i really am so excited about this show even though it terrifies me

I can see people’s auras… and it’s a curse.

by A10A10A10

Yes, I can see people’s auras.

And I hate saying it so bluntly. It makes me sound like some hack psychic who fakes the ability as a means of exploitation and a paycheck. I’ve never made money from my ability. I’ve never taken advantage of it. And, until now, I’ve never spoken of it to anybody.

But I really do see them, and I’m starting to view it as more of a curse. I have a reason for typing this out and I assure you, there isn’t a happy ending.

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Being Roommates with Overwatch Characters:

Genji: Very quiet and respectful, never eats your food. But he never sleeps, so that can get awkward. Sometimes he does his ninja training in the living room at like 3am. When you go down to yell at him he has mysteriously vanished…

McCree: Super friendly, super messy. He will always invite you into his room to watch this cool video he found on YouTube that you’ve certainly already seen, but he just found it. He thinks the fridge is more of a communal zone. You can take his food, and he can take your’s. He prefers to cook meals to share though, not that he’s any good at cooking. Is often hungover in the mornings.

Pharah: Isn’t home a lot. She’s very focused on her career. Her interactions with you are very formal at first, kinda stiff and awkward. It will either stay that way forever, or one night of drinking and video games will break the ice and give you a million inside jokes.

Reaper: Just the worst roommate ever. The second he’s done with something, he drops it on the ground. Beer bottles? Check. Towel? Yep. Laundry? You once found a pair of his boxers in the refrigerator for fucks sake Reyes, why is this here? NEXT TO MY MILK! He always claims he was the last one who did dishes. He never does dishes.

Soldier 76: The weird roommate you met through Craigslist who seems quiet and reserved at first, but once he gets going on his conspiracy theories and how THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN he will never shut up. Constantly plays CoD on the couch. Never seems to go to work, but always pays rent on time. Does the chores with military precision.

Tracer: Lives outside of time, quite literally. So be prepared to remind her of appointments, when rent is due, that it is not in fact the weekend so could she stop playing Just Dance so loud past eleven? It’s frustrating, but she’s so much fun to be around you forgive her.  She is on first name basis with all the bartenders in the neighborhood, and drinking with her is always an epic adventure.

Bastion: You bought this old thing on eBay. They said it was non-functional, but it immediately sprang to life in your apartment. It spends all its time out on the balcony, where a flock of birds have made it their home. Every once in a while you wake up in the middle of the night to find it crouched in the corner of your room in turret mode. Then you realize someone was being loud outside and it got scared.

Hanzo: There are two Hanzos. Calm, collected, brooding Hanzo, and I’LL TELL YOU WHEN I’VE HAD ENOUGH SAKEsshdhshjkfk Hanzo. Hanzo is normally very organized, his room his spartan and he made a chore schedule that he treats like it is law. But about two times a week he gets shit faced on expensive sake, cries about his brother, tries to fight a house plant (claiming it knows nothing of honor when he falls on his ass), and ends the evening on the balcony, pegging passersby with perfect precision with YOUR HOTDOGS THAT HE STOLE FROM THE FRIDGE, HANZO COME INSIDE.

Junkrat: Just, an absolute disaster. Your apartment has become a junkyard. Scraps of machines all of the place. And it smells terrible because he’s constantly mixing weird chemicals in the bathtub. You’ve started showering at the gym, and are terrified when you have to pee. You’ve had three minor fires in the place since he moved in, and you’re pretty sure he’s a criminal. You’d call the cops, but his… boyfriend? You’re not sure. His giant man partner keeps coming around and staring at you silently and you’re just trying to stay alive, okay?

Mei: Is terribly sweet and friendly, but messy and forgetful. You can’t get mad at her, because she always apologizes profusely when she forgets to do the dishes or take out the trash or that this is her week to buy toilet paper. She’s often wrapped up in her work, and loves to go on exuberant explanations of the science involved that you don’t even half understand. But you smile and nod along. She’s just so excited, you can’t interrupt her. Her bedroom is cluttered with items she collected from her travels and adventures, mixed with scientific equipment and climbing gear. She always wants you to come on nature hikes. They are beautiful but exhausting. That girl has boundless energy. The only time she gets mad is if you try to throw away a recyclable.

Torbjörn: He is constantly making noise, hammering, laughing like a maniac, riveting??? WTF is he doing in his room???? He’s very cranky and opinionated (do not bring up Omnics, trust me), but after a few beers he has some of the most amazing stores you’ve ever heard. He keeps his mess to his room and only forgets to do his chores every once in a while. But food in the fridge is going to disappear and he’ll get very defensive when you ask him about it. Also, long golden beard hairs! EVERYWHERE! in the bathroom! Clean out the drain when you’re done!

Widowmaker: The most intimidating person you’ve ever lived with. Hell, ever met. She will walk around in nothing but a towel, but it’s actually kind of terrifying? Like she’s daring you to say something to her??? You’re pretty sure she’s killed at least two people in the neighborhood. No one can prove it. You feel like she’s constantly watching you in your room… you’ve looked for cameras and found nothing. She leaves for days at a time, and then suddenly appears silently in the middle of the apartment. You didn’t hear the front door open????? WTF IS HAPPENING???? She leaves all the chores to you, will pretend she only speaks French if she’s not in the mood to talk to you. You’re pretty sure you’re going to be found dead in the bathtub and there will be no records of your roommate…

D.Va: Almost never does chores, acts like she did you a favor when she finally washes a single dish. Is constantly live streaming from the couch. You haven’t been able to watch TV since she moved in. She invites you to play games just to utterly destroy your ass at them. She got sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew so now the apartment is full of that crap. She acts like that’s her contribution to groceries because she saw you eat a chip. You thought she hated you until someone on her stream called you a loser and she tore them a new asshole. Is this what having a sister is like???

Reinhardt: Snores like a freight train is rumbling through the apartment. You can hear it through the walls. Through your earplugs. Nothing helps. He is incredibly helpful and friendly though. Always does his chores, does a few of your’s if you don’t stop him. Loves to cook dinner, but will always make the weirdest German fusion food. Any nice thing you do for him gets the most enthusiastic thanks that it makes you want to do nice things for him all the time.

Roadhog: You’ve seen some shit, man. Shit you can never tell anyone. Mostly because it would damage Roadhog’s bad ass reputation, and you will not make him angry. His room is full of plushies. He sleeps on them in a big pile. He spends all day playing Animal Crossing and he helps paint your nails. His weirdo boyfriend? You don’t know, small manic man partner comes over sometimes, but you managed to get them to not set off any explosions in the house(by claiming to protect the plushies). When Roadhog first showed up, you were terrified. But he’s turned out to be a really sweet guy. When you’re not on his shit list. You will do anything not to get on the shit list… A UPS driver damaged his limited edition Rainbow Sparkle Bear, and you heard the screams……..

Winston: Spends all his time in his room on his computer. He’s nice enough when he comes out, but that’s usually only for more peanut butter. He’s kind of shy and awkward around you at first, but one day you ask about the glory days of Overwatch, and you get a story hour of epic proportions. After that he is your buddy. Tracer comes by sometimes, always bringing a fresh batch of bananas. Winston tries to act insulted, but you always catch him eating them later. He forgets to do his chores, a lot. He always promises he’ll get around to them. After this experiment is finished… It never gets done.

Zarya: Your living room is now a gym. She moved in a professional looking weight set and bench. “This is just for casual,” she tells you. She constantly makes “helpful” remarks about your physique. She thinks if you just did some deadlifts, your legs would be much stronger. Much more solid. You are like noodle. She tries to train you on the weight set in the living room. She proves that she can benchpress you, and then gives you some fifty pound weights “For a warm up”. May god have mercy on your soul.

Lúcio: Just the nicest roommate ever. He will sit on the couch with you until 3 am talking through your problems. He baked you a cake on your birthday. Is it your day to do chores? He saw you weren’t feeling well, so he just did them this morning. Don’t worry about it, fam, I got you. He only asks you for things on behalf of others. Will you help him organize a fundraiser for the local kid’s soccer organization? Come to a protest to improve the working conditions in factories? Could you maybe drop off this extra portion of dinner to the old lady next door on your way out? Say hi to her cats for him. The only thing that can be annoying is he can get lost in his music and forget that it’s super late. But when that wakes you up, you usually just go and sit down in his room and watch him work on his latest tracks.

Mercy: You really won’t see her that often. She is an incredibly overworked doctor. She is a very kind and patient person, but you can tell she is constantly bone tired. You don’t even ask her to do chores, you just do them all yourself. She barely ever uses dishes or makes a mess anyway. She leaves you little cakes she bought at the bodega as a thank you every now and then. Most of your communication is through post it notes, as you are often on completely different schedules. She seems nice, but you don’t really know her.

Symmetra: Everything has to be just so. She doesn’t even let you do chores, she doesn’t trust that you did them right. She will say the bathroom is filthy when it looks sparkling to you. She is constantly creating little robots to do work for her, so you don’t feel too bad letting her clean? She is incredibly sheltered, and can get hostile when you challenge her world view. But at the same time, you can tell she’s lonely and hurting. With small gestures here and there, maybe you can become friends.

Zenyatta: Just, the chillest bro you have ever met. He floats around the apartment and doesn’t eat anything so he doesn’t cause messes. He still helps with the chores, because it is more balanced that way. When you go through a break up he will listen and give you advice that honestly makes you feel better. He invites you to mediate, and makes it sound like a really great activity. His pupil, Genji, is always coming around. Zenyatta is so happy to see him. Neither of them eat, but Genji makes you ramen sometimes and its SO GOOD. They are both cinnamon rolls, and your life is better for knowing them. Occasionally Zenyatta knocks something over as he floats by, but that’s about the only drawback.




FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

Okay, so like I’m still bitter about Andrew but Spider-Man: Homecoming was actually really good.

• A film by Peter Parker - seriously that home movie was the cutest shit and it worked so well as a means to introduce Peter and his relationship with Happy. Like, he’s such a bouncy kid, so excited for his “Stark Internship.”

• Once again, excellent soundtrack. Marvel is really targeting their audiophiles this year and, like, I’m so here for it. Here, take ALL my money.

• Peter’s actually a motor-mouth (though not as much of a sarcastic little shit as I would have liked). Not to get too off topic here, but one of the reasons I love Spiderman and Deadpool, Spiderman & Deadpool teamups, and why I think Spiderman and Deadpool work so well together is because they’re both smart, sarcastic little shits who run their mouths off. I could go on and on about how much I love the Spiderman/Deapool dynamic and why it just *works.* But I’m focusing on Spider-Man: Homecoming here so I won’t. I guess my point is that it was really nice to hear Peter chatter away in Homecoming and to really see how smart this kid is. I mean, he and Ned HACKED A STARK SUIT. Successfully! Like, come on.

• Diversity - like real diversity. For the first time in a long time, the extras in a Marvel movie, in *any* movie, actually reflected real life (i.e., it wasn’t a sea of white people with one (1) poc). I really hope we keep seeing more movies that do this.

• Ned. Ned. NED. A true friend, the ride-or-die friend, a v precious v smart cinnamon roll who’s just really excited to be a part of this chapter in his best friend’s life, and who is a part of this chapter in Peter’s life - not a sidekick, Ned’s got a role and it’s one Peter legit values. Ned: the real MVP 👏👏👏👏

• Zendaya is a gift, A GIFT I TELL YOU. A+ casting I’m in love. She had the best comedic timing I think Just, the whole movie she’d occasionally drop a line or make a gesture and it killed me. She hardly spoke yet she stole the fuckin show, beautiful. Get it Zendaya, can’t wait to see more of you in future movies, Marvel and otherwise.

• I’m actually really happy with how they wrote Liz. Like, they totally could have made her a bitch, the stereotypical pretty popular girl who doesn’t even know Peter’s name. But they made her really down to Earth and grounded. She not only knows Peter’s name, she’s legit smart, and actually pays attention and notices that Peter’s acting strange and cares about what’s wrong! Like, well done Marvel. Nice job.

• Speaking of good characterization: Flash. Finally! A bully that looks and behaves like a bully. Not a muscled up, dumb, meat head who everyone in the audience can see coming a mile away, but just…. a normal, mean dude. You know, like the bullies in real life. 

