revolution Harry Styles.
  • Harry: You know that I love you right. I really really love you. I wish I could kiss you right now. *tears up* Thank you so much Lou. I don't know what I'd do without you.
  • Louis: If that's the case then open your damn door.
  • Harry: Oh shit really fuck-
  • *runs to the door and opens it*
  • Louis: *fondly smiles at him* I love you too, you big baby. I love everything about you. Always remember that. *hugs harry*
  • Me: *dies*
  • Lovelots,
  • Lou xx

You see the thing about our loved ones, right, our FUCKING loved ones, they come and they BLINDSIDE you every fucking time. So they say to me, they say Vaas, Vaas, who the FUCK is it going to be? THEM or ME, ME or THEM?
Like, like you know, like they fucking think that I need to make a fucking choice.

By the way, this lighter really sucks. You know, so much for poetics.

 Far Cry 3

anonymous asked:

I saw you say that Percy is not a bad boy. While I wouldn't go so far to say "bad boy" I would say "trouble maker". In the first book it says that he gets suspended for cussing out teachers, he "accidentally" fired a canon at a school bus, and I'm sure there's a lot more I can't remember. While I don't think he necessarily breaks the rules on purpose, he definitely breaks them if it means saving someone in any way shape or form. I don't really know why you think he cares for the rules so much.

Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it’s canon and Sally raised him that way?

Here are some examples I could think of right now of Percy caring about the rules:

Hermes and Annabeth had to talk to him into leaving camp to go on a quest to be able to save camp. He literally thinks. “My mom wouldn’t approve of that moral”.

Annabeth is the one breaking the rules constantly while Percy follows her after calling her out on breaking the rules.

Sure, he breaks the rules when there is no other option, but that doesn’t mean he wants to.

Just because he looks like a trouble maker, it doesn’t mean he is a trouble maker, the guy just has the worst luck in the world.

let-the-rain-escape  asked:

The answer may have gotten lost somewhere in my mind down the road, but whatever happened to Truth or Fail? Was it discontinued in order to give more time to the other education based channels? Just curious, as I can't seem to remember and don't go on YouTube too often since school is sucking up my life right now :(

I always really liked Truth or Fail and I always expected it to be ridiculously successful…it was not. It wasn’t unsuccessful, and there’s lots of great content on that channel. i worked really hard on the scripts and they’re funny and interesting and fascinating and you should go watch them…there’s lots. 

But ultimately it was really hard to edit, and it never really caught on. I’m not sure why…maybe because annotations don’t work on mobile and don’t /always/ work on desktop (they’re better now than they used to be.) I also think that something about the format (lots of little episodes that people didn’t watch all of) made the YouTube algorithm angry because the ad rates were always abysmal, making it really hard to make all of the time writing and editing worthwhile. 

celestialmayhem replied to your photo: eeehhhhh how do you make a 13 year old girl look…

SESSHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY -fan girl squeal activate- every dog within a 100 miles starts yelping.


altho i was a naraku fan

naraku and…another guy i can’t remember

the group of…dudes


Every time you call someone an asshole, just remember what part of the body you’re talking about, cause I’ve been thinking about this for the last 10 minutes. You’re literally referring to them as an anus. You were probably expecting a really touching post but It’s 3:30am & I can’t sleep.

Terrible things about birthdays, by me, an INTJ.

- People ask you to make a list of what you want. You don’t really want anything, but they insist, so you make a list. They don’t get you things on said list.

- The list you make is simple, a few objects, all reasonable prices. They are things you’d like (but aren’t too willing to spend your own money on), or things that are useful/things you need. Instead, you get things that you have no use for, that lay around for a significant time until it feels safe to dispose of them in some manner. (Also feeling slightly guilty that someone spent money on these things, but you didn’t ask for them, so why did they buy them for you again?)

- You don’t like birthdays. Or at least, your own. You hate attention on yourself, and for some reason, people think that if it’s your birthday, you must want ALL of the attention. Wrong.

- The obligatory “What, it’s your birthday? Happy Birthday!” Please. I won’t cry if you don’t wish me happy birthday upon finding out that it’s my birthday. You are under no obligation to wish me such a thing. Only say it if you’re sincere.

- You actually get kind of sad on your birthday. It’s not because you’re growing older. Actually, you can’t really pinpoint why you feel sad/depressed. You just do.

- The required family phone calls.  If there’s one day in the whole year you want to ignore all the phone calls you get, it’s your birthday.  But you can’t do that.  It would be rude to ignore family (and friends) who actually bother to take the time to give you a ring on the day they think is special to you.  If the conversation could go something like this:
“Hi [insert name here]!  Happy Birthday!”
“Oh, thanks.”
“Okay, that’s all.  Bye.”
Then that would be perfect.  But no.  You have to endure the small talk, the talk of how things are going (they’re always the same, no new news here), what you did on your birthday.  No thanks.

