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The Jealousy’s Evening

for the anon who sent in this amazing prompt, thank you! 

Today wasn’t Castiel’s favorite day. The past few days hadn’t been his favorite day. A lot of things were currently not okay and all he could do was fake a smile and get on with school, with life.
It wasn’t that he was allowed to complain - in the end Dean had never been his in the first place. But seeing him kiss Lisa… it hurt. It hurt seeing them together, so close and happy. 

Of course, Castiel didn’t have any feelings for Dean, he was just upset that he was losing his best friend. They had been close for a long time, stayed over at each other’s houses a lot, slept in the same bed, shared clothes and did everything together. They were inseparable, until Dean started dating Lisa. 

For Castiel it had been out of nowhere when Dean had told him he and Lisa were a thing. At first, he’d just been slightly annoyed, but when days passed he began to realize how much it influenced him and his friendship with Dean. Way more than he wanted to admit. 

He just wanted the old Dean back, spend time with him doing nothing- hang out on the roof and talk about school or Dean’s father being a dick and Gabriel who’d stolen from the candy shop. That was ages ago and Cas was probably never getting that back.

Dean never wanted to hang out and ‘do nothing’, had not once suggested to take a ride with the Impala and watch the sunset while sipping beer as they sat on the hood of the car. The only thing that was the same, were them staying over at each other’s houses, doing homework together and their movie night on Friday. 

At least, Castiel thought.

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*throwback to Spacewalker, honestly* @mego42 will understand!

You know, that final scene on the beach is a slow burner. Obviously, I loved it in the moment. But it was so short, and so soft, that it didn’t hit me hard like some of their other scenes. The more I think about it though, the more essential it becomes.

Do I think Bellamy was about to confess his love for Clarke, in a LET’S MAKE OUT way? No. I don’t.

Bellamy was very calm, very mellow. IMO, if he was about to go all out on the romantic front he wouldn’t have been so. He would have been more agitated, more jumpy. (EDIT: THAT BEING SAID, I HAVE JUST FLASHBACKED TO MY LOST DAYS…and IDK why but I always feel like Imma lose friends when I remind the world that I was #Jate for lyf. So suddenly I’m remembering the S3 finale where Jack just turned to her all chill from out of nowhere and shrugged and said ‘Because I love you’ and honestly, maybe we are at a point where a mellow and chill Bellamy just puts it out there like that?? MAYBE WE ARE?)

I think that Bellamy is feeling very fatalistic right now. When Clarke asked him ‘you still have hope’ he gave her what she needed. But 4x04 onwards have really emphasised how tired Bellamy is, and how aware of time running out he is. He’ll keep fighting to keep people alive, but I also think that he believes he - and maybe all of them - will be dead very soon. He expresses this pretty succintly in reference to Octavia. I think he knows, on a level, that Clarke is right. Given time, his relationship with O will heal. But there is no time. He thinks that he is going to die and Octavia is going to hate him.

When Clarke says ‘she’ll see how special you are’ it’s not because she’s pulling him back from a break down. And she’s calm too! Mellow too! She says it because it is how it is. It’s so natural and easy for her to tell Bellamy that he is special.

Bellamy’s long look at her is everything to me. We’ve had moments like this before…I’m specifically thinking of 3x15 and ‘but I trust you.’ So it’s not a shock to Bellamy, really (I think it will always be a little bit of a shock to him just because he is who he is) but coupled with how he’s feeling about O, about their chances…

WHAT’S IN HIS HEAD. Definitely I love this girl. I know, I know…I said I didn’t think he was about to make a big declaration…but LOVE is all over everything Bellarke, and has been for a while. She’s everything to me? She’s special too, and I need her to know that? I couldn’t have survived without her? If I die, I need her to keep fighting and living and to find happiness one day?


And then Clarke just…IMMEDIATELY SHUTS HIM DOWN. And I think there is so much to say here about Bellarke v Clarke’s scene with Niylah. For Clarke, sleeping with and finding comfort in Niylah is a situation without risk. There are no strings attached, it makes her feel better, and also…Niylah is just super nice. So Clarke can touch her, Clarke can show her that affection…

Obviously, Clarke’s relationship with Bellamy is on another level (even if you were to deny romance) and it strikes me how much Bellarke DON’T touch each other. She comes to stand beside him on the beach, and there’s space between them. They even struggle to FACE each other, and dude…that threw me back to 2x16. Clarke looks at him, but HAS to look away. Bellamy looks at her when she isn’t looking. And only when he is about to declare, does he turn his full body to face her.


Because she knows! She knows that he’s trying to say goodbye, and she will not accept that. She nopes out of that like whoa. She won’t even consider it. With Niylah it was a conversation and a request, but with Bellamy it’s just NOPE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

THEY ARE SKATING AROUND IT YOU GUYS. They both know SOMETHING, and they’re both approaching it in different ways.

Clarke can’t face it, can’t think about it, because they WILL survive. But Bellamy is starting to turn the other way…


I will never let you fall

a/n: This is my gift to my best friend @eroticgropefest​​. Hope you appreciate my first (and maybe only) attempt at a snowbaz fic just for you, bruh! o// I figured since I’m helping turn you into as much of an h/c hoe as myself, you’d enjoy reading some of that as well (also I’m all out of ideas SORRY I TRIED). Enjoy your 26th aging up <3 :P


Snow is infuriating. I’m certain I’m not the only one who sees it: the way he shrugs at most questions, considering it to be enough of an answer; how he gets flustered and fumbles around looking for his words; how he has absolutely no control over his own immense powers; the way he follows the Mage around, like some kind of stray dog on a very short leash, awaiting his commands.

The most powerful magician alive.

I look at him across the room, once again failing at a spell. Bunce looks at him, exasperated, saying something I don’t care to hear. I glare some more at Snow’s ineptitude, feeling a fire deep inside me, something that tells me to shake some sense into him. How stupidly vulnerable he is! The dangers he puts himself in by his complete lack of control. How easy he’ll be to break under my hands when we inevitably have to face each other.

I can imagine myself marching over to him, pushing him up against a wall. I’d hold on to his neck and look right into those eyes, Snow’s unremarkable eyes, so ordinary and plain looking. I’d stare right at him (and I might choke him a little.) (Not too much, just a little. Just enough). He’d growl at me and it would smell of smoke and get unbearably warm. He’d be so close and alive and warm, I might have a taste. Bite a chunk right out of his neck in front of everyone. (or I might just snog the fuck out of him. Either one).

I don’t do any of that. Instead, I shake my head and then glare at him across the room, while Bunce continues to tell the absolute idiot what to do. Soon he seems to feel my stare and looks up at me. At first he seems confused, but his slow brain finally catches up. and he glares right back, closing his fist more strongly around his wand.

Simon Snow never stops driving me fucking crazy.

There are definitely some things people don’t tell you about sharing a room with the chosen one.

One of them is how once he’s put something on his mind, he’ll never drop it. Crowley, Snow might have won an award for most stubborn person ever if it existed (I’m convinced they should create one just for him at this point). He’s incredibly persistent about his moronic ideas, like his obsession with keeping the windows open. No matter how many times I close them, he’ll open them back up. I suspect he’s doing it out of principle at this point, but I won’t give him the satisfaction of acknowledging it.

There’s an infinite number of frustrating things about living with Snow (besides the irony of living with someone you’re supposed to kill, but instead stupidly caught feelings for) (I may be biased on that one though). From the pointless arguments to the loud nightmares he seems to have convinced himself I don’t know about (a good match to my own relentless night terrors). Or even the way he’s completely oblivious to every single redeeming quality I (debatably) possess. Or even the most cruel ones, like the way looks after he falls asleep, all soft angles and relaxed jaw. Or the unyielding sexual frustration of having him so close to the touch and so hopelessly unreachable.

Yet, no matter how bad those things are, they still feel like they’re almost worth the amount of private wanking I have to do in an attempt to get him off my mind (it never works) (why would it?) It still feels more than I deserve, to have him this close to me. It’s almost comforting (almost, when it isn’t absolutely infuriating).

The truly bad thing about sharing a room with the Chosen One that no one tells you about isn’t even the arguing and all the times he loses his patience and grabs me, manhandling me while I cooly remind him of the anathema. It isn’t even the fact that, while he does that, I just want to push him against the wall and kiss him hard.

The worst thing of all is when he just isn’t there. (and you don’t know where he is or what happened or if he’s safe.) (Why would you when he hates you?)

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Sorry for the confusion on the request I made for the Prompto x Reader in the tent! Same scenario that the Iggy x Reader was in, where they had to be quiet when they got funky so they wouldn't wake the others xD Haha, I'm a perv... Thank you! Your writing is amazing <3

No, it’s no problem! Thank you so much for requesting, I’m so happy you like my stuff! ☺❤ I hope this is satisfactory! ☺ (excuse me while I go fan my face!) 

Prompto x Reader - sex in the tent. 
WC: 2223


It was quiet in the tent, the only sounds were the soft breathing coming from three boys fast asleep in their sleeping bags, and the quiet hushed whispers of you and your boyfriend Prompto. It was often that you two were the last to go to sleep, and you were pretty sure the rest of the group were used to your hushed whispers by now.

And it was also the reason they put the both of you in the same sleeping bag, as far away from them as the little tent would allow. You had pretended to be annoyed by this, but was actually thankful for it when the night came. It was like you and Prompto had your own little private corner of the tent, which is where you were laid now.

Prompto’s eyes went wide.

“Wow, just like that… damn [Name], that’s so good.”

“It is?” You bit your lip, pleased with his praise.

“Yeah, you should do it like that more often.”

“Hmm, maybe I will.”

“You really should. Hey, who knew that you’d be so good at King’s Knight?” Prompto marvelled, his chin on your shoulder as he watched you kick ass on your tiny mobile screen in awe. He had finally convinced you to start playing it, and to both of your surprise you were really good at it, especially the fighting element.

“Pfft, I knew, obviously. Why do you think I didn’t play it for so long? Just to spare the rest of you the pain of my skills.” You grinned at your boyfriend, who rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out. He was secretly so proud of you though, and it made a nice change to see someone give Noctis a run for his money. Even if that did mean he lost to you often, like earlier that day.

“I think that’s enough for tonight though, everyone else went to sleep hours ago.” You tapped the screen to close the game and locked your phone before putting it away, the absence of the glow making it suddenly seem really dark in the tent.

