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Something that I’ve found kind of interesting about the tablets you find throughout Hyper Light Drifter is… well, here; look at one.

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Hey, I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. Dan and Phil are filming the pinof where Dan is asked to look inside Phils bedside drawer. Instead of the lip balm he found a picture of them together that Dan had ripped apart when they broke up. I can't seem to find it anywhere and I really wanna read it again.

Of Old Memories And Future Moments - “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer‘‘ it said. Oh no. What would have happened if Dan had found something more interesting than a lip-balm inside Phil’s bedside drawer?

- Emily

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Okay, this is kinda a weird question but I'm hoping you or anyone else who follows you might know: I kinda want Jacks beanie from his "come meet me video". It looks ultra soft and warm and it's really cute but I can't figure out the brand. I know awhile back people somehow managed to find Mark's grey cardigan so... IDK, it kinda a stupid inquiry I know. I just didn't know who to ask. (you can get a good look at the hat at 3:24).

my friend @jiminy-krispies found mark’s grey cardigan (here!)

but i’m afraid i have no idea where to find that beanie! 



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hi! can you find this fic, it's where clarke lives in camp jaha and it's really dull and bellamy is a grounder (i think) and clarke like gets lost and the grounder find her and she find out the grounder aren't as bad as she was told and i think they need to get her back before a rivers tide comes back up and if they don't she can't get back across for months. thanks.

Dividing Lines

thank you to the anon who found this fic!

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Hello again! Do you know any fics AU - Canon divergent/Future!Fic where Derek is a teacher at a university or college and College Student!Stiles? I tried to search in your tags but coulnd find any. Of course, I found many AU!No Werewolves and such, but not in canon divergent... I think they're really nice, but I only read like 2 long time ago. It's okay if you can't find any, It's just that I don't know any other blog that helps people more than you XD Thank you!

I couldn’t find very many where everyone is still werewolves. Here’s what I found. - Anastasia

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Teacher’s Pet by thedoctorsnextcompanion13

(3/3 I 5,961 I Mature)

Stiles has pined for Derek since puberty, and finally decides to do something about it. He goes to college for automechanics and low and behold, who is his teacher? They cope with a student teacher relationship and the hardships that come with it.

117 Apt. 9 by orphan_account

(3/3 I 10,283 I Explicit)

There’s a boy sleeping on his couch. A boy who smells like beer and smoke and a million other unpleasant smells. Derek should really not be thinking about how attractive he is, he really really shouldn’t.

Or the one where Stiles drunkenly breaks into Scott’s apartment for a place to sleep, but counts wrong and ends up on Derek Hale’s couch.

Woof Woof 101: Introduction to Werewolves by AnneLawrence

(2/? i 15,566 I Mature)

Ok, this has to stop. Stiles had sat through another entire lecture without taking a single note. It wasn’t like he wasn’t paying attention. No. That was part of the problem. He needed to pay less attention. Less attention to the way Dr Hale’s t-shirt clung to his torso under that adorable tweed jacket-y thing he always seemed to wear, and more attention to what Dr Hale was saying.

House of Hale (School for Supernaturals) by ironmuffin

(7/? I 31,891 I Explicit I Rape)

“We had teachers teaching them but they couldn’t take it any longer and resigned,” Peter told him. Derek’s eyes widened, staring at his uncle in disbelief.

“You want me to handle a bunch of misfits on my first day? You gotta be kidding me!”

“They may be lacking in the sense of behavior but they have great abilities, Derek and they need someone like you to lead them”.

Where Derek finally said yes to Peter’s request to teach at the House of Hale, school for supernaturals which was founded by his late mother, Talia Hale.

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Okay I'm really frustrated because I'm trying to find a fic that I was reading yesterday and I can't find it and I think it's called "Number 1. I'm in love with your boyfriend" and Dan brings over his girlfriend called Ella and Phil realizes he has feelings for Dan and ends up spending a lot of time with Louise. Do you know where I could find this fic?? Thanks in advance!!

1. I’m in love with your boyfriend. - Dan’s girlfriend Ella comes to stay with him and Phil for a week and Phil is shocked by how he feels about it.

- Gabriela

YOI ep 10 has still got me awed at how amazing this anime has progressed. But one thing that got me really intrigued, is where it was set: Barcelona.