• Okay, so I know the fandom keeps joking about how Aunt May keeps getting younger and soon she, too, will be a child. But I gotta say, Aunt May was awesome in this. She’s so cute, and I want her wardrobe, and omggggg the montage where she’s helping Peter get ready for the dance ❤❤ I like this Aunt May, good job.

• “If you’re nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it.” Hello Avengers callback wow. If you still think Tony Stark isn’t a hero unless he’s Iron Man, if you still think superpowers or a supersuit are what makes a hero after this you can unfollow me right tf now.

• ParentalFigure!Tony Stark. I am LIVING! 

• K.A.R.E.N. is lovely and I adore her. I love that Tony programmed a nurturing and encouraging personality into her. This whole movie dropped subtle hints at how hard Tony is working to be Not Howard™ for Peter and I love itttt.

• Happy!! We haven’t seen much, if any, of Happy since IM 3 and I’m so “happy” 😉 he’s back (plsdon'thurtme). And he’s sooo the cranky Uncle who cares deep down in his pinky toe. It’s wonderful. And! And!!!! He, an adult, openly and honestly admits he was wrong and apologizes to Peter, a teenager, who was right. Like, when’s the last time that happened in a film?

• “It’s been in my pocket since 2008” are you fucking kidding me Marvel??? Since Iron Man fricken ONE (1)??? Tony you’re WHIPPED and I love it.

• That Scene where Peter is trapped under the concrete holy shit. That was The Moment™ I was finally sold on Tom Holland and this new Spiderman, w-o-w. Acting. Wow. First Spiderman movie where we, the audience, are forced to acknowledge that Spiderman is a 15 year old CHILD. He’s still learning how to do this whole superhero thing, and in this moment he’s fucken terrified. 

He could have been at the dance, having a grand old time with his friends, you know, being a “normal” 15 year old. But no. He decided to go stop a bad guy, even without his suit, because it was the right thing to do and now he’s being crushed and he’s scared but goddamn if he doesn’t pick himself up and go because he’s Peter. Fucking. Parker. He still fights the villain, even after discovering who the villain is, AND fricken saves said villain because guess what?? He may be a 15 year old child but let’s not forget that he’s also a 15 year old fuckin HERO. I remain steadfast in my opinion that the only true difference between Spiderman and Deadpool is that Spidey actively tries NOT to kill people while DP doesn’t really care all that much and that’s why they get along so god damn well, they just complement each other man idek

• Poor Steve. Poor, poor Steve. Patience, is it really worth it? (Yes. Yes, it is Steve)
9.5/10 - yet another Peter Parker Spiderman film but, like, this was actually done really well?? So, yeah.

Anyways, if you’re hesitating to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters…. I get it. I do. I, too, was all: “Not another Peter Parker movie, ugh.” And yeah, go see Baby Driver or Wonder Woman (a smaller movie featuring characters with disabilities and a female-led diverse superhero movie respectively) first if you haven’t seen them already. Lord knows Spidey’ll be fine if you don’t see it in theaters right away. That being said, you should definitely go see Homecoming in theaters. It’s worth the money.

So, I was in the library looking for a Diane Mott Davidson book a couple of weeks ago to take camping with me, when I found this book – it sort of visually jumped out and grabbed me, even though it’s in a really dull beige cover and I had no idea who Avram Davidson was. 

I’m not sure if I’m just the last human on earth to find out who Avram Davidson is or if he’s a forgotten legend, but looking at the cover it became clear he was an influential writer – the book is a collection of short stories, each with an introduction by someone who knew or read Davidson, including Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Ursula LeGuin, Peter Beagle, Frederik Pohl, Spider Robinson, Poul and Karen Anderson, and Alan Dean Foster. 

What the hell, I thought, they might be terrible or they might be great, but at least they’ll be fun. 

It turns out Avram Davidson is GREAT. His short stories are funny, pointed, sarcastic, progressive (to an extent – his world is a very masculine one, there aren’t many ladies) and really entertaining. My favorites are two of the early stories, “The Golem” and “Help! I Am Dr. Morris Goldpepper”. The Golem is about an old Jewish couple who are sitting on the porch chatting with each other when a Golem shows up, and instead of being terrified or even excited they are mostly annoyed he keeps interrupting their chat with his Super Dramatic Speech. On the other hand, Help! I Am Dr. Morris Goldpepper is about an ingenious dentist who, summoning to his aid the American Dental Association (representing over 45,000 registered dentists!) foils an invasion by aliens bent on abusing California’s elder care system. 

Some of them are super surreal, like Take Wooden Indians, which involves a sinister cult who want to prevent human progress in order to preserve the art of the wooden Cigar Store Indian by stealing the secret of time travel from a man who likes to go back in time and carve them. Another story, Or All The Seas With Oysters, is basically a sinister take on Pokemon, decades before it was invented. 

I didn’t care much for the story “Revolver” as a whole, but it does have a wonderful page-long passage about a slumlord who prefers tenants on public welfare because they get regular checks, “never complain” about vermin, and have had their souls “cleansed” by the humiliation of being considered a drain on society. It’s a heavily barbed indictment both of how we treat our poor and how landlords dodge fair/safe housing laws. 

Every time Davidson launches into a story about something reprehensible – slavery, orientalism, our view of poverty in America – I cringe, expecting….well, what we’ve come to see a lot of in golden age scifi. But then he turns it on his head and bites viciously into it. It’s wonderful to read. Like the story Dagon, which seems on the surface to be about a white soldier In The Exotic East, turns out to be a wonderful story of his punishment for his misdeeds. I would guess a lot of his sensitivity towards these things stems from him being a Jewish writer in the mid-20th century, in a genre heavily laden with racism and anti-Other sentiment, but I think also it comes from him being fuckin’ brilliant. 

Anyway, it is a super thick book and I had to read it in fits and starts because short stories are exhausting, but I highly recommend Avram Davidson’s work if you happen across it. APPARENTLY it influenced like three generations of famous SFF writers, too, so there’s that. 

I can see people's auras... and it's a curse.

Yes, I can see people’s auras.

And I hate saying it so bluntly. It makes me sound like some hack psychic who fakes the ability as a means of exploitation and a paycheck. I’ve never made money from my ability. I’ve never taken advantage of it. And, until now, I’ve never spoken of it to anybody.

But I really do see them, and I’m starting to view it as more of a curse. I have a reason for typing this out and I assure you, there isn’t a happy ending.

For me, it’s quite simple. I see a faint light surrounding people. Everyone. And in that light, I can see their morality. The brighter and more translucent the light is, the better the person. The darker and opaquer, the worse. Dim and partly translucent are morally ambiguous. To simplify things, those are the three ways I describe them. Dark equals evil. Bright equals good. Dim equals somewhere in between. It’s strange, I’ve always viewed the people with grey/dim auras as… arbiters. Mediators. The people in between, who aren’t one or the other, and will always have difficult decisions to make.

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laughter makes the heart grow fonder: requested

hope you like this!!

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it had been a very long, very strange, and very confusing journey for (y/n).

first, her village had gotten terrorized by scary men, their hands wielding large blood covered axes.

second, her home was broken into by a very large blonde haired and blue eyed viking man, his language confusing the young girl for a moment until she finally realized he was speaking the language she was currently being taught.

and third, a strange yet beautiful blonde haired woman had saved her from being killed in cold blood and decided to keep her.

keep her.

of course, (y/n) generally thought that the beautiful vikings woman had meant to keep her as a slave, but the woman had different plans.

she wanted to keep her as a daughter.

this confused (y/n) greatly. she looked frantically at every man and woman in her village, but none had come forwards to rescue her from these….heathens.

they let them take her.

the beautiful woman hadn’t left her side once. all day everyday the woman would play with (y/n)’s hair, feed her even though she was old enough to feed herself.

and after a few weeks, (y/n) realized it wasn’t that bad.

as a young girl, (y/n) never grew up with a family, she was taken care of by fellow villagers after her parents disappeared and never came back.

so when the woman- whose name she now learned was helga- had treated her better than anyone in a long time, it didn’t bother (y/n) one bit.

at night, when (y/n) was cold and shivering on the boat that was rocking and shaking against the harsh ocean waters, helga would wrap (y/n) in a nice fur blanket and gently kiss her head.

this warmed (y/n)’s heart.

she felt she had to somehow repay helga for all the love she had given her. so everyday after helga would finish on her hair, (y/n) would surprise her and do her, making the most beautiful braids helga had ever seen.

honestly, (y/n) never wanted to go back.

she loved being with helga, spending everyday with her. though, the other viking men thought (y/n) was quite strange. no person they’d ever taken captive before liked it so much.

even floki himself was growing fonder and fonder of the girl.

but when they all stopped on unknown land, helga didn’t stop with just one.

she snagged a child.

she saved the girl from her husbands and friends pillaging and killing.

(y/n) was pleased as well.

but the little girl, was not. she didn’t understand a single word anyone was saying to her. helga had tried to make her feel welcome like she had with (y/n), but it hadn’t worked.

and days later, they arrived in kattegat.

helga was so excited to show (y/n)  and the young child her home. she showed them all around kattegat, the hall, everything around and about she showed to them.

(y/n) tried very hard not to show interest in all the beautiful things kattegat had to offer.

but when helga would look, she’d smile widely and nod along to everything helga was saying.

the little girl just followed, keeping her head low and her shaking hands behind her back.

it wasn’t until weeks later, she had met helgas younger friends.

“the sons of ragnar” she had called them, but the name had absolutely no meaning to (y/n).

the men she had met were very handsome, especially the youngest.


he’d look (y/n) with such a curious look, it made (y/n) want to cower away and go back to helga and flokis home. he’d smirk at her when she’d be caught looking at him.

she was….different than most of the other women in kattegat.

ivar couldn’t help but be attracted to her, not just by her physical appearance either.

she was so….strange. she looked at everything like it had a soul, too.  she treated all these strong viking men like they were already her friends. 

this stirred something within ivar. how could a girl, from such a far away place, be so comfortable with people who had ripped her away from her home?.

but this just made ivar more and more curious about this beautiful creature. he had wondered why someone as sweet as helga wanted a slave, but ivar never asked.

one day, he decided he needed to go talk to floki about his legs, and if floki could do anything to help.

once he made it to their house, he busted through their door.

his eyes immediately  caught hers. she looked so beautiful, sitting their, trying to help helga feed the younger girl- Tanarus- who was refusing to eat.

“hello floki, helga” ivar greeted, shutting the door behind him as he slid his legs in.

(y/n) stared at him curiously, just as ivar did with her. she wondered if ivar had always been that way, or had he gotten hurt in some accident?.

(y/n) was too afraid to ask.

“hello, ivar” said floki politely, not really questioning why ivar had shoed up so out of the blue.

ivar crawled over to where helga,  Tanarus and (y/n) were sitting, he placed himself in front of the women, adjusting himself and making himself comfortable.

“so, who’s this?” ivar asked, looking more so to (y/n) than the child. floki noticed this.

helga looked to (y/n) and smiled lovingly at her.

“introduce yourself” helga prodded gently, scared to push her further.

(y/n) opened her mouth and spoke with a voice so soft ivar could feel it fly through him.

“(y/n)” she said simply, then went back to be a silent little butterfly.

ivar nodded slowly, saying her name several times in his head.

when the little girl said nothing, helga stepped in and introduced her for her.

“ her name is Tanarus” helga said, lovingly stroking the terrified girls head. ivar didn’t think helga had it in her to have two young slaves in her home.

“oh, you brought them back. i see they will make good slaves, i’m sure” ivar mused.

helga glared at the boy and shook her head angrily.

“they are not slaves”. neither of the men had seen little helga so angry.

(y/n) bit back her smile when she seen floki shake his head and roll his eyes, half serious.

“we are adopting them. they are my children” helga said, giving the girls a happy smile.

ivar turned his head towards floki, shocked. he wanted floki to say he was joking, but the look on his face told ivar he was telling the truth.

(y/n) lowered her head, smiling at the look on ivars face.

“ahh. well, let’s see”. ivars hand reached out for (y/n)’s dress skirt. but when the younger girl gasped and jumped away, thinking he was reaching for her, ivar continued.