Prompto yawned and stretched in your shared sleeping bag, snuggling down under the covers.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” He mumbled, pulling you close so your head laid on his arm, his hand resting on your shoulder. He was so warm, and so cuddly. You enjoyed the nights with Prompto, feeling safe and loved in his arms. He felt the same about you, his free hand stroking up and down your arm, lightly tracing his fingers along your skin. Little goosebumps rose on your skin at his light touches, and you snuggled in closer to him for warmth. Prompto stifled a chuckle. She was so cute. And he still couldn’t get over the fact she was all his. She loved him, took an interest in his hobbies, looked after him in battle, confided in him, and best of all made him feel worth something.

“I am so lucky…” He breathed, his blue eyes watching her peaceful face. Her eyelids fluttered shut, her soft cheeks, the hair framing her face, her delicate lips slightly parted as she breathed softly.

He loved her so much.

Before he could stop himself, he’d leaned forward to kiss her. As their lips touched her eyes opened wide again, shocked at the surprise contact. But soon she was kissing him back, running her tongue along his bottom lip in the way that he liked, her fingers gripping at his hip, running through his hair…

He broke away, panting from the heated make out session. You smiled coyly at him, no longer tired.

“What was that for?”

By now Prompto’s actions had caught up to his brain, causing him to blush at his forwardness. His fingers played with your hair nervously, as the red deepened and spread across his cute freckled face. His sapphire eyes couldn’t keep their gaze as he answered you.

“I don’t know it’s just… you look so cute laid there and I just… I really wanted to kiss you.”

You ran a hand through his blonde hair, struggling not to giggle. He was adorable when he was flushed, and his words had really made you smile.

“Kiss me then.” You told him, his blue eyes finally meeting your gaze.

She is so beautiful

He gulped – and then brought your lips to his once more, his mouth open and hungry for your kisses. His fingers wound into your hair, holding you to him while his free hand rested on the small of your back. He let his tongue slip into your hot mouth, running along yours as he groaned softly at the contact. Eagerly you pushed yourself flush against his body, earning another moan of satisfaction. It was a heady feeling, hearing his whines of appreciation and you wanted more. Through two pairs of underwear you could feel Prompto’s growing arousal – he wanted you so badly. He was getting so worked up at your kissing, at the feeling of your body wrapped in his arms, pushed against his own. It made you feel alive.

You decided to crank the teasing up a notch and rock your hips into his. His fingers tightened in your hair as he moaned right into your mouth, his hips thrusting back into yours automatically, searching for any kind of friction.

“A..Ah…” He broke the kiss once more his forehead pressed against yours, breathing heavily. His eyes searched for yours, and you could see the lust reflected in them.

“[Name], we… I mean, you want to do this here?” He whispered, referring to the soft snores coming from the rest of the tent. It was a hard choice – you wanted him badly, and he definitely wanted you. But Prompto… he wasn’t the best at keeping quiet during intimate times. But as one hand brushed over the skin of your waist, and you looked at his needy, lustful face, you knew you couldn’t refuse. You had to have him.

“I have no objections.” You told him, watching with delight as his eyes widened and his teeth bit his bottom lip.

Holy fuck.

He could barely contain himself. He needed her so badly, wanted her right freaking now, and here she was offering herself to him. Fuck. He felt the painful throbbing of his arousal, straining against the fabric of his underwear and he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her.

To hell with the guys!

He sealed his lips around your collar bone, kissing and sucking at your skin, creating a trail from your throat along your jawline up until he reached your ear.

“You’re such a bad girl.” He whispered, shaking his head slightly in disbelief.

“Mmhmm, I know.” You smiled and trailed one hand along his perfect chest, down his stomach until you reached his cock. Smiling, you palmed him through the thin fabric, watching as his eyes rolled back and closed, his hips thrusting into your touch.

“Shit, [Name]!” He hissed and rocked into your every stroke. The boy was like putty in your hands, completely receptive to your every touch.

“Prom, you have to keep it down.” You hushed, and kissed at his neck. You loved how loud he was, but right now was not the best time for that.

“S-sorry, please don’t stop…” He whined, the want in his voice so clear and so delicious. The hand on the small of your back drifted downwards, his fingers dipping into your underwear to cup your ass.

“Gods Prom, I’ve been wanting you for ages.” You whispered in his ear, achieving the desired reaction of a soft moan and a swift squeeze of your ass. You knew he loved it when you told him exactly how much you wanted him, and you could feel his cock twitch at your words.

“I’ve been thinking about that time you dragged me away from camp and pinned me against a tree, how your cock filled me up…”

Holy fucking hell. It took all Prompto had not to blow his load right there and then. That would have been embarrassing, but he loved it so much when you poured your sinful words right down his ear. Why were you so good at it? His thrusts became more desperate, wanting to feel your hands on him so bad, spurred on by your words.

Please…” His beg came out almost as a strangled cry, but you understood immediately what he wanted. And so you granted him it, ducking under the covers to pull his underwear down to his ankles, freeing his erection. Instead of coming back up, you stayed under the covers, frustrating Prompto.

“[Name]? Are you ok- oh my god!” Prompto threw his head back into his pillow, his eyes squeezing shut at the feel of your tongue sliding all the way up from the bottom of his shaft to his tip. His heart was racing, his breathing quick as the pleasure rolled over him.

She’s going to be the death of me.

“Prom, shhh!” You warned him again, listening for any signs of stirring from the boys. Luckily there were none.

“I’m sorry! You’re just so fucking good with your mouth.” He panted, his fingers gripping at the sleeping bag. Pleased, you opened your mouth and took him in again, loving the feel of him writhing beneath you, swirling your tongue along his cock.

Fuck.” He hissed as you bobbed your head up and down his length. Teasingly, you let go with a soft pop, looking up at Prompto as he looked down at you, lifting the covers to see you. His blue eyes were hooded with lust, his cheeks flushed. His lips were parted as he breathed heavily, his chest rising and falling with each ragged breath. His blonde hair was a ruffled mess from where you had touched it… he looked divine.

“I want you.” He whispered, his hands reaching for your shoulders to pull you up and out of the covers. You were driving him crazy, and he couldn’t take it much longer.

“I want you now.” His hands were ridding you of your underwear before you could say anything, causing you to gasp now. It was so forward and rarely was Prompto ever so dominating, but when he was… a spiral of pleasure shot straight down to your core. It was the hottest thing.

Gentle hands pushed you back against the pillows as Prompto rolled on top of you, looking down at you with a smile.

“I really want you [Name].”

“I’m all yours.” You told him, loving how his face lit up at the words. In no time Prompto was aligning himself with you, teasingly rubbing the head of his cock against your entrance. You moaned softly at the contact, and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He thrust forward into you, relishing the feel as he filled you up.

“Fuck, Prompto.” It was your turn to gasp, and he couldn’t help but grin in satisfaction.

“Put your legs around me.” You did as he asked and he closed the space between you, leaning down so his chest covered yours, drawing your lips in for another kiss as he drew back his hips and thrust into you. He ate all your whimpers and moans as he kissed you, rocking in and out of you at a slow pace. He loved to be close to you like this as he fucked you, loved to feel every inch of your body he could pressed against his.

God he just loved her.

“Prom…” She whimpered, and he sped up his pace, sliding in and out of her with ease. His kisses were urgent, desperate, matching his thrusts. Her fingers wound in his soft blonde hair, eager to find purchase. Soon your hips were meeting up with his, and both of you had long since forgotten to be extra quiet.

“Prom, you’re going to make me come.” She uttered, her lustful voice sending him over the edge.

“Me… too…” He breathed, his blue eyes watching you eagerly as you unravelled beneath him, biting your hand to stop yourself from calling his name. The sight of you coming around him with pure pleasure proved too much, and he followed with his own orgasm, his last few desperate thrusts riding it out as he buried his face in your neck.

He finally collapsed on top of you, easing out of you and laying back down by your side. Both of you were silent for a while, catching your breath and slowing your heart rate, staring up at the quiet tent ceiling.

“I’m seeing stars.” Prompto whispered after a while, making you giggle and cuddle him close.

“You’re not so bad yourself you know.”

“I can’t believe we just did that.”

“Do you think the others heard?” Both of you froze for a second to listen, but upon hearing the still steady snoring, relaxed.

“I don’t know how they didn’t, you were pretty loud.” You teased your boyfriend, who as predicted, turned beetroot red.

“M-me? What about you miss dirty talk.” He accused.

“Fine, I won’t do it anymore.”

“Well, l-let’s not be hasty…”

You laughed again, and Prompto brought you in close for another cuddle. He kissed you on your forehead, before whispering in your ear again.

“I love you [Name].”

“I love you too Prompto.”

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I need a fluffy elf drabble please ;__;

i need some fluff rn too so here you go, (i’m sorry this took me 100000 years)

Ezarel stretched his arms high in the air and let himself fall back into the soft blanket below him. Closing his eyes, he focused on the rustling leaves swaying delicately in the trees and the gentle sound of a sleeping Gardienne breathing softly beside him. The weather was nice and warm and he could smell the faint aroma of wildflowers almost in bloom that surrounded them. It finally felt like spring. He inhaled deeply and sighed, a blissful smile on his face as the gentle breeze whipped against him, and for the first time in days, he felt at peace.

They were alone, sprawled together on a picnic blanket at the edge of the woods having planned to share lunch and relax after an ectic and exhausting week. Gardienne had baked him blueberry muffins especially for their date, and had dozed off in a post-sugar coma after dessert. He knew he should wake her up becase it was getting kind of late but the thought vanished as soon as it came, his attention entirely taken by the sight of her.

She was so pretty. He had noticed that about her immediately, as reluctant as he’d been to acknowledge it at the time. Now, asleep and illuminated by dappled rays of sunlight, she reminded him of some kind of woodland creature, a nymph sleeping peacefully in harmony with the forest around her. Except she was snoring, which made him want to laugh.

Grinning like an idiot over his snoring girlfriend…I really am a lovesick loser, aren’t I? He never thought things would end up this way, though. He always thought that if he ever fell in love- truly fell in love with someone- it would have been with some witty, refined elf that shared his interests. He never would have imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, that a human girl that appeared out of nowhere was going to become someone so dear to him. And so, falling in love with Gardienne had been no dignified affair, but rather a mad headlong tumble that had toppled all his preconceptions. Loving her was intoxicating and sweet and occasionally, terrifying.

And yet

He let out a little sigh and suddenly felt the urge to touch her. Just a little, he said to himself. He gently brushed some hair out of her face and caressed her cheek lightly. With one hesitant finger he brushed her forearm, and he froze as he saw her skin twitch at the contact. When she showed no signs of waking, he traced the curve of her shoulder, and the swelling form of her collarbones.

He continued to stroke her skin, maintaining gentle, steady contact down her arms and back up to her shoulders. Feeling more brave, he carefully bent down to brush his lips against hers, stealing a kiss. At the contact, her mouth twitched as if to kiss him back and he felt his heart swell with overwhelming tenderness.