Now, I remember reading a post somewhere (I’ll edit this once I find it) that Kubo-sensei and a friend traveled to Barcelona to look at monuments and places for the anime etc etc

Of course, I checked her IG and I found these gems:





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Hi!! So I was on your blog the other day and found a great fic on here but I opened it in Tumblr and when I went to read it later it had closed me out. The fic was under another ask and I've looked for it for friggin ever but can't find it. The person who asked about it described it has kind of a 5+1 fic where stiles was being protective of Derek and the first one is stiles catching Chris breaking Derek's car window. If you could help me find it I'd really appreciate it!

This is I Love To Be The Underdog by CaptainnAustralia. (Chris was so wrong to break that window, but Stiles made sure he knows that now ;)

One of these days Stiles was going to learn that having a death wish was a bad thing.


Five times Stiles got into an argument on Derek’s behalf, and the one time he didn’t have to.

Things I've Heard or Said at Anime Conventions
  • "I have two Gundams in my car."
  • "Must be one hell of a big car."
  • "Do you always sound like anime?"
  • "I know where you live and I hope you die."
  • "All ______ 20% off marked price if your name starts with a letter!"
  • "I can't find a parking spot and I'm about to pee myself."
  • "All I had to eat was a Monster, a lunchable, and some strawberries."
  • "I just ran away from a guy who had no concept of personal space."
  • "I love cosplay. Where else can you see _____ and _____ having lunch together?"
  • "...I WANT ______'S BUTT!"
  • "I found a really pretty furry."
  • "My feet are killing me this line sucks."
  • "You better love me."
  • "Butt plushies!"

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Hey I was searching for a fic where Dan has a skin disease (I think? Rossea? Something like that I'm sorry I can't remember) and he goes to Phil for the first time and they are about to do the sexy Times and phil finds out and Dan gets embarrassed. I'm sorry it's really vague

The Boy with Scarlet Cheeks - Dan has rosacea, a medical condition causing his cheeks to appear red and flushed, and he’s meeting Phil for the first time.

- Sam


emerald’s story-part 9

whoop! emerald found a warp pad! where will it take her though? guess you’ll find out ;P 

this is pretty short but the next one should be longer, and i already started working on it so that should come soon-ish 

part 1

part 2 

part 3

part 4

part 5 

part 6

part 7 

part 8 

(psst probably after the next one, or the one after that, there’s gonna be a big jump of time because most of what emerald and her(main) friends do is hang out in a forest, pretty boring. but! i already know what i wanna do at the time jump and i’m really excited about it!)  

  • Joonmyeon: We have a very serious situation, I can't find Chanyeol
  • Baekhyun: leave it to me.
  • Baekhyun: *inhales deeply* CHANYEOL, I FOUND YOUR FERRET
  • Chanyeol: WHERE IS IT??!
  • Baekhyun: There he is.
  • Chanyeol: WHERE'S MY FERRET??????
  • Baekhyun: Nah, didn't find it, just kidding.
  • Chanyeol: *sheds a single tear* *brings a boom box* Why the fuck you lyin', why you always lyin', mmmmmMMMMᎷhhh... oO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒh mY gOD StOp fuckin lyin'

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do you have any fics where bucky can lift mjolnir?? i know i read a post-winter soldier fic once where thor casually hands bucky the hammer and no one notices the significance for a while and then there's like a ripple of HOLY SHIT BUCKY IS HOLDING THE HAMMER and thor's just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i can't find it anywhere n i'd love to read something else like it tbh

I found two for you:

If Ye Be Worthy

“Do you know what that is?” Bruce asks, voice low, but that’s not really new, for him.

“It’s Thor’s hammer-thingy,” Bucky shrugs. “Look, man, I know it was shitty to give it a swing without him knowing, I’m sor—”

“You swung it?”

If Ye Be Worthy (Stubborn as a Brick Wall Remix)

“Well, you’re right,” Steve said, only barely surprised. “So why the hell are you still down here?”

The look Bucky threw him was too resigned for a glare. “Because we both know that’s bullshit.”

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Hey I'm reallllly sorry but I've spent ages looking to this fic and now I can't find it? It was a pastledan/punkphil where Dan wanted to try being a bottom/sub so he goes to a gay bikers bar and punk Phil is the waiter and they flirt and then have sex in the toilets? Thanks I really appreciate You guys!

