i really can't believe it's been a year already!

(Sorry for the improvised graphic, I know its El from Stranger Things, but I mean I am Multi-fandom and I love this girl so)

I reached 500+ followers last night, and I legit though I was gonna cry boy. I’ve only had one other blog and it was just up to 70 followers in like almost a year. Its only been 4 months and I already made so many friends! It’s so insane guys! Thank you x100 for following me, and reblogging my content, and messaging me along these four months. If I forget anyone I’m extra super sorry!

P.S: Once I hit another Milestone, I want to open up a “multifandom fampage” where my followers can choose to be whatever character they would like to be from any fandom!! Can you maybe give me your thoughts on that idea?? Send me a message here! (open to followers and anyone not on this list!)

both=I love you with everything I’ve got


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Special thanks to: @jenmish for helping me reach my milestone,,, and scaring me w/ shrek nightmares, @waywardlullabies for listening to my rants about shows she doesn’t watch, @deanwinchester-af for being the first friend I had on this whole website, and @freedomcas for being my matey!