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I know I post weight loss shit all the time but I have such a hard time believing that I’ve made progress, or feeling better about my body (shoutout to gender dysphoria), so I really need these before and after pics to prove to myself that I am making progress and that I am healthier. So sorry for the spam, I’m just proud of myself 🙏🏼💪🏼 left pic is April 2016, 175ish lbs. right pic is was yesterday, March 2017, 135 lbs. This was all thanks to intermittent fasting (the warrior diet, water fasting), elimination of gluten, and a general focus on healthy eating, smarter portion sizes, and smaller eating windows. If I can do it, so can you



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things i need closure on after the raven king (in no particular order)

-Do Ronan and Adam ever have a real talk about their relationship? How does it go? Does Adam tell Ronan about the conversation with Gansey? How does everyone else find out about them dating?

-When Gansey and Adam had the “so how do you knoooow you love someone” conversation, Blue and Ronan were definitely having the same conversation in the kitchen, right? And Blue definitely requested a high five or fist bump from Ronan when he admitted he kissed Adam

-Blue and Gansey can kiss now, so how long does it take before they become insufferable because they’re kissing at every possible moment?

-Is Sarchengsey real? Is Cheng just a weird third wheel or is it a poly ship? I have to know

-How do they deal with their PTSD? All of them? Do the two ships comfort each other? I need to read scenes of the two ships comforting each other.

-Re: Gansey’s family’s salty texts about “ohhh I guess you don’t care about us, huh?” How does he tell them what happened? Does Blue call Helen and say to her “YOUR BROTHER DIED! FIGHT ME HELEN!” Does Gansey go to them and they immediately see that he’s been literally beyond the grave and they embrace him and all is forgiven? Does he actually explain it all or give sort of a half-ass non-magic explanation?

-Because Glendower turned out to be an archaeological find instead of a supernatural one, does Gansey tell historical societies? Is everyone so so proud of him please? Does he get like a prize for being smart and stuff? Is he featured in Time magazine next to Blue, Ronan, Adam, and Cheng with lil cute interviews and pics of him and his king, who may have turned out to just be a dusty skeleton, but is still an impressive find?

-Does Adam move to the Barns? Does he move out of St. Agnes? Or maybe he takes Ronan’s old room at Monmouth so that he can still get to his job in time? But now he doesn’t pay rent so he can quit the warehouse job and still keep on at the mechanic shop? Also, does he get a full ride scholarship at his college? Where does he go? Does he plan to study law? Will he specialize in domestic abuse and social work and save kids who remind him of himself?

-THE VILLAINS. How does Laumonier respond to one-third of them being dead and the murder of Piper? How does the general magical-artefact community respond to this, after the whole dramatic fleeing scene? Does Henrietta finally get left alone? Do Laumonier seek revenge on the Gray Man? Speaking of the Gray Man, how does he restructure his life to not be about murder? How does the shock of a real demon and the destruction of Laumonier and the Greenmantles reverberate throughout the supernatural artefact community? Does Gray’s vision of a nicer supernatural trade come true?

-Seondeok. How exactly did her relationship with her son work? On the one hand, it seems like she views him solely as a tool (the “damaged goods” line) but she also seems to love him in her own way (”something more”). Does she find out about his involvement in the whole thing? Do they talk about it?

-How do they find out what happened to Noah? How do they mourn him? Do they go to visit his grave and his bones? How do they remember and honor him? Does Gansey tell them how Noah, in a way, saved them all?

-In time they all, I assume, tell each other the parts of the story the others didn’t know. How does that come about? How do they all react?

-I MUST know how the women of Fox Way react to Pynch and Bluesey being open about their relationships. I MUST see Calla and Orla being utterly obnoxious. I NEED Gwenllian to be grossly honest and come up with rhymes about the king and the mirror kissing or something. I HAVE to see Maura and Artemus fawning over their daughter and her boyfriend. I LIVE for all the women making sly comments about Coca-Cola shirt and the snake dating.

-How did Fox Way recover? How much did the women know about how everything was going to turn out? Also, how does Gwenllian continue to settle into modern life?

