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Dating Shawn Mendes - Headcannons

dating shawn mendes would include:

  • singing to you when you can’t sleep
  • 80% of his songs being about you
  • watching him work out
  • when he doesn’t have to get up early, u can bet you’re staying in bed with him the wHoLE morning
  • trying to cook something as simple as pasta but somehow burning it??
  • bLoWinG kiSsES aT YOu annd vise versa
  • ranting to you about how canada is so much better than any other country
  • trying to teach you how to play guitar
  • when he’s really tired he becomes a koala
  • head in your neck ((if u have a ticklish neck this will be hell for u))
  • his hair would kind of be across the bottom of your cheeks and in your neck and just kind of everywhere but its like REALLY ok bc his hair can stop wars
  • his lips would press to your neck during these cuddling sessions
  • his long eyelashes laying on his cheeks
  • his hair would be curlier and messier than normal
  • his skin would be kind of hot too like not warm but burning
  • he wouldn’t let u go while your sleeping either
  • he would groan if u had to leave
  • hIS GrOGGy aSS vOiCE
  • after like a month of dating and spending a lot of time together he would want you to meet his family bc they mean a lot to him but so do u and he is so proud to have found someone like u awwww
  • before he kisses you his BIG ASS HANDs would hold you face or your cheeks
  • i feel like he’s the jealous type
  • and because he’s a leo,,, he wants to be the ‘dominant’ one in the relationship whatever tf that means
  • tracing his tattoos oH LORd
  • homeboy can’t keep his hands to himself when he’s in the mood ;)
  • your friends would send him videos of u singing his songs and he would have THE MOST smug smile on his face
  • bc his gf/bf is whipped for him
  • jk
  • no probs
  • when he comes home y’all are attached at the hip for the first three days
  • telling u all the places he wants to take u some day
  • he’d be a boyfriend that would get u a promise ring bc he’s still pretty young and i feel like getting married would be;; responsible and he still wants to be young and reckless with you
  • bc he’s a giant he would sweep u off your feet a lot and carry u around no matter what size you are
  • when stuff gets intense ;) his eyes would b SUPER wide and kind of innocent looking oh lord help me after i write these
  • and his lips would pinker than normal and swollen
  • he’d breathing heavy fuehwijdks
  • his hair would be scattered in all different directions
  • god he’s a sight to look at
  • he would send u funny videos of himself when he’s on tour and away from u
  • screaming lyrics in his jeep
  • dancing together in the kitchen, bedroom, stage, bus, hotel, or anywhere really at like 2 AM
  • he would be so good to you and everyone could see that
  • and he would love you so much
  • he’s just not human and i love my baby boy ok bye this was really long,, you’re welcome…

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episode one - the bone orchard. ( contains violence and nsfw themes )

  • ❝ no expertise can surmount a sea that does not wish you to reach shore. ❞
  • ❝ wind can be reasoned with. ❞
  • ❝ celebration was cut short. ❞
  • ❝ only good thing about being in prison is the relief. ❞
  • ❝ tomorrow can’t do anything today hasn’t already managed. ❞
  • ❝ this country went to hell when they stopped hanging folks. ❞
  • ❝ no gallows dirt, no gallows deals. ❞
  • ❝ you know, i’m not superstitious. ❞
  • ❝ i don’t believe in anything i can’t see. ❞
  • ❝ i feel like there’s a fuckin’ axe hanging over my head. i can’t see it, but i believe it. ❞
  • ❝ i can see it fine. ❞
  • ❝ prison has a way of trying to keep you in prison. ❞
  • ❝ i smell snow. ❞
  • ❝ i love you. something feels weird. ❞
  • ❝ i love you too. what feels weird? ❞
  • ❝ the air feels constipated, like if it’d just push out a storm, it’d be okay. ❞
  • ❝ a hundred twenty hours till you’re home. ❞
  • ❝ waiting for the sky to fall is gonna cause more bother than the sky actually falling. which it isn’t. ❞
  • ❝ do not piss off those bitches in airports. ❞
  • ❝ i guess this must be your lucky day, huh ?
  • ❝ you nervous ?
  • ❝ just sit back and be a bird. ❞
  • ❝ i offer you the worm from my beak and you look at me like i fucked your mom
  • ❝ you’re just the first person i’ve met who isn’t an asshole. ❞
  • ❝ give me time. ❞
  • ❝ what would you have done, my boy
  • ❝ seems like a firm decision made for good reasons, i can respect that. ❞
  • ❝ you lost something vital in there, and not just time. ❞
  • ❝ what might i call you, if i were so inclined
  • ❝ always good to meet a fellow traveler. ❞
  • ❝ i usually end up getting what i want. on average, over time. ❞
  • ❝ it’s all about getting people to believe in you. it’s not their cash, it’s their faith. ❞
  • ❝ now, what’s keeping us aloft ? faith ? or newton ?
  • ❝ don’t rush into this, take your time. ❞
  • ❝ there’s always work for a big guy who’s smart enough to know he’s better off letting people think he’s dumb. ❞
  • ❝ by the end of your tenure, you could be the next king of america. ❞
  • ❝ a man gets out of prison, he should be focused above all on not going back. ❞
  • ❝ believe. ❞
  • ❝ i don’t think i have the talent for it. ❞
  • ❝ you … like me
  • ❝ i’m not what i once was. ❞
  • ❝ you’re perfect. ❞
  • ❝ i don’t know what i’m doing. ❞
  • ❝ what man does ?
  • ❝ do something for me. worship me. ❞
  • ❝ worship me. pray to me like i’m your god. your goddess. ❞
  • ❝ you feel so good. i could keep fucking you forever. ❞
  • ❝ say my name. ❞
  • ❝ beloved, i worship your breasts and your eyes and your cunt. and i worship your thighs and your eyes and your cherry red lips. ❞
  • ❝ i am yours, my beloved. ❞
  • ❝ go on, let go ! give me everything !
  • ❝ i love you. ❞
  • ❝ not that rushing into things can’t be a good thing … ❞
  • ❝ sex rushed into tends to work out best for all involved. ❞
  • ❝ okay, i’ve said ‘fuck off’ politely as many ways as i’m gonna. now i’m fixing to be direct. ❞
  • ❝ what the fuck do you know about [ ] ?
  • ❝ more than you, it seems. ❞
  • ❝ i’m not gonna work for anyone who’s got worse luck than me. ❞
  • ❝ call it. ❞
  • ❝ rigged games are the easiest to beat. ❞
  • ❝ you’re a little creepy, and you’re forward, and familiar, and i don’t like it. i don’t like you. ❞
  • ❝ who’re you ?
  • ❝ i’m a leprechaun. ❞
  • ❝ we don’t come from moscow, russia. or moscow, idaho, for that matter. ❞
  • ❝ no details. ❞
  • ❝ devil’s in the details. ❞
  • ❝ do you know who he is ? who he really is
  • ❝ he’s hustling you. he’s a hustler. ❞
  • ❝ damn right. i’m a hustler, swindler, cheater, and liar. it’s why i need assistance. ❞
  • ❝ name your price. ❞
  • ❝ how’d you do it ?
  • ❝ with panache. ❞
  • ❝ simplest trick in the world. ❞
  • ❝ i’ll fight you for it. ❞
  • ❝ win or lose, and you will lose, it’s yours if you fight me. ❞
  • ❝ can you feel the joy rising in your veins like the sap in the springtime ?
  • ❝ i wanted to be a part of your history. ❞
  • ❝ it’s just anger ––– makes you feel like you can change the outcome. ❞
  • [] had the nerve to ask me what i wanted him to do with it. i told him leave it where it found it. ❞
  • ❝ target would be more interesting than here. ❞
  • ❝ if there isn’t some kinda life after death, i’m gonna be so fuckin’ pissed. ❞
  • ❝ there is no closure from the dead. ❞
  • ❝ i’m sorry for your loss, [] , i really am. anyone tell you that yet ? anyone even hug you ?
  • ❝ hear me out, this is a good one. lex talionis. an eye for an eye. a blowjob for a blowjob. ❞
  • ❝ jesus, who knew i could be so angry ?! 
  • ❝ i am trying to get my dignity back here
  • ❝ don’t fuck with me, [
  • ❝ what’s he doing here ? what’s the plan ? what’s the game plan, man ? ❞
  • ❝ how auspicious, you must be special. ❞
  • [ ] is history. forgotten and … old. ❞
  • ❝ we have reprogrammed reality. language is a virus. religion, an operating system, and prayers are just so much fucking spam. ❞
  • ❝ the dominant fucking paradigm, [] , that is the only important thing. ❞
  • ❝ by the way, i was sorry to hear about your wife/husband. tough break. ❞
  • ❝ so, i will ask again: what is it [ ] is up to ? ❞
  • ❝ you saying you don’t know ? … would you tell me even if you did ?
Living Together!