(y/n) could see the happy look in his eye as he teased the young girl, scaring her to the point that she was screaming and crying out in fear.

helga glared at ivar once more and lead the crying girl away from him.

ivar smirked and pulled his hand back, looking very satisfied with himself. he turned towards the other one, the pretty yet strange creature.

she was slumped down in her seat, shoulders shaking with fear.

ivar felt slightly bad, seeing as he had scared her, too. he went to say something to her.

until he heard a snort.

she moved the hair from her red face, and ivar found out that her shoulders were not shaking with fear, no, but with laughter.

she was laughing.

the sight made ivar smile at her. she was laughing so hard tears were now running down her face.

“y-you..s-scared her!” she said, then bursted into more fits of laughter. the sound so pure and angelic.

it made ivar laugh with her.

 even though floki, who he himself were choking up with laughter, got up to leave and check on his wife.

(y/n) settled down slightly, still giggling breathlessly. she gave ivar a look that made him feel something he’d never felt before.

“forgive me for laughing” she said, making ivar stare deep into her (e/c) eyes that practically glowed in the sunlight that was streaming from the window behind her.

“it was funny. you have nothing to be sorry for” ivar said, making the girl smile even wider. the way she spoke to him drew him in even more.

“you’re…different from how i thought you’d be” she mused, making ivar look to her startled.

“me?” he asked. she shrugged and fiddled with the bottom of her dress skirts.

“i thought you’d somehow be……more like an asshole” she admitted, making him laugh.

“not going to lie to you, pretty girl, i am” he said making her smile.

for a moment he just looked at her, taking her beauty in. he noticed that when he called her “pretty girl” she blushed a dark scarlet color.

a color ivar now was addicted to seeing.

“do you like it here?, with helga and floki i mean” ivar asked, tilting his head to the side.

(y/n) sighed and looked about the room, her eyes looking over every little nook and corner.

“yes. it’s a lot better than home” (y/n) said, making ivars eyebrows crinkle together.

he opened his mouth to ask more about what she meant, but floki walked into the room then, and sighed whilst pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“(y/n), please go talk to her. she will not listen to me” floki muttered running his hands over his face and bald head.

(y/n) smiled and stood, smoothing out her skirts and gave ivar a small smile, a promising and blissful looking smile.

“i hope to speak to you again soon, ivar” she said, her smooth voice causing ivar to shift where he sat. 

the way she said his name made ivar almost sight out and grab her by her ankles.

she walked out of the room, smiling even wider when she was out of ivars sight.

floki didn’t miss the thoughtful smile upon ivars face either.

“i see that look on your face, ivar. what are you thinking in that crippled mind of yours?” floki asked sitting in his chair.

ivar smiled and bit at his bottom lip, stealing a glance at the girl who was behind the door frame.

“i think i made a friend, floki”.

little did both (y/n) and ivar know they’d become a little something more than just ‘friends’.

sorry this sucks lol, i’ll try harder in the next request!

anonymous asked:

Ok we're gonna need a LOT more stories about you and your sibling craziness - cmon there's gotta be a whole heap of family tales you can share?!?

One of the things you ought to know about me is that I LOVE talking about my siblings. So yes, I’d be delighted to share some more stories! It’ll probably be one at a time though because most of them need BACKSTORY and/or PERMISSION TO TELL ON THE INTERNET.

The Haunted Easter Bunny

So this was one of the rare times in my life when my step-siblings weren’t around. It was just my mom, my brother T and my sister H ( @believingfate) on Easter. We were probably…nine? Ten? Somewhere around there and my mom had just started teaching fourth grade so she wanted to make sure we kept up our good Family Vibes™ by having dinner together as much as possible.

So we’d just finished eating and my mom was like, “Hey, do you guys want to hear a story? A SPOOKY story?”

And we all knew my mom’s stories, they’re the best, so we were like “HELL YEAH,” but more like “Yes, please” because my mom and dad gave us manners, thanks. (Also, although my parents were divorced, I was pretty convinced that my dad would materialize out of thin air and chastise us for swearing even if we were at my mom’s lol).

So my mom started to tell us about these three kids who lived in a house like ours, went to a school like ours, and who had chocolate Easter bunny candy like ours. She did the voices and shook the furniture to show how the thunder shook the house and everything and we were l i v i n g .  .  .

In fear. We were living in fear as she described how the kids all went to bed and then, in the middle of the night, heard the front door open.

Creeeeeeaaaaaaaaak, my mom squeaked, drawing her fingernails over the wood table.

Tonight, I thought, we die.

Unfortunately, my mom didn’t realize that we were terrified, not just excited. She said, “They hear something heavy come up the stairs. Thump…thump…THUMP!” She shouted, flashing her hands at us. “Very faintly they can hear a ghostly voice. Where…is….my….head?” She pointed accusingly to the headless chocolate Easter bunny lying on the table and suddenly we knew.

I was glued to my seat, eyes wide, my sister H was staring at her plate like she’d be able to not hear the story if she stared hard enough, and my brother T was standing next to his chair rather than sitting in it. Because we’d just eaten the head of a chocolate Easter Bunny and this story was about three kids and holy shit there are three of us.

This isn’t a story, it’s a frickin’ prophecy, I thought.

“’It’s the Easter Bunny!’ the kids cry to each other,” my mom said, “’We ate his head and he wants it back!’ They hear the dreaded bunny hop up the last of the stairs and make its way to their room. Where….is….my…HEAD.” My mom reached behind her and rattled the cabinet. “He tried to open the door. They could hear him trying to turn the knob with his paws. Where is….my…HEAD.”

I wiped my eyes frantically because I was tough and not scared at all.

It was at this point my mom realized that we were terrified, probably because at least one of us (me) was starting to cry from fear. So she tried to stop being horrifying and lighten the story up because we were nine and her sound effects were really scary.

My mom quickly finished, “And he burst into the room, asking where his head was. ‘We ate it!’ the children cried. The ghost Easter bunny said, ‘Oh, okay!’ And disappeared, content that his chocolate head was where it was supposed to be!”

“Haha,” I said weakly and T and H followed suit. My mom was feeling pretty good about saving the story and making it funny, so she let us eat some more chocolate before doing the dishes. She went upstairs to get ready for bed, leaving us to it.

So we did the dishes and we wanted to watch a movie to forget the Horrors™. Mom still wasn’t back downstairs, so I was nominated to go upstairs to get her. The reason why I was nominated was because my mom was a frickin’ bat and never turned on the lights in the house because she could see in the dark. So, as the least afraid of the dark (or rather the least willing to show it), I was sent up the stairs.

I looked into her dark room and didn’t see her. I could kind of make out something white in the middle of the room though and thought it could be her pajamas. “Mom?”


I stepped into the room. “Mom?”

From the depths of darkness came a sound. “OoooOOOOooOOOOoOOOH!”

“NO!” I shouted reflexively. The white thing wasn’t my mom–it was a ghost!

IT’S THE HAUNTED EASTER BUNNY, I thought and panicked. I screamed. T and H were halfway up the stairs to see what was taking so long and they screamed

Then we were ALL screaming and running around the landing. T tried to shove himself into the laundry hamper, H ran halfway down the stairs and then back up again. I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door, gibbering.


My siblings started pounding on the bathroom door. “Let us in! Let us in!”

I held onto the doorknob for dear life. If I open the door, the headless bunny will get me too, I thought. Goodbye, T and H.

In that instant, I was ready to let my siblings die, I swear.

No, I thought, no. I need to save them. Dad will ask questions if they die here. I have to open the door.

I let them in, still screaming, and we slammed the door shut, locking it and sobbing. H jumped into the bathtub and T slammed his back against the door and I stood on the toilet so that I’d have the height advantage when the giant bunny broke in.

From insider her dark ass room, my mom began to laugh.

“It’s just me,” she said. We could hear her walk onto the landing. “Kids? You’re laughing, right?”

We were not laughing. My mom felt terrible.

merrywhimsy  asked:

What is your head cannon re: Jon's internal monologue during the cave scene? I have been obsessing over it more than a little. I imagine that he feels hope for the first time since Mel brought him back and as he looks at her, he not only begins to believe she can help him win the War for the Dawn, but also that he feels a sense of belonging and wholeness in her presence. I get all romantic thinking about it and I would love to know what you think is going through his head!

I love this question!!! I agree that it is an overtly romantic scene and I am excited to talk about it haha. 

Before they go into the cave, I think Jon is nervous to show it to Dany. Their meeting on the terrace in the prior episode already planted the seeds of attraction and before he left he wanted her to believe him. I think he’s invested not only in the fight but in Dany’s high opinion of him as a fellow ruler, so I think Jon places a lot of stock in this little trip to the caves and what it can accomplish between them.

I love how he is standing down on the beach waiting for Dany, just kind of watching her talk to Missandei and looking for the right moment to interject, like he’s anxious. It’s cute.

When he brings Dany inside the cave he says he wants to show it to her before it gets damaged by the mining. He wants to show her something pretty, and I just find that absolutely adorable :’) AND in the process, he ends up seeing something even prettier, Dany herself. 

When she is sort of looking up at the ceiling, gazing at the dragonglass in the firelight, I am obsessed with Jon’s expression. Again he is hesitating to interrupt her, and I imagine that in that moment he’s thinking about how gorgeous she looks and how he is NOT prepared to spend all this time with her in close quarters haha. He has more important things to worry about. But that isn’t stopping him from staring.

When he shows Dany the drawings, her reaction is probably different than what he was expecting. Instead of doubting him or dismissing it, she is really interested. It occurs to her how old they must be, and that the COTF once stood where she and Jon are standing. She is awed by this. I like to think Jon finds that really endearing. He’s seeing a deeper side to Dany’s personality that he didn’t know about. Remember that book!Dany likes reading and history, and we are seeing a glimpse of that here. Jon is watching her while she’s saying all of this. He isn’t looking at the drawings too. He’s looking at her

Originally posted by mhysaofdragons

She remarks that what they are looking at existed long before Starks or Targaryens or Lannisters, which implies that those designations don’t really matter. It takes him by surprise that she’s starting to see that, to see that it doesn’t matter what house you hail from–that they need to stand together. So I agree with you, my friend. My head canon is that Jon is starting to feel hope here. Hope that he has found someone like him who can help him … and maybe something more.

To me this means Jon is thinking more about her than he is about the greater issues they’ve come down here to discuss.  In the shot I gifed above, Jon is the one in focus, even though he’s in the background. Dany is slightly blurry because the camera is focusing on Jon and his reactions to her in this moment. It’s because he’s starting to see her differently. He realizes that she has perspective and isn’t just some queen demanding fealty. She cares, just like he does, and she can be rational and understanding when it matters. 

Then when she asks if the COTF and the First Men fought one another, Jon sees an opportunity to show Dany how their situation is not unlike that of the First Men. I agree with you–he feels a sense of togetherness with her already. He senses a kindred spirit, a fellow leader who has the same worries and problems, the same pain-filled past. And so he’s using the COTF and First Men as a precedent to show Dany that two supposedly different factions can and should be together. And by extension I think he’s already saying he wants to be together with her, too. He just won’t admit it. Probably not even to himself haha.

This is pretty much confirmed when he touches her. He absolutely didn’t need to do that. I think that the tension of being so close to her alone with freaking torch light just got the best of him and Jon did it on impulse. Instead of beckoning her over, pointing, or just walking in front of her, he literally grabs her, guides her along, and stands alarmingly close behind her to show her the drawings he wants to focus on. 

Because my headcanon is that even though he’s too honorable to say it and has much more pressing matters to deal with, Jon was seriously lusting after her in this scene. So he did the next best thing to acting on that and grabbed her arm on impulse.

He is probably freaking out. Jon hasn’t been with a woman since Ygritte. Hasn’t been around women really outside Winterfell. Dany is the first attraction he has felt in years, and I imagine he doesn’t know what to do with himself haha. So when she starts getting cozy with him right back, in that already iconic moment when she takes those two steps toward him, Jon is flustered

I agree with the anon who said he is just taking a deep breath and standing up straighter, not stepping backward. I think he was somewhere between hyped and terrified when she came close but I fully believe that if Dany just abandoned all formality and kissed him in that moment Jon would not have pulled away haha. Boy was preparing himself for what was coming, not shying away from it. 

