i really am just a mad girl with a queue


I am so tired of ChonunMigookSaram a.k.a Megan Bowen. Here’s the thing, I love her personality but she is so fucking contrived it’s unbelievable. Not only does she paint Korea as a haven where all your dreams come true and life is just wonderful (Rose colored glasses), she’s highkey a Koreaboo who seems to be loosing her own identity.

Megan is racially ambiguous and even she admits it but whenever people bring it up, she gets offended. Additionally, she seems to have taken a conscious effort to change her physical appearance but it’s at the detriment of her identity. Yes there’s no one way of ‘being black’ HOWEVER, when you get dermatological skin treatments that whiten/lighten your skin, your fashion, style, makeup and even mannerisms are very Korean, don’t be butthurt when people start saying you don’t look black or you’re trying to look Korean.

We get it girl, you’re light skin but as I remember, you were never translucent. The worst part about her is the fact that she tries to prove to everyone how black she is. She has gone as far as to do multiple videos about her ethnicity and race and even recently did a DNA ancestry test. I am absolutely here for anyone who wants to do it because I find DNA test results very interesting but the fact that she’s doing it to prove a point and for views rather than self knowledge is irritating. It also irks me when she labels any questions or comment about her changing physical appearance as hate. No girl, we’re just wondering why you’re translucent these days when yo daddy and mom are black. It’s obvious that she honestly struggles from identity issues which seem to be magnified by living in a society where beauty and appearance is everything. However, just be honest.

I hate there’s young girls, particularly black ones, that watch her videos and become insecure about not being accepted in Korea because they aren’t light skin or racially ambiguous like Megan is. I am sure she has always had identity issues being a black girl with Eurocentric features in a black family that looks black but damn, Korea has REALLY changed her. I can’t be the only one who has these types of sentiments towards Megan. I am not even mad at her, I just pity her because you can’t tell she’s really a sweet girl but I am not here for her fake YouTube persona. What do y'all think of her? You’re free to have a different opinion than mine tbqh but I can’t stand her. And no I am not salty or hating, I am just calling it the way I and many others, including several black people who have lived in Korea, see it.