Hey guys, so as many of you have seen or heard from someone else by now, Signe (Wiishu) and I are in fact living together at this moment. 

I’ve seen a lot of support from people all over social media where it was posted and that means a lot to us, I very much appreciate it. However I have also seen a lot of dislike for the situation being thrown around and needlessly so. Some people are mad that I even have a girlfriend, some are skeptical of everything happening and some even say it’s “blocking septiplier” 

First off yes, I have a girlfriend. I’m still a human and these things do happen, did some of you think I’d be single forever or just pretend to be for the sake of keeping up a front? I’ve always said I like to be honest and share and that’s what I’m doing. Expecting me to stay single is selfish and narrow minded, please don’t be one of those people. It’s OUR relationship and we make our own decisions in it, it’s not up for debate or negotiation. Some stuff in my life is not dictated by what viewers of my content think and that sounds douchey but you know what I mean. 

As for Signe stopping Septiplier from being real, that’s just completely and utterly ridiculous. Septiplier was never and never will be a real thing, the fact that I even have to make that clarification is beyond ridiculous too. Mark and I made it pretty obvious it was a joke or exaggeration from the get go and have said so again since. It’s perfectly fine to ship septiplier and post pics of Mark and I as septiplier (within reason of course, no smut) in fact I enjoy it cos mark and I are great friends but to say my current existing girlfriend is stopping a made up relationship from happening is both insulting and just flat out wrong. Again don’t feel you can’t post any septiplier stuff at ALL, that’s not what I’m getting at. Just that some stuff is beyond the limits of what I think is cool.

If you don’t like any of what’s happening that’s fine and it’s your right to feel however you want about it but don’t go posting publicly about it because all it does is make people involved feel bad and bring them down. Which is a real shitty thing to do. 

You guys know how nice I am and how I love you all and respect/appreciate everything you do but I also have to set boundaries and tell you when some stuff is not cool because that’s how this works, I”ve always said it’s a two way street and if this connection and interactivity has to continue and stay strong then this stuff needs to be said. 

I’m really sorry for the long post and I really hope it doesn’t sound too negative or like I’m ranting, there were just some thoughts on my mind and I would also appreciate if people didn’t spam the tag with “leave youtubers alone” or “respect youtuber’s relationships” etc. because that just goes overboard in the other direction. 

Signe and I are super happy together and moving in together is a HUGE deal, it’s a massive step and it’s a new thing to get used to. The last thing we need is people spreading doubt or rumours about our relationship adding extra stress that doesn’t need to exist. For those of you out there who are happy for us, we really appreciate it and it means a great deal to see the support. Will Signe be in videos at some point? who knows! We haven’t thought that far ahead yet and don’t want to do too much too soon. 


I know I post weight loss shit all the time but I have such a hard time believing that I’ve made progress, or feeling better about my body (shoutout to gender dysphoria), so I really need these before and after pics to prove to myself that I am making progress and that I am healthier. So sorry for the spam, I’m just proud of myself 🙏🏼💪🏼 left pic is April 2016, 175ish lbs. right pic is was yesterday, March 2017, 135 lbs. This was all thanks to intermittent fasting (the warrior diet, water fasting), elimination of gluten, and a general focus on healthy eating, smarter portion sizes, and smaller eating windows. If I can do it, so can you

Still really sick, but that wont stop me from joining in on some inktober action with @acecakes fusion, Dr. Fright. Ace, if you see this, just know I love your art and I’m sorry for the spam. 

Life Without You (Part Two)

Part One 


As Harry and Niall sat across from each other in Harry’s living room, there was an uncomfortable silence. The tension could be felt by both and was only growing as time passed. From the moment that Harry had called, Niall knew that something was up, and he had wished that he was better at hiding his emotions. His eyes darted everywhere around the room, completely avoiding meeting Harry’s intense gaze. Niall’s leg bounced up and down as a way for him to calm his nerves. He could tell that Harry was upset; he was fuming. Niall couldn’t help but to notice the way that Harry’s breathing was uneven, how he kept clenching his fists, clear indications of his mood. It was obvious Niall already knew why Harry had demanded he come over so urgently- he had kept a very big secret hidden from him.

“When were ya gon’ tell me?” Harry asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Tell yeh wha’, mate?” Niall responded, trying to play it cool.

“Don’ play stupid wit me, Niall. Ya know exactly wha’ ‘m talkin’ about. When were yeh gon’ tell me that (Y/N) moved to America?” Harry was losing his patience, and Niall knew that it wouldn’t be smart to keep pressing the matter.

“It wasn’ my place to say anythin’. She made it clear tha’ she wasn’ changin’ her mind on leavin’. Plus, yeh were still wit Megan when she moved, didn’ think yeh would care to be honest.”

“Are ya bein’ serious right now? Yeh know more than anyone that I will always care ‘bout (Y/N), doesn’ matter who ‘m wit.” Harry growled, gritting his teeth as he tried to contain his anger.

“‘m sorry, ‘arry, but I only did it because she said she didn’ wan’ yeh to know. I couldn’ go behind her back like that, ya understand tha’ right?” Harry felt his heart nearly stop when he had heard this. She didn’t want him to know? It was now clear as day that (Y/N) wanted nothing to do with him, when all he wanted to do was to have her back in his life.

“Yeah, I get it. Would‘ve done the same thing. ‘s just weird how she didn’ tell me yeh know? I thought she wanted to be friends or somethin’.” Harry admitted. His anger had dissolved, and now all he had felt was sadness. He had hoped that one day maybe you and him could start over and be friends or at least civil with each other.

“Who knows. Maybe she doesn’ wan’ to talk to yeh right now. Or maybe she doesn’ want to be friends.” Niall told Harry, trying not to sound too harsh about the possibility of (Y/N) not wanting to speak to him again.

“Suppose so.” Harry said, sounding completely defeated. He was done talking about you, and he wanted to get off his mind, “Man, ‘s trip is gon’ be a disaster, innit?”

“It won’ be. Don’ worry, ‘arry, it’ll be fine.” As much as Harry wanted to believe Niall, he could shake the bad feeling he had in his stomach.