This Is What It Feels Like - It’s literally just porn, but loose pastelxpunk themes as curious Dan goes to a biker bar and attempts to seduce himself a top.

- Gabriela

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Ok but what if one day Selina lost a cat and she's really devasted bc she can't find him and she hears a knock and it's jason with her cat and she knows jason is robin but jason doesn't know she's cat woman and he's like I found him a few blocks over, a baker took him in and didn't know where to return him, so he's fine. And she just thanks him and says like "hey aren't you Bruce Wayne's kid" and he grumbles and is like yeah I guess so and she laughs and she just thinks jason is the sweetest

And she “accidentally” runs into jason now, buys him a ice cream bar, all that stuff and jason (still doesn’t know it’s cat woman) comes home and Bruce is like “wait who bought you this” “this woman I see around, Selina kyle” and Bruce tracks her down and is like what are you planning don’t exploit my baby and she’s like chill OMG he’s the sweetest kid sometimes I feel nice jeez


And she teaches him to swipe and reverse at gala parties, along with getting the best food!
“Out on the street, you grab and run. Not here. Here we have to eat our goodies in the presence of others. We must move fast. We must strike with precision. We must have a home base to eat.”
“What about people that try to talk while we get there?”
“We look them in the eyes and say, ‘Sorry, darling, there is something I must attend to. Lovely scarf, ta!’ Got it?”
“Got it.”
“Now, should we start with fish or chicken?”
“I like the way you think. Now, go!”

Thank you!! 😊

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This may not be the best place for this question, but I don't have anyone irl I can ask so here goes: I don't masturbate. Never have. It's just not something I realized was even an option as a teen, and now I don't really know where to start. I do think it's more difficult for me to achieve orgasms because I don't really know what I like, so I can't instruct him. The world of Dildos is very intimidating, and I just wondered if you have any advice on where a 21yo first timer should start?

Sure, I have some personal advice. I’m sure you can find plenty more in-depth stuff online, like tips and techniques, but here are some pointers:

Get to know yourself! Honestly, the only way I found out what I like during masturbation/sex is through experimentation, lots of “practice” and even a few mistakes.

Take your time. Realize that you may not achieve orgasm every single time, and that’s okay: because the more you practice, the better you’ll get, just like with most other things. 

Try a little bit of everything. See what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. What turns you on? What feels good? Maybe you like penetration; maybe you only like outer stimulation – maybe you like both at the same time! Maybe you like really raunchy fantasies. Or the shower head on a massage function. Or wearing something special. Or going very slowly. It’s okay to see what works and ditch what doesn’t.

Lube Up! Whatever bits you have, a little lube goes a loooong way towards pleasure. Crotch giblets just feel better with a dab of something slippery on them to help the process, plus it helps your fingers/toys/whatever slip around, so you might find a spot you didn’t know you liked before!

Toys Maybe! While most of the time it isn’t necessary to use toys in masturbation, they can be fun and lead to different kinds of orgasms for some folks. But getting to know yourself can really determine what sort of toy you go after (or you might prefer to never buy one or try them all)! If you like outside stimulation, then a vibe bullet, vibrating wand, finger vibrator, etc. can be nice. If you’d rather something more penetrative, then there’s a wide variety of dildos and plugs to choose from! Just see what works with your body and choose accordingly.

Most of all, just have fun! Stay relaxed, laugh at yourself from time to time and just be happy with all the fun ways your body can feel pleasure, whatever it is that it turns out you’re into!

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Where can a native American English speaker that knows German at conversational level (not fluent at all) learn or at least study Finnish (for free too)? Also learn it in an efficient way without setting aside a ton of time. I always have found the language to be kinda funny but going through this blog I think I want to make an attempt to understand it. I also know no native speakers of Finnish and can't really find any (not that I am looking for any tbh).

Well I’m not the best person to ask since I’m a native speaker, but I surveyed through some sites and these seem helpful. Added some podcasts too:

http://www.finnishpod101.com/   iTunes version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/learn-finnish-finnishpod101.com/id539930693?mt=2If any of you reading this know good learning sources, send them here so I can share them on the blog!