-When does Ronan quit Aglionby? DOES he quit Aglionby? And how do Adam and Gansey get back to school? How do they deal with the practicalities- explaining why they were gone, why they missed the fundraiser, making up schoolwork? Please let me see them profusely apologizing to their teachers who are like, “you gotta be kidding me, you two are the best students in the school”

-When and how do Blue, Gansey, and Cheng decide to take a gap year? How do their parents/counselors react? How do the planning sessions go?

-I want to see all my children slowly recovering, becoming happy, realizing that their lives are not in danger anymore, that they are OK, that they are in love, that their friends are all alive. That their lives are beautiful and full of possibilities and open.

-How does Gansey react to a second rebirth? What are his first words upon waking? What are everyone else’s first words? Do they all pile on him in a giant hug? Do policemen come by to ask about the cars and the giant piles of blood and dream-stuff and Gansey starts Ganseying his way out of it and the others are like “YOU JUST DIED. WE CAN HANDLE THIS FOR YOU”

-I want to think that when he wakes up, everyone is crying and happy, and then Adam, being Adam, knows that Gansey needs to hear something majestic, and he looks at him and says, “Rex Corvus, parate regis corvi” and Gansey knows that he was the king they were looking for all along

-Ronan and Adam hold each other for like 500 years afterwards and promise to never let each other be hurt, and Ronan tells Adam that it was not his fault, and that they love each other and I CANNOT HANDLE THESE TWO

-OK, Opal. When is she named Opal? How does she recover from her own bout of unmaking? What kind of childhood does this kid have? Does she ever learn to speak English properly and eat normal food? Does she make human child friends and go to school and they find a way to explain the hooves? Does she call Ronan “dad”? Does she call Adam “dad?” PLEASE

-What was Declan calling about re:Matthew in the car? I assume Matthew was also being unmade or slowly dying since his dreamer was being unmade. Does Ronan catch up with him about this? Does he go visit them in D.C.? How does the Lynch family recover from their ordeal?

-How does Ronan recover from being unmade, from seeing his best friend die before him, from the constant nightmares, from the death of his mother for God’s sake?

-How does Adam recover from his worst nightmare, that of hurting the people he most loves, and being blind when the boy he loves is being unmade and KNOWING he can’t do anything about it? How does he recover from his abusive family and the trauma of losing Cabeswater? Is he still a magician? I think he is- he can still scry and read tarot.

-How does Gansey recover from losing Glendower? How does he deal with being made of Cabeswater? With the awful trauma of seeing all his friends suffer and knowing he had to die for them? With dying and coming back?

-How does Blue recover from killing her true love and watching him die in her arms? How does she deal with finding out her father is a tree? How does she deal with finding out that she’s part tree and part mirror? What adventures does she seek in this regard? Does she bond with Artemus about their shared love of the trees and the stars? How does she even handle going back to school?

-How does Cheng recover from the horrors he witnessed, without even knowing the whole story of them? How does he slowly make his way into the group until he is loved by all of them? How does he handle going back to Litchfield and explaining everything to them? And speaking to his mother? With all the trauma of having been kidnapped?

-How do they all reshape their lives? How have their lives changed, and how have they, in the most mundane and wonderful ways, stayed the same? What are their dreams for the future? What adventures are they looking forward to? What’s next for Blue and her raven boys?

I just needed to list all that to recover from my sorrows after reading this book. Feel free to add any more questions. And @maggie-stiefvater feel free to ANSWER these questions, since you’re the one who broke my damn heart with this book


Hey I hate to do this again but I still haven’t found a job for sure and am still supporting myself and have no groceries and -1$ in my bank account. I really, REALLY need any help you guys can give.

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I'm really sorry if I end up spamming you with notifications, but I'm working on an art project and am so glad for your blog's existence. The fact that I'm so close to finishing the project makes me very happy but stressed at the same time, so I take breaks to look at your blog. It helps calm me down a lot.


ID #15230

Name: Florence
Age: 18
Country: Switzerland 

I have wanted a pen pal for the longest time because I love meeting new people and learning about other cultures but I am way to anti-social to make new friends in real life.
I am currently in my second last year of high school and my majors are English and Chemistry. After getting my diploma I want to study medicine.
I love reading and just books in general. I mean how can you not like the smell and shape of a book?? I am very nerdy and I really like discovering new things for example a city or a culture. I love traveling on my own and taking pictures on the way (yes I always spam my friends, sorry in advance). When I am home, I like going out for a walk with my dog or reading. I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee, green tea and wine (in Switzerland I am legal). Yeah that’s about it.
I speak English, German, French and Italian but I prefer English over every other language. 