San Francisco was absolutely amazing. You felt like an entirely new person. No stress, no worries, and most importantly, no Harry. Life was easy here. You enjoyed living alone in a small apartment not too far from the beach. You enjoyed the beautiful weather as opposed to the cold you were used to living in London for a large majority of your adult life. You enjoyed that there was enough to distract you from thinking about Harry.

You’d asked Niall to let him know that you were moving away, hoping that he would want to at least say goodbye. However, you were only given disappointment as Niall told you Harry said he didn’t care that you were leaving.

At first, you were hurt by what Harry told Niall. It hurt that he didn’t even want to see or talk to you again, but you could understand. You weren’t even talking to each other. Of course he wouldn’t care if you were moving away. You decided to stop trying to fix something that was broken beyond repair and to finally let Harry go. Although, he was acting totally out of character for the Harry that you once knew and loved, and you couldn’t help but to think that something wasn’t right.


It had been about four months since your move, and you were really enjoying your new life. You’d made sure to keep in touch with Niall and the other boys. It was nice to know that they still cared about you despite everything that had happened, and they were adamant on making sure you knew that they were here for you. A gesture that was greatly appreciated but entirely unnecessary.

As great as life was, it all changed when the boys had told you that they were coming to visit in two weeks. They said that they missed spending time with you, and they were in need of a holiday. Whenever you had asked if Harry would be coming too, they would completely avoid the question and change the subject. That was enough of an answer for you.

You began to lose your mind upon learning that Harry would also be in attendance while the boys were visiting. You were coming up with a thousand different questions that were all left unanswered. Was he married now? Was he going to bring Megan with him?

As the days came and gone, it got closer to the day where the boys were supposed to fly in. And as the day neared, your anxiety about facing Harry only grew with it.


“Don’ worry, (Y/N). Everythin’ will be fine, promise.”  You were currently one the phone with Louis, telling him all about your worries surrounding their visit. You weren’t sure how to act around Harry or how he would act around you. You didn’t know if you should pretend nothing happened and be friendly or if you should ignore him.

“I can’t help it, Lou. I mean, Harry’s always been so nice. I just thought that he would at least want to say bye to me. It didn’t even have to be in person, a text would’ve been fine. He’s completely changed from when we were together, it’s weird.” You were still bothered at the fact that Harry didn’t care that you were moving. It was just something that you never thought would happen. He’s always been the person who was mature, polite, and kind beyond belief. So the fact that he felt that he didn’t have to say bye to someone who he once considered a lover, and before that a friend, was peculiar.

“People change, love. ‘nd sometimes it isn’t the best, but maybe he just thinks ‘s awkward between you two? I mean ‘s a lot of history there. I bet ‘s hard for ‘im to pretend it isn’t there.”

“That’s exactly my point though. Shouldn’t he want to get some closure because of our history? We haven’t really had a decent conversation since I came to get my things from his apartment. Even then, that was almost three years ago, and that definitely didn’t go as planned.”

“I don’ know, (Y/N). I really wish I did, but I haven’t got a clue what’s goin’ through his mind.”


It had been a week since you had officially called things off between you and Harry, and you thought that it was time to come and get the rest of the things you had at his place. Because you’d purposely given him a couple days to think everything over and to calm down, you hoped that this entire situation would be more civil than your last encounter with him.


You had shot him a quick text telling him that you were coming over, only to receive a notification showing that he had seen your message, but there was no reply.


Over the course of the last week, you had slowly built the courage to face him and to talk again, which landed you where you were right now. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t even a little nervous, but you shook the feeling aside, and put on your bravest face. As you opened the front door with your key, you wanted nothing more than for Harry not to be home. If this were the case, you would be able to avoid having another screaming match with him, the last thing you wanted.


However, this hope was broken once you saw Harry standing in the middle of his kitchen, fully dressed, looking like he was just about to leave. 


“Didn’t think you’d be home.” You admitted, hoping that this conversation would be kept to a bare minimum, “I’ll be quick, don’t worry.” You began to walk out of the kitchen, making your way towards the stairs and into his bedroom, realizing quickly that you were still not ready to face Harry. 


Before you even started to walk up the stairs, Harry had stopped you, “Wait, (Y/N). Can we talk ‘bout it? I think I need some closure.” Harry stated, lightly grasping your wrist to keep you from walking away from him for the second time.


You avoided keeping eye contact with Harry and instead kept your gaze locked onto where he held your wrist in his much larger hand. You thought that a week was enough time apart, and you believed that you would be ready to talk to Harry. Although, you now know that you were definitely wrong. The moment you had set your eyes onto him, everything from that night had came rushing back. Seeing Harry this soon and having him touch you only added salt to the still very fresh wound.  

”You can talk while I pack up.” You say, practically in a whisper, “I don’t have anything to say to you at the moment.”  You wished that you had the courage to look at him while you talked, but it was just too hard to face the reality of the situation. This was the end of a chapter that you’d both hoped would never end.

”Wha’ do yeh mean ya don’ have anythin’ to say?” 

”What I mean is, there is nothing left for me to say to you, Harry. I said everything I wanted to say that night, and it changed nothing. So why would me repeating the same thing over again change anything now?” Your emotions were getting the best of you. Your voice cracked, and you tried your hardest to keep your emotions at bay. You felt weak, not even attempting to get Harry’s grip off of your wrist. All you felt was sadness, but under that sadness you felt anger. Pent up anger that was finally coming out.  

 “We‘ve both had time to think things over, ‘nd this time I really am ready to listen to yeh. Had some time to calm down too, yeah? If yeh don’ wan’ to talk to me then ‘s fine. I just wan’ to say what’s been on my mind.” The desperation in his voice was obvious. Even though you weren’t looking at his eyes, you knew that they were pleading you to at least hear him out. 

With a sigh in defeat, you agreed, “Fine, but don’t expect anything else except for talking. I’m not going to get back with you just because you suddenly want to talk about our relationship.”  You retorted, finally looking him in the eyes. His face fell slightly at your response, but he reluctantly nodded his head in agreement.

 As you both made your way to his bedroom, it was silent. Harry was obviously hesitant to talk to you, but you couldn’t figure out why. You weren’t sure if it was because he was still gathering his thoughts or if it was because he genuinely didn’t know what to say despite telling you that he had a lot he wanted to tell. However, you chose to ignore it, enjoying the silence because you knew that it wouldn’t last once you both started to talk.

The first few minutes of you packing up the remainder of your clothes and other belongings remained the same. Silence. All Harry seemed to be able to do was watch you gather your things from his position seated at the end of his bed. He wanted to tell you everything that had been on his mind for the last couple of months, especially the last week, but he had no clue how or where to start. His mind was working a million miles a second, and Harry couldn’t even process the whole situation. 


“Look, I know ‘s hard to be talkin’ to each other right now, but I just wanted to say that ‘m sorry for bein’ a proper dickhead to yeh that night.”  He felt that the best way to start was to apologize because he knew that the most important thing was for you to understand how sorry he was for putting you in this position.


”Harry, I’m just confused. I thought that marriage would be a topic we could talk about, but apparently, I was being delusional and presumptuous.” 


”I know, love. I know. I still don’ quite know wha’ I was thinkin’ tha’ night. Should’ve told yeh how I felt about marriage in the beginnin’, but I didn’ and ‘m sorry for leadin’ ya on like tha’.”  There was a long pause after Harry had finished apologizing to you. You had thought that he had more to say than just that he was sorry. An explanation maybe?