He loved her. He wanted to lie down with her, press himself behind her and hold her until they both fell asleep. He wanted that every day of his life.

Ezarel shivered, frightened by his own certainty.


He jolted upward and leapt back with surprise. Gardienne sat up slowly, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Did you just kiss me?”

“I just…well…” his voice faltered slightly and his cheeks were turning pink with guilt and embarrassment.

“Hey, It’s not like I’m complaining,” she smiled at him gently before continuing, “It was a nice way to wake up.”

There was a smile in his eyes as he leaned over to press the next of many, many kisses to her lips that day.

I Don’t Care.

Christian x Reader - Angst. 

part 1 , part 2 , Part 3 Part 4 )

You got home shattered from work, you loved being a model but it was tiring and stressful, you were constantly on your feet getting 5 minutes of rest at most. You sighed in content once your shoes were off, you slumped on the couch finally feeling somewhat relaxed and closed your eyes as your head pounded and your body ached.

Your phone rang causing you to groan and hold your head as it seemed to be getting worse by the minute, you took your phone out of your jean pocket and answered without checking caller ID.


“Baby!!! Can you come to mine?” You exhaled and shut your eyes this pain was unbearable “Baby, I-”

“I’d come to yours but I'm really tired!!! I’ll see you in 10! Bye!” You opened your eyes and stared at your phone, you groaned in irritation, you were tired too, you were sore, you wanted to sleep! you weren’t one to complain but right now you were about to burst! 

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44 Msr please!

44. “You need to see a doctor.”

Scully absent-mindedly chews on her lower lip; her eyes are glued to the screen, not blinking once. She doesn’t do this often; indulge in a silly romantic comedy on a Saturday night with a glass of wine and, if she feels really frisky, some Ben & Jerry’s. It’s one of the very rare occasions that she even finds herself at home on a weekend. She and Mulder wrapped their latest case on Thursday and while she wrote the report, Mulder desperately searched for some unexplained phenomenon that would save his weekend. Monster and aliens, however, seemed to be in need of a quiet weekend as well, and so he came up empty-handed. Not that Scully is complaining.

Oh darling, do you have any idea, any idea at all how much I love you?” Scully leans forward, nearer to the screen, as if that would transport her right into the scene unfolding in front of her eyes. She’s seen this movie a thousand times, yet she fears the heroine is going to make a different choice. Maybe this won’t end in a kiss. Perhaps there is no happily ever after. Her elbows dig into her thighs as finally the characters close in, their mouths coming closer, meeting almost, and she can feel it tingling in her toes, her fingers and her belly and they’re almost there and-

“Scully, are you in there?” Mulders voice tears through the fantasies. He knocks, frantically, and the moment is destroyed. She throws one last glance at the screen, but she’s missed it. The credits are rolling already, her lovers gone. Scully grunts, turns off the TV and opens the door to a confused Mulder.

“I thought you might not be home.” Scully was prepared to be angry with him; it’s late and he is, albeit unknowingly, crashing her solitary movie night. But all her complaints fly out the door when she sees his pale complexion, his glassy eyes.

“Mulder, what is the matter? Are you sick?” She ushers him in, not in the least concerned that she’s only wearing pajama pants and a rather revealing tank top.

“Uhm, I had a little, well, accident.” Scully immediately checks his head. Somehow he always ends up hurting his head. Her hands run through his hair, leaving it messy, but there’s not a scratch on him. Stepping back a bit she finally sees the strange way he’s holding his arm. Carefully, she touches him there and he winces.

“Mulder, what did you do?” She sighs seeing his swollen wrist.

“Just a little accident and it would have been fine, really,” he nods at her, or to himself, “but then I got dizzy and well, here I am.”

“You need to see a doctor.” Scully tells him, her fingers gently prodding his wrist.

“That’s why I’m here.” His grin is no more than a grimace. She can only guess in how much pain he is.

“Mulder, I don’t have x-ray vision, you know.”

“You don’t? And here I thought you were Supergirl.”

“I think you’re delusional. How did you even get here?” Scully leads him over to the couch. She sees him glance at the half finished ice cream and her glass of wine. He hesitates, uncertain suddenly, but she gently pushes him and he sits down.

“You didn’t drive, did you? Please tell me you didn’t drive.”

“I took a cab.” He tells her. He leans against the back of the couch, his eyes drifting close.

“Mulder, I’m gonna get dressed and then I’ll take you to the hospital. You’re scaring me.” Scully puts her hand on his forehead; despite his pale complexion he feels warm. Too warm.

“I like what you’re wearing,” he smirks with half open eyes, “Don’t change.”

“This is not exactly appropriate attire for the ER. I’ll be right back.” Scully cups his cheek briefly, feels his light stubble and fights the sudden urge to kiss him there. She sprints into her bedroom, exchanges her pajama pants for jeans and quickly puts on a t-shirt. She looks somewhat presentable, she decides, and returns to the living room. Mulder, of course, is asleep, his head slightly tilted, his lips lightly opened as if he fell asleep in the middle of a sentence. She hates waking him, but he needs to see a doctor and have his wrist examined; she fears it might be broken. Only Mulder would manage to hurt himself on their weekend off. Gently, she touches his cheek again - definitely too warm - and he opens his eyes.

“Come on, Mulder. You can sleep as soon as we have your wrist checked out.” She still has no idea what even happened. He owes her an explanation. Right now though, she just wants him to move and get going.

Mulder gets up, looking sluggish, and leaning against her.



“Can I stay here with you tonight?” The words surprise her and she almost lets go of him.

“Of course you can. But first we have to go to a hospital.” She feels him nod against her. Scully settles him against the wall once they reach the hallway so she can lock her door. As soon as she’s done, she sneaks her arm around his waist, holding him, leading him.

“Scully?” His voice tickles her ear; he’s just so close to her.

“When get back… can you put on that tank top again?”

Don't Tell Phil!

Summary: Dan comes home drunk and Phil is less than thrilled. 

Genre: Pure fluff

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1552

A/N: This is just a short fic I wrote based very loosely on something that happened with my sister and her boyfriend and I thought it was v cute so I wrote a fic about it. Enjoy! xx