Preferences: I would prefer people of 16 years and older and hopefully no creepy 70 year olds.

EXO Spam #5: Sexy Baekhyun

Remember how I said there were three main sides to Baekhyun? His sexy side really pisses me off. It could be referred to as his flirtatious side, manly side, or how I would normally call him, Daddy. I’m so sorry that’s very inappropriate lets forget you even read that part and get on with the spam.

Again only a sample of twenty because I am very selfish

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Ok I am not having this. It doesn’t matter what you look like someone will always say you’re ugly if you’re famous. So even though you won’t see this Soyeon you better look in the mirror and see nothing but the face you are blessed with. (Beautiful spam under the cut)

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hey anon here. i'm the one who asked abt the online thing, that happened when i was 12 and was dating a 19 y/o. i guess i didnt wake up in time to see it but.. was it my ask that caused all of this? if so i am so, so sorry. i just really don't know what i could have classified it as and its been haunting me for years, so i wanted to ask. if you want i can message you off anon. i really hope you're doing okay today.

no it wasnt you, and i dont think ive answered your ask yet but ive seen it in my ask box and ill answer it soon, i just have a lot of asks to answer and i dont wanna spam peoples dashes. have a good day!


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More Teen Wolf


“Stiles I really don’t think she was flirting with you.” Scott sighed as he rolled his eyes at his best friend. He rolled his head to look at him as Stiles patted his shoulder.

“I am telling you right now we had a moment.”


“You did not have a moment, that wasn’t a moment.”


“No Scott she looked me dead in the eyes and we had something.” Stiles said now stopping completely.


“Go ask if you had a moment I bet I’m right.” Scott muttered shoving Stiles towards where your stood, searching for you next book in your locker.


We’re Broken: Part 6/??? || Taehyung [Angst]

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Two years have passed since Taehyung and you have spoken. Between the two of you, your lives have changed completely. You went off to college and Taehyung left your hometown to live his dream of being an idol. But is that what he really wanted?

Eunji = Your Older Sister (27)
Joonho = Your Older Brother (30)

A/N: Two months later…..omg I hate myself. I’m going to skip the shit and not explain why I was busy because I know I’m awful. But I am so sorry for not finishing this! To the few who were spamming my inbox, here it is. I hope it was worth the wait ♡ 


title; hatred

pairing; optional bias x reader

summary; you gonna hate me af lol + angst

a/n: for the new incoming followers and my old followers who have to deal with my spam posting– i am sorry this had to be angst but not really :)) 

You really did hate him. Everything he did infuriated you to no end. Especially when he turned and moved the girl’s hair away from her face. How he bumped shoulders with her, and her laugh rang in the air. How the two were walking in front of you, as if you were never there.

You hated how he looked back at you, smiled, and then bent down to whisper in the girl’s ear. The way the girl turned and looked at you with a curious look made your heart twist in anger.

The way he helped her carry her things made your stomach churn with jealousy. When had this started?

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Imagine the elgang reaction at being carrying like a princess/carrying you like a princess [Elgang x Elgang/reader]

[I am sorry for the recent spam of submission. The post here gave me too much inspiration. I will try to stop spamming but I really wanted to do that last one since… Hey, time for some fluffy stuff

Again, this submission if for reader of all sexes and you can basically take these situation with any member of the elgang.]


Imagine him carrying you. God know that Elsword is short so it can give him sometime a little shyness about carrying you in his arm in normal situation.
But when you would be hurt in battle or simply having a small incident, he would take you in his arm without thinking about it. Despite his small size, he is extremely strong making able to carry even the heaviest and tallest guys around.
He is very gentle when he carry you despite being very straight. This goes for all of his class.

Carrying Elsword basically mean you are quite a meany who love to seem him being embarassed and blush. Elsword is REALLY not used to that.
If you are a woman, he will apologize or even protest because he will feel unfitted of being your partner. Despite this, he seem to like your warmth, especially Rune Slayer (he can even cuddle you if you do it gently).