”Is that all you have to say? You told me that you wanted to tell me everything that was on your mind, so all you were thinking about was a half assed apology?” You were seething at him. Yet again he had failed to explain his feelings to you, even when you had given him the chance to do so. His eyes dropped to the floor, unable to keep eye contact with you. He was ashamed that this was all he had to say to you. Even when there were thousands of things running through his head about what he could say, none of them came out.


“I’ve got to go, but if you want to talk about this when you’ve had more time to think, call me, okay?” You softly spoke, calming yourself as you got closer to him. Harry still couldn’t meet your eyes as you talked to him. You stood there for a little while just staring at him, wanting nothing more than for him to stop you from leaving and to give you an explanation. That, however, did not happen. With yet another sigh, you said goodbye and left. 


That day you walked out of Harry’s house hoping that one day he would call to tell you that he was finally ready to talk about your relationship, but he never did. 


The day that the boys were supposed to arrive in California had finally come. You had told them your address as they were eager to see you the moment that they landed. There was still an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing that you had to see Harry again in mere hours.

You spent the entire day trying to occupying your mind. You vacuumed your house, cleaned all your bathrooms, mopped the floors, and dusted nearly every surface in your apartment. Unfortunately for you, nothing you did seemed to work. All you could seem to think about was Harry. He was making you a ball of nerves, and you hated that he still had control over you.

After all of your pointless cleaning, you plopped down onto your couch and relaxed for a little while before the boys arrived. It was odd to think that Harry would even want to come when he knew that the boys wanted to spend time with you. You had come to the conclusion that he would be spending his time elsewhere, with his other friends in and around the area. That would mean that you would only have to see him for one day, when they arrived. You just wished that day wasn’t this one.

Sometimes you wished that you and Harry never dated in the first place.


You didn’t realized that you had fallen asleep until you were awoken by pounding on your front door. As you made your way to the door, you rubbed your eyes, trying to wake yourself up.

“(Y/N), love, we’re here! Open the door ‘fore I break it down.” Niall yelled, sounding slightly muffled as a result of the door. You could hear the other boys giggling at Niall’s comment, and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes at them.

The moment you opened the door, you were engulfed into a hug by Niall. “Good to see ya, lovely.” Niall said, as he gave you a tight squeeze.

“I’m glad you guys are here. I missed you.”

You could feel a pair of eyes practically burning holes in your head with their intense stare. It was obvious who this was, and you did everything you could to avoid making eye contact. However, you couldn’t help but to notice that a certain girl was not present. She wasn’t holding his hand or cuddling into his side, so where was she? Pulling away from your embrace with Niall, you continued to hug each of the boys one by one, inviting them inside.

Harry stood behind the rest of boys, looking awkwardly at the floor, shifting from one foot to another, suddenly stopping his gaze on you. When it was finally just him standing outside of your apartment, he looked up at you and gave a shy smile. A wave of relief rushed over your body as you realized that he was being friendly. Deciding to return the favor, you gave a genuine smile back and motioned for him to come inside.

You led the boys to your living room where you were previously taking a nap. “Are you guys hungry? Thirsty? I can get you something if you want.” You offered, trying to make them as comfortable as possible.

“Just a couple of waters will do, love. Anythin’ yeh want to give to us ‘s fine.” Niall said, giving you a smile.

“I’ll help yeh.” Harry spoke, swiftly arising from his spot situated on the couch. You didn’t feel like being rude to him, so you simply gave a short nod of your head and made your way into the kitchen, Harry following closely behind.

“How’ve ya been?” Harry started, as he helped you gather a variety of different snacks and water bottles for all the boys.

“Good, stressed, but good. What about you?”

“‘s good. ‘m doing well, thank yeh.” After that, there was a bit of awkward silence as both of you didn’t know what to say. All you could do was pass Harry the food while he made a pile of everything you had given to him on your counter.

Gathering all of the food and water bottles, you started to make your way back to the other boys. However, Harry had other plans as he began to speak again. “Hey, can we talk?” Harry asked you, a slight nervousness detected in his voice.

“We can talk in the living room.” You responding, already feeling the nerves and anxiety start to build up.

“Boys, could you give Harry and I a minute, please?” You requested once you both had gotten to the living room and placed everything on the table.. The boys nodded their heads and got up to give you and Harry the space you asked for. As they left, they gave you reassuring smiles and gave your hand a quick squeeze.

“We’ll go fo’ a walk ‘round the block. Text one of us when ya done, alrigh’?” Louis softly spoke to you. You shook your head at him, not feeling like talking. The boys gave you both one last look before they shut the door and left.

And once again, you were left alone with Harry.


You and Harry sat at opposite ends of the couch, staring straight ahead at the wall in front of the two of you. The tension in the room was quite prominent, and it was making you both fairly uncomfortable. There were so many words that could have and needed to be spoken between the two of you, yet all you could do was sit there in silence as you did all those years before.

“Where’s Megan?” You started off, trying to refrain the inevitable conversation.

“Doesn’ matter where she is.” Harry quietly replied. He seemed to be out of it, as if he had no energy at all, and this wasn’t because he had just gotten off a series of long plane rides. No, this was an emotional toll that Harry held with him on his back. One much bigger than you could ever understand. His response, although, confused you beyond belief. Why didn’t he want you to know where she was? “I won’ tell yeh considering we aren’t friends.”

“Oh,” you say, a little surprised at his quick change of mood, “Well, I thought we could start over some day, but if that’s what you want then okay.”

“Yeh wanted to start over?” Harry let out a humorous laugh, “I doubt that, (Y/N). If yeh wanted to start over wit me, yeh would’ve told me yeh were moving away.”

“Harry, that doesn’t make any sense. Me telling you about me moving would not signify us starting over. It’s more like us ending.” You were so upset at the tone he was using with you that you didn’t actually think about what he was saying. If you did, you would’ve realized that what he was saying was entirely wrong. You did tell him about your move.

If you had taken a second to stop and process everything Harry was telling you, you would’ve realized that there was something wrong. You would’ve gotten answers to why he didn’t say goodbye to you before you left London. You would’ve learned that none of this was his fault, that he wasn’t as bad as you had cut him out to be, and that he was still the same Harry you knew. You would’ve learned that you had both been lied to, played, by one of your closest friends. But of course, you didn’t. You didn’t stop to think about anything but your anger towards him that had been building up inside you for years.

“No, yeh’ve got it all wrong. It would’ve done somethin’ for our relationship, our friendship, but no yeh were so eager to get away from me yeh didn’ even think ‘bout yeh actions ‘fore ya did it.” By now, you were both standing on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. Your voices had turned as loud as they did that night as you both desperately tried to get your point across to the other.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You know what’s funny? All those years ago you told me that I had lost my mind for thinking that you would want to get married, but now, you’re the one that has lost their mind. Let me ask you this, Harry. What would you have done had you known about me leaving? Would you have came running to my apartment, begging me to stay? Would you have come over to congratulate me and helped me pack my things? Would you have tried to fix something that can’t be fixed with one simple conversation? What would you have done that was so monumental that you’re so upset about this?” You rambled, throwing up your hands to make ridiculous gestures out of pure frustration and irritation.

“I’d ‘ve tried, (Y/N), but yeh didn’ even let me do tha’. Sometimes yeh can be so fuckin’ reckless. All yeh seem to care ‘bout ‘s yehself, and yeh don’ care wha’ ‘appens in the process. Yeh try to pretend that ya are carin’, but I know the real person yeh are.” Harry had turned into the exact same person he had been on the night you stormed out. He was saying the first thing that came to his head, and his filter was gone. Of course he didn’t actually mean all the things he was saying to you nor did he believe that any of it was true. He was just completely fed up with the way that your relationship had taken such a negative turn so abruptly.