Anyway, when she asks that he bend the knee again, Jon isn’t angry. He doesn’t point out that what he wants is more important, and he doesn’t try to press his claim to the North. He expresses a concern for his people and how they would not want Dany as a queen. Her response here comes as a shock to him. One of the reasons is probably because she IS acknowledging him as a KING here. Not a lord.

And when she says, “They will if their king does,” to me Jon is already thinking, “Well, maybe I do.” I think he does accept Dany. He calls her “Your Grace” twice in the episode and he calls her “The Queen” to Theon. I think Jon already has faith in and Dany and already wants to get close to her. And that’s why he isn’t remotely upset when she asks him to bend the knee again. Because the more he’s gotten to know her, the more he understands why she wants that from him. He knows that she’s been hurt and betrayed and is now wary of others. He knows that she has thousands of people who believe in and depend on her, too. 

So just like he can’t swear to her without thinking it through, he realizes that she can’t take all of her people into danger in the North without thinking it through herself, and he admires her resolve and leadership. 

I think the final nail in the coffin is when Dany uses a line that Jon has used before, word for word. “Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?” No, Jon isn’t “proud,” and I think Dany is beginning to realize this. But Jon doesn’t lash out. He doesn’t insist that he is actually humble. He hears this line and thinks back to when he said it to Mance and realizes that he and Dany are even more alike than he ever thought possible. That’s the moment that I think he goes from being mildly intrigued to fully interested in her.

They leave the cave nearly hand-in-hand because Jon leaves this scene with a much higher opinion of Dany and Dany likewise leaves it with the realization that Jon isn’t just stubborn, he’s principled and brave. 

All of this is building up to the moment when she asks Jon for help on the beach and he is astounded by her interest in his opinion. It’s a gesture of trust from Dany, that she wants his advice over that of her own council. It’s a signal to Jon that Dany doesn’t think he’s a “Northern fool.”

And his response to this is huge as well. Because here he tells Dany that he doesn’t think she is just a “foreign invader.” He realizes that she has done the impossible and that she inspires people. He’s inspired by her too. 

So overall I think your use of the word “hope” is perfect here. Meeting Dany does give Jon hope. It gives him hope that this alliance can and will actually take place. 

But more than that, even though he tells Davos there’s “no time,” I think Jon also secretly feels hope that maybe he can love again. Because he’s found a woman who shares his ideals, who is just as brave as he is, ready to run into battle for her people. A woman who is beautiful and complex and passionate. AND a woman who apparently trusts him (she takes his advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and believes in him (”Your people chose you to lead them. They chose you to protect them.”) just like he believes in her. 

So overall … Jon is hopeful about his future for probably the first time since his resurrection. This scene has Dany calling him a king and him calling her a queen and both of them making huge leaps forward. Jonerys is happening and episode 4 made damned sure we know it :’)

Thank you so much for sending this. 

Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017

Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 

This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

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Another reading between the lines... This time 7x07, the season finale

So the season finale is through, and we learned that we shouldn’t believe in everything the creators want to make us believe. Arya and Sansa weren’t fighting, but like I was predicting, they were plotting against Littlefinger to make him pay for his crimes.

So for everyone who called bullshit on the showmakers trying to make us believe that the Starks will start to kill one another, here are some hints for why I am calling bullshit on the Daenerys/Jon romance as well.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I think the narrative changed quite a bit. Where we’ve seen the Stark family pretty much straight forward in a narrative way before, they are now the unreliable narratives. We have to start questioning their motives because they finally all join the game.

So I predict that Sansas: “I am a slow learner, but I learn” is also a foreshadowing regarding Jon. We all know very well what happens to characters in GOT that won’t join the game out of good heart and honor. To Jon the best example is the fate of his “father” Ned Stark. He holds him still dear and tries to be honorable like he was, but what we also learned in the finale episode was, that even Ned was able to lie for years on end, to protect the ones he loved.

So it’s unrealistic to expect that a character like Jon won’t ever learn from the experiences he lived through. He witnessed more than once that betrayal also comes through honor. Of course we all love him for being an honorable, honest person, who values the things his father represented dearly, but that is what also got Jon killed by the Nightswatch, and I think he knows that by now.

So let’s break down “the dragon and the wolf”, to find a bit of proof that dear Jon is actually playing the game quite for real. I will address the Jonsa part later on.

First of all don’t forget what is on stake for him. He just learned that Bran and Arya are also alive and he was not happy about it. Why ? Because it means he has even more family to protect, than just Sansa who he’s literally sworn to protect and fought a war for, to win Winterfell back. It’s additional weight on his shoulders.

Secondly don’t forget what he just witnessed. A dragon that was easily killed off by the Night King. That means additional to the family he thought partly dead to protect, he is cut short of time and resources to win the war against the Night King.

Obviously he wasn’t thinking about that the Night King might resurrect the dead dragon, otherwhise Eastwatch would have been not that surprised about the Wight Dragons appearance at the episodes end. But Jon still knows that he is running out of time because Bran told him so in the Raven Jon got from Winterfell.

So Jon has to make sure that the alliance with Dany will hold, and that she won’t go fighting for the Iron Throne instead. But he has obviously a hard time playing the game though, unless that he is playing it.

That shows because he told Cersei that he is already pledged to Dany. Still too much of Ned Starks son to break oaths.

But here in the conversation is also an interesting hint. Tyrion asked him if he didn’t learn to lie, even a bit, but Jon doesn’t answer the question directly. He could have said that he was never a liar, that his father didn’t bring him up to be a liar. Instead he talks about keeping his oath and keeping promises. Here he talks about Ned Stark being killed because of keeping oaths, means an oath still has high value for Jon and he will never swear an oath that he can’t uphold. Doesn’t mean that he would never lie.

Next conversation is with Jon and Dany. He seems truly unhappy about his conduct and you might expect him to say to himself, that he’ll never learns. But I think more poignant is what Dany says throughout the conversation. She admits that she doesn’t know how to react if Cersei won’t accept the truce. She can’t forget what she has seen behind the wall, but she also can’t pretend that as soon as she will march her forces north Cersei will take the kingdom back. For her to sit on the iron throne has still the same importance as ever, and what she is saying, actually means, that Jon can’t be sure that Dany will come and fight the war on the wall. Not if she is left with the choice between the North and the iron throne. She could still sacrifice the north, take the throne and then march against the walkers. For her the north is just a part of her future kingdom, for him it’s his home. I think Dany has agreed to fight for the North solely based on the feelings she has for Jon, and he knows that.

Also she talks about her family, comparing them to the dragons. They were terrifying. People looked at them with wonder and awe. But then dragons grew small and we grew small as well until we were just like everybody else. We weren’t extraordinary without them.

Jons greatest goal was always to fit in, to be part of the Starks for real, to be like everybody else, not to be a bastard and been seen as one, as something extraordinary.

Then we see Jon have his first personal talk with Dany, about being not like everybody else, about the future of her house and about her not be able to have children. They havN#t really talked like that before, which made not buy the love story between them from the start. But here we see that he starts caring for her, he has compassion, he likes her, he makes even a joke. That was the first bonding moment apart from the fact that he was sorry for the loss of her dragon.

Next conversation I was having my eye on, was the one Jon had with Theon. Besides of the obvious foreshadowing that Jon will also have to be conflicted in the next season about his two parts of family, Stark and Targaryen, Theon tells him that every step that Jon took was always right and true and in the subtext he wished he could be like him. Mark what Jon replies to that: It may seem so from the outside. I promise you it’s not true. Jon says he has done plenty of things that he regrets. So what would that be dear Jon? Have we seen him doing anything questionable before? No? anything that was not honorable? No. Anything untrue? No. So what is he talking about? Maybe about the things he is doing now? The game he is arranging himself with now?

Next thing that appeared weird to me was when Jon said that Ned was more of a father to Theon than his own father. Theon says yes. And yet you betrayed him. Betrayed his memory. I did. Jon starts off with anger here but then his look softens and he nods his head in understanding to Theon. Followed by a blank look and says, but you never lost him, he’s a part of you, just like he’s a part of me.

It seems like Jon isn’t just angry at Theon but himself here. I think he is dealing with Neds legacy and is conflicted about what his scheme is, which is also an betrayal of Neds memory.

Another important line is also, I am not in the place to forgive all of it, but what I can I do. Seems like Jon hopes for forgiveness, too, at least when the time comes to justify his actions.

Soooo after this the biggest hint what Jon has actually in mind is given us by the late Littlefinger himself. When he tells Sansa that Jon might marry the beautiful dragon queen. The alliance makes sense, together they will be difficult to defeat.

But not only difficult to defeat but more than pledged to each other. A bond that will assure the alliance by marriage. Till now we’ve only seen women being married off because of political benefits in the GOT verse. But what if the same thought also crossed Jons mind? What if he is so desperate to secure an alliance with Dany that he actually came to the same conclusion as Littlefinger ?

Both young and unmarried, both not unattractive and they seem to like each other. It would make sense and it would also explain the lukewarm romance from Jons side. Dany is in head over heels, no denying that, but Jon never seemed much excited at making heart eyes at Dany. Yeah Tyrion mentioned towards Dany that Jon was looking longingly at her, but I think that remark was mostly dropped because Tyrion wanted to see her reaction. No heart eyes so far. And this leads me to the final thing that convinced me that something is really off with Jon romantic feelings.

Boatsex was not what I expected at all. I expected it to crush Jonsa, but it didn’t.

There was no conversation, no builtup, no passion I would say. Jon stood in front of Danys door, like a man on a mission. He hesitates to long, stares at the door for an eternity, is uncertain if he shall go through with it. As soon as he knocks his head jerks aside in a motion that could be also used to shake his head no at himself. He has the composure of someone who is about to seal a deal that goes against his believes. Then he stares her down, like he is afraid, expressionless, no kiss, no touch when she opens the door for him. Then Dany is on top, both naked, assume she took action first, of course he is also enjoying because hey it’s sex with a beautiful woman, flips her over and then comes the most haunted look I’ve ever seen during a sex scene. Dany looks at him in awe and wonder, she is really into him, and he is just… not ? He sighs with an heavy heart, he pants like he wants to back off and tell her that he is sorry for letting it come this far. It appears almost as regret. He looks at her still, uncertain, almost at the brink of breaking the embrace, places his hands on her cheek, a mirrored touch he did to Sansa during the forehead kiss and then…. He shuts his eyes as fast as he can and starts smooching her in earnest with a touch of forced passion and willing himself to go through with it. I mean what was that? I was ready to let my ship sink and accept that Jonaerys is happening, but not like this. This was just the weirdest thing. This is not how you sleep with someone you are madly in love with, this is the way you are sleeping with someone you like but not love. No smiles, no connection besides the obvious parts, too much other stuff in mind, just a performance.

Something is off, I call bullshit.

So all in all in this episode there was a huge amount of talk about truth, oaths, lies. The Winterfell part showed us that we shouldn’t believe in what we see, and I say we also underestimate Jon Snow. He is capable of playing the game and he does, sure he is conflicted about it, but you don’t survive with being just honorable. He bends the truth as far as he can justify it to himself and the ghost of Ned Stark. He is securing an important alliance with the prospect of marriage. Well and would all work out well, if she wouldn’t be his aunt.

Now for Jonsa. Of course they are hinting Jonsa. Littlefinger was onto something after Jon  choked him in the crypt. There was no need to tell Sansa how beautiful the dragon queen is and that Jon is young and unmarried just like Dany, unless he wanted to see her reaction to the idea that Jon could get married someday. Also I read that in the original script that featured the conversation between Theon and Jon, Sansa is also mentioned, but they cut that out. Again. That happens so frequently that I am actually convinced that they cut scenes like that to avoid making it to obvious. Next thing Sansa is always standing in the same spot brooding, she was last seen standing with Jon also brooding after the battle of the bastards. Hard to say what she was thinking about, most likely the imminent kill of Littlefinger, but maybe also about Jon bending the knee, because this spot has a meaning to her. Then Arya saying they have to protect each other in winter, Sansa immediately states “Father”, but is was not just Ned that said that. “We have to trust each other, we can’t fight a war amongst ourselves, We have so many enemies now”, sounds quite similar, spoken by Jon just on the same brooding spot Sansa and Arya stood in while having this conversation about Ned. The face touch, Jon gave Dany during his panic moment in bed, mirrored the face touch he gave Sansa after the forehead kiss.