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Lust x Fell
  • (Gotta say, very dirty sinful sex up in here, letting you people know, you been warn~ hope yah all love it as much as I do, and enjoy every hot sexy moment of it~ I regret nothing, also, give a like and reblog lol)
  • *In UnderLust*
  • LustSans: Heya bro, I'm heading out to Grillbyz, k
  • LustPaps: -Sighs- fine.. but don't over drink.. Can't stand to always end up dragging you back home from you always getting so drunk all the time..
  • LustSans: Ah g Paps, don't worry, I ain't gonna be dra-gon you down, with me over drinkin, heh
  • LustPaps: ... Really... you just couldn't help yourself..
  • LustSans: Hehehe, welp, anyway, I'm off, cya
  • *Teleports*
  • LustSans: -comes in the front entrance of door- Heya guys, miss me?
  • CrowdInClub: Hell Yeah! Lust is Back!
  • LustSans: Heh, I take that as a yes~ -walks inside and sits on stole, looks to grillby- yah know what I like grillby~ -winks-
  • LustGrillby: of course, same as always -serves him the ketchup shots- Your brother seems to be getting tired of you drinking more often then usual here
  • *Music bumpin and blasting, loads of strippers and drinkers in kinky sexy clothes dancing*
  • LustSans: -drinks- eh, got no where else to go for some fun heh
  • LustGrillby: -smiles bit- right, just try to not over drink today, your brother text me to remind you that
  • LustSans: -rolls pupils- ok ok, I heard him the first time, ain't much change around here, always same thing, over and over -looks over to the others dancing, partying, drinking, and stripping-
  • LustGrillby: Think something might change for you? -leans to bar with arms crossed-
  • LustSans: Heh -drinks another shot- I wish grillbyz, I sure wish, that something new could happen for once, instead of the same ol thing I see everyday, somethin, interesting, more fun and exciting yah know?
  • LustGrillby: Sure lust, maybe something will change for you
  • -phone rings-
  • LustGrillby: ? hold on lust, I have to answer this -heads to the back in storage room and answers phone-
  • LustSans: Eh ok.. -keeps drinking-
  • *after couple shots later*
  • CrowdInClub: -chant- Dance! Lust! Dance!
  • LustSans: ? -hic- ehehe.. welp, since yah all ask -gets on a pole and strip dances for them, is drunk-
  • CrowdInClub: -Chant, Cheers, and Whistles in Hot Tone-
  • *After a long late night partying, he ends up walking threw the forest*
  • LustSans: -still drunk- *hic* wooo -chuckles- *hic* that was some parrrttyy~ -blushing from effect of drinking and pupils are heart shape purple-
  • -As soon as he almost makes it back home, a mysterious portal appears, right infront of him, out of no where-
  • LustSans: ? -tilts head- *hic* wha this?.. -goes closer to take a peek- hmm?..
  • -The portal suddenly sucks him inside and closes behind him-
  • LustSans: !?! Hey! WTF?!
  • -He tries to escape, but the force of the portal pulls him more and more, with no escape-
  • *Next Scene, In UnderFell*
  • FellSans: Boss.. I'm heading to Grillbys.. and cmon home late.. so don't be a ass callin me all crazy to come home..
  • FellPaps: Hmph.. your already a ass to me.. whatever.. go get yourself drunk for all I care...I'll be at the Royal Guard -walks out the front door and slams it behind self-
  • FellSans: *ToSelf: Bitch..
  • -As Soon as he was gonna teleport, a portal appears in front of him-
  • FellSans: ? What the Fuck? -looks at it with hands in jacket pockets- what is this shit?...
  • -the portal sucks him in-
  • FellSans: !? -teleports before it could- what the fuck was that. . . -walks threw forest- least it didn't get me..
  • -portal appears underneath his feet and he falls in, portal closes-
  • FellSans: . . . I should of know...-pupils slightly opened, with a pist off look- where the fuck is it taking me..
  • *Back to LustSans Scene*
  • -portal opens and drops him on ground, and he faceplant-
  • LustSans: !? -muffles- ow.. -slowly stands back up,rubs face, looks around- where am I?.. geez.. I need to get back home
  • -he tries to teleport back to his au world, but for some reason, it only teleports him back to where he is right now-
  • LustSans: ? what the hell -keeps trying- what's goin on here.. why can't I teleport back?.. shit.. this isn't good
  • -he roams threw the forest, soon stumbles upon a empty house-
  • LustSans: -sees- ? hm.. seems empty, do I dare?.. Ah freak it, where else could I go, and its getting pretty dark out
  • -he heads inside the empty house, towards the living room, lays upon couch, slowly falls to sleep-
  • *Back to FellSans Scene*
  • -portal opens up and drops him-
  • FellSans: -lands on feet, grunts- what the fuck.. what's this shitty place.. I'm outer here..
  • *same result as LustSans, he only teleports to the same spot*
  • FellSans: ?.. Son of a Bitch.. guess I'm walkin..fuckin fantastic..
  • *As he roams threw the forest, it starts getting darker with night approaching, he soon stumbles upon the same house that LustSans is in, him not knowing he's there*
  • FellSans: -sees it- looks dead empty.. -looks around- to quiet out here.. might as well spend the night there till morin, and figure out on how the fuck I'm gonna get back..
  • -heads inside, pupils glow red for light, looks around-
  • LustSans: zZzZzZz -Snores-
  • FellSans: -hears- ? not empty.. -heads towards the snoring sound, suddenly seeing him sleeping on couch- ..... *Whispers to self: What the fuck is he doing here. . .
  • LustSans: zZzZzZz
  • FellSans: *Whisper to self: ... of all the Au's....-grunts- fuck sake...-sighs- maybe he might know what happened -grunts- n-no.. what am I saying.. I shouldn't talk to the sex addicting freak.. -back turned- there's gotta be someone else that can bring me back to my au...and explain, on why the fuck I'm here...
  • LustSans: -slowly wakes, hearing a voice, lifts head, and sees him- ? *To Self Whispers: ooooo heh, well well, how interesting that FellSans is here as well. Maybe, in the mean time, since were now both struck here, I could spare the time for some fun with him~ -gets up slowly, and approaches him quietly from behind, with a sly grin-
  • FellSans: *To self: Who ever brought me here with this "Freak" is gonna p-
  • LustSans: -Arms wrap around him- heeeyyy felly~ -chuckles, with pupils glowing in purple heart shape-
  • FellSans: !?! Oh Hell Nah! -Shoves him off- Don't Touch Me! -backs away-
  • LustSans: heheh~ Aww did I scare you felly~
  • FellSans: -raises non existing brow- fuck no... and don't call me that....
  • LustSans: Heh, weird how it brought you and me, together, isn't it~
  • FellSans: Don't Fuckin Touch Me. . .or I'll break you..
  • LustSans: -Leans forward, licks him on mouth- You talk bad~ I love it~
  • FellSans: ! -shivers- what the fuck is with you! you creep me the fuck out.. -clenches fist- Stay the fuck away from me!! Got That!
  • LustSans: or what, yah gonna, Pun-ish me~ *winks*
  • FellSans: First of all, good one, second, not to whatever your thinking...
  • LustSans: -chuckles- C'mere yah sexy bones~ -hands to his face and kisses him on mouth-
  • FellSans: !?! -swings a punch-
  • LustSans: -miss- lol
  • FellSans: -pupils flame red, blushes bit- You Asshole!!!
  • LustSans: -blushes- hehe~ you taste good hot stuff~
  • FellSans: ugh... -shivers- just. don't.
  • LustSans: Aww cmon, its just only you and me here~
  • FellSans: I.. don't give a flying fuck..
  • LustSans: I do~
  • FellSans: -flips him off- Fuck You!
  • LustSans: -loops fingers and puts in center of his middle finger- Fuck Me~ *winks*
  • FellSans: . . . -eyesockets go black, and twitches bit, growls- errr....
  • LustSans: Yah cute when your mad~
  • FellSans: I'm Not Cute! I'm Deadly!
  • LustSans: Oh sure yah are, yah also such a big ol softy~
  • FellSans: -raised voice bit- Stop. It. Now....
  • LustSans: Yah outta try somethin fun for a change sexy bad bones~ and not act like a pussy~
  • FellSans: -Triggered, slam him upon ground, pins him down- Shut Your Sluty Ass Mouth Up!!!
  • LustSans: -gets startled bit, sinful grin, legs wrap around his waist and pulls him down on me- Soooo Hooott~ -grabs to his collar and pulls down, licks on his neck-
  • FellSans: Gahh!?! -flinched and shivers, blushes more, tries to escape-
  • LustSans: -doesn't let him, arms around and over his shoulders, pulls him more down on me, legs still around his waist more tight, looks to him with a sly smile-
  • FellSans: . . . .Let...go..
  • LustSans: heh no~ -tongues him deep in the mouth to his tongue-
  • FellSans: !?! Mmph!-muffles- Stop! -struggles, blushing hard-
  • LustSans: -wraps tongue to his-
  • FellSans: Mmmph!! -can't take it-
  • LustSans: -breathes heavily- ahh heh~ -makes out to him, drools bit-
  • FellSans: a-ahh..-gives up, makes out back to him more roughly-
  • LustSans: -slathers tongue to his neck-
  • FellSans: ahh~ -pants hard, bites bit hard to his neck-
  • LustSans: -Jolts up bit- Ah!~ so naughty~
  • FellSans: *InMind: What the fuck am I doing.. This is so wrong yet.. -grunts- It feels so right* -hand grips to his ass-
  • LustSans: -Jolts bit from feel, blushes hard, yells out in pleasure- ohh felly!~
  • FellSans: -gets kinda turned on, turns him around to his stomach, pulls his shirt off and mine, licks his spine-
  • LustSans: Ahhh!~ -pants heavily, trembles-
  • FellSans: -blushing, whispers- I..hate..you.. -pulls his pants down as I pull my shorts down, bends him over and penetrates him hard and deep in his ass-
  • LustSans: !! Ahhhh!!~ -moans loudly with tongue dripping and drooling bit-
  • FellSans: -pants hard, pounds in him harder, faster, deeper, gripping to his ass, spread wide-
  • LustSans: Ahhhh!~ hhhhhn!~ -moans louder, legs to knees get shaky, breathes heavier, hands grip-
  • FellSans: -breathes much heavier, sweating, keeps pelvic thrusting further and further in deeply, and much faster- ahhh~ mmmhh~ -huffs and puffs hard to his back of spine, with tongue out drooling on it-
  • LustSans: Ahhh!~ -moans out- fuck yes!~ -pants deeply, sweating and drooling from tongue- hhhhhhn!~
  • FellSans: -goes all the way in at limit thrusting deeply harder and faster- ahhhh~ f-fuck~ hhhhhn~ s-shit~ I'm g-gonna~ -full grip on his ass and cums- Ahhh!~
  • LustSans: Ahhhh!!~ -screams in pleasure, from feeling his cum in me all wet- ooohh felly~~~ -blushes deeply-
  • FellSans: -pants, blushes hard, looks down on him and grins- I'm not done yet.. -turns him facing me, lowers his head, hand on back of his head and shoves my dick in his mouth-
  • LustSans: Mmmmppphhh!~
  • FellSans: Get to sucking you thirsty bastard~ -sly and grin smile-
  • LustSans: -sucks deep and hard-
  • FellSans: -pants hard, helps him go faster and deeper-
  • LustSans: -sucks deeply and faster, at sametime, jerking and stroking with bit of grip and squeeze to it, drools- Mmmmpph~ Mmmmh~
  • FellSans: -moans- ahhh~ g-god d-dam mmmhh~ hhhhhn~ -drools from tongue, staring at him, heavy breathing-
  • LustSans: -breathes heard from nose hole, goes deeper in throat, tongue slathers all over it soaking wet, goes faster, grip stroking-
  • FellSans: Ahhh~ -breathes deeply heavier- f-fuck~ Ahhh!~ mmmmh~ hhhhhn!~ -grabs to his head and thrust all the way in and cums- Ahhh!~
  • LustSans: Mmmmpphhh!!~ -gulps it all, pants hard- *huff* ahh~ *puffs* -licks around mouth, blushing more deeply-
  • FellSans: -looks to him, blushing harder, kisses to him-
  • LustSans: -kisses back- That was fun~
  • FellSans: f-fuck yeah, it was~
  • LustSans: -pupils glow in purple heart shape with a sly smile, says in sexual tone of voice- lets have some more fun~
  • *To Be Continued*
Something just like this

I LOVE this song and I wanted to write about it for a long time so here it is.

LogicxPrince (tagged as Logince)


“I want something just like this”

Sometimes, Logic found himself laying on his bedroom, reading a book about champions and knights and princes and super heroes. At the same time, he liked to listen to a song that talked exactly about that, about risks that would be taken if one fell in love with any of those categories of people. And honestly, being a person that hates taking risks almost as much as Anxiety, he found it hard to let go and just imagine what his life would be like if he had a lover with all those attributes.

But one day, he had been tired, working on a project for at least two days straight with less than five hours of sleep, so when he got to his room, all he could do was put on the song ‘Something just like this’ and close his eyes, trying and failing to get some well deserved sleep.

Because of his failed attempt, he decided to open his eyes and stare at the starry sky over his bed, smiling at the brightness of the galaxies, the mystery of the nebulas. He loved that their rooms could be anything inside Thomas’ mind, because sometimes it was the only place where he could truly relax.

And that day, thinking he was alone, he imagined in the end of the sky a castle. A space castle. And from there, a constellation prince came closer, reaching out for him, trying to take him by the hand and failing because he was sky and Logic was earth. They could never unite.

And then, someone opened the door, and both the prince and Logic looked down to see the actual Prince staring at them, confused and obviously admired.

Logic had forgotten the door open. Shit.

“R-Roman!” Logic said, his room suddenly losing all its beautiful attributes and becoming, well, his usual room with grey walls and white ceiling and wood floor. “What are you doing here? Don’t you know how to knock?”

“I did, but you didn’t answer” he said, walking inside and smiling at Logic. “That was beautiful. Who was he?”

“He? He who?” Logic asked, looking away, but Prince chuckled, closing the door before rushing to sit next to Logic.

“The prince in the skies” the royal said, smiling. “Is he your lover? The one person that you love?” He asked, excited, and Logic frowned, laying down and curling up with his back to Prince.

“I don’t love anyone. I don’t know what you’re talking about Roman” he mumbled, closing his eyes. He was tired, and he didn’t want to discuss the subject. He really didn’t. But Prince was different from the others. He had no sense of personal space.

“Come on Logan” he said, taking the teacher’s hand. “I know that’s not true! Tell me who it was! Is it someone or is it just an imaginary lover?”