- Did I mention the attention and how I hate it? Presents I don’t mind. A simple acknowledgement from friends and family I can survive. Gathering together to stare and take pictures as you open presents is the most abhorred thing ever. Just call it a day and go to bed.

i-want-all-the-unicorns  asked:

Can you imagine camp half blood during Halloween??? Like I have so many ideas right now I can't type them out, it's exciting

At first they didnt really want to celebrate it. It was the first year after the war with Gaea, and they still remembered brightly how it all happened, how campers died, how titans were invading the camp, how they all were about to die…

But they all knew they should have moved forward. The life was going and they couldt, they are not allowed to skip a second of it…

Hecate cabin makes super spooky decorations, creates smoke  that “flows” on the ground around the camp

Hazel begs Nico to create some sceletons that are like waiters instead of nymphs

Leo (who l do think returns till then) dresses up like Joker

Aphrodite`s cabin was always the one to win “The Spookiest Miss” “The Spookies Mr”, but it was about to be changed 

”How could Clarisse win?! HOW?!” “Well, but admit it, She looks like a real Evil Queen” “Right, girls, l am the Evil Queen. And lm about to tear you apart HA HA HA!”

Percy decides to be Zorro and Annabeth is Captain Barbossa from Pirates of The Carribean (and Percy has to admit, the pirate costumes looks hella good on her and he cant look away)

Zorro and Captain had duel fights, gues who won lol

“l won, cause lm Captain. Captain Jack Spar…” “Wise Girl, thats not your line…”

Apollo cabin as well as Hermes cabin provide music and good sound around the camp

Dionisus` and Demetre`s cabins decorate the camp with punkins and dead plants

Nico dresses as Winter Soldier 

(thanks to Will) 

(but that worth a lot for Will)

“No WAY! Will! l wont do that! l dont even like that holiday!” “No you will be him!” “Okay, fine. But you`ll be…you`ll be…Rumpelstiltskin!” 

hell know why this character, but imagine Will`s skin glowing a little, like that glowing shows how insanely strange his character is

Piper and Hazel decide to be porcelain dolls. Their faces had some cracks and they were really white and lifeless

When the urge to break your book buying ban becomes too much.
  • This past weekend has been a really hard one for my family. As a result, I almost ended up breaking my book buying ban twice, since retail therapy helps me deal with life's crap (I've been on a book buying ban for 6 weeks.) Here are some tips that helped me and might help you when you get that sudden, uncontrollable urge:
  • 1: Stop and think--Can you really afford to splurge right now?
  • 2: Do you have any room?
  • 3: How long is your TBR and can you read a few more books before you give in?
  • 4: I like to go onto the popular book websites and see their sales because it kind of builds up my endurance to them. Whenever I go on those websites, I learn to tell myself, "No, you can't afford this. No, you don't need this." And if there's a sale, just remember that there will ALWAYS be sales. Companies thrive on a customer's "Sale High".
  • 5: Go through the motions online and add books to your virtual cart, but leave them in there. Sometimes the act of putting the books into a shopping cart helps feed that craving you're suffering from.
  • 6: If you're worried that you're going to forget a particular book unless you buy it, then write it down (or take a pic--create a pinterest)! Making a list of books to buy for when you can buy them helps you feel less stressed over forgetting the books, and will also help you go a little less wild when you finally have a taste of book buying freedom.
  • 7: Keep your mind occupied. Stay off the web and away from bookstores if you absolutely can't go to either without buying something.
  • 8: Find out what is stressing you out or urging you to buy books and find a different way to deal with it: Try writing, drawing, hanging out, or even going for a walk.
  • 9: Do you REALLY need that new book or boxset? Will you REALLY read it? Ask yourself if you will actually read a certain book. If you will, then add it to your to-buy list for the future, if not, then why do you want to buy it?
  • 10: Think about WHY you went on the book buying ban in the first place. Sometimes reminded ourselves of why we are trying to put a pause on our shopping is a cold shower to our heated need to buy books.
  • Do you have any more tips? Please feel free to add!

OMFG I HAVE REACHED 700+ FOLLOWERS HERE && I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH. Louis is the strongest muse I ever had and feels like you really enjoy her and that means so freaking much to me. That you stay even lately that I am not really rp-ing a lot. This is my second follow forever and looking back at my first so much changed and it was just months ago. Just wanna cuddle each one of you. 

▶ PEOPLE I ADORE IC & OOC ;; I AM REALLY CLOSE WITH. chat almost every day that know things about me I don’t really let out on my dash and just takes me a bit more to say. Really make everything better in general. 

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▶ STALK LIST ;; literally just always admired those people && their writting.  ALWAYS LEAVING ME SPEECHLESS WITH THEIR HEADCANONS and just life ruiners in general. ( with some I have interacted with some not *grins* )

 he-howls feraliity druiidae ghoulardii thegoldengirlsavior wxndiigo unhumxnity cyniciisms ofsacrifiices deflectentes theoriginalbarbieklaus werexhayley werebitch werxcoyote liitlewolf hxpemikaelson makeaspecticalofit exitiosaxe gangerbitch bedevilish xlonewollf the-stonem fragmentxd nxmphe satirxcal bxnsheemartin pandorums haylethewolf uzuttebayo pippinxtook littlehuntxr voiiices moonoverbourbon ofabominations klausvakr progeniitor hunterofpie sacharined 

▶ I LOVE WRITTING WITH THOSE ;; really hope we can do more and just seem being really awesome no matter if ic or occ. 

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now I know I have forgot around five people but I can’t remember the urls, sorry.

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For the anon who asked about yoga pants that don't slide down, Target has GREAT yoga pants (C9 by Champion) that have a really thick waist band & go up to a 2X (Maybe 3X? I can't remember right now). I'm only five two, but the capri yoga pants I have I can almost pull up to my boobs, so they would still work on someone much taller. They also come in every length from shorts to knee length to just below knee length, to capri, to full pants. I would LIVE in them every day if I could...

That is great! Thank you for the input!