This all seems a lot like an Jonsa endgame to me.

But to be honest, I would also love to see Tyrion have some happiness. Peter Dinklage killed the episode with his acting. So if Sansa and Tyrion end up together I am happy too. But the signs are there for Jonsa, definitely. But in this world of GOT nothing is really sure ;)

l;newWin.opene)�V �Z

I also think the show and the books are chiefly about character development and learning process. There are lessons to be learned in every aspect of war, love and life. There were lessons in the lovestories of GOT from Rob/Talisa to Brienne/Jamie. It’s a bit odd that Daenerys for example never learned the lesson of rejection so far. She never lost a battle for love, except the death of a lover. But every male she was ever involved with was just enchanted by her from the start. Drogo was, Daario was, and poor Jorah was and always will be. With Daario and Jorah it was one sided or mere sexual. But she never experienced someone not loving her. And since real life teaches all of us this lesson, I believe that Jon will be the lesson for Dany. The betrayal of love. Of love for his family and the north, maybe even Sansa

Plus Tyrion knows. The expression on his face while standing outside of boatbang. He knows the lovestory is fishy and that such an affair would be dangerous.

eyeslacedwithsmoke  asked:

Thiam headcanon where Liam (or Theo your choice) won't shut up and everyone is getting hella annoyed at the rant (even though he's making a valid point) and before anyone says anything Theo (or Liam ) just straight up kisses him to shut him up. And not like a peck like a FULL BLOWN KISS. And shocks everyone into silence. What happens after is your choose I just really wanna see this

OOH WHAT A PROMPT!! thank you SO MUCH!! as always i am totally ready for new hc prompts. i love you all :D

  • when liam starts comparing supernatural things to historical events, stiles gets it. understanding and rationalizing the (pretty wacky) supernatural can lead a person to do some crazy things. human behavior, at least for the most part, is predictable and rational.
  • and a lot of times, stiles appreciates it. liam, for all he comes across as anger anger go go rawr, is one of the more well-read military history buffs stiles knows and when he picks liam’s brain, the connections liam makes are, frankly, inspiring. it’s saved their asses on occasion, when everything they’ve come up with isn’t viable for one reason or another
  • unfortunately, it’s the opposite of helpful when it comes to a plan already in motion. 
  • a group of sidhe (which stiles quickly finds out are lydia’s supernatural cousins, which is amusing for about two seconds–or until lydia starts glaring at him for teasing her) has come to beacon hills and they’re starting to kidnap young girls and women as brides, which obviously has to stop
  • but the sidhe never do anything for free: even their information has a price. they’re old-fashioned that way. besides, they’re only ever bound to their word; otherwise, they can and will do anything to convince you to stay, and they’re the absolute masters of half-truths, which makes them dangerous to bargain with.

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Musical Screening Q&A

 HUGE thanks to @jjosh-lyman​ / johnsfkennedys (twitter) for sending me her audio recording from the post-screening q&a. ** Please note: the first few minutes are missing and I transcribed this to the best of my abilities **

1. What’s it like working with Ginny?

Josh: It’s been… It’s been.. What has it been?

Ginny: Magical? (Audience laughs)

Josh: (laughs) It’s been magical.  No, it has, it’s been–

Ginny: The best thing that’s ever happened to you! (Audience laughs)

Josh: It’s been, it has been a magical situation. You’re working with another actor who knows you so well. You can be very vulnerable, you can be very open, you can be very brave, you can do all those kinds of things. So yeah, it’s a real gift.

Moderator: I’m feeling the feels, y’all, are you?

2. What is your favorite Disney character or movie?

Adam: This will sound phony, but it is Snow White. (Audience goes aw) 

Ginny: Right answer again!

Adam: It’s true!

Josh: I’m really glad we came to you.

Adam: It was the first movie that I remember seeing as a child and it clearly made an impression.

Ginny: I really like Zootopia because of um– (Audience laughs - can’t hear the rest of her answer) An equally savvy answer would be that we’re very partial to Winnie the Pooh. Pooh was my very first boyfriend and Josh, here, read the entire first Winnie the Pooh book to my belly when I was pregnant with my eldest and that was the first movie that Oliver saw. Then we accidentally bought Sterling Holloway’s house and he was Winnie the Pooh (note: he was the voice actor), so that’s kind of a crazy story. So yeah, Pooh’s got a whole thing. There’s a whole three-line of Pooh in our lives.

Josh: Or we stalk him. (Audience laughs)

Moderator: How about you, David?

David: I am fond of Maleficent and the whole Sleeping Beauty thing.

Moderator: Eddy?

Eddy: I’m gonna go with Alice in Wonderland and just because I like it. (Audience laughs)

3. Back to the musical, even though the songs are new and original, do you take inspiration from the Disney characters the actors portray?

Adam: It’s more like we’ve taken inspiration from the way our actors have realized these characters on the show. You know, we use the disney movies and animated films as a jumping off point, but every one of them has made it their own. So when we started this process, they sat down with Alan and Michael and we really all tried to work together to tailor everything specifically to who these characters are on our show and those guys did an amazing job with the songs and these guys did alright singing them. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: The idea was each episode has the tone of the character so a Snow/Charming episode is different than a Rumple. I think Alan and Michael really captured kind of the character, they were fans of the show, and then the tone & inspiration for each one.

David: Also it was about returning to a S1 feel for all of these characters, which speaks to how we were introduced to them and what the actors brought to those characters, kinda going to really the heart of when we met them and putting it into song.

Moderator: Awesome. So deep. (Audience laughs)

4. For Josh & Ginny, if you could be any other character besides the one you play currently on OUAT, who would it be?

Josh: I’ve always said Rumplestiltskin for sure. Just because Bobby, the actor, gets to play such a huge range. I just think that would be a whole lot of fun.

Ginny: I would be Henry because I wouldn’t have to wear a wig and that would be the closest I would ever get to playing Harry Potter. (Audience laughs)

5. What’s your Disney favorite ride or attraction?

Ginny: Haunted Mansion.

Josh: Pirates.

Eddy: Pirates! Haunted Mansion too, it’s close.

Josh: I also like Indiana Jones.

Adam: It’s a tie between Pirates and Star Tours. There’s like 94 possibilities.

(Someone said Space Mountain - can’t tell who. Maybe David.)

Eddy: The Buena Vista Commissary. There’s a salad bar like right down Dopey Ave. (Audience laughs)

6. Which characters were the most exciting to create a song for?

Josh: (clears throat loudly) Answer honestly!

Alan & Michael (note: I can’t tell which is which): I mean, Zelena was… Yeah.

Josh: Alright, nice to see you (note: I assume he gets up halfway as a joke)

A&M: We had to test you there.

Eddy: It’s hard to say who.. It’s like your favorite child.

Ginny: Us obviously. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: I think, for us, it was really just exciting to do as many as we could. You know, I think we weren’t sure how many songs we could take on, we weren’t sure we could do any of it and, you know, literally these guys wrote 7 original songs and they started meeting in December so… if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, Alan & Michael~

Moderator: Anything to add, David?

David: Nope. (Audience laughs)

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Sweet Creature - Pink Series pt. 1

Hello lovelies! Here is part one of that angsty, slow burn, friends to lovers series I’m starting! The series will be called Pink and there will be 10 parts in total, each one inspired by/including one of the songs on Harry’s album.

Word Count: 5k

Enjoy! .xx -M

“So, you’re ready to get back into the game again, huh?” you ask around a mouthful of scone, crumbs tumbling from your lips as you speak.

“Yeah, I think I am. It’s been a long break, and I think I’m ready to really start writing again,” Harry smiles, the future career he’s planning seeming like more and more of a reality.

“Well, I for one, am excited. Always wanted to know what you’d do on your own.”

“You’ve heard some of my own songs,” he questions, sipping his tea.

“Well yeah, but like, none of those were written for your own personal album, H, they were more for fun. I wanna see you in your element,” you say.

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Unloved ; N. YUTA

nakamoto yuta prince!au

⇢ WORDS: 5.3k

⇢ NOTE: i wrote this orignally on another blog, in which i deleted. so if it sounds familar… that’s why. i just wanted to post something. 

also, i have a part two to this but i literally can;t find it. so if i ever do find it then i’ll post it. itf oot then sucks to suck.

⇢ EDITED? [✓]

Nakamoto Yuta was Prince of Japan in 1836, son of Emperor Ninkō and took his mother’s name since he has no place close to the throne. He was given a small area of land to rule when he was older and wife already set aside for when he was crowned prince.

Yoshida Y/N was daughter of noble Samurai Yoshida Daichi. She practiced under the sword for defense and was not allowed to show her talents off to the public. She was put into an arranged marriage at five years old and had fallen in love with her best friend.



“Spread your feet wider, Y/N,” Yoshida Daichi commanded his daughter calmly. He watched with lidded gray eyes, her feet slid an inch apart. Sweat dripping from her forehead as she glared in front of her, the wooden sword held between her fingers in a deadlock grip.

“Don’t be so tense, Y/N,” he told her, sighing softly to himself. How had he gotten such an emotional daughter? Whereas he was calm most of the time.

She gritted her teeth and let her fingers slip from the wooden sword. It fell from her fingers and clattered loudly, a group of birds outside flew off from their perch on a tree. She turned to her father, her teeth still clenched as she stared at him.

“Is this better?” she asked of him, tired of being pushed around.

“No, you’d be sliced in a moments notice with no way to defend yourself,” he told her, annoyed with her attitude. She was the one to ask for help, who asked to be pushed to her limits. He was tired of all of this, but the Prince’s coronation was nearing and her stress was rising more so than ever.

“Sorry,” she muttered under her breath as her father stood to his feet.

Daichi made his way to his daughter, putting a hand on her shoulder and sitting her on the floor where he sat behind her, braiding her hair back to relax her. She loved the gentle caresses he would give her, ones that reminded her of a mother’s touch although she was long gone. A lonely child and lonely father left together in a dojo to figure out life for the worse or the better.

“Thank you,” she whispered, when he had finished, handing him a tie to finish the braid off. He smiled, patting her head kindly and standing.

“It’s probably best for you to get dressed before the boys come. Taeyong will be here too,” he told her with a small smile, wary for his daughter. He knew of her feelings for the young boy but they also knew that she had been given to the Emperor’s son already. There was no free pass with the Emperor.

She smiled back, the same way as he, “Okay,” she whispered.

Y/N climbed the stairs in the small hallway from the dojo to their home on top. She made her way to the showers and cleaned herself off. Then went to her bedroom where she fitted herself into a nice kimono, splashing some color onto her cheeks for the boys.

Only Taeyong knew of Y/N unlady like demeanor under the nice clothes and makeup, the rest of the village barely thought of her more than property.

She sighed, twirling a strand of hair behind her ear before pulling her braid over her shoulder and setting a small flower clip where it was tied. She awkwardly smiled at her reflection, not recognizing the woman behind the mirror before standing to her feet.

She made her way down the stairs, hearing the loud sounds of teenage boys before their practice. She stepped out of the shadows and smiled at the boys whom all cheered loudly when she entered. Master Yoshida’s loud noise of disapproval made them all silence though, returning to their individual conversations.

Y/N walked over to Taeyong who was drinking a cup of water, smiling widely that he returned.

“Hello, Y/N. How are you?” he asked, bowing making her laugh.

“Stop that. You’re embarrassing,” she whispered to him, giggling behind her hand.

Taeyong smiled devilishly up at her, looking at her between his thick eyelashes that made her swoon slightly.

The other boys in the room stared at them in jealousy and admiration. They had barely been able to make her blink their way, less than swoon.

The crack of a wooden sword hit the ground made all of their heads snap besides the two lovers, who were used to Yoshida’s quick strikes to get the teenagers attention.

“Time for class,” Yoshida smiled.

The boys turned terrified at the look he gave them and quickly got into their positions, someone ended up dragging Taeyong with them. Y/N laughed at the sight of the scrambling boys, before picking up a basket and heading out. Waving goodbye to her boys.