Ps: If Add (notable LP) or Elesis are the one doing it, there is a great chance he will punch them in the face because they are certainly doing that to embarass him.


Imagine Aisha trying to carry you. Being small and not having the greatest physical condition, this will VERY VERY often lead her to fall with you on top of her.
In EM case, her embarassment will make her even hit you with a book so you can’t see her face.
Void Princess will shamelessly use Angkor for this purpose. She will do it only if you need help because if not, she won’t see the interest in it. Don’t EVER try to bait her about not being able to, she will do it and… The result is unpredictable.
Dimension witch will EASILY lift you. She has no shame of princess carrying you, she always does it with a smile and ask if you are okay. She is basically a white knight who always come at your rescue.

Aisha is always embarassed when you carry her but she actually really like it. She will often give you a kiss when you do it for her. Also, she is not the type to laugh at you or being disapointed if you don’t suceed at it. She love you all the same.

Ps: If you have some… let’s say… big chest, she will very often rub it with an annoyed look on her face. (This is her way of being a cute dork, don’t worry)
Ps2: Dimension Witch is the queen of embarassing situation, if the person isn’t really confortable with being carried, they will get a run for they money (I am talking to you Elsword/Add).


Imagining Rena carrying you is like thinking of a mother carrying her children. She does it very gently and usually do it when you are hurt and need to be healed.
Wind Sneaker will often carry you if you both need to go at a specific location and you are late. The magic in her leg make her able to do some spectacular jump while having you in her arm.

Rena actually like to be carried. She feel protected and love the warmth of her partner. She will often use this occasion to give them some kiss (notably eskimo kiss).
Also, Rena is perfectly capable of shooting her arrow from this type of position. It is REALLY weird at first but you will get used to it. Elves have perfect balance.

Ps: If her dear one is feeling down, she will often carry him/her to calm him/her. This is just a form of cuddle for her.


Imagining Raven princess carrying someone is like imagining the most beautiful and magnificient princess carrying of all time.
Especially in the case of Blade Master, it is like he made a pact with the devil itself so he can grab you in the air as you fall to just perfectly come back on his feet, his coat being without any stain.
In the case of VC and Rf, they are quite afraid of carrying their loves because they feel their arm will hurt them in the process. It take a lot of time and trust to make them actually use their arm for this type of thing.

Don’t try to embarass Raven by carrying him. Sure he will be surprised but he is the type of actually thanking the person. Same if it is a girl, he doesn’t really care about that.
This is not really true for Reckless Fist. He will often be panicked in this type of situation, afraid of hurting people. (He become more emotionnal as people are close to him) But he is certainly the one who like the most these type of carrying as he can feel the scent of people and their skin and clothes against him.

Ps: Rena tried to embarass him by princess carrying him. He didn’t even blink. Don’t try. Especially since you will certainly blush when HE will do it.


Imagine Eve’s expressionless look when her partner joked about her carrying someone.
In CBS case, she will just carry you and then ask you why you wanted this. She will have no problem doing it, but it would really take some time for both of you to have her actually react to this situation.
Code Empress will just use Oberon or Ophelia for this job. She is actually totally capable of doing it but she doesn’t think it is suitable for her to do that.
Code Nemesis will threat you with her nasod spear, asking if you are mocking her. In this case, it is best to not show her it is something you wish as if she EVER see that it make you blush, she will abuse it. CN is actually the type to love to see your embarassed face.
In general, it take some time for Eve to do that with you, the closer you are with her, the more chance you will have to be carried.

Eve find it normal to be carried. She will often request it if she feel tired and will often fail to understand why it can be embarassing.
CBS is certainly the worst at this, she would be capable of putting herself in your arm in front of everyone because she need to rest.
It is usually Oberon and Ophelia who does it for Code Empress but if you ask (or if she want to try), she will generally accept than you try.
Here too, it take some time with Eve to make these carrying become more personnal.

Ps: Oberon and Ophelia actually have a contest about being the most suitable person to carry Eve… and you.
Ps2: Eve will never tell anyone but she really like to be carried by people in reality. Even CBS will find it anormaly charming.