“More latter” Logic mumbled, and then slowly turned back around, staring at their joined hands. “Stop touching me”

“Alright” Prince said, letting go from him and grinning. “Now tell me. Tell me everything”

“Ugh…” Logic groaned, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. “Do you know the song 'Something just like this’?” Prince nodded. “Well, it really speaks to me… For some reason. You know, I read so many fiction books, from Aristoteles’ scholar texts to Fifty Shades of Grey, and yet nothing, nothing comes close to my passion for Princes and Knights, like the ones from King Arthur and those tales from the Dark Ages, or even Robin Hood. It’s so weird that someone like me has such… Interest in people like them, driven only by their courage and beliefs” he said, sighing and looking at Prince. “I don’t know…”

“I understand” Prince said, smiling softly at Logic. “I honestly never thought I would have a crush in such a strict and smart teacher” he continued, smile becoming a smirk, and Logic’s tired mind took at least a minute to understand what those words meant. And when he did, he blushed lightly and looked up at Prince again.

“That’s not what I meant” he said, weakly, but Prince shrugged, holding his hand again.

“Well, I’m the closest you will get” he said, tangling their fingers and making the teacher blush deeper. “I can be your knight, if you want”

“Roman, what are you d-” Logic tried, but soon the royal was leaning in and pressing their lips together and Logic took two seconds to melt, his free hand going up to Prince’s hair, pulling him closer and kissing back in the most excited way.

And even though Roman was no real knight, Logan had to admit:

It was better than any of his dreams.

Skin to Skin

Part 2

Jughead Jones doesn’t know how the crimson crescents ended up on his palms.

Betty Cooper is clueless when it comes to the messages on her arms.

Soulmate AU where all the little marks and injuries belonging to Betty and Jughead start finding themselves on each other’s skin.

A/N: Here’s part two! as you can see, I write Jughead’s point of view and then Betty’s at one go, so I usually post two chapters together. Thank you for all your support!

Part 1
Link on ao3

Chapter iii

Jughead shoves his keys into the lock of his apartment door and enters, a bag of groceries in in hand. Don’t get him wrong, he can’t cook, but there’s only so much ramen and takeout he can endure.

Although, he can make a mean sandwich, but that can’t really be called cooking, can it?

He’s exhausted. Working at B&N might seem easy, but he was on re-stocking duty today, which meant hauling cartons of books to and fro. In addition to dealing with self-entitled middle aged adults.

Plus, he contract of his book was finally signed today, which meant that he was getting an advance of maybe fifteen thousand dollars, which was a freaking lot. He could quit his job and get a library at home.

But then, his mind drifts to hospital bills, student loans and debts to pay off, so he temporarily forgets that idea.

He dumps his groceries on the tiny kitchen counter and unpacks them with slow movements; he’s tired, but he can’t go the sleep unless he’s eaten. His stomach will not let him.

He takes out some shredded chicken, lettuce, a tomato and mayo- simple, yet so, so tasty.

Yes, Jughead is very easy to impress if one’s talking about food.

He slices his bread (He loves the type with seeds in it, Archie thinks he’s crazy,), spreads mayo over it, and moves to slice the tomato. He vaguely remembers an article he’d read awhile back about a legal battle over a tomato. 1887, was it?

Jughead suddenly yawns; he’s dreaming of his bed, but his stomach is protesting, and all of a sudden, the knife slips and slices his thumb, instead.

“Shit,” He says, shaking his hand, which only results in a little blood behind splattered on the wall plaster.

He runs to the sink and turns on the tap, watching the cut bleed as cold water falls on it. Eventually, after, say, five minutes, it clots up and the bleeding stops.

He needs to find a band-aid, as soon as possible, so he rummaged through some cluttered cupboards to find one. There’s an old Hello Kitty one he finds, which he remembers getting free with some snacks, but it’s the only band-aid he can find. So he puts it on.

He won’t ever admit it, but blood makes him slightly queasy.

He makes himself a cup of coffee as well, and goes back to finishing his sandwich.

Unfortunately, the tomato’s covered with a dark red liquid that is not tomato juice, and he’s forced to ditch that part. He’s too lazy to take out another one.

Finally, he settles down on his battered couch, switches Netflix on and savours the blessing that is shredded chicken and mayo.

Jughead rewatches three episodes of  Black Mirror, his favourite ones. He doesn’t may too much attention to them, though, as his mind wanders to all the things he has to do.

He considers going to bed; but his phone starts dinging. JB is calling on FaceTime.

“Hey, JB.” He answers.

JB is sobbing, and Jughead’s alarms start blaring. He brings the phone closer.

“What happened, Jelly?”

“Dad… He’s been arrested. Again.”

Shit. Oh no.

“Over what?” He asks, biting his lip.

“He’s been accused of involvement in murder.” JB hiccups, wiping away tears from her face.

This hasn’t been FP Jones’s first stint in jail. Hell, even Jughead’s spent some time in Juvie. This family is screwed up.

But murder? It’s never gone that far. FP was the leader of a gang, called the Southside Serpents, back in his hometown of Toledo, which meant getting involved in shady business, behind-the-dumpster type of weed exchanges, and whatnot, but it’s never been this bad.

“Tell me everything, Jelly.” He sighs, mind already scanning through possible ways to help his dad.

He learns that FP’s home was ransacked, that very night, to find incriminating evidence of the murder of a sophomore in Toledo High. The Sheriff had received an anonymous tip-off, and they’d found a gun in FP’s tiny trailer.

FP had been dragged to the station and questioned.

The worst part was, he’d confessed.

“I don’t think he did it, Jug.” Jellybean whispers later. “I know. He owned up to it… But I know he hasn’t done it. I just know, okay?”

“Jelly… I'm​ not sure. He did confess.” Jughead’s eyes are misting up. “I know he’d cleaned up his act for a bit, but if he’s confessed, then I don’t know what to believe.”

JB shakes her head. “Jughead, I’m going to have faith. I will. I know daddy, and he isn’t capable of- of murder.”

All Jughead wants to do is give her a hug.

“I’m going to come home.” He says, opening a new tab to book bus tickets.


He startles at that, and shifts the tab back to FaceTime. “Why not?”

“Jughead, your book is being published. You have meetings to attend, covers to decide, edits to make. You cannot simply put all of that in hold to come over here. It’s your debut book. Your first book!” Jellybean says, throwing her hands up in the air. Her black sheet of hair whips around.

Jughead’s not convinced. “I could do all of that from there, JB. Face to face meetings are almost redundant with the invention and development of technology. How am I talking to you right now?”

Jellybean just shakes her head. “No. I won’t let you come.”

“JB, are you hiding something else?” He knows when his sister is keeping something under wraps. She’s a terrible liar, just like him.

His sister stays silent, evidently trying to think up of another reason why he shouldn’t come.


“Okay,” she caves, shoulders slumping. “Jughead, you know that I love you, right? Dad loves you, too and so does Mom, even if they have weird-ass ways of showing it?”

Jughead nods, eyebrows scrunching up together in confusion.

“And I didn’t want to tell you, because you’d get hurt, but…”

His sister is stalling too much, and Jughead gets impatient​.

“Jellybean, what happened?” He says, curtly. His thumb is still throbbing, and he watches Jellybean sigh and wring her hands together.

“Mom… said she never wants you back. She, well, she thinks you remind her too much of Dad.”


Jughead’s fingers trace the scabs of the fingernail imprints on his palm, processing this information.

“Also, Jug, she still kinda, um, resents you because you chose to stay with Dad, all those years ago, instead of coming with her.”

He stays silent this time, not making eye contact with JB, and unseeingly staring at his palms.

Gladys Jones and Jughead Jones never really had a great relationship, if he was being truthful. It was his Dad that Jughead often went to.

FP Jones had been an alcoholic for most of Jug’s childhood. The boy grew up watching his father drown out his sorrows one bottle after another, and witnessed it only get worse when Jughead got put into juvie for attempted arson at ten and JB was hospitalised for her kidney at six.

But despite that, Jughead always saw the good in his father. He may not always try, but Jughead had faith in the older man. So much, that he stayed behind with FP when Gladys Jones had had enough, taking JB with her.

But during that time, FP showed no attempt at righting his wrongs, and if anything, he got worse. He had been perpetually drunk, and eventually, even Jughead reached his limit.

So he’d moved out, braving homelessness for about six months. When his best mate, Archie, found out, he’d hosted Jughead on his couch for a few weeks, but the brunet hadn’t wanted to overstay his welcome.

Finally, FP had gotten his act back together, and Jughead had moved back in.

When he shifted to New York, though, FP kind of lost it again and got himself arrested for minor transgressions. He’d had been able to bail himself out each time, but a murder accusation was not something you could easily escape from.

But his mom, well, he’d never been that close to. Yes, he’d inherited his Mom’s skill in writing, sense of humour, and some of her facial features, maybe, but that was where the similarities ended.

But not wanting him back at all… that was harsh.

“Jug?” Jellybean whispers.

“Yeah, okay,” he says, wanting to change the topic. “So I’m getting my book advance soon, I could send the money over if it helps with getting a good lawyer, or something.”

“Jug, you don’t need to…” JB starts.

“No, no, it’s okay.” he puts his hand on his forehead, like he’s trying to recall something. “They’ll assign him one, but if we want the court to think he’s innocent.. We’ll need a good lawyer.”

“Which will be easy, because he is innocent.” JB says, stubborn as ever, just like him.

Jughead runs a hand through his dark hair.

“Remember when you used to wear that beanie everywhere?” Jellybean breaks the silence. “Even when you were seventeen?” She sniffs, laughing at the same time.

“Yeah,” He smiles. “I still wear it sometimes.”

“Well, you’ll get all the girls if you don’t Jug. They appreciate a nice, good, mop of hair. Coupled with the leather jacket I gave you, maybe some girl is currently fawning over you.”

Jughead blushes. “No girlfriends at all, JB, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“No boyfriends either?”

“No, considering that I’m not into guys…” Jughead says, fighting back both a yawn and a smile.

“Oh, well.” Jellybean says, and then pauses. “Listen, Jug, don’t forget that I love you, okay? Despite what Mom says, she loves you too.”

Jughead nods. “I know,” he says, simply. “I’ve gotta go sleep, it’s 2 am, JB, and so should you. Don’t you have school tommorow?”

“I’m not going.” She says. “I’ll help where I can with dad.”

“Okay,” He says. “Call me if and when you need anything. I’ll be there, okay?”

“I will.” JB replies, and Jughead moves to end the call. “Nice band-aid, bro.”

He grins and switches his phone off.

He gets under the covers, after completing his bedtime routine and closes his eyes, drifting off into a slumber.

The whole time, he traces the crescent marks on his palm.

Chapter iv

When the alarm clock blares, Betty Cooper does something incredibly rare- she doesn’t snooze it, and instead, actually gets up.

She was going to go to the gym before her shift, on the insistence of Alice Cooper.