In town, Y/N went stall to stall to pick up food for herself and the boys. They had worked hard for a while and deserved a treat after their class. She smiled to herself as she picked up a vine of grapes. She thought them over while a couple stood next to her, chatting loudly.

“Have you heard about Yoshida’s kid? Apparently she’s leaving soon to meet Prince Nakamoto Yuta,” the tall, skinny woman whispered to her short, plump friend. She snickered behind her hand. “Y’know I’ve heard he’s a real piece of work, nothing like any prince you and I have heard of.”

“Really? That’s too bad, she’s a sweet kid,” the other woman replied, picking up a fish for herself.

“A sweet kid? That kid’s never been anything but bratty to me!”

“That’s because you’re pretty rude yourself, Mina,” the woman replied with a hiss.

“That doesn’t give her any right to be rude to me! She needs to respect her elders before she gets herself dead, Hara,” Mina told her friend with exasperation, holding her hands up.

Y/N removed herself from the stall, pushing past the two women, making sure to bump shoulders with Mina. “Excuse me,” she seethed, walking with confidence back down the road, finished with her shopping.

“Good job, Mina,” Hara laughed behind the young woman.

Nakamoto Yuta awoke from a deep sleep by his brother jumping around on his bed, chanting “Yuta! Yuta! Yuta!”

“What?!” he groaned, turning on his side but Gin continued to jump around, especially close to his face. “What?! What is it?” he shouted, sitting up from his position and smacking Gin down onto the bed.

“Father is wanting to have breakfast with us all,” Gin panted, before jumping off the bed and down the hallway with a cheer.

Yuta groaned, thinking about having breakfast with his father and his twelve other siblings. He was seventh in line to the throne, Gin was the youngest at thirteenth in line. He didn’t seem to mind much, thinking about playing around with the ducks in the pond and trying to annoy Yuta to no end.

He stood from his bed and dressed before making his way down to the dining hall where his brothers sat around the table from oldest to youngest around their mother and father and mother. Yuta’s mother sat next to Gin while his father’s other wife sat next to the oldest. He took his seat between Akihiro and Hisao. He liked his brother’s for the most part but with twelve brother’s it was always hard to get close.

Gin was the easiest because he forced himself into hanging out with his brother. Although Yuta had things he needed to do, such as practice his sword, scout through town, go on missions he always had time for Gin.

“Yuta,” his father called and he quickly looked up to his father, setting his chopsticks down to listen to what he had to say. “Your coronation is soon, are you ready?”

“Yes, father. I’m excited and prepared for adulthood,” he told his father with a small smile.

“Good, I expect that you are prepared to go into adulthood as well as marry soon. We discussed at your fifth birthday that yourself and Yoshida Y/N would marry close to your coronation. Would you like her to come soon so you can get to know her?”

“Yes, father, I would very much like to, although I feel like I know her already,” Yuta replied. He did feel close to the young Yoshida, they had never met but stories he had heard of the fair woman were enough. Sometimes, when he was tired he would write her letters to help him fall asleep. All of them kept safely away in a desk drawer and hidden in a secret section of it.

He smiled to himself as his father nodded and started to speak to his other sons and wives, the group sitting for two hours before dispersing.

“Yuta-nii, are you really ready? I’d be so scared to meet my fiance,” Gin shouted, hanging onto Yuta’s arm as he walked.

“I think I am. Yoshida Y/N is the daughter of a high ranking Samurai, and even though I haven’t met her there are lots of stories about her around and I feel like I already know her.”

“What is she like?” Gin asked his brother.

“I’ve heard she’s the kindest girl in her district. She has a big heart and couldn’t hurt a fly!”

“Wow! I wonder what my wife will be like,” Gin wondered aloud.

“She’ll probably be as loud and annoying as you,” Yuta told him making Gin gasp loudly.

“How could you say that about, Hime-sama?” Gin shouted, shocked his brother could speak so vily about a woman he had no clue of.

Yuta smirked at his brother and shook him off his arm, “I can say anything I want!” he shouted, dashing down the hallway to hide from his younger brother who took off right after him.

“No you can’t! I’ll tell father!” Gin screamed, chasing after him.

Taeyong had been missing for the past week. No one was sure where he had gone, his family was worried sick and Y/N was terrified something had happened. Taeyong was a smart kid but not always the best. He got into trouble easily, whether it was his fault or not. He had that look.

A man appeared one morning, with a black outfit on and a hat to hide his face. Yoshida took an envelope from the man before he left quickly, without anyone seeing him. Yoshida turned back inside, the royal seal on the envelope, showing its importance.

Y/N noticed his worried looks and quickly stood to her feet from the dining table.

“What is it?”

“It’s from the Emperor,” he muttered, his voice cracking. They still had another month until Y/N was to depart to meet Prince Nakamoto Yuta. He worried something had happened at the capitol and she would be wanted immediately, with barely a goodbye.

Carefully, Yoshida broke the seal and took his seat back at the table.

My Dear Friend, Yoshida,

I usually do not carry out such formal letters of this degree but since you are a close friend, I would like to inform you of the death of your student Lee Taeyong. I cannot spare you any details, but please do not grieve for long.

I am excited to see you soon, please stay for some time with your daughter before the marriage so we may catch up. I will pay for the inconvenience since you do have a business to run.

Have a fair night,

Emperor Ninko

A tear slipped from Yoshida’s eyes and Y/N looked at him in concern.

“Father, what is it?” she asked softly, taking his hand resting on the table between hers.

“Taeyong… I’m so sorry,” he whispered, gripping her now slackened hands. Her face fell and she couldn’t believe what he was saying to her.

“What? What happened to him?!” she asked quickly, frantically.

“He’s been given capital punishment,” he told her, looking down so he wouldn’t have to look at that distraught look in her eye.

“Why? For what? He couldn’t have done anything so terrible that he would be… he would be… hung!” she cried, gripping her father’s hand tightly as she leaned over the table and cried.

He moved from one side to the other so he could hold her close, and let her grieve for their lost friend.

The news had spread through the castle faster than wildfire. First from the servants to the lower noble class and up to the Seventh Prince of Ninko.

“I heard that a young man named Lee Taeyong tried to sneak into the castle because of a lost love and was killed by a guard right before he could make it to his destination!” Yuta’s servant, Ara, exclaimed as he fitted the prince in his day clothes.

“Really? Do you know of where he was trying to go?” Yuta asked curiously, putting his arms up as the shirt went over his head.

Ara looked round the room before turning back to his master, “Here, sire. Apparently your fiance is in love with him and he wanted to try and win your favor and make you give up your marriage.”

Yuta looked at him stunned. “Here? Well, frightening me in between sleep would not make me want to give her up, it would just make me want to kill him.”

“Well, it’s too bad. Now when your fiance comes she will be disheartened rather than delighted to meet you.”

Yuta took a moment to think of this, and grew saddened at the thought that maybe his future wife would not feel the same way about him. She had more of a life than he had, most likely. This Taeyong must have truly loved her to die for her.

A few weeks later, the boys had rarely seen Y/N besides her passing every once in awhile to shop. She rarely made eye contact with them and would hurriedly run up the stairs. Although, she seemed to have grown kinder in some way, leaving them lunch afterwards for them to eat.

She practiced harder, the other boys learned of her training when they ran into her in the back training. She was good too. They were all so stunned they hadn’t realised she had turned to them with a scowl on her face. When they noticed, they scrambled away quickly.

During one of Yoshida’s classes, a loud knock made it’s appearance on the dojo door. Yoshida quieted the boys and made his way to the door. The boys stared, unable to see the mysterious person behind but when Yoshida bowed they knew he was important. They slowly crept to where they could see the Prince Nakamoto Yuta at their door.

“There’s no need to bow,” Yuta told the man nervously, scratching his neck.

“You’re royalty, your Highness. It’s only proper,” Yoshida told him, standing up straight.

“You are a friend of my Father’s. There is no need to worry about such trivial things,” Yuta told him with a small smile.

“May I ask what you’re doing here, sire?” Yoshida asked, stepping back to allow him and his servant inside. He looked at his students and quickly shooed them, telling them to go outside and practice.

“Sensei, Y/N is out there,” one of the students whispered to him, Yuta picked up on his words but didn’t show his excitement.

“Tell her to get dressed, we have special company,” Yoshida told him. The boy nodded and they all ran outside. “Would you like some tea?” Yoshida asked the Prince.

“No thank you,” he passed.

“And yourself?” Yoshida asked his servant whom looked surprised he spared him a look.

“Oh, um, yes please,” he muttered, happy to have something warm after their long journey. Yoshida smiled kindly and brought a teapot and three drinks, winking at Yuta.

“I could tell you were just being polite,” he smiled. The door behind Yoshida opened and Yuta caught a glance of his fiance dashing up the stairs. She was truly as beautiful as he had imagined. “So, what have you come for? I hope it’s not too steal my daughter from me so early, we still have about a week,” he told the young Prince as he handed him a cup.

Yuta nodded, “Yes, I know. I came because I heard of what happened to her close friend. I wanted to give my condolences in person. I hope I can be of some help here,” he told the man whose eyes warmed slightly at the man.

“Well, thank you very much, your Highness. This means very much to me and will to my daughter, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. I’m happy you came, maybe you would even like to join my boys in one of their lessons,” Yoshida smiled, taking a sip from his tea.

“I would love to,” Yuta replied, nodding his head.

The three sat at the table for a few moments in silence until Y/N appeared downstairs with a beautiful black and white kimono on, her hair twisted up and makeup more so than usual on her cheeks and eyes.

She began to bow but Yuta was quick to stop her, “Please, don’t bow,” he asked of her.

She raised an eyebrow and nodded, “Okay.”

They stood in front of one another awkwardly. “Would you like to go on a walk?” Yuta asked after a few minutes quickly, nervous to be in front of his future wife for the first time.

“I don’t see the problem with that,” she told him.

He smiled, holding an arm out for her and led her out of the dojo.

Y/N led him out of the dojo and into the woods that surrounded the place. She felt awkward and uncomfortable with him there, even if he were being somewhat kind. She had always heard of him as different from everyone else but she didn’t realize that different was in a good light. Everyone had assumed he was a destructive, rude, terrible teen that abused his crown but it seemed he was just gentle and kind and sometimes a bit too snarky.

She smiled softly to herself and he smiled at the sight of her smiling. Yuta looked away with his smile still on his lips. She rolled her eyes, taking him to a lake where she sat with no concern to her kimono.

It seemed he had gotten her all wrong as well. She was much less ladylike and rather manly. Her words were curt and unappealing, she had no regard of her appearance besides when necessary and if she had been outside before hand what could she have been doing?

“Are you going to sit or just stand there?” she asked him, not turning to look back at him.

He flushed red before sitting next to her, watching her skip stones across the water.

“So, why are you here? We shouldn’t have met until next week,” she told him skeptically, throwing one rock exceptionally hard.

“Oh, um, I heard about your friend…” he replied awkwardly, notcing that she stopped her skipping.


“I wanted to give you my condolences, I know what he meant to you,” he whispered, taking her hand in his.

“What? Are you going to have me killed like him?” she asked with a hiss, ripping her hand out of his.

“I’m not that kind of person,” he replied with a hiss right back.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” she rolled her eyes.

Yuta sighed loudly, “Listen, princess, I came out here to show that I actually care about your feelings rather than some other husband you could have who would have killed both you and him for having an affair outside of your arranged marriage.”

“We didn’t have an affair of any kind!” she exclaimed.

“It’s what it looks like to the public, or at least the public of servants in the castle,” he told her, making her eyebrows raise.

“What? What did he do? Why is… Why did he… leave me?” she asked softly, her eyes starting to brim with tears.

“Rumor has it that Lee Taeyong snuck into the castle to ask me to give you up but was killed by a guard before he could,” he told her softly in case anyone was around, although the town had no clue the prince was even in their small town.

She gasped, cupping her hands around her mouth to hold in her sobs. “Gods, why?” she repeated over and over as Yuta moved her over into his side and held her close to him.

Yuta stayed the week, the two becoming friends in the short amount of time they had known each other. There were no romantic feelings (for Y/N at least) for the time and they got along nicely. Much to the happiness of Daichi who had worried since she was three of the arranged marriage. Terrified that she would forever hate him giving her up.