“Fine, Harry. If that’s the way that you really see me, as some sort of toxic, deceiving, manipulative bitch, then so be it. You don’t know me anymore, and I don’t the validation from someone I never talk to. I can’t change the way you think about me, and frankly, I don’t care. If you want to hate me the rest of your life, go ahead, no one’s stopping you. I just hope that one day you can learn to move passed all of this.“ You put in your last word, done with this conversation and Harry.

“I don’ hate yeh, love. ‘m just confused, and I wan’ to start over.” Harry was trying his best to try to calm himself down because he knew that if he didn’t, you would run off again. “I know ‘s hard for both of us to pretend tha’ nothin’ happened between the two of us, but yeh too important to me to jus’ let ya go.”

You had both stopped yelling at each other, and the conversation had turned into one with soft whispers that could barely be heard by the other.

“I don’t think that’s true. If you really wanted me to be in your life, you wouldn’t have said that you think I’m fake or that all I seem to care about is myself. You sure do have a weird way of showing people that they’re important to you, and I’m not sure that I want that. I’m sorry, Harry, but I think that it’s best if we don’t talk to each other. There’s always going to be that tension and resentment, and that’s something that can’t be brushed under the carpet only to pretend it isn’t there.”

“(Y/N), ‘s not true. I can promise yeh that. I would never do that to yeh. I would never hold a grudge ‘gainst ya. The tension will go ‘way some day, jus’ need time. I mean sure it’ll be difficult for us to get passed this bump in the road, bu’ I really want to try again. As friends.”

“Harry, I’m sorry. I just can’t. Seeing you and talking to you is too much for me to handle, even now after all those years of us not talking to each other.” By now, you were crying as all the emotions you had been holding in had finally come out. You brushed passed Harry to get away from him as quickly as possible.

“(Y/N), wa-” Harry tried to stop you, however you were already gone. He wanted nothing more than explain everything to you.

But it didn’t matter what Harry said to you in order to try to change your mind. Because Niall had gotten what he wanted and he won.


Hello, my loves! There’s part two! I really hope you all liked this, and I’m so sorry that I made you wait an extra day to read it. This is the final part of the series because I quite like how it ended. Thanks for reading, and your feedback is always welcome. :) Much love- Emily xx

After the Beep.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: All of the in-between moments of a relationship, captured in the one-sided monologue that is voicemail. 


This has been sitting in my drafts for over a week whoops.

This isn’t the Untitled Garbage Fic that I’ve been rambling about but hopefully it will hold you over until that one is post-able.

Basically, I wanted to start getting words flowing again for the first time since we finished WYCH and that manifested in me choosing the absolute worst format for telling a narrative story. Honestly, this may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted like @ becca why would you think this is a good structure for a fic? 

I hope you get a kick out of me fumbling my way out of writer’s block lmao.

Also ps shout out to @fragmentofmymind​ for being great at all times and for reading through this monstrosity for me (and providing that gif), she’s super awesome and super talented and if you aren’t following her already then honestly where have you been??

Word Count: does it even matter? the format on this is weird I’m so sorry.

The number you are calling cannot be reached. Please leave your message after the beep.

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the ending to ex some/sseom! sungwoo

a/n: yo im on a roll today

read part one here

  • continuing from the last part of exbf! osw
  • you and seohee are no longer friends and you definitely don’t talk to sungwoo anymore
  • the school is divided into two sides after this incident
  • one half of the school is on your side and they’re opinions of seohee and sungwoo are things you don’t want to hear be said about you
  • the other half supports sungwoo and seohee because “all’s fair in the game of love”
  • honestly you’re hurt
  • not angry 
  • just hurt that seohee didn’t tell you about how she felt about sungwoo
  • and because of how sungwoo kept leading you on even though he liked seohee
  • and the two of them humiliated you in front of the whole school
  • “y/n are you okay?” jihwa asked when you returned to class
  • you nodded at her and walked up to your teacher
  • “i want to change seats,” you said 
  • she nodded and had sungwoo switch places with you
  • the new couple sat together
  • and you sat with wonjun who felt so fucking bad for you
  • “y/n im so sorry. if i had just read my texts earlier this wouldn–”
  • you give him a half-hearted smile
  • “it’s okay wonjun”
  • months go by with you staying as far as possible from sungwoo and seohee
  • you, wonjun, and jihwa are now a trio
  • you’re honestly happier with them than you were with sungwoo or seohee
  • the two of them pass by you in the hallways sometimes, but wonjun or jihwa are usually with you and they glare at the two
  • on the day before winter break, a very interesting rumor goes around
  • apparently sungwoo and seohee broke up
  • people in the hallways are now glancing at you to see how you react 
  • but you just shrug and continue to class
  • when you open the door, sungwoo is standing there with a few other classmates
  • they’re talking about something, but you don’t really know or care what it’s about
  • and it’s after school when you find out that seohee is moving to somewhere near busan
  • in the middle of winter break, sungwoo asks you to meet up with him
  • you’re hesitant to go at first, but there’s a small part of you that wants to see what sungwoo has to say
  • so you meet him at the library near the school
  • you pull out the chair across from sungwoo and he pulls out his phone and starts typing furiously
  • seconds later
  • you’re spammed with messages from sungwoo
  • “i dont even know where to start”
  • “y/n i am so so so sorry for leading you on”
  • “i know that you’re mad at me bc i embarrassed you in front of everyone in class”
  • “and i feel so bad about getting you involved with the denial of feelings between me and seohee”
  • “i should have told you straight up that i liked her”
  • “if i did, maybe we could still be friends”
  • sungwoo is typing his next message when he feels you put your hand on top of his to tell him to stop typing
  • it was your turn
  • you take out your phone and send him a message
  • “i don’t hate you sungwoo, but i can’t forgive you. thank you for reaching out to me and trying to fix things though. i have to meet up with a friend so i’ll be going first.”
  • you get up from your chair and walk outta there as fast as you can
  • meeting up with “a friend” was a lie
  • wonjun and jihwa were both busy that day
  • you just had to get away from sungwoo as fast as possible bc all those feelings you had for him months ago were starting to resurface
  • and you were scared that if you stayed any longer
  • you would fall in love with him again
  • “y/n!” you hear sungwoo shout from behind you
  • his hands are on his knees and he’s trying to catch his breath
  • “can we please just talk about us y/n?” he pleaded
  • you avoided his gaze and looked around for anyone that looked the same age as you so you could pretend to be friends with them and get away from sungwoo
  • you see this guy whose corners of his mouth are really pretty walking in your direction so you run up to him and loop your arms with his
  • at first he’s like 
  • who tf are u
  • but then he sees a distraught look on your face so he lowers his guard
  • “look i need your help avoiding this guy can u please walk with me to the subway station and just see my off there?” you ask in a hurried whisper
  • he nods twice and plasters a smile onto his face and ruffles your hair
  • as the two of you pass by sungwoo on the street, you give him a small smile
  • “bye sungwoo”
  • you let out a huge sigh of relief when the two of you reach the subway station
  • “thank you so much,” you breathe
  • the boy chuckles and shakes his head
  • “it’s no problem. i’m sangyun by the way” he holds out his and and you shake it with a genuine smile
  • “y/n”

definefreakforme  asked:

Ooh could you please do how the characters (the ones from the roommate post) would be as a partner/s.o??