Her mother. Betty hasn’t spoken to her since Monday, three days ago, after she’d slammed her laptop shut. She’d ignored all of Alice’s calls, FaceTime requests, and messages, and maybe Betty is running the risk of being cut off. But if and when that happens, she’ll deal with it.

And skipping a day of gym won’t do her any harm.

She sits up, stretching her arms above her head and yawning- she got a good night’s sleep, for the first time in weeks. Tying back her hair, after smoothing down her bedhead, she puts her legs over the side and slips her feet into slippers.

She notices a blood stain on the sheets- and for a moments, she’s afraid she got her period way too early.

But the stain is towards the headboard, and her thumb also happens to be covered in the dark red liquid, which has now dried.

Betty moves towards her bathroom and washed the crusty blood away- only to reveal a cut. It’s pretty long, and deep enough to cause more bleeding than usual.

She’s utterly bewildered. Betty’s not a clumsy person, and considering the fact that she would remember cutting herself like this…

What if it’s a repeat of the random message written on her arm three days ago?

Perhaps it happened when she was sleeping. Yeah, that’s the most plausible solution.

She walks back to her bed, inspecting her bedside table for any such sharp object which could be the cause. There’s a letter opener on the table, but Betty hasn’t touched that in weeks. She’d just forgot to put it back in the stationary drawer.

Her phone back-up alarm blares, and she jumps. Her shift at Starbucks starts in forty-five minutes, and she needs to get ready.

Maybe she’s just making a big deal out of this, she thinks, as she showers and puts a band-aid on the cut. Maybe she was too sleepy yesterday to notice.

Donning her Starbucks uniform and tying her hair in a loose ponytail, unlike her highschool days, she locks her apartment door behind her and sets off to work.

She enjoys working as a barista. Sure, sometimes she wants to throw something at anyone who orders another unicorn frappuccino, but she likes the borderline banal and mundane work- it gives her time to think.

She clocks in, puts her apron on and begins her shift. With this job, she ends up smelling like coffee all the time, but it’s not something she particularly minds.

A brunette comes in, with two toddler twins in tow- they’re noisy, but admittedly adorable, and Betty is reminded of her sister’s kids. Eliza and Cliff.

Polly Cooper eloped when she was in high school- got pregnant in her junior year, and had the babies in her senior year. The special man, and now Betty’s brother in law, was Jason Blossom- the son of Clifford Blossom, who owned an incredibly successful maple syrup business in Vancouver. Jason was set to inherit this giant empire, along with his sister, Cheryl, and so they, along with Polly and the kids, were moving up there this fall. Therefore, Betty had limited time to spend with her niece, nephew and sister.

Having eloped at seventeen, Polly was almost disowned by Alice Cooper and Hal Cooper. They’d almost sent her away to a house- ‘The Sisters of Quiet Mercy’, when they found out that she was expecting. Polly almost ran away with Jason, they almost drowned in Sweetwater river, and basically, the Cooper family was a shitstorm during that particular period of time. It was a soap opera, worthy of the silver screens.

But, eventually Alice Cooper gave into her soft side once the babies were born- and they were the cutest little things. They still are, Betty thinks, smiling as she prepares the machiatto that the woman has ordered.

But of course, Polly’s mistakes only put pressure onto Betty to up her game and be perfect. Which is why Betty wasn’t allowed to have boyfriends in high school (not that she didn’t, behind their backs).

She was also put on birth control and performance enhancing medication, which, in Betty’s opinion, was excessive, unnecessary and too much. But no one says no to Alice Cooper.

Well, except Betty, after Monday’s debacle.

The thing is, Betty still has nightmares. She’s always afraid of failing, she’s always afraid that she won’t be successful in life- her mother has turned her into a two dimensional human being who only worries about being perfect.

Which she definitely did not want to be. She’s grown to detest that word.

She puts a fake smile onto her face and hands an espresso to a teenager.

At least now she has more time on her hands, after quitting. She’s put in a lot more hours into studying these past few days, and she’ll do well this term. She knows it.

Being a journalist is something Betty’s always wanted to be, since she was a pre-schooler. She watched her parents in their office when she was little, and always eagerly awaited the day she would write her first article.

That day came when she was fifteen. She’d reopened her school’s newspaper- the Junipero High Herald, and she’d taken over it, writing exposes about all the minor scams that went in in her school.

That newspaper helped her get into this journalism course here at NYU. At least here mom didn’t interfere here.

Betty realises she has a lot of mommy issues.

Her attention snaps back into reality when someone comes up to the counter.

“One Cafe Americano, no sugar, please. To go.” He says, glancing down at his phone. He’s tapping his foot, biting his lip. He’s in a hurry.

The first thing Betty notices is the Hello-Kitty band-aid on his thumb, and fights back a grin.

“Love the choice of band-aid there,” she says, punching in his order.  

He grins. “Thank you, I happen to have a thing for anthropomorphic beings.” He says, shoving his phone in his pocket. He nods his head towards Betty’s thumb. “ I see you have a band-aid, too, but so boring.”

“Well, not all of us have Hello-Kitty or disney themed band-aids at hand.” Betty says, picking up a marker. “So, what is your name, oh Sanrio stan?”

Jughead chuckles. “Jughead.”

Betty audibly laughs. “Are you serious? Are you one of those people who come in and tell me their name is Voldemort or Primrose Everdeen, or something?”

‘Jughead’ shakes his head and runs a hand through his dark, wavy hair. “Completely authentic, don’t worry.”

“Alright, then, Jughead,” Betty says, jotting his name down on on plastic cup. “Coming right up.”

Her eyes follow him as he moves to the side and wait for his order, eyes glued to his phone, an iPhone 3, which Betty hasn’t seen in years.

His name, by far, is the weirdest one she’s ever had to write.

She gets his coffee ready and calls out his name- saying it with a lilt in her voice, her blatant amusement on show.

He takes it from her with a thankful smile, and Betty notices the marks on his palm. Tiny arcs pepper both his hands- they’re fingernail marks, and if there’s anyone who knows them well, it’s her.

Maybe she stares at them for longer than necessary.

Betty Cooper thinks of her own fists, scarred by her own fingernails. She keeps her fingernails short, but yet she manages to hurt herself. She hates herself for doing it, because the aim to be perfect has been ingrained in her, and this is a weakness.

But, doesn’t she hate ‘perfect’?

Still, her fists curl against her own volition when she’s sad, angry, hurting, and Betty Cooper feels a wave of sadness for this man in front of her. She wants to help him, so that maybe, just maybe, she can help herself.

But, before she knows it, he’s gone, lost in the sea of people, indistinguishable amongst thousands of others.


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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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harleyscalington  asked:

I'm feeling very physically ill at the moment due to some dumb decisions, could I get some fluff with either prefall Reyes or Zenyatta taking care of their s/o when they aren't feeling well? Thank you and I hope you have a good day!!

I hope you feel better soon, if you’re not already better. 

Gabriel Reyes

The flu swept through the base, even Jack Morrison had to take a few days of (forcibly), and you were struck with a fever. Giving small pants of airs as your body couldn’t decide whether you were hot or cold. A blanket was wrapped around your shuddering body as you were in a fitful sleep.  The door opened and you cracked open a tired eye to see what was happening. 

Noticing your boyfriend in a tight tank-top you grinned before weakly winking at him.

“Did I die and go to heaven?”

“Really funny, mi alma,” he sat next to you, hot bowl of chicken noodle in his hand.

Pulling you up into his lap, resting your fevered head on his shoulder, before picking up the spoon. He gently blew on the steaming broth before slipping it into your mouth. Giving a sigh at the warmth spreading through your body, both from the soup and from the tenderness your boyfriend was showing.

“You don’t need to feed me,” you weakly protested, still swallowing the soup he brought to your mouth.

“Nonsense,” he pressed a kiss to your sweaty forehead, “I want to do this.”

He kept feeding you soup until the spoon scrapped against the bottle of the bowl, pressing the lip of the bowl to your mouth to drink the remainder of broth. Placing the bowl down next to him he pressed the back of his hand to your forehead.

“You’re fever’s gone down a little,” he murmured and you relished the cool feeling of his hand, “I should give you a bit more medication.”

You stuck your tongue out in disgust and he grabbed it between his fore and middle finger. 

“Don’t stick your tongue out, hermosa,” he teased, tugging it slightly, “or you’ll loose it.”

Letting go of your tongue he got up, disappearing for a moment out of the door. Closing your eyes as fatigue filled you, you heard him shuffling around in the bathroom. Water filled up a cup and he returned, medicine and water in tow. Measuring out the disgusting thick fluid he poured it down your throat. You cringed as he held the water up to your mouth, which you sipped from trying to get rid of the taste of medicine.

“Can you stay,” your head tilted as you began to fall asleep.

“Always,” he curled up next to you, tucking your head underneath his chin.


Your body just hurt constantly, you couldn’t remember when it started but it honestly felt like it had always done that. Sometimes you could push through the pain stabbing through your body and go through your day normally. Other times, like today, the pain broke you down and you just curled up under the blankets with a heating pad on everything.

This is how Zenyatta found you, a tray of food in his hands. Noticing that you had missed dinner he grabbed some for you and made his way to your room. Hoping he wasn’t intruding on some human faux pas he knocked as he opened the door.

“My flower?” he called into the dark room and you stuck a hand up out of the blanket before groaning.

He sensed the discord radiating off of you and floated towards you. Placing the tray on the empty bed next to you he gently rested a hand on your hip. 

“Bad day?” he rubbed the blanket over your hip as you nodded.

“I brought you some food,” you shuffled upright and grabbing the plate.

“Thank you,” you murmured before grabbing a fork full.

After swallowing the first bite you realized how hungry you were.Shoveling down the food you leaned back, your stomach full. Taking sips out of the cup of water you looked at Zenyatta, realizing your pain was ebbing away.

Looking up there was a golden orb trailing down to you and you reached out to grab his hand.

“Thank you,” you squeeze and he turned it with a squeeze of his own.

“It is my pleasure,” his thumb rubbed against your hand, “I am glad to help however I can.”

“Do you mind staying for a bit?” you asked, smiling at your boyfriend.