Yuta travelled with them back to the castle where they were greeted famously, a small greeting from the twelve boys and the Emperor’s wives. They took the three to the dining room where the Emperor would join them for dinner any moment.

When he entered, they all stood, bowing to their leader before sitting when he did. The Emperor was happy to see his son getting along with his fiance and clinked his glass to get their attention.

“I would just like to say how happy I am to see my son so happy with the woman who was picked for him when he was five. So, I would like to announce that the wedding will take place in three months!” he cheered, holding his glass up. The room cheered with him except for Yoshida, Y/N and Yuta who were all stunned at the announcement.

Y/N stood in the royal gardens, crying besides the peonies that reminded her of Taeyong. She forgot she was to marry Yuta, he had become a friend but not a commitment. A person to take her mind off all the things happening but he was at the center of it all.

Yuta exited the maze and found her after an hour of looking. The sun was bound to set any minute and she was here, lost in the maze. He sighed, sitting beside her.

A few moments passed until he spoke, “Listen, Y/N, I’ll make a deal with you,” he told her, sparing her a look quickly looking away when she glanced at him. “Up until the wedding I’ll try to get you to love me, but if you don’t you don’t have to marry me. I’ll work it out with my father if it comes to that, but I hope it doesn’t. Just… give me a chance,” he asked of her.

She thought about his proposition for a good while, making him nervous and antsy. She nodded softly holding her shaking hand out to him. “Okay.”

“Okay,” he replied back. The game on.

Yuta tried his best to win Y/N over. She enjoyed his company and loved his attitude that wasn’t a spoiled rotten kid, but it wasn’t enough to have her stay.

He often took her riding into the woods. One fine day, he strapped swords to his horse and a bag full of stones on the other side, he raced across the courtyard where she sat in front of the garden. She was surprised to see Yuta on a horse and hadn’t realized he had pulled her up with him onto the horse. The two made their way into the woods and to a clearing with a lake.

“Like the one at your home,” he smirked, hopping off the horse, waiting for her too.

When she hadn’t moved, he turned back to her, seeing her stare idly at the ground. Her fingers itched around the hem of her dress in nervousness. He smiled at the sight.

“Are you scared?” he asked her with a smirk.

“N-No,  I just… don’t want to flash you. It would be indecent,” she told him, holding her head high.

“And at what time have you been decent?” he asked her, raising an eyebrow.

She rolled her eyes, holding her arms out, “Please, just help me down,” she asked of him. He nodded walking over to her. She set her hands on his shoulders and he helped her slip off the horse. “Good, thank you,” she said, nodding her head and made her way to the lake.

Yuta smirked, running up behind her and lifting her skirt. “Looks like you flashed me anyways!” he laughed, making her turn bright red. “Now! Teach me how to skip a stone!” he asked her, holding up a bag of rocks, all different shapes and sizes.

She took them from his hand and rifled through them laughing slightly. “Well, first we’re going to sort through these and only have the flat ones.”

“What? Why? Then we’ll only have a few,” Yuta asked in confusion as she dumped the bag of rocks onto the ground and threw all the thick and awkward ones out, leaving only smooth, flat ones for them to use.

“If you use awkward or big ones they’ll just sink, they need to be able to slid against the surface and jump off it,” she explained, before skipping one across the lake.

Yuta nodded following her lead, throwing the rock into the water. Y/N started as the rock sunk immediately.

“You have to flick your wrist, like…” she stood behind him, “this.” She helped him flick his wrist from behind, the rock skipping two times before sinking. He cheered excitedly, taking her into his arms and swinging her around.

“Okay, okay, Yuta. Put me down. Put me down!” she shouted, in annoyance until he set her back down on the ground.

“Let’s go again!” he cheered, taking a rock and skipping it a few times across the water.

Three Months Later

“The wedding is tomorrow,” Yuta told her as they sat in front of the lake where she had first taught him to skip stones. Where they rode their horses and watched the sunset. Where Yuta really felt his heart going out to her.

Y/N looked up from her lap, wringing out her fingers, “I know,” she whispered.

“Have you decided?” he asked her softly. “I need to tell my father soon.”

“I know and… I have,” she whispered. He could hear it in her voice, the saddness, the distraught. He knew her answer even before she barely whispered it into the crisp weather. She started to talk about all the good times but he couldn’t get passed the thought that he’d never see her walk down the aisle to him. He would never wake up to her beside her. He would never have children with her and wither away with her. He’d have to stand for some annoying brat now.

“I can’t marry you,” was all that passed into his ears.

The main hall had turned into a wedding in the matter of three days. Yuta was prepared for marriage but the wife he had planned to have would not arrive at this moment. A woman by the name of Osao Nara was to marry him. A woman that was Japanese but her family had moved to Europe and returned to Japan not too long ago.

She was a thin, small thing. Pale and slightly awkward when she smiled. She liked power and already walked around the castle as if she owned it. Yuta wasn’t sure if she knew that they were seventh in line for the throne.

He sighed and walked into Nina’s room, forgetting to knock. The wedding was that day and the shrill screams from Nina was all that fazed him when he realized his mistake of invading. The young woman had been in a foreign dress, none like he had ever seen. It was white and sparkly and he hated it was on Nina rather than his one true love.

“Don’t you know it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress, much less the day of the wedding!” Nina screeched, slamming the door shut with ferocity.

“No, I’ve never heard that,” Yuta replied behind the door. Nina yelled in frustration, she wasn’t too keen to marry Yuta either. He was sarcastic and rude and had no respect for her. She barely saw him as her husband, she just wanted more power than she already had as a Duchess.

Yuta left the door and while walking around the castle was escorted off to get ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony started with Yuta at the front of the room, the people in the middle and the bride to be outside the doors. Music flooded the room and a young woman entered the room. A veil covering her face with the white head decoration holding it up. He could barely pull up a smile at the sight of Nara walking forward.

He liked the dress she wore then. She must not have wanted the bad luck to follow her because she now wore a formal Japanese dress as she made her way to him.

They sat before the priest, awaiting the first cup of sake as he purified the shrine they sat before and called the kami’s attention.

Yuta first took three sips, passing it to his bride who sipped it conspicuously. Nara was then given a cup, slightly bigger than the first and drank three times before giving it to her groom. The priest repeated his first action in a bigger cup and they finished the small san-ku-do ceremony.

They are then ushered to the altar where Yuta reads his quick written vows to her.

“We have not known each other long but thanks to Matsuoka Ji we can marry and find a love that would have never been found elsewhere.”

She listened, the tone of his voice dry and that love he spoke of was unheard of in the wavers of his voice.

The priest then offered evergreen to the altar, reflecting his gratitude to the spirits. The bride and groom following with their own objects. Yuta placed a folded piece of paper on the altar. Nara followed with a stone. Flat and thin that made Yuta look to her in confusion. He could barely make out the smirk underneath her veil. Family representatives followed after them with offerings while Yuta stared in confusion at the young woman before him. He wasn’t so sure it was Nara anymore.

The priest brought out the rings that had been presented and asked of Nara if she would unveil with help from her groom. She leaned her head forward and Yuta shakily lifted the veil in which to reveal Y/N instead.

He smiled from ear to ear at the sight of her and the whole room gasped.

“M-Master Yuta, this is not Nara. Would you like us to stop the proceedings?” the priest asked him.

“No, please continue,” he grinned, the whole room feeling his happiness. His father smiled, thankful the young woman returned to his son and let the wedding proceed, even as the priest stared at him in confusion.

Izanagi and Izanami were called upon in the final prayers before the reception was called upon.

“I thought you didn’t love me,” Yuta whispered to his wife as they stood at the reception smiling as people congratulated, even if they were slightly confused.

“I didn’t think I did, but as I left the city I realized that I couldn’t leave you,” she told him, looking up at him with a large smile. He smiled back, the two in love and married.

A tear slipped from Yuta’s eyes, holding her hand tightly in between his, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she told him, wiping the tear from his face.

© 2017 tenpioca  

Excuse My French [Part 1]

Pairing: Peter x Reader
Warnings: Language (I think)
A/N: okay so this is the series I’m hella excited for. a few things to note - my french sucks, so if I translate something wrong, feel free to let me know so I can fix it! also, I did some research but most of the reader’s experiences / views / customs come from a girl I know who lives in france. so it might be different than other french people, so keep that in mind! lastly, this series is going to be wild in my opinion, and not what you first expect, so buckle up! NOTE: this is before Peter is bit by the spider and becomes a neighborhood hero. REMINDER: I do not have a tagslist, PLEASE do not ask. this has been a super long author note sorry lmao!

Masterlist (all current parts will be posted on the masterlist)


You hated this so, so much.

Over the last month, several things changed, the largest being that your father was relocated to the States. Which in turn meant your whole family was now moving to an entirely new country, with different customs and an entirely different language, and you barely had any time to mentally prepare yourself for it.

You would miss France so much. You loved your city, you loved your friends and family, and now you were being ripped from it despite how much you didn’t want to leave.

Here you were now, standing in front of your new high school, terrified but curious at the same time. You were fluent in English, so that wouldn’t be a problem, aside from your obvious accent, perhaps. But everything else worried you - the rumors you had heard about the American public school system were, quite frankly, absolutely absurd.

The weirdest thing to you wasn’t even the school though, but the city itself. New York was big and loud, not what your small town was like. There was more crime, and it got scary at night. The thought of taking a subway even freaked you out, even though on trips to Paris you had done it before.

“Hey, um, you okay?” A voice asked next to you, making you jump slightly as they interrupted your thoughts.

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Preference: How You Meet


Warnings: Cursing but I think that’s it

Note: Sorry the Negan one is so long. I wanted his exact words, but then he talked for fucking forever. I ended up giving up and cutting him off.

Rick Grimes

“And who might that be?” Asked Rick, pointing to a girl with (h/l), (h/c) hair teaching kids how to shoot a bow.

“That,” replied Morgan, “is Y/n. Why do you ask?”

“I guess she just caught my eye.”

Although Rick had come to talk to your leader Ezekiel about an impending war, he might just have to stay a little while longer now.


“Pissing our pants yet?” Said the man, who you assumed was Negan, as he stepped out of the RV. The man sent shivers up your spine. “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close. Yep, it’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon. Which one of you pricks is the leader?” You stayed kneeling on the ground, terrified of what may happen. Negan was holding a baseball bat with what looked like barbed wire on the end, and you had a feeling it wasn’t used for anything cute or cuddly.

“This one,” said one of the men from the treeline. “He’s the guy.” He pointed to Rick. You assumed that by ‘he’s the guy’, the man didn’t just mean the leader. Rick was the guy who took down the outpost, along with the rest of you. Negan sighed.

“Hi. You’re Rick, right? I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people.” Negan sounded almost excited, nearly joking. Although he was completely serious and obviously very angry, the man was somehow able to sound lighthearted. And it was more terrifying than if he were angry. “Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea, how not cool that shit is. But, I think you’re going to be up to speed shortly.”

What did this man have planned here? You thought. Surely he was going to kill all of you. You only hoped it would be quick, and that the damn bat was just for show.

“You are so going to regret crossing me in a few minutes.” Said Negan softly, looking dangerously into Rick’s eyes as if he were searching them for Rick’s emotions. Then he smiled a terrifying smile. “Yes, you are.”

Everything about the situation was unsettling, and every fiber of your being was screaming at you to run. If you weren’t frozen in fear, if you weren’t afraid of the men surrounding you, you would have. But even though all of your sensors were buzzing, you knew that if you moved you would die.

“You see, Rick, whatever you do- no matter what- you don’t mess with the new world order. And the new world order is this. And it’s really very simple. SO even if you’re stupid, which you very well may be, you can understand it. You ready? Here goes.” Said Negan. With every word, his speech grew longer and your heart beat faster. Every beat of your heart filled you with dread and made you sink lower to the ground. “Pay attention. Give me your shit, or I will kill you.” RIck looked up at Negan, although he was obviously afraid your strong leader still managed to show defiance on his features.