Imagine a white knight on his white horse carrying you, well, you have chung for that.
Like some other person (Notably Ciel, Elsword, DW and GM), Chung is the typical white knight. He will protect his loved ones and tend to carry them for many reason. It can be after a tough battle like it can be because the ground seem to be dirty and they don’t want you to be the same.
He just worry too much in general. Also, he doesn’t realize how personnal these type of carrying can be, he does it regardless of the person gender btw.
He is also VERY strong (like Elsword) so yeah… Have fun looking at Iron Paladin carrying a huge and big male or having Deadly Chaser carrying a small woman.

Don’t ask how, but when it come to himself, Chung suddenly realize how personnal and close these type of carrying are.
He is always embarassed by it but he often thanks his loved one for it. Prepare for a LOT of kiss (Aisha biggest contender) and cuddle.
Also, despite his incredibly heavy gear, Chung is really light. You will be surprised how easy he is.Also don’t do that on DC when he is in a bad mood, he will think you are mocking him and having a gun near your jaw isn’t a good experience.

Ps: Sometime, Chung will do some training by lifting his weapon while having one (DC) to three (IP) person sitting on it. Yup.


Imagining Ara’s purpose to this really depend of her path.
SD will often do it when the person is in danger. If not, she isn’t the type to normally do it AND YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL AS ARA TRIP A LOT. She will also often excuse herself after carrying you, feeling it wasn’t fitting of her. It would take time to actually explain to her that you like it… a lot. Eun would only do that when she is really worried about you.
Yama Raja do it because it make you embarassed. As simple as that, she simply enjoy teasing you and don’t mind doing it. She know that it is quite a specific type of carrying so don’t be fooled, if she does it with someone, she likes this person a lot. In eun’s case, it doesn’t really matter. She will follow Ara’s flow.
Asura… Let’s say it here, if you are a person that really like princess carrying and is embarassed by it, never show that to her. Ara will love to carry you just to cuddle you, she is one of the few elsword member to actually carry people to cuddle them/have them near her. It is also in this path that Eun differ from Ara. She carry you just to see your embarassed face and make sure to assert her possession. She is quite the dominant person in these type of situation.

Princess carrying SD can be summarized like this: Burning face. She is extremely embarassed by it, like at an Elsword level of embarassment. But she doesn’t dislike it. She is also surprisingly light.
YR isn’t really affected by it, she will just cuddle on you. Don’t be fooled, she like this situation but won’t make a fuss about it. Eun tend to curl-up in your arm if you do that (it is really cute).
Asura love to be carried, since she is in a way with some animal instinct, she will really cuddle you and rub her head in your neck. Btw, do that to eun’s and she will take as an invitation. You are warned.

Ps: Ara will always participate with you when you want to carry Eun. Let’s say Ara like to make eun honest with her feeling, which is she like to cuddle people and this is a good way for her to do that.


Imagine Elesis slowly taking you in her arm, a shining smile on her face, telling you that she loves you and will protect you from every bad things in this world.
Here is one of our best contender as the white knight, GM. She will only carry her special person when she want them to know she is talking seriously.
In BH case, it is ALWAYS to see the embarassed face of her partner. The more embarassed the person is, the more she will do it. Also, she does it in public (she doesn’t care and if you care about it, it make it even more enjoyable).
CrA is actually the type to do this a lot. Since she has difficulty expressing her feeling, when she is worried about her lover or when she want to feel close to them, she will do that.
Is it really necessary to mention that Elesis doesn’t care at all about your gender? She will carry you and love you nonetheless

GM actually like to be in your arms. She feel safe but it also make her very relaxed (something that can be sometime quite rare for her due to her work). This is often a time for both of you to enjoy your time together.
Sweet revenge is sweet, BH is actually embarassed by this position. Feeling your clothe and skin against her make her go even hotter than before. She will often say stupid things and try to move like an unhappy children to make you stop. She is an adorable dork. Btw, she will take revenge on you after that. E-VE-RY TIME.
CrA loves to be in your arm. You will never see it but she really enjoy that, it is calm, it is warm, it has your scent. She can be sometime adorable as she will fake to not understand you when you want to put her on the ground. [I love cheesy feeling with CrA, don’t kill me]

Ps: Be careful if you carried BH one more time, she will bite you on the neck and leave you with a lot of hickey. Payback is a biatch.