Hello there! I’m so glad you asked as I was planning on doing one of these eventually anyhow! ehem *great minds think alike* ♥♥

The Witcher™ Characters: Relationships.  


On the one hand, I doubt you’d ever make it so far as to even be the partner of the lovely lady Orianna. But on the other hand, in simple terms, she’d be quite the toxic partner. She plays the game of power, beating you at every turn. She lacks any empathy, and is quite the incredibly complex, sadistic person. 

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

The thing about Ciri is that I doubt she would easily trap herself in any kind of committed relationship at all, as she would just call them that, “confinement”. It’s not that she’s not capable of falling in love, she is, but she’d never want or need to depend on someone else, nor have that weakness exposed by them. Besides, it’s not for everyone to settle and have kids or marry anyways. 

Geralt of Rivia

As wild as he can be sometimes, in regards to him never really being home, or the unlikeliness of him wanting to settle down with just anybody, he’d be a protective and loyal partner, someone you can rely on no matter what storm hails outside. You’d have not just humor, but kindness, love and stability. 


The sweet Shani is as tender as partners go, she’ll nurture and take care of someone, she’d remain loyal, soft, and most importantly, forever kind. Though she couldn’t physically fight for you, she’d defend you in other ways. 

Yennefer of Vengerberg

As equally hard to tame as Orianna and Ciri, though she’s capable of much love, she’ll not chain herself down unless you’ve proven yourself utterly and entirely worthy of her grace. For she is extremely loyal, protective and wise. To be with her, would be to be to commit to someone for the rest of your life. 

Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy

Eternal and loyal would be his love, incredibly loyal, and he’d not give up on you for the first many tries, as much as you yourself feel you’ve messed up. If you’ve given him love beyond comparison, he feels as if though it’s his duty to stand by you in sorrow, in darkness, in anger, in pain and in sickness. 

Dettlaff van der Eretein

The sensitive one, though his heart is golden, can be incredibly possessive of you. As many as above, he’ll not commit himself to just anyone, so were he to choose you, and only you, he’d not plan to leave anytime soon. If your love shall run out, his won’t, and he’ll not stop wanting to love you. If your love shouldn’t run out just like his, then you’ll be eternally bound to each other.

Vernon Roche

Without his Stripes, or a real purpose to fight for, in the game of love, Roche would be more than confused. On some deep level, he’d care, as he’s not incapable of love and trust. But, due to mysterious reasons, he can’t bring himself to love the way other men would love. He’s protective and loyal, but he’s not loving or affectionate. I’m not even sure he’d ever want to settle down.


As he’s given up himself to find love, finding you and learning you’d want to be with him, would make him as fulfilled as ever. He’s smart though, and would wish for a relationship to be trustworthy and loyal, so he wouldn’t go in a relationship without making sure that you are that type of person to provide it. If you’ve proven yourself good, he’d be loving and kind to you forevermore. 

Triss Merigold (book version)

Triss is fleeting, she’d love without cause, without limitations. But as she falls in love quickly, she might as well fall out of love just as quickly. If not, she’d be a tender, caring and sweet partner, putting your needs at the top, as she’s liked by many people around her, she’d invite you to everywhere she went. But be careful, she’s not above betraying her close friends for love. Yourself included.

Eredin Bréacc Glas

If you’ve managed to take down this wild beast, congratulations! Not that he’s incapable of love, but that he prioritize power and influence above all. If you were to be sacrificed as payment for power, he would. But if you’ve managed to ensnarl him in love to you, I reckon he’d be capable of seeing the whole world burn just to save your hide, if the need ever arose. 

Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha

Love is a weakness, by all means, and it’s not something high up on his list of things to achieve. Unless he’d feel he really need to pass on his genes in order to have some form of heir, would he actively be open towards any kind of relationship. But if you aren’t able to bring the necessary qualities and demands he feels is worthy of his level of intellect, you aren’t a good match for him. 


Lambert is a smartass, he’s funny, but he’ll never stop sassing you. 

Thank you! I hope you liked it! And sorry for not being able to include more characters, but this post would be 10 miles longer than it already is. (◠◡◠)

A Loss For Words-Brett Talbot

Teen Wolf Imagine:#115

Word Count: 830

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: Lacrosse is a Win/Lose game. Betting can be a Win/Win

A/n: This was requested by an anon, the extent of my lacrosse knowledge is literally just teen wolf. My school’s sport was football I have never seen anyone play lacrosse in my life. I am so sorry for the Riverdale spam on this blog recently so here is a nice little Brett imagine for you. Also I’m tagging @joeynihil because I promised her this imagine ages ago.

This could have been much better if I knew anything about Lacrosse but alas, I do not. Also I didn’t send this to my Beta even though I probably should have I really just wanted to get on with posting it.

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Coming Soon

Last Imagine

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#39 Jigglypuff (mini)

Soooo for day 33, I made a Jigglypuff!!! It’s very very small at around just 20-25mm and for size comparison, to the left of it is a US dime, and to the right is Peruvian 10 centimos coin!


Guess who is officially a 3rd year medical student?

I just got results from my last exam (physiology, ugh) and now it’s official- I am a doctor in 33.3%!

This has been an extremely hard exam session for me, not only because of the enormous amount of material, but also due to general difficulty of this year, which is why I have been posting so little and I am really sorry for that. But with summer holidays starting, I will once again start posting regularly and I will also try to write a serious summary of what 2nd year is like as soon as possible.

I want to thank you all for being with me this year, it’s been great to share this tiny journey of mine with you :)


PS. Also, a quick life-update. I am leaving for a month in New York tomorrow, so:

    1. You see me spamming with hundreds of pictures on my instagram (it’s not a joke, seeing NYC is literally a dream come true for me, so saying i’m super excited is an understatement)

   2. If any of you has any tips what I should see, where to eat, what bookshops to visit, I will be amazingly grateful for all of them

                          love, O.

Good Girls Are Bad Girls (1/4)

Originally posted by guyattime

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 1223

Warnings: None

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Type: Fluff

Note: There are four parts, tell me if you want to be tagged

Requested: Nahhh


I pull off the mask and stuff it into my bag before exiting the bathroom. I shuffle quietly down the halls of Midtown High, avoiding eye contact, but I hear something that makes my spidey-senses tingle.

It’s a faint squeak and a muffled cry. I follow the sounds of whimpering around the school until I turn a corner to see (Y/N) sitting near a tree with her head buried into a book. I watch her from afar to see her shoulders were shaking from crying or heavily breathing.

She was so into the book, it was obvious she had vivid feelings for it. I chuckle and look around to see if anyone could see me before turning my gaze back to her. I smile and look down, shuffling my feet back and forth.

Maybe I should talk to her.

I know the book she’s reading, and I know what part made her cry…

(I may or may not have seen her check it out and checked out the same book as well to read it…)

I take a deep breath and lift a leg to walk towards (Y/N) and I think of what I could say.

Oh, that book’s good. Isn’t it?

Oh! Hey Peter! Yeah, it is! Wanna talk about it?


Hey (Y/N), you okay?

Oh yeah, it’s just a (sniff) sad story.

Yeah, I just read it.

Really? What’d you think of it, Peter?

Oh, I thought it was really good, I hear there’s a movie coming out for it…

Maybe we should see it together!

How about a date then (Y-

I blush at that thought before realizing that I was only a few feet away from her. I freeze, absolutely unsure of what to say.