“Today was a career day. We invested a lot of time so that you would know who I am, and what I can do. You work for me now.” For the first time, Negan made eye contact with you as he paced in front of the group. “If you have shit,” he smiled cockily, “you give it to me. That’s your job.” He continued to pace, looking at every single one of your friends.

“Now I know, that is a big, nasty pill to swallow. But swallow it,” continued Negan, sneaking a glance back at you to wink, “you most certainly will.” It disgusted you. Had you been meeting any other way, you would have been able to take in his strong, broad shoulders and neatly trimmed beard. Now, however, all you could notice was the bad in his hands and the hate in his heart. You could not see the beauty in a man who you were sure would kill somebody tonight, and no doubt take pleasure in doing so.

“So, Rick.” Said Negan as he walked back towards you, a suffocating fear making its way up your insides and into your throat. “What have we got here?” Negan got close to your face, close enough that you could smell the leather of his jacket and feel the warmth of his breath. Mustering all the courage you could, you spoke.

“My name is Y/n.”

“Damn, a woman who speaks up herself instead of letting their leader do it.” Negan smirks. “I happen to find that pretty fucking attractive.”

“Fuck you.” You said, even though all of your cells screamed at you to let it go. However, even through your fear you knew that this would be a big moment and that you needed to stand up for yourself.

“Well lookie here at that!” Boomed Negan. “She’s got quite the mouth on her. I wonder what else it could do.” Negan stood up, pointing at the treeline. “Simon, get her in the RV.”

Ignoring your protests, screams and kicking, the man named Simon grabbed you and dragged you to the RV. And in that moment, you knew that your life was going to change completely.

Daryl Dixon

Y/n,” said Daryl as he came around the corner. The two of you had a few classes together but never talked other than maybe saying “excuse me” in the high school’s hallways.

“What do you want?” You ask softly, wiping away your tears in an attempt to look less weak.

“I, uh, heard what Merle said to you today at school.” He said quietly, making his way over to where you sat.

“Well, don’t worry about me,” you muttered with a sniffle, “he’s right. Besides, I know he’s your brother. Have you come to make fun of me too?” Daryl immediately grabbed your face softly, making you look into his eyes.

“Y/n, he may be my brother. But that doesn’t mean I agree with him. He told you that you were flat-chested and ugly, but I came here to tell you that it’s a damn lie.” Said Daryl truthfully, pressing a soft kiss to the side of your temple, surprising you. After doing so, he hurriedly got up and rushed out the door, leaving you to process what the hell had just happened, and what the hell he had meant.

Glenn Rhee

You open the door to your apartment as you hear a soft knock. You had ordered pizza nearly half an hour ago, and you were starving.

“So, that’s a medium (Favorite topping/s) pizza, an order of breadsticks, and a small-” said the delivery boy, cutting himself off when he looked up from the receipt to look at you. “Cheesy bread,” he finished.

“Yeah, that sounds about right.” You say, deciding to ignore his odd behavior. “The girl on the phone said it would be around $25, is that right?”

“Y-yea. It comes to $22.29.” He said, stuttering and blushing after he did so. 

“Here, I’ll give you a twenty and a five, keep the change.” You said, handing him the money in exchange for the food. “Hey, are you alright?” You asked the boy.

“I’m okay.” He said, turning to walk away as you closed the door. “Wait,” he said before you could close the door completely. You open it back up.


“Could I maybe, get your number?” He asked, looking into your eyes. You could tell he was nervous. You smiled, he was pretty cute.

“Here,” you say, flipping over the receipt and writing your phone number on the back using a pen you borrowed from him. You gave the receipt back to him, and he seemed a bit shocked. “My name’s Y/n, by the way.”

“I’m Glenn. Glenn Rhee.”

Abraham Ford

Hearing a car coming down the street from your current hideout in a small boutique, you ran outside. Whatever had been going on had not been happening for too long yet, only a couple weeks to a month, but you knew by now that those things couldn’t drive.

When you made it outside, you saw that it was actually a large truck travelling down the street. Hoping they would stop, you made your way into the road and began waving your arms. The truck slowed to a stop and two men got out. The man who seemed to be in charge walked closer to you, pointing a gun. His hair was fire-red and his mustache matched.

“Who are you?” Boomed his voice.

“M-my name is Y/n.” You replied meekly, afraid of the gun he was brandishing, or rather the fact that it was pointed at your head.He noticed your fear and realized that you meant no harm. He pointed the gun at the ground instead.

“Well Y/n, I’m Sergeant Abraham Ford. Pleased to meet you.” He said.

“Uh, nice to meet you too.”

“This,” he said as he motioned to a man behind him sporting a dark mullet, “is Eugene. He’s a scientist. He knows how to put a stop to this whole thing, all we have to do is get him to Washington D.C.”


“You’re welcome to come with us. I’ve been missing the company of a woman.” Abraham smirked, and you let out a small laugh. Maybe a group was what you needed in this apocalypse.


Carl Grimes

Carl spotted you as he walked around Alexandria a couple days after they arrived. The sun was just setting, and it illuminated your face beautifully as he passed you. He smiled in your direction, and you returned the smile. He took that as an invitation to speak.

“I’m Carl, my dad’s the leader of the group that just arrived here.” He said, extending his hand. You took his hand, shaking it and feeling the callouses.

“I’m Y/n, I’ve lived here for almost 6 months.” You reply.

“Well Y/n, I hope I get the chance to see more of you.” Said Carl as you parted ways.

“Me too Carl. Me too.”

King Ezekiel

After wandering on your own after your group was attacked by a horde of walkers, you were luckily found by two men on horseback wearing full body armor. They took you back to their home, calling it ‘The Kingdom’, which wasn’t a bad name considering the fact that it was huge. After a day to get cleaned up a bit and rest after weeks in the woods, they took you to meet their leader. Expecting a creepy older man calling himself ‘King’, you were politely surprised when you looked into Ezekiel’s big brown eyes.

“What is your name, my lady?” Asked the King in a deep voice you could certainly get used to.

“Uh, my name is Y/n,” you say awkwardly, unsure if you were supposed to bow or not.

“Well, Lady Y/n, I am King Ezekiel. Welcome to the Kingdom.”

Paul “Jesus” Rovia

This was it. After years of going strong, this is how you would meet your end. Standing on the roof of your car that had shut down, you looked down at the walkers surrounding. Although there were only three, there was no way you could evade them without risking severe injury to yourself. And thanks to your forgetfulness, all of your weapons were still in your car. You screamed in vain, knowing that nobody would hear you. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before you would have to give in and let the monsters devour you.


A loud noise from behind you made you jump, almost losing your balance on the vehicle. You turned to see a figure pulling his knife out of the walker’s head before proceeding to the next. You watched as the figure easily plunged the knife into the second walker’s skull, and then the third’s. After they were finished, they looked up at you, extending a hand. You took it and allowed them to help you off the car. The figure pulled down the bandana covering the majority of their face to reveal the very handsome man beneath.

“My name’s Paul, but mostly everyone calls me Jesus. What’s yours?”

“My name’s Y/n, and everyone mostly calls me Y/n.” You reply, trying to be witty. It works, and Jesus cracks a small smile.

“Y/n, would you like to come back with me to the Hilltop? It’s a group of survivors. It would be better than out here on your own.”

You nod, following him after grabbing a backpack full of supplies from your now-useless car.


“Hey,” came a voice softly as the bench next to you squeaked. “Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around, and you were sitting by yourself at lunch so I just assumed.”

You turned to see the source of the voice only to freeze. The man you recognized as Negan’s right-hand man was staring back at you. You just stared, not saying anything. Suddenly the man got up to leave.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry. I forgot about the whole face thing. I’m just going to-” he stopped as you touched his arm.

“Yes, I’m new.” You responded. “I’m sorry too, I’m just surprised that you would be talking to me. Aren’t you usually with Negan?”

“Well I couldn’t just let a pretty girl sit by herself, could I?” Replied the man as he sat back down with a smile. You blushed and looked away. “So what’s your name?” He asked.

“Y/n. Y/n L/n.”

“Well, I’m D. Or Dwight. You can call me either.” He told you with a smile. You could get used to seeing this ‘Dwight’ more often.


“Well, well, well.” Said a man’s voice as a dark figure approached your hiding spot in the abandoned warehouse. A man with a mustache peered behind the boxes, looking at you. “What have we got here?”

“I’m sorry,” you said quickly, “I didn’t know somebody was already here. I thought this place was empty. I’ll just leave, please don’t hurt me.”

“Oh, I wasn’t planning on hurting you. I don’t like hurting pretty women. Do you want to leave this warehouse? And leave the life of running from place to place to avoid becoming walker food?”

You nodded.

“Well then honey, come back with me. We call ourselves the Saviors, and as long as you contribute you can make our Sanctuary your home. I’m Simon.”

“I’m Y/n.”

Merle Dixon

As a newcomer to Woodbury, they quickly put you to work in the small hospital due to your experience as a nurse before the apocalypse.

“Y/n,” said Linda, the head nurse, and your boss. “You’ll be taking care of Merle Dixon today. You haven’t met him yet, he just got back from a run. He only has a few minor wounds, but he can be a huge pain to us nurses. I know you haven’t been here long, I can take care of it if you would like.”

“Linda, I may not have been here long. I have however had my fair share of difficult patients. I think I can manage.” You say, waving her off as you make your way into the room he was supposed to be waiting in.

“Suit yourself,” she said and went back to whatever paperwork the Governor was wanting her to fill out.

You walked down the hallway until you found room 3, the name on the door reading “Merle”. You opened the door slowly, peering in to make sure he wasn’t sleeping. A man, who you assumed was Merle, was sitting on the bed with his legs swung over the edge. 

“Merle?” You questioned, bringing his attention to you as you shut the door quietly behind you.

“Well shit, they sure have upgraded the nurses since I left.” He said with a smirk. You blushed at the compliment.

“Well thank you, I think. What seems to be the problem?” You ask, trying to ignore the eyes on your body as you looked at the table full of supplies in the corner of the room.

“Well Sugar, I just got back from a run and I happened to get a little banged up. Just a couple of cuts is all, nothing major but the Governor was wanting me to come in any way.” Merle said. You grabbed a couple of bandages and supplies to clean any existing wound and got to work.

“So, you never told me your name.” Said Merle as you wrapped a larger cut on his arm, pretending not to notice how well-built he was.

“My name’s Y/n.” You told him.

“Well Y/n, I am glad I got to meet you. Because you are one hot nurse.”


Old Flames, New Sparks - Part 2: Like Old Times

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles, Keith (omc - mentioned) Roxanne (ofc - mentioned), Y/N’s family (mentioned)    

Pairing: Danneel x Reader (past), Danneel x Jensen

Warnings: sucky exes, family sucks sometimes.   

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: You have no idea how long I have been wanting to write a series like this. For once it is not all completely planned out and I am not sure where this ride is gonna take us. I do know that I love Jensen and Danneel to pieces and I am gonna make sure there is a happy ending in this for them somehow.

This series is written for my free square in @spnpolybingo

Thanks to my amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this series for me.


You had barely parked the car when you saw her. She was as breathtaking as ever with that huge smile on her face and curly locks framing her features. You just about managed to get out of the car before she was down the stairs, across the driveway and had her arms wrapped around you.

“I missed you so much,” she laughed as the two of you clung to each other. You had forgotten just how right it felt. You didn’t have to pretend with her. With her you were just Y/N and no matter what you said or did, you knew Danneel would never judge you or make fun of you for it. You were best friends first. You always had been and always would be. Whatever else you were feeling you could push aside. She was happy and engaged. All you really needed was to be around her anyway. You needed space to breath and remember who you really were. Not who your family wanted you to be or who Keith had tried to turn you into. You could do that with her.

“I missed you too,” you laughed, “but now I kinda miss breathing too.”

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Fears - Zach Werenski

one person’s fun is another person’s fear

requested: yes | no

word count: 2279

warnings: the usual swearing

a/n: there really needs to be more werenski gifs out there, i only found this and a few other ones :/ anyway hope you all enjoy :))

Originally posted by phillymyers

you should have known something like this would happen. your best friend was great around guys; they naturally gravitated toward her. you didn’t mind as plenty of interesting guys came your way too, but it got a little tiring knowing that they were there because of her or getting her rejects or even being ditched by her.

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