Imagine Add being the cute dork that he is and actually make a scene before doing that.
LP would certainly give you a lot of… cheerful nickname (Honestly, it can go from simple teasing to blatant insult) while carrying you. He would only do that if you are tired or hurt to actually move by yourself. He can be quite rough also. If you are a man, he would act like he won’t even help you but he would immediatly stop after you pass out. (He can act like a moron but he cares)
Mastermind would magnificently fail at carrying you. Of course he could use his nasod but he really want to be able to that. He would train just to be able to at least carry your for 10 second. He would make sure you tell him how incredible that was.
DiE is afraid of carrying you in his arm. The only moment he did it was in an other time when he carried your dead body. It would take a LOT of time to actually help him about his fear and so he can try to take people in his arm. Surprisingly, he would be incredibly gentle.

Let’s be honest. Add is a dork and a fucking tsundere. MM and LP would act like they don’t want you to touch them and to take them in your arms (LP would elegantly say it is a “Fag way of doing things”) despite really liking you and really liking it when they are in your arm.
Lp would be VERY embarassed, even more if you are a woman.
MM would blush but he would really like it. It is the only time he will allow you to touch his coat and he will kiss you if you were being gentle enough.
DiE surprisingly doesn’t mind if you are close enough to him to do that. Feeling you next to him helps to forgot about the cruel past he encoutered and to move forward.

Ps: Did I say this guy is a freaking tsundere sometime?
Ps2: Gropping LP butt is a death wish, but you will saw his most embarassed face while doing it. Tough call.


Imagine Lu with her small size grabbing you with her giant hand and carrying you with a cheerful smile on her face.
Lu can be hard to get when she get one of her path.
In Chilliarch, she would often look very scary and carrying you like that is her way to show you she is still the same Lu and that she care about you a lot.
In Noblesse, she often act as a queen (even more than CEmp) and it can be hard to talk with about that. She is actually the type to carry you without asking, worrying about the distance that seem to grow between you. Having you near her is a way for her to stop her worries by feeling you are close to her.
Overall, she really doesn’t mind carrying you. She doesn’t care. She lived many hundred years, you could be a horse with a dog face she will love and carry you.

Lu LOVES to be carried. Her small size helps a lot in that matter. Being carried is often for her the possibility to act like a spoiled lover. She will ask you to carry her everywhere, to kiss her and to be as gentle as a prince. Even more as a Chirliach or Noblesse, it is a way for her to get-out a little from her duty and problems.
You are her sun, being close to you make her feel warmth and safety.

Ps: She like a lot to use her demonic hand to carry you and do ‘manly’ thing. She want to show you her lack of care about the role you two should have. You are one with her.
Ps2: She will sometime carry Ciel and you at the same time. These moment are a mix of embarassment, fun and… sexyness.


Imagine Mickael Jackson “Smooth criminal” song come to life. And you have Ciel when it come to be a gentleman. It is almost criminal how handsome he is at time like that.
Ciel love to carry you whenever you want. He like to feel useful and want you to be as confortable as possible. You can also note that Ciel will often put you and Lu to bed when you do some overnight work.
He is the type to give people nickname while carrying them, he isn’t afraid of saying something like “Honey”, “My love”, “My lord” or “Milady”. He also doesn’t care if there is people around you.

Carrying Ciel is a lot of fun in general. He will tease you about being able or not to carry him, will reward you if you do well and will reward you if it fail. He is the type of person who love being with his lover and will enjoy every moment with him/her.
Be careful, as he doesn’t hesitate to give you some deep kiss while you carry him.

Ps: Ciel is ALSO capable of carrying you and lu at the same time. It ask for some strengh but he can do it quite well. Lu LOVE to cuddle you both (or fight peacefully about being the only one in his arm).

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(( Am I spamming to much? If so I'm sorry your blog is just really good )) * A little smile flickers over her face * Don't worry about it, taking care of others is what I like to do. * She stands up, stretching, and the smile leaves her face * So do you have anything you need to do today? Need any help with stuff? -sad anon

((pfft literally its just like.. three peeps that actually see me. amidst the scarcity of a SFpupyrus that is actually not edgy, *massive shrugging* You are fine~))

Papyrus would shake his head… “N-normally around this time id have to leave to get m-my shift done f-for M-master. B-but after that… i usually rest… and with me being sick an’ all…. I.. I dont know…..”