But it didn’t matter…

The bell rang.

I groan at this, capturing her attention.

She looks up from the book with red eyes and a shy smile.

I stare back at her, frozen in place and unsure what to say.

She mouths ‘Hi’, and gets up to pack her stuff.


She looks up, expecting words that I couldn’t get out of my mouth.

Since when could I not express my ideas into coherent words?


“What?” She asks, looking startled and rather hurt.

Did I say that out loud?

She nods slowly, not quite meeting my eyes. I want to kick myself.

“Wa-wait, (Y/N), I wasn’t calling you an idiot! I was calling myself an idiot… I’m sorry.”

She gives me a small smile and whispers,

“It’s fine.”

So softly that I could barely hear it, even with my Spidey-Senses.

What now, Peter?

She looks at me one last time, smiling before leaving for class.

“Wait, (Y/N), uh,”

She turns around and gives me a questioning look.

Think, Peter… Think!

“Would you, um… Want to be my partner for the Chemistry Project?”

Her eyes widen a little, and now I really want to kick myself.

“Or, um, if you already have a partner that’s uh, fine, I guess,” I answer quickly.

She smiles again, and my heart gets caught in my throat.

“Yeah, okay, Peter. That sounds great.”

She waves goodbye and, for the third time today, I stand frozen, watching her walk away.

I laugh a little.

I can’t believe I actually mustered enough courage to talk to her for that long…


I close my locker and swing my backpack over my shoulder as I scan the hallways, looking for (Y/N).

When I spot her, I see her gently placing books into her locker and retrieving a few notebooks to bring home.

I watch her as she brushes her hair out of her eyes and carefully closes her locker.

Everything she does is so… gentle and light. It’s mesmerizing, it’s just pleasing to watch.

I shake my head and look down, not wanting to seem like too much of a creep and make my way towards her.

When I get close enough, I clear my throat to get her attention and to hope my voice doesn’t crack.

She looks up and smiles, raising her eyebrows.

A sign meaning to say: “What’s up?”

“Um, I was wondering when you wanted to work on the project? I can give my address and number so we can meet up when you’re free. Actually we can walk to my place right now, if you want. I don’t have any homework and I don’t really have anything better to do. And I guess we can finish it now if we focused. If you want! I mean! And, I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

I look down, cheeks burning with embarrassment…

“It’s um, fine. Peter. Um,”

she lets out a small laugh and my heart flutters. I look up and she continues.

“Can we start tomorrow? I didn’t tell my parents that I wasn’t going to be home today. If that’s okay with you.”

“Uh, yeah. That’s fine. That’s great. Um, here let me um,”

She understands and opens her locker to take out her notebook.

“Here, let me hold that for you,” I say, gesturing towards the books she was balancing on her hand.

She opens her mouth in protest but looks up at me before blushing and offering me the books.

I take them from her and hold them while watching her rip out a piece of paper and fold it before tearing it neatly in half.

Everything she does seems to be so perfectly coordinated, it’s driving me nuts.

She pulls out a pen from her back pocket and writes her number on to the paper.

I get so caught up watching her, I didn’t realize she had asked me a question.


“Oh, um, sorry, uh, what did you say?”

She asked me again,

“Peter, can I have your number and address?”

“Oh, uh right. Yeah, of course!.”

I told her my address and she wrote it down before taking her books back and giving me the slip of paper with her number on it.

“Um, (Y/N)? You forgot to give me your address.”

Her head shoots out from her locker for a second before she mutters,

“My, um, parents. They don’t like me having guys over…”

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mea-”

“It’s fine, really, Peter,” she whispers, obviously wanting to end the topic.

She shuts her locker again and I notice she has a poster in it.

A Spiderman poster.

“You like Spiderman?”

She looks up at me, blushing furiously. (Y/N) fumbling with her lock.

“He’s sort of… really cool.”

“What about him is cool?”

She stops fumbling with her lock and looks at me. She smiles widely.

“He is just so brave! He saves people, he does his best to keep the city safe… And, he doesn’t do it in a boastful way! He’s just a guy who has amazing abilities and decided to use it to save people! It’s spectacular and selfless. Him, putting himself in danger to keep others out of danger… and,” she stops talking, noticing how much more vocal she was becoming and her utter fangirling.

“I- uh- I’m sorry. I really like him,” she says before blushing deeply and locking her locker.

She smiles at me quickly, muttering a thank you and sorry before turning around and walking away quickly, leaving me flabbergasted with my mouth open.


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anonymous asked:

I personally am a klance shipper, but Shiro's disappearance does not count as an automatic ticket for using is as klance prompts. That's honestly kind of fucked up, like, they just lost their father figure. The second time losing him for Keith. I think it's really upsetting that people are prioritizing a ship over the fact that the paladins just lost someone very important to them. So yeah. Sorry for spamming you!❤️

np with the spam bc i agree! The whole shipping thing is going too far, like i’m glad lance is helping keith but y’know… this isn’t the time fr romance

- Mod Keith


Hey I hate to do this again but I still haven’t found a job for sure and am still supporting myself and have no groceries and -1$ in my bank account. I really, REALLY need any help you guys can give.

Comic cover 20$

Colored bust-10$
Colored figure 20$
Comic cover 25$

Anything else just ask I’m happy to oblige

Sorry to tag spam.

anonymous asked:

I just spent 120 hours on watching dca and im not even sorry. i cried lots, laughed much more and am biting my nails with anticipation. thats hilarious how like a month ago i didnt know anything about it or even dnd and now im designing my own character lol. a quick stop to say- thanks for showing me this amazing lil thing, i really really appreciate that, without your quotes i would've never found them so thank you so much and also im sorry for spam hahah see you september 19 :D

It’s so cool that my blog can help people find cool new things. :3 I actually found DCA through this blog, too, because someone requested it or mentioned it, and I decided to check it out. <3 I’m super-grateful for that~

It’s such a funny-and-also-emotional show; the story and characters and people behind it are so amazing. DCA brings so much happiness to people. And it’s awesome that it started you creating a character! Do you have a game lined up or anything? I’ve only ever played a couple of times, and I’m really rusty, but watching the wafflecrew makes me super want to play again. 

Sorry, now I’m rambling, haha. You are very welcome, and thank you for this cool message! See you for season three! :D

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things i need closure on after the raven king (in no particular order)

-Do Ronan and Adam ever have a real talk about their relationship? How does it go? Does Adam tell Ronan about the conversation with Gansey? How does everyone else find out about them dating?

-When Gansey and Adam had the “so how do you knoooow you love someone” conversation, Blue and Ronan were definitely having the same conversation in the kitchen, right? And Blue definitely requested a high five or fist bump from Ronan when he admitted he kissed Adam

-Blue and Gansey can kiss now, so how long does it take before they become insufferable because they’re kissing at every possible moment?

-Is Sarchengsey real? Is Cheng just a weird third wheel or is it a poly ship? I have to know

-How do they deal with their PTSD? All of them? Do the two ships comfort each other? I need to read scenes of the two ships comforting each other.

-Re: Gansey’s family’s salty texts about “ohhh I guess you don’t care about us, huh?” How does he tell them what happened? Does Blue call Helen and say to her “YOUR BROTHER DIED! FIGHT ME HELEN!” Does Gansey go to them and they immediately see that he’s been literally beyond the grave and they embrace him and all is forgiven? Does he actually explain it all or give sort of a half-ass non-magic explanation?