“Of course,” he lay himself next to you and you curled up to his chest.

anonymous asked:

omg i did not even know you would write a thing if asked?? that is maybe the sweetest thing ever and i don't even really know what to ask for except something where ferre is being particularly gentle? he is my favorite. something really horrible happened to me recently and i'm trying so hard to keep moving but have mostly just been scared and hurt and lost? but i am trying to hold on very tightly to the stuff that cheers me up.

oh gosh of course i’d be happy to- i’m sorry you had to go through something that’s making you feel like that but i’m so glad you’re concentrating on your happiness during rough times and i hope things get better soon- moving forward is all you can do sometimes, and i wish you all the best

here’s a little courferre for you, and anyone else who might need it right now :) [inspired by You Can Sleep While I Drive by Melissa Etheridge, which happened to come on when i started writing and is a song very close to my heart]

Combeferre finds Courfeyrac where he left him, curled up in blankets on the sofa, not really watching tv, just sort of staring at it. Things have been… hard. On all of them. But Courfeyrac has been worse off than anyone, and Combeferre’s never felt more distant from him. Courfeyrac doesn’t ask for help when he’s hurting, Combeferre knows this. He’s spent so much of his life being the one others lean on that his impulse, when things get rough, is to isolate himself, so as not to burden others, and can’t be told that he isn’t a burden. He’s pulled away from everyone closest to him, and Combeferre doesn’t know how to fix things, but is resolved to try.

“I need to get out of here.” He says, mind made up, and Courfeyrac turns to look at him. “Some new surroundings might provide a different perspective.”

Courfeyrac nods, slowly, unblinking and blank. “It’ll be good for you.”

“For us.” Combeferre clarifies. “I think you could use a change of scenery.”

Courfeyrac frowns. “‘ferre, I’m not- I won’t be good company.”

Combeferre shrugs, pulling on his coat. “You don’t need to be. I just- we both need some air, some time away from this apartment. We don’t have to talk about- anything. We can just get away from things for a while.” 

“It’s the middle of the night.” Courfeyrac murmurs, but stands, slowly, and wraps his blanket tighter around his shoulders.

“You can sleep while I drive.” 

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anonymous asked:

Here how about this US, UF, and SF bro's S/O goes to visit their sick parents/relatives overseas or across the country alone by plane/van but promises to call the skele when they arrive. After 1 week or a few days maybe still no call and they're getting worried so when they go watch tv or something they find out S/O died on the trip. Also I love your work and take your time, you're an awesome person.


Also, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to drop Swapfell for this one. I have no inspiration for that whatsoever. 

Tw: Death



You promised that you would call, but so far, you haven’t and Sans is getting concerned. At first, he thought maybe you just forgot, things got too busy, the lines were down, or something, but it’s been a week. He can’t call your family because he hasn’t met them yet and you’re not picking up your phone at all. At this point, Sans gives up and looks forward to the day you return home so he can give you a quick scolding about keeping in touch with him. Taking out the calendar, Sans counts down the days til he sees you again. But then he watches the news and realizes that you’re not coming home. Ever. 

There was a problem with one of the screws of the plane you boarded. It somehow become undone and flew into the engine, causing it to explode. According to the news anchor, there were no survivors. Sans continues to watch the news, completely numb and in denial. 

That isn’t possible, you can’t be dead. You might’ve boarded the wrong flight and lost your phone or maybe you caught a different plane and couldn’t charge your phone. You can’t be gone…just like that. Until, the anchor reads off the names of victims, and he hears yours. 

Sans plays the last memory of you in his head over and over until the sky becomes dark. You had stood at the front door, luggage and paperwork in hand. You promised him that it was going to be a short trip and that you’d call him when you landed. You had pressed your lips on his cheeks and waved him goodbye with a big smile. 

Sans does not leave the couch nor take his eyes off the screen, even if the program is long gone. Papyrus comes home and finds him like that, and does his best to comfort and take care of him. He found out about the accident earlier that day. Sans becomes nothing more than a broken shell of himself, unable to eat, shower, or even sleep. Every time he closes his eyes, all he can think about is your last, bright smile. He’s plagued with nightmares about plane exploding, and falling, falling through the air and into the ocean, where you either burned to death or drowned. You could’ve been calling to him to save you, but he wasn’t there, oh god, why wasn’t he there. If it wasn’t for Papyrus, Sans might’ve fallen down from this whole thing. 


He wanted to go with you to visit your family. He’s never met them before and would love to introduce himself, but you said no. You had to go alone for some reason and Papyrus respected that. The day of your flight, he helps you load the luggage in the taxi and send you off with a hug and kiss. 

Never has Papyrus regretted anything more in his entire life. 

When he finds out about your death and the accident on the news, Papaya completely breaks down and sobs his eyes out, his bones weak and trembling. Sans finds him like that and helps onto the safety of his bed and lends him his shoulder to cry on. He has to do something, anything about this pain and laying around and do nothing will only make him think about the fact that you’re gone forever. So, Paps drowns himself in charity work and help raise awareness about transportation manufacturing and safety. 

Paps thinks about you all the time and wakes up every day crying because you’re not there in his arms anymore and whenever he comes home, you don’t greet him at the door. He misses your smile and your laughter so much that he might never heal from this. But he does, after several years. He will always love you, and there is not a day that goes by where he misses you like crazy, but he knows that you would want him to move on. 



Red was extremely reluctant to let you go. Something could happen to you and he won’t be there to protect you. But you reassure him that you’re going to be fine and that the trip will be short. Red was still hesitant, but you promised that you would be home soon and that he won’t even miss you. You two can Skype every night and you would call the second you get there. 

That was a week ago and Red hates being right. 

When he heard about your death on the news, Red screams and completely tears the house apart, smashing glasses, punching wall, breaking a picture frame of you. In fact, he destroys all memories and pictures you and throw them into a fire. It hurts too damn much. Every day, he wakes up and wonders why he even bothers trying. There’s nothing for him left in this world anymore. Boss is all grown up and able to take care of himself, you’re gone, even Frisk had grown up and rarely visits anymore. Shortly after your death, Sans falls down. 


Fell remembers watching you kiss him before you left. You made him promise to be good and that you’ll be back soon. But you won’t. You’re gone, oh god you’re gone and it’s all because of that stupid airline. Fell angrily goes down to the company themselves and demands to speak to the head and when he does, he nearly kill the guy, but your last words, “Be good” rings in his head. He still left the boss extremely injured and on the verge of death. 

At night, Fell holds one of your favorite t shirts and cries himself to sleep. He almost never cries, but this…this is too much. You were everything to him, his love, his life, his light, and but now, he will never get to hold you in his arms, and whisper small sighs of “I love yous” or stroke your hair as you fall asleep. There isn’t even a body to say goodbye to. 

To cope with this, Fell throws himself into his work and becomes the best at his job, all to avoid thinking about you. You were someone special, someone made just for him, and no one compares to you. It takes him a few years, but he does try to date again, but they all end up in failures. All those dates were just finding a replacement for you and Fell never finds love again. 

anonymous asked:

I have a prompt based on my own insecurities. I've never related more to a character than I have with Maggie. I have depression and I deal with feeling like I'm not good enough or I'm always a burden to talk to.. maybe one where Maggie feels that way and Alex being amazing? It's okay if you don't wanna write it?

First of all I’m so sorry you deal with this kind of pain. I get it, and it’s definitely not fun. I hope I did this a little bit of justice.


Maggie Sawyer had a dark side.

A sad side.

A side Alex had yet to see.

They had been dating for 4 months, and Maggie hadn’t had one episode. She was just so happy. She was blissfully happy. But that 4 month mark is where things usually start to change in her head. Because after 4 months she either finds a reason to leave, or they find a reason to leave her. All of her most recent relationships hadn’t made it much past 4 months, and the ones that had were just unhealthy.

But 4 months in and Maggie couldn’t find a flaw in Alex Danvers system. The flaws Alex had were manageable. They were things Maggie understood and could deal with. But, for the most part, Alex Danvers was an untouchable angel. She was perfect. And that was when Maggie began to find her out. Nothing was wrong with Alex, and everything was wrong with her, and she didn’t deserve a woman like her. She didn’t deserve her kindness, and her warmth, and her joy.

Because if she knew, if she really knew how Maggie got, Alex would run. They all ran.

She was having one of her bad days. Her really bad days where the only thoughts in her head were negative. She tried the exercises her therapist taught her, she tried her happy music playlist, she tried running, she tried distractions, but none of it worked. Nothing worked, so she dug herself into her hole and let herself get buried by the negativity, the sadness, the anxiety. The depression.

But Alex still existed. And Alex called. And called. And kept calling. And Maggie kept not answering because she couldn’t hide this. She knew Alex would hear it in her voice. Maggie couldn’t even bother to lift her hand to send a text. What would she even say? So she let it ring. And she blocked out Alex, because soon enough Alex would block her out.

But that’s not Alex. When Maggie heard the knock on the door she knew who it was. She knew it was her girlfriend. Her perfect. Compassionate. Loving as hell, girlfriend. She stayed quiet.

“Maggie, babe I know you’re in there.” Alex spoke through the door. “I can hear your music.”

Maggie didn’t reply. She stayed still. She stayed silent. But her heart beat a bit faster than it had at all that day, and that was something.

“Baby please open up.”


“Maggie Sawyer open this goddamn door, you’re scaring me.”

Maggie heard the sound of the knob jingling. She still didn’t move. She was molded to the couch. She wanted to yell at Alex to leave, to never come back, to save herself from the pitfall that is Maggie’s fucked up head. But something stopped her. A small small part of her wanted Alex to bust through the door and hold her.

And that’s exactly what Alex did.

She picked the lock. She threw open the door. She found Maggie on the couch. And she held her.

Maggie was numb. She wasn’t crying like she did sometimes. Those times were usually good because it meant she was feeling something. But no, this time she just felt numb and cold, but Alex’s arms warmed her up.

After god knows how long, Maggie finally spoke, for the first time in almost 24 hours. “Alex you should go.”

“No.” Alex replied.

“You should leave.”

“No Maggie, I don’t know what this is but I’m not leaving.”

Maggie sat up and looked at Alex. She felt tired, like you would if you took a sleeping pill but never fell asleep. “This is me Alex, and you deserve better than this.”

“Maggie talk to me.” Maggie felt the emotion seeping out of Alex’s eyes and her mouth. “Please talk to me.”

“They’re called depressive episodes.” Maggie sighed. “It started at 16. They were frequent and so horrible I couldn’t move sometimes. I was put on medication at 17 for depression. It helped sometimes but I still have my days. My really bad days.”

“Mags.” Alex grabbed her hand. “I’m here fo-”

“You need to leave Alex.”

“Maggie, nothing you say is going to get me to leave.”

“Please, I don’t want you to see me like this.” Maggie could feel it, the emotion entering back into her body. It felt like shame, disappointment, sadness, but it was feeling nonetheless. She felt the tears prick her eyes.

“Maggie this is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have something.” Alex squeezed her hand.

Maggie felt the tears begin to fall from her eyes. “But this is a bad something Alex. This is a dark, sad, depressing something that I don’t want to pull you into. You’re too good for this Alex.”

“Maggie look at me.” Alex said lifting Maggie’s head with her finger. “I am not to good for this. I have my things too.”

“Not like this.”

“I’ve been on medication for PTSD and extreme anxiety for the past 8 years.” Alex admitted. “And I mean crippling anxiety Maggie. Can’t move my body, panic attacks that feel like heart attacks, kind of anxiety. I get it Maggie.”

“But this is different-”

“It’s not Maggie. I get the shame, and I get the loneliness, but I’m here for you.” Alex said holding Maggie’s face in her hands. “I’m going to sit here with you until you feel better. Until you’re bad thoughts so away. Until you understand that I’m never leaving you, especially not like this, because that’s what I’d want you to do for me.”

“And if they don’t…go away?” Maggie asked, because most of the time they did pass but every time these episodes came her biggest fear was that it would just be an episode this time. That it would last, and it wouldn’t just go away.

“Than I guess I should make myself pretty comfortable on this couch huh?” Alex smiled a bit. “They will go away Maggie. They will.”

She hugged Maggie into her chest. Maggie’s ear rested right where Alex’s heart was changed behind her breast. She could hear it’s beating, steady and rhythmic. Maggie focused on that sound. She forced herself to listen to that heartbeat until it drowned all her bad thoughts. This was something she had never tried before, but it seemed to work. She had never tried it because no one ever held her like this, when she was like this. No one stayed. They all just called her crazy. They all just got freaked out, or ran. But Alex held her, and stroked her hair.

Soon Maggie was sitting up and hugging Alex back. Maggie kissed her, and thanked her, and cried on her shoulder. Not exactly a sad or shameful cry, but a thankful, grateful cry. Alex made her coffee and cuddled up with her on the couch where they watched dumb movies. It didn’t fix Maggie but it helped.

Alex helped.

For the first time someone helped.

And she still felt like this woman was too good for her, but this time Maggie refused to push this one away. She refused to push Alex away.


OK THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG i’m sorry in advance but i’m on mobile so no read more and i’m also really tired and have to get this all out before i forget because i’m shook to my core. THE SHOW WAS AMAZING, of course, i was at the barrier right in front of danielle, and i think alana smiled at me a few times (seriously). my song 5 was so good like… they did THAT. every song did That honestly… at one point a guy by me shouted “ESTE YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL LEGS” or something and she thought (or pretended to think) he said Eggs and she made a big joke about it. i think i recorded that so remind me later. anyways when the show finished alana grabbed her own picks and came right in front of my area and tossed them carefully one by one, and i CAUGHT ONE PERFECTLY which… that alone is like… a miracle. then they gave someone danielle’s setlist and when they peeled off este’s next i said “can i please have este’s?” i don’t even think the dude heard that but he walked along the line until he got to me and handed it right to me. it says este and everything. THOSE TWO THINGS ALONE ARE INCREDIBLE BUT I ACTUALLY DID MEET THEM AND HAD A CONVERSATION WITH THEM SO I’M GETTING TO IT: we went outside right after like you do and the line was already a lil much, and then we proceeded to wait for, no exaggeration, 2 and a half hours. almost everyone eventually gave up and left the line. it was a fucking mess cus people didn’t think they would come because it had been too long, it didn’t seem like they were going to come out at all, even i had given up hope but there was no way i was leaving. i had a feeling… they wouldn’t just leave us to wait forever without saying anything. so after 1am a guy comes out and tells us probably 20 last people standing that they’re coming out so don’t run at them or anything hdhdhdh. i was near the back and by this point i’m SHAKING and then i can hear them talking to people and eventually i can see them and danielle looks at me and.. honestly i was SHOOK like i went into autopilot. ALANA WAS WEARING A DENIM JUMPSUIT THAT SHE “JUST GOT TODAY” este had a fucking pizza pouch. they finally get to me and.. they’re so tall? and they’re the nicest people who have ever lived on this god forsaken planet. I GOT HUGS. este was so excited to see me not for any reason except that she’s so genuine. i gave them the bracelets i made and they loved them, they all put them on! este said she used to make those all the time. i told alana i caught her pick! she was excited and they all signed it (it’s at the top of the setlist. sidenote: i am taking this pick to the grave with me) i told them i was at the barrier and DANIELLE SAID SHE SAW ME… GOOD LORD… i start handing them my stuff to sign and alana signed hearts on multiple things and also signed her own leg on the shirt (typical alana) i told este that i asked for her setlist and she said, and i quote, “that’s my girl” i can’t remember much else about the signing, BUT: i asked about both album 2 AND merch. i was asking why they didn’t have merch online since i’ve wanted to buy their merch for years. este said she thinks it’s more special to only buy merch at shows which is very este and actually very cool, but that online merch is coming! (don’t quote me on that) alana is the Queen of selfies apparently and took a bunch (i look bad but ignore me) she even made sure she got good ones and hovered over me and made me double check (typical alana) i told them i loved the new songs and actually knew them already from youtube videos. knowing the new songs surprised them! i think i’m the first person to bring it up? they looked happy to hear that i was singing along to new stuff already. i said nothing’s wrong is so good and danielle’s solo was awesome and she seemed touched. i asked when the album was coming! they said Soon. that’s all i got. “IT’S COMING IT’S COMING” DANIELLE HUGGED ME AGAIN. they all might have hugged me again but my body was quickly decaying through this entire experience so. they said other things i think in response to my spewing of praise and adoration: i think they said they loved me? they wanna see me again? they hope to see me next time? i think that’s it but oh my god. danielle was so especially sweet to me i am absolutely stunned. she must have really seen me during the show and she was just… i was not expecting her to be so… she’s really really kind and made me feel really special. alana and este are exactly how they come off, all energy and excitement and joy. all three of them are so… incredible. this is genuinely the best experience i’ve ever had. with other people, and in general, in my whole life. i knew they would be this genuine and fun and kind but i was NOT prepared. they are honestly so kind and chill and sweet and caring and fun and they seem to make every fan feel really important because they genuinely think every fan they meet is important. everyone should stan haim. i’m convinced they’re all 3 equally the best human beings ever born. what did we do to deserve them

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So one of the neighbor hood dogs I take care of passes away today, I'm really upset over it. Do you think you can write some feral Tom fluff for me?

And if he was put down, I just want to say it’s for the best. I know it hurts, but it’s better than suffering. My step-mother had a dog that should have been put down months before he really was. And let me say, those months were awful. The poor thing couldn’t move or walk. An animal whose life is not worth living shouldn’t be forced to do that, in pain. They aren’t like you and me. It’s going to be okay, I love you!

Poor thing! Of course I can write something for you! I am so sorry, animals are part of the family too and I know how much it hurts when you lose one. I hope you feel better soon, and I hope this helps. Sorry it took so long, and I hope you enjoy the story.

Marco giggled and threw another piece of yarn down on the floor. Tom jumped and his eyes widened, he pounced on the yarn and made a noise somewhere between a meow and purr. He played with it for a while until Marco threw yet another piece of yarn on Tom’s head, causing it to tangle around his ear and the demon rolled on his back, pulling at it and purring. Marco leaned forward and watched the demon smile and play with the string.

Marco grinned at Tom as he played for a while longer, tumbling over and making little noises like that of a kitten. “Tommy! Look!” Marco called gently, Tom perked up and his ears twitched forward. Marco had his hands under a blanket, and was wiggling his fingers to make little bumps dance around on the blanket. Tom gasped and shot up, his pupils growing big and he began to get very curious as to what it was that was moving under the blanket. “Get it!” Marco urged. Tom pounced up on the couch and kept pawing at the blanket.

“Whatchya got, Tommy?” Marco asked. Tom meowed and pawed more at the blanket, playing with the threads that were sticking out.

“I don’t know! It moves!” He gasped. Marco giggled and Tom kept pawing at the blanket. He played for a few minutes more before Marco started to notice his grabbing was getting slower. Tom yawned and tried to paw at the blanket again, but missed, yawning another time.

Marco smiled and reached over to Tom. Whenever he would go feral it always tired him out. It wasn’t odd for a demon to have these characteristics, but it wasn’t easy for them. Pouncing and running and being so wound up was exhausting, so Tom would usually end a session with a nap, even if he needed some help with that.

Tom tried his best to stay awake, usually when he was this feral he felt there was a reason to fight and keep Marco safe. So he would try and keep himself up. Marco smiled fondly at the demon and reached out to pull Tom close. “Marco, no. I have to get the string!” Tom cried, reaching out to the blanket. Marco giggled and brought the blanket around him.

“Come on.” Marco urged. Tom yawned again and Marco began scratching the demon behind his ears. Tom closed his eyes and began purring loudly. He rested his head on Marco’s lap and Marco kept scratching him behind the ears. He grinned when he noticed how quickly the demon relaxed and fell asleep. He could never resist it when Marco scratched his ears like that. Or gave him any gentle touch at all. All Marco needed to do was stroke Tom’s hair and he would completely melt and fall against the human.

“I love you Tom.” Marco whispered, as the demon slept. He rubbed his back and held him close, smiling at the memory of him playing on the floor. “You always get so sleepy after going through a little feral episode, is it because it’s uncommon?” He asked, even though Tom was fast asleep. Marco gushed and covered the sleeping demon in little kisses. “I love how you play with string, and I love how you purr and meow and run around all cute!” Marco gushed. “I love you more than anything, you know that, don’t you?” He asked.

Tom just yawned in his sleep and shuffled a little. Marco hushed him and covered his demon with the blanket. “Mar-Mar…” Tom mumbled in his sleep. Marco grinned and moved closer, gently tickling him behind the ear.

“Yes?” Marco whispered. Tom yawned and giggled a bit in his sleep. Marco smiled and listen as Tom mumbled his name again. “Are you dreaming about me?” Marco asked quietly. Tom was smiling a little bit in his sleep and he wrapped his arms around him. Marco smiled big and kissed Tom on the head. “Have good dreams.”

just the two of us (hogwarts au) part nine - shalaska - pureCAMP

A/N - i can’t apologise enough for how long this has taken me to write. i know you’re all expecting party, and i promise i will start on that as soon as i can. it’s much easier to write with somebody else, which is why mean queens chapters tend to get written in one day and submitted, however writing alone is hard and takes me much longer, so i’m sorry if you’re not enjoying mean queens and prefer my other fics. i really am sorry, recently it’s been tough to write through school work and my debilitating mental health, but we won’t get into that because it’s sad. all you need to know is that i feel awful and I'm very sorry i haven’t delivered this quickly. i hope you like it anyways <3

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