-Because Glendower turned out to be an archaeological find instead of a supernatural one, does Gansey tell historical societies? Is everyone so so proud of him please? Does he get like a prize for being smart and stuff? Is he featured in Time magazine next to Blue, Ronan, Adam, and Cheng with lil cute interviews and pics of him and his king, who may have turned out to just be a dusty skeleton, but is still an impressive find?

-Does Adam move to the Barns? Does he move out of St. Agnes? Or maybe he takes Ronan’s old room at Monmouth so that he can still get to his job in time? But now he doesn’t pay rent so he can quit the warehouse job and still keep on at the mechanic shop? Also, does he get a full ride scholarship at his college? Where does he go? Does he plan to study law? Will he specialize in domestic abuse and social work and save kids who remind him of himself?

-THE VILLAINS. How does Laumonier respond to one-third of them being dead and the murder of Piper? How does the general magical-artefact community respond to this, after the whole dramatic fleeing scene? Does Henrietta finally get left alone? Do Laumonier seek revenge on the Gray Man? Speaking of the Gray Man, how does he restructure his life to not be about murder? How does the shock of a real demon and the destruction of Laumonier and the Greenmantles reverberate throughout the supernatural artefact community? Does Gray’s vision of a nicer supernatural trade come true?

-Seondeok. How exactly did her relationship with her son work? On the one hand, it seems like she views him solely as a tool (the “damaged goods” line) but she also seems to love him in her own way (”something more”). Does she find out about his involvement in the whole thing? Do they talk about it?

-How do they find out what happened to Noah? How do they mourn him? Do they go to visit his grave and his bones? How do they remember and honor him? Does Gansey tell them how Noah, in a way, saved them all?

-In time they all, I assume, tell each other the parts of the story the others didn’t know. How does that come about? How do they all react?

-I MUST know how the women of Fox Way react to Pynch and Bluesey being open about their relationships. I MUST see Calla and Orla being utterly obnoxious. I NEED Gwenllian to be grossly honest and come up with rhymes about the king and the mirror kissing or something. I HAVE to see Maura and Artemus fawning over their daughter and her boyfriend. I LIVE for all the women making sly comments about Coca-Cola shirt and the snake dating.

-How did Fox Way recover? How much did the women know about how everything was going to turn out? Also, how does Gwenllian continue to settle into modern life?

-When does Ronan quit Aglionby? DOES he quit Aglionby? And how do Adam and Gansey get back to school? How do they deal with the practicalities- explaining why they were gone, why they missed the fundraiser, making up schoolwork? Please let me see them profusely apologizing to their teachers who are like, “you gotta be kidding me, you two are the best students in the school”

-When and how do Blue, Gansey, and Cheng decide to take a gap year? How do their parents/counselors react? How do the planning sessions go?

-I want to see all my children slowly recovering, becoming happy, realizing that their lives are not in danger anymore, that they are OK, that they are in love, that their friends are all alive. That their lives are beautiful and full of possibilities and open.

-How does Gansey react to a second rebirth? What are his first words upon waking? What are everyone else’s first words? Do they all pile on him in a giant hug? Do policemen come by to ask about the cars and the giant piles of blood and dream-stuff and Gansey starts Ganseying his way out of it and the others are like “YOU JUST DIED. WE CAN HANDLE THIS FOR YOU”

-I want to think that when he wakes up, everyone is crying and happy, and then Adam, being Adam, knows that Gansey needs to hear something majestic, and he looks at him and says, “Rex Corvus, parate regis corvi” and Gansey knows that he was the king they were looking for all along

-Ronan and Adam hold each other for like 500 years afterwards and promise to never let each other be hurt, and Ronan tells Adam that it was not his fault, and that they love each other and I CANNOT HANDLE THESE TWO

-OK, Opal. When is she named Opal? How does she recover from her own bout of unmaking? What kind of childhood does this kid have? Does she ever learn to speak English properly and eat normal food? Does she make human child friends and go to school and they find a way to explain the hooves? Does she call Ronan “dad”? Does she call Adam “dad?” PLEASE

-What was Declan calling about re:Matthew in the car? I assume Matthew was also being unmade or slowly dying since his dreamer was being unmade. Does Ronan catch up with him about this? Does he go visit them in D.C.? How does the Lynch family recover from their ordeal?

-How does Ronan recover from being unmade, from seeing his best friend die before him, from the constant nightmares, from the death of his mother for God’s sake?

-How does Adam recover from his worst nightmare, that of hurting the people he most loves, and being blind when the boy he loves is being unmade and KNOWING he can’t do anything about it? How does he recover from his abusive family and the trauma of losing Cabeswater? Is he still a magician? I think he is- he can still scry and read tarot.

-How does Gansey recover from losing Glendower? How does he deal with being made of Cabeswater? With the awful trauma of seeing all his friends suffer and knowing he had to die for them? With dying and coming back?

-How does Blue recover from killing her true love and watching him die in her arms? How does she deal with finding out her father is a tree? How does she deal with finding out that she’s part tree and part mirror? What adventures does she seek in this regard? Does she bond with Artemus about their shared love of the trees and the stars? How does she even handle going back to school?

-How does Cheng recover from the horrors he witnessed, without even knowing the whole story of them? How does he slowly make his way into the group until he is loved by all of them? How does he handle going back to Litchfield and explaining everything to them? And speaking to his mother? With all the trauma of having been kidnapped?

-How do they all reshape their lives? How have their lives changed, and how have they, in the most mundane and wonderful ways, stayed the same? What are their dreams for the future? What adventures are they looking forward to? What’s next for Blue and her raven boys?

I just needed to list all that to recover from my sorrows after reading this book. Feel free to add any more questions. And @maggie-stiefvater feel free to ANSWER these questions, since you’re the one who broke my damn heart with this book

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[hi me again sorry if this is spamming let me know I'm new at this] I loved the reactions to the pet giant snake and I am really curious about them reacting to Dadsona with a pet Parakeet that can talk and literally just snuggles with you at any time it can (apparently they're huge snuggly birds)

((ur fine bby don’t worry about it))


-teaches it curse words
-teaches it to say “Fuck you Joseph” whenever it sees Joseph
-likes to bring it out at parties to try and convince people it’s a demon bird
-is half successful because it snuggles into people’s necks but also whispers “fuck you”


-whenever Craig comes over the bird says “Bro!” and then Craig says “Bro!” and then they say “BRO!” back and forth for like five minutes until you have to beg Craig to stop
-he likes to hold it on his shoulder when he’s cooking. It’s very well behaved
-They both have the same amount of energy


-he teaches it to sing worship songs. They sing worship songs together at youth bible study
-in FACT kids start showing up a lot more because he brings the bird every week
-if he’s counseling someone that has it particularly rough he’ll ask you if they can snuggle with the bird afterwards


-he thinks this is the coolest thing
-the bird starts to mimic his laugh. It sounds hilarious when they laugh at the same time
-the bird sits between you two when you watch tv together


-Ernest teaches it bad words
-Ernest teaches it to say “Fuck you Hugo”
-Ernest gets grounded for a week
-Hugo actually really likes it and likes to scratch it’s little head while he’s working


-he builds a little outdoor shed thing in his garden where it can have a lot of space to fly around and sit in the sun
-when Lucien’s in a bad mood Damien releases it into his room to cheer him up

-he thinks the little thing is so dang funny
-it learns to mimic Mat’s perfect, perfect laugh
-whenever YOU’RE sad the bird with sit on your shoulder and repeat Mat’s laugh
-which Mat thinks is really cute